My taxes are in review with the IRS but Tt said it was excepted. Does this mean a audit?

Last year I filed head of household and this year single would that throw up a red flag
  • Did anyone Recieve partial payment if so how long did it take
  • no i did not listen everybody if you owe any money to the irs,school ,child support, and so on i have been on the phone with everybody today either they too too lazy to look and keep saying its on its way its up for review or that bull you should see it in 21 days no do date or nothing just 21 days so if you been to school and got loans and owe more then 2000 dollars and getting less then that back you wont see anything this year and if its in collection you got to pay 1200 dollars more and that could mean you will get some or none so if you are married and you and your spouse filed together the ell you your spouse might get theres either  so everybody need to check on it if you filed on or before 1/30 1/31 2/1  and have not got your money back yet cause they not gone tell you ,you got to dig and dig to get the answer you need to fix the problem you can call 1-800-304-3107 this is the offset line to fine out if you owe anything just do what it ask you and if you owe any money it will tell you who you owe and give you the number you need to now how much you owe to them and they will let you how much they are taking out if any and this # you can talk to a rep to find out why you have not got your refund 1-800-829-1040 so yall really need to check
  • yes i only received partial payment. and received a letter that I was being audited. I had to prove filing status, EIC, and dependents.
  • So how long before you get the rest
  • I didn't even receive partial. So howlong does the review take before we get our money.  is
  • im still waiting. i filed feb 7 and received letter on march 11. i faxed all documents on march 29 and i still have not heard anything. when i called it said if you have faxed or mailed such documents please wait another 5to 10 days for them to get reviewed.  so who knows?! the kicker is my state is under review now.
  • I also am in the same boat beckyjohnson. Last year I filed head of household, claimed my child. This year, after splitting up with ex and my ex has custody of my child and claims him.. i filed single. I am sure it is just them having to recheck the information. I called IRS today saying i got cp05 letter. The rep told that they were told that each person has to wait the 45 days. So since i got letter dated march 18, I HAVE to wait the 45 days. Refund will not come before. And even then, he says that if we do not get refund that I need to call up again and they will then contact another dept. And that dept.. who knows how long they will take.
Do you mean TT indicates they were "ACCEPTED".  This means your return has been sucessfully sent to the IRS and they have received it.  Now the IRS needs time to review your return.  This by no means indicates any type of audit.  All returns need to be reviewed/processed.
  • thank you
  • so does everybodys say being reviewed on wheres my refund?
  • now its saying we cannot provide any information about your refund and to wait 24 hours after acknowledgement that it was recieved and earlier it was we have recieved your tax returnand its being reviewed that i will recieve information within 30 days. now im really confused
  • mine says the same thing
  • mine says the same thing but I received an email yesterday from tt saying my refund was on the way. Has anyone else with under review and irs has 30 days to send letter requesting more information, received email from TT saying DD will be in next 1-2 business days?
  • I only got part of my refund
  • Did you not get the eic?
  • No and I don't know if its because I messed up and filed single instead of hoh like last yr. I'm waiting for the letter I guess to see what I did wrong
  • Mine said it was accepted on.24 and still saying its being prosseced then yesterday i received a letter from irs saying my refund was under a random review and it could take up to 60 days !!?? Has anyone else received this and does it really take that long??
  • Same thing happened to me last year, they sent me a partial payment, then had to go thru process, with the advocate office. They wanted me to prove my daughter and grandaughters lived with me, copy of lease,birth cert, and ssn cards.  I don't think they are random because they mine was excepted on Jan 24th and now mine is under review again this year
  • Well they didnt ask for any information but i just got custody of my two boys this yr so this is first year i have ever claimedboth of them i am assuming thats y they r reviewing it. Does the review usually take long?
  • there should be a code # in the top right hand corner of the letter. you can call irs and they should tell you what they are reviewing.
  • Mine says the samething about being reviewed and about the letter and 30 days its said that since monday and before that it said it was processing.I have not recieved any letter yet or and refund anxiously awaiting something,but this makes me feel better that im not alone out there.
