how long will it take my taxes to be processed through the federal taxes because of my school credit

  • thank you for your answer it doesnt make me happy tho I would of thought they should of been ready for all tax payers.
  • think someone said irs is updating their systems tomorrow!! hopefully that means we are almost there.
  • This is ridiculous they have all year to prepare...
  • shelby_w_2010 -- No, they didn't have all year.  Congress changed the tax laws for 2012 on 1/2/2013.  The IRS has been working diligently for weeks trying to bring their systems up to the new tax law processing standards for millions of potential taxpayers.  Don't blame the IRS -- blame Congress and the Administration for the delays.
  • Reguardless of who's fault it is I would have liked my return in a timely manor.
  • Exactly because I'm still waiting for mine!
  • As am I. The IRS started accepting returns with school credits on 2/14. So I wonder when we can expect our returns?
  • On other threads, those with education credits are starting to get DD's.  Many are saying 2/25

    Are there people that LIKE waiting for their return?  We all would like our returns in a timely manner, but unless it's taking months and months....there is really NOTHING unusual about this tax season.
  • They didnt change anything.. they renewed what was already in place for as far as these credits are concerned.

    The issue lies with TT transmitting too early.. as now anyone who was transmitted early with the 8863 form, was shoved off to error resolutions, with an in house error code, due to inability to process the form.  Now we are all stuck there, and SLOWLY working out into actual processing.

    This has been a nightmare, that needed not happen.  Had you held my return like you said until the 30th, things would have been different as they would not have accepted it, I could have filed without the credit, and went on my way happy .. but instead, WEEKS later still no further than I was 1-30-13
  • I filed 2-2, accepted 2-14 with 8863 Education Credit. Still no DDD. Some who filed 1/26 or before are getting DDD of 2/22 - 2/23 while some whole filed 2/1 and later are getting ddd of 2/25. Try calling 1-800-829-0582 ext. 462
  • Got you all beat filed jan 6 excepted early on 1\25 and nothing yet
  • See I filed jan 15 and got accepted on jan 24 and STILL waiting cause of that school credit. It truly sucks because I NEED that money!!
  • I filed on January 22nd, was accepted on January26th and my return began processing on Februay 14th (Happy Valentines Day)...It is STILL being processed. I really need the money as well.
  • Has anyone gotten a DD date?
  • I still haven't. I talked to a IRS agent this morning and she said that school credits have to wait 21 days from the 14th of February. If anyone got a date please let me know!
  • @roroconway-got the education credits here.  Wasn't accepted until 2/14 and have a DD of 2/25
  • Hmmm... Wander when I'll see a change cause I'm still processing.
  • Did you just recieve the DD date yesturday?  Mine is still processing. Has been since the the14th and was accepted on January 26th:(
  • same here
  • Anyone get a DD with offset notice?
  • No not yet
  • So, has anyone with the education credit received a notice from turbo tax about taking the processing fees from their checking account?  Perhaps due to the dalays?
  • Delays
  • Yup. I got that today! What does that mean?
  • I just got a email stating... REALLY! I AM DUE TO GET BACK ENOUGH TO COVER THAT!!!! WHAT IS THIS? Anyone else get this?

    When you filed your 2012 tax return, you chose to use the Refund Processing Service. This service allowed you to pay for the TurboTax services (listed below) by deducting these fees from your expected federal tax refund, instead of using a credit card.

     However, our records indicate that your refund, after adjustment, was insufficient to pay the amount of these fees. Although we have no way of knowing, the IRS may have adjusted your refund to satisfy existing debts including child support, back taxes, student loans and state taxes, among other reasons. Because you were not able to take advantage of the Refund Processing Service, you will not be charged the Refund Processing Service fee. Your remaining fees for TurboTax services sum to a balance of $26.99 due to Intuit by 3/22/2013.

