Any one got a letter from the irs saying there refund is under review

  • I called IRS and talked to a really nice person. as I'm  24 days and counting since my return was accepted. I called the 1-800-829-0582 ext. 462. The gal asked me alot of questions to make sure it was me, and was  very nice. I ordered transcripts a week ago and received them within 7 days. If you look at your transcript, not only does it give you a cycle date, but it gives you a date received (which I believe is when we will gt our refunds) mine says April 15th, I believe they are holding refunds untill a certain date. I was told that I had something on my return that was Questionable. Well, it's very simple, I had a tax preparer do my taxes. because I'm a senior citizen, I didn't claim my SS and my pension, and I went to school, (yes I was a student last year at 63 years old.) The gal at the Irs told me I would receive a letter, and it would be 45 days from the time I received the letter that I would get my refund. I'm glad the IRS is cracking down on those who use fraud, but let's get real, we are taxpayers who have worked hard and if we deserve a educational credit, Why do we have to wait forever to get it. jblonde00714
  • I also received a lettlr that im taxes are under revieve .. Do i have to just wait or do i need to do anyithing with the letter?
  • Just remember - if you owe them, they will charge you penalties and interest from April 15 - even if it takes them 45 days or longer to get back to you.
I received the letter and all of a sudden got a DD date of March 6th. There is hope everyone!!!
  • Which letter 4464c?????
  • If you read this article, it specifically says that they won't be able to reveiw as many returns as expected.......
  • Has anyone with letter 4464c recieved a dd yet?
  • Renee21 I haven't yet....
  • Me either smh
  • Call them! I did this morning cause I am tired of seeing still processing. and she said I should have a letter on the way to call another 800 number so she gave me the # and they asked some questions about my 2011 return i answered them and she said give it 4-6 wks to process the 2012 return thats all they needed! hope this helps!
  • I called....all they keep sayin is the review will be done by april 15th and to just keep checkin wmr. they didnt say another letter will be sent out or they needed more info.. so i guess i'll just wait.
  • what was the 800# they gave you ??
  • 1-800-830-5084 They told me mine wasn't in review though?
  • Apparently if you recieved 4883c letter it is an Identification letter. All they want to do is make sure there has been no identety theft. !!!! Such good news!!!
  • No me neither wtf???
  • So do we respond to the letter ?
  • Nope just wait. i recieved my letter 2/19/2013...still waiting. already recieved my transcripts
  • Crap this is not good .. So we might be looking at april for our refund?
  • my husbands was chosen for identity fraud is there a website i can go verify the information or do i really have to wait on hold for hour or longer to talk to someone to verify last years return info. I had to do that 2 weeks ago and i waited for someone for 2 hours just to verify last years return that took a total of 5 min.
  • can you tell me why they need your return from last year and how long did it take to get your refund after you talked to someone
  • They will ask you questions about lat years ie: how much you got back, # of dependants, ect. after I called them on 3/8 I got my letter 3/14 and yesterday my WMR finally gave me 3/20 as a date I will get mine. It says it has been accepted just waiting to be sent to the bank....
yes but irs saying until receiving letter they wont answer any questions still don't know what additional info being asked for
  • i did too. I believe it may just be a way to buy more time with the refunds.! ive seen so many post in the turbo tax community. I dont believe all of us are being reviewed.
  • I received a letter as well an now I am afraid I will never get my refund. I am so worried.
  • what was the letter about, like what was the LTR #
  • Mine didnt have one
  • Anyone got a letter yet
  • yes i got one too and it says it could take up to 60 days before i receive my return...
  • Do you have any credits?
  • @honeydue does it say why it cam take so long? And I still have yet to get a letter. Mine has been in review since the second day the irs accepted it.!
  • Do you have any credits?  I'm wondering if some of these notices are due to the educational credit
  • my letter is like a c05 letter saying refund review..or some bs, but on website still says that I am being processed and turbotax says should get refund by 19th..
  • did you receive an unemployment over payment? Owe child support?  Owe school loans that may be in default?  Otherwise you will most likely get it on the 19th
  • No school loans, child support, or unemployment.  I am in college and have 1099T forms.  But I haven't got a notice about the educational credit delays, so that's why I am thinking maybe that is what this letter is for.   If u have educational credits, did you get a notice about the delays?
  • I dont owe child support or anything I have child care credits and 3 dep, and hh but thats it..
  • I am still being processed also and get the 21 day message online and when I call.  My form was the 4464c
  • Delayed some what Sharon. Do you have any credits?