  • That is what mine was saying it confuses  me
  • I ended up receiving 900 of it but nowhere near what I am suppose to get and it is still saying the same thing under review
  • I received the same letter on the 1 but I dont know what to do either..
  • I got the same letter... WTH.
  • how long was it after you recieved the message did you receive partial payment
  • I calll the ir and was told that I was being reviewed for the earn income tax credit why I don't know I do qualify for it I wonder Will I get my money soon
  • Mine is the exact same as you I filed on the 24th to and got the same letter. I called the irs today and They said that a hand full of ppl are picked for a review each year its BS im still waiting like you. I still have no dd
  • I got same thing n have no idea why
  • I was accepted on 2-7 WMR says processing I got letter about random review could take up to 90 days no action needed on my behalf
  • i sent in all the information they request so now i,m just waiting i dont understand ,
  • ya its bullshit. I filed 2/1 Haven even got a letter. I just keep gettin disconnected. Im thinkin about gettin a tax advocate
  • thats when i file got a letter tuesday requesting information i dontt know what they are doing this year ,but what i do know is  that there giving refunds out to ones who has not work for it and people like us that have work all year have to wait to be review it dont make know sense to me ...
  • My taxs are under review also. The irs site says your taxs are still being processed and you will be notified when a refund date is available. Nothing has changed so this is very frustrating.  The irs is just holding taxpayers money when it is rightfully our money!
  • Same here iam like really :(
  • same predicament here too, tt said it was accepted 2-18, and now on 3-2 i get a letter dated 2-26 that my refund is under review, i mean if there was a mistake or anything don't send a message stating it was already accepted, send one one stating why it's under review D:
  • Iam updating my status filed on 2-1-2013 irs was reviewing my taxes now yesterday 3-2-2013 I have a deposit date of 3-6-2013 Thank you Lord good luck everyone
  • Mcnearjoline How long were your taxs in review?
  • One month in 2 days
  • @harrisa545 I really dont no if a review is an audit
  • no, a review is not an audit. Every form gets reviewed. If you find it was "accepted" that means they have it, now they need to work with it. If you find there is an "exception" that means they have some sort of question.  Like one year, I had not changed my last name and they wanted my new last name, not the one I had used for many years, so it was"accepted" but they sent a letter and I had to submit stuff for my name.  We use a computer form to fill in taxes, but they still have their own process for reviewing and that takes time. Sometimes it is fast (less than a week) and other times it may take months.
  • Same thing happen to me first said is under review and receive a letter telling wait 60 days for more information and now I check WMR and said processing, please help I need answers :'(
  • ok what bardoin dont realize is yes a review is an audit. it may not be a full blown but they are gonna want more info that means for whatever reason something flagged your return to be looked at. when it says accepted that just shows that it is in the system when it says review they have pulled it for further look over. and if yours went from review to processing there is a good chance that whatever they wanted to verify they were able to do on there own. you might be one of the lucky ones that dont have to wait forever!
  • So I'm n the same boat the irs sent me a letter but say I don't need to do anything at this time cp05 letter but emergency says still processing a date will be given when available what do this mean?
  • I mean WMR
  • koliver1181 then so far you are pretty that means whatever it is they can verify it on there own. as soon as they figure it out you will get your return.
  • @southtownsales someone told me it takes 1 year for them to get done but my letter say 45 days from the date on the letter n thats april 1, 2013 but i got the letter on the 16st of march do i call or wait it out? I'm glad I talk to u, u was a big help .
  • You know how long need to wait if My tax show processing? I am so sad because really need my refund.  You think I better call Irs and ask for a transcript.
  • I just ask for a refund transcript they said will send it 5 to 10 days, and check my status and said still processing a refund date will be available soon, can somebody tell me if this is good. Please help to understand. I was under review too, receive a letter and now is processing. Please help need to know what can expect
  • Mines say the same thg. Have u gotta yours yet
  • Never hurts to call again @koliver1181. I wouldn't trust the websites, my status still says being processed and I have had my refund for over 2 months now.
