I checked today and it said my refund will be sent on the 6th....does anyone know will it be there On the 6th for sure? did anyone get it on he exact date it says it will be sent?

  • if your refund  said its accepted on the 25th why is it still pending
  • refund was sent on 6th but bank does not have it and it's the 12th
  • I have not received my net card and it's been two weeks. My money is suppose to be deposited today. What should I do?
  • Says federal was accepted but irs is still processing anyone know why
  • You sure it wasn't accepted on the 6th?  It usually takes 2 wks to process after acceptance.
  • my state said the 6th and I got it on the 12
  • Yes
  • The netspend card will sent your money back to the irs if it isnt activated by 5pm on the day its deposited. And it will take longer then 4 days to activate it. Just a little information on that card.
  • I have not got a notice from irs saying my refund has been sent back or anything what do I do please help
  • I don't know why, but mine says the same.  Very frustrating.
  • Talked to irs today said it can take 3 weeks to process
  • not much we can do, only waiting.
  • Mine was accepted on the 25th and still says the same. I however did recieve my State of GA refund.
  • I was accepted on the 28th but just went to IRS WMR to see if I could order my transcripts and I was able this time. This mean they are done processing my return and will receive a DDD soon. I hope this helps and I'm in Mississippi.
  • My refund says its still processing. Tomorrow will be 21 days. Is this happening to anybody else? I'm getting frustrated
  • I feel you same boat here it's very frustrating .. Hopefuly we will get some update s
  • Ya me too, called IRS an they said there's nothing wrong it jus takes 3 weeks to process.
  • Question irs wmr says check to be mailed on 25th. Irs issuing a notice of stautory deficiency on Friday.  Since irs cuts checks Friday and mails Monday and notice is 8100 but refund is for almost 18000 what happens?
  • mine too...been waiting since January 25the and still says processing, but my friend who has exactly the same deductions as me and filed two days later says she will get hers on the 26th.  May have to quit turbo tax next year and go with Hand R Block.  at least there are live people you can talk to for answers
  • Well I called them back an said they ran into a problem or something, double checking my deductions, but it's not an audit. Think cause I had child tax credit so it's taking longer :( I'm guessing
  • Yes im still waiting too mine say processed still also:-(
  • I was told my refund was sent to tpg yesterday and they tell me they don't see my refund that it takes one to two business days to show!!! Really upset and I will never deal with turbotax again name should be run around
  • Yes i have been waiting 25  days
  • What I can't figure out is my return was in pending, sent out on 2/14/2013, irs accepted it, and every day I check their site I get "return is being processed", now I did my nephews return at TaxAct {not TurboTax} on 2/15/2013, checked the "IRS Where's My Refund" site and his refund says "Refund Approved", the last bar, "Refund Sent IS NOT highlighted, says his refund will be Direct Deposited Monday 2/25/2013, well, he calls his bank and his refund is ALREADY been DD'd on Friday 2/22/2013!   

    So I don't know what's up with the IRS site or Turbo Tax, but I know I won't be coming back here to TT next year.    

    I'm going with TaxAct which DID NOT CHARGE my nephew any fees for doing his return or any fee for putting his refund by Direct Deposit into his bank account.      Unlike here at TT where many of us have paid fees and then paid a ridiculous fee to have our own money directly placed into our own bank accounts.

    And so here I sit waiting and waiting trying to figure out just when or if I'll ever see my refund anytime soon.
  • I have friend that used turbo tax and her refund was done the same as your nephews
  • 21days here im thinkin because i owe like 500 in back support??
  • my 21 days is today but im still being processed.!
  • yea i also thought might have made error on it idk..going tax act next year lol
  • I called IRS an they said they have been dealing with a lot of people being shady an have a new thing this year on how to try fix it. They randomly pick people an they have to wait for a letter in mail an u call a # an answer questions before they approve your refund. That's what's goin on with mine..
  • Yep, that's true. I just saw a news report on my local news at noon today Mon.2/25/2013 about some tax preparers are charging a lot of UNNECESARY hidden fees and for forms you don't even need, one lady got hit with an $800 prep fee, when it was only supposed to be $75.00 total.   So there have been a lot of complaints to both the IRS and the BBB about these shady, dirty-dealing tax prep companies.