  • How do you know if their going to send you a letter?
  • If you are in school it will be delayed because they are waiting until march to process those. Its all over the news
  • Mines was 4464C no other codes just the generic one... does that mean anything?
  • Ktk,   Mine also.   Just the 4464c.   Truthfully I'm just going to wait.  Also Bodc: WI.   But I'm still processing.
  • the IRS website ,it say's they will not review those claiming education credits till mid February.
  • I am aware of the educational credit delays, but now i need to amend. I recd a 1099c after I filed. Can I do anything to pull my federal out of "pending" status and resubmit?
  • You have to wait till the Irs makes a decsion i believe. Not a hundre percent sure though.
  • so that's the reason for the letter?
  • Also, I claimed a dependent (live in brother, 19) who now wants to file on his own. Can I get the irs to reject before march?
  • I just finished filing my taxes and I have the education credit on mine. I received a pop up that I did not get when I filed my brother in laws that also has the education credit and it says that I should expect my refund around the beginning of march because of the education credit, that the IRS is not ready to process those.
  • How long did it take to get the "under review" letter?
  • I received it today but it was dated Feb 1st
  • I actually spoke to a rep from the IRS and she told me that anyone with a school/education credit is not going to be reviewed until mid-February. I asked if she knew of a certain day in February and she said no, guessing around the 14th or 15th?? and she also reassured me that the IRS is not sitting on anyone's taxes if they don't need too, so if they get reviewed and approved, they will be sent out as soon as they can. I myself was very frustrated as well, being that we filed Jan 27th, approved the 31st, but now on hold :/
  • maybe that's why I got the letter I filed on the 7th and was accepted the 23rd WAY before the IRS said anything about the delay... I hope that's all it is... If my e-mail was correct My 21 day limit is the 12 and maybe they sent the letter so I wouldnt call till after they start accepting the forms (wishful thinking)
  • question is the letter asking u to send them addl info
  • If you recieved a letter saying you're going to be reviewed then that's just whats going to happen. Lots of fraudulent returns and the fiscal cliff caused the IRS to review with a magnifying glass. ALSO, the identity protection pin filers are only allowed to file for two weeks! I believe things will loosen up after they take care of those filers!
  • I got one for my state. They said they are trying to cut back on some of the fraud. I had to verify some of my personal info from my credit report. When I finished they said  7-10 days to receive it but my federal is still pending.
  • @monicam36 No its says take no action no error codes or anything either.... is that good....
  • So if I have that education credit, is it still mid February or later? I thought it was supposed to be 21 days the longest?? I was excepted the 31st.
  • not sure if good or bad.......just confused did you call the number on letter
  • On someone called the IRS and was told the letter is going to anyone that requested a transcript because of a glitch in the system and not to worry about it.... Of course this is hearsay so I don't know positively and I read that yesterday....
  • So to the people who have gotten letters or been told that they will, did you still have to status bar on the WMR site, or the "your return is still being processed, a date will be added when it is available" screen?
  • 4464c
  • I did order a transcript and to be truthful I think it was on the first... and yes I tried calling and they wouldnt help me at all.... @dcpsap2012 can you link that post.... I would love to read it Thanks
  • reesejc the 1099-t evidently is not the same deal as the one being held because i had a 1099-t and i have a dd date of the 11th so either they are processing them now or its not part of the ones on hold
  • THIS WHAT IT TELLS ME WHEN I GO TO WMR..........................We have received your tax return and it is being reviewed. You will receive a notice from us requesting additional information within 30 calendar days. You may not receive all or part of your refund until we receive and review the information we requested. If you need more information after you receive our notice, call the number on the notice.
    Please do not contact us until you have received the notice as we are unable to take any action until then.
  • Last year we received a letter that our return rquired further review.  The reason isto prevent identity theftand fraudulant returns.  So,if you have any EIC, Self Employment, Child Ta Credit, etc... They are reviewing to ensure the return is accurate.  There is bilons of dollars paid in fraudulant claims each year.  Unfortunately, the rest of us pay for those claims in the long run.  We did receive our refund in May last year.  Yes , it can be annoying but if it prevents someone from stealing your identity it is worth it.  Plus each fraudulant claim they prevent saves us money in the end.  I know it is frustating but you will reeive it.  They have hired more employees to process the returns for review this year so the process will be faster. Best wishes.