  • almost 90day, and the irs never once asked me for anything, I sent it in myself to the tax advocate after she said she would tell them to release it.
  • Not the case.  I was on unemployment and I'm getting 2000 and still have yet to receive after filing on 2/1.  Idk what they are doing it's getting ridiculous! !
It does not - the IRS doesn't audit returns until 1 - 2 years after filed.
  • no it has a great big exclamation mark and says we will hear in thirty days
  • bwa please dont put responses on here when you dont know. even mine got pulled this year
What does WMR exactly say? Does it say they are still being processed, or does it say they are being further reviewed.
  • Under further review but I recieved part of my refund yesterday
  • It says I'm under review and I may or may not recieve my refund and I will be getting a letter within 30 days but yesterday I got back 900 dollars
  • How much were you supposed to get if you don't mind me asking,i was just curious as to how much the irs kept from your refund.I'm sorry in advance if i offended you by asking about the refund amount,i was just curious if the kept alot of it or a small amount.
  • They kept ALOT!!!! A couple thousand
  • WOW,did u ever get the letter in the mail saying what was going on,Ive been waiting a week for this letter to come so i can try to figure out whats going on and still nothing.Its also real nice how on WMR it says dont call till after you get the letter because theres nothing they can do till u get it.Its got to be becasue of the new system they are using
  • Well mine actually still says.processing on the irs site but i got a letter???
  • Yes.... I finally have a dd, 02-13.
  • Were you guys that were in "REVIEW" ever able to order a transcript?
  • I haven't recieved a letter yet either
  • Yes I order one last year for school.
  • Awhitfield69 was yours in review before getting a dd date and when was your taxes accepted.
  • My taxes still say they are being reviewed and i was able to order the transcript today
  • Spookenfor where's my refund said your taxes were in review before ordering your transcript? Or does it say it's being processed
  • in review before ordering its said that off and on since monday,it either says under further review and i will receive a letter requesting more info and if it doen't say that it acts like i never even filed say i entered the wrong info maybe or am checking too soon and need to wait 24 hours after my return was accepted(accepted on jan 28)
  • No spookenfor, my taxes wasn't under review. I filed on 01/29 and accepted on 01/30. Mines just kept saying processed
  • how do you order a transcript ? Mine has been under review since Jan 30th said I would be getting a letter, but nothing yet
  • Beckyjohnson how long was it after you filed did u get the under review message. My refund as of now is still processing but last year I was under review and we did not get our refund till late may
  • wow u didn't get your refund until may thats bad,why was it under review so long.Dig they ask you for a bunch of stuff to send in and did you get your full refund when you finally did get it
  • mine was under review last year i had to prove where i lived and my 24 year old daughter and her 2 daughters lived with me. Had to fax copy of my lease,birth cert, copy of ss cards, power bills anything to prove where i lived. I went thru tax advocates office but still took 45 to 60 days. they said it was just random, but 2 years in a row I dought it's random
  • Yes it was bad. The crazy thing is we didnt end up sending in any additional info. They were checking our income earned and reported. I accidentally reverse my filing. 2010 my social was first then last yr my husband was first then he had a case on indentity theft. The only good thing that came from it tho is that we did get our full refund.
  • Wow ephill987 this is your second yr under review. Im getting alittle worried now. Did u get ur fund refund after the 45 too 60 days
  • I received a 1/3 up front then I received the rest when we finally got it daughter doesn't work, she stays home with her kids, she's 24, 2 dead beat dads so I claim my daughter and grandkids, so i have to prove i'm there sole provider and they live with me, since she doesn't work she would not get a refund- no income = no refund. I claim hoh with grandaughters as dependents and i receive the EIC & child tax credit.
  • Im sorry you have to go thru the review process again. I kno its got to be a pain. Me and beyer_a wanted to kno when youfound out you were under review. Did ur status go from allow 21 days to process with the bars showing to your refund is still being process. A dd will be provided when available because that is my current status of this morning
  • One day it said it was excepted and the next day a tax alert message came saying it was under review and I would be getting a letter
  • Wmr never informed me I was under review or no email I didn't find out until today when I spoke to a live agent who informed me a letter was sent out for further review
  • i got the letter in the mail saying i was under review and i called and talked to rep and he said that mine was accepted but still no dd yet
  • Mines to and its been saying that for a week now I call and they said I was being reviewed to see if I qualify for the earn income tax credit I work all year long and I qualify for that I guess they just want to make sure...
