if the wmr site states its unavailable does that mean they are updating their system

The IRS indicates ?most? refunds are paid in 21 days and is not publishing a refund chart this year.

  • How's is this answer relevant ?
  • lol thx didnt want to ask
  • Np. I read it n was like 0_o. Lol. But I really hope it's updating. Accepted on the 30th n waiting for a DD date.
  • I was online earlier and it showed me the graph that my refund was accepted now it says that wmr is unavailable and that I have to call hotline. I called hotline and same thing system Is down. Hope nothing is wrong does Anyone out there have a clue
  • I think it's updating. Same thing happening to me.
  • @nique11 yes I agree hopes it updating like i said I checked it earlier and it was fine now it's gone
  • When are you going to check it again
  • I'm going to check 1200 est
  • I think everyone is having this issue my sister got approved her dd is tues but when she goes on there it says unavailable
  • Where/whay Web page did she go to get a dd?
  • Typo: what
  • where's my refund
  • Yes i called irs when you get that they are updating! Hope this helps i filed on 1/28/13 dd is on the 2/6/13
  • so did this happen to you? I filed and was accepted on the 31st and now Im getting unavailable
  • It's updating now
  • Did you have education credits or anything @deano44?
  • A friend of mine got his refund 2/1 so I think they're doing their best and every return is different depending on what u filed....”think half glass full”..:-)
  • Availability of "Where's My Refund?"

    Where's My Refund? is available almost all of the time. However, our system is not available every Monday from 12:00 am (Midnight) to 3:00 am Eastern Time.

    Our Change of Address and Refund Trace features are not available during the following times (Eastern Time):

    Sunday 12:00 am (Midnight) to 7:00 pm
    Monday 12:00 am (Midnight) to 6:00 am
    Tuesday 3:30 am to 6:00 am
    Wednesday 3:30 am to 6:00 am
    Thursday 3:30 am to 6:00 am
    Friday 3:30 am to 6:00 am
    Saturday 3:30 am to 6:00 am
    and 9:00 pm to 12:00 am (Midnight)

    Also, occasionally our system may be unavailable on Sundays between 1:00 am and 7:00 am Eastern Time

    i just found this on the wheres my refund help page
  • Ok so reading this chart WMR wont be available till 7pm eastern time tomorrow evening, thats why everyone is getting the unavaiable message.
  • So what does it say when you log
  • I just called the automated service and it says unavailable . Anyone know what's going on
  • Not able to provide info on status.
  • N it said please call a 800 number
  • not available Sunday 12:00 am (Midnight) to 7:00 pm and Also, occasionally our system may be unavailable on Sundays between 1:00 am and 7:00 am Eastern Time

    um don't those time cross each other or am I missing something?
  • It's up right now!!
  • yes me 2
  • Same here...mine didn't update tho :(
  • Does anyone live in md and having problems with th md refund site. I was accepted for the state on the 1st and so was my sister but mine says they haven't processed like they didn't relieved yet..my sisters says its being processed...that's confusing me a little...and as far as wmr I was accepted on the 28th my sister to we got a dd date for the 5th.. But my friend was also accepted the same day n her dd is the 6th..I guess it depends how fast ppl r working at both theirs n state office n how backed up they might be....
  • Usually it takes 7 days for everything to refresh in ca state system might be the same in md
  • did you get a dd yet
  • I am still processing :(
  • HEY EVERY ONE IF U FILED SINGLE,  but your the head of your house change your status to HEAD OF HOUSE HOLD on the where's my refund website see if that works it works for me.....n I got my date....
  • My refund has said processing until yesterday am now saying unable to give me info? Is something wrong with my return?
  • Does it say a date will be provided when available? Or just no info?
  • Just no info
  • what does the "date will be provided when available" mean?
  • i filed on 1/25/13 got accepted on 1/27/13 but still processing do yall think something wrong with my taxs
  • Kiley- I would call and let then know it's not giving you any information.

    Jake- you'll have a date in the next update or so.

