what is taking my return so long to be approved, it was accepted on Jan 31

and what is a DD date
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  • I was accepted on the 31st but when I call this morning a nice lady told me they did not receive it until the 4th and allowed 21 days
  • Tax Season did not open with the IRS until Jan. 30. I think that's "Deposit Due" date. If you go to the IRS website under "Filing and Payment" you can get an accurate ETA for your refund by plugging in your SSN, Filing Status, and Federal Refund amount (whole dollar) it will give you the info on your return. I'm guessing it shouldn't be too much longer if it was approved mine was accepted on Jan 31 and was deposited into my account today. But if your refund is being sent by paper check it will take longer.
  • I stand corrected the DD is "Direct Deposit" :o)
  • i was accepted on the 31 and as of right now still nothing WMR says processing my bar has not moved....
  • some people that rcvd an email stating accepted on the 31st  and filed on the 31st rcvd inaccurate information. I called IRS today and they said that it wasn't accepted until the 4th even tho TT and WMR say accepted on the 31st. Rep told me to call back on the 14th if status hasn't changed. She was very nice and informative. Even asked if there were anymore questions she could answer.
  • I was also told the same exact thing by TT and WMR,and when I called IRS mine was not accepted till February 4th, I filed late January 30th andwas surprised that I got an acceptance just a few hours later around 12:08am. So there must have been some kind of computer glich....
  • i have a question does it have to be one transcript or both for you to know if its done processing because i am able to order just one right now which is the account such a relieve because i coudnt order none before
  • Could you please tell me what is the thing about the transcripts why are people ordering them?
  • From what I understand and I was told by an IRS rep that the ONLY way you'll be able to order a "return" transcript is if a return has been approved. What I've seen is that if you are able to request a return transcript then you should be getting a direct deposit date either the next day or 2 or if still not avlbl on wmr then you can call an IRS rep and they're system will have a date. Christystevens90 majority of people are ordering them just to see if they can order them if they can then they know their returns were approved. I still don't have a dd date I'm keeping on my patience hat but inside I feel like a toddler waiting for candy :D
  • so how do you goaou ordering transcripts?
  • go about
  • http://www.irs.gov/Individuals/Order-a-Transcript and select return transcript on the second page after entering your information
  • I was received on the 31st and got mines today
  • I filed on 1/31, got accepted the same day at 7:30pm, returned was approved by the IRS on 2/9. With a DD of 2/13.  Hope that gives you somewhat of a time line.
  • I tried to order my return transcript yesterday & they said I couldn't  I just tried & the let me but Im still in processing. I filed the 30th & received an email saying I was approved at 1:30 am on the 31st. Doe thi mean they have approved my return?
  • They have accepted it it may take a few days to get approved.
  • i was able to order transcripts today and still no update. no even on bank site.???? but state has been processsed and no due date?
I filled on the 29th accepted the 30th still processing. I didn't have education credit either. Just EIC for kids and child tax credit. Hope it hurries up.
    I was accepted on the 27th and I dont even have a dd date yet...the 31st was just 4 days ago!
    • I was accepted on the 26th and got my DD yesterday of 2/8. People just dont understand how many levels of filing that exist in IRS-land, I guess. Your patience will be rewarded, haha!
    • Yeah well MY level of filing couldnt be more simple. No education, business, energy credits, Im not claiming any kids that I didnt give birth to etc yet I am among the sorry ass 15% of my group that hasnt been paid yet. Then ppl come in on 2/1 and have money and dd dates already while Im sitting here with my thumb up my ass...? Sorry but Im fresh out of happy juice for those people lol.
    • Bitter? Lol...looks that way doesnt it? Sorry, just fed up :)
    • same here
    • did you have an EIC? or are you filed as HoH? if so, thats why it is taking so long. if not...well, thats how the cookie crumbles I guess. I filed my taxes on Jan 10th and just got my DD date yesterday if that makes you feel better. I was on the verge of internet punching all of the people who filed almost a month after I did with refunds in their hands though, haha!!
    • FIled and accepted on the 29th and still no DD. Same for me just my kids and my w2
    • you all need to take a chill.  it tells you that when you file that it may take up to 21 days to be deposited. Which they started accepting returns on 1/31/13, you have to give them this long to accept, process, and deposit.   I am in as much of a hurry as you all but it told every one of us the SAME thing when we filed.  So, get your BIG GIRL PANTIES or lil boy boxers on and WAIT just like the rest of us!
    • @athejm I hadn't heard that HOH or EIC were taking longer. Do you know why this is happening? (filed 25, accepted 26 no DD yet)
    • Hahaha! bigdaddyjohnson1 I was going to say the same thing =) I have no DD date yet. My husband has me check it everyday and I'm just like I don't care...it's money that we didin't plan on having in the first place, who cares when it gets here, yeah it would be nice, but we all just need to be patient =) have a good day everyone!
    • I filed on the 3rd and was accepted on the 3rd. I waited and checked the irs hotline and it gives me a dd date of the 11th.
    • @athejm  OMG internet punching, LOL Freaking funny!! Thanks I needed that laugh. Same boat, filed and accepted the 30th. filed Married, joint, two kids and Eic. Nothing else weird. Cant get transcripts either. Weird though I got it back last year faster.