    I don't understand
Mines said under review for more information will I get part of my refund mines was 7k
  • no i did not listen everybody if you owe any money to the irs,school ,child support, and so on i have been on the phone with everybody today either they too too lazy to look and keep saying its on its way its up for review or that bull you should see it in 21 days no do date or nothing just 21 days so if you been to school and got loans and owe more then 2000 dollars and getting less then that back you wont see anything this year and if its in collection you got to pay 1200 dollars more and that could mean you will get some or none so if you are married and you and your spouse filed together the ell you your spouse might get theres either  so everybody need to check on it if you filed on or before 1/30 1/31 2/1  and have not got your money back yet cause they not gone tell you ,you got to dig and dig to get the answer you need to fix the problem you can call 1-800-304-3107 this is the offset line to fine out if you owe anything just do what it ask you and if you owe any money it will tell you who you owe and give you the number you need to now how much you owe to them and they will let you how much they are taking out if any and this # you can talk to a rep to find out why you have not got your refund 1-800-829-1040 so yall really need to check
  • i,m under review to and i call the irs friday she said i wasnt been auidit that they were just reviewing me to see if i quailfy for the earn income credit if you did nothing wrong dont worry about it just put it in gods hands he has the last say so i will be praying for you as well as my self that it work out in our favor ...
  • Amen
  • Amen
  • Amen,  cause I just called that number and I don't owe any debt as of today and today makes my 45th day of reviewing,  just put y'all faith in God and know y'all money coming!
Those of you that the IRS is holding your EIC are almost certainly going to be examined. Start gathering your documentation now. You have to show relationship (usually done by birth certificates or adoption papers), residency of  more than six months, you have to verify your address or addresses and the dates you lived at each address during 2012 and then the children claimed address or addresses and the dates they lived at each address during 2012. If you are claiming EIC based on a handicapped individual then you will need proof of the fact that they were permanentaly and totally disabled during 201. When you get all that together make copies and put 2012 tax year and the social security number of whoever is first on the return. It will be the same as the social security number on the letter you receive. Send the copies to the examination branch listed on the letter. Then the wait begins. Thanks to a 3 year hiring freeze and the sequester you are going to be lucky if your documents are reviewed by August. You will get letters saying 30 days or 60 days but don't believe them. Also there is no sense in calling except for one time about 2 weeks after you send in the documents to make sure they received them. After that they are going to sit on a shelf waiting their turn in line. If you are the father but not married to the mother or on the birth certificate you are finished and wasting your time. You are not related to the children for tax purposes.
  • Great news @sherkariaparker how did u find out ir case was closed did u get a lettrr?
  • I will also like to kno how long it took to close
  • no the irs is just giving thousand of folks the run around cuz of their errors, but will lie about the truth to cover themselves to give them more time to try to fix it.  They may say it's in review.  sure, but I hope folks in Congress get their taxes held up too... the ones who send their kids to school and claim the funds.  I hope they feel the mess we are.
  • Has anyone received a full refund after being under review for the EIC? The IRS said we'd have an answer by June 17, 2013 as to whether we'd get the EIC or not, and so far nothing.
  • Has anyone received there refund after case closed in there favor?
  • i too have been waiting since Jan. I received a letter and faxed all paperwork in. I received another letter and said will respond to me back in june, than another saying sorry for delay will respond to me July 11, 2013, but still nothing. But I did check wmr and instead of seeing uregent contact irs, it now says have recieved paperwork and is now being processed
  • I just checked my account and thank you jesus my money is in
  • How long were you in review process?  Did you have to send any documents in?  HELP!!!!