    Jill- is possible but unlikely, and the IRS probably won't give you any info until the 21 days are up =( can you order transcripts?
  • I can order transcripts but my refund is still processing. Is that possible?? Filed 1/31, accepted 2/1.
  • Are u still waiting they accepted mine on the 31st to an as of 2/25/13 I'm still waiting it says it's still processing
  • I was accepted on the 31st and I got a dd last Saturday of 2/27 which is tomorrow. Crossing my fingers it's right.  My update said that they had to adjust my refund and it showed my new amount and that I should have it direct deposit on 2/27.
  • That's good! Did they mail you a letter first. They sent me one sayn that my return is still processing and I don't have to do anything. I hope they give me a dd soon to.
  • No , I still haven't gotten a letter ! I bet you get a due date this Saturday Morning. Good luck.
They updating  they're system right now software wise , status update will take place between 330 and 6 from what I was told
  • AM OR PM
  • so does this mean they'll be able to start processing the 8863 tax returns?
  • 3:30am is the software update to 11am
I was accepted on 01/26 and I am still processing. Alot of people today got new dates of 2/06 and I am disappointed in the IRS. Not that I was ever proud of them but hey!! I keep getting we can't give u information blah blah blah on the wmr website and the hotline and the irs2go app. I hope and pray I have a DD tomorrow. Hell I would be alright if it gave me a date 21 days from now... I just want to know!!
  • So if it says 21 days from now wat day will it cum cus I don't have a date yet . Bt it have been accepted
  • My friend was submitted and accepted on 1/20 and got her check deposited on 2/1 even that they said they will not started submitting them or accepting them on 1/30.
I just called the automated service and it says unavailable . Anyone know what's going on
Here's my unavailable message
  • Yep. Try again in about an hour. Or just wait till morning.
  • I got this too
  • Mines says the same thing
  • Ok I'm not the only one what a relief
  • mine says the same... i hope they're updating because im 1 second from calling them bitches Monday to get my fucking money!
  • Greenbay I feel you......
  • uncle sam can kiss my ass
  • I got Same messege
  • My [stuff] been processing for 4 days now, i know that system is faster than this. I paid my taxes every single paycheck... on their terms.... now I want my money, NOW!
  • I am still waiting since the 31st to see if my taxes were accepted or not I hope something happens tomorrow so I know what is going on.
  • lol @ greenbaypackers
According to the telephone line it is currently updating after 8pm to 6 am
    Ok I just tried it says still processing. :/
    • yeah mine is to......  im cussing their asses out monday
    • Is working now I just checked
    • just called 800# got dd date for 2-7
    • I just tried got a DD of 2/7 now yay!!
    • @thumperspet74 and @ash8911 when did you guys file and get accepted?
    • Filed and accepted the 30th!
    • Ash...you had the EDucation form? I filed on the 29th and am still pending
    • No I didn't have the education credit sorry! :/
    • Ok...I guess more waiting for those of us who do have it! LoL yippee!! :\
    • This is the fastest I've ever received a DD date. Was accepted on 29th DD of 2/6
    • Can somebody give me the 800 number for status updates??
    • does anybody know if deposits are made on weekends or should i just count on not getting anything until monday?
    • Mon-Friday only
    • probably nothing til Monday...I think it pretty much all depends on your bank.
    • For all of us claiming education credits taxes are not going to be process or accepted until mid february. The info is on irs.gov
    Ok it's back up 6:28am PST, no DD date just tells me accepted and processing anyone get there money during this message. Please let me know I'm waiting for my cash!!!
    • No money yet and mine still says processing!!!!
    • if you cant order your transcripts does that mean my tax return is still processing
    • I think so. I can't order mine...
    • still processing, no DD date. unable to oder transcript also.
    • Anyone get a DD yet with education credits?
      I am still pending as of today :( - i was really hoping to get a DD date after the update this weekend like some others did.
    • just spoke to TT via online chat.. here is my result.. having NYS problems as well so that is included as well, sry