    • I care when I get my money! Nuff said. I put my big girl panties on and now Im gonna get a hook up on some internet punching gloves thanks to athejm suggesting it :) Its MY damn money, I pay it in when THEY say but they can send it out when ever the hell they want? F#$k that! Its stories like stepenlady87's that piss me off and get me raging... I was accepted over a week before them and I aint got diddly! Yes I have EIC, like EVERY OTHER YEAR and it takes about 10 days start to finish...this year its taken over 10 days and I dont even get an approved notice. SMDH
    • bigdaddyjohnson1 is funny but correct. On the IRS website they state Jan 30 is the starting date for accepting 1040 returns regardless of content or deductions. I filed on Jan 30 I have most of the deductions and it was accepted within a couple of days, and I needed my refund as much as the rest of you (two children in child care, finally working (new job for 6mths after being laid off for 18). My refund posted to my bank account this morning. So if you filed before Jan. 30 and it was accepted & you still haven't received your refund it should be there soon....Hope your refunds come soon
    • You know I too thought that way in the past what 3 yrs that there have been delays.  But this year, I too am on the 28th deadend.  But, right is right, and I would agree with you, but sit back and see others have recived their refunds.  It's just mainly on this date and no kind of. Answer .  I too am not hard up for money, my husband and I are empty nesters, but I have been there.  So take it from some one with big girl undies.  Do not judge.  You may be there one day.  I hope not, but you never know.  Our returns were accepted ny IRS, notice given and were are left guessing. No kinda help as to why.
    • I read on the turbo tax page that the IRS is taking longer with taxes that have a lot of deductions and credits.
    • Hope everything works out ladies and gents!! I know it can be frustrating but just keep ya fingers crossed and wait paitently!!! I was nervous as well so i fully understand!!! And no need for anybody to be a jerk about it we never know whats the next persons financial situation!!
    • VERY well said!! Its so easy for somebody to giggle and say calm down etc...if they were in my house today they would be in tears lol
    • the irs should be ashamed of themselves
    • u know what,if your taxes get accepted u have nothing else to worry about because if something was wrongt it would have gotten rejected
    well i filed mine early jan got an email saying it was accepted jan 24th but that the irs wouldnt start prossesing till jan 30th.....its now the 8th and im still in prossesing the first bar on wmr ....no date and i was able to order mt transkripts and have recived them in my mail....is anyone else having the same problem?????
    • Yes! I could only order mine today, I was accepted on the 31st though. Heard alot of people who got accepted that day by TT really only got accepted the 4th by the IRS. Hopefully it will update with a deposit date tonight or soon! :) Impatiently waiting!
    • I was having the exact problem I was accepted on the 25th, and I couldn't find my information anywhere. I went to my local irs office this week, and found out I wasn't approved until the 3rd of Feb and I will be receiving my refund on or before the 18th. The lady that was helping me also told me that this new system isn't working as well as they thought it would. Usually the irs opens mid Jan when all the w2s haven't been received yet. This year they opened later and got SLAMMED.
    • I was acceptd on the 31st also still nothing…i didnt know what was going on even when i called the irs…so i refilled my return i was told it just cancles out the other one! Anyone else know anything about that??
    Me too, I am waiting, I also read that some that have been accepted and getting dd for this week
    • I was accepted on the30th and expected to receive on 6th
    • How did you get that date that's crazy
    • So lucky, my is still pending since I submitted on Jan 16th!!  So longgggg! Take your time IRS people!
    • I filed both my boyfriends and mine on the same day --my bf got his money on 2/1 mine still says it is being processed
    • turbo tax says your returns accepted then you go to the irs and they still say pending why is turbo tax lying this year this should issue refund for horriblie service or get this problem fixed
    • accepted is different than approved. TurboTax is not lying--it can take weeks for you to be approved based on many different factors.
    • People need to understand that Turbo Tax is not the issue here! IRS IS! Turbo tax is software, nothing more! When you are told that your return has been accepted....it has! When the IRS decided to approve it is up to them. Turbo tax doesnt issue refunds and does not hold returns for various ridiculous reasons. Once you hit e file...its gone! Out of TT's hands, period.
    • i just want to know really when i should be getting it back.... i don't want to wait 21 days for a dd... that's insane...
    • I agree Evelyn! They can send teh damn money in August for all I care. I just want the IRS to get their heads out of their asses and give some straight answers!
    • The IRS did not start accepting tax returns until Jan. 30, 2013 the information is on their website. I think it was due to the last minute changes in the tax laws (but don't quote me on that)
      I filed Jan 30, it was accepted Jan 31/Feb 1, federal refund received (direct deposit) Feb 7
    • still no refund what a joke the year
    Still waiting also was accepted & filed on the 31st but it hasnt been but 4 days so not being impaitent atleast for a few more weeks
      A DD Date is your direct deposit date the day that your refund will be deposited into your bank account.

      I sent mine in on the 28th, and received my direct deposit on the 5th of February, which was a good thing since my car decided to breakdown!!!

      Hope that helps you...
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