Bluebird (american express)

Does anyone use bluebird for the direct deposit of their refunds....Just curious if anyone has received theirs yet. I  see turbo tax took their fees and sent it on to bluebird 2/1/13 but my refund date isnt til the 4th so just curuious if anyone has theirs yet..
  • Did you get your refund?
  • Bluebird rejects federal refunds. My daughter was dd on 2/6 and they rejected it. Now she has to wait for paper check. I called bluebird and they said its their policy NOT to accept federal deposits.
  • How did you know they rejected it? We set ours up for the bluebird too, unfortunately. My son had a dd date for 2/6 also but on WMR site it still says it was sent, mine I have to wait because I am in college and claiming the education credit. But I also used Bluebird, so guess I'll be waiting even longer. thanks for any info.
  • Because bluebird notified me they rejected it. It got sent back and now have to wait for IRS to issue paper check. Bluebird said its in their policy to not accept federal refunds of any kind. I looked at the deposit money feature on our bluebird and it does say that they do NOT except federal money. Sorry :-(
  • They do not except government payments.
  • Did you ever recieve your check...I am in this Bluebird debacle and looking for more information on about how long it takes.
  • Hi Chris, Don't know if you were asking me or not, but I'm among the many who is waiting for what seems like ever for my return because of the education credits and Blue Bird. From the date it is sent to Blue Bird as a Direct Deposit it takes 3-4 weeks until the check is mailed. I am still waiting..... Good Luck.
  • You as well! I was 8863 with dd of 2/27 ... so I have began the waiting.
  • Plus...I did a search and some lady said it only took a week...I've seen it happen quickly worries me that bluebird holds on to your money...horrible heathens.
  • Hey me too!!!! I was a 8863 with a dd for 2/27 also. My sons (though he wasnt 8863 just BB) took 2 and half weeks to get to him after rejection from BlueBird. I hope we get it soon, if your like me you need it yesterday. Good Luck to you. If I get mine Ill post.
  • I also claimed education credits. However my refund was accepted on the 24th of January. But, nothing processed until around the 18th of February. And I also tried to have my direct deposit on my Bluebird card (ugggg). Anyway. I just called the IRS and explained to her what happened and she said it will take 3 weeks from the day my refund was supposed to be direct deposited to my card (which happened to be on the 27th of Feb). She also said that I would need to give a little wiggle room there too for the USPS mail for it to get to me...If you have the same problems (ie: using bluebird for your refund, or accidentally using the wrong account number and your deposit was rejected therefore meaning you have to have a paper check mailed to you) LET US KNOW what is going on, if and when you get it and how long it took. Im so frustrated, but am all too aware there is nothing that I can do to speed this process up...Sitting and waiting is the hardest part...
  • I also had education credits which is why my refund wasn't processed until the 18th...
  • I will keep you all abreast. This is truly a trying situation. I was going to use this to get an apt and I am IOUing all my friends to crash at their house. Gargh.
  • YIKES! Yes, Im using this money to move cross country...and it's always something with the IRS. I would appreciate it if you could let us know, that is keep us updated. I will do the same...
  • DOES ANYONE KNOW....if you can have your tax refund check forwarded by the usps? It's going to my old address, and I have already put in a change of address...a while ago.
  • yea I had one forwarded a few years ago but don't know.if usps changed that since
  • Just an update... We called the IRS today and because we attempted to have the code placed to reroute our refund from the direct deposit to mailing a check, (which someone didn't obviously do) the lady we spoke with said ours is scheduled for mailing on the 12th of this month. Yay!!! Some good news.
  • That is awesome! Congrats! Hopefully its the same for us all, perhaps I'll call tomorrow. This means by next Friday 2/27ers should have our checks. Did you have to tell them something when you called? Or it was automatic?
  • Thanks, I hope everyone caught up in this educational credit delay gets theirs soon. I would call if I were you, I had to speak with someone, but I also have a little trick to get to someone specific in this area. I will share it...:) Ok so you call 18008291040, then press one for English, after that the next prompt you press 2 for income taxes then the next prompt you press 1, next prompt you press 4 then last prompt you press 1. At this time you will be directed to an operator who can direct your call to the specific dept. You want to say to this person, I need to speak to someone about a direct deposit rejection. Bingo, you go to the right person and not just someone who is going to rush you off the phone. Good Luck,
  • I called and did those instructions and I think that I may have gotten transferred to the same thing as ext 362. Anyway, the $&#&$ I talked to asked my info and then had me hold for about 10 mins ... then said what year is this for ... then proceeded to tell me that the money hadn't been returned and she didn't know what to tell me ...(highly doubtful you'd keep a rejected direct deposit for over a week.)  But she was gonna put a trace on it and to wait 6 weeks. What the blazing  #&%@.