  • The person who answered this is wrong.  Just because you dont marry your childs mother does not mean you cant claim YOUR CHILD  wake up smh
I too filed head of household last year. This year filed single and added another dependent. I received topic 151(under review). IRS stated we should receive a notice by Feb 18 of what info. they need to approve refund.
  • When did you receive notice of review? Were you able to order your transcript
  • i still havent received my letter but wheres my refund has said im supposed to get once since monday and i was able to order
     a transcript this morning
  • My taxes were accepted on January 30th. I have filed my taxes online thru HRBLOCK since i was 18 and im 23 now so its been 3 years. I never have any issues with the IRS. Since the day they were accepted, which was january 30th 2013, The refund status site in IRS GOV has been telling me refund in process. Just today, i wake up to check my status and it says your refund is in review... Not to mention i would check my status like 6 times a day just to see where it was and found out that IRS updates it only once a day usually at night. So my status says "Your refund is in review" with a  topic 151 at the bottom of the page, and it tells me i should expect a letter and i must reply within 30 days. I have contacted HRBLOCK numerous times telling them my situation and they all have said that I should receive my funds within 8-10 days, because IRS has accepted it... They also told me to contact IRS 1800 number to get the most UPDATED info meaning TT and HRBLOCK are notified a little afterwards... I hope that by tomorrow when i check my refund status its fixed on the website, because i really dont understand what this review is all about.
  • i ordered my transcripts and at first it said your refund is being processed a date will be given when available... i ordered my transcript on tge 7th @12am and on last nights update i received this.... We have received your tax return and it is being reviewed. You will receive a notice from us requesting additional information within 30 calendar days. You may not receive all or part of your refund until we receive and review the information we requested. If you need more information after you receive our notice, call the number on the notice.

    Please do not contact us until you have received the notice as we are unable to take any action.....

  • When did u file msxoticpotion41. Im scared im goin to get the same message because I was under rreview last yr and my bars on wmr are gone too
  • I don't think the bars being gone mean anything. At least I hope not
  • i filed 1/31 accepted @2am nd it said your refund is being processed for 2days i ordered my transcript on 2/7 @12am nd last nights update said i was.under review
  • I hope you are right. I just tried calling the refund line. Says its unavailable so I hope they are updating their systems. Msxoticpotion41 sorry to hear you are under review. Hopefully u get all your refund. I have not been able to order transcripts. Do u think i would kno by now if I was under review because I did file on the 31st too
  • I think the U.S. Government is broke and the IRS is going to delay all refunds and throw up a bunch of red tape to do it.
  • @msxoticpotion41 My Return Says The Same Thing As Your Hun Keep Me Updated  WIth What To Do Next Cause I'm Lost Have You Talked To Anyone Yet?
  • To the OP...not to be nosy, but if you added another dependent, why would you switch from HOH to filing single??? That is probably the issue. If you're single with a qualifying dependent, you file HOH.
  • mine was accepted  on 1/31  but wmr still says processing with a topic 152  but called and they said i was approved but got a letter in the mail saying i was under review  can anybody help
  • i got the same thing i need some answers
  • how do i order a transcript
  • no i did not listen everybody if you owe any money to the irs,school ,child support, and so on i have been on the phone with everybody today either they too too lazy to look and keep saying its on its way its up for review or that bull you should see it in 21 days no do date or nothing just 21 days so if you been to school and got loans and owe more then 2000 dollars and getting less then that back you wont see anything this year and if its in collection you got to pay 1200 dollars more and that could mean you will get some or none so if you are married and you and your spouse filed together the ell you your spouse might get theres either  so everybody need to check on it if you filed on or before 1/30 1/31 2/1  and have not got your money back yet cause they not gone tell you ,you got to dig and dig to get the answer you need to fix the problem you can call 1-800-304-3107 this is the offset line to fine out if you owe anything just do what it ask you and if you owe any money it will tell you who you owe and give you the number you need to now how much you owe to them and they will let you how much they are taking out if any and this # you can talk to a rep to find out why you have not got your refund 1-800-829-1040 so yall really need to check
  • go to but that doesnt speed up the process i already got mine ni under review why i dnt know
  • Got ur refund @pserrato
What kind of transcript account or return?
