Topic 152 now at bottom of WMR 7 days after accepted

next year I am not waiting for the docs, it's gonna be pure accounting for 2013.

    ITS nothing more than telling you the three methods of payment you can chose when filing... 
    • some older posts referred to this topic when their docs were being physically looked at for a second time. others claimed that this was a sign for potential delay. I am hoping it's just a TT rumor to scare children who misbehave. :)
    • Tax Topic 152 is always displayed at the bottom, when its in the "received and processing"  Have always seen it that way anyways.  Now I have seen others report other numbers, such as 203, and that is specific to their situation.   So as long as its 152  its all good !
    • Tax topic 666. "we will visit you in 24 hours please have tax documents for the past 100 years available for review."
    • i can see the 152 tax topic and I know I was delayed 7 days.
    • delayed 7 days ?   wow ....  things just are not fast enough for people anymore... lol
    • Tax topic 152 only states the ways you can receive your refund. What is this talk about it being delayed for 7 days? I've never heard that until this thread.. why would they delay it? That's odd.
    • This forum and all the others is useless for the most part.  Just people passing time stirring the pots while they wait on their refunds... :)
    • if we can put a robot on mars, we should be able to process refunds faster that 7 days for those of use who are poor working Americans here on earth....just saying....priorities...
    • Yeah, that's true.
    • I even called the IRS and asked about it because I was worried it could mean something and she specifically told me it was a generic message about ways to receive your refund and not to worry! So you are absolutely right, taxpro!
    • Well I spoke to the IRS just less than an hour ago and yes I was told I was delayed 7 days.. so im not stirring the pot. thank you very much.
    • So that means the IRS had 21 days to process my refund but now they have 28 days. Is that quick enough for you? Really that is what the IRS agent told me
    • Did she say why you were delayed?
    • I agree! :)
    • But when the IRS wont even acknowledge processing anytime before the 30th, there hasnt been 7 days yet.  I called as well, I know what they are saying... Just saying...  Its a forum... so much of it has been speculation.. its like playing telephone when we were kids... everything gets something added before its typed and retyped.
    • Glad to know because I received the same 152 tax topic message this morning
    • I still don't understand why there's a 7day delay b.c of the 152 tax topic at the bottom? All the 152 is, the 3 different payment methods. So this makes no sense.. Oh wait, forgot.. were talking about the IRS.
    • Well I called IRS and the man told me they have 21 days from the date they RECEIVED it not when they PROCESS it. so if you were accepted on the 24th like me then they have until 14th before I start calling again.
    • they delayed me on the 30th and I was told today was the 7th day. So now processing starts all over again after today.
    • ok did they tell you why you were delayed?
    • no the agent that I spoke to said he could see it was delayed but couldnt tell me why.. it is a joke.. I just dont understand why I was delayed last year and this year..
    • When I spoke to the IRS lady yesterday.. she didn't say anything about a delay and i've always had the tax 152 at the bottom of the wmr everytime i've checked.. So idk if that's right. I think the irs is just feeding a bunch of bs to everyone to get them off their backs..
    • I understand...I was audited last year and because of the delay this year I thought they were doing it all over again. It freaked me out but they told me the 21 days starts from the acceptance date and not to worry until that date comes and goes w/o dd date.
    • for me that is....
    • Yeah.. the lady told me processing could take 3wks. which is 21 days.. But dang, I think the new system sucks.. I'm beginning to like the old way b.c at least then I had my money in 7 days... but no, in 7 days this year I still don't have a DD date yet. =/
    • yeah.. they wouldnt be auditing now anyways.. its just sending my return through twice douvle checking it I guess.. But who knows.. they did this same thing last year and now again this year.. my returns were fine last year but instead of a DD i ended up with a paper check. but still it was for my whole refund.
    • Well this blows.. Just sayin.
    • call IRS found someone to look at my tax return she came back and said when you see tax topic 152 it means your taxes was pick for review
    • Okay, so pretty much everyone was picked for review then... Because i've read that MANY people say Tax Topic 152. Again, the tax topic 152 just states the 3 different ways to receive your refund.
    • great here we go again.
      I think they are picking on people with moderate to large refunds........
      Damn this is frustrating.
    • Yeah probably. Last year my refund was only like $750 this year it's $1200. So me being under review is just retarded.. what b.c I made more money  last year I should be reviewed.. oh boy! =X
    • Last year I got my refund in 7days.. and this year.. i'm still WAITING...
    • --------------------------------------------------------------------------------


      Topic 152 - Refund Information

      Taxpayers have three options for receiving their individual federal income tax refund:
      •direct deposit (electronic funds transfer) into a checking or savings account, including an individual retirement arrangement (IRA);
      •purchase of U.S. Series I Savings Bonds; or
      •paper check.

      If you choose to receive your refund by direct deposit, you can request that the refund be deposited in up to three separate accounts, such as checking, savings, or retirement accounts – just complete Form 8888 (PDF), Allocation of Refund (Including Savings Bond Purchases). However, if you file Form 8379 (PDF), Injured Spouse Allocation, you cannot have your refund direct-deposited into more than one account. Your refund should only be deposited directly into accounts that are in your own name, your spouse’s name or both if it’s a joint account. Please note that to receive your refund by direct deposit (whether into one account or more), the total refund amount must be $1.00 or more.

      If you file a complete and accurate tax return, your refund should be issued within 21 days of the received date. This time-frame does not include mail and IRS handling time for paper returns. Even though the IRS issues most refunds in less than 21 days, it’s possible your tax return may require review and take longer.

