"We received your return and it required further review.

My Federal is being deposited tomorrow ALREADY from early filing on January 28th and I just went to the New York State refund site and it says "We received your return and it required further review. While most returns are reviewed within 4 weeks, it may take up to 6 weeks to complete our review."? What does that mean? Is there a problem with my refund? TurboTax still says "Pending" though...I am confused...
  • Always take the taxiing authorities information over what TT is telling you.   If they say it needs further review, then they are reviewing it for whatever reason flagged it for review.
  • I'm from KS and I am having the same problem only with my fed return. They withheld it for review, not sure why....
Same thing here, made me nervous at first, but nothing has changed with me financially, soo… It was helpful to see that other people are getting the same message, seems like a generic message.
As far as us calling the IRS- why can't we??! I don't think it's a crime to want to know what is going on, this is our life and it affects us; we have every right to call and ask questions when we see "further review". It implies there is a problem, and we would naturally be concerned. So, being told that they are going to "catch on" is crazy, this isn't a game where we have to be sneaky or lie to find out information- our information.(well it shouldn't be)  Also, I am so sick of the idea that calling to ask is a bad or wrong thing to do, as if it's only going to upset the government. Don't we pay them? Isn't that how it works? This is a democracy not a dictatorship, we shouldn't be afraid to call government officials. Jeez!!! Maybe if we tried to change the whole stigma, surrounding this issue they wouldn't be able to treat us like crap when we call- even if we are impatient- so what!!!
  • I called because I got the same message. The irs is trying to say I didn't pay into taxes this year and I can't receive a full refund. They are full of bullshit.!!! The good hard working ppl are put thru so much Shit but the ppl who scam them are getting there money I went from a 5000 refund to 700
  • OMG sorry to hear that. Fight them if you have the proof
  • Is this a Federal or State return?
  • Federal.
  • I got the text from TT saying NY State accepted, went to the NY State  website and the website says -"We received your return and it required further review. I does not say about any correspondence being mailed. Jut says that I need to wait 4-6 weeks. I have never been audited and the only big change this year from last , is an extra 5k in salary and a new bank for DD. I hope the message is just generic, and not an actual problem.
  • Im  thinking it is generic, I was audited last year and it told me I was receiving correspondence, this is nothing like last year , unless they changed things a bit, who knows?? Im sick of it all!
  • Think generic as well... Far as I know their database hasn't changed and I've been audited as well few years ago. There was codes to refer to
  • We have been audited for the last 3 years, apparently the state of New York doesn't think that one family can have 6 kids. LOL.. I think it's generic..Well at least I hope it is, I would really like to skip the audit this year. Stall tactic?
  • Im with you but they are so greedy, they may do it just to hold of payment to us!!!1 IDIOTS!!!
  • I think so too..holding out for wishful thinking...
  • I received the same message. At first mine said it would take 4-6 weeks for processing then changed to 60 days and reply to any correspondence that I may receive in the mail. Nothing has changed for me except the fact that I paid for Child Care. I hope I'm not being Audited. This is freaking me out.
  • Child care always result in a delay, triggering a letter from ny requesting proof to get and also need proof to get eic.  It happened to me and many others for last 2 years.  I filed without and am in final stages.
  • I wish I would've known that the lousy $900 is not worth the trouble
  • @yvetteesmith, i have been claiming child care for the past 10 years and I have never been audited based on that. I always hear that audits are random, not specifically selected.  It could be or could not be but we can't say that;s the reason for sure. I've seen a few people say they didn't claim any of that and they still have the 60 day message.
  • does anyone who got excepted for state get a date i just have a final stages of processing 2-4 week message...does the 2-4 weeks start the day of exceptance?
Same Here.... Fed accepted 1/25, DD this morning, state still pending in TT, and now this crazy message from NYS:
"We received your return and it required further review. While most returns are reviewed within 4 weeks, it may take up to 6 weeks to complete our review."

Im not sure how to call it right now because this is the first day it opened up online, and there are so many ppl getting the same message, if any message at all. So I'll be checking it everyday until something happens, and post any updates

  • I received  the same.... I believe they are doing this to prolong any back log they may have. If you call the reps,they  are not going to give you much information if you ask what going on. So what I did was call back and ask if I had any owed back taxes. This is the only way they will look into your profile.  After being on hold for like 6 min, the rep told me he indeed checked everthing and my return will be ok.
