I was accepted on Jan. 25 and as of this morning Feb 3 I still do not have a DD date. Is it just me?

I was accepted on Jan. 25 and as of this morning Feb 3 I still do not have a DD date. I'm wondering if this is me or if there are others that sent them in that early and still have no date. I have seen others that were accepted on the 31st and still have a DD.
  • It is now feb. 4th and nothing has changed, it's getting frustrating seeing many others getting their returns or at least dd dates that were accepted well after my date. Wanted to add also I have no 8863, only 1 w-2 and all the same info from last year, it was a very simple return.
  • same here i was accepted since jan 26th no dd date yet !
  • I would like to know if we are getting put under review, I haven't received a letter and the irs site says it is still processing so hopefully its not  because it takes forever.
  • i was accepted the 28th an i aint got no dd date??? so im not the only one either! i thot something was wrong
  • if your having it put on a card ..Try calling your card it may be on there
  • The IRS did not start accepting e-filing until the 30th. So there will be a delay. all the info can be found on the IRS site
  • I know they didn't start until the 30th but there are people that filed on the 31st  and 1st of feb. that are getting dd and some even have their returns
  • Nope I'm having it direct deposit to my bank
  • I filed on the 12th... accepted on the 25th... got my State back already ~ and have absolutely no info about my feds... they have been accepted ~ but they are still processing. I have no DD date.... nothing. So... I can't help ~ sorry guys.... I'm in the same boat with some of yous.. really wish I had a date for my feds tho ~~ did anyone get their State back yet tho... I thought it was really odd that I got my State back first... and it was only days after acceptance... I got them on the 31st.
  • We had a simple return as welll and still nothing just says processing but it was accepted on the 25th. I'm irritated atte fact that people that filled after us have already recived a dd date or their money grrr
  • Same here I filed mine and they accepted on the 26th I filed mY friends for her a few days later she has a dd date but not me. This was my second time using tt and her first so I figured I would have one before her.
  • filed on jan 20 accepted 25  dd feb 6
  • I was accepted on 28th and have dd date for 02-05-2013 and my cousin was accepted 27th and same dd date but got his refund on 02-02-2013 and im still waiting but sbbt says as of this morning they received my refund from irs and that they have sent to my bank for dd so im hoping I have it in morning.
  • I was accepted on the 25th n my dd Is feb6
  • I am in the same boat. I'm so relieved to see I'm not alone!  I was starting to think something went wrong with my return
  • Same here I submitted mine on 1/28/13 and they were recieved on 1/29/13 by IRS and no DD date just keeps telling me "Refund received". I do know they update the IRS website around 7pm each night if that helps any and you can request a Tax Transcript from the IRS website and if it allows you to submit your request it means they have already processed your return, but their Where's my Refund site hasn't updated yet.
  • i was accepted on the 29th and i got my state back already but i have not heard anything about the federal yet this is really getting frustrating
  • mjohnson I was accepted the 25th and have a dd date of 2/6. You will probably have a date in a day or 2. Do you know about checking your return transcript?
  • yea i just checked it and it says "not available" i have never had this problem
  • Oh...I'm sorry...I checked mine last Thursday night and it was unavailable then friday morning it WAS available and Saturday morning I got my DD date of Feb.6...
  • well hopefully i get something between tomorrow and wed. this is crazy i have never had this problem before
  • Me either...even last year with all that mess I slid in just ahead of the problems and got my refund in my bank 8 days after processing...
  • tomorrow my status will be"spending"
  • LOL@PNUTBUTTERNELLIE!!! That's what my status will be on the 6th...
  • lol im happy for yall...i will be in that same boat as the rest of u soon
  • I ordered my transcriots 2 days ago both of them with no issues but I still do t have a dd date and still says processing....so I don't know about the whole transcripts thing being true
  • @Splish did you have any school credits?
  • Well it's now Feb. 5 and nothing has changed, this is ridiculous but I don't even want to waste my time calling them just to get the run around.
  • @justin ! I'm right here with you, we filed and accepted on same day, mine still processing also! So frustrated !!!
  • Feb 6th has come and nothing, i read mindy's comment below and still doesn't apply as I have no kids. I wonder if I shouldn't expect anything until the 9th because it says on the TT tracker that the time frame is the 9-19. Anyone think that might be it?