        So now it's affecting a lot of people because these idiots were also forging info such as taking the college education credits on folks returns, yet, their children are infants in diapers or elementary school and nowhere being near college age.   The news report had them fill out a return and they added over $2,500 in college credits that the person WAS NOT even eligible for.     

    And then if you happen to get audited, you're going to be in hot water with the IRS and you can bet the "shady, dirty dealing, shyster" of a tax preparer will be nowhere to be found and you'll be responsible for the fraudulent claims.

          So now it would appear many folks returns are being scrutinized because of these shyster tax prep companies.
  • Wow, I claimed my daughter but didnt put anything in for school or anything. She's only 21 months.
  • I have been waiting also, its been since February 2nd and it said it would be Direct Deposited today, but there was nothing deposited, this is ridiculous, I will never use turbo tax again. All of my family and friends had no problem with getting theirs back.
  • Yes now its sayin approved andy bank should hv my money on the 27th .. will c if that happens
  • I am in same boat, filed on Jan 30th,it was held til feb 14th for college credit mine and my daughters still processing. My other daughter didn't use her college credit she filed on feb 11th and got hers the 22nd of Feb.
  • I filed on 2/1. Refund was approved 2/23. Refund scheduled to be deposited on. 2/27. Still waiting. I'm wondering how long it will really take if turbotax has to intercept the refund deduct their fees, then give me the remaining balance. Blah..... Waiting sucks!
  • Anyone still on the first bar on the IRS site "Where's My Refund"?    My return was accepted 2/15 from TT, IRS has had it now since then and it still shows "return being processed", yet I have friends that used another on-line tax program without any charges, had the college credit and have already gotten their refunds.  But the funny thing is, the iRS site still shows their refund as "Refund Approved", even though they have gotten their refund by 2/22, the bar has never gone to the "Refund Sent" area.    IRS says the site is updated once daily, usually overnight, yet my returns bar has never moved from the first position, I have yet to get a letter in the regular mail or any word from the IRS if there is or are any issues on/or about my return.     I would have thought by now my refund would be in the bank, as I've never had to wait more than a total of 8 days before.  My refund had always gotten to my bank early in all the past years I've been doing this online UNTIL this year.   This is and still is the longest I've been waiting for my money.
  • My return was accepted on the 14th of february and been processing ever since and its almost been 2 weeks but this is the longest I have ever had to wait for my return by im guessing that certain things together such as self employed child tax credit and college credit  which are all in my return while my kids are babies probably make it look funny but I myself go to school and still hoping that I will get mine within 21 days.  The longest ive ever had to wait has been this year and Im just worried im gonna get put up for review andits gonna take even longer.  Its almost March normally ppl are getting their paper checks now that have been mailed in so Im not sure that turbotaxes fault but Im pissed cause last year ppl were getting there refund that had filed turbotax last year earlier when I had went through H and R Block and this year....Just super fed up and need to pay bills due now..About to get evicted been telling the land lord that I will have his Feb money soon soon soon and now I just think hes thinking im giving him the run around....Ive lived in my duplex for five years now and dont wanna have to move because my return is normally here by now...Just dont know what to do!!!
  • Yes mines says that too. My friend was accepted on the same day as mine and she got hers last fri. I did my friends on the 19th and she got hers yesterday ! I'm super impatient wondering why mine is still processing
  • yep mine was accepted on the 14th by the irs the orange bar was on the 1st notch and yesterday bar went away and now its just sayn stil processing date will be provided when available,also in florida w/ children and one in college but i wasnt charged a dime w/ TT. IDK i just want my $$$$.
  • My refund said on the 21st it was deposited. Is Still not there! What the hell is going on? Are they looking for a law suit?
  • I agree 100%
  • And if you call the IRS, they say it's TT fault, TT will tell you it's the IRS fault and NOONE will take any responsability for any of this.   So, we the consumers who many have PAID FEES to TT for "FAST REFUND" service are left in limbo, wondering just when the hell are we ever going to see our refund processed.    Of course if my refund never gets sent or processed, I'm guessing TT won't see a dime for the charges that are supposed to be taken out of my refund?   Not sure how that works, just know TT charged me $59.80 I believe, just know it was almost $60 for doing my tax form and for direct deposit, neither of which have completed to date.