  • Thanks for the tip Crystalp30! Its only right that if u ask about money owed to you they can't find any info, but if u call in trying to find out what you may owe them you get an answer. I'll be calling them shortly
  • I got the same message its just a generic message that will change over time.. give until Friday or by next week at least
  • Thanks Tessla112.... pray for no delay
  • So glad it is just a generic message! I hope they process returns nice and fast!
  • Same here we all need our monies!! lol
  • i received this same message and im having a heart attack here.! Could it be something wrong with my tax return or is it really a delay. I am so worried?
  • I think we should all check again on Wednesday maybe we will have an update then.. But one thing for sure is that everyone's return is not under review lol
  • Right I agree. So many ppl are getting the same message I can't help but think its NYS stalling for time. I will be checking daily and posting any updates I see. Hopefully one of us will get a good response and give us all a little bit of hope. Lol
  • My return was accepted on the 30th of janurary and I still have no dd date yet why is that?
  • Wow, now there are people calling and lying to get a response ??  really??? you dont think that they will figure out that this too is just another ploy from those with lack of patience?   Stay calm.. give it time. only been 5 days since they started actually processing.
  • Who cares if they figure it out?! I am not going to tip-toe around the state worrying there might be repercussions- just the idea of it is ridiculous. It is my money, and my REAL LIFE. When you see the words "further review" and never have before, and it makes you upset or impatient- that's their fault! They could have used different wording, that just sounds BAD. So, if it caused people to call, they shouldn't be surprised- they are just asking for issues.
  • I got the same message this morning too..."It is under futher review........."  Ugh.
  • Same message for me.but filed my daughters.friday nite at 1am and hers says in final stage of proccessing..
  • I received a text at 1:30 AM this morning stating my NY State Tax refund had been accepted.  I went to the NYS Refund site and it states the same message as yesterday "We received your return and it required further review. While most returns are reviewed within 4 weeks, it may take up to 6 weeks to complete our review" but TurboTax stated it had been accepted.  So I assume it will be righting itself soon enough...Yippee!
  • BrandiLee I'm thinking the same. I got the text last night and TT shows my state was accepted but still showing that damn further review message online. So we'll see
  • MIz Dre....Let's hope they process them fast fast fast....until then I will keep complaining...lol
  • Those messages were released by TT because its been pending for over 48 hours in their system .. the new York state website is what counts..
  • The New York State website is the problem.  That is where people are getting the message under further review.
  • I got it too and got it last year an was audited and it took forever to get my money, but it also said they would be sending corresondence, I got a letter and sure enough audit!  Hope its not this year!
  • I agree with you, I was audited last year and a pain in the ass!!!! It took me almost 3 most to get the money I pray its not the same cause this is BS!
  • Crystalp30 - has your message changed in any way?  Did you get a DD date?  Nothing has changed for me since Monday 2/4 when I got the 60 day message
  • My message finally changed to final processing and I was accepted on 2/5 for NYS.
  • My message changed tonight to final processing as well.  I was accepted on 2/8.  I had to refile due to a processing error.
  • I'm so disappointed I was accepted 02/07 and my status still shows that generic message. I hate tax season. It's so flipping nail biting and all I dwell on until I receive my refund. And not for any other reason than I really don't trust the IRS.
  • This is NYS, not federal.
  • Yes we are talking about nys
  • Is the nys saying that because the federal hasn't been accepted yet?
  • no my NYS had an under review could take up to 60 days and tonight it was switched to entered the final stages of processing
  • and my federal has not been accepted because I have form 8863
  • How long was yours in the 60 day status? When did you file? .. Well good luck to you I guess its procedure now.. Mines wasnt accepted yet cause of the same form
  • What time did it change @arhodes13
  • It updated Sunday night.
  • I had to refile on the 7th due to some error by TT.  It wouldn't let me refile without charging me.  I had my fees taken out of my federal return.  It wasn't seeing that in their system, because my federal return has been pending since January 25th.  The first person I spoke to at TT stated because I used the State Farm discount she couldn't give me a promo even though it was their error and it said to refile for free.  I finally got a rep on the 7th to give me a promo code.  It was accepted on the 8th per TT.  When I went to check my return on the NY website it stated that I was under review and it could take 60 days.  Yesterday, after five pm it was changed to I have entered the final stages of processing and while most were completed within 2 weeks it could take up to 4.  I had check earlier yesterday and was still getting the review message.  I am not sure what time it changed, but I know i signed in after five pm on their site to the final processing message.
