I have not revieved my netspend visa card

I have not received my netspend visa card yet.
  • Do I get the visa card after my taxes have been accepted by the federal tax
I am dealing with the same issue with Netspend, this has been a complete nightmare. They keep telling me that they expedited a card and 3 weeks later still no card. I will never use TurboTax or Netspend again. Complete rip off and scam. I don't know if any of you have seen the countless complaints against Netspend.. I wish I would have done my research before I choose this card.

It doesn't seem like you can get any help from anyone
  • well I am on day 16 wo card my refund has been in account since last tuesday netspend kept telling me i will be receiving my card soon...called everyday last week and finally sat they told me they will send out another one and will get it 2-4 business days will today is the fourth business day and no card ....I have never been this stressed in my life this is just awful
  • I was also told I would receive another card in the mail in 2-4 business days. It is the 5th day and no card, I have asked Turbotax for help but they tell me I have to talk to Netspend. I am calling the IRS today t osee if I can change the direct deposit info. Oh and by the way, do not let them tell you to go and buy a temporay card and have your funds transfered, they won't do it when you call back. Please let me know if you issue gets resolved.
  • STILL HAVENT RECEIVED MY CARD...JMCARPENTER111 HAVE YOU RECEIVED YOURS?i have called netspend, turbotax and even irs for them to tell me that they cant do anything but for me to keep calling netspend which i have everyday and they keep saying we will send out another card....i am in tears over this situation ugh never have I ever been this stress and TURBOTAX IS JUST TO BLAME FOR THIS BC THEY SHOULDNT BE ADVERTISING THIS CARD IF THEY ARENT RELIABLE
  • No I have not received my card yet, is there a way I can contact you by phone I have some information I would like to share with you about Netspend? Here is my email address jmcarpenter111@gmal.com, please email me  a good phone number.
Yeah thats not something that comes very quick it can take anywhere from 7-10 days from what ive seen from other posts on here. Mine took about a week.
  • It can come before or after just depends on when you set the account up with them and when you filed.
  • Set up and Filed on the 29th. Netspend card mailed out Jan 31st. Received it today Feb 4.
  • kevinm788 where did you go to find out when the card was mailed out?^^
  • I signed up for notification while setting up the netspend on turbo tax. I got an email
I was told my netspend card would be delivered last week...I received a notice from netspend that my refund is already deposited but I still do not have the card..I contacted netspend customer service and I was told to wait longer and/or they will send me another card in 10-20 days...so do not trust Trubo Tax or netspend advertising that this card is fast/easy..t
  • you do know you can go online to netspend.com, set up an account.. and use your refund to either A. pay bills or purchase things online or B, transfer money into a different account (an account which you have a debit card for if you need actual cash)
  • You need to have a card # to register.. I do not have a card so I do not have a card #..netspend customer service would not provide a card #
  • you do not have to have a card number to register.. you can register your online account way before you even get a card.
  • you would've been prompted to create an account when you applied for the card. did you remember any of the info you entered?
  • Sorry to hear that you were one of the unlucky ones getting it late in the mail. I hope you get it soon. I was pretty worried about getting it after my dd date.
  • I applied for the card when filing my taxes using Turbo tax..I received an email from netspend to register my card when i received my card ..tried on this site https://www.netspend.com/account/new_user.m
  • When I was waiting for mine I couldn't register it too w/o the card. So I hope you get it soon, having the card is the only way to register it.
  • did TT give you any routing information or anything that pertains to your netspend card? your routing information should probably be on your actual return.. with mine, it says in the beginning of the return that it's going into my account & has my routing #.. maybe you can call up netspend with this information and tell them that you need them to create an online account for you because you need to use your funds immediately, and it's inconvenient to you because you were told you would get your card earlier .. all I know is when I applied for the netspend card, they prompted me to set up an online account before I got the card, and from there I was able to get my routing numbers to give to TT to even be able to send my refund somewhere.. I'm not sure if it's different because you signed up for it through TT.. I went to the actual netspend website to order my card.
  • I just applied again for another (new) card and this is what it says directly after its ordered..

    What's Next?
    Once your information has been verified, you will receive your new card in the mail within 10 business days.

    Create Your Online Account!
    Add money to your account
    Check your balance 24/7
    Track your spending
    Budgeting tools
    Custom cards
    Payback Rewards™
    Refer Friends and Family
    Here's your own personalized refer-a-friend link that you can send to your friends and family. When they order, activate and fund a new NetSpend card with $40 or more, you both get $20!*

    *Rewards are paid if a referred cardholder activates a new card and funds it with a total of at least $40.00. Rewards are not paid if the referred cardholder has at any time had a NetSpend card; cardholder status will be verified by NetSpend. The number of referral rewards a participant may receive is not limited, however, participants are solely responsible for determining any tax liability arising from this offer. Offer void where prohibited by law.

    Online Account Access
    Or enter your own:
    Create Password:*
    Retype Password:*
    Security Question
    Customer Service representatives may ask you this question to verify your identity.

    Your Answer:*
    Next Step

    ^^ thats all the info that you have to enter so it creates an online account, and you can use the account immediately.
  • thanks for the information... I will try and call them this morning and see if they will do this ..but because the routing number would first go to turbo tax ( or the bank they use) to pay for filing fees..the other thing is netspend sent a notice that my money is deposited on the card...the mystery card that i have yet to receive...but I will try with what you have suggested
  • I would definitely call them and see what they can do, I usually have good luck with them opposed to everyone else when it comes to money.. and a routing number is basically like your account number.. its what all the banks use to send money to your account.. I think you're talking about the bank that takes out the fees.. but if you're saying netspend sent you an email saying your refund is available.. that bank has already taken the fees.. it's sad, a lot of us are waiting on our actual refunds.. and you have your refund and can't use it.. I'd be so upset! :(
  • we have the same problem!! we recieved an email last week saying that our refund was deposited to the netspend card from netspend. that was thursday, the 31st. it's feb 5th && still no card. was told it was mailed out on the 18th and should be gettting here. grrrr!
  • I'm havin fees taken out of refund when will I recieve my refund? Will it be on the dd from the irs or a day later?
  • DD date! Depends on your bank could be the day before.
  • Using net spend
  • Did this happen to you already?
  • Yes. My DD was Feb 6, I got my refund on the 5th in netspend card around 4pm.
  • Cool, I don't even have my card tho, I will just do a transfer if that happens netspend is stupid
  • Dd is 2/13
  • were your funds taken out by sbbt kevin?
  • And when you got it early was it reflected on wheres my refund?
  • Oh sorry. I heard a few people didn't get their card before their DD. I hope you get it before. Guess I was one of the lucky ones who got it in the mail before the DD. Good Luck :)
  • Thanks, I mean how hard is it to mail a card smh
  • Yes, fees were taken from SBBT. Where's my refund never updated. Turbo tax sent an update about refund 3 days after I got my money.
  • Thanks very informative
I too, have not recieved my card, I filed and was approved on the 6th of February and am still waiting on my card, does anyone have and update on this situation, I've been looking everywhere for a solution and have yet to find anyone with this problem who has had it fixed, my refund was deposited to my card today and I have still not recieved the card, and it has been way over the alloted time 
  • I left my email in a previous post, email me ur telephone number and i will give u some information
  • I don't have a current working telephone number but I can email you would you mind giving me the information there?
  • Sure
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