  • my ga state refund was dd on my bluebird account
  • Response to ChristopherDena,
    Wow, I'm sorry that you got a incompetent one. I will continue to hope for yours to be speedy as well. You can call Bluebird and ask them the date the rejected deposit was sent back to the IRS, we did that also. Then from the date they say they returned it you give the IRS 3-5 days to acknowledge the receipt of the returned deposit. Then call them back.....Eventually you have to get a good one. Hang in there. I know it is frustrating...
  • I just called bb and she was great and said it was rejected and returned on 2/27. Which means it is either really lost oooooor I spoke with another dunce at the IRS. I honestly don't know why they even pay to man that joint.
  • Daily update from me, I called back again today and was told by a very helpful person who was familiar with the bluebird issue and said I had no mailing date and to check back next week. BUT that the deposit is sent back the same day as confirmed with bluebird and that it is not lost as the woman yesterday suggested ... furthermore she said the lady yesterday wasted my time because she put out a trace on the money which she said generally DOES take 6 weeks. She said it shouldn't interfere with my mailing, I hope not. It does concern me that other people with BB from 2/27 at least have a mailing date.
  • Has anyone recieved theirs yet from Bluebird?
  • I did the same thing, I got a email about my federal taxes declined on Bluebird around 2/27, its 3/9 and I am still waiting. I did talk to a IRS personnel and was told it would take bluebird 3-4 weeks to issue it back to IRS and 3-4 more weeks to isse a paper check. So Im still waiting. Im really scared that my money is lost and I wont see it at all. =( really was going to use that extra money for Spring Break but I guess not.
  • They do not hold on to your money at all, its returned the same day. This has been confirmed with many I spoke with. Think about it, how would it make sense to keep a deposit you turned away because you can't accept it lol. Call back, I will bet they can give you a mail date soon.
  • I went on wmr and my status changed to processing so I called them up and apparently its scheduled to be mailed on the 15th. More waiting... I wonder if that's a solid date or if they ever go out earlier. Anyway it looks like next Tuesday is logical for me.  Anyone get lucky yet?
  • Hi Again, I'm still waiting mine was supposed to be mailed the 12th, so hoping it comes tomorrow. Good Luck.
  • Usually the mail takes about 3 days ... so hopefully you get it today! Let me know :-)
  • WE GOT IT!!!!!!!! YAY!!!! WOOHOOOO!!!!! Ill Be hoping yours comes Tuesday.
  • CONGRATS! I am very happy for you :-) I know what that terrible wait feels like lol
if you have bluebird and fees were taken out for TurboTax then you still receive your money on time! I did! BUT if you did not have fees taken out then it will get denied due to it coming straight from theIRS
    Read the Agreement w/Bluebird it states "NO IRS Refunds"
    • can someone tell me what is Bluebird?
    • American Express checking account that is not FDIC insured, hence why we all are stressing out because they do not accept Federal deposits.
    • It doesn't say, NO IRS REFUNDS...It states no direct deposits from the government. I had high hopes they were just meaning SS, Disability, yadda yadda...
    NO they simply suck I stay on the phone to talk to customer service for a hour and I had direct deposit on my card I made one purchase on it they blocked my card saying I needed to prove who I was. stayed on hold for over 3 hour never resolved canceled card. Netspend is much better!!
    • I am confused because their fine print says they will accept direct deposits if its from another U.S. Bank, which is where my refund was sent too because I had my fees taken out. So right now I am just praying that it goes through. SBBT said that they haven't heard of any being returned yet. I understand they won't allow it from the Federal Government, but when their fine print says they will accept it from another U.S. Bank then they should have to accept it, regardless if its my refund or not. Because they simply say they won't accept deposits from the Government....why I don't understand. But I do agree next time I will read the extreme fine print. Just have always had my paycheck deposited so never worried about it. Until I stumbled upon this.
    • zr700...did you get your refund since it was sent from SBBT? I'm sitting here trying to figure out if anyone actually got a DD to their bluebird card if they went through SBBT, and if not has anyone got their paycheck yet?
    • Yes it was deposited from the bank that SBBT uses into my account/card.
    • @zr700 Was it deposited on your blue bird on your expected dd? Or did you have extra waiting time?
    • I got it on the correct date from the bank that SBBT uses, about a half hour after I called Bluebird Customer Service and they told me it definitely would not deposit .
    • Mine was also deposited to my account because I took my fees out and it was sent from SBBT not the IRS, and also my State was DD to my American Express :)
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