  • does anyone who got excepted for state get a date i just have a final stages of processing 2-4 week message...does the 2-4 weeks start the day of exceptance?
  • I got a date via phone. 2/20.. Online still says final stages
  • Updated this afternoon
I received the "further review" message and was initially concerned because I had not seen that message in years and remember being audited in the past. I do recall however that when I was audited, it included the word "correspondence" with a telephone number in the message.

I just looked on Facebook and saw that someone from NY who also saw the same message stated that it changed to "processing" this morning. I checked my own status just now and sure enough, it has gone from further review to "in the final stages of processing" :)
  • Same here. Changed this AM
  • That's great, though no change in mine yet, fingers crossed!
  • No change here as of a few minutes ago.  Filed my NY State Tax return on January 28th. On the 4th I checked the NY State site and it gave me the “We received your return and it required further review. While most returns are reviewed within 4 weeks, it may take up to 6 weeks to complete our review." Still the same…I hope by Monday they get it going already…I certainly don't have anything going on in my return that would warrant further review, that’s for sure.  So it is just a generic blanket message they put up on there to give them time to do, whatever they do.
  • i got a txt & email from TT saying my NYS return was accepted 2/4 but the damn WMR site still giving me the same further review msg. i hope it changes soon.. a msg like that makes me nervous. lol
  • My state was accepted on the 4th.Mine also changed today to" We received your return and it's in the final stage of processing. While most returns are completed within 2 weeks, it may take up to 4 weeks".
  • what does it mean when your nys refund status say that it was accepted and under further review and could take up to 60 days for processing.  it also says if i receive correspondence to respond as soon possible? is this a generic message or am i being audited?
  • Well this morning my message has changed to "We received your return and it's in the final stage of processing. While most returns are completed within 2 weeks, it may take up to 4 weeks." So hopefully i get the money deposited soon.  Slowly but surely it will happen...too bad I am not wealthy and could just not care any less about getting my $$$...but this ain't that...lol
  • @brandileelabelle, when did you file and when were you accepted w/ NYS? I checked mine this morning and I still have the generic review message.
  • My message changed to "We received your return and it's in the final stage of processing. While most returns are completed within 2 weeks, it may take up to 4 weeks." I remember last year people who received this message got theirs in about 2 weeks even less. So I hope is getting mines soon. I was accepted by NYS on 2/4 which is sad cause I already received my federal I filed since the 1/10. I wonder what the delay is with NY.
  • I received the 60 day review message and it has been like that since last week.  i just checked and no change so far.  Has anyone received the 60 day review message changed to final processing?  It seems like people who received the 2-4 week review message is changing to final processing but us 60 day review messagers are staying the same.
  • Not knowing is driving me crazy  I've had the 60 day message since Monday 2/4/13 and it hasn't changed at all.  I can't get through to the state to speak to someone.  Have you been able to speak to anyone?
  • I tried calling and they basically told me they couldn't give me any information to just keep checking online for updates.  It sucks and I hate wondering to.  I am in the same boat as you @taxhater16.  I've had the message since the 4th also.  It seems that the people with the 4-6 week review messages have been changing to final processing statuses where ours have remained the same.  Maybe we are the random audit ones :-(.
  • Does anyone know what time they update their website? I had to refile my on Friday due to some processing error from TT.  I filed on 2/7 at 9am I looked on the 2/8th when I got my email about it being accepted which sometime around 8pm and I had the message about being under review which could take up to 60 days, and to respond to any correspondence if I happened to receive any.  It's weird, because I filed married filing jointly and it does not pull up my wifes ssn.  Last year we were able to find our return by both of our ssn.
  • @Labbatty143 I filed on January 28th and my NY State Tax return was accepted (according to TurboTax) on February 5th but on NY State site I was getting the message stating “We received your return and it required further review. While most returns are reviewed within 4 weeks, it may take up to 6 weeks to complete our review."