    For your convenience, there are three easy ways to pay for your TurboTax fees and services:
  • I think a lot of people are getting it cause I got it to.  @atlyvi
  • I got the same message
  • Check as well wheres my refund
  • I got that email to dear.  Called the IRS and they said it wasn't true and have me my DD for the 27th.  My taxes were filed on Jan 11th and accepted Jan 24th.  I think it's just an automated email because its past the 21 days. I also called the offset hotline after I got the email and it said I didn't have any offsets.
  • I got accepted 2/14.....DD date of 2/25
  • That was supposed to be gave me not have me lol.  Crazy iPhone. :)
  • I got accepted 2/14 cause of education credits I got a dd date of 2/25 but it got deposited an hour ago
  • @D.Demo ur lucky I just checked its not there:(
  • Yup I'm still not getting a DD. I notice a lot of people are getting dd and that's a step in progress ^_^
  • Thank @ litiumgrace I was heated for hours lol.
  • Welcome.. I understand I was thinking some serious swear words at TT tax earlier.  They got lucky I couldn't get them on the phone.  It's kinda TT fault our returns were sent in early anyways.  I think I'm gonna contact the BBB tomorrow if I can get TT's main address and phone #
  • So Congress gets paid all year to work at the last minute to hold up money remember that...they get paid for life
  • I too still haven't receive a dd. This is crazy
  • I'm just confused as to why they said they would start processing on the 14th of February but its been a week since they started and still no refund dd. this is insane. I want/need my damn money. I'm getting irritated now.
  • I agree! What is going on?? It's been a week for me as well. Idk what else to say or do at this point. Wondering if we are in the error department.
  • I was earlier this week because TT  transmitted my return early and it had the 8863. Called the IRS when I received the email from TT and the rep gave me a dd of the 27th.
  • I'm thinking we must still be in the error but when I called today in regards to the email she told me I was still processing and they recieved and accepted my Tt info on jan 24th. So, nothing to do but wait impatiently. I want to hear something by Monday. At least.
  • Everytime I call the IRS they keep saying processing. I'm so over the processing thing right now
  • That's the same letter I got. I called IRS ant turbo tax.  IRS said it is not true.  My refund date is the same and should be deposited on the 27.  Yet, Ira website still says processing.  Turbo tax never answered, after waiting for 45 minutes I hung up.
  • I hope I hear something next week..
  • I didn't receive a email..
  • i been waiting since feb 1st for my return and its past the 21 days they said i would get it and it still says it was accepted and nothing more so they are passt due with no additional infomation for me or anything about where my money is or coming
  • Got my DD today and TT just emailed me saying it will be coming soon.
  • Just my dd of February 27th!! I'm excited now that I'm receiving my money!!!!!
  • Glad that everyone has a dd but as for me still in the same boat. Got accepted on the 2/14
  • Just got my DD of 2/27 in the middle of the night.
  • Filled 2/5, accepted  2/14 because de Education Credit, and have DDD 2/27.
  • Yep. I filed on January 29 and mine is still being processed.  They promised by Feb.20 but its bow the 24th. What r they doing? Help!!
  • Did u have the education credit?
  • Do anyone have a update on the one's that still processing with the educ
  • Education credit
  • Where are you guys finding your DD dates? I cant find it and all TT says is I will get it before March 6th
  • On the IRS where's my refund website
  • @zoelinasimone
    Thats what mine says, please let me know if you get a ddd
  • I filed on 1/14, accepted 1/24, and moved to processing 2/11. I was still being processed until I read on here all of the issues that TT created by submitting early the filers with the education credit. I was still in  Error Resolution until I called on 2/22 and spoke to someone. She informed me that I have a ddd of 2/27 and sure enough, the WMF site was updated with that date the next day. After I recieve my refund, I WILL be contacting SOMEONE at Turbo Tax about all of these issues that they created due to transferring the returns early. We ought to be compensated in some way. No more TT for me, next year is H&R Block!
  • Why r we still seeing processing
  • I agree I'm not going thru turbo tax next year. H & R block will be used next year.
  • I checked the WMR website and I don't have a date? How will I find mine?
  • This just sad