  • I got accepted on the 27th still no dd date
Not as early as you but accepted evening of 28th and no dd date still processing
  • 27th....still processing.
  • 28th....still processing
  • Refund date is feb 6 for me
  • Accepted 25 th .... Still pending !!!
  • Accepted 30th still pending !!
  • accepted 28 and it is still processing.
  • 27th still pending
  • Filed on 10th, accepted on 27th, still "received" on irs.gov and "being processed" on phone tracker. I think this is normal given the delays.
  • Refund date is feb.6th for me :) I also was accepted on the 25th but before I got a dd date it kept saying processing for 3 days.
  • Accept on the 24th filed on the 10th still processing.
  • Filed and accepted on the 29th and still processing.:/
  • Accepted 25th...yesterday got my dd date of 2/6...So sorry you're still in limbo...
  • Just checked mine and got a DD of Feb 7th!!! Yaaaayyy!!
  • Same here Lauriethecook mine kept saying processing for 3days and when I checked yesterday morning it showed approved and a dd date for the 6th yayyy!!
  • YAY tada and marine wife! Congrats!
  • filed26 acc27 an still processing :(
  • I was accepted on the 25th , still no DD date as of 02/02/2013. Hopefully we will be with people who get theirs on the 02/06/2013-02/07/20123
  • filed on the 11th acc. on the 24th WMR says still processing!!! =( ugh im starting to be a lil unpatient!!
  • filed 26 accepted 27 still processing also :-( at least im not the only one, hopefully we hear something by this week, my son 4th bday coming up and the Money will help
  • I got my dd date of 2/6 yesterday...I see a lot of people on the boards that TODAY got the same dd date as me...Think they're just trying to get WMR updated as fast as they can  :)
  • I think they only process returns on Monday and Friday at least that's what I was told
  • I was accepted the 25th, had a dd of 2/1. At 1 point it said refund sent but never arrived and back to being processed past 2 days.
  • I have been waiting also so don't feel bad,I was accepted 1/24/13, and I am still waiting to be processed, I have noticed that some individuals 3e getting the responce that thiers need further review or they need to seend in information.So I guess were ok if we haven't gotten those messages.
  • Filed on the 17th...accepted on the 24th...STILL NO DD DATE!!!!!,,,,What gives??
  • I'm wondering the same thing I was accepted on the 24th and still waiting,just look at it like I have atleast were not getting the messages that others are getting..
  • Windell...don't count on it.......people have filed before me and not gotten their DD....people have filed after me and have gotten theirs...go figure
  • Does the IRS website, WMR, does it update on weekends too. Or only weekdays?
  • Mine was accepted on 31st and approved on 2nd, DD is scheduled for 7th.
  • So did yall get ur email first in order to check wmr? Cause I'm still looking for my email but I was accepted on the 26 and I only got a text message no dd or nothing
  • i was accepted the 28th and got my DD date for the 5th :)
  • That's what I'm wondering
  • wmr did update last night  but no help for me i will call tomorrow lol
  • I did mine the 30th and the irs just updated mie this morn that its suppose to be deposited the 7th
  • same here filed on the 11th ...accepted on the 24th and NOTHING but still processing. It was a simple return with 3 kids for the child tax credit.
  • If you have an education credit your return will not be processed until bid February according to the IRS website because they have not updated their systems yet
  • I just want a dd date so bad.:-(
  • I wish i knew when they update wmr so im not checking all night because it will lock you out it you check more then 3 times in 24hours.
  • they update at aound 3 to 6 in morn  est  time i know for sure  cause i seen people gettng updates then
  • They update somewhere between midnight and 3 AM...but you can call the 800 number all you want without being locked out  :)
  • the lady from the irs told me on the phone that the reason some people are getting there tax faster than others is because milloins of people filed there taxes be fore the jan 30 filing date and then milions after in this short time so the computer is like mixing them up to try and catch up its like the luck of the draw
  • filed 1/30, accepted same day.  WMR just updated today to a dd of 1/7.  Finally!
  • kbtb93 before today when did u last check wmr?
