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Ny state tax refund anyone got news

  • What does it mean when they say your nys tax has been processed n you will receive correspondence in 10 days been waiting for a while now
  • Most of the time it me means that they are requesting proof of certain things you claimed on your tax return...sounds like your being audited. So you will have to provide documents in order for you to recieve your refund
  • There have been delays with NYS tax refunds, last year it took me about 2 months to get my state refund and it is looking to be the same this year.
  • i hope so cause my 2 months are up next week..
  • hello all - just wanted to share my experience, hope it helps. i submitted my return on 1/30 and it was accepted next day by NYS. since then i have been stuck on the generic 60 day message. i am finally over the 60 day mark and after calling several times and being told to wait more and call back, i actually got transferred to a different representative this morning. he reviewed my account, apologized and said this shouldnt have taken this long (normally takes 4-6 weeks). he says he changed something in the system which alerts the department reviewing it that the 60 days are up/almost up and they will review w/in 30 business days. when i asked him if it would really take that long as thats pretty ridiculous at this point, he said my status should be updated online within a couple of days with either a "final stages of processing" message or a direct deposit date and that if i don't get that within a couple of weeks call again. said he didnt see anything regarding an audit/correspondence.

    moral of the story, if you are at at/past your 60 day mark, call and make sure you get transferred so they push your review through. here's hoping i hear back soon!
  • @Christ Thanks for that message, which # you called?
  • 518-457-5181 tax refund information center - make sure you avoid selecting the prompts for tax refund status because that will transfer you to the automated system
  • Thanks
  • I called the # and after getting transferred 4 times I got to speak with a lady who told me that she was going to put and inquiry for me. She said she couldn't see anything wrong with my return so couldn't tell me why the delay. She couldn't even tell me if it was pulled randomly to be auditted or if there was a problem with the software used to efilled. She took my # and said that someone would call me within two weeks after they analyze my refund and would get back to me. If I don't hear from there in two weeks I should call them again to ask about the status of my refund inquiry....
    What do you think? More stalling? Am I been auditted? This is bs
  • i basically got the same answer.. she said to keep watching the refund online.. womb.. she also took my number and said incase they needed anything would call.. double womp.. then she said there seemed to be nothing wrong with my return.. triple womp.. this blows.. i just want my money.. ohhh and the kicker is i could be waiting 30 more days.. jesus..
  • Yep, blows indeed. I m not sure if that means an audit was generated or what.
  • Paper mailed my state return via certified mail feb. 9th, it was received feb. 13th and received the return receipt. I have been checking status online and its still saying that there is no information available. Called on Friday to be told the same thing. It's been almost 2 months since received and its still not even in the system!!
  • I mailed my return on Jan. 15 after making several phone calls as of Mar. 30 there was still no info on my return.
    That same day i decided to efile my return. the next day i got confirmation that it was received, 2 days later i got the 60 day notice and as of April 5 my status is that its in its final stages.  I think you should consider doing an   E-FILE.
  • OK guys.. so i called again.. I called for the first time on the 2nd. I am at day 65.. They confirmed that my refund was tagged to be expedited. But the lady said that they have no clue how long that could take. she said that just give it a few days.. REALLY? I have been waiting long enough..
  • So I too called again a week after it being "expedited" and I'm very unhappy. This person claims there is no such thing as flagging or expediting (she was a supervisor) and that they can't give a time frame of when it will be processed. Claimed that, for my return at least, a blank credits form was filed so that's probably what they want to look at, even though I am not claiming credits. I checked what turbo tax says they filed and there was no such form, but who knows. I am beyond frustrated at this point. She basically said no flagging, no way to tell when, just keep checking. I honestly give up.
  • I'm still waiting too.... accepted on 2/8. i have called twice, no answers. i am just going to leave it for awhile and see what happens. they did tell me if it goes 45 days past april 15th without any answer, they start owing interest, so i hope these jerks have to pay me!
  • looks like they are sick of our phone calls! i just checked my status and they changed the 60 day message to 90 days! "We received your return and it required further review which could take up to 90 days to complete. If you receive correspondence from us, you should respond as soon as possible." ABSURD!!!!!!!!!
  • mother f'ers.. i got the same thing. 90 days... wtf.. im sooo tired and fed up..
  • did u get through to a live person? i dont know how to do that? its a machine talking..this sucks!!!!
  • i got through twice.. call the number.. do not hit refund status.. listen for more options.. next it will ask about refund again.. dont push.. only push for more options...
  • same here, mine just changed.... We received your return and it required further review which could take up to 90 days to complete. If you receive correspondence from us, you should respond as soon as possible. THIS IS RIDICULOUS!
  • I just checked my status and it changed from a 60 to 90 day review.  I called Albany (518-457-5181 --don't use any of the prompts, go straight to a person) and the person I spoke to said that NY state was having some major processing problems.  90 days was generous.  More like June 1st before the backlog is all squared away.
  • really they can do that 60 days to 90?  I am at my 67th day
  • well they just changed mine to 90....  Is everyone here getting over $500.00  cause I heard that they are looking into anyone getting over $500.00
  • yes i am getting over $500. mine is over 60 days when i called they said it was changed to 90 days. like cmon now. they are playing with our money!!!!.
  • of course the ones that says 60-90 days were flagged and that means they would have to review my return. the rep said to call back after 4 wks for an update!!!!! thats so stupid
  • Yeah, it seems anything over $500 is being put on  hold.  Everyone I know where I work who is getting less than $500, already received their money.
  • I called and she said everyone was bumped up to 90 days, yes probably all of the larger returns. She said it because they are really backed up, in other words the state doesnt have the $. She also said interest for our money doesnt start until May 30th. Why is it that we have to pay interest after the 15th and they have till the end of May? All I know is she agreed with me when I basically said it was the luck of the draw and she said it could change any day, any time. She said any one of us could go to a direct deposit day tomorrow, next week, or next month. Depends on when they get to you. Unreal!
  • Mine also changed to 90 days. My return is 570
  • Mine was only 287, and i just got changed to 90!
  • I like how the state of NY has already collected more state tax from me then what my refund is worth, SINCE ITS BEEN PROCESSING! This is absolutely ridiculous I contacted the attorney generals office and they said there's nothing they can do because the site gives people a time frame. I think thats why they bumped it to 90 now because so many people are complaining. I hope they found errors with mine and it is over 500 now especially since I have had to wait so long.
  • I'm surprised they put a 90 day hold on any amount under $500.  The state must really be in bad shape.
  • i hope this gives you guys some hope. here's my story.
    field 2/4/2013
    accepted 2/6/2016
    had the 60 day message since i got accepted on 2/6. (i had no other message than the 60 days)
    went into final stage of processing on 4/1/2013
    on 4/9/2013 i finally got a ddd for 4/15/2013
    I'm sorry to hear that everybody's message is changing to 90 days. reference your dates with mine to get an idea of how long you will be waiting.
  • oh and i forgot to mention my return is over 500
  • I have had the 60 days since the 4th of feb. NO final stages.. now I have 90 days to wait. I dont believe there is any reason for this madness.. its just insane.. I called multiple times and said there are no red flags its just taking longer. Nothing has changed at all since last year. Same amount of dependents and everything.. COME ON NY.. get it together..
  • After hitting the 65 day mark Tuesday morning, Tuesday afternoon the status changed to 90 days. After having the 90 day status for less than 1 day, today the status changed to "We received your return and it's in the final stage of processing. While most returns are completed within 2 weeks, it may take up to 4 weeks." I guess we'll see what happens next.
  • I wonder if anyone got past 90 days what happens then? does it go up to 120 or is there a letter?
  • i don't think anyone would have gotten past 90 days yet, not until may. I believe the first day they accepted returns was the end of January or maybe Feb 1st, so the farthest anyone has gotten is maybe 75 days at max
  • It seems that NY is waiting for the "owed" taxes to come in before they pay out what they owe.
  • What do you mean?
  • NY wants to get the tax dollars owed them by late tax filers (those owing NY money and filing right up to April 15th) before they really begin refunding to those NY owes.
  • I received my DD of 4/23. This is after being accepted 2/4, waiting 65 days, getting the 90 day status for less than 1 day and getting the final stage status for 1 week. let's see what happens.
  • I mailed my return on Jan. 15 after making several phone calls as of Mar. 30 there was still no info on my return.
    That same day i decided to efile my return. the next day i got confirmation that it was received, 2 days later i got the 60 day notice and as of April 5 my status is that its in its final stages.  I think you should consider doing an   E-FILE.

    Received refund  on     4/18
I e-filed on 1/31.  My federal was accepted on 1/31.  My NY State return is still pending as of today 2/4 with TT, but on the NY State refund site, my return was received and it needs further review.  It could take up to 60 days and if i receive correspondence from them to respond immediately.

Anyone else have a NY State return that is under further review?  What is New York doing?
  • Mine is also pending on TT but I get the same message saying received and need further review...  This is NY State for you...  smh
  • I also was accepted around 8pm tonight and said needs further review.  

    We received your return and it required further review. While most returns are reviewed within 4 weeks, it may take up to 6 weeks to complete our review.
  • Mine was accepted per TT email, yet NYS website says exact same thing?!?! Starting think NYS computers messing up maybe?
  • Also, I called NYS dept of taxation about this and the guy told me that it can take up to 6-8 weeks to fully process and receive refund. I was shocked by this obviously and explained I e filed with DD and then he told me don't worry right now, they just opened and usually is resolved fairly quickly with people who file towards beginning of tax season. Also stated because they just started processing 1/31, could be just regular review with generic message that is given to many... I am still obviously nervous because dont want tax problems ..
  • I got the same message saying that my return needed further review and that it may take up to 60 days. Definitely nice to know it's not just happening to me - i only had the standard deductions (no education credits, etc)
  • Same here for NY state..
  • Mine was accepted 2/5 on TT, but NYS web has same message about review. Not worried yet, since it seems everyone has the same message
  • mine was accepted on 1/31 says same thing.
  • same here.
  • got the message today also and PHEW!!! glad to know im not alone!!! No one wants problems with the IRS and we all can use our refund ASAP! I wait even longer for the federal cause of the delay with education credits!!! But I just read they started up with that on feb 14. Last year I already had my refund and the week after had the state..this year they KILLING ME!!! SMH
  • no the education credits will begin Feb. 10th :) woohoooo
  • Where did you get 2/10 from?
  • Mine was saying 6 weeks and is now saying 60 days. I had a problem with my state last yr, i hope this is not the case again. It was a mistake on their part last year
  • Sorry, 2/10 is for something different...its 2/14 for education credits-----And on Thursday, Feb. 14, the IRS plans to start processing Form 8863, Education Credits.(From IRS website)
  • sexaliciousdiva - you should check it again because some people said they had the 4 to 6 then it went to the 60 day message and then on the same day it went to final processing.
  • Yea it says final processing now
  • It also happened to me  I had to prove my child care suks
  • imelo718 - did you receive a letter?  How long did it take for them to send you the correspondence or did your message change on their refund site?  I have the 60 day message and I'm really worried.  I don't have EIC or child care, but I am claiming my niece and her 2 kids, but I have claimed them for the past 8 years.
  • Last year I got what was rightfully mined n the had to provide receipt for my babysitting to receive the rest it took less than two months
  • Do u have a deposit date yet
  • I was in final stages since Friday. Today updated to DD of 2/20 via hotline. Online still says final stages
  • Ok mines was in final Friday as well thanks I'll call the number
  • OMG thought I was going to have a heart attack!!! Glad to know it is just a generic message going out. Mine says 60 days and answer letter. I filed on the 10th and it was accepted on the 12th.
  • no its the 14th
  • Nys just updated check status.
  • Happens all the time with them
  • All my returns were finally accepted after being pending for 2 weeks. My NY status has the same 60 day message
  • Jilbai, i would call your state i filed my state 5 weeks and nothing, when i call they said they had a lot of problem with state taxes that came through TT, they had to g into the computer and do something to them . now they are saying i will DD next week.. so please call and make sure TT did not screw urs up..
  • @MMARIA1003 what number did you call, I have the 60 days message since feb 7. I call this number 518 457 51 81 and they just keep telling me that it is still in review. Thank you for your response
  • Cynthiaedoukou, i call my state number, i am in  different state then u r. i just want to post  what my state said so everyone else could have idea whats going on. Maybe the same is happing to them with their state.. good luck
  • It was the same situation that happened to me last year, it took me about 2 months to get a refund. They mailed it in a form of a check instead of direct deposit comparing to my federal. NYS has been delaying refunds due to lack of funds
I have received my fed taxes last week and was waiting on my state refund i e-filed on 1/31 as well and i received the same message "We received your return and it required further review. It could take up to 60 days to complete. If you receive correspondence you should respond as soon as possible." on the state tax site the past few days.. However I just called today and they checked my information and stated that it was a generic message and my refund was being processed and should be receiving it in 4 - 6 weeks so ppl please dont be alarmed looks like it is giving that message to alot of ppl if you are concerned just call 518-457-5181 and choose the option to speak to someone.

