We are sorry Where's My Refund is currently unavailable. Anyone else getting this? I think the system is doing its Sunday night update.

    I think we all are getting that message. I read somewhere there the shut it down from Midnight to 3 am Monday morning  for updates. I will try to find link.

    Here Is link and screenshot of IRS page
    . http://www.irs.gov/Individuals/When-is-Where's-My-Refund-Available%3F
    • hopefully we wake up to a date
    • Yes hope so too
    • Yeah I got the same message online and on the phone app I got a little scared because it say based on the information given it can't tell me the same status as before and for me to call an ext. but I checked  on sat and got an dd of 2/6. I was checking the status for my cousin and I then checked mines and received the same message.
    • I got the same msg and I usually don't get that msg
    • Well at least I am not the only one getting it. I hope we all get a direct deposit date tomorrow. It is really sad that a lot of people including myself have to rely on this money. I will be up for a while tonight if I see any change on the WMR page I will post it.
    • Well I have a DD date I'm just waiting on them to put it in the account I NEED this money for diapers and stuff
    • Same here, it's updating and will be down another hour or so. Filed and accepted late 1/30 praying for a date tonight. =(
    • It's back up... Have both my Cousin and I dd 2/6
    • Mine still isnt up.
    • Mine still says processing :(  when were you accepted Crystal?
    • Mine still isn't up and I was accepted on 1/30
    • i was in processing and now when i check it says you enter the wrong infomation what is that about
    • Me too
    • WMR might still be updating if your getting that.
    • I check for my friend who was in processinb yesterday. Havent been able to get through due to bring unavailable today and now keeps saying I entered it wrong....smh
    • Mine keeps telling me I may have entered my information incorrectly, where as earlier is was saying refund processing. Hmmm....I filed on the 28th and was accepted on the 29th.
    • Yea mine says wrong information :(
    • I am getting same message now.  Maybe update is still working.
    • WMR has told me "wrong information" since it opened on 1/30 :I.. I've been just going by my fiance's DD date, since we both filed within an hour of eachother with most of the same deductions. Filed on 1/20.. accepted 1/26.. DD of 2/6
    • I checked earlier and no info. on irs2go now it went back to pending ... Does this mean I need to wait till tomorrow night to check again?
    • @luhrhen, Did you do return with TT?  If so, does that still say pending, have you received any emails?
      @ Holly, I would check maybe once in the morning and if it is still the same check tuesday, early am.
    • Thank you Angel!
    • @angel, yes.. I did both returns on TT within an hour of eachother, can only get information for one since WMR opened on 1/30.. received all emails from TT stating that my fed was accepted by the IRS.. just cant check the website for my return, keeps saying I'm entering in something wrong, but I know it's correct.. ordered the transcripts because I saw that "trick" on a couple of threads, was able to order it.. so, I'm crossing my fingers that my return will just follow my fiances.. with the DD of 2/6
    • and no, they say that they were accepted not pending on the TT website when you sign in.
    • I hope you get the return :)  Have you tried calling the WMR number, some have had luck that way when website would not work.
    • me too lol! good luck to you on your return. I've been checking everyday, and keeping up with these threads.. for awhile there was no info for either of them using WMR.. just the standard 21 days.. he just got his DD date on Friday.. I was going in panic mode for awhile there.. & yes, I've tried calling the WMR number.. says the same thing.. cannot give me any information based on the information that I provided.. so frustrating when he has all his dates, I'm going to be so bummed if mine doesnt come the same day.
    • Lol, would you go figure.. I decided to check the WMR website just now.. and put in the amount that I was supposed to get back with just one w2, and the WMR site actually worked for the first time for me since it opened. Think something got screwed up with TT and they filed the wrong return on my behalf.. for the wrong refund amount. Well, atleast I now know I have a concrete DD of 2/6!
    • That  is awesome!!! Glad to hear you got DD :)
    • thanks! :) everyone hang in there, you'll have DD soon!
    The system must be updating! Im getting same thing..

    I think after getting information it is unfair to tell about system unavailability, it should tell right away before entering information (SSN, Filling status and refund amount).

      Yep, I'm getting it too.
      Im getting that message now at 11:46am in NY. Its strange, I was able to check this morning (still same 21 day message) I guess they are updating this morning.....I have no idea why they cant get this site to ever work properly.
      • I think I've already locked myself out today haha
      • I think so too. Does it tell you that it cannot find info?  That is all I am getting.
      • Yea same here Angel
      • Ok well the guy told me Im still processing no further updates
      • Its letting me check again....now back to the 21 day message.

      That link has nothing to do with the time now. Why would it be down?


        ok it's Saturday evening.. 10:08 pm.. so what's the story now ? Why is the site unavailable now ?

          I wouldn't say that it was updating
          .....the date of last viewing and updating was 1/30/2013. Today is 2/4 @ 3:30am
          • It doesn't say it is updating. It said it was unavailable for 3 hours tonight.
          • This is on IRS WMR site: says every 24 hours ...............

            Use this tool to check on the status of your refund. It provides the most up-to-date information the IRS has. There’s no need to call us unless Where’s My Refund? tells you to do so. Where’s My Refund? is updated every 24 hours – usually overnight -- so you only need to check once a day.
          • Excuse me mam....I myself did not say that the page itself was updating....if you read the previous posts then u would have seen that I was replying to the prior posts. I can read, I know what I read on the page. Thank you and happy taxes
          • it's amazing how many people are in LIMBO...no answers at ALL...when i called the irs a few days ago they told me what i already knew but couldn't answer ANY of my questions..
          I have been getting the same message all weekend.
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