      17_Cody D: Thanks for contacting TurboTax! My name is Cody. I apologize for the wait time but I'm here now and happy to help! Please give me a moment to read your question. How is your day going so far?
      Curtis : could be better thank you
      Curtis : I have a few questions regarding my taxes regarding both federal and state returns. I was advised via Turbotax emails that both were accepted. First, I know i have form #### on my return and is or was delayed. I have spoke to several others with this form and they have been told that they are now processing them. Is this true or know when they are being processed? second, my state was accepted per turbotax email as well and i go to check status
      Curtis : on state return website and was told it needs further reviewing. am i approved or not?
      17_Cody D: First let me look up your e-file record to see if I can get some details on the state return, then I'll look into 8863 and see if they are being processed and if not when that will be.
      Curtis : thanks
      17_Cody D: Your e-file record shows the state return as accepted and gives not other information regarding something wrong with it. If NY is saying it needs further review then I would contact the NY department of revenue and ask them what is going on with it. It shows as an accepted return.
      Curtis : ok. i will call them after this, thank you.
      17_Cody D: Returns with form 8863 will not be processed until mid-
      17_Cody D: february
      17_Cody D: The IRS dd not give a firm date on that
      17_Cody D: I understand your frustration with that, I am waiting on mine too.
      Curtis: some people have been told that as of late last week into the weekend via TT rep, that the irs advised the form is now being transitioned into being accepted in computers. you havent heard that at all?
      17_Cody D: No, but let me check with someone to see if that is something that changed.
      Curtis : ok
      17_Cody D: There hasn't been any change in that status reported to us. Here is the IRS announcement of it whcih came out last week: http://www.irs.gov/uac/Newsroom/IRS-To-Accept-Returns-Claiming-Education-Credits-by-Mid-February
      17_Cody D: I apologize if there is some bad information out there put out by one of our agents.
      Curtis:  thank you very much. i'll keep waiting and in meantime call NYS to see whats going on with that.
      17_Cody D: Is there anything else that I can help you with today?
      Curtis:  that will be all today. thank you
      17_Cody D: I will be emailing you a survey to rate my performance on our interaction today. This is not to rate the product directly but for me personally as a representative of the product. I would greatly appreciate your feedback on this.
      Curtis: i will, thank you
    • I got the same message from my boyfriends state return saying they were doing a review and they haven't accepted.  Been a week since I filed.  Do you have an update on your State yet, just curious.
    • This AM it did change from further review to final stages of processing.
    • how did u get to tt via online  chat
    I tried to check my status, and order transcript today but got this: Error 500: Internal Server Error

    Please contact the site administrator, and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.
    Anyone else having trouble getting on?