    Omg I'm glad I'm not the only one. I have the same message with 60 days processing. I'm tyring not to worry but no one wants any problems with the IRS. Hopefully there isn't an issue and its a glitch.
    • my new york refund is in the final stages
    • mine now after a week of saying accepted w/ TT it  finally says on the NYS website in the final stage of processing... before it said needed more review 4-6 weeks
    • @climesbrow - did you receive a Dd date?  How long were you with the final stages message?
    • Final stages is about 1 week away from dd.
    Mines was accepted and I have a 2/15 ddd.
    I'm going crazy mine was saying 4 to 6 weeks now it went to 60 days? I don know if it is because I kept calling them that they changed it. Now it still says 60 days.
    • Don't worry.  Check again in a few hours and it will change to the final stages.  That is what is happening this weekend to everyone who had the 4 to 6 week message.

      I wish mine would change.  I've been  stuck with that 60 day message since 2/4.
    • Same here...says further review since 2/5 and I got the 60 day message too.
    • same here since 2/5 and still says under review which could take up to 60 days. if it helps at all i called the nys hotline and spoke to a rep, she said that the message only means that the refund is still being reviewed.  not to worry bc alot of ppl are calling with the same question.
    • this has never happened to me i guess they are behind this year.. :(
    Mine was accepted 2/1. Im getting my federal today. State says 60 day review. Ny state did the same thing to me last year. I got a letter and had to send in my w-2s. I was told they are physically checking a lot of returns due to extremely high refund fraud.
      I was only at 60 day message for a hour
      • With all this said bout y'all state did anyone get their Feds cause now its the opposite my Feds is under review for what I don't know a lot of people are getting these cp05 notice from the Feds my state is in the final stage of processing
      • anyone here received they fed refund and still says processing ? I had a date I got it, now I was checking my state which has been on 60 days notice for 10 days. I went back to the fed web out of curiosity and  it says it is being processing !  so definitely I think us still holding on state and fed refund are being audited! now I'm ready for they letter
      • @cynthis, No, if u were being audited it would have a diff message i recieved my federal 2 days after it was efiled and the irs website says its processing.. i now have the 60 day mesg for my state today makes 11 days.. im hoping something changes next week..
      • @marina same here! thx for the info! got my fed 2/1 state went 4-6 weeks to 60 days and i'm still waiting
      • yes, hope we get some news this week.
      • yes, nd thats the date i got my fed aswell.. and i get the same mesgs from state.
      • Nothing yet guess ill wait 60 days to get audited lol effen New York State
      • Still 60 day notice here too
      • Status

        We received your return and it required further review which could take up to 60 days to complete. If you receive correspondence from us, you should respond as soon as possible.
      • My 60 day message hasn't changed and I have it since the 4th.
      • had mines since the 5th first it said 4-6 week review then same day switched to 60 days and its still the same i called and they said its just processing..:( hopefully tuesday we will have some good news..ughhh
      • since they r still processing i guess we can check again after 12 is tht correct?
      • Anyone have any updates to the 60 day message had mine since the 5 th
      • I had the 60 day message when I first got accepted on Friday 2/8.  I didn't get the acceptance until some time at night.  On Monday around 5pm it had switched online to final stages of processing.  On Friday around noon I got my direct deposit date of 2/22
      • yeah this is a little rediculous I would just like a straight answer from the people in ny this is garbage tax n finance
      • does anyone know when NY state updates their WMR website?
      • It updates on random days normally in the afternoon.  I got my notice of my dd last Friday and my sis on thurs. her date 2/21 and me 2/22.  Keep checking it should be soon.
      • I'm still at the 60 day message also....this is getting really really ridiculous, the latest I had my state was by check and that was still on Feb 24th! I'm DD I assumed I'd have it by now, it's really not that much. Guess that happens when I assume...
      • I still have the 60 day message since my return was accepted on Feb.5th..........& me too I have never waited this long for my refund! I am thinking that maybe there are fewer workers processing the returns this year, who knows?
      • I just checked and I still have the 60 day message.  Officially two weeks from my TurboTax acceptance email.
      • I got a dd for tomorrow so i will let everyone know if they deposited tomorrow morning
      • when did you get the dd date?
      • I think last wensday this is what it said
        Income Tax Refund Status
        Refund Status

        Your refund status is provided in the "Status" box below.

            Select Print to print this page for your records.
            If you want to check another refund status or start over, select Check Another Refund Status.

        Refund information
        Tax year:
        Social security number:
        IT-201, IT-203, IT-205, IT-214
        Requested refund amount ($):

        Your return has been processed. A direct deposit of your refund is scheduled to be issued on (FEBRUARY 20, 2013). If your refund is not credited to your account within 15 days of this date, check with your bank to find out if it has been received.
      • So there is some hope with getting nys and i filed with a 8863 form im glad it didnt  screw up the state because i have no idea when federal is coming
      • did you have the 60 day message at first and if so for how long?
      • no never had 60 day message had 4-8 week first then 2-4 for final stages and then dd date
      • oh ok.
      • Great to hear that you are getting a DD tomorrow.  Since your refund is for that amount I guess NY State isn't preparing returns with smaller amounts first.  When did you e-file your state return and when was it accepted?
      • I filed 1/10/13 and got accepted on 2-5-13 Is there ever any rythm or reason to anything nys does keep your head up tax i hope yours and all my fellow new yorkers get a dd soon
      I have that same message On mine too. But I got this message from Nys last year also and within a few days I had a dd date. No worries.
      • That makes feel lot better thanks
      • Hopefully this is a glitch.  There are too many people getting that message.  Is the State stalling on sending refunds because they don't have money right now?
      • I got the same message. I called them they said to wait 7-10 days and check again.
      • My dad and I filed on the same day I already have received my return for federal and he has not but I am getting that message from state and his state says it was accepted and he will get his in 2-4 weeks.... I am  so confused
      • Mines say the same thing !! But doesnt further review mean you were flagged thats what I thought!! I guess not if everyone is getting that message!
      • I did have further review message. Called Albany and said no worries, regular processing. Today says in final stages. Your okay, don't worry
      It is not the fiscal cliff most thought would delay refunds. Refunds were delayed by the forced initial late  filing period starting on 1/30 to help the govt with that problem. The traditional 14 day wait should remain the same.
      • That doesn't appear to be the case when you get a message such as "We received your return and it required further review.  It could take up to 60 days to complete.  If you receive correspondence you should respond as soon as possible.  I e-filed on 1/31 and my federal was accepted the same day.  I received a direct deposit of my federal refund on 2/8.

        Since Monday 2/4 on the state's refund site, I have the above message.  Some other people that filed a NY State return received a 4 to 6 week message, but those are the ones that are getting processed.  This weekend alone a lot of people have posted that their message changed from 4 to 6 weeks to the 60 day message and then a couple of hours later or the following day their message changed again to the final stages of processing or to a direct deposit date.

        The only people that will probably have a problem are the ones with the message like mine.  We just have to wait for the correspondence, but who knows how long that will take for them to send it.  Someone said they called and that they were told if they were going to receive correspondence it would be in 7 to 10 days.

        I would just like to know that if this meant an audit, would the message on the refund site change to a code with a phone number or is it just a letter.  Do they take the 60 days and then tell you that it is an audit.  I hate the waiiting game.  it just makes me more nervous.
      • You wrote..."This weekend alone a lot of people have posted that their message changed from 4 to 6 weeks to the 60 day message and then a couple of hours later or the following day their message changed again to the final stages of processing or to a direct deposit date."
        My thoughts are that if within a few days you do not get the same change in message you are probably right and a delay is in effect.
      • I never had the 4 to 6 week message.  My message was the 60 day message as soon as their refund site was up and running on Monday 2/4.  I didn't even get the accepted message from TT until Tuesday 2/5.