    But it does seem everyone points the finger at someone else, it's either TT, the IRS or US, the comsumer that's at fault for this entire fiasco.

    All I want is the refund due me!   And I can just bet, if I owed the IRS any money, they'd already be hounding me for their payment!
  • Mine is the same was filed on feb 10th and my neise filed same day both of ours was accepted at same time she already got hers mine still has not moved she put hers into her personal bank account and mine went to the card cause i didnt want my account number on here  but as of today mine still says its processing i dont understand what the deal is this is my first and last time using turbtax ill go back to H&R block someone i can trust
  • I filed 2/12 & it was accepted & supposed to been deposited today but no one knows where its at... Spoke with the Irs AGAIN & they spoke on 1st California bank which is a bank that gets the money from you that you owe tt & deposits the remaining in your account!!
  • I filed on Feb. 5th, federal was accepted feb. 7th. says should have got refund on 26th. But still no refund! Got my state refund a week after filing. I finally reached and IRS agent who said, they are dealing with millions of returns, and to be patient!  The IRS tool, wheres my refund, just says its being processed, I dont even get that status bar, WTF? IRS agent also said, they try and keep on top of updating the system, However..You need to check a couple times a day, to make sure. I am so frustrated, No one can give you a date of when I will really get my refund. I used TT for the last 4 years and have never had a problem. Also used them to file my daughters taxes this year, and she got both her refunds 2 weeks after filing.
  • Same with me! My return was accepted 2/9/13 and still no refund
  • The IRS has accepted, approved,and Sent My refund on February 27 2013 to this LAME ASS NETSPEND PREMIER VISA.  My Refund has not showed up on the card yet!!!!.  TurboTax Find another Vendor to deal without because NETSPEND PREMIER PREPAID VISA CARD IS NOT THE WAY TO GO. I called the Customer Service Dept. for NSPPVC. and they repeated what I told them. SMDH!!!! I Know my refund is not on the card. That's why I was calling to talk to them.!!!!!! Damn!!!
  • I have not received my card and its been fifteen days already...does anyone knows how long it really takes
  • Good luck!  It took mine over a month for me to recieve it!!  You have to keep calling Net Spen and keep bugging them or I'm afraid you will never get it!!  Good luck!
  • @mspeachez did you check the SBTP site to see if they received it and have they deposited it your netspend card. www.cisc.sbtpg.com is the site for Santa Barbara Bank TT uses for receiving refunds that fee's have to be paid out of.
  • Not that long
  • Day 22 for me #SAD CASE!
  • Day 21 for me and no refund. IRS says they sent it to the bank on Feb 27th but the bank doesn't have it.
  • got my money on the 21st.
  • How do you kow if that's what they are doing? Mine is still being processed and is way passed the 21 days
  • I tried to track my refund today, but they refund tracker page is not showing. I am getting a How Can We Help You page instead. Is anyone else having this problem?
  • im having the same problem too.
  • GRRRRRRRR , I was supposed to get my refund today ,and there is NOTHING!!!! I am sooo upset, what is going on?
  • may I state this.  IRS must be having problems.  I got mine back, and some1 else who used TT got their Feds back but not the state yet.
  • I contacted a TurboTax representative via chat on yesterday. She told me that they no longer offer the refund tracker on their website. I suggested that the remove the link from their homepage because it is misleading. However, she gave me the IRS link to track my refund. I already had the link and was checking my refund on both TurboTax & the IRS websites. I like TurboTax's refund tracker because it was a little bit more detailed about information regarding your refund.