  • I filed 1/10 got acceptance on 1/24 and still no DD. Still in processing mode. What is the 800 number to check the status? Hope we all get a date soon. :(
  • just got a update on my dd my tax refund will be in my account on 02/06/13 .
  • 800-829-1954
  • i heard in another forum that someone called the irs and the new system is suppose to be working so fast that wmr and the 800# cant stay update with the latest info but the lady from the irs confirm that if you can order you transcripts then they have be processed and you will have a date soon
  • Mckinie I checked yesterday - no update but I was able to order 2012 transcript - today wmr updated with a dd date
  • i hope so because i was accepted on the 29th and still have not got a dd yet
  • I was accepted the 28th and have a dd of the 5th
  • On the transcipts. Is it the account.  Or. Return u have 2 options
  • what is wmr?
  • i was accepted on the 28th and the irs.gov website is still telling me wrong information when i type my info in. does this mean it is still processing?
  • Wmr is Where's my refund? On the irs website.
  • I was accepted on the 25th, received dd of 2/5. I just checked and now it says still processing.  Strange?
  • for those of you with an acceptance date of the 25th I got an email at 11:45pm on the 24th saying I was accepted early but I think technically my date of acceptance was the 25th I to was still in processing on Friday. I called them with the extension given on the irs2go app  ext 362. I played stupid saying I can't get on the website to check my status. the lady then said ok and put me on hold for a couple mins then came back and said yes we have your return and its schedule for DD on the 6th. Then yesterday the site actually did show DD scheduled for the 6th. Ive heard some people say they got it sooner than what their date said I'm hoping I get lucky too and will see something in my sbbt account tomorrow! /Fingers crossed!
  • the account let me get a transcript but the return didnt.
  • @lj im gonna call them tomorrow and maybe they can tell me something
  • Where do you get the transcript from? Turbo tax out IRS?
  • Irs is where u get transcript
  • mine was accepted on the 31st  they accepted my federal but state is still pending now for 3 days i know i did everything wright so whats taking so long? they said 24-48 hrs it could stay pending but its going on 72 hrs they need 2 get their info straight and tell us the right info
  • I know, we are screwed. ...jw
  • Jan. 20th accepted, still processing and no dd yet either.....:(
  • I was accepted on the 28th -3:30 - and not able to order a transcript yet.... not happy
  • I think that I will call IRS tomorrow and ask them for my transcript i filed child credit last year for my grandson but this year there is something wrong and WMR said that I need more paperwork I can't figure out but Turbo Tax isn't doing there job correctly this time around. I wonder how they expect to recoup losses on this one?
  • @ fldaddy that usually means your bank account info was wrong some how . Might want ta double check that playboy
  • U need to orderTax return transcript , NOT  tax account transcript
  • filed th 29th acc on the 30th. still pending. i was told it's because i have an education credit and the irs will not be processing those until mid february. maybe that'll help
  • I already received my federal return state still pending, I called the irs and they said it most likely was part of a batch that is being further reviewed, not to worry it can take up to 60 days. I explained i have a simple return and was worried that i may have done something wrong, but was told if your have child credit and stuff like that they wll further evaluate
  • if you check on the irs website put your info in and it will tell you further review needed. so its not turbo tax its the state.
  • Accepted the 28th still processing!!!!! Uuggggh
  • mine is too - I called and asked since I had a technical glitch last year - she said there was nothing she saw - just processing... Hopefully I get a DD tomorrow or wednesday.
  • Same boat 27th
  • same here
  • Accepted the 24th and finally got a DD today finally it's 2/8/13 so everyone waiting I know it sucks I was getting pissed but am happy we finally got a date. Good luck everyone.
its me too and its really disappointing to wake up with no updates everyday when people are getting their money when.they filed after me or were accepted after. I really just want to know something!!
  • I was accepted early on 25th and still no DD date still says processing
  • it is stupid mine on the 24th wtf is the problem
  • I don't understand why though.. the DDs are getting later and later in Feb but we were some of the first to file! :(
  • 27th and still no updates...DD are now up to 2/7 not fair.
  • I hope nothing is wrong and we get a DD tomorrow Turbo tax got my hopes up I thought accepted meant it through and my money would be on it way but irs hasn't even processed it yet hope I did mine right and there is no problem
  • I've even seen some post with 2/8 DD date. Looks like we'll be after that. I was accepted the night of the 28th. Ugh
  • Looks like it will be what TT originally told me between the 9th and the 19th. SMH!
