Where's My Refund Status not changing from Received to Approved?

Hello, My federal tax refund was accepted on the 29th of January, however, the "Where's My Refund" site still shows my status as "Received".  How long should it take for this to move to "Received", and consequently "Approved" to a "Refund Sent"?  Sorry for being long-winded.
  • Mine was doing the same thing and now it looks like it doesn't have my return at all!  I get the message that says I may have entered the information incorrectly.  Anybody else getting this?  I filed on Jan 30.  I got the message that the return was accepted on Feb 1 and until yesterday, I was getting the "received" message.  Now it acts like it doesn't have my information at all.
  • I'm getting the same thing.  But I think we're getting the message on the site because we've checked too many times.
  • Ok, I have read that too.  As a programmer, I think they have a lot of learn about writing an app like this efficiently.  Locking us out is only going to make us hit the site harder and I'm sure people that are really panicked are going to call.  They should include some sort of messaging like "take it easy.  You will get your refund soon."
  • Call the automated hotline 1(800)829-1954
  • Thanks Ashli.  The automated hotline had the correct information.  I could also get the website to work by entering my wife's social since we filed a joint return.  This would seem to indicate that william was correct and the irs is flagging and locking out social security numbers of people that check too often.
  • I called them too, they advised me that there is not set time frame for the status to change from received to approved.  I just need to wait for 21 days.
  • i wish they woul just hurry all my friend got theres and i need to pay my bills
  • i'm with you amanda i have been received since 1/31 and no change my coworkers who filed last tuesday are getting their dd tomorrow and i hear nothing. i am 200 overdrawn because i had to pay rent and had stupidly counted on this deposit to take care of some clothes and things for my kids now i am paying double in fees and penalties. they really needed things and i was sure by the 10th i would have received. have always gotten my dd within a week in the past, usually within 3 days. this is new to me.
  • 21 days??.......right........I am down to 2 days and counting....not holding mt breath........that 21 days is a joke...........
  • Me too!!
  • i get that all the time to but on tubo it did tell me with in 21 days
  • yes mine says this too everyday!!! frustrating!!! i filed on feb 6th
  • How do you have 2 days left of the 21 day waiting period if they didn't even begin accepting returns until the 30th? Sure, you may have filed earlier than that, but the IRS wouldn't have received it until the 30th. Which means technically you've still got 9 days counting.
That WMR site is a load of crap! Mine has been saying for 3 days now that my stuff is wrong or can't be located!  My refund was DD today.. 02/06/2013 and I was accepted on the 30th.. The automated phone line said I had a DD of 02/07/2013 so it's off too obviously bc I got mine today.
  • The phone line is correct.  Most banks will show a pending direct deposit as funds available.
  • None of the IRS is correct.......online or phone.........it is all a smoke screen.............
Yes, the automated line is the best bet.  I gave up on "Where's My Refund?"  LOL.  Mine was accepted on 1/31 and it is scheduled to be DD on 2/8 per the automated line.
  • Hi Nisey...when did you file?
  • Good question.  I was accepted on 1/29 and still in received :(
  • I am confused about what "accepted" means.  Turbotax sent me an email as soon as the IRS had received mine and said that it was "Accepted" but the IRS but the IRS says that it has received but it has not been Approved.  It seems like last year they only sent DD on Fridays and I was approved just a few days before the deposit came through but I'm not sure.  I am just excited because I want to buy something cool with some of it.
  • Irs is doing refunds mon-fri this year
Accepted on the 4th and still in recieved status also.
  • Mine was accepted on the 6th and nothing yet.  My gf filed on the 4th and got her return on Monday.  Can anyone tell me if they had mortgage insurance on theres or if they are repaying the 2008 homebuyers credit.  I was just wondering if either of these two things might be slowing it down?
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