    My return was accepted on February 14th and my estimated direct deposit date is March 7th (21st day). The IRS website and refund tracker number (800-829-1954) are stating that my "tax return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available."  I claimed the Education Credit too since I'm a student. If I don't receive an update by the 22nd day, March 8th, then I'll give the IRS a call.

    In years past, I usually receive my refund via direct deposit within 1-2 weeks. I wonder if the Fiscal Cliff have anything to do with the delays. I'm reading some people are depending on their refund to pay their household bills and if they don't get their refund soon they will be homeless and/or without utilities. I've learned not to depend on Plan A. You should always have a Plan B, C, D, et cetera, in place.

    I guess we'll have to patiently wait on the I, the R and the S...
  • I am getting worried because this is the 3rd year I have used turbo tax and always received my refund when they said, now this year it was accepted and approved and said it would be deposited into my account today and nothing!! I know I shouldn't count my chickens until their hatched but I need $ really bad, so behind in bills! Ugh but I have received comments from people saying they spoke to IRS and they are running behind and deposits should be made by the 7th! So keeping my fingers crossed!
If any of you had your fees deducted from your refund, try checking the Santa Barbra Tax Products Website. The address is:  https://cisc.sbtpg.com/

What happens is that the IRS sends them your refund on or around your DD date and they deduct your fees and send it on to your Bank for direct deposit. Once it reaches your bank, it can take up to 3 business days to actually be processed and credited to your account.

This whole process can add 2-6 days from the time the IRS lists as your DD date. "Most" people I know of haven't taken that long and in some cases have gotten their money early even. But if this scenario applies to you, that may be a good place to start looking.

Good luck to you all. Im still waiting on a DD date. Since the 31st!
  • thank you. this information was helpful.
  • I'm getting an error 500 on IRS where's my refund.  anyone else having problems sighing on to that location?
  • This was a VERY helpful post. Thanks alot! The we address you gave answered ALL my questions. Thanks again!
  • I when to dat site to Santa barbra it help tell you everything my got rejected frm wronge account number they mailed my check today I'll get it by Friday irs dnt knw sumthin but how to be rude
  • That was very helpful information
  • very helpful Information, IRS shows my money was DD on 2/27th, Santa Barbara Bnk shows nothing, Turbo Tax Knew NOTHING. I was getting very frustrated , I guess I will wait a few more days before I panic. Thanks again!
  • Mine FINALLY says I will be getting my refund on 3/4/2013, and most times I have gotten it within several hours of it being put in TT's bank, then on to mine.   But this year, it would appear they are not moving the refunds over to folks accounts as fast as prior years, and we PAID for this "FAST REFUND" service, which in all reality is nothing but a rip off.  TT SHOULD NOT be charging anything for refunds being Direct Deposited to ones account.  

     Processing fees for using their deluxe service that some of us got roped into, perhaps.  But this is my LAST YEAR I will ever use TT for my taxes.   Most of my friends went with TaxAct and they all have their refunds, paid ZERO FEES, everything was 100% FREE, NO FEES for having their money DD'd and they got it a lot earlier than anyone from TT has to date.    

    So I'm going with TaxAct for my 2013 taxes in 2014 when time to do them.   