  • I read about this rumor on TT that if you ordered your transcripts  and it allowed you to that meant you were done processing and would immediately get a DD there after. I tried it. It worked I was stuck in processing until I ordered my trancripts, now I have DD for 2/6. Try it.
  • I can't order them for this year yet :(
  • Me either I tried the whole transcript thing didnt work I was accepted on the 28th still in processing land.
  • How do you order your transcripts?
  • How do you order them?
  • Irs.gov look for transcripts on home page.
  • right
  • I filed on the 18th however TT did not summit till 1/28  I was" supposedly "  accepted  at 3:30 pm on 1/28  I have never gotten any response but "  processing " you should expect your refund in 21 days standard message  from hotline  , can not order transcripts  , only one orange bar on WMR  ... I have no offsets " I checked the hotline for that too "  I have a simple return with 1 W2  no kids no education or biz credits and  NO freaking DD  :(
  • Ok when I did that it asked the year and the options was 2008-2011 so I just went for 2011 it said it was accepted and would be in mail in 5 to 10 days what that mean
  • I can order my transcript for 2012 but it still says processing. Mine was acceptef the 24 and still no dd date
  • Well mines had from 2008-2012 and it still said "not available" i was accepted on 01/29
  • I can just order the account transcript.
  • dont worry about transcritps  i orderd mine 2 days ago and still no update jsut processs ing  it means  nothing
  • I ordered mine about 4 days ago and im still processing. i was accepted on the 24th. I talked to the irs and they said if i was able to order transcripts then it meant i was done processing. but still no direct deposit date
  • Ordered both 2012 transcripts the day before yesterday and got a dd date yesterday for 2/6
  • I could not order either - that does not sound good
  • u r so wrong emergency while an account transcript will show adjustments made by irs  not a return trans  it DOES NOT MEAN U WILL BE GETTING ANY DD ANY TIME SOON FOR SURE  ALTHOUGH U MAY IN MY CASE I ORDERD MINE 3 DAYS AGO AND NOTHING  STILL PROCESS
  • pnutbutternellie you were able to order your return transcript for 2012 on Friday and still have no DD date?
  • Sounds like a personal problem pnut. I'm telling u that a transcript Is a breakdown of the tax return u filed for the year so iftyur able to order it means yur return has been processed. It does not mean yur guaranteed a refund . Google the wrd transcript. Do u not know Wat transcript means ? I've been doing this for 10 years already . I'm not new to this . Im not repeating stuff I've read online . Call the IRS and ask them
  • ty emergency  i am simply stating my experience and yes i ordered both transcripts friday cause i need them for school  i definetly know if u can order an account transcript not a return trans  it will have adjustments made by irs meaning your return has been processed but at any rate i still dont have a date ???
  • I also ordered my return transcripts 2 days ago and still say processing on irs site and still no dd date I was accepted on the 25th...if I was under review which i shouldn't be because my return is legit I shoukd have received a email by now requesting further documentation right?
no its not i filed on the 14th got accepted on the 24th an still dont have no dd
  • Filed on the 29 around 4:00 PM Eastern time Accepted on the 30 at 9:43 AM and still processing....
  • filed 26th accepted 28th...just checked where's my refund DD date Feb 8
  • the wmr site also says its down on sundays from 12am til 7pm! grrrrrr
  • Could the reason for the delay be that business's have until 1/31/2013 to get there W2s out to employees meaning the IRS doesn't have all information until then??
  • Oh ok, cause i was accepted on 25th, expected dd on the 5th, but when I checked this morning it now read still processing.  Had me wondering why it went backwards.  Prob says that cause its down on Sundays??
  • rpenn...that can't be the reason...people have gotten their refund already...and filed before the 31st.......
  • I called the IRS this morning feb 6 ! She said everything looked good on my return , that I should get my refund no later than 2 weeks, she did say people that are claims any children is taking longer  than people who are claiming no children. Maybe this will help ease some of y'all minds , it helped me a little to know a Lil about what's going on!
  • what number did you call
  • 800-829-1040 irs
I was accepted on the 24th and no dd date for me either.
