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Form 8863 IRS update?

Does anyone know if the IRS did the update during the night for the educaction credits form 8863?

My WMR status has not update today, still in the processing stage, no DD date yet, I was accepted and processing since 1/30/2013.

Has anyone with 8863 received an update yet?

  • shows all forms that where delay available on 2/13 and this is a direct link form the IRS page
  • Where show related to irs? That site has had 3 different dates now
  • then click at the top it goes to the
  • and here is a link to the same information directly on the IRS site.
  • But they have different information. Irs site says mid feb not 2/13. Anyone can put a link to another site on their web page.
  • You're right, anyone can put any link to any website on their own website.  However, if you go to the IRS website and look in to the "free-file" section, you will get sent to the "freefilefillableforms"....and here is the link, from the IRS, which discusses free-file:
  • And again if look at the list link in that same irs website, it has mid feb listed, the external link one has 2/13..
  • What's the point here?  There are only 28 days in FEB this year.  We don't know if they mean the middle two weeks of the month--or the middle two hours (both of which can be defined) who cares if one thing the IRS does is one way and something else they do is cannot be surprised.  :P

    My point was on the validity of the link, which people have been attacking for some reason.  Free File is made possible through a public-private partnership between the IRS and commercial tax software companies.
  • I'm not attacking it. just saying that is an unofficial link..
  • Okay....Respectfully, of course, I cannot agree.  Nor can I disagree.  The site is its own site, but at the same time, was built in conjunction and is operated in partnership with the IRS.  I just didn't want people to think that the "free-file" is totally a hoax website like "igotmyrefund" or some site like that.  :)
  • It actually seems pretty legit. The site is directly linked to the website. When you go through the irs website to get there, however, it does say a bunch of crap about their security etc. being different than the irs site. I just don't understand if this means the 8863 form will be available on the 13th, which I already thought it was seeing as I filed it and was accepted on the 24th of Jan., or will they be processing it on the 13th. I just don't understand how so many different pieces of information can be out there on this one little topic.
  • I do appreciate the effort. Sorry if I came off as rude, hadn't intended to. Not an excuse but I am becoming increasingly frustrated by this just as I assume everyone involved is.
  • No worries.  I know why they can/are not, but if they c/would just be more specific, I think people would be less irate or on edge.  Not having answers--well, having vague answers coupled with varying answers from the IRS or TT reps depending on what mood they're in--is very frustrating!  I think it would also be helpful if all of the reps could stick to the same "blah blah blah official message" instead of deviating and throwing out their guesses.  The "nature of the beast" of these forums is that some "trolls" will come to spew falsehoods...there's just no way to stop it....but it really only makes matters worse, especially for those who have stated that they are in dire need of their returns and/or for those who are looking for real and verifiable answers.  The good news is that most people on this forum are very clear when they are going to reveal "scuttlebutt" in saying that it is rumor--or best guess--rather than certainty.  

    As for me, where I am, it is in the afternoon on the 8th of FEB...and I have no updates to report.  :/
  • Thanks for the update. I went to the link and saw the dates. Since both forms impact my refund, I am so happy to see that the latest I have to wait is until Feb. 14. Now let's hope they speed through those refunds for making us have to wait ;-)
  • IRS website list the date as Feb 14.
  • IRS 2012 forms that 1040 filers can begin filing
    Feb. 10, 2013:
    Form 4562 Depreciation and Amortization (Including Information on Listed Property)
    Feb. 14, 2013:
    Form 8863 Education Credits
  • ..i wonder if thats just the date they will begin to accept the masses but are processing the ones they accepted during the testing another test run to test the program..thats the only way they would know if the system is actually up and working since thats how they found out it wasnt capable of processing them forms
  • @awhite - as a early accepter (if that's a word.. lol) I sure hope so....
  • ..yes @TonyaA me too..its my money && i want it
  • no they are not testing us early. I'm still in process after 19 days!
  • 800 number has new updates now :)
  • None for me... yet :-/
  • When I use WMR this is what I get: You may not have entered your information correctly. Please verify your personal tax data and try again.
    When I call I get, "Your return is in processing. A refund date will be provided when available."

    Until this morning I had had the first bar on WMR. Until now I wasn't concerned, but now I am.

    Help anyone? Does anyone knows what this means?

    By the way I filed 1/15, accepted 1/24.
  • No updates for myself as well, i am so pissed off because i just had this feeling yesterday all of the early filers that was accepted before jan 30 was going to be processed...
  • Same thing happened to me and a lot of others MzLadiie from what I am reading. Who knows?! Nothing makes sense anymore...
  • @dustyrose, I am hoping that this means that our returns are being taken out of mothballs and actually being processed
  • @ mzladie i am having the same issues this is getting on my last nerves i was hoping that we would have an dd since we were the early ones accepted
  • @keisharay68, I've tried to remain calm, my nerves are slowly but surely becoming frayed. I will take another look tomorrow and see what happens.
  • I just checked my status as well and it say refund date will be provided when available, no more 21day message. So I'm still waiting patiently  and hopefully I have good news tomorrow.
  • i have not been able to log into the wmr for a couple of days now but when i call its still saying the same thing we have received your tax return and its being processed you should get you refund within 21 days
  • Alot of 8863 ppl are getting that ur refund date will be available soon message. When did eveyone get accepted? I was accpeted the 26th and still gettin that 21 day message. Im finding ppl who got accepted 25th or before is gettin that new message. Im gettin aggervated. And also i have heard that once u get that message ur refund date is right around the corner
  • I was accepted on the 25th. I think it's the ones who were accepted on the 24th and 25th.
  • Accepted on the the new message about getting my refund soon...and then, I haven't been able to get any info for several hours now by phone/web/app.
  • I was accepted the 25th also and I am indeed recieving that message, I hope thats a good thing :)
  • I got the same message, accepted the 25th
  • yea it seems that way i was also accepted the 26th and still receiving the 21 day message. so if 24th and 25th filers are getting this update 26th filers should as well
  • I'm beginning to think that they only changed the message so we would stop asking questions lol just kidding. I hope this is good news :)
  • @nishi14 I was acceptes by the IRS on 1/24 with the education credits. I was sitting at return received - the first orange tab - on the WMR page for the longest and around midnight last night it changed to what everyone else is getting - A refund date will be provided when available
  • mine changed to the new message as well and I was accepted the 25.
  • just spoke to an irs agent and was told if your getting the message that you might of entered your information incorrectly like i been getting its going through the final stages of processing and will update as soon as there is information to update. also people that are getting the message that an refund date will be provided when available then yours will be update with a dd date soon. She also said even though you filed early the 21 days does not start until the 14th but does not mean it will be 21 days its just a precautionary in case it takes 3 weeks to process. she said you can get a dd the day after the 14th a week later or 3 weeks later. but the people that was accepted should receive updates this week unless you were rejected or got an error.
  • I was accepted 1/24 and my status changed today. I'm hoping we are out of return pergatory and this is positive progress.
  • I was accepted 1/25 with Taxact and I hoep and pray we are getting a Direct Deposit Date SOON!  Been waiting patiently since the 25th.  Was one of the early ones who got accepted before the IRS realized they could NOT process form 8863.  Let's post here if we get a deposit date soon.  I will post any changes here so we can all stay informed.
  • Thanks everyone and for my fellow 26ers...we arent far behind ;) Keep the updates coming and post ur dd as soon as u recive em!
  • I just wanted to thank everyone for the updates and for the uplifting words of encouragement....I've been "Ghost reading" for the past 2 weeks and it feels good to know I'm not the only one losing my mind behind this 8863 lol :-) I am also an early acceptance, I was accepted on the 24th.
  • Lol, and whew, thanks for that admission, fellow 24th early acceptance team member, I've been obsessing about this 8863 bit for weeks ;) I sure hope the light is visible at the end of the tunnel
  • @nishi14 I was accepted the 25th
Finally spoke to turbo tax agent today [after a hefty 46 minute wait] and Thursday 02/07/2013 the direct deposit date will be reset with people who have a form 8863 delay. Hope this helps answer everyone's question.
  • oh I hope this is true! Thanks Erika!
  • I so so hope
  • What does this mean?  Will returns begin being submitted on the 7th?
  • I hope so.
  • All these feeds are way to funny... I filed my taxs and they were accepted on 1/25 im in no hurry to get my money I figure it will be here sooner or later its money in the bank.  Until I get it I will continue living life like any other day... Everyone stop stressing and relax before you give yourself a heart attack
  • Then why are you on a forum checking up on the 8863 form? I'm sorry, but if you were so nonchalant and unaffected by this delay you wouldn't be on here in the first place.
  • ^ :) exactly.
  • : )
  • i was curious but not calling and freaking out this is way to funny wow
  • good choice of words by the way
  • i just know either way this sucks bum....i was using this money to plan a trip for my 2year old for his bday to go see Yo Gabba Gabba in concert in March...I just hope it comes in time before tickets sell out for our area, then I will be upset -__-
  • this forum is the perfect example of what makes America GREAT! we have the freedom to _itch @ the IRS,TT and each other. everyone has a voice. we may not always agree, but everyone has the right to be heard. we can use all caps, we can be snobbish, we can be compassionate, we can be anxious, we can be frustrated and as most on here have been, very HELPFUL!  our money will come. the delay made for a smaller birthday celebration this year for my daughter's 8th year,but she didn't mind. i was stressing for nothing. at least she had a party. many parents will not celebrate another b-day with their child. let us not forget NEWTON as we stress about things that we have no control over. ETHAN in MIDLAND will celebrate another b-day soon. many of you may not appreciate this post, but this is what makes this country wonderful. also the amazing people who despite their differences are usually able to empathize with their fellow man. that's why we are able to come together during a national tragedy. let's show some empathy and love towards each other as we wait for our money to roll in.
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  • i wish turbotax had a "like" button. i would totally "like" your comment mismiss! lol
  • Reset as to what?
I just spoke to a TT rep who gave me this response to my questions:
10_Beulah B: Hello, are you there?
Jessica Lee: yes
10_Beulah B: Please give me your social security number and I will check the status of your return.
Jessica Lee: #########
Jessica Lee: hello?
10_Beulah B: One moment,please.
Jessica Lee: ok
10_Beulah B: Your return has ben received by the IRS
Jessica Lee: when?
10_Beulah B: Jan 27, 20 13
Jessica Lee: when will they process it? is there a date for refund on it?
10_Beulah B: No there is no date on it. We do not see it after they receive it. The processlng is now taking about 14 - 21 days
Jessica Lee: so I should have my money by the 16th?
10_Beulah B: There is no way I can g uarantee that. I can only tell you what t hei current processing time is.
Jessica Lee: is that with the education credit delay as well?
10_Beulah B: Your return was RECEIVED by the IRS on Jan 27, 2013. I don;t know what action they have taken on it. So your processing time would depend on whether or not the IRS ACCEPTS the return as filed.
10_Beulah B: No the returns with the educational credit delay will not START processing until Feb 7th. That is the latest word we have from the IRS.
Jessica Lee: well how will i know if they have accepted or rejected it?
10_Beulah B: Turbo Tax will send you an email when it is accepted OR rejected.
10_Beulah B: Jessica, can I help you with anything else?
Jessica Lee: and when will that be? because its been since the 26 that i filed. tons of other people have already found out whether they have been accepted or rejected
10_Beulah B: Yes, true, bult not if they have the education credit issue.
Jessica Lee: no thats not true, i have seen a good amount with the credit who hjave gotten accepted or rejected
Jessica Lee: this is crazy. i never had an issue filing through you before. i wont file through you guys next year if its going to be as bad as this.
10_Beulah B: That is not possible. The IRS has released infomraiton that those returns are being held by the IRS and they will not START processing until February 7th.
Jessica Lee: ok.....
10_Beulah B: It is not our issue. i am so sorry you feel that way. we would bend over backwards if it would help your situation. But we have no control over what the IRS does. This is strictly there ruling.
10_Beulah B: We have lots of people here who work for turbo Tax with the same issue regarding that education credit.
Jessica Lee: ok but us as customers need information. my status should not still be saying pending. that causes people to stress
10_Beulah B: I am so sorry. But your status no longer shows pending. It shows that it is IN AGENCY which means it has been RECEIVED by the IRS--not ACCEPTED
Jessica Lee: ok
10_Beulah B: do you have any other questions.
Jessica Lee: no
  • TT just told me the same thing. That the IRS will start processing the 8863 form 2/7
  • I'm sorry, but there is NO WAY that is an actual conversation you had with a TT rep. Look at the grammar and wording. If anyone is gullible enough to believe this is a legitimate conversation, then shame on you! Do you really have nothing better to do with your time!!?? If not, please find a new hobby and stop wasting OUR time. Thanks :)
  • @themegtrain coming from a chat rep of a private company they r human just like u And can make mistakes believe me when typing fast or handling more than one chat grammar does get messed up.
  • @themegtrain stop letting the devil use  u!!!!! Because, people are trying to give others a ray of hope. Don't get mad just keep your comments to yourself.
  • LOL i had a convo with a rep yesterday and her grammar and spelling were horrible...and i didnt even get any good info out of it! I believe the convo.
  • @themegtrain, Um excuse me, but I was appalled at the grammer myself when I was speaking to the rep. And I am a highly educated individual and can surely recognize grammer mistakes. With that being said, I waited over an hour to speak to a rep and was given this info. If you choose not to believe it, that is purely your decision. BUT don't try to tell me that I am wasting anybody's time because I took MY time to even come here and post to hopefully help anyone else wondering. I am anxiously awaiting my refund like everyone else. Trying to purchase a new vehicle so trust me when I say that I am above your petty antics. So SHAME ON YOU for thinking negatively of every single person. How pathetic does that make you. Next!!
  • I too had a convo today and it was similiar. :)
  • I hear you, but not to that excess. Please read that conversation over, they don't use punctuation half the time and when they do, it is often incorrect, they misspelled several words, and did not use proper capitalization. Not to mention, I find it hard to believe a rep would say "bend over backwards for you." I agree, we all make mistakes, but I too have worked in customer service and had to have online chat sessions and I would have been terminated for exhibiting this low of a level of professionalism. My point is, people need to stop wasting our times with falsified information and keep us updated on factual information!
  • Amen gorgeous_mommy and Thanks for the info
  • It's not that serious to start an argument about!
  • I appreciate the info ladies thank you
  • @themegtrain, if I think the information RELATING TO THE DATES is valid, then I am going to share it. And we are not talking about YOUR professionalism. This is TT. Plenty of customers have commented on how they have had convos with reps who showcased the same type of grammer. SO EXCUSE THE HELL OUT OF ME for thinking that the date of processing was important enough to share. So my point is, negative comments to someone who is trying to be proactive and actually get some info are uncalled for and unneccessary. Grow up.
  • Thank you for posting this. that would be great!
  • Thanks gorgeous mommy i chatted this am to be told no date
  • I heard irs will start processing 8863 for people accepted by 1/25 by this week, and everyone else that is pending will wait till mid feb
  • My conversation 6:00 pm 2/5/2013 they have no clue whats going on. They shouldn't even be working for turbo tax. you be the judge.