    The TT thing this year has been one disaster after another for far too many people.   So hopefiully I'll get my refund within a few hours of it hitting the Califormia bank like I have always, but I'm seriously not counting on that happening this year from all the stories I'm reading here and at other places.   There are a ton of folks very unhappy with TT and their fees and claims this go around.
  • Do you have the number to speak with someone directly@ irs?
  • thank you very much this was really reassuring . at least someone knows whats going on with it
i have been told my refund was to be deposited on the 5th and i still havent gotten it.
  • Did you do direct deposit to the tt netspend card because they are having alot of complaints for apparently keeping peoples refund money.
  • Where did you hear net spend was having so much trouble and why would they keep the money when they know IRS would come after them. But you aren't the only person saying something about netspend
  • I did not just hear it, my daughter went through it, money was on the netspend card (netspend said it as well as IRS) Netspend kept saying wait for 10 days to get the card, never happen after about 14 days of waiting on the card she called them and got them to transfer money to a new card (she told them if IRS gave her money she did not want to wait on them)  she could pick up at Dallas Netspend office, she came home from Netspend  in about an hour with her taxes money.
  • Yeah it happened to me after 4 days of arguing with them they just told me they sent my deposit back. They have no reason to hold anything. They kept saying crap about anti money laundring laws. Only prepaid card ive ever had that gives you the run around about turning iton.
was suppose to be in my bank on 02/06 not there
  • Same thing here filled on the 25th signed up for net spend card. State was deposited on the 31st, received the card on the 4th IRS says refund deposit on the 6th. And still not there 3 days past the 6 th
  • You need to contact them 3 business days after the specified date given.
  • It can take a few days longer depending on your bank. That's usually the date the government will send it to your bank. I would expect it there by Monday.
  • to all netspend is wanting you to fax in a copy of your w2 in order to get your money sad and its ag the law to hold your money without reasons
  • I've used Netspend for the last 4 years for my tax refund, and it has been very fast.  This year may be different for a number of us getting delayed by the IRS, for an unknown reason.
  • How long did it take to get your refund
  • filed my nephews return on TaxAct 2/15/2013, irs saus refund approved on 2/21/2013 and money to be deposied on 2/25/2013 {still shows it that way}, yet he got his refund and directly deposited into his bank account on Friday 2/22/2013!      

    I used Turdbo Tax {wish the hell I had NOT!} and I'm still waiting to see when I'll get my refund, they screwed everyone up this year.   So I'm going with TaxAct next year, plus they did not charge my nephew a cent for his return, or for having his money direct deposited, unlike here where many of us paid a fee to process our return and then a ridiculous and totally out of line fee for having our refund direct deposited.    

    If others can DD folks refunds for ABSOLUTELY FREE what the hell is wrong with TurboTax NOT being able to do the same?  Instead of being a greedy a$$ed corporation and taking money they don't deserve for a service that should never be charged for in the first place!
Where's My Refund - It's Quick, Easy and Secure.
  1.  http://www.irs.gov/Refunds/Where%27s-My-Refund-It%27s-Quick,-Easy,-and-Secure.    
  • Checked there it said the 6th...im asking will it actually be in my bank that day
  • Sorry, that is the only way I familiar with.
  • the same problem continues and now is worst i call Turbo TAx they told me their is nothing they can do to help me my i got a message saying i will ge tthe money on the 6th, and now is showing that is being process again what every happen to all of here that were accepted on the 24th looks like we are screw some where TURBO TAX transmission reallly broke down
  • by the way the link posted above does not work of course Turbo TAx has wrong information again
  • you're terrible at english
  • There is no way to find out an exact date to when money is deposited into any account. They will give an estimated time frame, you could get it sooner or a little later... Patience is what it boils down to!
  • It can take a few days longer depending on your bank. That's usually the date the government will send it to your bank. I would expect it there by Monday. Try this link...
  • This is not an answer but I am kinda having the same issue. I was sent an email from Turbo Tax saying my refund was on its way and should be available on the next business day. 2 business days later I call the bank to see if they had any pending deposits showing and they said "No" I also asked if they held the Tax Refunds to deposit in batches or for whatever reason and they said "No" they deposit them as soon as they get them. On the 8th when I first got the email I could go check my status and it showed Filed and Accepted now it says processing. I usully have no issues with Turbo Tax, monies were available when they said, I have used them for many years and this year is a different story. I guess ntbtrflygurl26 is right when they say "Patience is what it boils down to"
  • ROBBIERYDER....You are so rude! Wow.....
  • what it comes down to is.......................it has NOTHING to do with TurboTax.  it's all different every year and it's always the I-R-S! this year the start date for acceptance was first delayed until Jan. 30th as if the IRS didn't already have a year to be prepared and then there was another delay for anyone with education credits such as myself but anyone calling TurboTax needs to get a clue..it's NOT THEM, be patientttttttttttt.
  • Never again with turbo tax
  • I agree jonathan.d.coope.  This has nothing to do with TurboTax.  Once the returns are submitted to the IRS, TurboTax has no control as to what happens.
  • if u got the netspend card it may be there earlier because my said the 19th I check the sbbt this morning it had nothing then I just check and they have money and it may be in my account later or tomorrow...
  • Okay so I went to the link above to see if there are any changes in dates promised to be deposited since mine isn't due to be in my bank till 2/27/2013 and it stated that they have made changes to my return which will effect my refund $669!  Anyone know what that is about?  Now it states it will be there on Feb 25......???
  • IRS Site said my nephews refund was approved and would be Direct Deposited on 2/25/2013.  He calls his bank on Friday 2/22/2013 and his refund IS ALREADY in his account.   