  • Ok I just order account transcript and it was accepted is that good or bad sign? I checked Wheres my refund and it still says processing????????
  • i was able to order both today and wmr still says under review so i dont know if it even means anything
  • Okay thanks. I better calm down cause this is getting me stressed.
  • I received a letter to in the mail statement says my return is being thoroughly reviewed and that if I dont receive my refund in 60days to contact them but they said they don't need anymore info. Will I receive a refund. help please
  • I wanna knw also .I calld my aunt who did my taxs she said ill. B ok irs has a new system n just screening don't worry..hell I don't care I jus don't wanna have to pay them back when I didn't do nthng wrong.=/
  • Did all of you that got reviewed have your bar disappear on where's my refund
  • What bar???because when I go on wmr its saying I'm not in the system now..and on the app =(
  • Maybe you got locked out? You can only check where's my refund 3 times a day
  • Wow didn't knw that shrugz...I just want my aunt said ill gt mine on the 14th this is crazy n scarey..I don't need this crap..but u mean bars as in the orange bars saying received approved and sent?
  • Yes
  • Mines still say i should receive a refund in 21 days turbotax says on or before Feb 20 and I filed and was accepted Jan 30 th but I still received a letter saying im under review
  • Jsmcneil08 i got the same letter and mine also still say i will get mine in 21 days and i cant seem to find any one that can explain
  • I just hope I see a deposit date because its been saying 21 days but no deposit date or on the wmr status bar still say processing
  • Did you send in the documentation from the review
  • My letter said they don't need me to do anything send in no paperwork or nothing they just said if I don't receive my refund in 60 days to call them
  • Did they say why you were reviewed??
  • It's kinda strange the we're all getting the same letter They say that the IRS only audited 1.1 percent of 141 million returns last year.

    That means you would have a better chance of being struck by lightning than being audited...

    The fact that there are this many people already saying they received a letter is beyond crazy.

    I received my letter 5 days after they accepted my return.
  • Audit is different than review. Audits happen 6 months to a year after you file. When they audit you, they are looking at up to the past 7 years. Review is a new fraud prevention
  • Especially when the letter states for you to do nothing and just wait it out it doesn't make sense
  • The letter stated they were looking at my income credits claimed and that there was no other info needed from me
  • I wonder if you're automatically receiving that letter when you order your transcripts? I ordered my transcripts on Feb 7th and still don't have a DD. I guess I'll see what my transcripts says when it arrives!!
  • I didn't order transcripts and still received the letter. I just hope they send me half my refund then nothing at all
  • Right
  • i got the same letter sayin i was under review and to just wait 60 days this makes no sense ive been filing taxes for 6 years and never had a problem no delays or reviews this is weird and its kind of worrying me about my refund i got accepted on 1/25 and still processing i got the letter on 2/1
  • E-filed 1/30, accepted next day, then I get an IRS letter 2/9 about the review and to do nothing but wait.  And people wonder why Americans are crazy lol  ...stupid government wasting their time, money, and labor on simple 1040-EZ returns.  Get real.  This is absurd!
  • My Taxes Are Under Review Also I'm so Glad I'm Not Alone Cant Wait To Call The Irs Tomorrow Morning...They Were Accepted On Jan 31st Now I'm Under Review
  • Why Is Everybody under review?? wth
  • Did WMR give you any message about being under review? I have changed my address since filing, so I'm worried I won't know if I'm under review or not; filed and accepted 1/31 - unable to order return transcript, but a few days ago able to order account transcript. No DD.
  • My status still says processing and I was supposedly accepted on 1/24, no error message on WMR. It can't possibly take this long to get a DD date.