  • djt seriously im in same exact situation what the hell is going on
I filled my taxes on Jan 25 and the IRS accepted my refund on Jan 30. They say it has been accepted and the only answer they'll give me on a time frame of when to expect my DD is by Feb 19 at the latest. 

side note : i love how when we owe the Gov money they want it RIGHT AWAY, but when it comes to them giving us our refunds that we worked our butts off to make, they take their sweet @$$ time...
  • Mine is the same way accepted on the 30th all WMR says is accepted(still in the 1st part of the tracker) Im getting real frustrated. i even went on the bank website & no info there either
I got a DD of February 6th yesterday. Filed same dates as you
  • Same here amiller21440 maybe we will see it sooner than the 6th :) since some people had a dd date for the 4th an they got there money on the 2nd..
  • i got approved today accepted on the 31at deposit on the 7th
  • When was the last time you checked WMR before today?
  • LJJERMAINE When was the last time you checked WMR before today?
  • any chance we will got money before the 6th or is it deposited on that day when it says it's going to be.
  • well if you look on site it say dd 6th then it say if dont get by 11th contact bank or something to thatnature , I think it when bank gets it
    and posted when they feel like it
Na I was "accepted" on 24 still have nothing I feel as if TT lied
    I don't know if this helps but a coworker of mine was accepted and it said processing on wmr but the money hit his acct. could just be really delayed
      Livelisse........no it is not just you...I filed on the 17th....accepted on the 26th....and says still processing...so much for filling early....direct deposit...and first come first served........Very frustrating.............
        19th and 25th and I have a 6+ week delay.
        • Why? What's the reason behind it being delayed? If you don't mind me asking, I'm starting to think something wrong with mine, I filed jan 10th was accepted on the 25th and still pending , I claim my 2 kids but that it!!!
        • Same here, but I have 4 kids
        • i filed jan 10 accepted 25th and two days ago i allready had a dd date for feb 6th
        • I have also 2 kids and filed 11th acc. on the 24th and WMR says processing was hoping I would wake up with DD date! =( this stinks
        • I agree with all of you........so much for filing early....filed on the 17th ...accepted on the 24th....TT says WMR...DD between Feb 9 and the 19th....yea.......
        • So if u claim kids its delayed or something?
        • when it gives you that estimate window go to the bottom of page and click where's my refund. it will take you to the irs.gov website where you will enter your ssn, status of how you filed such as single or head of household, and the exact amount you will get back. the site should then give you a exact date if it's been accepted.
        • So when TT sends you a email saying your refund was accepted, I thought it was all good after that, I'm assuming I'm wrong now?
        • Yeah Mindy...TT checks that your basic info is correct-name birthdate ,SS # etc. When that is all correct you are accepted...to be sent on to IRS for approval...
        • I called the IRS and was told anyone with child credits or school credits are being randomly reviewed further, i think in the next two weeks we should hear something.
        • How long does it take to find out if something Is wrong with my taxes? Was. Accepted on the 25 of January !
        • So sorry it's taking so long Mindy! I was accepted on the 25th too and expecting DD tm 2/6
        • I'm still stuck proceesing with no dd date yet and I was accepted on the 25th.....getting worried even though my return is legit
        • Have you been able to order the return transcript yet?
        • I ordered both my transcripts 3 days ago and still nothing I even called the number all it says is being processed . Kinda worried I need this money to keep a roof over my kids head this is causing so much stress when everyone that was accepted after the 25 already received there money or at this a dd date
        Yep I am in the same boat as you,, same date and still zip
        • glad to see some others in same situation  sorry for us all but at least we not alone filed 1/20 supposedly accepted 1/25  and still processing  i will call tom. with some bs  story
        • Do you have the education credit
        • Nope my returns are simple. I only had 1 w-2 and all my in formation is the same as last year, I don't get it.
        • Hang in there, I was in the same boat. I just got my refund DD yesterday for Feb 6. I filed on Jan 25 accepted on Jan 27. At least let it processed 72 hours before getting worried, by the 72 hour I had DD date. I have Child care,child tax, and 401 credits. Hope this help.