    18_Johnnie F: Thank you for contacting TurboTax.  My name is Johnnie and I'm here to help you today.  While I take a few moments to review your issue, I’d like you to know that my goal today is to resolve your question accurately and professionally.  You may experience short periods of inactivity while I research your question.
    michael draper: ok thanks
    18_Johnnie F: No problem Michael. How may I help you today?
    michael draper: I'm having problems checking my refund status can you help
    18_Johnnie F: Yes I can. When did you file your tax return?
    michael draper: I was accepted on the 24th/25th
    18_Johnnie F: Alright. Will you verify your physical address and phone number please?
    michael draper: #### w galbraith rd apt 6 cincinnati ohio ##### ##########
    18_Johnnie F: Thank you. I'll need a few moments to pull up your record.
    michael draper: ok
    18_Johnnie F: Alright, it looks like your reutrn was accepted on January 24th.
    michael draper: ok whats going on with the #### delay
    18_Johnnie F: Most returns with Form 8863 haven't been processed yet. Your return was accepted earlier than most returns. You still may have to wait until mid-February to receive your refund. That's the timetable that the IRS has put out.
    michael draper: I have heard so many dates on forums. One of your people told (in a chat like this,) someone the that the irs is going to start processing returns with the #### forms on feb 7th. Do you know anything about this date?
    18_Johnnie F: I'll need a few moments to take a look at that for you.
    michael draper: ok thanks
    18_Johnnie F: No problem.
    18_Johnnie F: Thank you for your patience Michael. No, that's not when the IRS is going to start processing the returns. We don't have a date that the IRS will start processing returns with form 8863. The closest thing to a date that I can give you is "mid-February."
    michael draper: here is what was posted ----10_Beulah B: That is not possible. The IRS has released infomraiton that those returns are being held by the IRS and they will not START processing until February 7th.
    michael draper: I know you cant believe people on forums but at least you know who said it
    18_Johnnie F: Alright. I can't speak on behalf of the other agent. I know that a lot of federal forms become available on Febrary 7th, so that may be where February 7th came from. I'm not sure. The latest news that I have is that the IRS will be processing returns with form 8863 in mid-February. Somehow, your return slipped through the cracks and was accepted before January 30th.
    michael draper: There were alot of returns processed early.
    michael draper: 'thats how irs found out of the problems
    michael draper: they test the systems accoring to the irs website
    18_Johnnie F: I'm aware that a lot of returns were processed early. I believe that the IRS said they would delay returns with form 8863 on January 29th, so I'm not sure if they'll review your return again or not. Our system still says that you're return was accepted.
    michael draper: So what do I do file again.
    18_Johnnie F: No. If you file again, then your return will be rejected. You may want to contact the IRS and either see what the status of your refund is or see if they'll review your return again. Again, the latest that I have in my system is that your return was accepted. We don't get any details as to when you'll receive your refund.
    michael draper: Thanks for your help:) These forums have been my entrainment for days. Figured I would ask for myself.
  • They r giving false  hope and saying whatever to please 2 more days!
  • @jlschenker & geezes, I know I am so hoping they process on that date. I need a bigger vehicle for my toddlers and was so hoping to use my refund as part of my down. I am anxiously awaiting thursday to see if they actually follow through
  • Me 2 give updates we need them!
  • I'm in no big fast hurry . I thought I would find out myself to help the cause. According to the irs wmr via phone says i will have my return in 21 days from the day they accepted it. So my 21 days from the  24th of January  is next week.
  • Atleast that conversation looks legitimate.
  • Are you kidding, themegtrain?  Here is one error I found right off the bat : "Our system still says that you're return was accepted."'re?  I think that the basis for your non belief of the other poster who shared her TT chat was that the grammar was poor (and there were spelling errors).  Other posters have said they have had similarly "ignorant" conversations with TT reps while others have defended those reps for having said errors because of human nature.  In the end, who cares?  Why continue to beat a dead horse?  Have you had a chat with TT yourself?  When you do, post it so we can all critique the grammar and decide if you are lying.  Wow.
  • It's not my fault that you cannot look at that conversation and in an instance know it isn't legitimate. Too many uneducated, flat out ignorant people on here. I was hoping to be able to come here for updates and factual information, but this forum is just a melting pot of pathetic misinformed people.
  • I didn't say we were in disagreement....I was just saying don't take it so seriously....who cares?  

    As for me, I'm not going to believe I have an impending deposit until I get the email ,myself, with my control number stating "the IRS has processed your return".
  • Same. I have heard so many conflicting stories and every time i hear a statement with a glimmer of hope, someone else comes back and contradicts it with other information. It is so upsetting. I, too, just want a definitive date. I feel we as citizens deserve the respect of being "in the loop." I find it hard to believe that a form needing to be updated would cause this much of a delay and it makes me wonder what may be really going on. It is so stressful to not have a reliable source of information and it is very irritating when people knowingly post falsified information contributing to our stress. It is very hard to believe anything anymore.
  • Apparently there are too many arrogant, know it all people on here as well. Wow is right wemet! Seriously why start a fight over whether it is a legitimate conversation. There is no need to be disrespectful. We all want our money, some need it more than others. Stop being rude! She put the conversation up to help, not to be attacked for whether it was real or not. I hope my grammar was correct enough, I might be fake.
  • lol!!!! ^^^^^
  • According to that last conversation, all of us "early accepted" 8863's should be calling to discuss our returns now.  I find that hard to believe, when the WMR site shows ours as "Received and processing"  I have talked to two agents, both of which would only look our info up on the WMR site for us.  Nothing more.
  • You would be surprised, I had a conversation with one that had no clue what English grammar or spelling was. For the word "know", he replied with "no", which I felt that turbo tax does NOT have professionals working for them as they claim. ALSO I was informed the 7th as well but by a different TT technician that actually knew how to speak/spell, but we will see!
  • So does that mean there will be a few who will move to the second bar, the approved one or does that mean we will get our DD?
  • I honestly do not know, can only hope. Prepare for the worse and hope for the best. You can check out this link that TT had me look at if you would like-, then type in February 7 and I think it is the second one that pulls up.
  • everyone i know that has filed has got or are getting their refunds this week. one person updated on saturday it moved to the second bar and is saying your expected dd is feb 6. my sisters updated last night and hers is now moved to the second bar and her dd is feb 8. so the irs is giving refunds everyday. its just a matter of time for 8863 filers. when we are not expecting it ours will change
  • I just checked the refund tracker through TT and it says that 77% of those who filed when I did have received their returns! I was notified of my acceptance through email on the 25th. It is frustrating to know all of these people are getting their money and we are stuck in limbo. UGH!
  • That link to an "update" was for the TT program, had nothing to do with the IRS or the processing of the 8863 form.
I just called and spoke with someone at the IRS cause I am seeing so many different things...she claimed there are no new updates and they are still looking at mid feb. sorry to be the downer and not sure if she is correct but that is what i was told just now. It stinks for us people who are waiting but I guess it is time to forget about it and before we know it our refunds will be here. No point getting mad at each other, solves nothing
  • Thanks for the update! I've called a few times and get different answers each time. Worst case scenario is mid-February right?
  • TT just said the same thing mid February for us.
  • What gets me, as a computer programmer who has made forms and data processing tools in all languages, how long can it really take to change coding in a system that simply takes a number, does some math on it, and returns a result.

    This delay is BS, it doesn't take 3 weeks to process something as trivial as educational credits. If it did, TT and all the other preparers wouldn't have the new laws in effect in their services.

    Though if you really want someone to blame, or thank..what ever the case, I respectfully submit you contact your republican reps.
  • I sorry I put 8893 but I ment was 8863 the education credit. I know many are asking about the delay but I can only speak on my return and yes I do have a dd date of 2-6 and I did file the 8863 form. I have not been notified by TT on the update but the irs mwr and phone have my dd date as 2-6 and that is the date I will go on.
  • Just got off the phone with TT there is no exact date when form 8863 will be processed, just mid feb :(
  • Will you please post and let us know if you actually receive your refund on time.  I have the 8863 form and have not field yet.  Was kind of waiting to see what was happening with everyone else.
  • Np I also filed the 28th and still in pending and TT will not give me my return back
  • I filed on the 17th, accepted on the 24th, and am still pending on WMR...this is annoying waiting. "Mid February" could be any day, how can they not know??
  • I will post an update once I get my return.
  • Keep in mind we were also told the irs would not start taking returns until 1-30 and that was not true they started early.
  • I agree abcdelights and happy for you thats great. I also think it will happen sooner than what they are saying, they have got to be just about fed up with all the angry calls lol
  • 8863er......still processing!!!
  • No change on mine either. This processing nonsense is beyond irritating. If I can just get an actual approval and a date, I would be on my merry way. The useless parasites in Washington are to blame for this.
  • 8863er and still not accepted :(... This is the only rear that I really depended on it being there because for the lat 5 years I have not had a problem...
  • Turbo tax still has me pending and the IRS does not even acknowledge my return.  I would just like mine to be accepted.  This is the worst tax season ever.  
    TT or the IRS gives no real answers.
  • I have been accepted since 1/26 and still nuttin. Hopefully soon!!!
  • I filed the 17th and had the early acceptance on 1/24. Took the education credits and blam! Next week will be 21 days I have been waiting.They said I would received my refund within 21 days.They have 9 days from today to refund before the 21 days are up.  I'm still stuck in processing and was hoping for a change today. No such luck yet. I need this so bad! I wish they would get it together.
  • The 21 days doesn't start until the 30th of January. Even so, the way I understand it, the app or WMR may say one thing, but the IRS isn't counting our 21 days until they are ready to process them. So basically our 21 days hasn't started yet to them. I don't believe it will take that long though. I don't believe that they will even take 21 days from the 24th. They covered themselves by saying 9 out of 10.
  • The reason why its 21 days from the 30th is because that's when they started processing refunds. Not a second before. Even though they did early acceptance, nothing happened before the 30th.
  • I filed on the 22 and still pending.
  • I just spoke with an IRS agent and she was very helpful. I filed with 8863 on 1/21 and was accepted on 1/25. Their records shows this also. She gave me a projected date of 2/7. The projected date is supposedly when my refund is going to post to my account and also information on wmr website and phone system should reflect this information. She then told me that the 21 days mean that 21 days after they started processing my return(1/25) is just a time frame  they give to cover themselves in case error arises. So if anything goes down on 2/7 I will update you guys. Hope this info helps.
  • Ohhh I hope that is correct nita069!!! Thank you for the info!!
  • i just got off phone with irs and there are no projected dates
  • @nita069...i hope that applies for more of us too. Keep us updated!!!
  • You're welcome. I just figured the info would shed a glimmer of hope. It got me feeling better about waiting. I didn't mention anything about filing the 8863 because I didn't want her just give me the generic speech about the delays of processing the form. I did tell her I was unable to access the wmr website and that the phone system gave me an error message, which I am able to do. I just wanted to talk to a person and get whatever info I could get from them.
  • I hope you  guys don't believe such non sense as abc delight is posting. Most of us have been on this forum since the beginning and not one if us has gotten any information close to this. Also i dont recall seeing a single post from abc untill this an if you look inder the profile name she has never posted anything else My good friend works a tax prep no on is gonna receive a refund untill around the 15 th and people that tell you other wise just have nothing better to do then make us all frantic wondering where ours are don't feed into this crap
  • Agreed
  • Did you file an education credit?
  • Filed 2nd week of January with 8863.. Approved early 1/25.. Still on first wmr bar (21 day received and processing).. Called and confirmed that incorrect as its agent confirmed was approved, no DD date yet yesterday AM..
  • I agree with you.
  • Okay 8863 people TT has said my taxes are on hold for credit but when I called IRS tonite they said my return was rejected for address being a foreign address which is not true. So how many non accepted 8863 people have called to see what IRS tells you. I filed the 26th and received email about credit on the 30th and my account said I'm pending processing due to credit
  • My return was accepted on 1/26(of course early)  I check tt and it says 88% of people that was acceepted that day have received their refund.  I guess i am in the 12% that hasnt. I filed the 8863 form.  Hopefully soon we will have an update.  Since they started to accept returns early maybe they will start processing the ones already accepted by the irs early!
  • Where is that trcker thing i want find it
  • When you go to the turbotax website there is a drop down button that says where's my refund, then go to track my refund. Sign in and it will tell you your anticipated date. scroll down and it will ask if you have gotten your refund select "no, tell me more" it will then tell you. Hope that helps
  • Yet thanks! 77% that filed my day 17th accepted on the 24th already have theirs
  • I just double check my emails... 1/24 accepted.. Still on that damn 21 day 1 bar on wmr pool. Really starting loss me off
  • Piss me off*** guess have laugh at something
  • I called IRS myself as well today because I was seeing 2/7/13 for processing 8863 but she said they do not have an approximate date just mid-February!!!
  • I just saw this and its for feb 13th so hopefully its true and the other 30 forms that were on hold have this date as well
  • Nishi14 I was looking at the same page. and yesterday some dates had march now showing 2/13 and the 8863 showed 2/14...Keeping finger crossed
  • heres the link to the IRS website that says they will start processing Feb 14
I hope the programmer that made the original mistake on this specifc form rots in hell.

Just kidding ... sort of.
  • Lol i bet they already have their money...this encourages me to continue school we r last n line.but I've learned a valuable lesson. A dont use tt because they keep raising their cost and wait to file. First time I've ever filed early.
  • Nomore tt im done price hike and no good customer service
  • LOL! I laughed!
Word around the campfire by calling the IRS is they are going to start processing refunds claiming educational credits starting the 7th of Feb. I am waiting as well. We'll know for sure in two days...
No update yet, from what I'm hearing they won't even process our returns till the middle of February if we have form 8863 on them... So needless to say I'm pretty PO'd..