    Until this morning and then it changed to “We received your return and it's in the final stage of processing. While most returns are completed within 2 weeks, it may take up to 4 weeks.”…so it is getting closer…
  • yes, but @brandileelabelle, you recieved the 4-6 week message and not the 60 day review message.  It seems that us with the 60 days message are not changing.  Mine has been saying this since the 4th.
  • I have the 60 day message since 2/4 and it hasn't changed.  Boy do I wish I had the 4 to 6 week message right now.  It's not fair.  I still don't know what is happening.  No correspondence.  It's just a waiting game.

    It's great that people are having their refunds processed, but they are the ones that were accepted later than 2/4.   NY State started accepting returns on 1/31 -- did they select everyone who e-filed on 1/31 to audit - if that is going to be the case.
  • @taxhater 16, you may have a point.  They may have chosen the ones that filed on the 31st to audit!!! Because i did mines and my brothers using TT on the 31st and we are both being audited.  I just wish they would say something more than "it could take up to 60 days" and "IF you receive correspondence" lol!
  • I wish I knew.  It's driving me crazy.  If they are going to audit me, then let me know.  Don't keep me waiting.  I check the mail every day dreading opening the mailbox.  Will they wait the 60 days and then decide to mail something asking for more proof or an audit.  If they want me to prove something, fine - I'll do it.  Just let me know now.
  • I accepted in ny 1/31. Changed from 4-6 week message to final stages on Friday am.. Hope it changes for you guys soon
  • I just called the nys dept of taxation and asked them if the 2 different messages mean anything specific.  The guy on the phone told me that basically all the messages mean processing and to his knowledge one doesn't mean different from the other.  I told him that the language has a lot of people confused because some are the 4-6 week review time and some have the 60 days further review and correspondence message.  He said that a majority of the phone calls he has gotten today has been about the messages, lol!  He said he don't know why they changed the language of the messages but it has a lot of people freaking out.  He said he doesn't think the processing times have anything to do with the messages but all we can do is keep checking because he cannot give us any information about our refund particulary.  Here is the number @taxhater16, 518-457-5181, call and see if they can give you anymore information.  Maybe if enough people call and complain about the language, they will change it in the future!  @taxhater 16, let me know if they tell you anything different.
  • I have the same thing for CA ,not sure if it's related to TT
  • Thanks hopefully mine will update in the next day or so. I never had the 60 day notice just the 4 - 6 weeks generic message.
  • I just got off the phone and it was a pleasant woman, but she read the message that is in the system to me.  My return needed further review and it could take up to 60 days.  "IF" I receive correspondence to respond as soon as possible.  She read what was in the system and said i can't tell you anything else.  This was no help, but at least she was pleasant.
  • @taxhater16, yeah, they are not going to tell you exactly if you are audited or not.  I just called them to find out if this particular message meant anything and the guy told me it basically meant your return was being processed.  He said it may not mean anything at all but he did say that the new "language" has a lot of people nervous, lol!  I just hope by the end of the week my message changes.  Even if it says I am being audited, I prefer to know something rather than this message that doesn't say much of nothing.
  • the lady i spoke with was pleasant to..i guess it is just a waiting game..hopefully all will turn out great..and we won't receive letters..this is the first time in all the years i've filed taxes...not fun for sure...
  • hey you guys might want to check NY tax website again.  I just logged in and it went from 60 days message to the its in the final stage of processing while most returns are completed within 2 weeks it can take up to 4 weeks..
  • I have had the 4 to 6 week message since the 4th and still the same, they are the biggest JOKE ever! NYS SUX!!!  Every year it is some BS!  I was audited last year over a measly 600 dollars and held it up for 3 months!  They wanted birth cert and ss card of my daughter!!! HELLOOO I ve claimed her my whole life, NOTHINGS changed!  They are illuterate morons messing with people, bcuz they can! The state and Government  are liars and jerks! This is what happens when you vote for an idiot that wants government in your life! It will get worse in the next 4 years trust me!  I hate the goverment and anyone who votes for it!
  • Unfortunately I still have the 60 day message since the 4th :-(K
  • OK everyone last week my status was " we received your return and is under further review - the 4-6 weeks deal " Friday last week status changed from that to "60 days and correspondence from us deal  " i was steaming the whole weekend.. this after noon went to"  We received your return and it's in the final stage of processing. While most returns are completed within 2 weeks, it may take up to 4 weeks.  so i guess those refund status messages are just Sh*t.... I filed on January 24, accepted and turbo tax email on Feb 4. FYI if anyone is interested. Good luck everyone.