  • @ktk1217 I am trying to find it . There is so many posts on there . It's just like this but a dedicated website for refunds ..... It's as soon as I get back to posts from yesterday I will link it... It's a slow process because they are posting sooooooooo much on that site.
  • I received a 4464C last year. It was not a big deal. It was regarding verifying my wages. I got a tax advocate, faxed her my w-2s and pays tubs and my refund was released a week later. GET AN ADVOCATE if you can! It will speed up the process....(I also got a letter the year before. A CP...something. It was because I moved and the IRS wasn't aware of my new address.

    For any of you who got a letter this year, we're you able to order your 2012 return transcripts?
  • I have been and still been processing since 01/27/2013
  • I have been processing since 1/24 and we have no credits what so ever.... This year is odd!
  • By the way. The first letter you receive will basically just repeat what WMR says. They won't ask you for any proof. They will send you another letter demanding whatever they need proof of.

    I was all over the boards freaking out when I got the letter last yr. a lot of people got the letter and had to do nothing, simpy their refund was triggered for more review, or they had an offset, or a math error, etc.

    The 1st letter will just tell you to call the IRs with a special code and they will tell u 20 different answers. (I don't think they really know) also there was an issue last yr with the letters being automatically sent to people who were never supposed to receive them and got their refunds as planned. So you never know but don't get too worried about receiving a letter. You will find its more common than you think.

    Good luck!!
  • a transcript is documentation of what the IRS has sent you over the years some people think if you can order them (return one) not the account one your return is finished processing....
  • @ e.thompson thanks so much.... My first letter does not have any codes at all....Exhales and smiles
  • @e.thompson yes I ordered an account transcript on the same day the letter was issued.... @dscpsap2012 thanks I will search for it...
  • They will start processing them the middle of February per the notice I received from TurboTax
  • i have asked what wmr site is but cant get anyone to answer my questionm
  • they are going to begin processing education credits on 2/14
  • go to IRS they have all the answers you need
  • WMr is where's my refund on the site . It allows u to find out what is going on with your refund.
  • if you got a letter that says its under review means you either owe money questions your return happened last year to me once its staightened out you will get it
  • this year i got it back in a week and a half
  • you need to wait to amend if yu pull it now you will get a red flag and it will be up to 12 weeks before you hear anything
  • I received an email saying that those people who filed with  education credits would not even looked at until February 14th
  • that's Thursday
  • On Monday call the IRS, I had trouble with TT & I had to file with another site bc TT is like holding my refund or something like that... When I called the IRS I was informed that, that had no knowledge of my refund so filed again an got accepted within 5mins, I filed with TT on jan 21, no email or nothing
  • @angelsearcher WMR is WHERES MY REFUND found on the page.
  • child support has nothing to do with it i owed and got mine
  • I got my transcript after i got seen i was in review on wmr. I have yet to recieve a letter.
  • If your getting a partial refund how do you know when its coming???
  • Well a lady at the IRS just told me I was under review and will receive a letter. :( WMR still says processing smh
  • Yeah like 80% of the world is in review :/ sucks
  • I just don't understand :(
  • Me either just wish they would still send the full refund but i know we are looking at waiting until may as ive seen others waited until last year
  • That is the same pop up message I got.  But my status still says pending. I have gotten my accepted yet!
  • what status says pending?
  • what number do you call to actually speak to a person from the irs?
  • I got a letter yesterday (4464c) says we are reviewing your return, we will contact you if we require further information. On WMR it still says the same thing it has been saying since day 1. Im still in the first bar and it says i should receive my refund within 21 days. I filed on 1/31, accpeted same day. HOH with 2 dependedents, no EDU credits, 1 child tax credit. I just really would like to know if this is truly "just a glitch" or what. I have yet to see anyone that got a letter and recieved their refund.
  • I received that same letter 4464c and I'mstill in the processing bar and I was accepted on the 30th
  • still not receive any information for my refund any helps
  • same here accepted on the 28th got a review letter then WMR is stuck in processing with 21 day message though WMR states nothing about being in review, got my account transcript which was all 0's & unable to order return transcript
  • where's my refund, sign onto, click on where's my refund and then put in requested info
  • Im under review on recieved a partial refund this morning but still waiting for letter in the mail.
  • @bigdawg u recieved partial refund?? Ok how much more do they owe u alot?? When did u get ur dd date?
  • Yes they owe me alot more i got 500.85 when i am suppose to get close to 8k but anything is better than nothing just have to wait for the rest of it. I got my DD via Turbo tax in an email and it was in the bank.