  • Thought they were suppose to be doing a BIG update last night, guess not...this really sucks...
  • They did update the system but we don't know what for.
  • Maybe we won't know until tomorrow if it was for the 8863 education credits...lets keep our fingers crossed....
  • I sure hope so! I'm broke :-)
  • all we can do is continue to ope & pray, meditate, whatever it is that you do.
  • Amen to that!
  • I just find it really odd that I never got the automatic email that others got about the processing delay of our returns from TT. I filed the 23rd, was accepted the 26th. My stuff just says it is still processing. TT says accepted, of course my state revenue site says no return found. BOOOOO for this.
  • But I did my friend's taxes on on the 10th, she was accepted the 23rd, and then on February 2nd, she got an email from them saying she would be delayed due to having AOC (American Opportunity Credit)
  • Just so everyone knows, you're not going to get a specific statement saying the issue has been resolved. I've dealt with this the last three years and my refund has come out of nowhere. Just be patient and don't expect some big announcement on the IRS website because it's not going to happen. There is a reason 8863 filers have been delayed the last three years. They are trying to crack down on people claiming this credit who don't deserve it, and since most institutions don't provide their information until the second week of February, people who are claiming 8863 are going to be delayed. But when they actually begin processing 8863 filers is going to remain unknown throughout the entire process, or at least the exact date and announcements about what is exactly going on will be.People who went through this last year didn't understand that they were going through this because they were 8863 filers
  • and the IRS isn't willing to give out specifics because people will immediately start calling and asking questions about their returns. They try to protect themselves. They don't want to give people anymore information than they need to when it comes to this because if they miss a date then people won't ever quit calling
  • i filed the exact same way last year claiming my 8863, american opportunity credit, and my refund was sent super quick. i ad no delay whatsoever...of course it is affecting me this year, but i never got the generic, ur refund was accepted but will be delayed blah blah etc email from TT
  • I just tried to check my status on wmr and it sad I may have entered the wrong information. Then asks me to put in the date I filed and how I filed my return. I did not get that on the irs2go app. So I'm not sure what is going on. This is my first time filing the 8863 American credit.
  • They should be focused on people claiming dependents that don't live with them!
  • ^^^like^^^
  • meghanj08 you got your refund on time last year? That's weird because not a single refund was issued before Feb. 1. And if you efiled in the past, and efiled within the first 2 weeks of January, you would realize that not getting your refund before Feb. 1 is actually late. This is obviously the first year I have ever seen the delay message, but considering the debacle that took place last year, I can see why they actually put out a message this year. But I have filed this credit for 4 years now, and only the first year was there NOT a delay. Even though they never actually said there was a delay the last two years, there was compared to the year before that, and the six years I efiled in January prior. So unless you filed in February, you were delayed, even if you didn't realize it. If you did file in January last year, then you must not remember the debacle that took place last year
  • By law schools have until MARCH 31 to send the 1098T to the irs. So is the irs going to make me wait until then  if my college decides to send it to them on March 30 so they can match the info?
  • I got my tax return early last year! It was January 27!
  • You got your return on Jan. 27..... and filed 8863? If you got it Jan. 27, you didn't file 8863. I promise you this is the case. My best friend works for the DOR in Wisconsin and I get a lot of detailed information from him. And last year when I was flipping out about my refund being delayed, I got the low down on the situation
  • It's some 8863 filers that have already gotten theirs! Some were accepted early for testing purposes!
  • I just spoke to an agent at turbotax and he said the estimated date that they have been given is the 7th of this month. I am hoping
  • My tax refund was filed early last year and my 8863 form was attached!
  • I hope so too!
  • you are right i was in this boat last year and my refund showed up before wmr was updated - even if they did update the system today they havent had time to try to run any returns through yet to see if its fixed - we will all have our refunds by the 19th so no worries.
  • Does anyone have the number to turbo tax
  • Does anyone have the number to turbo tax
  • I talked to a TT rep and he said he can't confirm a date, only that the form was delayed.
  • A guy sent me an email he supposedly got from Turbo Tax. The email had the 8th on it.
  • Weird...I wanna see it! I haven't gotten anything at all :(
  • Send me your email address
  • No idea how to send it let me know after you get this, so I can delete it..
  • Um no. I filed early January, received my refund the 27th of Jan, 2012 and YES it had 8863, because it was my first year claiming the American Opportunity Credit, the same credit holding me back this year. I'm pretty sure I would know since I was confident enough to file my own taxes. So unless you had it happen for you, I don't expect you to understand, nor believe it, but that was last year..what reason would I need for stating an untrue account?
  • i got accepted early and I have no DD date.  I keep looking and i see people saying they have DDs of the 6 and 7th does anyone have one?
  • b197 you are incorrect, I filed early last year with 8863 credits and also received refund last January 2/28.  The delay was after but I was not delayed last year.
  • Let me know if u got it
  • Got it...Thank you :)
  • You're welcome!
  • The frustrating part is getting different info from different reps!
  • What did they say?
  • I was told they couldn't confirm any kind of date...that the form is held til mid Feb..
  • I filed the 8863 the past TWO years and I didn't have this problem.
  • I believe they know! They just don't want to say anything!
  • I filed on 1-23 accepted 1-26 I got email from TT about delay because of form 8893 education credit but on saturday I check mwr and I have dd date 2-6. I know I have that form I have 3 in College and I see the form on my TT papers. I hope this info helps
  • See thats frustrating! I filed 1/17, accepted 1/24 and nothing still....and WMR is down.
  • I filed on 1/26 and tt emailed me stating my return was accepted. When I check on where's my refund its just organge and says still processing... this is so not fair!! I didn't have this problem last year.
  • So are they saying we will have our refund by 2/7 or they will start processing then?
  • Frustrated!!
  • I know mine was processing for a few days and then on Saturday the dd date showed. So this should be good news that the irs is now working on the 8893 forms
  • The irs has to test that new system and they need returns to do that. The only way they will know the problem is fix is to run returns so if they are giving out dd dates then the problem must be fix
  • When did you file and get accepted? I think thats the frustrating part! People who filed after others, and accepted after others are getting answers first.
  • I filed and sent return on the 1/24 it was accepted on 1/26...and now nothing.. but thanks jswray..bc that is the frustrating part...abcdelights I am glad that they are doing dd for some people with the forms...I want them to test and test away lol wish they would test with mine!!!
  • Exactly Where's My Money!! I am happy for the others, but want them to fix mine already lol.
  • I filed the ed credit last year and had my refund before February. I don't think you no when everyone got their tax refund B197
  • The people saying they got their refund early last year with the 8863 aren't lying. I received my refund on 1/25, and had an 8863 attached to the return.
  • Yea I think I had my refund on 1/28 last year..
  • I agree bcollard24 bc I filed late last year on 1/30 and got my money 2/3. It took no time... I was extremely excited... I had given birth to twins and received my money on the same day lol...
  • My bad I actually got the DD on 1/27 last year; I don't know why I keep thinking it was 1/25.
  • @abc i also filed 23 and got accepted the 26th!! i dont show a dd date yet but i will look out on my bank account on the 6th. Heres hoping things are looking up for us
  • I just got accepted 8863
  • im a 8863 and I just got email from tt finaly im serious
  • I am so frustrated...I was accepted on 1/24...GRR I want a DD date already! lol.
  • wtf it was for state I thought fed had to accept first
  • sorry
  • Nope my state will deposit on 2/5 and im still pending for federal.
  • wow it took my state 6 days to accept it normally accepts a few hours after my fed in kentucky
  • my state was accepted through TT however my state site says it has no record of my return so it is NOT processing until my federal goes through. i was accepted for federal the 26th and state the 29th
  • oh ok I filed on the 29 sorry for jumping the gun lol  I just never had it to happen this way
  • Filed mine on 1/28 still pending with TT
  • Really when are they going to start accepting the others
  • No update this morning, still in processing mode.  Filed 1/19/13, accepted 1/28/13 and have been processing since 1/30.  Anyone else happend to get an update or any info?  Thanks
  • do you mean 8863 -8893 is not an education form.
  • we did too but it was still delayed the two years previously. I used to be able to get my money by the third week in January and now it gets later and later every year my guess is that it will continue to get later. I'm not filing early next year at least if i choose not to file early then I don't have to go through this mess. The most frustrating part is not getting an answer. I called the IRS got two extremely rude people who at first refused to look me up, then told me that i would receive my refund in two to three weeks (which is basically what WMR says) and then when i proceeded to ask questions about the delay they would not give me any answers, they said follow WMR - the problem is if the forms are delayed to the middle of the month how is it possible for me to receive my refund by the 18th which is 21 days from my return being received. Then they hung up on me! It would be different if I was rude but i was calm with them.
    I guess i will try my luck again with calling them today - i figure if they get enough calls they will work to fix it
  • school tuition statements are part of the problem but if you change to a tuition dee deduction you will get the same refund - the issue holding up returns this year is the school costs not paid to the school - computers and other supplies that people are claiming - these extra supplies can only be claimed through the American Opportunity Credit.
  • did you file 8863 or tuition deduction? I see you have 8893 posted and that is not the education form
  • all I did was marked I was in school didn't claim anything else, are those the ones with the problems? I'm lost
  • The deduction does not give you the same refund. Deductions lower your taxable income and credits return money to you. Since I'm MFJ I automatically get 11,900 deduction. Mine and my husbands education costs just to the school without books were 15000. Minus the 5550 for pell grants that we both received. Mind you this was just for one semester bc we both switched schools. So the first 2000 is refundable to us. Meaning no matter what we get it back. ( 1000 per person is refundable) we both worked last year before switching schools so after our exemptions and standard deduction our taxable income was 35000. We can further reduce our tax liability on the 35k by using additional education credits up to 1500. This part is not refundable meaning if my tax liability was already down to 0 because of eerything else on my taxes then I couldn't get the additional 1500 because I don't owe anymore taxes. Of course it wasn't so I got another 3000 off my bill, meaning that I will have a total of 5000 benefit for the AOC. Had I used the deduction it would not have changed anything bc my standard deduction was already 11900 and my actual out-of-pocket was less than that and we had no other deductions. In order for deductions to ever be beneficial they have to be more than the standard deduction you already get based on your filing status. Getting 1k refunded plus 1500 off my tax bill is more beneficial. It will be for most people. For some people who have a lot of deductions like charity, mortgage interest and paying for the children's (or their own) college education, especially at more expensive colleges, usually benefit from using the deduction moreso than up to 2500 credit. If they're paying 20000 a year and have a 30% tax rate then that saves them 6000.
  • got mine one week late last year
  • I filed ours on 1/30, and the KY state was changed to accepted on Feb 2; our federal still shows pending, and nothing available on the WMR site as well.  I haven't received a message stating that it has been received by TT, I am aware these hold ups are implemented by the IRS, however, I'm not pleased with TT's inability to maintain communication either.
  • @arbrown, neither am i. i never got the email the others got about the form being delayed
  • Still at "received and processing"  With form 8863 for a measly $270 credit.  Was accepted (TTwords, not the IRS words) on the 1/25/13.    This gets frustrating to see people stating they have gotten refunds with the 8863 filings.  I am very skeptical.. as a Ddate doesnt mean anything til you see the money.
  • I got my taxes on the feb1st last year, with AOC credit.
  • I used the same credit last year and received my refund Jan 28th. And the reason the form is delayed is not because they are cracking down on anything, its becasue the updated form failed to work during the early test run. The mid Feb date is the approx time that it will take the IT guys to correct the update.
  • Yes my taxes were delayed last year and I didn't know it was because of the 8863 until later. I got my taxes Feb 23
  • I said I would post an update on my return. I just check sbbt and they have my return posted. I file the 8863 form and I have a dd date of 2-6. I hope this helps
  • What did yours say on the WMR abcdelights? Thank you and congrats!
  • abddelights........what is sbbt and when was your return filed and accepted.   thanks cheryl
  • I just checked my bank statements and yes, I also did get my return 1/27 last year.. No delay at all
  • I got mine in January last year too and filed 8863. No delays. This year sucks!!!
  • awesome thanks ABC
  • Wmr did not update it just says my dd date 2-6. I saw others with my same dd date said that sbbt had update and the money was now showing I check mine and it is showing my money.
  • I file on 1-23 accepted on 1-26 sbbt is the bank that turbo tax uses to send your refund to. Santa Barbara bank and trust
  • Mine is still in the first line on wmr i wish i can get my money
  • Those are my dates too abcdelights!!!! Maybe I will see something soon
  • I filed on the 17th and got accepted on the 24th with AOC and nothing yet :(
  • i have the same exact dates as good news for me yet :|
  • This is the first time I'm having the delay, and I've had kids in college for years. I believe this is more because of the "fiscal cliff" deal, but you would think that since they knew about the sequester, the fiscal cliff problem that could have happened, that the government would be prepared. "You would think...." but then, it's the government and I wonder if they're ever really prepared for anything.
  • I did not know that you can file form 8863 more than once. Help me on that.
  • Update my return as hit my bank account. So for all the 8863 filers the irs is working those returns. Best of luck to everyone.
  • Wait? ABC so u got ur money??
  • Awesome congrats to you!
  • Than your the only one. Doubt it but ok.
  • Congrads ABC! I remember your post a couple of days ago, there is always hope...I also saw a post on here they were doing test runs today for the early filers that were accepted early, not sure how true it is but I am still hoping it is true!!
  • Seeing that they won't or can't provide a source, I wouldn't take any belief into it..
  • Here is a link for what I believe they are going off of as for updates.......
    As you read it says updates for "R8d updated in-product information regarding late-breaking IRS processing information involving Form 8863. In addition, R8d incorporates the contents of R8, R8a, and R8c as well as all items from the previous releases listed below."

    The next regularly-scheduled update will be available around February 7, 2013.
  • I'm not seeing anything regarding testing. I'm just seeing link in it to original irs release stating 8863 released
  • Its is an update to the system, did you read the information on that page where I provided the link for? If not here is a copy and paste version..

    TurboTax 2012 Update Notes (Individual)

    Article ID: GEN84796
    What's in the current TurboTax federal program update?

    Releases 8/8a/8c/8d (R8/R8a/R8c/R8d) – January 23/25/27/29, 2013

    Final versions of the following forms and schedules were released in R8:

        Form 1040X, Amended U.S. Individual Income Tax Return
        Form 5329, Add'l Taxes on Qualified Plans (Incl IRAs)
        Form 5405, First-Time Homebuyer Credit and Recapture
        Form 5695, Residential Energy Credits
        Form 6251, Alternative Minimum Tax
        Form 6781, Gains and Losses from Sec 1256 Contracts and Straddles
        Form 8379, Injured Spouse Claim and Allocation
        Form 8396, Mortgage Interest Credit
        Form 8582-CR, Passive Activity Credit Limitations
        Form 8801, Credit for Prior Year Minimum Tax
        Form 8814, Parents' Election to Report Child's Interest and Dividends
        Form 8815, Exclusion of Interest from Series EE and I U.S. Savings Bonds
        Form 8859, District of Columbia First-Time Homebuyer Credit
        Form 8917, Tuition and Fees Deduction
        Form 8949, Sales and Other Dispositions of Capital Assets
        Schedule C-EZ, Net Profit from Business
        Schedule D, Capital Gains and Losses
        Schedule E, Supplemental Income and Loss
        Schedule F, Profit or Loss from Farming
        Schedule R, Credit for the Elderly or the Disabled

    R8 also fixed the following bugs:

        Incorrect Health Savings Account Calculation - More info
        Federal Summary Screen Displaying Incorrect Taxes Owed - More info
        Error: "Zip Code Does Not Match" When E-Filing - More info

    R8a finalized IRS Form 8606, Nondeductible IRA and the TurboTax Home Sale Worksheet.

    R8c fixed the erroneous "You Must Upgrade to TurboTax Deluxe" message for Military taxpayers.

    R8d updated in-product information regarding late-breaking IRS processing information involving Form 8863. In addition, R8d incorporates the contents of R8, R8a, and R8c as well as all items from the previous releases listed below.

    The next regularly-scheduled update will be available around February 7, 2013.
    Previous Update Releases

    Release 7 (R7) – January 16, 2013

    Final versions of the following forms and schedules were released:

        Form 2106, Employee Business Expenses
        Form 4797, Sales of Business Property
        Form 8829, Expenses for Business Use of Your Home
        Form 8880, Credit for Qualified Retirement Savings Contributions
        Form 8885, Health Coverage Tax Credit
        Form 8891, Canadian Registered Retirement Plans

    The following bugs were fixed:

        Retirement Contribution Summary Screen error - More info
        Unable to enter repayment for 2008 Homebuyer Credit - More info
        Unable to enter country for Foreign Tax Credit - More info
        Schedule A error when e-filing with standard deduction - More info

    Releases 6/6a (R6/R6a) – January 9/11, 2013

    Final versions of the following forms and schedules were released in R6:

        Form 2441, Child and Dependent Care Expenses
        Form 4137, Tax on Unreported Tip Income
        Form 4562, Depreciation and Amortization
        Form 8812, Child Tax Credit
        Form 8853, Long-Term Care Insurance Contracts
        Form 8941, Credit for Small Employer Health Insurance Premiums
        Schedule A, Itemized Deductions
        Schedule C, Profit or Loss from Business

    R6a changed the return processing date from January 22 to January 30 to align with the IRS announcement on January 8. More info

    Releases 5/5a (R5/R5a) – January 2/4, 2013

    E-filing is now available with the R5 releases. In addition, final versions of the following forms were released:

        Form 2106-EZ, Unreimbursed Employee Business Expenses
        Form 2439, Notice to Shareholder of Undistributed Long-Term Capital Gains
        Form 2555, Foreign Earned Income
        Form 4684, Casualties and Thefts
        Form 8283, Noncash Charitable Contributions
        Form 8582, Passive Activity Loss Limitations
        Form 8615, Tax for Certain Children who have Investment Income
        Form 8862, Information to Claim Earned Income Credit after Disallowance
        Schedule EIC, Earned Income Credit
        Schedule H, Household Employment Taxes

    Release 4 (R4) – December 13, 2012

    Final versions of the following forms were released:

        Form 4835, Farm Rental Income and Expenses
        Form 4952, Investment Interest Expense Deduction
        Form 8889, Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)
        Form 8930, Midwestern Disaster Area Distributions

    Release 3 (R3) is the December 3 release of TurboTax Online. It is not an update.

