"Your tax return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available." What the h---?

Here's the screenshot of what I have:
This is ridiculous, whatever it may be. I don't understand why my stuff is taking so long. It was so simple!
What does this mean and what is the reason for it?

  • yeah i know exactly what u mean obviously some1s not doin there job its never takin this long  in the past i dont understand
  • Heather I have been getting that message for over a week now.....My question is........WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY PROCESSING???....I have lost the "STATUS BAR"...and also the chart from TT telling me between the 9th and the 19th..........
  • have any of you had a DD yet I got this message today? any info wld help thank you
  • I have not recieved a dd. I have never had this issue. PLEASE someone give a honest answer
  • When did you get this message? It may be a good thing
  • Ive had this message for two weeks now.. The irs stated not to call until its been 21 days and for me that's on Tuesday. I cant wait to.call them
  • mine is doing it too
  • I just checked Santa Barbara Bank and it states that the IRS is behind and to check back in seven days.. Im so unhappy right now... This is crazy but they dont feel that way
  • If you have any education credits or any other credits that require specific forms, that might be why it is taking so long. I did our taxes on the 25th of January and they were FINALLY just accepted on the 14th due to the education credit. The IRS is behind on a lot of forms because of the fiscal cliff issue. So if you just purchased a home, attend college and qualify for one of the credits, or any other "out of the ordinary" credits that would be why your return is taking so long. Some forms are not ready to be processed by the IRS yet.
  • Im getting the same thing..still processing will give a refund date when available. Mine was accepted on jan 26 didnt not start processing still feb 14.
  • My refund was accepted in Jan.24 and but has not been processed yet. I receive a letter in the mail. yesterday saying the irs will be holding my refund until April 11 idk how or y but im pissed that they wait till the day before I suppose to receive my refund to send me this letter...
  • My WMR has said this since Monday. I haven't seen the bar since then either. The IRS won't help me until Wednesday. :( this is ridiculous
  • My bars were gone for almost a week with the still processing msg. But now it says a approved with the 2bars and a dd of 21st.
  • Were you able to order your transcript
  • I was accepted on the 31st and got refund in bank on the 14th
  • Not until the 15th and then around 3:20am today WMR gave me dd 21st
  • Okay. So I should get a DD in a day it so. Thanks @theags84
  • I have been getting that message since 1/31........I just checked my bank and my PA refund has been deposited....Now if we can only get the feds to get off their collective buts and get things done....life would be good...........
  • I had capital gains that I had to declare and they finally accepted my tax forms this past Wednesday.  States I should get my refund in 21 days.  Here's hoping they're right.
  • did you haveform8863
  • The government is out of money...Hence debt ceiling issue and spending... So they are delaying to get approval for more $ to pay all of its debts, including refunds due to actual tax payers. Fun times...
  • I was in acceptance mode since the January 24. They said they expected a DD date of February 14. Then they had their 8863 tax for issue and it has said processing ever since. They were supposed to start processing on the 14th. Go figure...
  • Mine has been saying that for 2 weeks now. Its  was excepted on the 25th of jan.... they were suppose to start processing on the 14th... this is sooooo aggravating makes no sence
  • Yes, they have been out of money for awhile, [edited by social moderator].  My taxes were accepted on 25th of January still no deposit of refund date,  one thing you do know  21 days from the 14th of February, when who knows. Turbo tax tells me before the 18th of February then send me an email stating could be delayed.
  • Like I said before, IRS said it could be 21 days from the 14th for filers with educational credits
  • [edited by social moderator] Please read the IRS website for info on your return and if you one who is delayed.  There are 300 plus million citizens of this nation.  Calm down. It has nothing to do with Turbo Tax. The govt is not spending your money right before they give it.
  • You are so correct. Its not turbo tax fault. Blame it on the IRS. Its not just you that is waiting on a return. Its millions. Your life will be the same in a few days, so till than, calm down. I understand your anxious to get that thing you've been waiting for, but it'll be there when you get your return.
  • So for those of us that are in error land do anyone know what is supposed to happen with that?!
  • I did my taxes on 1/16/2013, they were accepted on 1/25/2013 and I have still not received anything. Turbo tax sent me something, that stated I should expect it before 2/19/2013, and that tomorrow, so I highly doubt it. I guess it doesn't pay to be proactive, and file early
Because of some changes to taxes late in 2012 the IRS didn't start processing until the 30th as you're aware. We are also still in a recession. This means a LOT of eager taxpayers that are hurting financially and could use that extra boost.