    I did his taxes using TaxAct, NO FEES for doihg his return and NO FEES for placing HIS money into his account.   Yet the IRS refund site says "Refund Approved", but the "Refund Sent" bar has yet show any money has been sent out!       

    I used TT and will never use them again, not after the fiasco of this year.     My return was sent 1 day earlier than my nephews, he has his money, and I'm still waiting.   And the IRS refund site still shows my return on the 1st block as being processed.     TT really screwed a lot of folks this year in both sending returns and getting refunds.   


    I WILL be going with TaxAct, at least they seem to be getting peoples refunds faster and even deposited earlier than the IRS "Where's My Refund" site shows!
  • It isn't turbo tax's fault. They are just the submitters. The reason I say this is because, The first time I called IRS, they said my refund WAS deposited, then the next time I called, they said I would get a paper check, The 3rd time I called, they gave me an account number which had 3-4 digits in front of my SSN, (a non-existant account number). Where did they get this account number? Well, I called NETSPEND direct (1-866-387-7363), and they have sent me my card, NO HASSEL!!
    DO I smell S-C-A-M ????? LOL
  • Me too I will not use turbo tax ever again
  • Can someone please tell me why TT says my money has been deposited into my bank account but yet it actually hasnt? This is freaking ridiculous and I will not use TT again. The fee's are outrageous and waiting for a refund forever that I spent money out the ass on to get it sooner is absurd.
  • @ashleymoore469 did you check with the bank that tt uses to receive your refund if you have fees taken out. www.cisc.sbtpg.com
  • People, people, calm down. We all have obligations to pay and things to take care of. You have to remember that Turbotax is a tool to help prepare your taxes to send to the IRS. Once the IRS receives them, its all in their hands. The IRS is the one that is delaying your refunds. They're the ones that are removing your bars and sending you letters. Turbotax only knows what they tell them. Its none on Turbotax's business why. Its just a software program. The IRS is responsible for your delays. Just be patient and if you absolutely need answers, contact the IRS. Don't kill the messenger! :o)
  • I agree.  U see the mess going on right now in the govt?     I have bills to pay etc also.   How many other folks got theirs done by a tax preparer going thru the same thing.
IRS website said my refund was DD on 2-27th, and as of today the bank has no records of it, I called IRS and they said EVEN THOUGH the IRS website said it has been DD, it hasn't, and stil " Processing " and will not get anything till 3-4th. FRUSTRATING!!!!
  • Yea that's what their saying about mine also... I'll just be patient until the 4th & pray that its here
My refund just was accepted today...say i will be my check by march 6th. my daughters originally said 21 (which is what the 6th is) but she got it the next week. check irs.gov for accurate information
  • received an e-mail today from Intuit Electronic that I should have my Federal refund on or before March 5th.I apply on January 25th
  • IRS Site says 3/4 for mine, yet I have heard absolutely nothing from TT or intuit on when my refund will come.   And is why I will not be using TT for my taxes ever again.  That and having to pay fees that should never have been incurred, I'm done with these freakin' idiots,  I'm going with TaxAct next year, wish I would have went withn them this year, but found out too late.  Friends and other family went through them and all already have their refunds and weren't charged a cent for anything!
  • Does anyone know exactly how long this should take? This is ridiculous!!
  • how long have yous been waiting,..I filed and they accepted it feb 6th..i no longer see the status bar on irs.gov either,it says a date will be available when ready,its the 23rd day and turo tax says i should have my money..
  • It supposed to been sent to my account on the 27... No one knows where its at.. Irs says that the 1st california bank keeps popping up
mine says the 6th aswell but there isn't even a pending deposit, my bank said they have no record of it and the irs tracker says its sent on the 6th so i dont understand what happend to it how does it just dissapear like that, my room mate filed just last week on the irs site and his is pending deposit to his account already and we have the same bank so anyone have any ideas
  • Same here my State refund says the 6th but my bank has no record of the deposit coming in.
  • now its saying if hasnt been deposited by the 11th call bank to see if they have record, so already did that and they dont know anything and it still says sent on the 6th so i guess i'll have to wait till monday not knowing what happend to it and go from there
  • I have the same problem. Mine also says Deposit Date Feb 6th. I got the netspend card thru turbotax though. But, my mother did hers and her Deposit Date was the same. Just had hers direct deposited to her actual bank and got hers on the 6th.
  • I have the same problem irs say they deposit mine on the 7 and i donot have anything does anyone know which bank they are using sinc ei had to ask them to deduct my fees frm my refund they use their bank but i donot know which bank is that