        • aprils you had a direct deposit date for  Feb 6th?  Was that according to WMR?  I lalso have a DD date for Feb 6th I am hoping I get mine early :)
        • Same here chele11 mine also says a dd date for the 6th would be nice to see it early :)
        • i was accepted early 24th, filed 16th, there's nothing when i check. no "processing" anything.  says i may have entered wrong info. -Laura
        • I'm in the same boat ! Filed 10th accepted the 25th and that's it. , WMR says still processing ,  what's the hold up! I'm moving with my taxes back across that state line and I'm so ready
        • mine says the same thing i got accepted since 26th
        • How many times a day does the IRS update WMR?
        • Once a day...overnight.
        Same boat no ed credit simple return 1w2 same name same ssn no dd
          I filed on Jan 25 and  was accepted on Jan 27 and had a DD date of Feb 4 but the money went in my account on Feb2.
          • That's awesome! I hope i receive my refund before 2/7 as stating on the irs site
          Hello. I was also accepted on the 25 and still have yet to receive a date. When I tracked my refund using the Turbo Tax site, it's telling me that I should receive a DD between the 9-19 of Feb.
          • Same here
          • don't use the turbo tax site to see when you are getting your refund. go to the irs.gov wheres my refund and they will give you the exact date and make sure you have your ssn, claiming status and the exact amount you are owed and it will tell you when.
          • Yea a stock answer from TT...
            .Jrosvanis.........no they won't.......says still processing..........only after they have processed everything will you get a date............
          • I had the same message saying by Feb 19th. Today I went on IRS site Where's my refund. Once you put your info and the exact  amt you are expecting, it brings up the date your refund will be deposited in the account. It's much sooner than I could have imagined. Good luck to you all...hope this helped.
          Filed on the 25th....accepted on the 28th...expected DD is Feb 6...I truly hope I received it by this date.
          • According to the IRS site my refund was approved on the Feb 1st and expected DD is Feb 6
          • I was accepted on the 21st approved and still have not recieved a DD yet!
          i was accepted 24th at night so actually the 25th of january and was given a direct deposit date of feb 6th so depends on when accepted i filed jan 10 th
            I was accepted on the 24th of Jan and as of Feb 3rd, the IRS shows my refund to be released for DD on Feb 6th. So since you were accepted the day after me, maybe check w/ IRS again tomorrow evening.
               started procssing jan 30th should depend on when u were accepted they take accepted and the least complicated ones first its worked the check ur refu nd for me better this year than ever i was accepted the 25th processed the 31st and direcet deposit on feb 6th never ever got my money in a week before thats awesome so if u were accepted on 25th jan and not been processed or got a dd date u got a problem in ur return 
              • Question? If there is a problem with our tax returns, the IRS will contact us somehow ? Email ? Or on the staus of WMR site? Does anyone know?
              • Wmr and mail.
              • So am I getting this right emergencyemt.....I was able to request my transcripts last night without a issue so that means its been processed forsure and there are no issues? Even though the irs website still says processing and no dd date
              • did u do the return transcript
              • u need an account trans  not a return an account trans is the finished product  google it
              • It's return transcript pnut ,yur annoying . U have no idea Wat yur talking bout . U Dnt interpret stuff correctly. So just stop!!!
              I went to the IRS website and requested a copy of my transcript of my 2012 taxes. Once I got confirmation that it was being sent in 5-10 days the very next day I got my DD update for Feb. 7th. I filed on 30th of Jan., so try this and see if it helps you.
              • the return transcripts right
              • yes the return transcripts
              • ok cause the account transcript gave me 5-10 days and the return says "not available"
              I filed on the 21st, accepted early on the 25th, and I just got a response on the 1st of February saying my DD will be on the 5th of February.  That's even with TT making a mistake on my Federal return.  Sometimes talking to a "live" person from the IRS can help-they might see more updated info than the WMR, IRS2Go app, and the automated 800 number do.  Good luck!! :)
                I was accepted on the 26th, I have a dd date of 2/5. I noticed others that were accepted before me got a dd date of 2/1. 
                • Accepted 1/25. HAD DD date of 2/1 but back to processing. Don't count on them sending out ontime.
                good luck
                  i filed on 02/02/2013 and woke up on 02/03/2013 and it stated my federal was acceptted and i should get my money within 21 days
                    I filed mine on the 22 got approved on the 27 .got a date for dd 2-4-13 but it was direcet deposit to my  acct on the 2nd .