Add to that the fact that online services such as TurboTax which significantly expedite the filing process are becoming more popular, and you've got a FLOOD of people filing very very early during a year when the IRS started late.

To your specific situation, I won't inquire into your personal information of course, but I will state that the fact that your return is being processed is a good sign! This is indicative of a return without student funds, or a return with a private business that may not receive attending until potentially post February.

The average process time for the IRS is between 14-21 days for E-File. Factors that could put you at the tail end of that field are multiple W-2's, 1098's, donations, state specific taxes etc. Those merit slightly more scrutiny as it's very easy for an individual to make a mistake, as an example it is not very intuitive to those not tax savvy what to claim for PMI if they've refinanced a loan last year and that loan was sold both prior and after the refi :)

Long story short, 5 days is a somewhat unreasonable expectation. The majority of those getting fast returns have very very simple situations. However even with a simple return a 21 day wait should be your expectation.

Hope for the best, but expect what the data suggests :) Deep breathe, relax, and let the IRS make their way through the mountain of returns they've received mate.
  • The waltz........thank you......kind of realized that already............
  • Ditto....
Not sure if this helps anyone but My tax return was accepted in 1/28 and I recieved my direct deposit today 2/5! :)
  • No, that doesn't help. That just makes me more aggravated and anxious.
  • I'm glad you got yours. I would like to know if you checked the WMR website and if you did, what was the process for your information?
  • I'm sorry if this information is no help to you. I used the mytaxrefund app and it just said I'd receive my refund before the 20th.  I was never given any other date. Assuming the cycle stays consistent with mine and your refund was accepted on the 31st you should have your refund by tomorrow or Friday if you opted for DD.
  • @kaciecarnley: Thanks that was very helpful. I filed mine on the 25th but still no monies..:(.. But on a good note my state is scheduled to be DD 2/8. Hopefully the IRS will do the same. I don't have a DD either. Mine just says before 02/19.
  • that helped alot!! their is hope!!:)
  • Did you have any education credits or interest? Just curious
  • how was her taxes accepted on 01/28 when the irs didnt start accepting and processing taxs til 01/30, go to the irs.gov and they let every1 know that this year was a delay and that the irs did not accept and start processing til 01/30, so dont believe what every1 says bc its not always true i did my taxs on turbotax on 01/29 and turbotax displayed a messege stating irs not accepting til 01/30 and on 1/30 i recieved my email stating that it has been received and accepted, and it could be within 21 days til i get my refund my bar is completly filled for processed but no further movement happened as of yet, like the rest you guys:(
  • There were a number of people accepted BEFORE the 30th because the IRS was testing their systems. This was news already....
  • I filed on the 17th of jan  and was accepted on jan 24th, mine says still processing and no bars at all, your return is still being processesd a refund date will be given once provided.......wow! ok, so @ kaciecarnley  did you have the 8863 form as well? Because if you did how did you get your dd already? they didnt start processing those until feb 14th...and you filed later than some of us, doesnt make sense. sorry but it doesn't. now if you didnt have the form 4452 i think it was and 8863, then kinda makes sense, but if you had those forms makes no sense at all.....but i would pressume no correct answer was given becasue you haven't answered the other one who asked as well...
  • @cakesntae531> yes there was a lot of ppl accepted way before her date and still havent heard anything....small few got a update so i guess its slowly moving.....to slow unfortunetly. I am just tired of some saying wrong information or got their dd dates, because common sense tells us that if they didnt start processing for 4452 til feb 10th or form 8863 til feb 14th, how are you getting a date before any of us other ones who filed way before that, may i add and accepted......doesnt make sense to me anyway.......
  • @poeticallyblesse exactly, dont understand why people would lie, no point to it, these forums are here to try to help others that are in the same situation, so to come on here and blantly lie, and cant even respond back is the killer...lol   some of were accected early as cakes said, so there were some of who gotten accepted early, but most likely because of the delay with the form 8863 or 4452 its causing ours to be backed up as well. so common sense would also say we should get our dd date or refund at least beofre others who filed after with one of the forms....but it is the government and we all know how they play.....so as i said in a previous post its a cat mouse game.......ugggggg
  • typo----accepted....sry
  • I filed and was accepted on 2/6 got a dd dte this morning for 2/21 and my orange bar moved to refund accepted. Good luck you guys.
  • @ ikn did you file form 8963, congrats
  • Thanks no i didnt file form 8962
I received this message this morning after being accepted on the 30th and having the first orange bar lit up for 5 days. Has your message changed since you received this message? I am freaking out!
  • MInes was accepted on 2/25 and stilling showing as being processed.
  • No, unfortunately I still have the same thing. I don't want to call them because I don't feel like talking to some idiot who won't give me any information. It just really makes me mad.
  • Are you able to order 2012 transcripts? I wasn't until a few minutes ago so hopefully thats a good thing.   My status still reads the same though.
  • Nope, sure can't. :/
  • I got the same message as you around the same time...have you found out what losing the status bars and changing to this message means? Do you think turbo tax would know? I don't want to call irs for the same reasons as you, looks like i might have to though, unless you have found out, or anyone else out there has any information about this.
