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Recently myself and a few others have filed for our taxes via Turbo Tax which was great but at the end prior to submitting your taxes to the IRS you are ask to sign up for a Pre-paid card to have your taxes deposited on. This is done if you don’t have a bank account. Recently my friend received her taxes back on that card she has been waiting desperately to receive her funds in order to pay her bill. Now that her funds were put on the NetSpend card they are refusing to let her withdraw funds she was told to make multiple withdraws in which she had to pay 6 withdraw fees in the amount of $3.00 each plus she is charged for each withdraw from NetSpend. When she called and asked if she could go to a bank to withdraw funds from her card they replied with no. She then asks if she could transfer the money from her NetSpend card to her other card that doesn’t have fee’s they refused. They replied she could only transfer funds from one NetSpend card to another NetSpend card. I even called because I was making to sign up for NetSpend myself to receive my taxes to pay my bill and they told me there is a charge to ask questions about funds, deposits, transactions. This is very frustrating because we worked hard for our money and deserve it.


I face eviction, even losing my job if I am not able to withdraw my hard earned money. Not one time did I read on Turbo Tax that we would be denied withdrawing our money or even transferring it to another card?


This is virtually robbery and we need your help. I am one step away from losing everything. How can people do this to another person?


  • NetSpend doesn't have a list of ATM's that they are partnered with that has free withdrawls?
  • That's my point their virtually robbing you of your money and denying you withdrawing your entire refund. Every time you withdraw you have the atm fee plus NetSpends fee. All atms  were I live will only allow you to withdraw $300 with a fee of $3.00 plus the added the cards fee. You can't go to a bank to get a cash advance on your card either. Other pre-paid cards allow you too. Next if you call NetSpend they will charge you .50 Cents for every question you ask about you funds.
  • Go to ace check cashing I was told its free to get money off of it from there
  • I have had netspend since 2004. You'll never get a straight answer from them. Depending on whether it is an elite card or premier card, your cash advance limit is $1500/a day at the bank and up to $4999 via atm. And if you pay $5 a month, you get unlimited credit and debit purchases, and can withdraw for free. Hope this helps!
  • My coworker had her refund deposited on a Netspend card and informed me that you can go to Walmart (which is where she went) and withdrew her funds for a charge of $3 per transaction. I did remember reading in the Netspend disclosure about being charged for speaking w/a live rep. The ONLY reason why I chose the option of depositing my refund to Netspend is because I had closed my personal bank account and I didn't want to have DD to my Husband's banking account and I knew I would be paying bills and other things which I do online.

    Next year, I will not do this. I will have it DD to a bank account. My refund has been issued from the IRS, yet it's NOT on my Netspend card. They say its a "Fast Refund", but I don't see it!! Last year...Turbotax Visa prepaid was via the Greendot network which I use all the time with no problems. I also notice they don't have a listing of "free" ATMs. Good Luck to you all. This is horrible!!
  • 5 a month you still pay 2.50 atm withdrawl and a dollar bill payment
I logged on to and entered my filing info and it said they haven't received my file from the irs yet so I called the live support number and the lady said even though the irs site says it was sent it may not post to sbbt for another 10-21 days. She said she's been getting alot of calls like this. Hope this helps you all.
    Netspend is a fraudulent, troubled company that is denying me my right to access my funds.  I have verified my id with them and still they will not allow me to access my funds.  I even received an email stating that my account will be closed if this issue isn't resolved.  What happens to my money then as they have already accepted it into their system?  According to many reports on ConsumerAffairs and RipoffReport , I may never recover my money.  I'm never doing business with TurboTax again.  They charged me nearly $60 for tax services and the deposit into the card, and when I asked them about my problems their reply was 'not our company'.
    • I am having issues with Netspend also , they opened my account alowed my state refund to be deposited and allowed me to withdraw that , but as soon as my federal return posted there they blocked the account and now I have no access to even see my online account with them or what they have taken as fees or whatever, they told me when i called that my federal refund has been returned to the irs , but so far it hasnt showed up anywhere, and has been 2 weeks.I am calling irs today and if they dont have it , i am going to report a thieft , nothing else I can do.
    I agree.  For five years I have had my return deposited to my checking account through Turbo Tax.  I am filing BK and have had some issues with companies ignoring and following the law in regards to electronic payments, so I didn't deposit it into my account in fear that the money would be taken. There are quite a few corrupt companies out there preying on the down and out--Turbo Tax and NetSpend are now added to my list.  I will not be doing business with either company again. And the economy is supposed to be getting better?