Has anyone received their GA state tax refund yet? Mine was accepted Feb 1st and still no DD???

  • I got mine DD today and mine was accepted on Jan 30th and had a date of Jan 6th for the deposit Hope that helps
  • I filed mine on Jan 31 and got it on Feb 18th.
Same situation for me.  My original date for deposit was 2/5. Then it changed to 2/6. The GA Department of Revenue site still says 2/6 but as of today, 2/11, nothing.  It's slightly comforting seeing that others are having issues as well. Thanks for the input.
  • Same dates as me!  It would be nice if DoR Posted some information regarding the lateness of the refunds on their site!
  • Agreed......
Nope and now their system is down! Tried calling and representative said to call back.
  • I see DD date for mine Feb 5, but no deposit, whats going on with GA, its 02/06/13 Now
  • Mine saying the same...they SD it was deposit 2-5-13 and nothing
  • When was yours accepted cheryl?
  • @tinarinau my was accepted 1-31-13 now the federal is saying nothing like the system is down
  • my is still pending from 1/29
  • Crazyyyy
  • Yesterday the GA DOR site showed a DD of 2/5, today it shows a DD of 2/6...Hopefully it will come at midnight.
  • filed my ga on 2/1 still not accepted
  • Mine was accepted the 31st...and says DD on the 5th. Still waiting here.
  • That's GA for you!
  • My DD keeps changing. 2/5 then 2/6 , I called and was told that the batch for 2/6 was messed up and had been changed to 2/7....it's now 2/9 and no money!
  • Mine was accepted on 1/31 and nothing yet.
  • My GA State filing was accepted on 2/1/13 and my deposit date was yesterday (2/10/13).  I have not received it yet and today is 2/11/13.  I called to check on it and was told by an automated machine to give it 2 days after the DD for it to post to my account.  Just wait.  You can also go to their website which is https://etax.dor.ga.gov/IndividualTaxHome.aspx?ContentId=IndividualTaxes and select the "Wheres my refund" option on the left and input your information and hit enter.  It will give you a message below it as to whats' going on with your refund.

    Hope this helps. :)
  • Did that already and it still says it was Transmiited on 2/6/13    still nothing and this is frustrating.....
  • I called today and spoke with a representative. She said the 2/6/13 date had issues and that is the date they send the information to be processed. She said 5-7 business days after the transmittal date is when the direct deposit should show up. She also said that the money HAS BEEN showing up within those 5-7 business days. I hope this helps.
  • That makes sense......I guess...thank you for posting.  I had dd of 2/5, then 2/6, still not in bank....Oh, well, guess I need to be patient.  
  • I got mine this monring my dd date was 2/6
  • My DD was 2/6 and I didn't get my refund until 2/12. The system was down so that would've delayed your process.
  • hey cuz!
rsw GA deposit was supposed to be 2/6/2013 - today is 2/9/13 no DD
  • Anyone gotten their dd who had a date of 2/6 for transmitted date?
  • yes I got mine this morning
  • My DD was 2/6 and I didn't get my refund until 2/12. The system was down so that would've delayed your process.
That has to be crap, because I had the date of 2/5 BEFORE 2/5 was even here!  How could they say the return was completed by that day, when that day hadn't even arrived! I wish they would just tell us the truth, that there is a SNAFU somewhere and we are going to have to wait longer than we thought.
  • Your Prob. right, They must be trrained to lie to callers.. I have heard that their system crashed also, But not from them, on another site. Stupid Ga. should not post that your going to get a refund on a certian date, then not do it. I had plans for that money.
  • stil dont have mine, suppose to be here 02/06/2013....still nothing..they tell me to wait 7 to 14 days now....screw Georgia!!!
  • Finally deposited this morning 2/12/13
  • Geeeerezzzzz. Where is mine?   Message says 2/6 it was transmitted .......grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  • Just checked and I received my dd today.  Transmitted date of 2/6
so just checked and they said they have recieved it please allow 6-8 weeks???!!
  • Efile?
  • It takes 6 - 8 weeks if you requested a paper check.  E-file should not take that long.
yes efile and for some reason my computer will not let me reply, sorry
I had a DD of 2/5 then 2/6 and now it's 2/8. No deposit has been made. A call to the bank confirmed that there is no deposit incoming that they can see. I just emailed the GA DOR and asked for some help. I will let you know what comes of it. 
Nope, mine was accepted and my message on GA dept of REV website states it was trasmitted on 2/6/13 and here is 2/11/13 and nothing, my bank also says nothing is pending... they need to get their act together... if they have issues that is one thing, don't put expected date of 2/6 if you know it's not gonna be there until later.... frustrating to alot of people.
  • Very frustrating! The rep I talked to said the transmitted date is the date they send to their bank and then their bank has to send to us. Seriously???
  • Then in my opinion, don't give everyone the date they send it, give us the date to expect it, right!!!!
  • Exactly!! Can some of you're some calls and see what story you are getting?!?
  • Got the same response as tina...2/6 transmission date for me...
  • ok just got a different recorded message and it says to call after the 5-7 days from your transmittal.... so if it's transmitted on the 6th, should be here by the 11th or 13th, right!!!  so we will see.....
  • I called this morning and apparently, the message on wmr for ga is incorrect, she told me the date of2/6 is when the return was completed, it then takes 5to 7 days to be transmitted to your bank, and they are working on changing the message. She could just be feeding me a line of crap though
  • Well checked this am and still nothing! This is day 5
  • Just checked and I received my dd today.  Transmitted date of 2/6
  • I recieved my DD today
I filed mine on 1/30 and it was accepted and I have been getting this same message for a week
"Your Georgia income tax refund is scheduled to be transmitted--or was transmitted-- to your designated bank account on 2/6/2013. Please allow 5-7 business days from that date and verify your designated account information to confirm receipt."
I still have not recieved my direct deposit and my electricity will be shut off on wed so I hope it shows up soon

  • remember that business days do not count saturday and sunday so it would be the 13th to the 15th :(
  • I got mine this morning
The Ga State Tax return, will be dd  5-7 day after submitted date you can check it on ...gadeptofrev.com site to check you self
  • I got mine this morning also.  So, if your 'submitted date' is today, you can expect your check next Tuesday.
  • I received both my federal and state refunds yesterday (2/13/13).  That was the date that they said they would send it to my bank.  Actually the State of GA gave me 2/10 as my dd date.  Then I found out after calling them they had a glitch in their system.  Then the second date they had in their system was correct.  If you are ever concerned regarding your refund, just call the IRS or your state dept. of revenue department to speak with someone to see what's going on.
MyGA. state came in this morning it took a few days from the submitted date of 2/6/13 but i got now waiting on federal.
    My DD came this morning around 8am originally it said the 14th than the date changed yesterday to the 13th & it was there!! I can say I didn't have any problems! Hope everyone has gotten there's now!
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