  • I have been accepted since the 30th and still nothing at all. It is still processing and I cannot order a transcript either. My state, however, has finished processing when I checked  it this morning. It has not been deposit though.
  • dynalw...just checked my state refund status..colorado...finally saying  your refund has been processed....so I checked wmr and the bars are back and the refund approved bar is lit up....so relieved....I think since your state is finished then federal has to be...I called my state yesterday and was told that they can't process unless federal is done processing because they have to have your exact taxable income to process and they can't get that unless federal  has approved my refund...so I think this  is good for you too....good luck
  • Nothing from federal at all.... I don't know. I just called to ask a question about something and the lady was pretty much rude to me...she even laughed about it. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!  and would not answer my questions. I am in Minnesota and the state was approved yesterday.  My federal is still processing, so I still have no info. The lady I spoke with yesterday was so polite and helpful to me..today I get a rude witch. I am not mad, but I just hate it when people are rude for no reason when I am being respectful.
  • @dynalw: My state was approved on 02/06 and the automated system told me that it would be two days.. Hopefully my federal will be in there at the same time. It would make my payday even greater..
  • I received our state return today from Ohio, the IRS approved our return on 1/24 and according to all of their systems they are still processing our return. I just want my money, I have bills that need to be paid and my girls are turning 2 and 3 next week...I would like to do something special for each of them.
  • @floatinstang: I totally understand where your coming from. I don't think as tax payers we should have to go through this. This is the longer I've ever waited for my taxes to be approved. I filed early just because I though it would be a little easier, but it seems that people filling after me are receiving theirs
  • I had this message this at noon after the IRS accepted my return on 1/30/13 (was processing since then), and i was able to order my return transcript and account transcript today! that's usually a good thing from what i have read on other threads means you should have a dd date in the next day or two. Also this morning about 6am when i checked on my return it said to call a 1800# that there was a problem but there wasn't must have been just the system updating.
  • I just tried to order my transcripts for 2012 and it says that the information I provided was incorrect.. I tried my current address and old address and it gave me the same error both times. Does this mean that my tax return is still being processed??
  • i only encountered that problem last week when i put in my new address and they hadn't updated it in the system yet. Today was the first day it recognized my new address and allowed me to request my transcripts. it maybe they are already updating your info and i'd try again tomorrow with both addresses. I did not include (.) periods in my address only the numbers like 1234 S 12th ave apt 1 no city or state in that box then put in your zip in the zip box
  • @vchavez565.. Thanks that was very helpful.
  • The vast majority of taxpayers can file now, but the IRS is continuing to update its systems for some tax filers. The IRS will begin accepting tax returns from people claiming education credits in mid-February while taxpayers claiming depreciation deductions, energy credits and many business credits will be able to file in late February or early March. A full list of the affected forms is available on IRS.gov.
mines has been processed after submitting them on 1/26/13,.. they changed my filing status which reduced my child tax credit,.... maybe its just that they are super duper checking the info this year who knows,.... so all u schemers beware, they have their magnifying glasses up!
  • i finally got the message that my refund is still in processing, a refund date will be available soon, my 21 days is up on 022013 i am praying that i get my money by friday.
  • You should file for return transcript with irs. i did that yesterday and got my dd date today for 2/21. i filed 2/8 accepted 2/8.
  • i just chkd mine and it said that my refund is still processing ,a refund date will be available soon...Is this a good sign or what??????
  • Request a refund transcript from irs. i requested it yesterday. got my dd date today for 2/21
  • ok pstuart thanks alot
  • I have had the orange bar of processing and the 21 day message since the 31st, I order transcripts over a week ago. Didn't get it in the mail, and still no DD. So last night I went and ordered them again, because my wmr page was still not changing. This morning I have the dd will be given when avaliable. I don't have any education credits, just a simple return. I claimed the eic, thats about it, and have never had a problem with taxes taking this long until this year. I filed on the 1/25, and accepted on the 28th. I got my state refund last week, but still processing for federal. Same crap different day.
  • I had a simple return. Accepted 1/31 and got a DD today of 2/21. Ordered transcripts 2/8 and received them yesterday 2/15. I have not received my state yet. I was told by my state revenue dept that they had issues with TT software and rejected my return. TT resubmitted 2/5 and I'm still waiting. TT never informed me that my state return was rejected always said accepted.
I spoke with IRS on Monday of last week and they said it could take up to 21 days after the 14th making it the 7th of March.  So for all of you it could take up to the 7th of March for refund to be deposited.
    You people who are always looking for refunds. Have LESS tax withheld. I have filed over the last 10 yrs and ALL mine are ZERO returns. I even got a call once from the IRS wanting to know how I could do this. I said it was VERY easy.
    • Waz, everyone's filing is different...you didn't discover any secret by getting your taxes to zero out every year, many people including myself do this... However, because I was a student this past year, I am also expecting a cash return because of the  American opportunity credit..

