Why isn't my federal tax return free?

  • I filed free EZ form for a friend on my computer.  How can I start a new return  for me?
  • did i click on the wrong one?
  • TURBOTAX IS CONFUSING, MISLEADING AND CHEATING WITH FALSE PROMISES. It says start Federal for free and ends with Federal Basic charging $19.99.  DON'T USE OR SUGGEST TURBOTAX. Bloody LIARS.
  • I found my own answer.  Each return should have a separate e-mail or Login ID.  Now I am able to file for my children and a close friend who uses the 1040 EZ.  I have filed 4 returns in total and all are free. Just be sure it is a simple return and answer NO THANKS when asked if you want the extra benefits.  I have relied on Turbo Tax  for several years but this FREE is great for the simple returns.
  • I agree with you! Next year I'm gonna use TaxAct, that's for sure!
  • i filed my federal tax for free and now it is charging 19.99 how is that supposed to be free
  • How can you advertise for a free federal filing, put all the time and effort into completing your information only to find out at the end you have to pay for it.  Very disappointing.
  • please help - I thought I was getting basic or deluxe thru Vanguard for free - but you say for sales I must upgrade - ???
  • You are advertising it is free now you are telling me I have to upgrade. This is false advertising
  • I agree 100%
  • Not only does TurboTax  charge a fee, but then the bank they use charges a fee also! 27.99 from them and 29.99 from their bank. After two days of working on my taxes, and waiting for information from my bank to complete their long process only to find out they charged me almost 60 bucks! So disappointed!
  • !!! this is false advertising!~!!!! should be free!!!
  • I can't get much simpler and now you want 19.99,no way just plain crooks.Went to senior citizen center and they had H&R  there and it was free,totally.
  • I filed on a Deluxe program advertised at $29.99 but when I got to the end it tried to charge $74.99. very disappointed with it....have not filed yet and considering doing it manually...
  • You are charging 19.99 and 39.99 WHY?
  • I figured out that they are charging the home and business price....why the hell I don't know?????I have no business income
  • free federal tax
  • I agree i have filed for the last several years and this year they want to cahrge me and they sais it was free and it was a lot more confusing this year than last year what is going on turbo tax
  • Fraud, fraud, fraud.
  • Totally agree with all of the above.  Advertised as FREE, spent time inputting and at end, charging $19.99, El Toro poo opoo
  • I agree, always says free and then you pay at the end. I am done with turbo also.......
  • i am being charge 100.00 nfor my taxes first it as 69.00 now they added on and extra 30.00 idc im not relying n them next year
  • Agree $ 100 when said free
  • Well alright!! Trying to do my sons "FREE" 1040EZ declined the $19.99 upgrade & now just get a blank screen no error messages no option buttons just a blank turbo tax screen that I can't do anything with. I don't do business with companies that lie. I will be contacting America First Credit Union & advising them they shouldn't do businees with companies that run scams like this or they may loose my business.
  • I'm doing my grandson's federal taxes, he doesn't have access to a computer with a printer. Why am I being asked for a credit card when TurboTax promisses a free return?
  • I refused to enter my credit card info. I will not get ripped of by these hucksters!
  • I should charge TurboTax for the time I spent answering their stupid questions and giving me nothing in return.
    Total RIP OFF!!!!
  • I agree - total rip off.   Will do our own!  Thanks for nothing.
  • I agree
  • Amen....
  • turbo tax is awesome been using it for years... The basic is free but if you efile it is going to cost.... If you want to be cheap and not pay then  mail it in the mail. DUH!
  • Have to make a few corrections to your comment.  If you are using the Online version Basic is not the free one.  Only the Free Edition is free for the federal return.  State is additional if all versions.  There is no charge for efiling.  The fee is to prepare the return whether you efile or print and mail.  Plus there is an EXTRA 29.99 service charge to have the fees deducted from your federal refund.

    In the Desktop Software you buy the program and can do unlimited federal and unlimited state returns.  You can efile 5 federal returns for free (IRS limit) and each state is 19.99 to efile but free to print and mail.
  • I was charged $89!!! Im pissed! You guys take forever to help on the phone and i want a refund. I never authorize any charges and chose the free option. Its ridiculous!!!
  • This return should be FREE What do i need to do??
  • Q: I did not mean to select this version or have second thoughts. How can I switch?
    Answer:If you still feel that you’re better suited using another TurboTax version, contact us via Phone or Chat to inquire about the possibility of an adjustment.
    Our Agent will review your account and ask a few questions about your situation so that s/he can determine if we are able to offer you a one-time adjustment
  • I need a phone number
  • What is up with this I sat here for over an hour and now am told it's not free. What a farse and I will never recomend Turbo tax to anyone.
Can't tell what version you are using but you might have accidentally upgraded to Basic or above.