    Release 2 (R2) – November 21, 2012

    Final versions of the following forms and schedules were released:

        Form 1040-V, Payment Voucher
        Form 3903, Moving Expenses
        Form 4868, Application for Automatic Extension of Time to File
        Form 4972, Tax on Lump Sum Distributions
        Form 6252, Installment Sale Income
        Form 8453, U.S. Individual Income Tax Transmittal for an IRS E-File Return
        Form 8824, Like-Kind Exchanges Form 8888, Direct Deposit of Refund
        Form 8919, Uncollected Social Security and Medicare Tax on Wages
        Schedule B, Interest and Dividend Income Schedule SE, Self-Employment Tax

    Release 1 (R1) is the November 9 "manufacturer's release" of TurboTax software. It is not an update.
  • Gotcha.. Didn't catch the 2/7 info on it previously. Thx.. So hopefully they resolve and start processing tonight.
  • I am not guaranteeing anything, but maybe the 7th that we are all being told has something to do with this. The TT tech gave me that page to look at because I asked her how she got the date of the 7th. Who knows, it will be here sooner or later, I am not stressing anymore. We can't squeeze blood from a turnip, you know (as my mother would say)?
  • I'm gathering that no updates since January based on that info?
  • True or not there isn't a whole lot we can do. We can only hope and pray we get our refunds early this coming week.
  • True
  • I think the last updates were on these days January 23/25/27/29, 2013, then the next on Feb. 7th. I just hope for every ones sake that they do as they say and get it fixed soon!
  • Me too
  • Aew.. I'm share your post on another forum asking bout same
  • That is perfectly fine with me, hopefully it helps ease some people. Stress isn't good for anyone!
  • Thanks... Hopefully end is neat
  • Near****
  • Hey if you give that link,, have them type in February 7 and it should be the second one that pulls up.
  • i spoke to two different turbo tax agents and one said there is no update still expecting mid feb and that the 7th is for 1040x amendment filers second one said feb 7th but dont know if its form 8863 that it could be. when i talked to the irs on monday the lady i spoke with said they received my return on the 26th and it has been accepted but wont go further in the process until mid feb. I asked her so what is considered mid feb she said that is what they are telling people it could be anyday from now to feb 14. but once those forms are accepted it could still be 21 days from the date process. she did say if your return has already been accepted those will be pushed right through for processing.
  • I filed 8863 last year also and mine was not delayed. I got it back real quick and I filed in mid-January!
  • Thanks for that update!
  • Well thanks america. Filed 1/17 accepted 1/20 and no dd no nothing. No job now and homeless and broke. Sleeping in my car never sounded so....c'mon IRS.
  • @ sabrecup9286, can you tell me what this means? I am confused since we both have read some diff posts this morning on this delay possibly being worked on??
  • I just received this link straight from an IRS agent :

    It states they will start processing on 2/14 for forms 8863 :(

    Not Feb 7th :(
  • Some info received was from aew1985.. Just means an update scheduled for tonight. What that includes we will have to wait and see
  • That link is for when the forms are available, They have been available for some time now, it does not say that is when they will be processed. We are all just stuck waiting, when I get an email that says my return was accepted then Ill be happy, nobody knows when it is coming people are just trying to put something together based on all different things they are seeing, its pointless. If the Irs had a date im sure they would let us know
  • I'm sure they have a date but they aren't going to release it cause if something else happens and further delays it, they will get swamped with angry calls even more than currently getting
  • I did not see anything about an update.
  • Okay just to see what kind of response I would get from TT I entered into a chat with a lady who was not at all helpful and then proceeds to end the chat while I was still typing... Here is the very brief session that I had.. 17_Kendall Z: Hi Malissa, I’m here to help you today. Just give me a moment to read your question.
    Malissa: ok
    17_Kendall Z: Your wanting to know if i am able to tell you the staus of your return is that correct?
    Malissa: no I know that my return has not even been sent to the irs I just wanted to know when they will start accepting them because I have the #### form
    17_Kendall Z: The file date was the 30th of Janurary they are reviewing returns that were turned in early first
    Malissa : I understand this but I am claiming an education credit and the irs has said that there is going to be a delay.. My question is when will they start accepting returns with the education credit?
    17_Kendall Z: Im not sure honestly you would have to contact the IRS to find that out there will be a delay regardless like i had mentioned earlier they are accepting and reviewing returns that had been filed first then anything after that I am not sure
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  • @Malissa83 wow!
  • magnew2004 that's what I thought also.. I was just like WHAT!?!?! I sit on hold waiting for upwards of 45 min. for this..
  • Not trying to be rude or anything, but what do you expect? Imagine all the people they have to talk with on a daily basis who cannot simply just accept the fact that mid-February means mid-February and that we are not there yet. So many people are claiming to "not know anything about what is going on" um, pardon me but I am pretty sure we all know and have been informed on what exactly is going on by the IRS directly.
  • @Malissa83 the TT rep is totally lying if that was the case they would have already reviewed and accepted mine i filed since 1/10 and my status is still pending.
  • I understand that this delay is in no way TT's fault but with that being said I paid for their service and the least I expect is friendly helpful service... I know they must be getting thousands of call and chat sessions about the education credit delay and many other situations but this is the first time I have ever tried to contact them about my taxes after filing with them for years.. All I am saying is I expected more!!!  I think next year I might be going elsewhere to file..
  • Filed 1/25/13 - with 8863 still pending and was never accepted.
  • Same here filed 1/26 and still pending...
  • Can I see the email also I'm still waiting to receive my taxes
  • The post of the "update"  is for TT not for the IRS.   The IRS is still not accepting the 8863 filers.  I am skeptical that anyone that had a 8863 form has actually been processed and gotten a refund.  I am led to believe there are a limited few that really dont know if they have that form or not, but believe they do.   

    In regards to "mid Feb"  what does that mean to you?   Does it mean the 14th?  the 15th?    Or does it mean sometime between the 16th and 23rd ?   See what I mean?  this is why we are all so crazy.... WTH does mid Feb really mean?
  • its not
  • if you call the irs and can prove a financial need they can get your advocate who can help to get your return processed more quickly id give it a try if i were you.
  • There is never a delay on the 8863 I have files 4 years on a row .. This is the first year there was a delay that's be ause the format changed on the firm abd in the system .. Your friend is giving you false information they are not trying to hold them so they can crack down on anyone.. The system is simply not ready . Also your school will send them a 1098 if you are falsely claiming they will audit you later this year .. Oh and even then a 1098 isn't required as long as you can show receipts of payments ...
  • Filed on 1/17 Accepted on 1/26 no dd yet have form 8863 trying to be as patient as we can I understand our funds will be delays but if they atleast gave an actual date then it will put people at ease instead of hearing 100 different things from everywhere!
  • I agree! We should at least be able to get a date! I called this morning and I was told still the 14th, dont know what happened to the 11th date I was seeing
  • LOL..nobody knows.
  • My friend received her refund today. She filed a little while after i did and was accepted after me...the irs made a big mistake on her refund....she received today 17,000...three times the amount she was entitled to. When i seen this i was blown away!!! Super shocked! She called the irs to let them know what happened! Craziness for sure!   

    Wish i had a DD. i filed on the 17th and accepted on the 25th (TT) but im still processing with the irs...i called he irs a few days ago..rep was very nice just wish he was more helpful...he couldn't answer my questions and he told me what i already knew...however, sbbt site has my information and the amount that will be taken from my federal taxes for using why no sign of anything from the irs???
  • If she filed with H&R block they had a huge problem with their bank today.. it was not the irs
  • From Rumors I've heard; Those who Returns with form8863 that got accepted early will be the ones that get processed first then i heard the IRS will announce that they're now accepted returns with 8863
  • From what I've been told, it was announced on the news this evening that its the 15th.
  • Just got the email from TT saying that the irs is gonna start processing returns like mine with the 8863 form on the 14th...
  • Yes, but I am guessing yours is still being held with TT.   Several got transmitted and were accepted early.. ours accepted on the 24th... WMR shows it as "received and processing"
  • Yes it is, I was one of the luck ones that didn't file until the 29th.... I guess I should have looked at these forums before I filed!!!
  • Did anyone receive a letter from IRS because of claiming the
    8863 credit?Did anyone receive a lttere
  • No. What does it say
  • curious as to what it says as well???
  • What does it say ?
  • Whats the website to check SBBT?
  • I'm in the same boat folks. I was accepted on the 25th and today WMR changed from the orange bar to the message saying "Your tax return is being processed. A refund date will be provided when available."
As of right now if your return was accepted before Jan 28th there will be a delay in processing. If you filed after Jan 28th after the announcement that Form 8863 will be delayed the IRS won't even accept the return for processing at this time. Nevertheless, I personally think they will resolve the issue sooner than later. All we can do is wait.
    Form 8863 has always been available.  Many people with form 8863 not only filed their taxes - BUT - their filing was accepted.  And then...the IRS realized that their system logic was broken.  So...they halted the processing of ALL refunds that are filed with form 8863 - even the ones that were accepted.  That simple.  System moves and enhancements are done over a weekend (this upcoming one to be exact).  The IRS did not name a date yet because they have to test the logic to make sure the upgrade (and subsequent fix) did not break anything else.

    People who filed after the system issue was found were informed that their returns would not be accepted at all until the upgrade has been completed.

      IRS 2012 forms that 1040 filers can begin filing

      Feb. 10, 2013:

      • Form 4562 Depreciation and Amortization (Including Information on Listed Property)

      Feb. 14, 2013:

      • Form 8863 Education Credits
      Straight from the IRS website.  Hope this helps.  
      • so im thinking that the feb 11th date is going to be them testing the ones that have already been accepted to ensure processing those forms are successful???? lets hope!
      • I hope so too!
      • I hope they process ours (the 3 million that are already accepted) before the 14th as to not be back logged when the others begin flowing in ON the 14th??????    COME ON!!!!! :). :) :) :) :) :) :)
      • Oh good my 8863, and 4562 can finally be accepted....still stuck in limbo due to form 8582- this updates from TT or IRS except the generic Late Feb or March.
      Just chatted with tt agent and here is what I got:

      You have been connected to 04_Lois O.
      04_Lois O: Hi angela, I’m here to help you today. Just give me a moment to read your question.
      angela: hello. I filed my taxes with you about 48 hours ago, for some reason it still shows pending. it has never taken my taxes this long to go through to the further stages with turbo tax so i was starting to get a little concerned and wanted to see if you could possibly tell me why i am still pending?
      04_Lois O: the IRS is about one and a half weeks behind schedule
      angela : has my return even been submitted to them or does turbo tax still have it? when you say behind schedule what does that mean for me exactly? how will it effect me?
      04_Lois O: if you give me your email address I can see what info we have
      angela : **********
      04_Lois O: thank you
      04_Lois O: your federal has been accepted
      angela : accepted by you or the irs? and what does accepted me it has been received?
      04_Lois O: it has been received and accepted by the IRS
      angela: why didnt i receive an email from turbo tax saying it had even been received? also when i go to the irs wheres my refund it says it doesnt have anything for me
      04_Lois O: it has not been rejected
      04_Lois O: the IRS is running a little behind, so it could take a little longer to get that email
      angela: so i should expect an email from irs saying it has been received not from turbo tax? i remember getting one from turbo tax all the previous years. also since it has been received and accepted what is the typical processing time?
      04_Lois O: the IRS states that most returns are received in less than 21 days.
      04_Lois O: The IRS won't start to process returns with the education credit until this Friday.
      angela: but you already said mine was received so does the 21 days for it to be received apply to me? when should i expect my refund?
      04_Lois O: it will begin to process the returns on Friday, I would give it 21 days after that
      angela: okay so 21 calendar days from Friday to be refunded? and since mine was already accepted i shouldn't worry about any other stalls?
      04_Lois O: that's true, unless the IRS changes the date to start processing those returns
      angela: great. and if they change the date how will i find out? also, should i still anticipate and email from either turbo tax or IRS saying my return has been received and accepted? and last i need to wait until Friday before i should expect the wmr site to have my refund information?
      04_Lois O: it would be posted on the IRS website
      angela: the change in processing time my refund status or both?
      04_Lois O: the change in porcessing time would be posted, also your refund status
      angela: okay thanks for all your help.
      04_Lois O: angela, can I help you with anything else?
      04_Lois O: angela, I’m glad I was able to resolve your issue. I’ll send you an email within 24 hours asking you how well I helped you today. If you could take a moment to provide feedback, I’d appreciate it. Thanks for using TurboTax.
      angela: i am reading other places like that processing for the education credit will not begin until 02/14.
      angela: do you receive your 02/08 date from the IRS directly?
      angela: are you still here?
      04_Lois O: I went to the IRS website this morning and found that number, it could have changed
      angela: is there a link you can give me so that i can go to it rather than bothering you everyday?
      04_Lois O: I'll be glad to,
      angela: what page do i go to sorry i am not all that familiar with the IRS site.
      04_Lois O: I'm glad to do it,
      angela: thank you so much Lois!
      angela: it doesnt show the 8th just says mid february am i missing something?
      04_Lois O: it said the 8th this morning, must have changed
      angela: okay well thank you Lois I will just keep my fingers crossed and hope for the 8th rather than mid february

      So...I went to the link Lois provided me and it shows mid February as I mentioned above.  It doesnt show anything in regards to the 8th and shows the page was last updated 01/30.  So either Lois isn't able to tell me where she really got that date from or she didn't give me the correct page link.  I don't believe Lois picked the 8th from nowhere someone had to have given it to her.  Basically this got me no where so anytime between the 8th and mid February.  Sorry I couldn't help more.

      Here is what I've got as of 12:30 pm. Spoke to badge # 100015272 at the IRS. He claimed that form 8863 will not delay the 21 day refund projection. The IRS has my tax return and I will get my refund before the 20th.... if not in 4 days etc. Also 9 times out of 10 WMR is not accurate. This is everything he told me.
      • hope so been accepted since the 25th and no change on wmr
      • I just got off the phone with the IRS and she said sometimes there is a glitch in the system and it WILL process the returns like normal. She said that the system showed nothing for me but I was accepted through TT  on the 26th. Also, the lady at TT chat told me TT doesn't know about delays, the emails that were sent out explaining the delay were sent by the IRS and fwd through TT but I never got one....She said to wait the normal 21 days, then contact them again. So 21 days for me would be the 16th...
      • chadstyle2k. What is you file datre and have you been accepted yet?
      • I filed my taxes on 1/10, all it says is they were accepted by the IRS but when i go into turbo tax it still shows as pending. chadstyle2k is your status still pending or does it says accepted? & the 21 days is that from when you filed it or from when they started processing them on the 31st?
      • the 21 days is from when they (IRS) started processing on the 30th.   Not from when TT told you they accepted them.  Been told this now by 3 reps.  Their policy is not to speak to you on your filing until the 21 days has past.
      • The 21 days is from the day the IRS accepted your return.  Turbo Tax is never accurate and neither is MWR.  Last year my taxes stayed in a pending status with both TT and MWR until a week after I received my refund in my bank account.
      • Opps I meant to type WMR sorry.
      • Yes, and we all need to remember that "21 days" cannot start before 1-30-13.  No matter what email you have from TT.
      • So now im confused. They were saying 21 days after the return was received, or accepted. Mine was accepted on the 24th. 21 days would have been the 14th of Feb. Now your saying 21 days after the 30th. I know everyone is different but this mess is stupid and confusing!
      • There is not a "accepted"  Its "received and processing,  Refund approved, Refund sent.
      • Tt say accepted
      • Yes TurboTax emails say "accepted" when it has been transmitted and then acknowledged.   on the IRS site, its either
        1. Pending
        2. Processing
        3. Refund approved
        4. Refund sent