  • I filed Jan 30th, IRS accepted Feb 14th when TT sent it due to education credit and still no DD date a friend of mine filed Feb 13th and has already gotten her refund.
  • Anyone who got a DD received there refund early?
  • KS414, I filed on the 30th and it was accepted on the 14th and I am still waiting too w/ ED. Credit. I haven't an exact due date either. I just saw that the earliest I could receive it was the 25th of February and at the latest was March 8th. Everyone is in need of their money. All we can do is just wait. It is out of our control.
  • me! been accepted 1/25 then 2/14 butstill in process!
  • Its almost 2 weeks for me and I'm still processing as well. Accepted 2\14
  • How much longer do we have to wait!  The IRS rep told me earlier I should receive my refund between now and the 7th of March.WtF!
  • I was able to order my transcript what does this mean???
  • Order mine midnight. Called toady at 1pm got DD3/1. Good luck
  • Thanks@ahhuh83 did ya dd show up on the wmr site as well?? U was able to order last night right? When Is ya ddd?
  • No it never showed. My orange bar went away and I had that topic message. Yes I ordered last night. My DD is 3/1.
  • Oh my, well I'm probably gonna have to end up calling tomorrow
  • Whats Dd
  • Was you able to order a account\return transcript? Try that! Its ddeposit date.  I too was waiting 12 days as of yesterday and I was able to order a transcript.
  • It mean you're close to getting your money
  • I filed on 2/2.... mine is still pending.
  • Its on the irs website under tools
  • So if you are able to order transcripts and it says it was accepted and I should recieve them with 5-10 days, what does that mean for my refund? And everytime I go and check WMR website, it says they dont have enought information but I was just able to order my transcripts. What does this all mean?
  • why do i need to order my transcript? can someone help me?
  • That you should be looking for a date for your refund here soon.  Plus it mean your tax return is complete
  • If it was your return transcript then your money is coming. WMR still didnt update for me. I called and got my date
  • @ahuh83 I have a ddd of 3/4. I took your advice and called
  • Did anyone recieved there dd early then the orginial date?
  • @Nisey25 thats good news. Now I just hope it come when they say. We will see
  • @Ahhuh83 I hope so 2. Let me know if you receive yours tomorrow.
  • I sure will @nisey25
  • I had a DD of 3/4 I received my money last night when i check my account online on 2/27. So its definitely possible to get it early. Good luck everyone!
  • got mine today yayyy!!!
  • @nisey25 tt bank got it took there fees out. Sent it to y walmart money card today. Hopefully my money on my card soon
  • @ahhuh83 you should receive it soon
  • I am still being processed and I files the same day :(
  • Me too!
  • Same her files 6th and irs says still processing
  • I filed Feb 2 nd it was suppose to be put in my account Feb 22. IT is still being processed. Do you have a number to talk to a live person? The only other form was EIC
The only comments from the iRS so far is that they expect to be ready to handle such returns by mid-February.
  • this is crazy shouldnt they have been ready for such taxes already since the season opened wow im very disapointed
  • the month is almost over....I filed mine exactly a month ago. still no return
  • moving pretty fast here file on the 22 got accepted on the 22 and ill have my refund on the no laater the the 15 of march
  • They all say mid March. Helped file two returns for sons in college. Good luck. Very slow receiving any refund. Don't think we will see anything for a while. We can thank Congress. Just saying.
  • .
  • I called TT they said my return has been approved although the IRS website is saying its still pending I filed 2/20 accepted on 2/21 now I'm waiting on DDD they said possibly by the 14th or 15th there is a nationwide delay :-(
  • I called IRS today and asked for DD date, they said 3/4. I was accepted on 2/14 an I have education credits. So we will see if I get it.
  • if you filed through turbo tax, you can check to see if the IRS has sent your refund on here. It is the bank that turbo tax uses to deduct your fees. On the IRS site it still shows that my return is being processed, but according to this site, my funds were sent to them yesterday, and my deposit has already been sent to my bank.
  • ZoelinaSimone - I too was accepted on the 14th and have education credits, and was told DD was 3/4. Check the link I posted - that will give you a more accurate idea :)