How to find your fees…
Log in to your return
Click on Tools
Click on My Fees
A window will pop up that shows the fees

And to have the fees deducted from your federal refund is an EXTRA 29.99 Refund Transfer fee. Or you can pay with a credit card and avoid the extra charge.
  • Please tell me where to look to see your statement that you will charge me an extra $29.99 from my Federal Return.  I could have put it on my debit card if I had known.  I will never use Turbo Tax again.
  • i filed for free federal return and i am being charged $29.99. This is not right. I will not use Turbotax again.
  • Hidden fees.... I didn't INTEND to "upgrade to BASIC"...or anything else. I already have an account set up to receive direct deposit, 29.99 more is a total rip off. I won't use them again either.
  • Turbotax bait and switched me!! I am very pissed off at the hidden fees, and considering the return amount this year its complete crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will not be using this service in the future and will tell as many people I know not to use it either!!!
  • they also got me for an extra 29.99. lying bastards
  • what is this additional $29.99 for? I was charged this also. I was under the assumption this was free?
  • this is bs, i will never use turbo tax again, if it said free and its now telling me $29.99...  BOLONEY
  • TURBOTAX IS CONFUSING, MISLEADING AND CHEATING WITH FALSE PROMISES. It says start Federal for free and ends with Federal Basic charging $19.99.  DON'T USE OR SUGGEST TURBOTAX. Bloody LIARS.
  • federal tax is suppose to be free you lied
  • I have filed using my own id but they said I have to pay a fee i only filed my federal
  • Only the Free Edition is free for federal.  Basic is not the free one.
  • In other words I clicked on the link thats suppose to be free , you tricked me. Im going through The Irs at least I know there telling me the truth.
  • all i know is that i clicked on the link and it was suppose to be free.
  • no it is not I was just charged 49.99 for basic
  • its not FREE if u charge 29.99...?
  • i am getting charged 19.99 plus additional 29.99 and i tried to find how to change it cant
  • don't mind paying the 29.00 but not fair to charge the 19.99 too.
  • You are so right....My return which was supposed to cost 29.99 ended up costing 74.99 for federal.  I clicked on pay too late and have to pay the amount.  WHAT A RIPOFF.  No more Turbotax for me.
  • I thankfully looked here before actually paying to file. Really irked that I wasted all my time putting all my info in and then realize there are different versions & I'm not in the free federal version like I thought I was. Sorry, I'm not paying 29.99 for something that was supposed to be free. If I have to re-enter everything anyway I'm going to just go somewhere else.
  • Then go to H&R Block and Pay over $200.00 ... Lotz
  • Right.... because I just did it for FREE on H&R Block.
  • I agree!  What option should I have checked to just get my refund?  I didn't owe anything yet was charged $29.99 for a service fee!  I think this is called fraud!
  • Bait and switch is illegal.
  • Totally agree
  • I agree supposed to be FREEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!
  • ok you are cheating people free is free!
  • freetaxusa.com has free federal and only $9.95 to file state.  we will be switching to that next year!
  • same here.
    I carefully selected "free".  When I found myself mysteriously upgraded to $19.99 basic, I deleted all of my information, but I am still stuck at Basic.
    Now I have to create a new email address just to avoid $19.99... which isn't worth it for the dollar amount, but this is so annoying, I will do it.
This is 2 yrs in a row that we have used turbo tax and it will be the last for us.
    Thsi was advertised as FREE. Now I'm hearing that it's only free if you use a different ID than you  did last year.  But....you have to use LAST YEAR's ID to get it to TurboTax to transfer over yoour data...otherwise, you hav to keystroke it all in again.   I get that, and I'm OK with it, but the problem is....You don't find that crap out til AFTER you get your return completed !!!!!!!!! 