      • I filed on the 23 of Jan. I was accepted on 1/26 by the IRS.
      • Those are my dates also chadstyle2k
      • those are my dates too. filed 1/23 accepted 1/26. filed 8863 form with AOC. still in the processing bar on WMR
      • The 21 days are from the date that the irs accepted your refund. They state that clearly. It's not 21 days from the 30th unless you were accepted on the 30th. FYI
      • ednav79- I filed on the 25th and have remained in pending status ever since with an 8863. However, my boyfriend filed normally with no8863. He was accepted the 26 th and had his money in his account the 1st - 4 days - none of this makes sense
      • @seeleybeach same thing happened to me I'm still pending status and my boyfriend was accepted the 27th and his money went in today he did not file form 8863
      • I agree nothing they are doing is making sense.
      • I just want to clarify this because I talked to the IRS today about this exact thing. 21 days is the point they begin to PROCESS your account. For us in 8863 hell, it'll be the 15th. 21 days from there, EXCLUDING Sundays.
      • heres the link to the IRS that says they will begin processing form 8863 Feb 14
      • I was told the same thing as Chad - that i would receive my refund within 21 days of the 30th of January and that if I have not received my refund that that 21st day I should call them (21st day is the 19th if you go by the 30th - 13th if you go by when TT tells my return was accepted. so we shall see. My friends refund only took four days - hers was accepted on February 1 and was deposited on the 5th and so most of us should have our refunds within a new days of the 14th, atleast the previously accepted ones.
      Well try having a dead beat father to 4 kids that was only ordered to pay $228 child support not pay it for 3 years now...   Now whos money is whos?  This is the only way I get anything out of him, is when he files. 
      • ^^^lol^^^I agree. It's my money and I need it NOW!!
      • I can just pray for you dear. Im in tight spot as well.
      • Tiewers, I wished you live in southwest Florida because I would be able to help you out. I volunteer working with and life couching those who are homeless or in a similar position as you. Just keep praying. I was in the boat a few years back and was pregnant with my first. It isn't easy I know.
      • I'm with ya tlewers. I lost $50,000 gamblin in 2012. I need my refund to buddy. I'm not gettin kicked out of my house but the food situation is tight. I don't have kids but i CAN imagine it being hard to take care of kids when the IRS takes money out of your check and doesn't give you your share back when u need it. I used to be good with money but now I need to work on managing again.
      • FYI, the whole argument that the IRS charges us fees and penalties yet we do not get the same in return does not fly here. We have until the 15th of April before we start racking up those charges (and can even be granted extensions liberally). So, until April 15th, we cannot say that the IRS owes us anything really. Just because it has been a certain way years past doesn't mean that a change in that makes anything less fair or whatever. And people do understand that the IRS is not a sovereign entity, right? They are just a department of the US Government, who is the real issue here. Calling them incessantly is NOT going to solve anything and for those of you that have been chatting with TT or calling them or the IRS - why are you doing it? I am simply interested in what you think is going to happen?
      • That makes so much sense!!!! IRS reps and TT reps know as much as we know.
      • @shelzmike. I agree with you! I was audited 2 years ago because my children and I do not share a last name, I proved that they were mine and was given my refund and INTEREST from april 15h until the day they wrote my check! so no the irs does not give them self special rules they abide by the same rules they give us!
      • @kaf2127 thank you for sharing that information. I had thought they paid interest but was not sure enough to post it because I did not have the experience. It is just more added frustration when people make inflammatory comments that have no real basis on actual fact.
      • @Shelzmike, kaf, and chadstyle:  i think what the person on this post is most upset about is the misleading and undecipherable information that the IRS provides to its clients.  No one knows what mid-Feb is (if it's a leap year does that count? lol), no one knows what 21 days is (is it 21 days from the accepted day or 21 from the 30th or what?).  People also have concerns for their privacy.  Right now my social security number as well as my child's are in some type of "limbo."  These are the circumstances under which we are to place our trust to the IRS.  I think integrity is the key here.  Why aren't simple questions being answered is the real uproar.  Had you no concern related to this matter, it would be safe to assume that you yourself would not be participating in this forum.
      • FURTHERMORE, at this point, our forms are being held hostage.  If they would release the returns back to the taxpayers, some may choose to file without 8863.
      • Excuse me? Are we all crazy?!?!?! As much as I could use that money now, I know I'm lucky to get anything AND to get it as quickly as I will. heck, PA state tax refunds aren't even processed until July at the earliest. before e-filing took off and access to free e-filing for simple federal taxes was mandated for tax preparation software companies to provide, people got their refunds by check and sometimes it took months. I know there's a delay this year, but seriously, you're looking a gift horse in the mouth and spitting in it. I realize that some people rely on this money to help them keep cars and homes, but if you're relying on something out of your control to pay those bills and feed your family, you must be doing something wrong. I have been there and spent some time in two homeless shelters. I learned my lesson and now I'm much better with my money and can feed myself through food stamps. Just calm down, explain everything to your landlord and your car loan provider or bill collectors and hopefully you can work things out until you can pay.
      • rbsdrone... stop judging people, and instead worry about "your own backyard".   Your advise to have people "talk" to their landlord, car loan, etc... that doesnt work that way in the day and age we live in.  

        betsmartz, I agree, just reject the darn things and let us refile without it.
      • Exactly TaxPro who is that person to say we are doing something wrong. Im sure a good portion of us work our ass off and are still living paycheck to paycheck and still can barely make ends meet cuz i kno thats my case. They have no problem taking MY money that i work for in a timely fashion so i expect it back in the same way!!!
      • ^amen.
      • If you are feeding yourself through food stamps then you don't have it all worked out the way you think you do!  I'm guessing you don't have children and have no idea of the responsibility that requires. Mortgage companies, Landlords and Banks do not give a crap about your financial bind. They want their money. You can't talk your way out of everything in life! I find it frustrating that you don't comprehend what this money means to people. Do you like people judging you? Probably not so don't judge others! I am fortunate this year to have breathing room but I still want my money! I have a baby coming in 4 weeks and it would be nice to have that now for extra cushion.
      • ^lol so true true true and true
      • So many much time and then when something useful is pointed out someone gets slammed for judging. Quite honestly, I am of the opinion that people who spout of "don't judge me" have some sort of reason to feel so defensive. I only the other hand could care less if anyone judges me. Who cares, it's an opinion really. If I was not confident in my situation, then I guess it would bother me. I realize it is very tough for some and that this money is very helpful. My only issue is the huge freakout that has happened as if they are saying it will not be till August. We are talking 2 weeks here people and I think the point is that relatively speaking, this is not that horrible and it could be much worse. I think the point that is trying to be made is that sure, perhaps this money will help pay mortgage, rent, car payments etc. but what about next month when the tax refund is gone? That is the real issue. No one knows my story and I generally tend not share it as it may come off as arrogant or "unrealistic for most people" when in fact it is neither. My alcoholic stepfather kicked me out of the house when I was 17, so I literally started out my adult life homeless with nothing but the clothes on my back and no money. I did not have family to help me out and was under 18 and could not get any assistance or shelter on my own. I lived on the streets for a couple of years and in homeless shelters and even managed to raise a baby on my own. See, I am the type that I deal with my responsibilities no matter the costs or how "uncomfortable" it makes me. My life steadily increased, not because of entitlement programs or social services or even "lucky breaks". Sure I used some of those things along the way, but never counted on them, hated being on them. Moving forward to now, I am the sole source of income for a family of 5. We used to live paycheck to fact my whole life I did until I decided to work a FT and PT job and go to college FT as well. I will be honest, it sucked horribly but I made no excuses I did it and guess what, surprise surprise I am doing better because of it. I got a slightly better job with my degree, but still make about half what I should be making due to the economy. Still living paycheck to paycheck, with loads of debt and a mortgage and car payments I decided I had enough and focused in on a.) increasing my income by getting a part time job on top of my current FT job. I busted my tail to get decent PT jobs and not just a McDonalds or something like that. b.) We started living on a written budget, each and every month, and c.) we are living within our means. Guess what, we are no longer living paycheck to paycheck and are starting to significantly reduce our debt. I am not bragging here and not trying to be rude;rather, my point is that despite all odds, we live in America and there is a reason, even in our "bad" times it is still the greatest country in the world because no matter your background, your creed, your socioeconomic status success can be had but you will ONLY ever get out of life what you are willing to put in. I have been in dire straits...for most of my life but I got out of it because I made no excuses and I think that people like me have a right to take issue with people complaining yet doing nothing much to better themselves. If you have an excuse, then you are not working hard enough. Now, obviously I am not talking about the circumstances where there is a significant disability or something going on. America is great because opportunity limitations are ONLY set by oneself and your frame of mind. I am not lucky, just determined and resourceful. Anyone can be those things.

        @betsmartz - yes I am affected in that I filed an 8863 and am delayed but I am not freaking out about it at all. I keep getting alerts from the forums when someone posts, so I come back and reply to attempt to be a voice of reason in what has become quite nonsense if you ask me. People can be pissed about the situation if they want, but someone in the mess here needs to actually point out relevant facts relating to this situation. But when we do, and we disagree or simply don't get as upset as everyone else, well then we are called trolls. Perhaps those people should look up what a troll actually is because it is not this.
      • What is this Lifetime!!?? Who cares, and who has time to read all that??? Can we please refocus to 8863 updates and save the sap and life stories!?
      • I hear ya , We need post only with 8863 updates
      • I'm pretty sure this forum is for 8863 updates. Everyone has their problems I definitely have mine. Kudos to you for getting your life together that's great but what I really want to hear about is if there are any updates for this form. How about we just keep it at that? What happened to the whole "if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all?"
      • I think was the point he was getting across, everyone else complains about their financial situation, he just gave his. Stop being so rude people. This forum is getting really long though, i just want updates lol.
      • @shelzmike; as you can see my reply was solely based on 8863.  I was able to defend the gentleman who started this thread by sticking to the facts.  My life story is none of anybody's business, nor is yours. (Nor does anyone seem to care...sorry)

        FURTHERMORE, if you don't like the alerts (emails), you can SIMPLY change your settings, and UNFOLLOW this thread.

        PS: you already have two jobs, so why add more work to your life by become this "voice of reason?" Come onnnnnn!!!!! Reallyyyy????

        ON THAT NOTE:  any updates on 8863?????????
      • @shelzmike  Why are you on this post?  If you don't like what others are posting then get off.  I have seen another post from you that was down right rude.  Who do you think you are talking down to people on the blog?  That is so disrespectful. Shame on you!!!
      • Lmfao
      • this info should cool all our the IRS website says Feb 14
      • kahnersmomma
            Going out on a whim here, I would feel confident in stating that you don't like to be judged.... You can't point fingers when you react in the same fashion as those of whom you are reprimanding. Verbally bashing someone for changing their life and striving to become self sufficient is downright careless. So what if someone is using food-stamps to help make ends meet. Way better than sitting around on their arses depending on handouts, don't you agree? Furthermore, no offense, if you needed the money so desperately, you would have adjusted your W4 form to reflect your accurate dependent status. Then............... You could put it in the bank and collect interest on the money instead of loaning it to Uncle Sam interest free... Just think....... Then you could have had even more of a cushion to prepare for your new little bundle of joy.....
      • I have plenty of cushion and aren't food stamps a handout? I used to be on them and never did i brag that I had life all figured out because I felt guilty receiving them. You can't tell people how they should get their life together when you don't have your life together. It's hypocritical. I stated that because this person claimed to have their ducks in a row and talking down to others. I pay my bills and have everything purchased that I need for my children including my new arrival. we pay our taxes and work our butts of to provide for our kids. The fact is people are allowed to want their money and being judged for that is stupid.  If we didn't pay taxes then people would complain about that.
      Want to let everyone know about the bank the IRS uses which is where everyones refunds go first to be processed before they are deposited, mail etc.  Once the IRS accepts them you can go to this website and the information is 100% accurate.  Been using it for years know.
      • That is the bank TurboTax uses...... where they pull your fees out, then transmit the balance to your chosen account.
      • Something must be going on with my taxes cause now I can pull information up on and some days ago I could not.  So now I'm just waiting to see what happens, and I also filed the 8863 form
      • well that sounds promising!
      • Sounds good my sbtpg brings up my fees also
      • mine on SBTPG has been up for over a week now...but still no DD
      • Same here @meghanj08
      • Mine has been up for a while as well showing fees with no DD date so I don't think that this means much....would be nice though!
      • Yeah, I don't think that makes much of a difference at this momen. :(
      • I am not able to pull up on sbgt sais no info found and am also waiting on 8863
      • What happens if I filed my federal free and later filed my state return (because my state returns were not available) paying the fees up front. Would it show anything going threw then?
      • Anyone in pending still, or did everyone decide to refile. I decided to wait it out. I am not going to get my netdpend card for another week or so. Whats the point.
      • me too
      • I saw on a few other forums people actually getting dd dates that were accepted early. Actually believe it?
      • I'm still on the first bar on WMR. I decided to wait it out too. Good things comes to those who wait, right? Hope so.
      • I am waiting it out
      • I'm still in pending status and was told by TT it's because the educational credit but not to worry because everyone is going through this. (like that made me feel any better)  It's just getting ridiculous and frustrating. Hopefully the IRS can get it together and start giving us our money!
      • i am still in pending status, got an email from TT a couple of days ago saying I was in processing status but then I go back and check again and  it still says pending status so I am not sure but all I know is it has not even gone to the IRS yet.
      • OK, I am sure I am going to get blasted by this comment, but I feel like someone needs to say it. Let me start by saying I too was affected by the delay, filed the day they made the announcement. I am also expecting quite a large refund and am certainly not well off by any means. My mortgage is 2 months behind, so that is my sob story as it seems to be a requirement for needed your refund or something. I was initially pretty upset about it, but got over it fairly quickly because I realized it is the government and the speed and efficiency of the government is not known for its world records or anything (reason why I am in no way at all excited about Obamacare, but whatever). However, what gets me is that it seems so many people are expecting this behemoth of an "organization" (used lightly as there is nothing organized about it) to miraculously be quick and efficient and every second that they do not hear any updates only adds fuel to the fire. For starters, the problem to be fixed yes is on the shoulders of the IRS; however, the cause of the problem is congress - they are the ones who waited until the last hour to reach a fiscal cliff deal. This changed some of the laws (actually to our benefit when it comes to the credits in question) and now have to scramble to get the entire system that processes 150 million + returns each year. I am an application developer and have extensive knowledge of the massive undertaking this is. The stakes are so much higher as well, adding another layer of complexity to it as well. They have to get it right 100% before releasing it. That is not the case with 99.99% of all other systems in existence. I know many of you don't care and that is fine, but it is not going to change reality.

        And I have seen some petitions floating around and I seriously laughed out loud. Do people understand what a petition is actually designed to do - it is designed to CHANGE something (hence the website, not speed up something that is already in the works because some people have a hard time balancing entitlement with common sense and understanding. A petition is not going to make a bit of difference in this situation. And why are so many ppl calling the IRS on a daily (probably mutiple times daily) basis? What good is that going to do? No wonder they are being rude. YOu an only take so much honestly, especially in light of the fact that the IRS has released a statement and let us know what is's not like they are hiding behind closed doors and no one knows what is going on. Why do you think that the IRS cubicle dwellers have any prophetic insight into something other than what we all know. My 15 year old son was reading these posts because I was talking about it and he ponder the question of how many of the people who are absolutely freaking out about the situation try as hard and follow up as much to actually get a job that would cause them to not be in the situation that getting their tax refund 2 weeks earlier will destroy them and leave them in financial ruin. Good point, I fairness though I pointed out that he was making sweeping generalizations and assumptions based on little evidence, but it still makes you wonder.

        Bottom line - stop calling the IRS, stop signing petitions, and for goodness sake, stop trying to beat the system and refile somewhere else and amend later. I was a tax pro for many years in my earlier career and while this is not fraud, it does have the potential to get flagged, leaving you open to the very investigation that could delay your returns for upwards of a year. Not to mention, it clogs the system honestly. They have stated that it would be middle of February, and it is not yet then. The head of the IRS has made a statement that they want to under-promise and over-deliver, which means it will probably be sooner than that, but even if it is not it is not like the IRS has lied to us or that we will never get our money. Constantly obsessing over it is going to drive you mad for sure and will not change anything. I still do not understand why people think we have some sort of uber-power or influence over what the bureaucracy does. The only power we have in a democracy is in elections and the majority of Americans don't even express that right. Change in government is slow and starts with getting out the officials that are not going a good job and replace them with new ones. Until that happens, we honestly cannot expect much more than we are getting.

        Blast away...
      • Agree with all but 1 part.. Even though congress delayed the fiscal cliff resolve, this is nothing new and had no changes to it.. This should have been prepared for the new system far before opening.. This delay is solely on the IRS

        And in case it is claimed that this is only talking about the AMT (which it is, but is not the only part but is the biggest part so it is the one focused on), here is one specifically talking about the 8863:

        Not trying to be a jerk, just not following you and what you are saying does not jive with what I have read.
      • LOLshelzmike, I could not agree more!!! I work for a branch of the gov and that's just the way it.
      • lol I agree with you! What I found funny is on another thread someone said that their taxes were approved with an 8863 and one person came back and said "show us pictures or it's not real". I couldn't stop laughing at this, like really?  I would hate to be working at the IRS on the 14th (Exact middle of the month) and have ppl who have received their refund. Their phones will be blown up! I think people think by them calling they are going to say, "oh well he called lets process their taxes now". It doesn't work like that.
      • Some are approved but not processed is the wording I received. Irs agent told me they were approved early but cannot complete the filing until the 8863 form is able to run through the database.
      • No dates provided either for when they will do that or when deposit will be
      • I have form 8863 an i was approved on the 25th
      • @shelzmike LOVE IT!!!
      • Everyone.... please look at this email I just got from turbo tax saying my form was ready... here is what is in the link .. soooo confused!

