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Netspend card, how long does it take to get it? I was accepted on the 25th and checked and the money was deposited on Feb. 1st but still don't have my netspend card yet.

  • Did you get your card yet
  • No I haven't gotten the card yet. I have called them several times and they have given me several different days that the card was mailed. I finally talked to a supervisor today and he said that they would send another card by UPS and it should take no longer than 3 days to get here, As of tomorrow my return will have been deposited a week. It has been frustrating to say the least to know that the money is there but I can't  touch it...I know that next year if Turbo tax offers the same card I will opt for the check to be sent.
  • So how long in total was it before you actually got your card? That is ridiculous!
  • That was a easy solve. Just go to a cvs, or walgreens, or walmart buy another card and add call customer service and it it to your account. You wouldn't even have to wait for anybody to send a card to you. The store brought cards work the same way make sure it says "Netspend". Also, it doesn't take that long to get card. You typically get in before your money even comes.
I also have my refund deposited on a Netspend card but not have received my card.I called customer service to try and do the transfer and you can not do anything until you have the card in your possesion. These cards are being mailed from texas no way.does it take this long. The answer I was given by netspend if i wanted my card earlier than I should have filed earlier than the 31. I trusted that turbo tax would promote a card company with excellent standards as im sure alot of tt customers did. I worked to hard to sit on hold with netspend only to have the csr give me an answer like that which btw I paid .50 from my refund I dont have for that phone call. At least someone is getting to use my $.
    Netspend cards usually take any where from 7-10 days to be received. Another option is to go to a retailer that sales netspend cards and set up a seperate acct and instant transfer your money for 4.95.
    I hope this helps.
    • I ended up talking to a supervisor, after talking to reps all week. and they are sending me another card by UPS that should be here by Mon at the latest. The only Netspend cards I could find in my area were gift cards that would only allow $500 to be on the card at any one time. This has been such a bad situation and it should have been so easy.
    • They wont allow a transfer if the new account is less than 30 days old. >:[

    My card said it was shipped on 2/3 and I still don't have it.

    • been 7 days and waiting for mine. money was deposited 4 days ago.
    • mine was shipped 2/3 and got it 2/7
    • but I lost it the same day so now im waiting on a new one sucks
    • Mine was shipped 2/3 still haven't gotten it and cannot get through to customer service I'm so irritated I have my card from last yr wish I could transfer my.money on.it . My.money was deposited 2/10 its 2/14 still no card
    • where do you find out if it's been shipped?
    • NetSpend customer service will let you know when it was shipped
    • How do you know when the card was shipped like where do I go to look
    It would be easier to go to Walmart and get a walmart card, blubird card, or apply for the Netspend card  all before doing taxes.  

    Once you have the Netspend card, you will always have it for future use. 

      i have been waiting 2weeks for my card,i the refund has been on it i am so upset with this card co. all they do is give u the run around i really feel like i'm being scammed by them.what can i do i've tried everything,can anyone help me.

      • By a new card via walmart, cvs or some other 3rd party retailer (who sales netspend cards) and then add it to the existing account. Or get credentials and set up a online account for your exsisting card you never got yet and do a ACH bank transfer from the account to another type of card or account.
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