    What a bunch of crap from what used to be a well-respected company.  Is Turbo now run by a bunch of fee-grabbers?  This USED to be a user-friendly, up-front, honest company.  What happened, Board of directors??  You're losing clients because of this kind of cheesy sleazy tactics.
    • You can not transfer into the Free Edition.  So if you want to transfer from last year you will have to upgrade.
    • Such a (deleted)     !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • I entered all my data in by hand again and I still am being charged $19.99 for a allegedly free return in addition to the $36 (used to be 19.99) to file my State Return.  So I am being asked to pay $60 to file my own damn return when I could have gone to one of the tax services down the road and paid less money and they would have done all the work for me.  Yeah I'm going to delete my return and use a different service.  This is total BS!
    I was very disappointed this year to have to pay fees to file an EZ return. Because I had to use the longer form from the years before, I went ahead and tried to see if I could claim more deductions, however I did not have enough of anything to claim and it automatically switched me to the Simple easy form in the end, and I still had to pay. I withdrew my state to try to save even more, and it still billed me $56,00 to file an EZ form.......I can see from this blog that many are unhappy about this service. Some responded with the answer of having to start over again using a new login and password.....I feel that is not right. 
    • I am scraping the turbo and will not be back.
    Very clever Turbo Tax......You'll make millions and millions on all of us this year. Only thing is your reputation is going to go down in flames. You know how that pesky word of mouth thing spreads like wildfire. We'll all enjoy having the last laugh eventually though and have warm and fuzzy thoughts of your demise...
    • Shame on you...I've used trubo tax for years but never again. I will also tell family and friend about the scam you are pulling on people. Shame !!!
    • EXACTLY!!...evidently, to get to the FREE edition, you have to start over with a new screen name. Tho they don't bother to tell you that when you try to get to the FREE edition:((
    • Yall misleading people on yall site and that's not right but yall will lose customers for that!
    profanity deleted
      You can download and fill the forms from the IRS website (www.irs.gov) for free. The IRS instructions will provide you with an estimate of the amount of time to complete each form. 

      If you would like the ease of using a service such this one, you must have some basic expectation that there is a desire to produce revenue to offset the costs of providing this service. 

      On that note - why can't I get a free haircut, free gas, or free groceries? Can you believe those businesses also want revenue? It's like they want to pay their employees, utilities, rent and perhaps make a profit to the owner. Sheesh - how unfair, darn capitalism. 
      • Love ur comment.  I'll pay TurboTax if I could have a free tank of gas. Lol!
      • Good anser deguan918   LMAO
      • Ok dolphx, let's get something straight. It has nothing to do with not realizing that a company wants to make money. It has everything to do with offering that free haircut, tank of gas or groceries and then after you get them, being told...oh, nevermind, you DO have to pay the minimum charge...sorry, even though you confirmed (several times) that you just wanted the basics, no frills so that yes, you definitely want the FREE whatever, you are getting this other thing so that SURPRISE you have to pay for something you STATED SEVERAL TIMES that you DID NOT WANT. What we, the customer demand is something called INTEGRITY, something that many people and businesses have LOST...I just didn't figure that Turbo Tax would have pulled this disgenuine act on its customers. Capitalism is GREAT! Tricking people to take something they specifically state they do not want and then charging for it just to try to make a dollar is NOT.
      why is this return not free?
      • It will not give me a choice on programs. I used deluxe last year so it won't give me a choice to use free this year.
      • You can use Free Edition but you have to start over with a new user name. How to start another or new return
      • If this is the case, the TBT needs to let returning filers know this. I just had to pay for the FREE EDITION!!!
      • TT should ALWAYS notify their returning customers or they are going to lose them.  I didn't even get an email or ANYTHING this year.  Expected to at least one email since been using them for several years.
      • When I did mine and my son's when we got to the pay screen there was a fee.  I saw in a previous comment to contact TurboTax (I used online chat) and they gave me a code to enter and it downgraded my return to the free version.  I did not have to enter my info again.  This is what the rep told me was the problem when I asked how to avoid this next year.

        "Please be aware that next year when you start your return for the first time, you may default in this higher version. But there will be the option of choosing any version you like, so be sure to keep an eye out for that."
      Didn't you see these 2 screens?

