How do I change from basic to free edition?

  • ????????? Please answer this question other wise ill have to use a different services which means when i start making money again ill keep useing them and stop using you all together
  • You cannot just do it over..that's what I have to do and I used the freedom edition..I made less than 31000.. So I qualify.. I did both the federal and the state for free..
  • typical little boy,get your parents to pay [Removed Profanity]
  • this freaking stinks turbo tax ...I selected the basic and when Im done it charges me for the dang deluxe ...who has time to do it all again ...I think its a scam to change it hope that people wont do it all over ....I will file a formal complaint with the Better Business Bureau
TurboTax has 2 free products--the regular Free Edition and the FREEDOM Edition. 

You cannot switch from a Basic Edition to the regular Free Edition without either going through Customer Service, or abandoning your current User ID and starting over with  new account/User ID.  You should be able to switch, however, to the FREEDOM Edition (if you qualify) and keep the same User ID, but you still have to start over.

The regular Federal Free edition will prepare a free Federal return, but there is a 27.99 fee for a state return.  The regular Federal Free Edition cannot prepare a Sched. C (business/self-employment), D, E, or F. 

The other free product is called TurboTax FREEDOM Edition.  This is the edition done in conjunction with the IRS Free File program.  You have to meet one of the qualifications to use it.   It will prepare a free Federal return, and in many states, the state return preparation and efiling is also free.  In the other states the fee is 14.99.  The free states are AR, AZ, DC, DE, GA, IA, ID, IN, KY, MI, MN, MO, MS, NY, NC, ND, OK, OR, RI, SC, VA, VT, WV.

[ADDENDUM:   As of March 23, 2013, the FREEDOM Edition will now prepare a free state return for ALL states--not just the ones listed above.]

It can be accessed at:

You can switch to Freedom Edition if you haven't paid and e-filed yet. However, you will need to clear your return and re-enter everything, since it's not possible to transfer your data.

If you meet 1 of the qualifications, then to switch to TurboTax Freedom Edition:

  1.     Sign out of your TurboTax Online account, delete your cookies, and wait at least 20 minutes.
  2.     Go to and sign in as a Returning Customer with your existing User ID and password by using the Sign-in box in the upper right corner.  Do NOT use the "I Qualify" button.
  3.     Confirm your product choice by selecting Clear my information and start over using TurboTax Freedom Edition, and then click Continue.
  4.     Select the I understand that I will have to re-enter my information checkbox, and then click Clear My Return.

NOTE:  The TT Freedom Edition cannot transfer 2011 into into a 2012 return, and next year cannot transfer 2012 info into a 2013 return.
  • I just used the freedom for my business and self-employee tax..and I did the sche c... Both the federal and the state.  For free
  • Good deal, anabry115.  I'm glad it worked for you.
  • anabry115 - that's not what epo39b said.  

    He said "The regular Federal Free Edition cannot prepare a Sched. C (business/self-employment), E, or F.  "
    You said you used the FREEDOM Edition.  They are not the same.
  • tagman50 is correct.    Of the 2 free products, only the FREEDOM edition can prepare Sched. C.   The regular Free Edition cannot.
  • I have this problem but I'm not eligible for the Freedom Edition. Too bad, I've always used TurboTax in previous years with no complaints; can't say the same this year, and I won't be using them in the future.
  • The TT Basic Edition is the lowest of the paid editions, and it can prepare a Schedule C.  The online Basic Edition is currently 19.99, but is slated to go back up to its regular undiscounted price  of 34.99 probably on Saturday.  A state return in the paid online editions is 36.99 (prob. 39.99 starting Saturday,)
  • Somehow I got switched to the basic edition from free. I could have done this in about 5 seconds on a paper form; now strangers have my info and I have to go get a paper form because I CAN'T DELETE THE UPGRADE. Are you kidding me.
  • You don't have to use the upgrade.  You can either clear your return and start over with a new User ID in the regular Free Edition, or (if you meet the qualifications)  you can keep the same User ID and switch to the FREEDOM Edition (free Federal and free State)  via the mechanism explained in the answer above by following the 4 steps listed...  Even if you choose to file on paper, you can use the "clear your return" function before leaving.
  • I've used this free service for years because I only have to file federaly...whiy now it automatically takes you to get charged lol I don't think ill be using you all next year...I can get them done locally for free just have to be patient and wait . thank you for the past services
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