      Use Where's My Refund? to get your personalized refund status. Just use IRS2Go, our free mobile app, from an iPhone or Android device, or go to Both are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can start checking on the status of your return within 24 hours after we have received your e-filed return or 4 weeks after you mail a paper return.

      Have your 2012 tax return handy so you can provide your social security number, your filing status and the exact whole dollar amount of your refund shown on your return.

      If you do not have Internet access, you may call the Refund Hotline at 800-829-1954. Where’s My Refund? includes information for the most recent return filed in the current year and does not include information about amended returns.

      Where’s My Refund? has a new look this year! The tool includes a tracker that displays progress through 3 stages: (1) Return Received, (2) Refund Approved and (3) Refund Sent. Where’s My Refund? will provide an actual personalized refund date as soon as the IRS processes your tax return and approves your refund. So in a change from previous filing seasons, taxpayers won’t get an estimated refund date right away.

      Where’s My Refund? provides the most accurate and complete information we have so there’s no need to call unless the tool tells you to. Updates to refund status are made no more than once a day - usually at night.

      Processing may take longer under certain circumstances. Refunds from amended returns will generally be issued within 12 weeks. Injured spouse claims can take longer depending on the circumstances. Refer to Topic 203 for more information about injured spouse claims. Refund claims associated with an application for an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number also take additional processing time. Refer to Topic 857 for more information about Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers.

      You can also refer to Topic 303 for a checklist of common errors when preparing your tax return and for additional items that may delay the processing of your return.

      If you receive a refund to which you are not entitled, or one for an amount that is more than you expected, do not cash the check until you receive a notice explaining the difference; then follow the instructions on the notice.

      On the other hand, if you receive a refund for a smaller amount than you expected, you may cash the check, and, if it is determined that you should have received more, you will later receive a check for the difference. You will also get a notice explaining the difference. Follow the instructions on the notice.

      The IRS will help you obtain a replacement for a refund check that we verify as lost or stolen.

      More Tax Topic Categories

      Page Last Reviewed or Updated: January 15, 2013
    • Exactly, is it so hard to google "IRS tax topic 152" ?
    • haha.. yes apparently it is. It's a chain reaction of laziness to google or go to to read about it. That's what the world has come to now and days..
    • Well I am under review.. I talked to IRS also.. i was told it delayed me 7days...
    • You may be under review, but that is not the reason topic 152 is being displayed.
    • @TaxPro, you seem to be one of the most level-headed people on here, does the Code 152 mean there may be updates or actions coming to our returns? I appreciate the fact you actually do your research and it sounds as if you have done this before, plenty of times in the past. I appreciate any info you may give, thanks!
    • last year signed up for the deposit and I had tax topic 152 when I call the IRS they said they had to mail me my check because I had someone else's name other than mine on my checking account they will only make deposit if onlyyour name is on the checking account. I have the same thing this year tax topic 152 at the bottom of where is my refund.
    • Rooman29... strange I know a name similar to that from another forum on a different subject... :)

      Thank you for the kind words.

      I dont know if there are updates or actions coming. I just know its been the normal code I have seen, when all is good.  Right now my return in held due to having form 8863, so it is kind of hard to review it, when it has not been processed, unless they are processing by hand, which I doubt.
    • @TaxPro, I am just wondering, if I recall I had this last year can't remember for sure though. I find it hard to fathom that all the people I have seen on here today would be under review, now I will say my wife has an offset associated with her SSAN#, after talking with the IRS rep yesterday he said it would not delay the return.
    • You are correct, it is not under review. just some stirring the pot, trying to get rises out of people, IMO.
    • LOl.. so true!
    • Everything that I have seen says the same thing, the info I have looked at has been from years past, all says it is pretty much a "generic" statement, also i have seen some posts that have said it could be signs of good things to come. Now I will take the info with a grain of salt, I believe that the IRS is processing returns 24/7 and from what I have read there is no method to their madness. I am not really sure about the transcript info though, I am wondering if anyone who ordered their transcripts and were successful received a Tax Code 152?
    • I am showing the same status message when I check my return status. I filed mine on 2/1/13, and apparently they are still showing as not being accepted, nor rejected by the IRS. Im a little confused as to why its taking so long. I spoke with Sylvia here at Turbotax, and she says the IRS is behind on processing returns due to the early filings, and theres nothing to worry about. However, in years past, ive gotten my refund within 7 days from the date i filed, and im just worried that somethings wrong since I now have credits ive never gotten before. (EIC, Head of household, etc.) from my newborn. If anyone else is having these same concerns, an have any additional info on the situation, I would love to know! :)
    • It is on my sons and he is only getting back $138, usually, it shows up right before they give you a direct deposit date. Has always been my experience. Has nothing to do with the amount of the refund.
    • I read the whole thing.  It's just about refunds, how they send them, how long they can take, how long an ammendment can take, etc.  Nowhere in there does it say "You got this message because you are under review".  Plus, there are a lot of people who have that message, and I doubt they are reviewing that many people.
    • Yes, Tax Topic 152, is just a topic of the three ways you can get your refund paid.
    • I do, however, think it's strange that the IRS sends out that message AFTER people have already filed, since you choose your method of refund when you file, not after....So, I can see how some people may get confused.  Maybe.
    • I filed on 2/6 was accepted on 2/6 fro the beginning I got the processing message wait 21 days message..... just today they put the topic 152 on mine... so I am wondering if it means they actually started processing it today... the rest of the time maybe it was sitting in limbo waiting to be processed????
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