WHAT DOES.. a Tax Topic 152, Refund Information IM SOO LOST

Just started seeing this this morning
    I got the same message today, new message saying will get a date when available and my refund amount had disappeared off the screen as well. so when I called in today, she said that I have a DD date of the 27th. so that might be a good sign because I won't believe it until I see it!!
    • I called today and they said the samething, my DD is the 27th so I am praying it'll be in there!!
    • Mine now says "Your refund is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available". Anyone get this now or had this at one point ?
    • All says that it's nothing my was processing allllll the way until 3 days before my dd
    • I got that message yesterday and today I got the DD of 2/27 on the WMR
    • Marla you got that exact message I posted above ? "Still being processed a refund date will be provided when available " ?
    • Topic 152 will give u a dd like all others if u got that 152 message u should call IRS if read it it says what's it is and what it means
    • That's mean u can still got a dd but it won't hit ur bank a third party will try and recover money u owe
    • Darlene the rep I talked to said Tax Topic 152 is a generic message all or most ppl get.  So idk where you heard that.  Topic 203 is for debts.  

      As for the status I posted Marla/ Darlene - you got your DD date after seeing this?
    • Marla ?
    per other posts, you and I are under review today
    • Aw ok My state just got accepted today but I cant order my transcript
    • me neither
    • Is being under review a good thing?
    • THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!
    • I hope (cross fingers)
    • I called the IRS on this because I was worried it might be something. The lady said it's just a generic message about different ways to receive your refund! Nothing else.  My dd date was Feb 6th and it's pending at my bank! No worries and no problems!
    • Thank you susangraham62.... Generic message.... Read the topic152....
      This is 2nd post saying "review" Where does it say "under review"??? I got it last year and now this year.... Agent's choice of word....don't worry
    • What day was your federal return accepted?
    • 31st
    • It generally is basic info for the ways you can recieve your refund.  BUT, if you filed an Injured Spouse Allocation (I did) or other additional forms / situations, it will tell you that your refund may be delayed.  My return was accepted Feb 4 and topic 152 just showed up today.  Hopefully they are quick about it.
    • Any resolution on these returns Cindy or anyone else
    • I'm just now seeing this and I filed mine 1/31/13 and haven't received mine.
    • No it means u owe back child support or u owe a federal student loan or non tax debt which mean they're going to take half or all of it
    • Darlene this is not true. Tax topic 152 has nothing to do with that many ppl already called to check for offsets and don't have any holds or debts.  Don't worry these people
    • That's mean a student loan defaulted u owe child support it u owe a non tax debt they can take all ur mOney or half and give u what's remaining if u don't owe so much
    • First of all I did the same thing called irs and they told me I don't have any offsets but when I checked my account  feb 13 it wasn't there called its and they said when they try to put the money in my account a third party related to topic 152 took a part of my refund don't tell this ppl nothing's wrong that's why it's a message when it pops up does ur say that Joey
    • you are completely wrong darlene!
    • What does it mean BAILEY.SD1???
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