        I wish I had the 4 to 6 week message.  That is the one where people are having their refunds processed.  The ones with the 60 day message from day one aren't changing at all.  I'm just trying to find out if I am going to be audited or just have a request for further info.
      • mine was accepted on 1/31..... until Yesterday it kept saying needed further review, while most reviews take 4 weeks some might take 6 and then yesterday it said final stage of processing.
      • i check mine today and it said i final stage of processing it may take 2 week to 4 week to receive my return
      • I finally called the NY Department of Taxation, and was told that nearly everyone is getting that message, and that it is just a generic status. The lady I spoke to even volunteered that even she got that message in her own return, and that it should change in a few days. Major load off my mind.
      • the 2 to 4 week message isn't the's the folks that have had the 60 day review right from the get go..
      • @tattoo1900 I had the 60 day review message as soon as my return was accepted on 2/4. I was told that message as well as the others should update within a few days, when I called to ask for some clarification.
      • i sure hope so...good news for all of us;;
      • Ok here is a new twist. My online status updated this weekend for 4-6 week needs more review statement to final stages and still says that but when I just called the phone line it says we have no information on your return. Say what? Don't they feed from the same source?
      • Mine went from final stages of processing to ..the refund amount you requested has been adjusted...anyone else?Also gave a DDD of 2/15
      • @queenie37, how long did you have the "final stages....." message...
      • How long were you in the "final stage" before getting a DD @quennie?
      • I was in final stages since Friday. Today updated to DD of 2/20 via hotline. Online still says final stages
      • :( the hotline states the same thing as online. I am in the final stages of processing.. blah.
      • Mine did too yesterday am.. Sometime in between 9 am EST and 3 pm EST it updated to 2/20 DD date.. GL
      • finally got a direct deposit date :)
      • @queenie37..i also got that message"the refund amount you requested as been adjusted" and got a d.d of feb 22nd. But what are they talking about I just went through again on my nys tax return and all the info was correct..What did they see that I didn't???
      • Aphro mines is same they made some kind of adjustment. Don't waste time calling, they said wait for letter in mail.
      • Yeaaa I had a DDD of 2/20 and my money just hit my account!! Now I just need my damn Federal!!
      • @yvettensmith..good god..please do tell how much yours was adjusted when you get yours. Since you are getting yours before mine. Not going to call because I will prob blow up on them over the phone. They better not take my eic for my child I claimed for over 18 years!!.
        @lala217... Congrats yours was like 5 days before d.d..lucky you.
      • Thank you Aphrodite!! I'm happy, my bday is Sunday and I can at least treat myself to something nice :-)
      • Aphro I sure will let you know.  I am also thinking they messed with my eic because that's all I claimed.  Well at least it's not a review letter because that happened before and it took forever to get refund.
      • So what now..we have to send a birth certificate copy everytime we file state taxes? This is ridiculous because of people claiming kids that are not theirs or no relation to them. We the innocent people are been punished. Just read a post asking if she can claim a kid that wasn't hers. What is she thinking of?!?
        And how if its the come the fed gave me the thumbs up but not the state??
      • What is the hotline number
      • I got the further review crap with the correspondence notification.
        Hasn't changed.
        Anyone still have this message?
        Anyone have this message and than have it change?
        I just hope I'm not being audited!
        Uuggh I need my money
      • I still have the message if anyone's changes please let us know.
      • My 60 day message changed on 2/19 to the final stages of processing.  Normal processing takes 2 weeks but it could take 4 weeks.  Now I'm waiting to see if it changes to the 10 day correspondence like some other people have received this week or processed and your refund was adjusted.  NY State is just adjusting refunds and then ask for the info to prove the refund.  How long will it take to get the money they cut from a refund.  I'm sick of this waiting game.
      my status says this:

      We received your return and it required further review which could take up to 60 days to complete. If you receive correspondence from us, you should respond as soon as possible.

      what does this mean, i am freaking out
      • Did you read what i wrote!?  I just said i got that message and i called the number i provided and its a generic message... I called and regardless of the message we both received the lady told me it was already in processing for 3 - 4 weeks to receive my state refund.
      • Right I called as well. per the rep the only its a standard message but the only difference is that I am not in processing I am still in the 60 days lets see. ..
      • i have had that message since feb 3rd..the 60 day review..i called and i was told that i was randomly selected for further review..and that i may or may not receive a letter..this is for ny state by the way...still sitting and waiting...frustrating!
      • Oh man so does that mean I was randomly selected too? I don't remember having these problems in the past for the NY State returns?

        With me they told me today everyone that files NY state taxes got the same message. and we just have to wait it out.

        so based on these comments here there are 2 messages that you can get. 4-6 weeks , or the 60 day message. But per the tax rep she told me everyone gets the 60days message ..thats where I am confused.
      • Yea i wouldnt be worried she assured me the ppl that are receiving that 60 day msg is okay it's just alot of ppl filed and are receiving those msgs.
      • i have never had this issue with state either..but reading what others are saying..i think the state is being really tough this year and manually checking alot of taxes..and with the state being so broke there gonna pick out the little people this year..i'm only getting 1180 back...big deal
      • yea me either not much back but thats a generic message so everyone should be ok
      • Been in final stages message since Friday. Call hotline and now have 2/20 DD date
      • ok I hope all this doesnt mean anything, and I get the refund with no problems. without any correspondance. Yup the little people always get the problems. We dont have $$ to go around, work paycheck to paycheck,our paychecks went down, and everything went up, and they still giving us a hard time when its time to get a refund. Sux!!
      • I totally agree hell even milk went up to about $5 BUCKS and we are still getting paid the same with raises of about 3% I mean the city is straight up robbing the middle class!!!!
      • heck yea. its ridiculous. they dont take $$ from the people that dont need it. They take $$ from us lower-middle class people that ACTUALLY need the $$. Fed up with NY. They are "legally" robbing us.
      • Amen to that! lol
      • any updates?
      • I got the further review crap with the correspondence notification. Hasn't changed. Anyone still have this message? Anyone have this message and than have it change? I just hope I'm not being audited! Uuggh I need my money
      I have gotten the 4 to 6 wks answer for the  the past 10 days.  Finally today NY told me that my return was in the final stages of processing and should have it within 2wks but it could take up to 4 wks.
      • Did you ever get a DD date and how long did it take.  I have the 2 to 4 week message now.  It changed from the 60 day message on 2/19.
      i e-filed with Jackson Hewitt on 01/26 , received federal on 02/02 and up until yesterday the state website said it had no information that i even filed my taxes. called jackson hewiit yesterday who informed me that the state rejected 170 plus of their state returns and that there was an invalid error code on all of them! She told me that as of yesterday all the rejected forms had to be refiled! As of today i immediately have the 60 day message! I am really annoyed about this !
      • Nys just updated check status.
      • reneehaedrich  no it didnt changed had the 60 days msg for 10 days now this sux
      • mine has had the 60 day mesg for 10 days now. i hope it will change soon, i would like to know something..
      • How often does New York State update the system
      • Did you have any other message besides the 60 day one?
      • The 4-6 week then the 60 day mesg for 8 days now
      • Hopefully I'll get some news next week.
      I was updated today at noon to Deposit Date of 2/22...I was accepted on 1/4 i had the additional review message then the 60 day message then the final stage message...good Luck
      • how long did u stayed on the 60 days, and when did it turned to final and dd date. please i'm worrying 'cause mine is on the 60 days!!!!
      • @virgogirty mine went fom 4-6 to 60 days on 2/9 and still the same
      • I had 60 days from date of acceptance 2/1. Then had final stages for 3 or 4 days. Then yesterday a refund date of 2/21.
      Mine too! Under review, just changed to final processing, just their way of holding on to our money and ny getting the interest instead of us! Grossly unfair! I demand my monies now, it is my hard earned money!
      • anyone who filed self employment receive their state refund yet? mine has the 60 day review thing.
      • @ marina I filed joint with m husband and as 9/19/13 it was still 60 days message. I have not checked. I'm tired of that message. so whenever it comes it comes!!!! I can't even tell u how the unknown is making me sick.
      • The website still says 60 day message since the 5 th now however when I call it says the information I entered does not match their records wtf is going on here
      • What number are you calling? I haven't tried to call yet since people were basically saying they just read the message to you. I still have the 60 day message also.
      • So my status just changed from 2-4 weeks to direct deposit card will be mailed 2/28 please wait 21 days for refund..this is crazy. Still doesn't give me a deposit date. My state was accepted 2/8..just in case anyone has that date
      • How long did you have the 2 to 4 week message for?  Was that the only message you had?
      • No I originally had the 60 day message then hours later it changed to the 4-6 week, then right after that it changed to the 2-4 week.its been almost 2 weeks with that 2-4 message. Just today it changed a hour ago about the deposit card.which still doesn't tell me exactly or even roughly when I will get my state refund
      • You asked for the state to send you a direct deposit card?
      • Yes I assumed it would be faster with efile and direct deposit
      • I got a message saying the adjust mine and I don't know to what or why has anyone else gottin this message
      • at least you are getting somewhere, i have been waiting since 1/21/13
      • no, i  have direct deposit
      • We have dd also
      • I have a jackson hewitt smartcard that my nys state refund is suppose to be deposited to like my federal was and I got the same message that they are gonna send out debit card in the mail feb 28th but I never asked for one..idk what to do :(
      • I asked for the card but it said would arrive in 2-3 weeks. This is week 2 for me.if they mail it the 28th it won't be here until the 4th week.and then they say wait another 21 days.
      • It could mean that they are going to deposit the money on the smartcard on 2/28.  The message could be screwed up.  You should call.
      • I have called they give me that dumb message about state refund should be here within three weeks..I hope u are right though..
      • One good thing is that you have a date 2/28.
      • True, just don't know how much meaning it has yet
      • Ya know I just reread the message and maybe it is an error message it says your debit card is scheduled to be sent(February 28th)please allow up to 21 days to get your refund debit card..does that make sense that they have a date they are mailing the card but tell u to wait 21 days for it? I thought it meant wait for refund in up to 21 days. But it says refund card..what do u guys think?
      • NY just informed me they adjusted my refund and I will receive it 2/28 and I will get the letter in 15 days! Im confused.
      • Wow I am confused too.
      • @ madinjay..they are adjusting a lot of people's refund, especially mine. I know it wasn't t.t wrong on calculating because I did it on h&r block and taxslayer. They all came out with the same refund amount on state. So n.y have their own thing going this year.still waiting for my letter
      • So they just changed my date to march 1rst for them to mail refund card.i think this is crazy
      • I got the further review crap with the correspondence notification. Hasn't changed. Anyone still have this message? Anyone have this message and than have it change? I just hope I'm not being audited! Uuggh I need my money
      • Mine is the same
      • Was informed my refund was reduced by $583. Have to wait for the letter im s pissed cause this is crazy!
      • Did you claiim EIC or childcare credits?  NY State seems to be adjusting a lot of refunds.  It's not fair.  Why don't they ask for the proof before they adjust the amount.  Does the State of New York think they are doing anyone a favor by sending part of a return.  On their refund site they have information about adjusted refunds and correspondence.  If they send correspondence asking for more information about a return it can take months to get the refund.  If they adjust a refund,  it can take 30 days for a letter to go out.  This is ridiculous.
      • They claim the letter and refund will go out 2/28 I paid to have my taxes professionally done so im really upset! Not sure what the state is doing this year!!
      • NY State is adjusting too many returns this year.
      • @madinjay..if you had yours professionally done . Then I think they are manually reviewing everybody's state tax this year. In which, the people who are reviewing them are incompetent. There is no way everybody's calculating wrong on their tax return. I think the governer is going to be hearing from nys people a lot.
      • anyone still have the 60 message? mine hasn't updated at all going on 3 weeks now..
      • Its been almost a month for me no changes yet :(
      • Did you get your Feds yet
      • I received my federal already.  No change on my state.  Still final stages since the 19th.
      Does anyone know when state taxes come out I got fed but nothing about state yet
      • No one has a definite answer for that.. Nothing is being done in an orderly fashion.
      I may get in trouble and blocked by TT for this but last year Turbo Tax users and another site was being investigated for a lot of false/scammed  returns which is why this year the state is putting people through hell.One woman got away with $2.1 million dollars .So ,yeah  New York is going to also use this as an excuse to hold your money ransom. Like I said i waited 3 weeks checked every hour then one day around 3pm I got a status for this wenseday and it is a rather large amount so the large amount excuse is not true..
      • When your return was first accepted what was the message you got?
      • on the 2/4 i got the 2-4 weeks then it switched to 60 days then back to 2-4 for 2 days then back to final stages on a Monday stayed that way fro about 3 weeks then on I think a Wenseday around 3pm it changed to dd date..I just looked over everyone who got the dd dates and if you notice it has all been updated to dd dates on Wens- Friday evenening
      • Did you receive your DD yet or are you still waiting for it?
      • @taxhater16 - did you receive a DD date yet?
      • No.  No DD Date.  Waiting just like you with the 2 to 4 week message now.  I'm happy the 60 day message is gone, but they still could adjust my refund like they seem to be doing to a lot of people.
      • @lizzerdking77 that happened to me!! I was accepted Feb 5th. For the stupid 60 day wait then today it changed from 2-4 wks then every time I try to log on it tells me information doesn't match wtf?!?! Anyone else have this issue?
      • I have a DDD of 2/27 I filed 2/8 accepted 2/11. Reason behind hold up from what I've heard is due to hurricane sandy
      • I was accepted 2/8 and all I have is a we will mail your refund card march 1rst..
      • Has anyone been able to call the NY State refund line and get  through.  I've been trying for the past 3 hours and it's always busy signal.
      • @tasmangrum - Did you request that your refund be sent to a card?  I read on the NY State site that they are sending out a Bank of America card.
      • @taxhater-yes I asked for the refund card. The message said it will be mailed 3/1 wait up to 21days for refund deposit doesn't say when it will get here and when the refund will be on card...
      • That is a stupid way for them to word it.  It's really a guessing game with the state this year.
      • Yeah I thought it was stupid too. They are indeed using bank of America and I am guessing as per what I read that the funds are in card when it arrives.. Whenever that is..
      • how long is the 60 day message staying on before it moves to final processing? Its been this way for over two weeks!!!!! I already got my federal back!!!!
      • mine has been on 60 day message since 2/8, so about 3 weeks now.
      • this is crazy!!!!
      • i have been waiting since the beginning on Feb. and i still have the same 60 day message. and hasnt changed. I asked for a DD, not a card, why is it taking so long grrrrrr
      • I had the 60 day message from 2/4 to 2/19 when it finally changed to the final stages of processing - could take 4 weeks.  I'm still waiting since 2/19 for it to change to a DD date.
      • Wow I had the 60 day from 2/14 to 2/28...Now it's in final lets see how long its gonna take ny to give me a dd date....
      • When did you get the update - was it on the 28th?
      • Yes it changed on the 28
      • I had the 60 day message from 2/4 to 2/19.  On 2/19 my 60 day message changed to the final stage message, 2 to 4 weeks.  I'm still waiting for a DD Date.  At this point I'm waiting to see  if I will get a DD date on 3/5 which will be two weeks with the final stage message.

