If I Bought TurboTax Deluxe. Do I still have to pay for my State Return?

If I Bought TurboTax Deluxe. Do I still have to pay for my State Return? Is it not free? I paid 39.99$ for State return and then TurboTax didn't even download it. I had to shut down the program for things to work correctly. But I thought TurboTax Deluxe Included a free State tax Return. How do I get a refund for this?
  • I Bought TurboTax Deluxe, Why do I have to pay for my State return?. Is it not free? I paid $62.99 for the pakage. The CD I received says "Federal & State Returns for Year 2012".
    I am a Turbo Tax user for the past 12 years, never had a problem with it.
    When I am ready to do the State Return, I click "Start" and it goes back to download the software. This happened several times and I can not continue.
  • So, this happened over and over to me, so we finally broke down and bought the State software.  The system still looped.  We then rebooted and the State part came up.  Now, how do we get a refund for the State software that we should not have had to buy, but did because we did not understand the problem.
  • I don't want to buy the state software.  How can I pay for the federal without the state?
  • What a crock for an answer!! I have been filing my taxes for several years now by buying the turbo tax software and not dowloading it and until this year the cost of the software always included efiling the state taxes as well as the software. Never in the past did I have to pay to file my state taxes!! I think this is something new from your Turbo Tax folks to get more of our money. I may have to start looking at H&R Blocks' software for next year!!
  • i agree. i would guess that this turns into a class action lawsuit!
  • yes I agree I thought I paid for the state software
You probably did not buy the wrong one.....

I had this same problem and was able to get my free download by saving my files and simply doing a restart on my computer.  When I went back in I was able to download it then...

Please try this if you haven't already bought something else.
I had the same situation... paid for Delux with  Fed and State, but when launching the state it went into a continuos loop.  I actually went to Turbotax and paid for state again (out of frustration).  That did n't work either.  Then I realized the last step says.. program will close and automatically restart.  So, i figured the clitch was in the restart.  Sure enough it was.  If you close Turbotax and reopen, you will be all set, and able to run through the state return.   Now I just need to figure out how to get my money back for purchasing state twice!!

Hop e you all learn from this:)
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