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Why do I owe VA state taxes this year?

I like my simple financial life and have always filed 1040EZ.  There has never been a year that I did not get a refund from from whatever state I lived in (Virginia for the past 8 or so years).  I made about 5% more than I did last year but nothing else has changed.  Why do I owe almost $300 to the state, this year?

BTW - I looked at my W2's and for all 3 the state income tax was about 5% of the state wages.
  • Scott --- have you found an answer to this?  I'm experiencing the same problem.  The only thing I can see is that I'm using the standard deduction this year vs itemized deductions last year
Thank you, Obama. This new tax system is REALLY helping out the American middle class!
    @Barjrd - Try comparing your 2011 and 2012 VA returns side-by-side. Something may stand out.

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