        Support  2012 IRS Tax Form Availability for TurboTax Personal Tax Products  Updated: 2/01/2013 Article ID: GEN12012Availability information below is estimated and subject to change.Your updated TurboTax program reflects real-time forms availability information.IRS forms and schedules not listed are not supported in TurboTax personal tax products.Before we can make a form or schedule available to you, the IRS must first 1) finalize the form and 2) approve our version of it.Print and e-file dates may be different because the IRS approves the e-file and print versions separately.Print Only Date means the form cannot be e-filed. More info  US 1040 Individual  FormMacintoshOnlineWindowsForm 1040, U.S. Individual Income Tax ReturnDate for PrintAvailableAvailableAvailableDate for EfileAvailableAvailableAvailableForm 1040A, U.S. Individual Income Tax ReturnDate for PrintAvailableAvailableAvailableDate for EfileAvailableAvailableAvailableForm 1040EZ, Income Tax Return: Single and Joint Filers with No DependentsDate for PrintAvailableAvailableAvailableDate for EfileAvailableAvailableAvailableForm 1040-V, Payment VoucherDate for PrintAvailableAvailableAvailableDate for EfileAvailableAvailableAvailableForm 1040X, Amended U.S. Individual Income Tax ReturnPrint Only DateAvailableAvailableAvailableForm 1116, Foreign Tax CreditDate for Print02/08/2013AvailableAvailableDate for Efile02/08/2013AvailableAvailableForm 1116, Foreign Tax Credit for AMTDate for Print02/08/2013AvailableAvailableDate for Efile02/08/2013AvailableAvailableForm 1310, Stmt of Person Claiming Refund Due a Deceased TaxpayerDate for PrintAvailableAvailableAvailableDate for EfileAvailableAvailableAvailableForm 2106, Employee Business ExpensesDate for PrintAvailableAvailableAvailableDate for EfileAvailableAvailableAvailableForm 2106-EZ, Unreimbursed Employee Business ExpensesDate for PrintAvailableAvailableAvailableDate for EfileAvailableAvailableAvailableHome Sale WorksheetDate for PrintAvailableAvailableAvailableDate for EfileAvailableAvailableAvailableForm 2120, Multiple Support DeclarationDate for PrintAvailableAvailableAvailableDate for EfileAvailableAvailableAvailableForm 2210, Underpayment of Estimated TaxDate for Print02/08/2013AvailableAvailableDate for Efile02/08/2013AvailableAvailableForm 2210-F, Underpayment of Estimated Tax by Farmers and FishermenDate for Print02/08/2013AvailableAvailableDate for Efile02/08/2013AvailableAvailableForm 2439, Notice to Shareholder of Undistributed Long-Term Capital GainsDate for PrintAvailableAvailableAvailableDate for EfileAvailableAvailableAvailableForm 2441, Child and Dependent Care ExpensesDate for PrintAvailableAvailableAvailableDate for EfileAvailableAvailableAvailableForm 2555, Foreign Earned Income (Spouse)Date for PrintAvailableAvailableAvailableDate for EfileAvailableAvailableAvailableForm 2555, Foreign Earned Income (Taxpayer)Date for PrintAvailableAvailableAvailableDate for EfileAvailableAvailableAvailableForm 3468, Investment CreditDate for Print02/08/2013AvailableAvailableDate for Efile02/08/2013AvailableAvailableForm 3800, General Business CreditDate for Print02/08/2013AvailableAvailableDate for Efile02/08/2013AvailableAvailableForm 3903, Moving ExpensesDate for PrintAvailableAvailableAvailableDate for EfileAvailableAvailableAvailableForm 4136, Credit for Federal Tax Paid on FuelsDate for Print02/08/2013AvailableAvailableDate for Efile02/08/2013AvailableAvailableForm 4137, Tax on Unreported Tip Income (Spouse)Date for PrintAvailableAvailableAvailableDate for EfileAvailableAvailableAvailableForm 4137, Tax on Unreported Tip Income (Taxpayer)Date for PrintAvailableAvailableAvailableDate for EfileAvailableAvailableAvailableForm 4255, Recapture of Investment CreditDate for Print02/08/2013AvailableAvailableDate for Efile02/08/2013AvailableAvailableForm 4506, Request for Copy of Tax ReturnPrint Only DateAvailableAvailableAvailableForm 4562, Depreciation and Amortization (Form 2106)Date for PrintAvailableAvailableAvailableDate for EfileAvailableAvailableAvailableForm 4562, Depreciation and Amortization (Schedule A)Date for PrintAvailableAvailableAvailableDate for EfileAvailableAvailableAvailableForm 4562, Depreciation and Amortization (Schedule C)Date for PrintAvailableAvailableAvailableDate for EfileAvailableAvailableAvailableForm 4562, Depreciation and Amortization (Schedule E)Date for PrintAvailableAvailableAvailableDate for EfileAvailableAvailableAvailableForm 4562, Depreciation and Amortization (Schedule F)Date for PrintAvailableAvailableAvailableDate for EfileAvailableAvailableAvailableForm 4562, Depreciation and Amortization (Partnership Schedule K-1)Date for Print02/08/2013AvailableAvailableDate for Efile02/08/2013AvailableAvailableForm 4562, Depreciation and Amortization (Schedule K-1, S corporation)Date for Print02/08/2013AvailableAvailableDate for Efile02/08/2013AvailableAvailableForm 4562, Depreciation and Amortization (Partnership Schedule K-1 Unreimbursed Expenses)Date for PrintAvailableAvailableAvailableDate for EfileAvailableAvailableAvailableForm 4562, Depreciation and Amortization (Form 4835)Date for PrintAvailableAvailableAvailableDate for EfileAvailableAvailableAvailableForm 4684, Casualties and Thefts Personal Use PropertyDate for PrintAvailableAvailableAvailableDate for EfileAvailableAvailableAvailableForm 4684, Casualties and Thefts Business Use PropertyDate for PrintAvailableAvailableAvailableDate for EfileAvailableAvailableAvailableForm 4797, Sales of Business Property (page 1)Date for PrintAvailableAvailableAvailableDate for EfileAvailableAvailableAvailableForm 4797, Sales of Business Property (Enterable page 2)Date for PrintAvailableAvailableAvailableDate for EfileAvailableAvailableAvailableForm 4797, Sales of Business Property (Fully Calculated page 2)Date for PrintAvailableAvailableAvailableDate for EfileAvailableAvailableAvailableForm 4835, Farm Rental Income and ExpensesDate for PrintAvailableAvailableAvailableDate for EfileAvailableAvailableAvailableForm 4852, Substitute Form W-2 or 1099RPrint Only DateAvailableAvailableAvailableForm 4868, Application for Automatic Extension of Time to FilePrint Only DateAvailableAvailableAvailableForm 4952, Investment Interest Expense DeductionDate for PrintAvailableAvailableAvailableDate for EfileAvailableAvailableAvailableForm 4952, Investment Interest Expense Deduction (for AMT)Date for PrintAvailableAvailableAvailableDate for EfileAvailableAvailableAvailableForm 4972, Tax on Lump Sum Distributions (Spouse)Date for PrintAvailableAvailableAvailableDate for EfileAvailableAvailableAvailableForm 4972, Tax on Lump Sum Distributions (Taxpayer)Date for PrintAvailableAvailableAvailableDate for EfileAvailableAvailableAvailableForm 5329, Add'l Taxes on Qualified Plans (Incl IRAs) (Spouse)Date for PrintAvailableAvailableAvailableDate for EfileAvailableAvailableAvailableForm 5329, Add'l Taxes on Qualified Plans (Incl IRAs) (Taxpayer)Date for PrintAvailableAvailableAvailableDate for EfileAvailableAvailableAvailableForm 5405, First-Time Homebuyer Credit and RecaptureDate for PrintAvailableAvailableAvailableDate for EfileAvailableAvailableAvailableForm 5695, Residential Energy CreditsDate for PrintAvailableAvailableAvailableDate for Efile02/08/2013AvailableAvailableForm 6198, At-Risk Limitations (Schedule C)Date for PrintAvailableAvailableAvailableDate for EfileAvailableAvailableAvailableForm 6198, At-Risk Limitations (Schedule E)Date for PrintAvailableAvailableAvailableDate for EfileAvailableAvailableAvailableForm 6198, At-Risk Limitations (Schedule F)Date for PrintAvailableAvailableAvailableDate for EfileAvailableAvailableAvailableForm 6198, At-Risk Limitations (Partnership Schedule K-1)Date for PrintAvailableAvailableAvailableDate for EfileAvailableAvailableAvailableForm 6198, At-Risk Limitations (Form 4835)Date for PrintAvailableAvailableAvailableDate for EfileAvailableAvailableAvailableForm 6198, At-Risk Limitations (S Corporation Schedule K-1)Date for PrintAvailableAvailableAvailableDate for EfileAvailableAvailableAvailableForm 6251, Alternative Minimum TaxDate for PrintAvailableAvailableAvailableDate for EfileAvailableAvailableAvailableForm 6251, Alternativ
      • It just means that Turbo Tax has the form available for your use when going through their program to file your taxes.  

        When the forms are not ready, as you get to the end of the program, a message on screen will say "Blah blah form is not yet ready.  We'll send you an email when it is time to come back and finish your tax return."  --that is my paraphrasing :)

        The IRS has still not released a specific date as to when they will begin processing the "delayed" forms.   Unfortunately, one thing has nothing to do with the other at this point since TT is still not permitted to transmit any returns which include use of any of the delayed forms until the receive the green light from the IRS.  

        Form 8863, for example, was available to be used in your TT return back on January 10.
      I called the IRS Twice today (and will be calling again to prove a theory). This is what was told:

      IRS Agent name: Dennis Ragen (call 1)
      badge number: 2627475
      Aren't processing until mid Feb. Don't need to take addtion action at this time.

      IRS Agent Name: Mrs. Rickman (Call 2)
      Badge #: 0584322
      Told them I wanted to confirm banking information.
      Accepted 1/24:
      Normal processing time is 3 weeks. If nothing, has to adhere to that timeframe. *bunch of bull*
      Do have return, is being processed, refund is $1707.
      What they have on the 8863 issues: if the irs received before Jan 27, will hold until mid Feb. even though they are "processing" they aren't really processing. Apparently any dates given (2/7, 2/11 or 2/15) weren't given by her, and as such, she can't answer why they are being given out. 

      • They are full of bs they keep telling everyone different things
      • sarah_B i agree, its like what is taking them so long to make that change.
        They have no problem deducting our taxes from each check, but when it comes to giving them back to us we get a whole run around. As if like they didn't have the money that it is taking them so long to process and deposit returns.
      • I filed 1/11/13 and I'm still pending due to this stupid delay on the 8863 form
      • You have to take them with a grain of salt, as they are just call center reps. They only know what they are allowed to know.
      • I called irs today an i was told my return was in the error department due to form 8863 an as soon as they fix it ill get my refund so i hope soon
      • "error" department?  That is a new one.  I have never heard that before.  I am starting to see the reps will say anything to get us off the phones as they really dont have any answers to give.  Only time will tell.
      • Yeah i didn't get it Im gonna call back an c whatelse they say
      • Now they can't tell me anything
      • That is what they are supposed to tell you. Their new guidelines are that they cannot talk with you until the 21 days has past.  Those that are talking are being a bit overstepping, and therefore should be taken lightly as may not be totally accurate information.
      • I got the same BS..wait the standard 21 days and after is the time to worry, they cannot see anything until after then. But when I pushed more she said she would pull up my account and look, stuck me on hold for about 6-7mins, then came back on the line saying oh i saw nothing, i told you we couldn't pull anything up..SO WHY THE HECK DID I SIT ON HOLD FOR THAT LONG, while you "looked". Then she proceeded to tell me that there is sometimes a glitch in the system which will allow the form to go through and be processed....wait...HUH?!!
      • It's becoming comical at this point. First it was a glitch causing a delay in processing the forms now all the sudden it's a glitch if the forms are processed. It can't be both. They confirmed having our returns on file so at this point it appears that their policy is to tell all the 8863ers they can't find us til after 21 days to cut out some of the calling.
      • I was also told today there was an error due to 8863 not my fault she said but the system
      • I know right that's BS!!!!!
      • I called IRS about my 8863
        I can say for certain that any refunds with 8863 will be delayed till late march. I spoke with two diffrent
        reps at IRS and was told that. The supervisor I spoke with told me that fraud is the one and only reason for the delay
      • It certainly won't be late March. Might want to retract that statement when you honestly cannot be "certain" ;)
      • Posted same on other walls.. Clueless spammers I think..
      • it is mid to late february NOT MARCH--- I have talked to five different IRS agents and they all said mid to late February for those who efiled - mid to late march for those who filed on paper - she said that they will start processing those forms that filed early first and then move through the others
      • It IS NOT MARCH I don't why people feel the need to post inaccurate information all over the forums to cause people to spaz out. You are right Sabercup clueless spammers/trolls, and if we could get advocates to prove our need to have our refund released we would all have our money smh LMAO. don't feed the TROLLS
      • Proooooooooove it (the march date) LOL
      • i think the reason mid march is being said because the irs is saying once they start accepting and processing returns in mid feb you may not get a refund until mid march
      • I don't know where you are getting that I posted mid-March. I did say MID FEBRUARY!
      The IRS is telling everyone that there is a delay with EOC 8863 and they are not expected to process any until MID FEB....People its a crap shoot every year with EOC.  I have claimed EOC the past three years and have always gotten my refund in my account prior to the 21 days they project.  The tell people the worse case sernario so they sill stop calling up there asking questions.  Hope this helps everyone.  Be patient you will get your money before the 21 days!!!!
      • i have seen other people saying this but i have claimed this credit for the past few years and was not delayed at all
      • I have always gotten my refund within a week, for the past 3 years...with the AOC each year.
      • Lets hope so.  This delay is really unnecessary.  The real fraud is those filing that dont work, and those claiming dependents they dont have the right to claim.   If I was going to file fraudulently, I dont think I would have worried about the $270 credit the 8863 gave me that I was not even aware was being filed, as I was just answering the questions as they came up on the screen.
      • You are correct on that one!
      • I feel you , I filed 8863 big mistake !! I spoke with two reps at IRS and was told that due to fraud with 8863 my refund will not go through till after mid febuary ,but that late march would be more realistic. I asked why and FINALLY got rep to admit fraud is the only reason for delay !!!!
      • Reps "admit" something different on each phone call. They don't know anymore than you do, they've made that very obvious. What's the use in calling? You're only wasting an hour or more of your time
      • I filed 1/24 was accepted on 1/26 and still nothing on wmr, but am hoping for the best. This is the second year I have claimed EOC and last year I got my refunds on time. I dont understand what is going on.
       I took the advice of arhodes13 and called the IRS at (800) 829-0582 ext. 362 and the representative was very pleasant and told me that all he could see is what we were able to see on the WMR. He was unable to pull up anything on my account other than it was still processing so I added to him about the education credit and if he had any word on it and the first thing that comes out of his mouth is the 7th. But then he says let me put you on hold to make sure because we just got an alert regarding this credit. He puts me on hold and comes back to say mid February is what his notice says. Mid February meaning around the 15th of the month. I asked him where did the date of the 7th come from and he says that the forms needed to process the education credit are being staggered and one of them will be in on the 7th and the rest mid February  Anybody wondering, there you go! We are all in the same boat so there is no need for one to be more upset than the next, I just figured I would provide an update in case some of you are wondering.
      • thank you
      • sorry im still is it the 7 and he accidently said it and then went back to say the 15th...??
      • you are very welcome @larchiepayne82 and yes @nishi14
      • thanks ;)
      • staggered would mean more than two dates like 7,9,11,15.....SPLIT would be 7 and mid-feb?   ugh! i'm sick of overanalyzing everything!  my brain hurts. lol
      I just received this link straight from an IRS agent :