  • wmr still says same thing im under review
  • WMR is where's my refund.  You can put that in the search bar and it will bring you up several depending on which tax service you used.
  • I'm in the same situation. I only got 600 back, but I'm suppose to get 8k, I have not received a letter yet. Do you know if the rest is coming?
  • Same exact thing here sshantel! I am still waiting on a letter but i heard it will be may-june before we see the rest. Just frustrating
  • Ok, I spend 3 hours on the phone with an IRS agent. I was under review as well. Come to find out Turbo tax configured my taxes wrong, said I was getting more back than I people might want to call IRS...the agent got everything straightened out over the phone. I won't be using Turbo tax next year!
  • Oh thats lovely too know!!! Im sure they will fix it all im going to wait it out. If that is the problem they know turbo tax is the problem and turbo tax will have to fix it.
  • Have you called the irs? I did the tracker from turbotax and they say I should get it on the 15th. I wonder y they are reviewing my taxes?
  • Where did you hear may or june
  • Thats how long it took last year for everyone. I just heard turbo tax gave the wrong refund amount out to everyone this year. I guess im going to call the irs
  • oh gosh where did you hear this? i am now really upset because that means millions of returns are wrong just think how many of us used Turbotax!!
  • Well it sure explains why millions are under review. Turbo tax and the Irs are working on this im sure.
  • I will have a fit
  • Me too!!! Never again will i use turbo tax online
  • im stuck in processing , got a review letter, accepted on the 28th, unable to order return transcripts, TT sats i should get mines by 2/18.. no DD.... NOTHING!!!!! does anyone know about TT audit protection??
  • i filed 1/31 and nothing different from the past 3 years but there has to be some kind of common thread between all this surge of review returns....i dont know, perhaps they have really decided to look into all the turbo tax filers i mean who knows!! that would require a whole lot of manpower because there are millions of us. the system must be scanning for certain flags that trigger the review.
  • I know you have to order when you finish your taxes or you cant get it.
  • My question is straight to the point. I got  SOME of my money, when will I get the rest?
  • Depends on what information they need. Last year it took along time i guess people waited until May-June. We have no idea we just have too be patient Unfortunately.
  • Just FYI, I didnt use Turbo Tax to file and I'm under review. I got the letter in the mail, WMR still says processing.
  • Yes im just saying for the ppl who are under review who used turbo tax this could be why
  • I filed on the 30th and got the same letter on the 5th but now wmr says stil processing a refund date will be provided when available. I hope they are almost done with mine.
  • @tm262009 same here i also received a letter of review then 2 days ago was finally able to order my return transcript soon after no orange bar and now it has still processing & a refund date will be provided when available.. i was accepted on the 28th.
  • They just deposit as requested
  • @ bigdawgchris2010 how long after you got your letter did you get a partial payment. I filed on 2/5 irs received on 2/7 then wmr had processing the whole time. Then 2/16 got review letter LTR 4464 saying I should know something within 60 days,but turbo tax estimated dd 2/25.
  • It was about 2 weeks after i filed
  • 8668973315
  • Hi, have you received your refund yet or any further news?
  • I got a letter also will i still get my $$$$$
  • go to this thread its more current on the review situation with those of us that are still waiting.
  • i got one but it just telling me to wait 45 more days
  • Crap have you received it yet? I havent and i need it
  • I recieved a 4464 c letter on 2/3/13 and im still waiting wat is goin on??????
  • I only received a letter saying im under reveiw i didnt need to reply but still do money!!!
  • I got the 4464 as well on feb 20h, today after speaking to a man at IRS he stated another letter was scheduled to go out April 1st that I need to wait additional 45 days...Is this a joke????? Anyone else getting this news from IRS??
  • I got thr same answer wtf??
Yes, same, told me to shut my mouth for 60 days until they are finished.  Didn't realize we now live in the soviet union.
  • Lol
  • This just made me LOL!
  • Wow Such cruel ppl
  • I received a letter also nd I did as well file as a student but my WMr is saying I will receive my dd 21 days of acceptance for as turbotax is saying accepted and I should receive it before the 19th...
  • You will get your refund but there not doing the student stuff until next week
  • Ok so I should still receive it on the 19th
  • Nope, you won't
  • This is crazy some people are getting answers and some aren't.  I tried calling and wasn't able to get any information at all.  I am pissed now.  They know people are waiting for their taxes to get themselves out of debt and instead we are going to be in more debt.  I knew I should of used Tax Act instead of Turbo Tax.