        Since you had the 60 day message for 2 weeks and then changed to the final stage message 2 weeks later it might be another  2 weeks for you to get the DD date.

        No one really knows what NY State is doing this year.
      • @lvbl1- A group of people on here that had the 60 day message, including myself were updated on a Tuesday 2/19 to the final stages - 2 to 4 weeks.  The update was on Tuesday morning around 9:45 a.m.
      It looks like they are delaying the refunds on purpose for their own benefit.
      • In 2010, the NY state refunds were supposed to be delayed  to close the current year's budget gap. I have been waiting patiently but, now this is getting ridiculous. I want my refund already!!!
      • When was your return accepted and what type of message did you receive?
      • @CStarr5- when was your return accepted and what type of message did you get?
      • Has anyone that had the 60 day message update to a DD date?  I still have the 60 day message since 2/4 and as of this morning I still have the same message.
      • Got the email from TurboTax on 2/5 that my state was accepted on 2/4 and I had the 60 day message up until 2/20 and now it's the 2 to up to 4 weeks processing message.
      • I still have the final stages 2 to 4 weeks since  2/19.  Hoping 3/5 is the day for change.  I'm pissed that it's taking so long, but I'm glad I don't have to look at that 60 day message any more.
      • My husband and Mine was accepted on 2/18 my hubby has a dd on 3/4 And i have a dd 3/4
      • You are lucky.  My return was accepted on 2/4 and I had a 60 day message until 2/19 when it changed to final stages.  Since 2/19 it has been on the final stage message and it hasn't changed to a DD date yet.
      • Hopefully it changes soon.. This happend to me last year I hate it hope everything works out for you
      • How long did it take you last year to get your refund?  Did you have all the  messages that NY State is using this year?
      • i still have the 60 day message since 2/8.... UGH! still no change this morning
      • I still have the same 60 day message too, but mine didn't get accepted until 2/15 because of the education credits
      • I hear ya taxhater I have had the final stages message since 2/19 and when i called the hotline to check because someone said that will update first at times. they said the information i entered does not match so i called the repsaid that was odd as they should be the same message and told me to go by the one on the wmr website it has been 30 days now since my state was accepted this is complete garbage.
      • Status changed this morning to DDD of 3/11! FINALLY! I was stuck at the final processing message since 2/19 like @taxhater16. Before that I had the 60 day message since 2/4. There is hope for you @taxhater16!
      • Finally it changed. DD on march 11 yayyy! I filed on feb 1st, was accepted on feb 6, then on around feb 11 got the 60 message. On feb 20 finally it changed to final stage/ 2 to 4 week message then today I got the direct deposit. There is hope guys.
      • Finally for me to.. a DD for March 11th as well..hallejuah.. hope the rest of you get it to...
      • Finally for me too... a DD for March 11th as well.  Hope the rest of you get it today too.  Please post if you do.

        One question though - if they adjusted my refund would I know from the website or would I have to wait until 3/11 to find out.  There's nothing on the site about it being adjusted.

        Thanks.  Great to hear the DD dates are finally happening.
      • mine just switched from the 60 day message to final stages of processing, anyone know about how long before a DD date is given once it changes to the final stages?
      • Im figuring the people who had final stage message on the 19 they are going to give u dd dates cause its two weeks I probably be next week cause I went to final stages on the 25th....
      • hater was yours updated during the day today or did you have a dd date the first time you checked today this stuff is getting really old and from following your posts seems like you and i have been in the same boat with these chumps waiting and waiting hopefully I get my dd date or maybe a stroke from all the stress lol
      • I checked this morning around 6:00 and then again about 10:00 and I still had the same final stage message.  I read a posting on here from someone saying they had gotten a DD date of 3/11 and they were accepted on 2/4.  That made me check again and I couldn't believe my eyes.

        Keep checking today.  I hope you get it too.  Good luck.  Please post if you do.  I hope I read your update of a DD date with my evening coffee.
      • thanks hater I hope so too I will let everyone know here I could use some good news today
      • well maybe tomorrow will be my day this has been a whole month now waiting for these goons to get it togather nothing on my filing status has chenged this is the longest i have ever waited to get my state in my life. Perhaps they sahould pull that BS statement about if you efile and have direct deposit you get your return faster off the website it is cleary a line of crap
      • When I first e-filed I had signed up for the online NY State account.  I didn't think it would work.  They say that the online account will notify you when your return is processed.  The online account is great.  I got an email from NY State letting me know that my return was processed and to check my online account.  When I logged in to my online account it said my return was processed and gave me the amount of my refund and the DD date.  It turns out I am getting the full amount of my refund.

        The NY State refund site tells you your return was processed, but it doesn't say the amount of your return.  

        @lizzerdking - when was the last time you checked your status?  You could still update today or definitely tomorrow.
      • @tklaiber1218 - since you just changed to the final stages you should expect to receive a DD date in about 2 weeks.  Since a lot of people had the final stages from 2/19 and got a DD date on 3/4 you will probably get your DD date on 3/17.  I hope you get it sooner.
      • I finally got my DD date for March 11. It's about time!
      • Good to hear another person finally got a DD date.
      • it says final stages for me now, thank god but could take 2 to 4 weeks how long does it take for a ddd??
      @mercedesulove did u received your refund last year?veis u get a letter?
      • sure
      • The contributors to this forum seem to be neither clever nor very helpful. In a forum where the overriding question is the TIMING of tax refunds from the New York State government, posts seeking to (or attempting to divulge) information that do not indicate:

        - date return was filed
        - date return was accepted
        - date "final stages" meassage appeared
        - date confirmation of a direct deposit date was received AND
        - date actual direct deposit was made

        end up sounding nothing more than whiny, unintelligent babble.

        Here is my story:

        Feb 25: return filed
        Feb 26: return accepted
        Mar 1: "final stages" message appears

        Please, does anyone have a good idea when I can expect a confirmation of my direct deposit date (and eventually, the direct deposit itself)?

        Thanks!  :-)
      • From what I have been seeing the dd dates come 2 weeks from the time the message of final stages appears and the actual deposit a week from the time you get the dd date.
      • @ taz:

        Thanks for the response! Even in spite of my snarky opening. So I suppose it looks like I could be getting my actual refund on or around March 22nd. We'll see!   :-)
      • @beeswax:  Your welcome.  Hey this year everybody is on edge over getting their refunds.  So understand where you are coming from.  My taxes were accepted Feb 8, had 60 day review message until Feb 22 when it changed to final processing so hoping to get a dd date Fri as that will be 2 weeks.  Hoping anyway.  Good luck and hope you get some good news this week.
      • Finally got my date of march 13 can't wait to do this again next year all
      • @beeswax2013 - Everyone on here this year posting about their NY State returns are frustrated.  We're not asking each other for personal info.  We are all in the  same boat.  This year it;s very hard to tell what the state is doing.  Everybody is getting different messages.  Some people that have the same message are changing to other messages.  A lot of people are getting audited.

        Some people that are being audited have the same message that another person has had for weeks so we are trying to find out when their message changed.  Some people have had their refunds adjusted so we're trying to figure out why because the person that had their refund adjusted wasn't sent a letter yet.  The state says that a letter could be sent in 10 days and other place says within 30 days.

        I e-filed on 1/31 and my federal was accepted within an hour of e-filing.   I've already received my federal refund on 2/8.  I received an email from TurboTax on 2/5 saying my state return was accepted, but on 2/4 on the NY State refund site I had the message of my return being under further review and it could take 60 days.  I had that 60 day message from 2/4 to 2/19.  On 2/19 it changed to the final stage message and it could take up to 4 weeks.  On 3/4 I finally got a DD date of 3/11.  They did a group of people at the same time and that happened to be the group of people posting about it on this site.

        Personally, when I posted on this site this year, especially this year since we all had problems with the state return, I felt like I was talking to a lot of friends.  I had my morning cup of coffee before going to work and sat reading posts from people concerning their return.  I did the same thing in the evening.  I usually go on this website every year during tax season and if I can offer answers to tax questions I do.