  • y
  • The review letter is a way for the IRS to look further into your taxes and to let you know that because of that you will have a delay in receiving your refund. If you had any changes in the way you filed ie. added a dependent, changed your filing status, claimed a dependent with a different last name, then they are being extra cautious this year with the child tax credit and the EIC. It doesn't necessarily mean that they are going to hold your refund. It simply means that it's going to take a bit longer so that they can do an in dept review. It's actually to protect you. There are people this year already saying that when they've gone to file a duplicate SSN notice popped up. That means someone has filed using their social already. If you claimed children that are not yours and the parent also claimed them then it will throw up a red flag. Last year millions of dollars was paid out in EIC and CTC fraud. That's taxpayer dollars thrown out a window. Our government tries really hard every year to give tax breaks to those of us in a lower income bracket. I'm not going to complain if they want to protect my money. Even if it does take waiting just a bit longer.
  • My status hasn't changed it still say being processed but my 21 days are up on tha 20 th of Feb so hopefully between now n Feb 20 th I will know something
  • I filed on 1/30 got accepted on 1/31 check the status on Friday and now it says its under review and I should be receiving a letter in the mail this is crazy....What is really getting me is I did a friends taxes the same day and hers were accepted on 1/31. I checked hers Friday as well for her and her taxes are scheduled to be deposited on 2/13. So now I'm really like wth.
  • Me and my mom and my friend got a review letter today. smh. Same info from last year, nothing changed that would throw up a red flag.  The IRS is reviewing more ppl than they are issuing refunds.
  • Does WMR show any of you guys processing that's being reviewed?
  • I have 4 friends including myself that are having the same issue we were accepted on 2/2.......Im glad I found this.
  • does any one know how to talk to a actual person at irs everytime i try and call to see why i am being reviewed it takes me to the automated thing and it still says i am being processed and should recieve my taxes in 21 days but i still got the letter saying i was being reviewed a week ago ?? wth
  • call 18008291040n option 1 or 2 ##
  • now it is telling us to call back Wednsday or
  • i also filled 1/30 accepted that night and was under processing till i checked yesterday and got the under review message im claiming to of my grands kids this year cause there mom didn't work and there dad cant claim them and i took care of them for little over six months but the day couple days before on fri and sat i checked alot know last year they always sent returns out then if anyone has gotten any info yet please post would like to know why more then half the ppl are undereveiw oh btw my son in law filled after me and have dd of 2/13 and they have two less kids this year when filling but the went to jackson hewitt wonder if this is because we filled online
  • Just from last weeks experience I can tell you that the IRS had almost no updates Monday or Tuesday. Most of the updates came Wednesday and Friday night. So just a little more patience and those of you stuck from filing 1/30-1/31 will have a DD date.
  • yeah but it seems alot of that filled those days are being reviewed wth
  • They're cracking down on fraud. That's basically it. If there were any changes to the way a person filed ie. more dependents, dependents with different last names, filing status, income...then the IRS is scrutinizing these returns more closely. Millions of taxpayer dollars were lost last year to tax fraud.
  • I'm Tried Of Waiting And Calling i'm over The Irs This Year They Can Keep Rocks lol
  • how do you order a transcript ?
  • The wmr never informed me I was under review I didn't know until I called and sooke with irs agent today she said I will be recievjng a letter via mail within 2 wks....the only change we had from the past 2 yrs wasour n was born in august so we claimed him that's the only change
  • I Do Agree
  • same here can anybody help
  • It Sucks Bad. Seems to be happening to alot of us.
  • Mines r in review also but still saying being processed on wmr. Not quite sure what the reviewing procedures r, i just hope we get r money soon... If anyone knows what this reviewing consist of please do tell. Ty
  • @candyw21, I got the same message on WMR.  We're probably in review because of the Earned Income Credit we claimed on our returns this year.  And apparently the IRS is cracking down on fraud so innocent ppl have to suffer and wait it out.  You can thank the people that scammed our government out of millions of dollars in the past.  At some point they have to stop the bleeding.  I did alot of research over the past few days, on many websites.  People that have had this happen last year didn't get their money until July and even October in some cases.  I don't mean to scare you, but thats just what I read from last year.  I'm hoping they don't wait so long this year.  In the meantime it would be a good time to prepare for what they may ask for, because you know as well as anyone else that the IRS isn't going to just let the review slide without showing any proof.  So I would highly recommend finding all your important official documents like birth certificates, social security cards, anything to prove your identity and income.  Best of luck to ya, and try not to worry about it because honestly we can't control it.  You, me and everyone else here are in the same boat too so keep this website in your favorites.
