My refund has been deposited on my netspend card but I havent got my long does it take for them to send you your card?

  • also I had a friend do it for me. I actually have a bank account I can put it there anyway to cancel the card & deposit in my bank...even though im done.
  • it takes up to 5 days
  • How long does it take to receive the refund money on the card after getting it and activating it?
we are having the same problem! filed on 1/18, accepted on 1/25 .. return was processed && issued on 1/31 .. got an email that it has been deposited to this netspend account, which we STILL have not recieved a card for!! we just keep checking the mail every day! very upsetting && frustrating having $6k+ just floating around somewhere in space that i have no access to!
  • Has anyone received their cards yet? From what I am reading there's been many problems with people not getting their cards right away. It's making me very worried.
  • If you have a PO Box instead of a physical address mailbox, netspend will not send the card to a PO Box. You will have to contact them and have them reprocess the card and state that it needs to go to a PO Box.
  • I read on the netspend website that it will take 7-10 days to receive a card. I don't have a PO box but I'm worried that my card may be put in neighbors mailbox instead. Today is day 7 so hoping it arrives today.
  • I received my card it only took 7 days.
  • I dont have a po box, and it has been 9 days and still no card.I really hope it is here tomorrow. Sucks to have a refund waiting and no way to use it!
  • Call netspend and find out
  • So after 7 days I have received my card. When I called to activate it I was told I need to fax proof that I am me. Copy of driver license social card and proof of address. I like how they have it set up so it's secure. Just a little pain since my money is on hold for a day or two.
  • did ur money come before the day it stated on the irs site
  • I filed on the 4th of Feb and the card was issued the same day. I received mine today, the 11th.
  • Was also able to activate it today on internet with no problems. Got $1 credit for activating it that way too. :) No refund yet though....
  • i filed 1/24 and got my card 2/14. I put in a change of address for this so it went to my old then new address,. it normaily takes about a week to get it. you should get a e mail a day or two before you get it warning you to watch in the mail. I would be calling them if you dont get it soon. And once it is direct deposited you can not transfer the money unless you have the card number.
  • i filed on 2/5 and my emails say the refund has been deposited but yet i have not gotten my card! super pissed... hope to get it soon!
  • just called netspend and they said it takes 10 business days to recieve the card, hopefully ill get it tmrw!!  $
  • it can sometimes take up to  7-10 business, days, i was sent married card way before i filed.
  • sorry^ my card
The same happened to me.  the card was mailed on the 11th of January.  My tax return was deposited to the card on the 14th.  I was told that I would receive the card between the 20th and the 27th.  They are gathering interest on my money.  --Manipulators and Turbo Tax is using NetSpend and promoting the card..  I will not use Turbo Tax again after being a faithful customer for 5 years.

  • i had my card sent to my house but my mail goes to my p.o. box. u think it will still go to my house or will the post office foward it to my p.o. box? i hope not or its gonna take a long time
  • you can call them and ask where they will deliver it, but if you gave them your addressit seems like that is where it wil go. 1-80-NET-SPEND is their number.
  • @ lynnettalawrence... I've been waiting for my netspend card since 2/4. I called last week to netspend customer service and was told another card would be expedited. Called back today and was given some bogus reason why the an addl. card didn't get submitted thru their system. Was never given a reason why the first one wasn't mailed out! ***** TO EVERYONE WITH THESE SAME ISSUES*****File a complaint against netspend thru your Secretary of State Attorney General Office, thru your state website Consumer Affairs Dept.!  I would be willing to bet they are sitting on the ones that are getting larger tax refund amounts!!
It can take up to 7-10days to recieve it I have net spend for years u should contact them doe to find out when and where they sent it to
    i recieved my card a few days after filing what id like to know if my DD date is feb 26th how long does it take them to put it on the netspend card
    • ya I filed 1/31 n havnt received my  card yet so what happens to the money if they try to put it on but its not activaited yet
    • From my understanding, if the card isn't activated, the money will be sent back and you will have to wait for a paper check...
    What is the real number for Net spend?

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