Try to relax there process is a little slow but everything will be fine..
    I also got a letter today I filed on the 28th and excepted on the 30th but wmr says still being processed. I also received LTR 4464C I talked to a IRS person and she said it doesn't mean something is wrong they just need to verify but for me I got my identity stolen last year and someone got my refund so this year there being very careful with anything under my social #
    • Sometimes you have to do your own research to find the anwers that you are looking for.. I think we are all anxious about our returns this year. I am not a patient person but this tax year has taught me how to be patient, thats for sure.
    • sade.... i'm not sure that was an accurate answer you got. It may be, but none of us have had our identity stolen and a lot of us got the same letter. But I guess at this point, anything is possible. They must think we are all a bunch of frauds.
    • My husbands identity was stolen over 4 years ago and he pays taxes every year and the IRS knows exactly where the person is now working and they still refuse to do anything about t except make us go thru a series of steps every tax season to remove the unclaimed income this person generates on my husbands behalf and yes we are very used to dealing with them frequently including the tax advocate we use every year to resolve the previous years problem....i find it interesting that they cannot do anything about that but they have the time and energy to review millions of tax returns this year to make sure we are not cheating. They are  very unorganized and with the rare exception most of the reps are fairly incompetent, of course i speak solely from my experience. So these so called measures are really NOTHING that is helpful to the average person filing the returns. I filed on the 31st a simple return 2 dep 1w-2 no credits for energy, education nothing and am still waiting i check daily on all 3 places the bank, WMR and now check to see if the return transcript is ready and nothing i may perhaps be one of those who also has a hold..... :( assuming the worst.
    • wow, i feel for you. It seems like they put these measures in place to be able to go after people like the guy you are talking about. And the fact that they have that info sitting in front of them and aren't doing anything about it while the rest of us honest people sit here and hope, pray and wait is just totally ridiculous. That pisses me off to no end, I can't even imagine how YOU must feel. Ugh!
    • Fraud protection in our country is a joke. Seems like the only person they ever protect is the one committing the fraud. Someone got a hold of my debit card number and charged up a storm online. I spent weeks contacting the merchants and was told the same thing each time...we are not allowed to disclose information on the person using your account. It is personal information and against the law to provide you with details. Really???? So it's not against he law to steal my money in the first place???? No wonder fraud is so prevalent in our country. It's too easy to commit.
    • I agree. Last year when it happend to me they told me they couldbt give me any information. But to file taxes now is a hassle for me. Then to have to wait this long. I filed 28th of Jan and today is the 26 of Feb. I'm still under review
    I think everyone should come to gether..I found this link on facebook ..but no one started talking or anything yet so idk I just want my refund
      I filed on the 6th of febuary irs said I had 21 days from the 11th  which would be the 4th of march  called today the 1st  because i realized that fridays are ddd days and was told its on hold for further review  so now I have to wait for a letter in the mail and or 45 to 60 days to receive my refund this is crazy ....
        • Great article! It explainsthe delayfor reviews.
        • Yes thanks for posting that! Makes sense. We lived in Both Mi & GA and both are on the top risk States. Makes Sense
        i filled and was accepted march17,i recieved letter 4464c dated march 22,so i called irs said to watch wmr it could just go on threw,well i did and lo and behold it was there dd date of march 25,well april 1 came around and nothing ,i callled irs again and was told wmr  was a mistake,that my money had not been sent it was a mistake ,i was very upset,so not only am i still in review,i cant even follow wmr bc it still says dd on march 25,and they will not change it.

          eFiled with TurboTax on 2/4/14 got the the LTR 4464C on 2/28/14.  Total BS.  Simple W-2, with standard deductions, home int etc.

          • @abramsjcc those TA's are some BS and just NO HELP. I file the exact same tax return every year NEVER any issues, I also file taxes for my coworkers NO co-worker got her refund it was over $8800, we both have 2 dependents...the IRS is screwing with certain folks and TT is no help as far as customer support is concerned. I will be using TAX ACT next year. @shane.odonley I'm in the same boat I will be calling EVERY week just so they know I'm still waiting I certaily dont want to "fall thru the cracks"  LOL...I recevied the CP05 letter and a 4464C letter AND no one at the I.diot R.evenue S.tealers know anything SMH
          • *3 dependents
          What does the review letter mean can anyone please tell me that
            I filed on the 31st and got a dd date for tomorrow i hope i dont get a letter
            • I think the letter was because they had education credits but who knows its all screwed up this year.