  • Selena0219- I have the same 60 day message you do since 2/4.  I just checked it.  I wonder if they update later tonight.
  • @jowell24 this is good to know.  I have been wondering if anyone else with the 60 day message has gotten the final processing message.  Hopefully mines will update sometime this week.  i will just keep checking as I have been all week :-)!
  • does anyone who got excepted for state get a date i just have a final stages of processing 2-4 week message...does the 2-4 weeks start the day of exceptance?
  • I think it is 2-4 weeks from when that message gets updated as your status.  Its not necessarily your acceptance, because I got under review could take up to 60 days, and my status changed yesterday to final stages.  I hope it is soon as well.
  • Friday was final stages.. Today says DD of 2/20
  • I guess that means I should have a direct deposit date hopefully tomorrow.  Gotta love that its a week later .. It would be nice to have gotten that this week with the fed taken 10 years to getting around to 8863 filers.
I had the 60 days message from day 1 (accepted 2/5) and this morning switched to final stages of processing. Does that mean its done and I should have no issues? This should give hope to the people with 60 days status since day 1 (and my refund is relatively large)
  • Great news.  Maybe there is some hope for the 60 day message returns.  I  checked this morning and my message is the same - 60 days.
  • I checked maybe 45 minutes ago and had 60 days. It changed in the last 15-20 minutes
  • I just checked again and I received the message about being in the final stages of processing.  It usually takes two weeks but it could take up to 4 weeks.  Right now I'm thrilled that the 60 day message is gone.  Hopefully my message eventually becomes a DD date without the 10 day correspondence message that some people are getting.  NY State is really making every sweat this year.
  • That's Great News!! I've also had the 60 day message since 2/5, so hopefully mine changes soon. You guys give me hope!!
  • What are the chances of getting the 10 day correspondence status at this point?
  • That's what I am worried about also.  I've seen some people post that their return was in the final stages of processing and then it changed to their return was  processed and the correspondence in 10 days.  NY State is really making everyone sweat this year.
  • If you are in final stages of processing it seems to take four to five days before you get your direct deposit date.  I had that message on a Monday, and got my direct deposit date on a Friday.
  • It's so hard to follow what NY is doing this year with returns.  It appears that I skipped the 4 to 6 week message and went from the 60 day message to the 2 to 4 week message.
  • I've been stuck at the 60 day message since 2/4. I checked just now and it gave me the "final stages of processing' message. I'm so relieved and glad that the other message is finally gone.
  • I guess the NY State is catching up on processing the returns that had the 60 day message since 2/4.  I was stuck with the 60 day message since 2/4 and today it finally changed to the 2 to 4 week message.
  • mine also changed to processing this morning..pray pray pray....for a DD..everyone..
  • Great to hear that your message changed to processing.  Hopefully everyone that got a change today will have a DD date as the next change and very soon.  It's so hard to keep track of what NY is doing this year.  
    tatoo1900 - Did you have the 60 day message since 2/4 also?
  • yep i did..right from the get go..
  • Hopefully it doesn't take 2 weeks to get to the next message - a DD date.
  • Finally, after 2 weeks of having the 60 day message my status was just updated to the final stages. I dont know whats going on with NY state. But I really dont hope that I dont have to wait another month just to get my money!
  • Day 16 still @ 60 day review!
  • Final stage of processing at last! Lets see how long it remains there.
  • I am still at the 60 day review since 2/4.  Wish someone would let me know something
  • Elocin - since people are posting on this site about getting DD dates in the passed hour or two, myabe you should check again to see if your message changed.
  • Me and my sister did same day and I've been stuck on 2 to 4 week message for like10 days she got her state today, still no update for me :/
  • @andrew72900 did she get a dd date or just the money hit the account? I've had the same message for 9 days too.
  • I'm still stuck on the 60 day message State accepted 2/5. Fedreal accepted 2/14 already got a DD date. Did my brothers taxes on 2/19 he's already in the final stages of Processing>
  • Did anyone that had a DD date of Feb 21  from NY got the funds ?;
  • @labbatty she had got the dd about a week ago and got the money the day before the dd, I just got a thing saying I was getting a debit card mailed to me on the 28th I thought it was gonna go to my emerald card from hr block I dunno
No one said it was a crime to call the IRS, but to repeatedly call, when there has only been 11 days since the 30th to process, is a bit much to expect from anyone, especially the Govt. 