    • That is because EVERYONE is on the site at one time...give it a while and try again. No one seems to read the statements the IRS puts out that the system updates only ONCE a day and your status is NOT going to change throughout the day. They stated those filing with the education credits should start seeing direct deposit dates on Friday and Saturday.
    • Yes I got that error message too!!!
    • Who stated friday and saturday? It is friday. Did anyone get a ddd?
    • No
    • Just more people getting still processing message
    • Does the IRS process over the weekend?
    • I talked to the IRS this morning. The "Wheres My Refund" has technical issues. Those of you who are getting a bar sayinng for instance pending and then it moves to being sent, then goes back to pending or accepted, its because of the technical issues. They said they cant tell us anymore until the 18th. On the 18th. you can call the IRS and speak to a person on the phone and they can give you more information. Jaken..as far as them processing over the weekend I have no idea. Turbo tax has not received my refund and I had a deposit date of the 13th, this is from the technical issues. Hope this helps out.
    • I talked to the IRS this morning. The "Wheres My Refund" has technical issues. Those of you who are getting a bar sayinng for instance pending and then it moves to being sent, then goes back to pending or accepted, its because of the technical issues. They said they cant tell us anymore until the 18th. On the 18th. you can call the IRS and speak to a person on the phone and they can give you more information. Jaken..as far as them processing over the weekend I have no idea. Turbo tax has not received my refund and I had a deposit date of the 13th, this is from the technical issues. Hope this helps out.
    • ok, Thanks cwsw, so they will be open on Monday( Feb 18)?
    • I just got off the phone with the IRS and they told me they are having no problems. I filed on the 30st , turbo said accepted on the 30th and then so did the WMR site on the status bar, then I no longer had the status bar since last Wed. When I called just now, she said they didn't accept it until FEB. 7th and it's processing and that's all they could tell me. She said it's just the process. So I wonder if they are just telling people what ever they think we want to hear. Oh well , all we can do is be patient. Just a little frustrating. I was able to order my transcripts last night though and she told me today it would take 15days for me to get that. :)
    • nililliliana: good news!!   I think they are actually moving them now.  TT says I was accepted by the Federal 3 days ago (I have the education credit).  WMR site didn't indicate that.  Then, yesterday, I got an email and text stating that Federal was accepted (by Inuit/TT) which their status bar had said anyway and which a prior email had said.  I was really confused.  TODAY, they gave me a DD date.  The Maryland State, nothing.  I have been in acceptance status with them since February 2 and nothing, no DD date.  I emailed them and today they did email me back and said they were processing.  Their system shows the same thing.  My DD date for Federal is by March 2 or 7th, cannot remember which.  I didn't care about the date, I just wanted to know that it was approved, accepted and moving forward with a DD date.  They still did not say APPROVED, just accepted.
    Turbotax sent me an email saying that my Federal was approved, but when I go to the IRS site it is saying that it is still being processed. How did Turbotax get the information that it was approved when I can't.  When I log in to  Turbotax it is also saying approved, shouldn't the IRS (WMR) say the same thing?
    • i been approve on 1-27-13 and im still processing i talk to the irs and they said my tax was unpost it was something they did wrong what do unpost mean
    • I don't know other than they might mean they have to start from square one with your taxes. if that is the case they will let you know if they need anything from you to finish it. That is just my guess as I have never heard of that before.
    Not necessarily the where's my refund  site has been screwed up all tax season.  On the other hand has anyone received a 4883 C and if so how long did you did it take to get your money
    • On our 20th day of waiting we received a letter 4883c stating we needed to call, so we did and had to answer LOTS of questuions. After we were done they said we should receive our refund in 4-6 weeks , if there was no other problems.
    • OMG; what type of questions??????????  I better check my messages because mine has not moved along at all.  This is crazy.
    • @edubantena have you received any update yet?  This is crazy No one and I mean no one who has received 4883 c has gotten a refund. Yet.
    • Nope nothing, and no one can tell us anything !
    • I called now waiting from them to call me back to determine if I have a hardship to get my refund before the 2weeks Have anybody experience this part of the process?
    • I was accepted on 1/31 and I finally got a due date this pat Saturday of 2/27.  That's tomorrow so I'm hoping its right. They said I had an error and thy has to adjust it.
    • What is a 4883c cause I was accepted on 2/5 and havnt heard anything yet
    • The wmr stated that I would have dd on 2/27, well its now 3/1 and nothing has been dd. The wmr says that if I don't receive the dd by 3/4 then call because they will not have any new information. Is this happening with anyone else?
    • Jamieb892 have u heard anything yet?
    • I got mine on the due date.  Have you checked with sbgt to see if your money is there. That is where mine went first.
    • what is sbgt? I checked my earnings with the social security administration and they have less earnings than what I actually had on my W2.I think that's why my return is still processing.
    I sure as heck hope so!
    • Does it usually update this early? Thought it was between midnight and 3am but I hope so
    • the site is down...so who truly knows what that means...but I'm holding out for some sorta hope! I had an 8863 so im on hold...but I've seen a couple other people who also had that form get DD dates!
    • I hope so! :( Really hoping for a DD date soon. Got accepted the 27th.
    • Me too!! I was accepted on the 24th.
    • turbo tax told me that my refund was being delayed because of the education credits. however, the wmr site does not say that. im confused......
    • What is the WMR site saying?  Does it say processing?  It could continue saying processing until they fix the problem with the form.
    • It's still saying its down.
    • I don't get an error message but I do get the unavailable wmr online and on the phone. I got accepted on Jan 31,2013 and I'm waiting for the processing anyone have any idea why my stuff is not found anymore efiled through TT is it because we're the first batch ??!
    • the site is apparently down bc mine says the same thing. It doesnt say denied it says unavailable
    • happened to me to. so I downloaded irs 2go app yesterday and said its processing my return and today it says it can't give me info based on what I entered.
    • You've checked to much in one day. That's y. N it's down now. Once it updates it will give u an accurate status
    • Yeah its down they are updating hoping I have a dd tomorrow I filed on the 31st and got accepted the same day
    • I only checked once and it says that to me.. and to everyone I asked to check
    • Even when I call the automatic system it states the same thing..
    • yea the site is down...even the 800 # is down.
    • I know I hope tomorrow I have a dd
    • I feel better at least I'm not the only one with this issue
    • nope its doing everyone like that it looks like
    • Did the IRS even work today?
    • I think maybe the systems were working today cause wmr gave alot of people new DD dates today. Hopefully the same thing happens tomorrow and alot more people get DD dates!! Fingers crossed
    • Has anyone talked to the IRS to confirm their systems plus I heard that if you keep checking it you can crash it
    • Irs is closed until monday
    • IT people seem be working thougg
    • Wow u got accepted on the 27th and stil no DD date. I was accepted on the 29th with DD 2/6. HOH 2 kids one job.. but my State stil pending.
    • Yea. I'm married claiming HOH 2 dependants. EIC. Still no DD date. Accepted on the 30 @8pm
    • Mine says the same. I went to the IRS website and says that everyone that claimed education credits the taxes will not be accepted until mid February :(
    • Nique, you're married..... Claiming HOH.... ??
    Has Anyone been able to log in and see their wmr in the last hour or even now
    • been waiting 21 days now since accepted. Feb 20 will be 21 days since they started processing. I only check wheres my refund once a day at night, usually around 3-5 am.
    • me to
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