  • Do you know what bank H&R Block uses? I paid my fee's already so the information may not be any use to me anyway :(
  • @vjthompson73 I too has a ddd for 3\4 did you receive your refund early then your original date
  • @nisey25 - my refund is in my bank yayy!!! @regalpaw - not sure about H&R Block, but keep checking your bank account, because the IRS site still shows mine as approved, yet it has already been dd. good luck!
  • What number did you call? I have emailed them several time to contact some one and its been two weeks and no responce.
  • I filed on the 6th and irs says still processing and no refund yet what the heck
  • i was accepted on the 25th of January, but was told that they did not start processing school credits until the 14th of februry and everytime i check it says processing
  • IRS accepted my return on the 7th and it is still being processed. I had no special forms that would delay my return. Its going on a month now.Loos like im going to have to call them.WTF.
it seems like anywhere from 7-10 days
  • Any 8863 filers get a ddd
  • I got my ddd of 2/27 on 2/23, and i got my refund in my account this morning
How do u order account/returntrasscipt
  • You can download the where's my refund app and there will be a bar that you can press to order your transcript.
You all haven't answer my question to when can I expect my federal tax to go to the IRS or wheris it and why haven't it been sent yet?
    Accepted Feb 14th got Ddd for feb 25 got my refund today feb 23 files the education credit.
    • When you receive a dd would you get a email from TT?
    • I didn't get a email from TT. I just checked WMR
    • I am STILL processing. I'm going out of my mind waiting.
    • I understand @ atlyvi I'm still processin from the 2/14
    • Just finally got our DD of 2/27, hope it comes DD sooner.
    • We also did not get an email from TT.  My husband checked the WMR site at 2am and saw the update.
    • Well hope the ppl that seeing still processin should get a DD this coming up week.
    • Yeah I hope so. I think you guys who still haven't recieved a DD get something soon.
    • Filed jan 29, not accepted until feb 14 and still saying processing. TT estimates the earliest the 25 the latest the 6th. WMR only one bar as of today!! Anyone in my boat have a DD yet
    • When did you file originally and did you have education credits as well.
    • Ye I am in the same boat. It makes me mad. Dont call the IRS before the 21 days because they will yell at you. They are very rude
    • The IRS should tell us something...
    • I have been processing for 2 weeks almost what is the deal?? How can I find out a DDD?  This is driving me crazy checking this everyday and it still says processing
    • I'm n the same boat I too been processing for almost 2 week and still no DDD
    • I dont have the credit but file the 30in still processing this crazy
    • Well just talked to someone at the IRS well if you have been in processing for a while you can expect to be waiting for a while.  The IRS rep told me that my return was transmitted early by TT and had to be corrected adding 2 weeks to the original 3 week deadline.  Translation:  I WONT GET MY F***N REFUND TILL THE END  OF MARCH!!  this is crazy Thanks turbo tax for NOTHING
    • I hate turbo tax and the irs
    • Yeah I was wondering- do they send an email when it's ready? I'm scrambling my mind looking everyday. I don't even want to look anymore, I'm just assuming I will never get my damn return :(
    • It's pathetic that I been processing for almost 2 weeks and still nothing.
    • Ok I was able to order my return transcript at mid night. When I checked my status the orange bar is gone and t say it is still processing and it will be ready when it is ready. I do not get this. Will I have a DD soon? Did anyone go through this? If so was your deposit shortly behind the crazy message
    • I have not recieved a damn thing, I got the email on he 14th stating my return was accepted, but all I have it that it will be before march 6th.... How can I find an actual date?
    • This is sad tt is loosing my business really
    • Same here.  I've been waiting for weeks!
    • I called that number someone posted and the rep didn't say shit to me. Didn't asked for my ss# or anything. This is ridiculous!
    • did she give you any info as to what the deal is?
    • Y'all can call turbo tax they can run your social to see if u are even approved or have any delays I'm approved I'm just waiting on a ddd now I filed 2/20 accepted on 2/21 I don't know when I was approved turbo tax said I was approved with no delay and yes I had a education credit
    • whats the number
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