        Did you sign up for an online NY State account?  It's great.  You get an email when your return is processed and then when you check your account it gives you the amount of your refund and DD date.  The refund site doesn't tell you the refund amount that will be deposited.  For people that are concerned that their refund will be adjusted the online account tells you the amount of the refund.
      • @lizzerdking:  I am so happy for you that you finally got a date!!!!!!  Maybe now the state will get moving and all the others who have been waiting will get good news this week!!!
      • I called this afternoon. A very nice man said we see your return accepted as of 2-19
        He went over my worksheets and said becsuse I apllied for the empire tax credit it is in processing longer. They have to manualy take each return and compare it to prior years to make sure it is the same dependents.
        I was told no letters have been sent out and this is normal. Sooo hoping the 60 day message changes soon. He also said it is usually quicker then 60 days. We shall see.
      • @ taxhater16

        You're right. I suppose this is all rather frustrating. The first time I got on this website was yesterday, so I'm definitely well outside the community.

        I did not sign up for the e-mail alerts as I'm not all that bothered with the refund. I was just curious earlier which is why I posted. Glad to hear you've finally got some good news though I must say, your process seemed to take rather a long time. Well, at least you didn't get audited.

        Good luck!  :-)
      • Well im glad I finally got a ddd...about time it took ny long enough...
      • No changes for me since 2/8 still the same stupid 60 day message :(  but I called and there is no problem with my return as off yet... they said they had aloy of delays this year so I just have to wait
      • Was your return accepted on 2/8 and was the 60 day message the first message you received?
      • Still waiting
      • @ taxhater16
        I have been following your post for the last 2 weeks since my situation mirrors yours!! Accepted 02/05, 60 days til 02/19 now at 2 weeks with no dd in sight
      • Since you still have the 2 to 4 week  message, you should be getting a  DD date soon.  I hope you check again tonight or in the morning and your DD date is there.  I had the 2 to 4 week message from 2/19.  On 3/4 it changed to a DD date of 3/11.  I originally had the 60 day message from 2/4 through 2/19.
      • i'm still waiting..... mine was accepted feb 8th. have had 60 day msg since day 1... no change. i finally called yesterday and they just read the same message back and couldn't tell me anything else.
      • i'm still waiting..... mine was accepted feb 8th. have had 60 day msg since day 1... no change. i finally called yesterday and they just read the same message back and couldn't tell me anything else.
      • I was accepted on the 5th of Jan.
        I have had the same 60 message along with the possible correspondence message since than. Still no change at all.
        Anyone else getting that correspondence message too along with the 60 day?
        I hope I'm not getting audited!
        I haven't recieved any lettters at all.
        When I call they pretty much read me what I can see online.
      • All the 60 day messages mention correspondence.

        NY State is scrutinizing every return.  I had the 60 day message from 2/4 to 2/19.  On 2/19 it finally changed to final stages up to 4 weeks to process.  I had the final stages from 2/19  to 3/4 and then on 3/4 it changed to a DD date of 3/11.
      • My wait is over.  I received my NY State refund today.
      • Yay..hope im soon.
      • When was your return accepted and what was your first message?  What message do you have right now for your return?
      • I was accepted feb 19th. Had the 60 day message until the 28th then it went to final stage 2-4 weeks. Thats where I am at now.
      • I was accepted feb 19th. Had the 60 day message until the 28th then it went to final stage 2-4 weeks. Thats where I am at now.
      • I had the educational credit but my return was accepted on Feb 16th.  It went right to 60 message and still hasn't changed.  Has anyone else been on this message for this long?
      • @kathleen.rowe - Since your 60 day message changed on 2/28 to the final stages 2-4 weeks, NY State has been averaging about 2 weeks from each message.  I would say that on approximately 3/14 your next message will be a DD date of 3/20 or 3/21.
      • This is getting ridiiculous.  My return was accepted Feb 8 and had the 60 day message until the 22nd when it changed to the final stage of processing.  It was 2 weeks yesterday and as of noon today still have the 2 week message.  People who were accepted after me are getting dd dates already.  Tried to call but all I get is the same message read back to me as is on the site.  Can't get any answers from anybody.  Never had to wait this long to get a refund in past years and if there was a delay at least they would tell you why.  Very frustrated right now!!!!!!!
      • Since your message has stayed at final stages and hasn't changed to anything else such as an audit, then you should be getting a DD date soon.  NY seems to be going slower than slow.
      • @taxhater:  It has been on the final processing-2 week message and nothing else so I should be thankful no audit.  It is just this waiting and not getting any answers but this is NY state so shouldn't surprise me.  Thanks taxhater and am glad you finally got your refund. :)
      • Got my refund yesterday! good luck to everyone!
      • Great to hear that you got it.  I got mine yesterday too.  Had a Dd date of 3/11.
      • I have a dd for 3/11 too,I hope it's there tomorrow.
      • I just got my DD...finally!!! I guess they dd at midnight, must be something new.
      • Finally got a dd 3/21!!! Guess nys getting the ball rolling
      • @wesgee 22 what was your original message
      • Accepted on 2/5 and 60 day message til 2/20 then the 2 week message until today
      • Thanks my 60 day message changed on 2/28 to the 2 week message so hopeful I will be getting a dd date soon...
      • Posting an update to my NY Tax Refund paperwork:

        Feb 25: return filed
        Feb 26: return accepted
        Mar 1: "final stages" message appears
        Mar 11: "final stages" message replaced by confirmation that my return has been finalised and that a due date for a direct deposit of my refund has been set for March 21st.
      • It is not likely that I will return to post once I receive my refund. Good luck everyone!
      • Unreal unreal unreal
        AUDITED! !!
        UGHHH this has been a nightmare.
        Just got an update this morning I've been pulled for an audit!!!
      • What in the world is going on here in NY. State accepted 2/6 and this morning you tell me I am getting audited. Wont tell me anything because you see nothing in the system but wait for the letter on 3/21.  I am definitely getting out of this state and never coming back. Only been back for  1 year and I will leave again. Thanks NY.. I will be thinking about you when I am sleeping in my car at the end of the month.  Once this is cleared up I am collecting my things and waving good bye to this place.
      • What is going on?????  I'm being audited too!!!!!!!    I was accepted 2/8, had the final processing message for 2 weeks and now being audited for itemized deductions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This state sucks!!!!!!!
       Same here. I just got off the phobe with them for me I'm In audit because I itemized my deductions ie: medical, job expenses. So they said letter will go out end of month and to fax or mail in what the ask. Fun fun
      Its bullshit.
      • I was at final stage of processing and got it. Supposedly from what this woman said are a lot of people itemizing are being pulled for audit.
      • I did the same thing-I am supporting my brother who has kidney failure. Been battling with SSA just to get him some kind of coverage and take off some of the weight on me. Does NY state think I could make up some of the out of pocket costs...When I lived in Virginia everything was processed and no problems. I return here and now this. My problem is quick to take the taxes out of your paycheck but hard to return it when you file your taxes.
      • So now you have to wait another couple of weeks before you get your refund. Just fax in whatever documents they are requesting and you should recieve your money. It's gonna take some time but u should get it.
      • If I had those documents I would. I shred everything because I don't like keeping paper around. I got off the phone and what they are requesting in order to get my $2K refund they can just keep it.  Why would I go to my old employer and request they write a letter verifying some of the job required deductions I place on my return? That will be a problem because I ended on bad terms with them so NYS keep the darn money and line some politicians pocket with it. I am so mad right now. This audit foolishness I would expect from the IRS but NYS are you kidding me. NO PROBLEMS WITH THE FEDS BUT A STATE RETURN? COME ON... They have hurricane money that people are not seeing quick enough and they worried about fraud. I should have never come back to NY.
      Anyone still waiting? Mine STILL has the 60 day message since 2/8, with no news, no correspondence, etc. What is going on??? NYS doesn't tell me anything when i call except read the message to me....
      • Mine was at the 60 day message since 2/4 until last Monday. Now I am at the final stages of processing.
      • i am also still at 60 days.. im glad im not the only one.. been liek that since 8th too
      • good news here after waiting for almost 2months finally a dd date 4/3 oufff ! good luck everyone!!!!
      • How long did you have the final stage message?
      • a week from 3/11 to 3/18
      • I am crazy confused and frustrated right now!!  My NYS were accepted Feb 7.. I got the 60 day review - correspondence msg.. then I got the final processing 2-4 weeks and was very happy, then about 2wks ago it changed to Initial stages and 2-4 weeks AGAIN!! ughhh anyone have any insight on this type of message trail!!!
      • I have the same 60 days message, today is the first day I checked because I was getting concern about the delay on my state refund. its 571$ and I filed it on 2/5. I think is way too long for it to still be saying the 60 days stuff.
        Those who got audited how long did it take to switch to audit and how much was your refund?
        do you think is a good idea to just amend the return and take out the itemize deductions and just make it standard deduction?
      fuck this state with its bs. i was accepted on feb. 4th and still have the same message since then. could take up to 60 days. f bloomberg, cuomo, and all those mfers in albany. f this shit, time to go. seattle washington here i come. time to get into the mmj business. f u bloomberg, trying to b a mother. no large sodas, cig ads, fuck dude police your own fing family. i'm so much hating this fing state right now.
        I e-filed and accepted around 2/5 or so and been having the same 60 day msg ever since. I dont know what the delay is. working class ppl with family always get the brunt of this and its not fair. we are the ones that need the $$ the most. i know other ppl that filed way after i did and they already got their state refunds. why the delay for us? Doesnt make sense. our refunds are chump change. my $ is already spent
          @gina and @wmedster, did either of you see any changes yet? i'm still on the 60 day message as of 8:15 this fine Monday morning  =(
          • Nop, same message as of 910am today. When did you filled?
          • Still the same 60 day message. .
          • my 60 day message finally changed to final stage of processing, but it also says it could take up to two to four weeks. what BS. still have to wait.
          • When did it change?
          • seriously im getting fed up with ny state.. ughhh
          • it changed this morning when i checked (april, 1st) around 11.00am
          My wife's 60 days is up tomorrow. She has called several times since the middle of March. After speaking to several reps over that time today she was finally told that she had to speak to a supervisor. Finally the supervisor said that he's sees nothing wrong with her return and that there's a software glitch that is causing the delay because she declared dependents. No matter how many dependents you declare on your return, once it hits their software the dependents number is reduced to "0." The supervisor put in a request to expedite the refund which can take up to another 30 days!!! I'm not surprised nor am I upset. I expect nothing less than total incompetence from the state of New york. My wife and I have started looking for a new house in Connecticut, and believe me, we can't move fast enough. She was born and raised here and she wants to move even more than I do.
            Well, I'm having a roughly similar experience.  I e-filed on April 7th and the next day had the 60-day message.  Today, that message was changed to 90 days.