  • The same thing is happening to me...my dd was for the 6....I did my taxes with liberty there bank took out there fees and sent it to my netspend card but I still have not recieved my money...and netspend has no info about my money....
  • The same thing is happening to me. Said my deposit was on the card on the 6th. But I haven't not received my card or my money. When I called the bank they say Turbo Tax is no longer using the prepaid cards and any money  that was deposit on or before Fed 28th will be sent in a paper check anytime between now and the 28th of Feb.
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  • There is no way to find out an exact date to when money is deposited into any account. They will give an estimated time frame, you could get it sooner or a little later... Patience is what it boils down to!
  • You need to contact them 3 business days after the specified date given. (Weekends do not count)
  • same problem was suppose to be in on the 13th not there yet .... and i bank at redstone !
  • 12th here... IRS says it was sent... bank says never got it... limbo :(  this is day 4
  • The problem is...if you are having the fees taken out of your refund your money gets deposited into the bank that turbo tax uses first and it can take 2 business days to clear their bank and then 2 business days to clear your bank...IRS told me my refund was deposited into 1st bank of California or something yesterday...they gave me the account number and everything....but of course the bank does not see the money yet. They said they may not see it til Tuesday and then it will take 2 more business days to get to my account...even though the IRS deposited yesterday..I won't make the mistake of having my fees taken out of my refund again
  • That's what I'm going thru now irs sent it to the bank tt used yesterday and now can't no one tell me where it's at only that it can take one to two business days before they get it. Don't like not having a rep.from tt to talk with customer service is horrible!! Never again will I use them
  • Me neither! This is my first time ever using TT and I definitely won't be back. The people at that "bank" are completely ridiculous..they give you bs answers to your questions that make absolutely no sense. I just want an answer to where my money is and when I'm getting it..and they couldn't give me a straight answer. I'm a pretty reasonable person...and I'm not an idiot but I for sure felt like I was being talked to that way
  • Have u received your refund yet
  • no..and the IRS sent it to the bank TT uses on Wed...the bank is not even showing that they've received it yet so I'm just trying to be patient. Monday will be the 21 day point since I filed so hopefully it isn't too much longer..my bank is pretty fast so I know they'll process it as soon as they get it....it seems like this 1st California bank is only used for tax season so maybe that's why it's taking longer to process
  • How is things going you received your refund yet
  • no I definitely didn't...my husband died in May and you are able to file jointly the year that your spouse dies...I was getting more money back that way not thinking about the fact that he owed me like 12000$ in child support from when we were separated...they took my entire almost $7000 refund to apply to his child support debt...even though he had NO income at all last year so it's obviously all my return..they took it to give back to me through child support which can take up to six months to process before I ever see it...Sooo now I'm trying to figure out if there is anything I can do...but it's not looking good
  • You should have filed as "injured spouse", then they wouldn't have taken any of the money away that was yours at all.  You would have been sent what was yours and any benefit you may have gotten by filing jointly may have gone to the back child support.   Unfortunately, it is too late to do anything about it now.
  • That is any benefit that came because of your husband being on the return, any portion that would have come to him as a benefit of filing jointly would go to the back child support fund, but everything else you would have gotten if you had checked off the "injured spouse" on the form.
  • That's what child support told me too...they told me I can still file an injured spousal claim..its supposedly a different form you can file separately after your taxes have been submitted....and may get the money sooner, but there's no guarantee. So I'll just have to wait. It's just frustrating
Sorry about that!
    Refund checks on deposits to bank accounts are done on Fridays period it's been that way since many many years ago.  My status states the 25th.
    • Just keep checking the tracker on "my refund status"  The last section will be highlighted once the irs actually deposits or mails out the refunds.
    • NO, IT WON'T!   My nephew got his refund deposited on 2/22/2013, IRS Where's My Refund says "to be deposited to his accounbt on 2/25/2013", the last bar, refund sent IS STILL NOT HIGHLIGHTED, only the center bar, 'Refund Approved" is.     So the IRS site IS NOWHERE even being close to accurate either for tracking your refund!      Mine is still on the 1st bar, processing, and it's been that way BEFORE my nephews return was recieved, accepted and now already has his refund.     And I'm still waiting to see if, or when I can expect mine to show up.