                    • Filed mine on the 27th, still showing PENDING
                    • Congrats on early deposit Kevin! Hope mine is a day early lol...
                    • I filed mine on 1/30/13, accepted 1/31, approved 2/3, dd date 2/7.... it would be nice to get the refund earl:)
                    I was accepted on 27th.wmr said DD on Feb 4th,but I recieved onthe 2nd. If you had fees taken from your refund ,that could delay as they send to SSBT and then to your bank.I paid my fee up front.Also depends on your bank.
                      Not just you. We're in the same boat! Accepted the 24th and WMR says processing. :(
                      I filed on the 28th and it is estimated to be here Feb. 6th... They accepted mine within 48 hours
                         I am in the same boat, if you will. Accepted on the 24th and been living in Process Land ever since. I think it will be awhile, there is some sort of problem. They will take their time to notify us , could be an easy fix could be huge. We'll have to wait and see....
                        • i was acewpted on 24th as well but with eduction credis.  However I got an email message form the IRS on the 31st to let me know they have my return with a recieve date of the 24th  and they  are processsing so hopefully it will be done soon
                        Federal Filed on 1/15 accepted on 1/28 and DD on the 2/1. State still pending.
                          Well I got accepted on the 26th and it says that I will get my refund on the 6th on the Where's my Refund website.
                          • seriously?? i got accepted the same day and nothing
                          26th and still processing
                            You all DO know that this year (because Congress dawdled on the fiscal cliff legislation and made some tax changes fro 2012), the IRS was not even accepting or processing tax returns until February 1st, right?
                              I don't know why like I said mine got accepted on the 26th and they already gave a dd date will be on the 6th
                                Still nothing for me! Filed on the 15th accepted ont he 25th.. WMR just says a odd message

                                your still processing
                                a refund date will be given when available.

                                Still says this 2/4 the odd thing is that we lost the orange processing bar for days now.
                                • I amin the same boat. I do not understand this at all!
                                I filed on the 18th and my Federal is still pending. Got email that mine is held up due to a depreciation credit of $9 lol I would rather give them the $9 and get the rest of my money!
                                My state was accepted (NC) and waiting for that deposit :-)
                                • Lol I'll bet! Hate that it's such a tiny amount holding you up! I'm in SC and no state refund info yet other than it was accepted on the 30th...
                                some of the claims and other forms are not being accepted yet so you will not have a DD untill the government accepts it until then it will just say pending
                                  Same here it is tell me still processing, and I was accepted 1/25. When I call IRS they are telling me it can take up to 21 days. So my question is why did IRS accepted me on 1/25, are they calling turbo tax a lier with 1/25.
                                  • turbotax accepted it on the 25th but the government did not start till the 30th
                                  I feel the same way. PEOPLE.at my job already received their taxes. Ot also states on irs .gov that errors may delay the process. And they could be as small as a number difference on your Return.  getting a Paper check so mines is s 2-3 week wait.. But i also see and here it is being PROCESSED  ;(
                                    i was accepted on the 26th an my DD is 2-6-13....
                                    • ARE WE ALL THAT BROKE PPL......CANT WAIT TO GIVE THAT MONEY AWAY I SEE...
                                    • due date 2 / 6 from the IRS or from TurboTax... which 1 did you go to to get the due date which website
                                    your money is coming i filed on 28th got mines today
                                    I did my taxes Jan. 3rd, submitted on Jan. 17th, was accepted Jan. 25th, had a DD of 2/1. At 1 point WMR said refund sent then went back to received. Now I've been processing for 3 days. State has been accepted and should have it in a couple days. The IRS won't tell you ANYTHING until after 21 days. IRS supervisor told me on 2/1 if WMR says 2/1 then it will be sent on 2/1 but then it went back to being processed and has sat there for 3 days. Starting to get a bit pissed. Should have had my refund last Friday, now they can't seem to get me processed. And now having to move my wedding date because taxes were to pay for it.
                                      i did mine early and mine were simple as well i was accepted on the 24th and still no dd
                                        Has anyone been able to order transcript?  If you can, then your refund has processed and you should have a dd soon.  I am not able to as of this morning but many have been lucky.