All I said was each time you call, they note your acct that you called.  Statistics show that most of their frauders, are early filers. I certainly am not a frauder, but I sure aint giving them a reason to be curious and start reviewing me for anything.    

Most of what people are getting back isnt even money they paid in, its credits.  So be patient, it will come. 
  • oops I spoke to soon, Mine just went from 4 to 6 weeks , to final stages excpect 2 to 4 weeks!  Guess I had to get mad! I do not care how long it takes, just was audited last year and it was a pain in the butt!  I do not have time for games!  Good luck you all!
  • FYI mine update this moring to final stages and 2 weeks!
  • luck you, i still have the 60 day message, lol!
  • I filed mine on 1/31 at first it said the 4-6 week message but now for the past 5 days it says the 60 day message! I
  • @sarag,bowman, join the club!  these messages are so annoying but i have faith because i see some other people have the 60 days message and they are not in final stages of processing.  Hopefully by the end of this week or next week we will also be in final stages.
  • I also see that some people statuses are changing at different times of the day so all we can do is keep checking :-)
  • @selena0219 I thought I was going to get audit. When I call the lady said everyone is getting that message. I was told from a friend when you are getting a refund over a certain amount it takes longer.
  • I contacted tt and they said that we r getting these messages because the federal refund has not been received yet, it puts a hold on the state refund as well .
  • @sarah.bowman, my refund isn't that big, $1900 so it shouldn't take that long to process.  @missmissy1028, that is not true because i received my federal refund last friday.  Also, there are some people making comments that their federal is still pending and they received a DD date for the state.  TT is not the right people to call about this.
  • Huh? I got my federal direct deposit Feb 2 within 1week after I filed.
  • Well I'm only speaking on it for the people who's return has not been accepted yet due to the educational form
  • I received my federal deposit last Friday DD. I dont know why the state is driving people crazy. They need to get it together!
  • selena0219 - I have the same thing.  That 60 day message just won't go away.
  • @taxhater16 i have faith that our message will change by next week..............hopefully lol!
  • Missmissy, My federal return has been pending since January 25th.  I had to refile my state return on the 7th due to some processing error.  Yesterday my status changed to the final processing stage.
  • How do u see a final processing stage?! How do I get whatever u guys are looking at?!
  • Go here: http://www.tax.ny.gov/pit/file/refund.htm click on refund status follow the prompts . It will have a box that will tell you the status of your return
  • If New York refund go to the new York refund status page.
  • No I am talking about my federal not state?!
  • Thanks though!!
  • Well they need to get it together, with all these changes they are doing having everyone worry/stressing.  But I'm glad u see change @ arhodes13 ..
  • @ homes9000 http://www.irs.gov/Refunds/Where's-My-Refund-It's-Quick,-Easy,-and-Secure. Is where u can look for ur federal
  • Homes9000 go to: https://sa1.www4.irs.gov/irfof/lang/en/irfofgetstatus.jsp enter your info and u will get your Fed refund status
  • That don't tell me anything but thanks anyways!!
  • Oh well that sucks Homes9000. Thats where everyone else is getting their updates from. Does it say there is no info for this return or something like that? I know the system will lock u out for a day if u check the status too many times in one day.
  • google wheres my refund, and then click the link. you will need you ss# filing status and amount you are getting back  to view it!
  • But if he filed and he has a educational form or something like that, that has delayed ur federal u will not see any status yet cause they aren't accepting those returns until feb 14th
  • But ur right @ Miz Dre ... That can be the case too
  • not unless he filed early and they accepted his return.. If WMR doesn't find you it means the IRS has not acknowledged that they received  your return.  yes tt, irs, and ny need to get their stuff together.  It stinks that some people efiled on the same day but got accepted while others were left pending.  Such a strange system.  TT made a processing error on my NY return and it took forever to be able to refile.  It kept trying to recharge me.
  • Smh.. Yea, they need to get it together their stuff its all messed up!..
  • I'm female filed the 17th and irs said they got it the 29th nothing yet I do have 8863 form
  • homes9000, I'm sorry.  I should have used you and your pronouns.  When you spoke to the IRS did they tell you if they accepted it, or did they have it in some type of holding queue?