            There's such a volume of discussion here that I was unable to read it all, but I did come across the mini-thread suggesting that the problem is related to the size of the refund, with those less than $500 not being affected.  Bzzzzt!  Wrong.  My refund is $119, so there goes that theory.

              i did efile but having problems. now I have the 90 day msg. I never had a tax return this late before. I filed so early this year end of Jan beginning of Feb. and the ones that filed like in Mar or Apr already got their state returns. this sucks they are holding on to my tax return for as long as they can!!. 
              • i have never had this happen either. most mine has ever taken is 2 1/2 weeks. this year it seems like they are really holding on to our money for as long as they can. maybe they're thinking we'll forget about it, and just not even put up a fight for it. i don't know, but i could really use the money! :(
              • Same here, I filed on Feb. 8th then was laid off on March 5th after working for the same company for almost 30 years. Now I "REALLY" need my money and the state does this!
              anyone file like in Jan or Feb and now have the 90 day msg? 
              • yup mine was accepted Feb 8th, and I still have the 90 day message as of this morning.
              all right, i decided to go ahead and order another copy of HR Block At Home ($20) and once i get it i'll do an e-file (i can still do that even now, since it's for a refund, right???)... got tired of checking everyday and seeing the 'no information about your return' message...
                Most ' final stages ' response will take less than 2 weeks and not 4 weeks.
                I am a pessimist but I do not buy the arguments that the state of NY is broke and so is more careful and so much more delay( read 4 not 2 weeks). The USA is broker than NY state and the fiscal cliff proved it. The delay of 30 days to January 30 was what both federal and state needed to balance part of the budget needed to start refunds. What NY is doing, though, is auditing more. There is also much more identity theft than last year.
                • Did you get a message on the NY State refund site for your return.  Since Monday 2/4 I have the "We received your return and it requires further review  which could take up to 60 days to complete.  If you receive correspondence from us you should respond as soon as possible."  My message hasn't changed in any way.  I've already received my federal refund on 2/8.  The waiting to know if I am going to be audited is driving me crazy.

                  The other message that people are getting -- the one that has been processed recently is the 4 to 6 week message.  I wish I had this message instead.  

                  The people that had the 4 to 6 week message over this past weekend changed to the 60 day message - a couple of hours later or the following day the message changed to final stages of processing, then the DD date.

                  There have been about 2 people that said they had the 60 day message to begin with who just recently changed to the 4 to 6 week message and now 2 to 4 weeks.  

                  The other people who have the 60 day message, including myself, the message hasn't changed at all.
                • I still have that 60 day message too and am getting annoyed with it. I'll give it another day or two and if nothing changes, I'm gonna call and see what's the holdup. I'm not going to wait 60 days for my refund, that's ridiculous and unacceptable. You would think by now, that the Dep't of Taxation would have the ability to handle refunds and get them distributed quickly.
                • CStarr5 - when did you e-file and get accepted?  I've had that 60 day  message since 2/4.  I e-filed on 1/31 and I already received my federal refund on 2/8.

                  I can't believe that it's going to take 60 days for them to review my return and then decide to audit or request more info.  The waiting is driving me crazy.  I called and the person I spoke to just read the message to me.
                • I efiled on 1/31 and was accepted on 2/5 and yes,it is really crazy this year. I can't believe how long the wait is. It's not right.
                • It appears that most of the people posting on this site that are in the final stages of processing, are the ones that originally had the 4 to 6 week message.  It's crazy that their message went from 4 to 6 weeks, then the 60 day message and then to final stages of processing.

                  There seems to be 2 people that posted that they are in the final stages of processing that had the 60 day message to begin with.
                • I had the 60 day for 5 days since it was accepted.  I checked this morning and it says final stages of processing.  I just called and they have no information on me now...
                • Mine changed from 4-6 weeks since Friday and still haven't changed. I'm sure I'm getting audited because for the pass 5 years NS husband was taking care of the kids while I was working "his English was not good, moved from Africa. " he just started to work Last October so they probably wandering. Just let me know and I'll prove it to u instead of having me wandering.  These people sucks!!!
                • Does anyone's else changed from 4-6 weeks to 60 days andere still says 60 days? Please let me know this is driving me crazy!  Boy enough with the state already!received on the 31, accepted on The 4th, 4-6 weeks for a week and now 60 days Form 5 days.
                • I have had the 60 day message for 7 business days now I hope it is just slow processing times should have no reason to audit me. but if they do I can def back it up. Just wish i knew something
                • I have the 60 day message for 9 days now.  It hasn't changed and I haven't received correspondence.
                  Is that a good thing?
                • I think they are just slow.  I efiled on the 7th and accepted on the 8th.  About an hour after that email I went to NY's website and got the under review for 60 days.  I had that until Monday at 5pm.  It switched to final stages of processing.  I have called the hotline and its like I am stuck.. how can the end be that long?? I wonder if it has to do with the refund amount as mine is quite small compared to my federal return.
                • I e-filed on 1/25, TT said NY state finally accepted my refund on 2/4, mine was on the 4-6 week message from 2/5-2/9 and been on the 60 day message ever since. I just want to know, if they are holding off paying for what ever reason that's fine, just tell me my refund will be here in 6 weeks. I don't like the guessing game.
                • Their automated hotline number is: 518-457-5149 so people have found that one is updated faster than their website.  If you want to talk to a rep: 518-457-5181
                • @joshuafletcher did anything change in ur filing status?
                • mine still says the 60 days message..been what a week now plus
                • No, same filing status as last year. Only student loan interest as a deduction. I changed jobs so I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it. I called the automated line this morning and got the same 60 day message.
                • I called yesterday and recieved the same thing the rep just repeated the same message that is on the site i suppose i just sit and wait .
                • yea they dont have much info besides the status msg online. I would hate to wait 60 days until my refund, especially if correspondence is needed. grrrr
                • I agree very frustrating I have heard that some people even recieved their refund before the site updatI am not sure how much of that i believe but trying to remain optimistic just hope it is not an audit we jump through enough hoops in ny state this would just be another one my state has been accepted since the 4th and I have had the 60 day message since the 5th so no idea what is going on.
                • yea very frustrating for sure. I just got my federal refund today. both were filed on 1/31 accepted shortly after, but now its the 13th and the 60 day message is still there for my State refund.. Crazy how they take taxes so fast out of our paycheck with no problem , but when its due for our $$ to be returned to us, due to overpayment, the State is hesitant to give it back to us, thus resulting in this careful screening of us tax payers.
                • oh yeah io recieved my federal on the 1st but state still showing review makes no sense but what can us little people do but bow down to the almighty ny state hopefully soon i will know something and keep everyone posted. i guess this is just my luck lol
                • I am jealous you guys got your federal refund back already. I efiled on Jan. 25th and have been stuck in pending land due to the educational credits.  My NY had to be refiled last week due to some processing error from TT.  They seem to be moving faster than the IRS for me.  I have been stuck on final stages of processing since Monday.  At this point I wouldn't be surprised if people were getting their refunds before the status changed.  If they had transmitted to release the funds to your bank account and have not updated the change it is possible.  Who knows with this state.  Has anyone tried that email thing that will let you know when your refund has been issued?
                • i just check back on the website daily to see if there are any updates with the State. Federal is always quicker than the State. The State is more cautious I guess year after year. Its money well needed at a time of need in this economy u know..i will keep u guys up to date as well on the State
                • here we go again another day with no update
                • I had the 60 day review to the 2-4 week review. As of yesterday, the irs site states your return has completed processing & you will recieve correspondence in 10 days. On wmr just show tax topic 152 which is the differ ways to receive a refund. Did anyone else receive the 10 day correspondence message
                • I had 4-6 weeks now stuck on 60 days, correspondence, etc for the past 5 days.
                • @Steve, i don't know what is going on but it's crazy because I can't get any information abt the message from IRS
                • When I called the woman was pleasant, but she read the message to me.  I asked if I owed back taxes or something even though I know I don't  and she told me that's what it said.
                • @taxhater16, I think the rep was just saying that to get you off the phone! I have friend that has a problem with his EIC & WMR showed tax topic151 & he will recieve a letter in 30 days & he had to call IRS immediately
                • Mine just changed to they finished processing my return an i will be receiving correspondance in 10 days...
                • @diluc, my message changed to that since yesterday & idk if its a generic message or not
                • Was there a topic # or code # on the state refund site and a phone # for you to call or just the message that you will be receiving a letter in 10 days?
                • There was no telephone # for me to call on the state site for the 10 day correspondence. On WMR says no information found & tax topic 152 abt the differ types of refund
                • If you are getting Topic 152 on WMR you should be getting a DD date soon.  When did you start seeing Topic 152?  If it was today, look for a DD date tomorrow morning.
                • The message for the 10 day correspondence been since yesterday & WMR always showed tax topic 152
                • No change here 60 day message since the 5th
                • Have you called the state to get any info?  I am sick of seeing that same message - since 2/4.
                • For what it's worth. My status updated last Friday to final stages and think was Tuesday got dd of 2/20... GL
                • Both updated in afternoon time
                • @sabreacup9286, did you have the message that stated will receive correspondence after 10 days after the final processing
                • No neither did. I filed both of them. Everything updated together too
                • Had 4-6 week further review (ny advised was generic) message.. Final stages.. DD date
                • It looks as if the 4 to 6 week message was generic, but the 60 day message doesn't appear to be generic.  There are too few people that have received the 60 day message as the first message on the NY State refund site that changed to any other message.