      The difference: I used TaxAct for my Nephew, I used TurboTax for mine.
      TaxAct = NO FEES for doing return / TurboTax = $29.90 for SAME service
      TaxAct = NO for Direct Deposit  / Turbo Tax = $29.90 to DD MY money
      Nephews Cost {TaxAct}: $0.00 and ALREADY GOT REFUND!
      TurboTax Cost: $59.80 and STILL WAITING for a refund to show up!

      So I DEFINITELY WILL NO LONGER USE TURBO TAX EVER AGAIN after this fine fiasco they have put many folks into this year.
    • I got my money on time on 2-21-13
    Call NETSPEND direct. (1-866-387-7363).
    The irs is just buying themselves time.
    • The money is already on the card!  I have been trying to get the card since the 5 of February and that is what is frustrating the heck out of me.  It's not the IRS or Turbo tax it's Net Spend!!!
    • Netspend is a big rip off. They charge ridiculous fees for using thier  card. Everytime you use the card you pay a fee of $1.00 or $3.00 too much money just for this card use. Be careful people these prepaid cards are a big rip off. Money is hard to come by. When you add up all those dollars for card usage you have spent too much.
    Go to Irs.gov it will tell you if has been received/accepted, or in processing or if it has been sent to your bank
    You will need the amount of your refund, filing status, AND date you filed your return

    Unlike other years the Irs does deposit checks on days other than Friday.  If you are getting it via tt then it has an extra step as it is technically deposited in a bank account they open for you and then transfrerred to your bank account.

    I base this on my daughter receiving her check on a monday and I have paid with my return before and that is how it was explained to me

    Former Tax preparer 
      I also chose the prepaid card. My refund said it was deposited on the 6th, then rejected, then deposited again. I phoned the IRS and they said that I would be receiving a paper check in 4-6 weeks. The next time I called they said my money was deposited to an account that didnt exist. So, I finally called NETSPEND and they fixed everthing for me and my card is on the way.
      My suggestion is to call NETSPEND Customer Service with your SS#.
      Hope this helps.
      • Yeah, well I've been waiting almost a month for my card and it still isn't here.  Every time I call them, I get the runaround.  Really getting tired of this!!!!
      • It is so frustrating...the government takes our money for taxes faithfully every pay period without fail...when it comes time for us to get back the money that we overpaid to them in taxes....It takes months and they don't care to give you any better answer than that...the IRS or Turbo Tax or any other company associated..They basically tell you..."Too bad...wait" it takes time to process etc etc...but it doesn't take them any time to process taking our money
      • So true !
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