  • thats what they are reviewing me for i call friday and the lady said they was reviewing me to see i qualify for the earn income tax credit i dont understand i work all year long and can prove it so i just put it in gods hand he knows best ,good luck to yall i know we all need our money i will be praying that god work everything out in our favor..
  • I'm in the same boat I was told I'm under review same kids same income as last year maybe less but it will be 21 days come Wednesday and I hope and pray we who have that deadline get a dd by Tuesday lets pray and have faith in god on it
  • Also I have no received a letter at all
  • i got a letter today requesting information had all my papers ready and went and fax all of them i have nothing to hind hopefully you guys will get a letter soon i file on the 1 of feb
  • Wat kinda.of info?
  • I think everyone should come to gether..I found this link on facebook ..but no one started talking or anything yet so idk I just want my refund
  • Didn't you create this group?
  • I just the paperwork they requested I got a cp75 under review too for eic bs!!! So I will gave it a week to see what they have to say!! This is bs they don't want to pay nobody
  • my lease , light bill statement  to prove i,m head of house hold and all of my sons info to make sure he,s mine this really sucks ...then she said it still was gone take up to 90 like really 90 days smh ....
  • Amen
  • I filled my taxes on jan 31st accepted the 1st. When feb 21st came nothing changed on my WMR it said still processing so I called the IRS on the 22nd and the lady told me I was under review and they already sent the letter out. It is now march 6th and I still have no letter and WMR still says still processing. It is frustrating that I work all year claim my son and this happens! But people can lie and claim kids that aren't theirs and get their refund in days with no questions. I don't understand why me or any of us have to deal with this??
  • same here that was mines said i was under review got an letter in the mail telling me they was auditing me smh its a shame we have to go through this
  • I filed Jan 29 and I haven't recived anything. O called IRS and I was told I was being reviewed. Why, to make sure everything was correct. Now my question is how long is this going to take?... Its very frustrating b/c I've already calculated my refund towards things. This is bullshit.
  • Its coming I was just like you it took 1 whole month before I got a deposit date 3~ 6~13 pray about it you will get it :)
  • I was also being reviewed for eic just sent in proof yesterday hopefully this will all b over soon its been 1 and a half mnths
  • Have you heard anything back from them yet
  • Same here. Filed 3-7, accepted 3-8, TT gave estimated DD of btwn 3-18 and 3-21, checked IRS site on 3-18 and it changed to "under review letter in 30 days blah blah blah, then today on 3-22 received 1/8 of expected return.  my problem is my GF and her kids lived with me ALL year, she doesnt work and gets state help, I worked half the year, didnt get approved for unemployment til Nov, elected to have taxes taken out, but her junkie Ex, the father of kids probably claimed them too, as he did last year and only gave my gf a grand outa 7, and he hasnt seen the kids since Nov. 2011!!! any advise to assured that he doesnt get the money that WE deserve.  Has not paid 1 Cent in support but wants to take all refund.  Im sure it will take forever and be a dog fight to make it right!!!!
  • @futrell_los hi I was wondering what kind of information they requested from you??
  • I had to proove hoh and eic i sent in birth records with
    Dependants name matching my adress
  • This is what happen to me first I was under review then processing and finally they give me a deposit date, but now I receive a letter saying under review and wait until may 30 for news, and check WMR and said My deposit will be next week. So confuse, today is April 8 and the letter date is April 15. Please help
  • So did they review and give I a refund cus I had the same thing n they received my xtra info on2/25 n still nothing
  • So did they review and give I a refund cus I had the same thing n they received my xtra info on2/25 n still nothing
  • Trust me there is no need to even waste ur time calling, just start writing ur congressman with a complaint.  that will get something rolling.  I did.

why does my ct state refund say modified am i going to lose it all? i ahve no offsets either im confused someone plz help.

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