      It states they will start processing on 2/14 for forms 8863 :(

      Not Feb 7th :( 
      • Yeah but why would the IRS direct you to a link that isn't from an IRS site?
      • oh well at least we got something concrete
      • Not sure, maybe the agent was trying to be helpful. I asked her specifically if it would be the 7th of Feb and she said she would provide me with a link that she thought would be helpful to me
      • And actually FreeFile is linked to the IRS .
      • Thanks for this info. Lets just hope they say that but are going to do it earlier. I am sure they are sick of the phone calls and things also
      • the word is all the early accepted people with 8863 will be processed on feb 7th, and everyone else that hasn't been accepted by irs will be mid feb.
      • Great so since I was technically accepted by the IRS according to tt i will hope I am processed tomorrow.  Thanks
      • Hopefully.. I'm doubtful die to lack if accuracy within irs but hoping its true
      • Due to***
      • This whole process would be a lot less painful if they would just give us a damn processing date already. If it really is the 14th then so be it, but we are already close enough to the deadline of  'mid february' that they should be able to give us a processing date by now. Such incompetence.
      • They are not going to give an exact processing date until they have processed some returns after the system is fixed. I mean think of the mutiny that would happen if they said the 7th, and something happened and it had to be delayed again. That would be 10 times worse than it is now in regards to complaints and inflamed emotions.
      • just noticed on the irs website where they having the information scrolling across the center of the page that it no longer says "by" mid-february, now it says "in" mid-february. yeah, because that's going to make people stop calling......
      • I noticed that 2! Lol! But if u click on it and read the actual article it says "by the middle of February" still. Idk y they changed it, "by" mid February is just as broad as "in" Mid February...there still is no date! Lol
      • I don't know if I would trust info from that site because the IRS has a page on their site that gives out very similar info. Here is the link to the IRS site
      • This has been the best thing I have seem for what actually may be occurring with the 8863 tax forms. I was told by an IRS rep. on 2/06/13 that my 8863 form WAS NOT AFFECTED when I filed. Filed 1/18/13, was accepted by IRS on 1/25/13. I have been in a pending status ever since. This was my first year actually taking the 8863 credit. I need to do amended returns for 2011 and 2010 to take this credit but going to the local IRS office to do this because of all the craziness from this years filing of it. I understand the IRS wanting to stop fraud etc etc etc but DANG!!!! All my returns have been legit and I have never had to wait this long nor have I experienced all the run around and miscommunication that is occurring between the public and the IRS in regards to returns. I am wondering.... (A) if the IRS is saying 2/13/13 is when the 8863 forms will be available for processing,  does the 21 day rule starts from that date or (B) the date your got accepted as it indicates? Also, if the 21 day rule is exceeded will  the IRS have to pay interest on the monies we have not received until we receive it and how much interest (the rate) that is. I really need to get my FASA done for school for this year and the school does not want to do it until they are able to pull information from the IRS site. I am missing out on opportunities to be eligible for wards from my college because of the filing issues we are experiencing.
      • ^so true
      Just got off the phone with IRS they are saying processing returns with the 8836 form will start no later then the 15th. With the delay they are saying some people are getting their DD next day to two weeks from approved. This was 2 mins ago from the IRS. 
      • I talked to them about 45 minutes ago and they said they didn't have a specific date other than mid-February which the 15th would be mid-February. Sometimes I think they are just telling us this to make us quit calling them.
      • I just hope something happens next week, cause I need that money by March 1st to move out of state!
      • I agree with you on hoping something happens next week!!!! Our daughter has leukemia and we could use the money for gas to and from treatment as well as doctor bills!!!
      • I hoping and praying also. I have to be out of my house moving to a new one and extra money would make it so much easier.
      • All I have to say is that they have ONE week from tomorrow, and then they will have to change their story, someway somehow.  Because the middle of February will be here.  I can't wait :-/
      No update as of 2/07/13... Filed with TT on 1/14, "8863er accepted early" on 1/24, been on "received and processing" since 1/30/13...
        Nothing new for this 26 filer wat bout y'all
        • Nothing new :/
        • Shan900 check again in the morning.  Usually it stays the same until 6amish :)
        • 26er here no update
        • No change for me, still reads: A refund date will be provided when available.
        • Accepted on the 24th. Still getting the same message
        • 1/24.. Still same
        • Maybe in the morning we will see change.
        • It remember the IRS updates on Pacific time guys
        • No, it updates on Eastern time.....

          This is from the IRS website.
          "Where’s My Refund? is available almost all of the time. However, our system is not available every Monday, early, from 12:00 am (Midnight) to 3:00 am Eastern Time.

          Our Change of Address and Refund Trace features are not available during the following times (Eastern Time):

           Sunday 12:00 am (Midnight) to 7:00 pm
           Monday 12:00 am (Midnight) to 6:00 am
           Tuesday 3:30 am to 6:00 am
           Wednesday 3:30 am to 6:00 am
           Thursday 3:30 am to 6:00 am
           Friday 3:30 am to 6:00 am
           Saturday 3:30 am to 6:00 am
             and 9:00 pm to Midnight

          Also, occasionally our system may be unavailable on Sundays between 1:00 am and 7:00 am Eastern Time. "
        • 26er no update either
        • At 530 CST, this 26'er still has the the 21 days processing :-/
        • I am the 26th and still no update this morning wtf :(
        • 6:55 am Easern time - Accepted 1/26 - still the same 21 day message on wmr.
        • 26'er - still the same "21 day..." message.....  7:32 am..........
        • I guess today wasn't our day :(
        • 26'er- same 21 day ish, smh! IRS has really messed up alot of people this year, this is just terrible.
        • I wonder if it takes thing for processing how long will it take for refund to be sent ugh
        • tomorrow is the 14th so maybe tonight or the next couple dates we will have updates
        • Nothing for me either....but i did receive this email yesterday when i checked

          Subject:  Unscheduled Modernized e-File (MeF) Wednesday Maintenance Build


          Attention: Software Developers, Transmitters and States
          The Modernized e-File Production system will be unavailable from 1:00 am - 5:00 am, Eastern on Wednesday, February 13, 2013. To ensure that MeF performance is optimized, the IRS will be performing some additional maintenance as a preventative measure in anticipation of increased daily volume beginning Thursday, February 14th. The Assurance Testing System (ATS) environment will not be impacted. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience.

          So hopefully we see something tmrw
        • @lewisbrandon09 I couldnt agree with you more smh...makes NO sense & my mind and comprehension levels are pretty high, but this situation beyond any type of comprehension. I'm so sick of this waiting game...geez, I'm waving the white flag...
        • Idk either guys. 26'r in same boat. Stupid still processing.
          Smile- at least we've got that. Ok, my encouragement quota fulfilled. I feel like this stupid situation that really shouldn't be a situation is consuming my life! My family has decided I've gone crazy.
          Still hoping positive...I remember before it being posted somewhere that things change at nine. Don't know what time zone. I do know WMR changes in day time. Yesterday morning it read on main page updated 08 february 2013, and I was able to get in. Later same date, I couldn't get in, locked out. Later new date. February 12, 2013. Only pulled a white screen!? Later date: 13, February 2013. Still pulling white screen. Later I got in.
          Also read 24 and 25'rs checked earlier in day yesterday, no change. But late last night were posting the change.
        • STILL NOTHING!
        • Has anyone with an 8863 who posted change of yesterday..."refund date will be given when one becomes available" blah, blah, blah - been given ab actual REFUND DIRECT DEPOSIT DATE????  IF YOU GET A DATE AFTER THIS MESSAGE - PLEASE POST HERE.  I HAVE BEEN WAITING SINCE 1/25/13 - STILL NO DDD!
        • still nothing changed as of 6;30 am pacific
        • Still nothing here either. I was one of the ones that filed on the 25th and is still processing through TT but nothing on the MWR.
        • As an 8863'er - we should all call the IRS today to find out when we will be given a deposit date?  Let's call and post our responses here today.  Thanks.
        • Did anyone else receive the new email about the system update that was accepted the 26th? I havent gotten it yet
        • email about system update that was today from 1am to 5am
        • Uugghhhh!
        • amanda-gutman-20 What did email say??
        • Right.. I was asking has anyone else received it
        • get a job. Just kidding. hopefully soon.
        • hopefully return soon
        • What part of just kidding do you not understand. Relax a bit.  Wait let me "CAPS EVERYTHING" [edited by social moderator]
        • This is more entertainment for most.  Yes, it's frustrating. But if you actually have a job, you shouldn't have to worry about your car being repossessed or being behind on your either you're lying or you're horrible with money.  My refund is just a bit of extra spending money every year.  If you budget yourself, you wouldn't have to be worrying and giving sob stories like 90% of the other  people on these forums.
        • Some people technically have jobs but due to a failing economy and government they were layed off unexpectedly for months and months...The job market is tough and people are cutting hours and laying off all over..McDonald's is now being selective if who they hire...One day you may be put in a similar situation and you'll eat those words... All I am saying is don't judge without being in someone's shoes...This is my first post and I am patiently waiting it out...I'm just very understanding to everyone's situation.
        • ^like!!!
        • @emt_g, could you possibly be an even bigger douchebag!?  Some of us have jobs, good jobs that do not pay crap. There are others who once had better jobs with larger money responsibilities who were laid off, or lost his or her job due to economic downsizing. People who are normal average Joe's struggle from time to time through no fault of their own.
          You have no idea why people need money and maybe, just maybe, a person does not want to share the full story of why he or she is in debt and just give minimum facts. If i said I am two months behind on my home mortgage, and my kids are hungry, you would respond with what?
          Now, if I said the same thing and added my spouse died three months ago, was only 26, and had no life insurance because the young feel like they will live forever, would you respond with the same. YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT ANOTHER IS GOING THROUGH.
        • like^^^^^
        • Preach Michelle!!!!
        Does this apply to anyone:

        QuickAlerts for Tax ProfessionalsFebruary 4, 2013e-file Resources

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        Subject:  Form 8867, Paid Preparer’s Earned Income Credit Checklist

        The IRS has noticed that a large number of returns with the Form 8867, Paid Preparer’s Earned Income Credit Checklist, have incomplete information. Although the IRS will not reject a return if information is missing on Form 8867, these returns will be suspended causing a potential delay in refunds if the information is missing.

        We are asking software developers and transmitters to communicate the Form 8867 information requirements through their software and other communication channels. Specifically, when Form 8867 is present in a return and Earned Income Credit is claimed, entries for lines 22, 23, 24, 25, both parts of 26, and 27 must be present. We recommend that the software ensures these lines on Form 8867 have entries in order to avoid processing delays that could impact refunds.

        We also ask that you remind preparers that they could be assessed a penalty if they fail to comply with the due diligence requirements.

        Back to Top

        Thank you for subscribing to QuickAlerts for Tax Professionals, an IRS e-mail service.

        If you have an idea or a question related to QuickAlerts you can contact us by e-mail. Submissions which are not related to QuickAlerts will not be processed. If you have tax related questions you should pursue normal customer service channels provided on the Website.

        If you know someone who might want to subscribe to this mailing list, please forward this message to them so they can subscribe.

        This message was distributed automatically. Please Do Not Reply To This Message.

          Okay everyone, we all are getting a bit frustrated and getting a little snippy, myself included in this. Lets all try to be positive and focus on positive. Yes it is delayed and we cant change that. If anyone find outs information, please feel free to post. No need to be critiquing information because as of now, those that are calling and chatting with IRS or TT are giving more information than the two I mentioned. Lets just try to relax, take deep breaths, etc.  
          • Here is something to laugh at....I'm half way around the world, so it is already the 6th where I's just funny because it feels like I'm waiting that much longer.  In reality, I know that I'm not, but by the time the 7th (business day) comes around for most of you, it will be late on the 7th or early on the 8th before I get any news.  :)
          I realized I replied without signing in so I am sending my reply through again after signing in. This is my 4th year taking the AOC for myself and my wife. I filed in January last year on the first day that returns were accepted and I had my refund of over 5000 dollars on January 29th (I checked my online bank statement to make sure). Last year there was the announced delay for the Tuition and Fees deduction but not the AOC. For the past 3 years there has been no delay for me and my wife. And anyone that says that no refunds were disbursed before February of last year, they are totally wrong. My father got his only 3 days after it was accepted and my sister who does use the 8863 form also got hers in January. Hers was credited to her bank account on the 26th of January. This is truly the first year that there has been any noticeable delay for filers of form 8863. Mine and my sister's refunds are glaring examples of this. In fact, last year's statement about the delay or the Tuition and Fees deduction contained the statement that those taking the AOC or Hope credit were not part of the delay. If anyone doesn't believe that I got my refund in January after filing the 8863 I can provide a redacted copy of my bank statement from February of last year showing my January transactions. Honestly, I look for the IRS to get this bug fixed earlier than expected and all will be fine. I think they gave us a worst case scenario.
          • I am waiting for the chat people to respond. I have been on hold for 45 min and I am getting
             "You are currently at position number 199 in the queue."  

            I will update after speaking with them. I just hope they give some kind of answer.
          • I really don't mean to sound rude, just the opposite in fact. Why is everybody continuing to make all of these phone calls to TT and the IRS? If you filed with a form 8863, no matter when it was accepted, they found a glitch when updating the computers and it will not be processed until that is fixed, no matter how many times people call. If you didn't file any of the delayed forms, including the 8863, then give the IRS 21 days from Jan. 30th, the day they officially started accepting returns, before you start calling. No matter how many times you call, you absolutely will not have an effect on the speed with which your return is processed or the speed you get your refund. I know what it is like to need your refund badly. I do every year. I count on it. But I have learned after decades that you can not rush the IRS and TT has no power to speed them up either.
          • Well I filed on Jan. 25th and my stated processing.  Others posted around the same date have been accepted and already have a direct deposit with the educational credits.  I have heard from some people that if it said pending it meant TurboTax was holding onto your return until the IRS starts accepting form 8863.  I was confused because TT stated that it had transmitted to the IRS on Jan. 25th.  When I called the IRS it was with the hope that they had my return and would be able to clear up the issue with the form.  I am hearing dates all over the place as well as other people.  The IRS rep did find my return and told me it was holding with them.  So, TT did transmit the returns they are correct, so if you are pending and got an email that your return was transmitted to the IRS they do have it in their queue.  I was told that they would do those returns first.  My IRS rep was kind of clueless on the 8863 delay.  She was trying to blame congress, which was the reason they officially opened on jan. 30th not for the delay on the credits.  She kept stating they have to approve the forms.. I even told her that the IRS website, TT, all stated it was a glitch but she was not admitting that.  I did get the Feb. 15 date.. so not sure about the 7th.  I see others were told that date.  So that is why so many are getting frustrated.  We just want to know what is going on with our returns.  For some their refund is the help they need because they are living paycheck to paycheck and to others it is the guarantee that they will be able to go on vacation.  It is kinda rude to presume someone's situation or to even judge them because they need their money.  If you owed the IRS you couldn't tell them I am sorry their is a glitch with my checking account.
          • Bwahahaha! I love it! The next time I have a bill due, I'm going to send them a letter saying "I'm sorry, your payment will be delayed indefinitely due to a glitch with my checking account."
          • Like
          • try this link at says that they will begin accepting claims with this form 2/14/13, status was updated on 2/5/2013. Hope this helps!
          • cmomma80
            Lol :) I am going to use that one too!!
          I don't know how helpful this link is since it does not show a date but , something is better than nothing.....