            • If you got a DD you are good to go you won't get a letter.
            • Congrats On you DD YAH U lol my stills says processing so i think you are in good shape :)
            • what is a DD??
            • direct deposit
            • due date..
            • I wish thi education credit mess would be fixed
            • Megan DD means Direct Deposit
            • sorry thought dd meant due date
            • I was not able to order my transcript is this bad??
            • its not bad it just means they have yet to process your return - it took me 6 days to be able to order my transcript and i didnt get a dd until 2 days later so even ordering the transcript doesnt mean its set to come in in a day or so, my dd is not until the 11th of this month most people approved a day before mine was have a dd for the 8th
            • I'm still not able to and I was accepted on the 30th. But I did notice that next to where it said it was not available it used to say file form 4506-t and now it says to call the 1040 #. Maybe they are stopping the whole transcript nonsense.
            • I was able to order a transcript today and on wmr it still says im under review and its said that since monday off and on when its not saying that it says ive entered my info incorretly or am checking too soon (accepted on 1/28)
            • megan on 2/14 they are going to begin to process returns with education credit go on the IRS website you can find all the answers you need I hope this helps
            • It seems as tho everyone who efiled on turbo tax is gettn this letter could it be something goin with turbo tax
            • no its not just turbo tax,I have read in other forums and its everyone h&r block ,jackson hewitt even people who used personal accountants.I think it has alot to do with all the fraud they found last year so they are holding people who have credits to review further since there was alot of identity theft and people claiming other people they weren't allowed to and they screwed it up for all of us.
            • I didn't get a letter yet but I know one is on the way because they thought I didn't file because l2011  I was not married had no income but claimed as a defendant ...this year I am married still had no income again and married filing joint since married in 2012..... They threw ours under hold/review just because I didn't file an independent return last year even though I didn't legally have to file with no income. I found all of this out talking to the holds dept. in the IRS which has a separate number than the regular IRS number. The HOLDS department literally researched everything for me while on the phone in five minutes and he put the release code on the return to get my refund approved. My point is here that they are taking everything serious and if anything is different from last year they are digging! The rep told me that this was an error on their part for mine but they are doing it to 100 times more returns this year than ever before because of all the money people get back that they are not entitled to. What's funnier than all the bs with mine is the fact we have no credits and paid in more than we are getting back.
            • I'm not in school and I still got a letter so its not just because of school
            • I hear its a glitch with ordering transcripts... Again that is grapevine.... So many that ordered their transcripts their letter for under review was issued the same day as ordering transcripts.
            • I didn't order transcripts either..still got a letter
            • I ordered my transcripts after i got my review notice via wmr
            • Has anyone who ordered their transcripts after being in review either get their transcripts yet or a dd date or anything besides just in review.
            • Nope but sure would be nice! I have been searching everywhere online trying to find someone who was in review and it changed to a DD maybe in error and nothing yet. Wish i would get the letter atleast!
            • i still have NOT received a transcript
            • Me either it sucks
            • I wonder when we will get a partial refund.
            • I still have not gotten my transcripts or a dd date and it still says under review and its said that since last monday.I hoping to get something soon,I was able to order transcripts on friday but before then i tried and wasn't able to.
            • What's the number to holds dept??
            • I got the same thing under review. I requested a transcript and I got that in the mail but no letter still. I received 500. As well and am expecting 6k. Smh I feel like this is def. A turbo tax issue. But I gotta a dd from turbo tax bother day of 2/19.
            • Like a second refund date?
            • I was able to order a trascript 3 dates ago still no dd date.. I call irs they said i will be recirving a letter now what?
            • @Lety, have you recd your transcript yet? I wouldn't spend a lot of time worrying about it. A lot of times they say people are getting letters and they don't. If you do get a letter, come back and tell us which one it is and we can help you with what to expect. Also your trnscripts will have info on them that can help with when your $ might be coming so when you get them, let us know if they are completed and what your cycle date is, etc.
            • No my transcits it on its way.. But i did reive a letter.. It only states that im under reivew and that if i did file i dont have to respond to the letter.. I guess they just want to make sure that it was me who filed and not freud .. But still no date or date of depisit im soo frustrated ..
            • i got a cp05 letter dated for the 11th of march, and i just got my ddd a few days ago for the 20th of mar. so it didnt take that 45 days
            • Did u get it on the 20th.. Im stull pending
            • @kayla
              Did u get your refund?? I didnt still pending and we have the same #20130805.. Where s our money???
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