      While some people may overreact to all of this, it is crazy for you to assume everyone's taxes can work out the same as yours..
    • Most of the people who are waiting are not getting their money back. They are getting EIC and other refundable credits that have nothing to do with their withholding.
    • I am only getting withholding back   I have no kids  do not qualify for EIC  standard deduction   no school  or biz credits or deduction  and from reading these forums   I know  I am not alone  so  NO  it is not just people that get special credits  no state taxes
    If you have some tax credit that is included in their list of credits that will be process late like education credits, etc., you are screwed. 

    IRS Has Delayed Processing Returns with certain forms.

    The IRS has announced that they will delay processing of all tax returns containing the following forms:

    • Form 5695 - Residential Energy Credits
    • Form 8941 - Credit for Small Employer Health Insurance Premiums
    • Form 8910 - Credit for Alternative Motor Vehicles
    • Form 8903 - Domestic Production Activities Deduction
    • Form 8396 - Mortgage Interest Credit
    • Form 8859 - DC First Time Home-buyer
    • Form 4562 - Depreciation
    • Form 8582 - Passive Activity Loss Limitation

    • I filed mine 4 days before my sister. we both used turbo tax and she received hers already and mine still says processing. whats the point of filing early when I don't get it back early?
    • I havent filed any of these forms and mine has been pending since Jan 30th so this info is false
    • No dd date either disappointed again :( and worst Monday is a holiday
    I had that msg for 6 days. Wasn't able to order transcripts until early Friday morning then I just checked and got a dd for the 21st. I filed on feb 4th accepted on feb 4th. Yay!!!
    • DID YOU HAVE FORM 8863 OR 4452?
    • have had this message since jan 30th.......so something has to give
    • No just 1 EIC
    • Did you have the form 8863
    • @ theags84 congrats did you file with the form 8863 on your return
    • I didn't have form 8863.
    • Thanks, congrats to you and yours
    • @theags84, I filed and got accepted on 2/4 and still NP fed date, but state DD says by 21st. What date you got for state
    • I don't have a date for state yet
    • I got my state on Feb 12th
    Still processing as of this morning. Still no DD. I have called  them numerous times and have yet to find someone helpful. This is so irritating. I was accepted on the 28th! If I was going to have the refund in 21 days I should have a dd by now and I don't.
    • Can you count? 21 days from the 28th is the 18th.
    • Got accepted on the 31st and DD on the 4th
    • Deposit date by now. If I was going to have it by the 21st day, I should have the date it will be deposited. Thank you for insulting my intelligence though.
    • Brandon wheat15 is an idiot
    • Ha! Lol!
    • That depends, did u too file with form 8863?
    • No 8863. Just a simple return.
    • You are right alissamnorris. I was accepted 1/31 and finally got a DD today of 2/21. I had to wait 21 days and I dont know why. So you should have received a DD by now.
    • I filed 1/30 accepted same day and got WMR DD date for 2/21.  That makes 23 days for me so don't count on exactly 21 days.  Just my advice though.  Hopefully you'll get a change soon.  Alot of people in the filed 1/30 - 1/31 boat received a DD for 2/21
    • I filed the same time and still don't have a dd date. I did not have the education credits or anything that was delayed. I was accepted on the 30th
    • I do not have a DD  filed on 1/18  accepted 1/28  no education credits  a  simple 1040EZ   no  kids  no changes in over 20 years   I am livid
    • I was accepted on the 28th too, got a review letter yesterday, so I wont be expecting my refund until April.