                                        • Nope I tried this morning also and it won't let me
                                        • Last night wouldn't let me order a transcript either does that mean I was rejected
                                        • What do you mean by "order transcript"?
                                        • No, just means your return has not finished processing.
                                        • Nevermind, I found it. I was unable to order as well.
                                        • i was able to order but still no d8 yet
                                        • Kronik if you were able to order, you will have a dd soon.
                                        • I could order mine for 2012 but still no date. I was accepted on the 24
                                        • not true about transcscript i ordered 2 days ago and still processng
                                        • the lady from the irs told me on the phone that the reason some people are getting there tax faster than others is because milloins of people filed there taxes be fore the jan 30 filing date and then milions after in this short time so the computer is like mixing them up to try and catch up its like the luck of the draw
                                        • The transcript thing is 100% true . Just becuz u havent received a d.d date does not mean yur return isn't done processing. You might have offsets or other reasons as to y you haven't received a d.d date .
                                        • plus it has to be the return transcript
                                        • i put in for returm trans a day or so ago when i first read sumthin bout em but nuthin as of today so hopin ill wakeup or goto sleep with good news
                                        • it has to be an account trans not a return a return just has what u sent in not adjustments
                                          like an acccount has
                                        • I did it for both cause I wasn't sure. Both let me order though...
                                        • Pnut yur giving wrong info . It's return transcript!!!! Omg just read about it on the IRS website !! U have no idea Wat yur saying and yur confusing people
                                        • emregency why dont u read it  it plainly says that only the account transcript has adjustments made by irs  what does that tell ya  HUH
                                        • We can also provide a tax account transcript. The tax account transcript, which is also free, shows basic data from your return, including marital status, type of return filed, adjusted gross income and taxable income. It also includes any adjustments you or we made after you filed your return.   DUH!  EMERGENCY I ORDERD MINE 5 DAYS AGO AND NOTHING SO KISS IT AND IT PLAINLY SAYS AN ACCOUNT TRANS IS WITH ADJUSTMENTS SO U TELL ME WHAT U WANT  THE ONE U SENT IN WHICH IS RETURN TRANS OR THE ONE THAT IS GRADED PER SAY WHICH IS AN ACCOUNT
                                        • Pnut yur slow . A tax return transcript is Wat u want . It has ALL. The info from yur return u submitted once yur return has been processed . Have u ever seen Wat a tax return transcript looks like ? It shows yur refund amount on the transcript. Like I said I been doing this for 10 years. I'm not wet behind the ears . U can order as many account transcripts u want every one has a tax account transcript. But not everyone has a return transcript until there return is
                                          Processed !!
                                        The reason none of you have been accepted is because the IRS put a hold taxes this year the first day you could file is Jan 31, therefore if you filed earlier assume you didnt until the 31st.
                                        • Did you read the post, they were accepted already.
                                        • i was accepted on the 25th and still no refund. it says still processing. The IRS is taking too long this year. i need my refund ASAP.
                                        • Yes im sorry i did not explain that correctly, everyone either gets accepted or rejected within a certain time window however they still did not start processing till the 31st!
                                        • Well i need to b in the next batch im just glad i dont have that call us msg
                                        • Go to IRS website, in the search area type in transcript and follow the instructions. Once you get a confirmation that it is being sent in 5-10 days. Check back tomorrow and you should see a update of when your dd will be in your account. If not then they may be still looking into your return. Hope this helps you it help me.
                                        • select the 2012 return taxes right??
                                        • Mistyswthrt that also is incorrect. I know people that had their money on the 31st.
                                        • the irs did process some people's before the 30th if there's had nothing to do with the delay. The irs had to wait to process people with certain credits and deductions because of CONGRESS taking to long to pass bills on taxes and b/c of this the irs had to update all their systems. that's why some people will be waiting longer. They said expect sometime late Feb to March but depending on what education credits and other credits. If you just claim kids you are fine and they should be getting to you soon
                                        • I received my State taxes DD on the 31st. I'm still waiting on my Federals.... i have no DD date on those yet. But I filed on 1/12 and they were accepted on 1/25th
                                        • same here
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