                  Most people that have the 60 day message as the first message they saw concerning their return, still have the same message.  It isn't changing.  Who knows if they even started processing them yet.  They could wait the 60 days and then change the message to the 4 to 6 weeks message.
                • Possible further review manually maybe. Sry if so, hope gets fixed quick.
                • I have seen few people say they had that one and updated in couple days tho
                • I just hope I get a dd soon
                • been following this forum for a few days now. a little nervous because i've had the 60 day message since the 9th. nothing has changed, and i don't want any trouble with audits ;(
                • for couple weeks now the msg reads "We received your return and it required further review which could take up to 60 days to complete. If you receive correspondence from us, you should respond as soon as possible"  - I DONT GET IT WHY WOULD MY RETURN NEED FURTHER REVIEW FOR???
                • when did u file and when was it accepted
                • @johnask01
                • anyone here NYS refund changed from 4-6 weeks on 2/9 to 60 days and still hasn't changed?
                • i filed 1/31 and it was accepted on 2/5
                • i dont think i ever had the 4-6 wk msg. its been stuck on the 60 day msg since 2/5
                • Does anyone still have the 60 day review msg on the ny state refund status?
                • johnask01- i have it and have had it since the 4th
                • Still have the 60 day message and was accepted by state 2/5 had this message since. Got my federal on 2/1 just wish I knew what the hold up was and of course calling does no good
                • yea i been checking online and calling in and the same message remains
                • Same message since 2/4 and calling does no good.  They read the message to you like no one can read.
                • I check my nys site & I am being audit! I called & the rep told me I will receive a letter in the mail within 2 weeks. The only thing he said is its abt my tax withholdings & some of my deductions
                • sem29nv..did you have the 60 msg as well, how long have u had that msg for? this sux they are auditing for now??grrrr
                • this sucks!!! i expect all, including me, with 60 day message will be audited....
                • really reneehaedrich ? how do you know that? did u have deductions as well???
                • is it possible to have the 60 day notice msg but then it change to getting a refund? i dont get why they are always going after the little people who hardly earn anything
                • i haven't read that anyone's 60 day notice changed at all, except to say they were getting a notice in the mail within 10 days. i'm just assuming that us with the 60 day notice will all be audited based on @sem29nv comment above about theirs changing to audit..
                • I had the 60 day message than went to final stages of processing on Monday.  Today I got a direct deposit date of 2/22 (next Friday)
                • how long was yours stuck in 60 day message? @arhodes13
                • arhodes13  how long did u have the 60 day msg for
                • I got it right after i was accepted on 2/8 and it changed on monday 2/11 to the final stages of processing.  I just got the direct deposit date around noon
                • congrats to arhodes13  maybe there is hope for us all but i am doubtful I have had this 60 day crap for like 10 days or so now and just so frustrated with the lack of information they can provide you
                • i had it for 10 days as well
                • I'm so sorry.  Have you tried calling NY? I ended up moving to FL for a job, so I only filed to get my taxes I paid back out of my unemployment insurance.  My refund is not that large.  My federal is a lot larger.
                • @johnask01, has your 60 day message changed? sorry you say above that you had it for 10 days, so i thought it has changed now
                • I called ny they are pretty useless they can only read the message i saw on the site myself my return is not that large i recieve the eic and daycare credit but I claimed this in years past whats the deal ny state and why cant anyone in your office tell anyone anything I mean come on we can clearly read what the website says I dont need you teo repeat that for me. Thats like going to best buy to ask one of those jerks a question and they just read a tag to you lol
                • i e-filed with Jackson Hewitt on 01/26 , received federal on 02/02 and up until yesterday the state website said it had no information that i even filed my taxes. called jackson hewiit yesterday who informed me that the state rejected 170 plus of their state returns and that there was an invalid error code on all of them! She told me that as of yesterday all the rejected forms had to be refiled! As of today i immediately have the 60 day message! I am really annoyed about this !
                • Nys just updated check status.
                • mine didn't change, just checked. still 60 day notice
                • 60 days message still here
                • I think they update as you process your return.  I had different times my status changed from under review could take up to 60 days to final processing and today with the direct deposit date.  It stinks that they can't tell you why so are holding that long with the under review message.
                • @arhodes13 did they give you a dd or did it just show up in your account today? I got accepted the 8th as well and also went to final processing on the 11th. Just wondering
                • Tara they will give you a date.
                • Ive got a date but arhodes13 said he got his in his account today was wondering if that was the dd that was given or if it just showed up in the account
                • I still have the 60 day message since 2/4.  No change.  Called and they just read the message to you.  I have a feeling the ones with the 60 day message since the first day they were accepted will be audited or they will receive correspondence after the first 30 to 45 days to prove something that's on the return.
                • I got a direct deposit date of 2/22.  I think you got me confused with lala217, who stated they had a direct deposit date of 2/20 and got it today.
                • I called yesterday and was told that my 60 day review message just meant that my return was being reviewed and not audited.I asked the representative if he was sure I wasn't be audited and he said that I wasn't. So,I guess it's just a matter of waiting for my refund to be processed.I think maybe  they are just understaffed.I have NEVER had to wait this long for my refund and it is pretty annoying but, there's nothing I can do but wait.
                • @Tara I got a DDD for 2/20 but it was in my account yesterday 2/15
                • Thanks Lala217, I was just about to ask you that quesion...  that gives me hope that mine may come before my ddd of 2/22...
                • Yes I got the 60 day message then 4 days later it went to final stages of processing and yesterday I got a DDD of 2/22. I filed on 1/30. Because of education credits federal not accepted until 2/14 and still processing.
                Yes. My NY state return says the same thing. under furthur review which could take up to 60 days.
                • I have the same thing since 2/4.  Officially it's two weeks since my return was accepted.  Hopefully there's a change on some of the 60 day messages for people tomorrow since yesterday was a holiday.  Maybe they'll work on the returns today.
                • @taxhater i hope something gives this week.. i have had the 60 day mesg since 2/5
                • What do they say when u call about that message i feel bad for u guys u are going through what im going through with federal
                • The returns with the 60 day message don't seem to be going anywhere.  There have been a few people that posted on this site that said they had the 60 day message and that it changed, but I think it was only about two.  I was beginning to think that NY State was processing the returns with low refund amounts first, but one person just posted that they have a DD date for tomorrow and the refund amount is over two thousand.
                • @taxhater16 I think this has something to do with the fed returned. Because everyone that got they fed refund early are still on that 60 days. I'm not sure but that is what I think. I got my fed refund on 2/1/2/13 I was given a date everything. now it says processing???? don't get it. I got the 4 to 6 weeks message on 2/5/13 then on 2/8/13 it when to 60 days until today! I keep calling them to ask them if I'm being audited and they keep saying they don't see that!!! this is getting on my last nerve! I wowww!!! so guys check your fed refund if u already got and see what it says!!! just to see!!!!
                • It could be because i dont have a dd for my federal yet and i filed the 10th of jan and got caught up in the 8863 limbo
                • yeah i got my federal on 2/15 and now it says "We have received your tax return and it is being processed." what the heck does that mean...? are they processing the returns and then going back to audit them? ughhhhh this sucks
                • I just checked again and now my state says it's in the final stages of processing.  Processing usually takes 2 weeks but it could take up to 4.  Finally some movement on the 60 day message.
                • Congrats tax at least u seen progress finally hope u get a dd soon :)
                • @ taxhater16 could you check what ur fed says!!!
                • lucky you Taxhater.. lets see if iget lucky today.. :)
                • @marina did urs went from 4-6 weeks then 60 days? if yes when it switched
                • yes and it switched on the same day i believe.. i still have the 60 day mesg.
                • @cyn thats for my state bc i got the federal already i got it on the 1st.
                • cynthiaedoukou -  I efiled on 1/31 and my federal was accepted about an hour after I e-filed.  I received my federal refund on Friday 2/8.  I didn't have any education credits.  I see that the education credits is what's holding up a lot of federal returns.
                • still sitting on the 60 day message here since the 5th got my fed on the 1st glad to hear it is changing for some of us just hope mine does too
                • I know got my fed too with no education credit, but when go to the irs web even I already got it says still processing, so I was wandering if that was why our state was taking too long! now that @taxhater urs changed I wanted to see what ur fed was saying? if its says processing then it has nothing to do with it , Thank u fo taking ur time to respond. Could please check and see what it says? thx
                • @lizzrdking I guess we have the same issue.. Same dates and statuses..
                • @lizzerd let me kno if your state changes..
                • I received my federal refund on Friday 2/8.  I just checked the WMR and the bars are gone.  It doesn't say that my refund was sent.  It says that my return is being processed.

                  I guess once the DD is sent out the bars disappear completely.
                • lizzerdking77 - when was the last time you checked your NY State return status?  I checked earlier this morning about 7 am and I still had the 60 day message.  I was just reading what someone posted about their 60 day message changing about 45 minutes ago so I checked again.  My 60 day message finally changed to the final stages of processing and it could take up to 4 weeks.