    • @ kpameticky Did you get your state refund or DD yet
    • so sorry to hear that kpameticky      I sure hope it was a screw up and you get a DD  soon    I know  I will be sweating my mailbox on Tue  if I do not hear anything before them
    • I got my state refund a little over a week ago. Was able to order my transcripts after that. Then on the 16th my WMR page finally updated (it had been stuck on the processing status with the orange status bar since the 31st of Jan.) It finally updated to the message about receiving my return and a DD will be provided when avaliable. Then later that day I had the review letter in the mail. Plan on calling sometime this week just to see if I can find out any info as to why I'm under review if there is anything that was miscalulated or if it is just an IRS "hickup".
    return accepted 2/8. i requested refund transcript yesterday. got dd date today for 2/21. just update folks with a timeframe for dd. 
    I got my federal refund and not my state. It says that the state is pending and its been that way since Jan 30th and still says that. If my fed. was accepted and sent to me within a few days then the state shouldnt be an issue. I am still waiting for my state. I WILL NOT use turbo tax next yr which is sad becuz I have been using it for over 5 yrs. I also DO NOT have any of those educational credits either....my state was just a simple return..this is ridiculous
    • Turbo tax has no say on when you get your refund. if you used another service you'd get the same result. it is dependent on your state. when they release your funds
    • You should call your states dept of revenue
    Why is it if citizens owe the government underpaid taxes, interest has to be paid, but if the government owes citizens a tax over- payment refund, we have to wait, with no answers and no interest??
      As of this morning, still "processing". I received my return transcripts last week. What on earth is going on? Tomorrow will be the 21st day, and since I don't have a DD by now I won't have it tomorrow.

      At least tomorrow I can call and get some answers, I would hope. They have been jerks who refuse to look anything up when I have called until this point.
        Every year there is a problem this is a turbo tax issue not IRS! my brother filed same day same hr as me and he has received both his state and federal returns, he used taxact not turbo tax. DONT file with turbotax anymore and there wont be a problem
          I e-filed on January 11th... The IRS accepted my return on the 25th.  Processing began on the 30th of January...

          February- Had the orange status bar for about a week and then on February 11th it went to:

          "Your tax return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available."

          The only forms I have are:

          With 2 Dependents and Head of Household. 

          No DD Date.. and my window according to TT is February 19th. 

          I have already received my State Returns back from South Carolina as of yesterday.

          So yeah.. something has to give..

          • I was accepted on the 25th just a regular w2 with 3 dependent still no ddd Where's My Refund (WMR) keep saying Your tax return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available” my 21 days will be up on the 19th
          • @laura did you get a date for state
          • I'm pretty sure if you received  a 1098-t, and used TT to filethen you did use the 8863 form... You should check the printable version of your taxes on TT.  If you do have form 8863 in there, then you also are a part of the delay
          • No I haven't receive my state neither
          • i got a date on state to be deposited by 21, they usually come a day apart so i'm hoping it happens this year
          • I hope so
          i see the problem... youre using windows lmfao
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