  • Accepted!! Processing, the guy was awesome said I should have a return this week if not this week next week for sure?! So I don't know?!
  • That's awesome.  I'm glad it seems they are processing returns rather quickly.  I don't think they will get to mine until Thursday, since TT has me pending since 1/25. At least there is an end in sight
  • does anyone know if the time frame is 2 weeks- 4weeks from date of exceptance or the date they put the sentence on the website?
  • does anyone who got excepted for state get a date i just have a final stages of processing 2-4 week message...does the 2-4 weeks start the day of exceptance?
  • I have form 8863, and Ny has me in final stages of processing, however I did my efile on 1-26-13 and was accepted bcuz it was b4 the announcement on the 28th, however it is still processing stage waiting on the 14th to finish!
  • Everyone in final stages should try calling Albany hotline.. That was updated with date for me and online hadnt changed yet
  • Far as federal... Who knows.. The irs don't even know their head from ass... Lol
  • @taxhater16 - anything change for you?  I still have that dreadful 60 day message, lol!  I spoke to one of my colleagues who does taxes for H&R block and she said that NYS has no money so they are being extra careful with reviewing the refunds this year.  She also said that they are trying to process the returns that have to pay before they process the refunded ones, which kind of makes since if they are low on funds.  She said the ones they process now if it is a refund is probably a small amount.
  • I have a fairly large ny refund and received 2/20 date. Know of few people like myself. That seems untrue
  • ny hasn't updated for me since Monday.  I am still on final stages of processing.
  • My 5th day on that one is when updated to DD date
  • Monday mine went to final stage hasn't changed.
  • Still in final stage since Monday anyone else changed yet?
  • Mines changed yesterday to dd 2/21.
I e-filed on 1/31 and my federal was accepted about an hour after I e-filed. My retturn still shows pending with TT.  This morning I checked the NY State refund website and my return was received and it needs further review.  My message was that it could take up to 60 days and if I receive correspondence from them to respond right away.

I've never had this before.  What is going on?  Is it a way to delay our refunds?  Nothing has changed for me.  My dependents are the same.  Has anyone called?
  • does anyone who got excepted for state get a date i just have a final stages of processing 2-4 week message...does the 2-4 weeks start the day of exceptance?
  • DD of 20th
  • Has your 2 to 4 week message update to a DD date?
DD of 20th
  • 20th for state or federal?!
  • State
  • state
  • I have form 8863 filed and accepted Jan 26th, Just went to still processing will give dd date when available??? What Anybody have this and get a date? How long does it stay on this one?  Nerve racking lol!
I received the same massage, that it could take up to 60 days, I don't understand this and when you call them, they give you the same response they say they don't see any massage or any reason of why is in review, this is driving me crazy..
  • When I called I  got a woman who read the message to me like she was telling a story to a 4 year old.  That was all she did and said.
I still have the 60 day message - is it just me?? I filed 1/28 and ever since the 2/4 I've had the same 60 day message. I am starting to wonder what is wrong. My forms are perfectly straightforward, nothing unusual and I got my fed refund on 2/6. Anyone else still waiting for the 60 day message to change?
  • What is it state, Im confused, what state?
  • New York - this entire thread should be about NY
  • Finally for a conclusion to my New York State refund, I went on this morning and it said "Your return has been processed. A direct deposit of your refund is scheduled to be issued on (FEBRUARY 22, 2013). If your refund is not credited to your account within 15 days of this date, check with your bank to find out if it has been received.".   so finally I am getting the money. Hope this helps!
  • @brandileelabelle.. When was your return accepted?
  • Mine has been at 60 day message since about 2/5/2013
  • @brandileelabelle.. When was your return accepted?
  • @963517 mine has been at 60 day message since about 2/5/2013 and I have no clue what is going on. I also got my federal refund on 2/6/2013.
  • Mine has also been sitting at the 60 day review message since 2/5.  With my federal finally being accepted on the 14th.  I have not received any correspondance.
  • Still @ 60 day review message as of this morning. Officially two weeks! I'm just ready to stop checking! It's frustrating.
  • I just checked and I still have the 60 day message also.  Officially two weeks from my TurboTax acceptance email, but they had me in their refund system on 2/4 with the 60 day message.
  • Same here.
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