      • What kind of an offer is this? Federal is Free but additional processing service fee is 29.99? Such a disgusting marketing idea. What does Turbotax gain from this? Only loss of customers' trust & confidence. Customers don't mind if fees are mentioned without any offers but such cheap tricks shouldn't be encouraged.
      • Im still waiting for my refund is was sent already , I was fool ,too
      • Why charge for a FREE version?
      why I'm I not filing free federal return  I have  done so for years
        why I'n i not filing fee this yar
          After I complete my TT refund, what option do I check to get my refund?  I do not owe any fees except the state fee of $19.99.  I purchased Turbo Tax at Costco.  There should not have been a $29.99 fee but there was.  How do I get a refund of the $29.99?
          • The 29.99 fee was a service charge to have the 19.99 state efiling fee deducted from your federal refund.  Or you could have paid up front with a credit card and avoided the Extra charge. OR you could have printed and mailed the state return for free.
          • Not true!  The $29.99 efling charge was for efiling my Federal return.  I paid another $19.99 on top of the $29.99 to efile my state return.
          why is my form not free
            Did I black out and wake up to a whole different turbo tax? When I started the process I choose the "free" version. When I was  finished I suddenly owe 19.99. WTF???? Is that legal????
              First of all this is a community form. You have to actually call or chat turbo tax if you want to complain. First of all you need to make sure you selected the FREE one. Second if you are a returning customer and TT transfered your data. You need to delete the data and restart everything by hand otherwise you are upgrading to the basic for 19.99. Just if you don't want to pay a fee make sure you pay attention and stay on the free addition!
              • Ok genius...here are the problem: 1) we DID choose the FREE edition, 2) we DID verify (like 5 times) that we wanted Turbo Tax to DELETE previous information and confirmed that we wanted the FREE edition and 3) NO WHERE on this site did it mention that you had to delete the previous year's information before you could actually get the free version. You actually have to get to the point of trying to file that this site tells you that you are now going to have to pay $19.99 THEN you have to hunt down what the heck happened in the Help/Support section. At what point is it assumed by Turbo Tax, even after multiple confirmations that you want the FREE version, that they should just put you on the $19.99 version? This is absolutely assinine! Just keep that in mind BEFORE you start treating patrons like morons - we are NOT morons, we DID pay attention, we DID confirm the FREE edition and reconfirmed that YES we want to reenter the previous year's information and yet we are STILL GOING THROUGH THIS CHEAP TRICK PLAYED BY TURBO TAX! And, get this, WE are being treated like WE are the one's that are doing something wrong! Really?! I think not...just bite the bullet and admit that this company/website is trying to trick people out of their money, make the necessary changes so that the rest of your possible patrons actually come to use your site, and call it a day.
              • Once again if you have a problem with TT. Just like any company you need to contact them this is a community form. I was able to file My inlaws, my sisters and mine all for FREE. I was not upgrade at anypoint. When it asked if I want to upgrade everytime I check no. If you have a problem with TT service contact them.
              Why is my federal tax not free
                I would like to talk to a customer representative I need a phone number for turbo tax
                • are you all for real...how greedy can you possibly be..first year you provide a free federal return and the next you you charge..can you sleep at night
                How do i get back to my return?
                  How do I get my federal tax return for free
                    Contact Customer Service 5am - 9pm Pacific every day

                    Here's how to start over to go back to the Free Edition by starting a new return…..

                    • Still avoiding how easy it is to wind up with a paid product, and have to go back and reeenter everything.
                    Why do I have to pay  to file a 1099R ez form. I thought Turbo Tax was free. I don't want to pay.
                    • Only the Free Edition is free for federal.  Are you using a different version?  How to find your fees…
                      Log in to your return
                      Click on Tools
                      Click on My Fees
                      A window will pop up that shows the fees

                      And to have the fees deducted from your federal refund is an EXTRA 29.99 Refund Processing Fee. Or you can pay with a credit card and avoid the extra charge.
                    • Charging me 60 freakin dollars!!!!!!
                    • Hey VolvoGirl - TT does not let you know you will be charged 29.99 to have fees deducted from refund UNTIL you have said yes and by then it is too late.  ALL FEES should be disclosed before a customer has to decide if they want the service or not.
                    • It is, they are.  You have to agree to the fees before you submit or efile, etc.  Did you look at the 2 screen shots I posted above?
                    • Yes I did and it says federal taxes $29.99 I'm not agreeing at the end because its trying to charge me, I will just go through H&R Block I have tried 4 different time by starting over I haven't had this problem before.
                    • How to find your fees…
                      Log in to your return
                      Click on Tools
                      Click on My Fees
                      A window will pop up that shows the fees

                      And to have the fees deducted from your federal refund is an EXTRA 29.99 Refund Processing Fee. Or you can pay with a credit card and avoid the extra charge.
                    • It is giving me the option to pay with credit card and its not free it's charging for my federal I never requested it to be deducted from my refund.
                    • It says turbo tax deluxe $29.99 I did not select deluxe I have started over 4 times to confirm & still wants to charge me for my free federal return.
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