          • Its so many helpful links on here..People just need to be patient because we all want our money
          • I'm seeing a lot of positive and negative on here just join but hello to everyone
          • More frustration blowing over than anything... Some people just come on here with false info and get everyone all riled up, so we have start to question everyone
          • I agree....there is a little bit of everything going on in these threads but since irs agents are tight lipped and pretty much useless right now concerning actual dates it seems like tt forums is the best place to get its sad but true buty ou can usually tell who is making stuff up or has no idea of what they are talking about pretty quick
          • Def can... I think it's almost over... Just my guess... Or maybe hope... Lol.. Either way, if these forums do anything, they help burn all this time with some comedic relief of some
          • ^AMEN! lol
          • But if u look at that link at bottom last updated was jan 30 so maybe things have changed just didn't update to keep people from calling
          • lol
          • I spoke to a IRS rep this morning and it obvious that they all are fed the same script ie;.21 days to process, use WMR etc...... The lady I talked to was very knowledgeable but also very long winded which worked out to our advantage because she talked so much that she accidentally gave me a date of  of March 11 of when to expect my refund which happens to be exactly 21 days from the February 11 date that  is being tossed around. As soon as she realized what she did she tried to back track it with a lame excuse that made no sense. I starting to think that the returns with 8863 will be processed starting 02/11/2013.

            Here is the post that says tt said refunds will be processed on 02/11:
            "I spoke with a Rep for turbotax yesterday who stated they will begin processing 8863 on monday the 10th . However this rep sounded like a 18 yr old kid , and i had to ask for his attention 2 or 3 times , very unprofessional on his and turbotax end. So i am taking what he told me with a grain of salt.".......... This person said they were told the 10th but if you count business days from the 10th it adds up to the 03/11 date the IRS  blurted out.

            I'm just trying to do my best to connect dots since the IRS is not going to give us a date. Feel free to correct me if I missed something but I promise this was an actual conversation I had with IRS this morning.
          I spoke with a Rep for turbotax yesterday who stated they will begin processing 8863 on monday the 10th . However this rep sounded like a 18 yr old kid , and i had to ask for his attention 2 or 3 times , very unprofessional on his and turbotax end. So i am taking what he told me with a grain of salt.
          • I talked to the IRS this morning and the lady I talked to talked so much that she gave out a little too much info. She told me that if I don't receive my by 03/11 to call back....... 03/11is exactly 21 business days from 02/10......They tell everyone to expect their refund within 21 days of processing but as I am sure you know it usually comes a lot faster
          • your last post said:  "I spoke to a IRS rep this morning and it obvious that they all are fed the same script ie;.21 days to process, use WMR etc...... The lady I talked to was very knowledgeable but also very long winded which worked out to our advantage because she talked so much that she accidentally gave me a date of  of March 11 of when to expect my refund which happens to be exactly 21 days from the February 11 date that  is being tossed around. As soon as she realized what she did she tried to back track it with a lame excuse that made no sense. I starting to think that the returns with 8863 will be processed starting 02/11/2013."

            now you say 2/10... your not even consistent. This is not a personal attack, just pointing out how information is getting twisted because people taking the role as refund detectives and all feedback is based on speculation with no info to back it up.
          • Ummm 10th is a Sunday sooooooo......
          • ajc123, Ashley was told that refunds will be processed on 02/10 and I was told that if I didn't receive a refund by 03/11 to call back. If you actually look at a calendar and count the days you will see 02/10-03/11 is exactly 21 business days which corresponds to the IRS's 21 day refund time. Whats the coincidence that Ashley was given a date of 2/10 and I was given a date of 03/11 considering they are both exactly 21 business days apart? Let me reiterate, I was given a date of 03/11 and since we know their refund time is 21 days all you have to do is count days on a calendar to " TRY" to figure out when they will start processing returns, which just happens to be on 02/11 the next business day after 02/10.  I agree that this is speculation  but it does not mean everything being posted on here is incorrect, in fact most things in life aren't in black and white and sometimes you have to read in between the lines and connect dots and then speculate to come up with the most reasonable answer problem.

            sharonknight84, yes the 10th is not a Sunday but the next day is the 11th which is exactly 21 business days from 03/11.

            Sometimes you have to think outside the box. If you are OK with their answer of 21 days from MID FEBRUARY-fine it's no need for you to be on here. I on the other hand find it ridiculous and will use all possible resources available tom me including my own conversations with the IRS and other peoples experiences/conversations.

            Again, this is not an exact science. Do your own diligence.
          • Also is a federal holiday in there too
          • Hopefully it comes before 3/11. Is the IRS processing refunds daily? I've tried to ask the IRS several times but haven't had any info given to me
          • That's 28 days. 21 days from the 10th would be the 3rd of March.
          • They are processing everyday with the new system. At least that's the way I understand it. Turbo tax even counts the weekends in the 21 day estimate
          • Really? I thought the IRS was closed on non-business days. Direct deposits usually don't happen on non-business days so why would they use non business days to calculate our direct deposits.?
          • Really? I thought the IRS was closed on non-business days. Direct deposits usually don't happen on non-business days so why would they use non business days to calculate our direct deposits.?
          • ajc123, I understand where you are coming from but at this point all we can do is speculate. The only reason used 02/11 on the previous post is because it is that date is 21 business days from 03/11 . Both dates ad up to 21 business days when you count to 03/11 so it's cosmetic at best, but everything else lines up.

             Ashley was told that refunds will be processed on 02/10 and I was told that if I didn't receive a refund by 03/11 to call back. If you actually look at a calendar and count the days you will see 02/11-03/11 AND 02/10-03/11 ARE BOTH exactly 21 business day apart  which corresponds to the IRS's 21 day refund time. Whats the coincidence that Ashley was given a date of 2/10 and I was given a date of 03/11 considering they are both exactly 21 BUSINESS DAYS APART? Let me reiterate, I was given a date of 03/11 and since we know their refund time is 21 days all you have to do is count days on a calendar to " TRY" to figure out when they will start processing returns, which just happens to be on 02/11THE NEXT BUSINESS DAY AFTER 02/10.  I agree that this is speculation  but it does not mean everything being posted on here is incorrect, in fact alot things in life aren't in black and white and sometimes you have to read in between the lines and connect dots and then speculate to come up with the most reasonable answer problem. Sorry, for changing my post alittle

            sharonknight84, yes the 10th is not a Sunday but the next business day is the 11th which is exactly 21 business days from 03/11.

            Sometimes you have to think outside the box. If you are OK with their answer of 21 days from MID FEBRUARY-fine it's no need for you to be on here. I on the other hand find it ridiculous and will use all possible resources available tom me including my own conversations with the IRS and other peoples experiences/conversations to try to connect the dots.

            Again, this is not an exact science and if you aren't comfortable with speculation do your own diligence.
          • I'm not arguing, just simply stating that when you go to track my refund through TT it shows when you can expect your refund and it includes weekends in the 21 day estimate.
          Dont forget, along with all this confusing information and lack of information.... that a Federal Holiday is coming up on the 18th, in which the IRS will be closed.  Adding further insult to injury to those of us, that are stuck in limbo either in pending or "Received and Processing" 
          • What federal holiday?
          • Presidents day
          • I I forgot about that.  Grrrr!
          • I looked at that link from free file. If you compare their list with the original list the irs put out . It is identical. the dates have been changed from mid- feb -late march to all forms are now stating feb 13
          • Just saw this yesterday it said the 14th. one day sooner:)
          • we are almost there.
          • god i hope we leave for disney world on the 23rd. could really use my refund to do something extra special for my kiddos.
          • Still no update for me ;( filed 1/10 accepted 1/25 and still processing !! Hope someone has better news today ;)
          • I filed on the 29th never accepted still pending. only thing hr block will tell me is mid feb:(
          • Checked mine this morning since today was the big day 7th and nope my return is still in the pending stage :(
          • me 2 Ednav79, filed on the 17th, accepted on the 24th, nada, zilch, nothing! Oh well one more week hopefully, we will hear SOMETHING!
          • mine is still pending as well. If status does not change over night I assume next week 14-15th we'' see status changes...
          • 2/7 rumors were bull!  I feel like finding those comments and calling out the people who posted them!  But we will wait another week as patiently as we have been and see what happens!
          • wanna here something really sad? heard this am that irs is depositing 2 to 3 times the amount they are supposed to. somebody was supposed to get 10.272.00 and the irs put 32k in there bank and i cant even get my measley 4thousand
          • I am still holding out hope. If it is true that they were to start processing today they probably wouldn't start processing until business hours so we won't have an update until tomorrow. Do I believe that is the case...not really but it would be nice. They can deposit 2 to 3 times my amount and I won't complain at all lol.
          • ^would have been on the news. Not true
          • i was just told from a tt rep that the actual update is happening today and next week the irs will start accepting the returns. i am hoping it will be as early as monday.
          • me to but what does processing mean i filed 1/11 accepted1/24 i got a email from tt saying it was accepted but wmr says its processing and on the frist bar does that mean im still accepted?
          • hey betsmartz go to the tax form 8863 facebook page and read there about the extra deposits
          • Yes you are still accepted, I too was accepted on the 24th but they still have to run our returns through the updated system to be able to issue our refund. I'm just holding out hope because if not I'm going to scream lol
          • I'm okay with that if that's the case they can take as long as they need to,but i would prefer mines now because when they release mines i have to wait again due to a 97 dollar offset.
          • watch the 2/7 not be a rumor but happen at MIDNIGHT tonight instead lmfao......whatever it is it needs to hurry the hell kids bdays are 2 weeks apart, end of this month and beg of march, so i really do count on tax money for it.......2 bdays back to back is far too expensive lol
          • same boat but birthdays aren't til July/Aug, whatever the reason is, WE NEED IT NOW !
          • ok so i called the irs because everyone keeps saying something different the lady i spoke with says that most of their calls that come in is questions about the form 8863. She said they are going to start accepting and processing returns on the 14th and 15th and after that i would see a change on wmr.
          • This is some BS, if the new system can't process 8863, why didn't they have a backup system that could process them so that people aren't waiting around for their refunds.
          • 14th and the 15th are next week :)
          • What I don't get is, if TT or HR block has software that is capable of calculating tax refunds using 8863, how can the IRS have a system that cannot?
          • I didn't see processing only accepting 8863 forms mid feb... So I'm guessing that the refunds already accepted will be processed before additional forms are accepted. I don't see why the IRS would accept anymore forms before clearing the current forms that need to be processed.
          • Right that makes since Md, You'd think anyways. I don't think it is a software issue. They have to test it right?
          • Also I haven't been able to see my refund status on WMR or the the 800 number since sat. That gives me hope that things a moving along slowly. I been accepted since 1/24/13 that's 14 days with out any info from the IRS. I'm guessing their systems are so screwed up that nothing is working correctly.
          • IRS should ask the tax prepare companies to borrow their software since they work just fine. No need to test it, it's already being tested by millions.
          • Mdgilon67 I completely agree!  Why start a process backlogged?
          • Those of us that are already accepted would be first in line once the processing gets underway and that will be before mid feb because the IRS will use the same returns that were accepted early to test the system. I'm willing to be my large refund that changes will happen within the next few days a week at max.
          • ok now this is not making sense to me my cousin filed with taxusa the 21st and on the 30th it was rejected because of form 8863. and it said they will hold until it until the irs is ready to receive it. Now today when he logs in it is saying your return is ready to be efiled to the irs. that in 72 hours he will get notice if its been accepted or rejected. this is confusing me i guess its been sent to the irs now and they are ready but not given word.
          • hmmm... that is weird, but hopefully a good sign
          • Well folks time to head to work. Will check back in tomorrow to see if anybody else has heard anything new. This blog is very informative. Thanks to all who contribute!
          • I contacted the IRS today and the lady was very nice. She said she also filed and has the same form 8863. She said all that they are being told is they will start processing them mid Feb. I said does that mean the 2nd week the 3rd week? She said they are not being given a eact date and she said she feels that is being done so that people dont all worry if it is not that specific date. She did agree that it will take 24 to 48 hours for the returns to be accepted once they start and only after it is accepted can you start counting your 21 days. So I said it is safe to say we wont see the money to at least the earliest the 2nd week of March and she said yeah at the earliest. I know this is not what people want to hear but this is what is accurate. So I am going to plan on the second week of March and if it comes sooner I will be happy.
          • Tina852, the 21 day line is what they give to everyone including the lucky few who didn't claim an education credit. Once it's accepted and they begin to process the refund it usually hist you account within a week. Mid February is next week and I think they will start processing on Monday 02/11.
          • I was reading other posts on the internet about the form 8863 and one person said they filed on the 2nd and this morning the wmr updated to dd as feb 11. another person said they filed the 30th and got there money on the 5th. but who knows what is true anymore.
          • ust got off the phone with IRS they are saying processing returns with the 8836 form will start no later then the 15th. With the delay they are saying some people are getting their DD next day to two weeks from approved. This was 2 mins ago from the IRS
          More on this: This is just an update on my Tax Return, and I thought I would share:

          Call One:
          IRS Agent: Johnson
          Badge #: 1306545
          Would not look up my account.
          Call 2:
          Agent: Mrs. Turner
          Badge: 0726302
          Received: Jan 25 (though TT states it was accepted on 1/24)
          Projected should have been 2/11
          Won't get an updated after 2/15
          Return is there, just sitting there. Won't be processed until after 2/15
          Processes Everyday except Sunday. 
          Probably won't see refund until 1st/2nd March.

          • To prove a theory about being told different things:
            Call 3:
            Agent: Mrs. Howell
            Badge #: 0726227
            Placed me on hold to access the account after account verification for 3-5 minutes.
            Received, filed form 8863. May not have been aware that IRS currently hasn't processed them yet. Were doing test/reviews/modifications. Were holding that form until the system is up and ready. Nothing I need to do at this time. Only told me the Mid February vague answer. Don't have a hard date. Saw 2/13 is listed, should expect it to process that date. Normally takes the 3 week process, however, since tax season started late, have heard that refunds within week. Could see it the 21st/22nd if it's a good day.
          Has anyone been told they are in error resolutions dept? I called to get fafsa info and they advised me they don't know why, it could be 8863 delay, mathematical error. Wtf
          • I was told that too. And I had 35 days left in there. However she said I was In there because of the credit. She then proceeded to tell me that it doesn't mean I'll be in there for that long, only until they start processing.
          • Whew... Thanks
          Got this in an email tonight from Turbo Tax!!!!

          Important Update About Your Federal Tax ReturnGood news! The IRS will start to process returns like yours soon.
          We will send your return to the IRS on Thursday, Feb. 14, 2013. This is the date they will begin processing returns like yours that contain Education Credits, Form 8863. 

          Next step:
          We'll send you a message as soon your return(s) are accepted or rejected by the IRS.

          Read the IRS statement

          • I never got this E-mail cause mine was one of the ones the IRS accepted early; Filed on Jan 19th,Accepted the 25th
          • When did you file? I filed the 14th accepted 24th.
          • I didn't either... Accepted 1/24... But been monitoring the situation..
          • I was also accepted on the 24th and didn't get that email. However my bf filed on the 29th didn't get accepted but did receive the email.
          • I did talk to a TT agent and she said that the e-mail from turbo tax is only being sent out to the one with Taxform 8863 that have filed with TT and haven't been sent out yet
          • Maybe those of us who were accepted early will have our refunds sitting nicely in our accounts a little earlier?
          • ^ i hope so be nice. but since i got a ready debit card something like the one tt uses ill doubt ill get it this wkend
          • .Here is the email I got from TaxtAct on february 1st

             Dear TaxACT® Customer,

            On Monday, January 28, 2013, the IRS announced that it has added Form 8863 to the list of delayed forms that cannot be submitted to the IRS until mid-February (an official date has not been determined).

            Since the return you have submitted to TaxACT contained Form 8863, Education Credits (American Opportunity and Lifetime Learning Credits), and it was ACCEPTED by the IRS, the IRS will hold it until they are able to process Form 8863 in mid-February. You do not need to take any additional action at this time.

            Where's My Refund?
            Since your return was accepted before the IRS announced the processing delay, Where's My Refund will show that the return has been received. However, progress to the next phase, Refund Approved, will not occur before mid-February when the IRS can begin processing these returns. You will not be given a refund date during this waiting period due to the delayed processing of Form 8863. You do not need to contact the IRS about your return or take any other action.

            Thank you,
            TaxACT Electronic Filing Department
          • Well the irs is ready for those edication credit on feb14 so no more wait
          • The IRS has started to accept 8863 on today is this ture
          • where did you hear that? They said Feb 14 which is Thursday.