                  Keep checking today.   You just might see a change.  If you do please post what your message says.
                • I just checked mine taxhater and still shows the 60 day message and I have called them enough maybe i am just stuck lol
                • @lizzerd king same here.. seems like we have the same issue.. :0 hope it changes today or atleast this week..
                • When was your NY State accepted?  Maybe they are processing them in date order of when they were received.
                • 2/5
                • mine was accepted on the 4th then had a 4-6 week message until the 5th then it changed to this 60 day nonsense and has been there ever since. I will check throughout the day and hopefully i will get a change in status all i can do is hope and wait.
                • I received the email from TurboTax on 2/5 saying my state return was accepted, but on 2/4 I checked the NY State refund site and I got the info that my return was accepted and I had the 60 day message.  Since I e-filed my fed and state on 1/31 and my fed was accepted an hour after I e-filed I really don't know when the state accepted it.  NY State started accepting e-files on 1/30.
                • It's crazy i called last week and was told it was in processing could take 2 weeks i just called again just now and they said it could take up to 60 days upon further review.. I don't even understand.. It's crazy!!!!
                • What message did you have when your return was first accepted?
                • I have a question since tt my fees havent been taken out yet because my federal is in a hold up due to the 8863 form will they take it from my state
                • No, tt fees come from fed. After a certain time and tt can't collect fees, they will attempt to deduct from bank account.
                • The TurboTax fees are only taken from the federal refund.
                • ok thank you:)
                • Well this is funny..I efiled my sons return on Feb 14 to nys. They didn't accept until Feb 15 at night. Went to check nys refund to see if he had the 4-6 week or 60 day message like me. Noooo..he had final stage of processing 2-4 weeks. His took less than 4 days to get that?!?! While I was 3 freaking weeks!! He has education credits with his.
                • Since that happened that really makes it appear that the returns that were accepted early 2/4, 2/5 were definitely the ones that were randomly selected for further review.
                • maybe all the returns from that week were randomly selected... as i said, mine was submitted 2/8 and i still have the 60 day msg
                • 60 days msg still appears weeks later. y is it taking so long. does this now mean we are guaranteed to be audited for what
                • I guess because everyone that had the 60 days is changing but those that went from 4-6 weeks to 60 days on 2/8/13 and stayed like that until now r the one getting audited. I called again and still they crap !!!!!
                • I think everyone checking the site crashed the system getting a message saying they are experiencing problems with the wheres my refund site lol maybe when it comes back up i will have a change to my status
                • Lol me too.. Just checked
                • well they fixed the site but not my status well i guess there is always tomorrow
                • i've been following the comment thread for quite some time now. My situation is similar to many of you. My tax was accepted on February 5th, and had the 60 day review up until Feb 17, which then said the information I entered did not match their data. Then on Feb 18th, it reverted to the 60 day review message. However, today around 12pm, the message changed to in the final stages of processing, which can take 2 to 4 weeks. waiting patiently...
                • I have been at final stage of processing since 2/ giving up!!
                • Did you get your Feds it takes bout 2 weeks after the Feds
                • got my feds. on the 11th...
                • the feds on the 11th
                • So your good state will be there in about a week did get my Feds yet under review my state sez it's in the final stage of processing
                • hope so.....
                • that under review by feds i had even after i got my fed refund...
                • I filed mine on 1-19-13 and my Feds is under review for what I don't no I'm still waiting on my state smdh at the IRS if know anything I've been in their system for a while now nothing change they look at the eic very closely they figure every year I rape the shit out of them wit the eic lmfao but I have nothing to hide they will get sick of looking and eventually release my refund lml
                • mine said that too(feds) i finally got sick of calling and called a umber a friend gave me ..they came back and stated that the wmr was crashing a lot this year but gave me a direct deposit date..I signed up for irs app and it update around 12pm on the 10th gave me a date of the 13th but i got it dd on the i said still on the 14th i noticed that it said under review yet,i had gotten my money.there is a page on facebook me and others were updating each other on our irs issues and finds that may help you..As far as the state...well it's NY..I am just stressing what Ive been hearing about the glitch with the EIC....aarrggghhh!!
                • I meant sick of checking then i called ...
                • I'm getting very pissed not nervous wit these assholes messing wit my money all they have to do is go threw the years I filed c'mon man lml but I guess they ain't that smart I'm patiently waiting
                • It looks like all the returns filed the week of Feb.4th are the ones with the delay. Mine was accepted on Feb.5th with the 60 day message and I am still waiting too. I called and was told that I was not being audited. I just cannot believe how long it is taking this year to receive my refund. When you call them, they act stupid too, like they are unaware of any delays going on. They just repeat the message to you that it says on their website. No help at all!!! I really hope I get my refund at least before March.
                • no change this morning for me
                • No change for me either this system is a bit rediculous
                • Me neither ..thought sure today would be the day.It updates daily at random so maybe later,not holding my breath though.
                • Just a heads up, my NYS taxes were accepted 2/4 and as of today it is in the final stages of processing! Thank god!
                • I originally had the 60 day message for almost a month, so don't give up hope!
                • So this is my story federal was accepted 1/30 tryed to file nys at the same time but wouldn't allow me too until federal was accepted.they didn't accept my state and had to re-efile. Nys was accepted 2/8.i got the 60 day message with the look for correspondence. A few hours later changed to final processing could take up to 2-4 weeks. This message hasn't changed since.the hotline says the same message. No change today either.
                • Did it all change in one day if it did you could receive your refund this week or next week mines they say was accepted on 2-11-13 and I did my taxes on 1-19-13 my Feds is under review and my state is in the final stage of processing I hope it's this week I get it
                • Finally got a dd like 3 minutes ago for the 27th..woohoo!! Finally
                • Congrats how long has it been
                • Yes it all happend in one day. I am hoping I see a change soon..
                • I finally got my due date for 1-27-13 thank god just waiting on my Feds
                • Wow congrats. I just checked site and it still says final processing within 2-4 weeks.what site gave you a date?
                • Nys it's weird cause it seem the state process any time of the day I checked earlier ant the same thing i just checked cause someone just hade their just now so I checked in there it was if not today for you then tomorrow it's real close bro
                • I hope it's close I am poor lol..
                • I waited exactly 10 days after my feds...@datruthx26 My feds was already deposited & the wmr was still daying processing.I jus so happen to check my bank account and it was there..sign up for IRS phone app it updates more accurately than the online fed wmr site..good luck!!
                • Now mine says they have no info on file after almost three weeks of it saying the 60 day message
                • @lvbl1 my Feds is under review I got a cp05 notice some bull but just got to wait till they finish their review in a few weeks so ill take the state for now
                • My 60 day message finally changed today. It now says it is in the processing stage. 2 to 4 weeks wait as of now. At least it's getting somewhere!!!
                • well i got my nys refund and its less $100 , as they said it was adjusted, I have yet to get that letter to why it was adjusted. It better be a very good reason why it was it adjusted. Since it was my earned money they took.. they need to start telling on the website why they adjusted it or their stupid account which don't seem to be working to tell me why?.
                • I haven't gottin mine back yet and it says dd of the 27 feb and they said it was adjusted also but I have no idea y or for how much
                • NY State seems to be adjusting way too many returns this year.  How long is it going to take to get the balance of the return -- the amount the state is taking off?  Once a person gets a letter and then sends proof.  NY State really found a way to stall this year.  Adjust the refund and ask for proof later.
                • Mines was adjusted by $600 less. Ugh. No letter yet.
                • Omg..yvettenesmith that's worse than mine. I hope we get that letter soon to find out wth is going on. This is just ridiculous...
                • I got the further review crap with the correspondence notification. Hasn't changed. Anyone still have this message? Anyone have this message and than have it change? I just hope I'm not being audited! Uuggh I need my money
                • yvettesmith - I just read the information someone posted on this site from the NY State and it said that a letter for an adjusted return will go out in about 30 days.  The person copied the information from the NY State website.  I hope it doesn't take 30 days to get your letter why your refund was adjusted.  $600 is a lot for them to adjust without letting you know ahead of time.
                • Thanks  despisetaxes. Thank goodness I wasn't dependent on the money. I have actually come to expect the worst from our gov't and prepare for the unknown based on prior experiences with ny.  nothing surprises me anymore. Lol
                • ok, got the flippin letter in the mail and i think h&r block, t.t and tax slayer need to fix their program if this is the case.
                  this is what it said
                  1. we adjusted your income or denied your claim for the nys e.i.c credit because i made a math error.
                  2.although you calculated your income percentage correctly, you made error in computing your allocated nys tax. to compute your nys nonresident/part year resident rax, you must first figure a base tax as if you were a ny resident, including income,gains,losses, and deductions from all sources. Then you msut divide your nys source income amt. of n.y.s adjusted gross income by your federal amt of nys adjusted agi to determine an income percentage. the base tax is multiplied by the income % to arrive at an allocated nys tax.

                  I wouldn't be needing a tax program if i can calculate accurately in my head!!.

                  i went through the program 5 times before submitting it and it was answered correctly per question. they are now telling me that all the programs out there are now calculating wrong? Going to see if i can fax this to t.t, h&r and taxslayer and they can tell me why their program is calculating wrong
                • I had the 60 day message until about 3 days ago then it changed to the return is in the final stages of processing should be between 2 to 4 weeks
                I am still waiting for my state refund, same 60 day msg since beginning of feb. next week wiill be a month i have had this msg, why is it taking to long this sux
                • Same here I still have the same sixty day mesg since February 5th..
                • I'm about to call these c*ck suckers
                • Let me know what they say
                • I will
                • She said she doesn't know why they took it upon themselves to mail me their debit card when it was suppose to go to mine and no you can't switch it to yours all you can do is change it to a just wait on it in the
                • I do to same as feb 5th same message...
                • And Jackson Hewitt says they don't know why the state is saying that but their boss says its more than likely gonna go on your smartcard..for anyone with my problem.
                • Checked mines today said it was processed and that my card was scheduled to be mailed March federal not even here yet......who story just like others.....(filed 1/18.....accepted 1/31 21 day yada yada we know the story)....look people I got massive bills too who knows what fuckery the gov up to.....does your boss tell you his every move......guess it's a waiting game good luck peoples.....
                • @princess86 - The NY State refund site has information posted about a Bank of America card that they are sending to people.  I guess if a person requested to have their refund put on a card, they are sending the Bank of America Card instead.  I just posted a question on this site which really isn't a question, but I copied and pasted all the information that the state put on their refund site about correspondence, adjusted refunds, Bank of America Card.
                • @taxhater..thank you so much that was really sweet of you!
                • This is my first time using TurboTax.  I usually file using the Freedom Edition, but I didn't qualify this year.  My sister filed her taxes the same day and she always uses TurboTax.  My NY State return was accepted on 2/4 and I got a message about it taking 60 days to  process.  Her return was accepted on the 5th and she had a 4 to 6 week message.  Her message changed this week to something about receiving correspondence in 10 days.  

                  What is going on with New York?  I never waited this long.  I usually get my state in about 3 weeks.  I've already received my federal return.
                • so has anyone with the 60 day message been updated? mine is still not. going on 3 weeks now
                • Well mine must of updated this morning cause it went from 60 day review to in its final stages of processing and that could complete to 2 to 4 weeks..
                • My son just got a d.d of march 4 th. His took only a week to process..lucky du k. No review message at all, no we have adjusted your refund.
                • mine still the same 60 day message. havent updated yet almost a month
                • Was the 60 day message the first message you got on the refund site?  When  was your state officially accepted - when did you get the email saying it was accepted?

                  I had the 60 day message from 2/4 to 2/19.  On 2/19 it changed to the 2 to 4 week message.  It still the same way as of today.
                • I still have the 60 days message! first I had the 4-6 weeks and it changed on 2/9 to 60 days @ taxhater16 this is soo stressful !!!!! I just want to know where I stand.... calling them is no help! I guess I have to wait the 60 days to have an answer. Because mine was accepted on 2/5 so I have been waiting for almost 3 weeks now!!
                • Too many people are being audited.
                • yes I guess! but it seems to these are people who file they taxes early in January like I  did mine on January 20 Th !!! I file joint with my husband who got a job in lat November!!!! in my income was not that much!!!
                • I've been reading on this site that people are having their refunds adjust by over 500 or more.  It's ridiculous that the state doesn't ask for the proof first.  It's a way to stall.  They're adjusting and then sending a letter 30 days later explaining why they adjusted a refund and then by the time a person sends the proof needed to get the amount they cut, it will be months before a person gets it.
                • mine finally changed to the final stages of processing had the 60 day message since the 5th now on day 4 of the final stages of processing gotta love ny state
                • Does everyone's status say the 60 day along with the  correspondence letter info?
                  Just trying to find out if anyone's changed since setting this message?
                • I filed my taxes on 2/14 and got the same 60 day message, as of today still no change, anyone else taking this long to change? I did my friends the day after mine and hers in in final processing already????
                • Last week I got a DDD and today I got the deposit at 2 am. Finally... Now just waiting on federal
                • how long were you waiting ?
                • Been waiting for federal since 2/8
                • been waiting since 2/8 for nys
                • hoe long was yours on the 60 day before it switched?
                • For me I filed 2/8 accepted 2/11 and received my refund 2/27
                • @lizzerdking77 - have you received a DD date yet?
                • I haven't, still the 60 day message
                • My ststus changed yest from the 60 day review to final stage of processing.. anyone else status change??
                Audited for itemized deductions!
                Every year its the same thing. Are you kidding me???? I hate this state more and more everyday!
                • Sorry to hear that are being audited....I weny through the same thing last year so I know how it is....did claim child care or did you add any new dependents this year ?
                • After waiting form 2/6 they tell me I will be audited but the letter will not go out until 3/21. No information in the system. Been away from NY for 10 yrs and upon my return 2012 I file and get audited.  I am ready to run and never return to NY.
                • Wow did you have the 60 day message ?
                • Yes been sitting around checking every other day and now spoke to someone and that was what I was told.
                • Did your status ever change to the 2-4 wks notice ?
                • I personaly had accepted 2/19
                  60 day for a week then 2-4 until today which made it exactly 2 weeks. Woke up to your return has no information call the 518 number which then tells you the good news.
                • Wow im in final stages to..It's been like that since the 2/28 so it should be changing soon...I just got off the phone with the state and the rep that I spoke to said she does not see anything about me being audited so no I just have to wait and never know with ny state
                • Finally I got a dd date for 4/1. Thank god and good luck to everyone waiting
                • Did anyone get there NYS refund before the given deposit date. On 3/14 I got a 4/2 deposit date...hoping that date will change to an earlier date. Dont understand why almost 3 weeks from deposit notification date (3/14)
                • hey chantel, when was your return accepted
                • 2/4
                • I mailed my state return on Jan 15 and still the status says they have no information.  This is after making
                  3 phone calls to them.
                • I mailed mine in on 2/7 (can't efile in NY with more than 4 items in box 12), I am in the same boat as dayscott2006. No info, I called, no info. I am worried that I will get to 4/15 and they will have lost it. Then I get hit with a penalty for on a $1500 tax refund. How stupid would that be. I am totally frustrated that it is taking this long even to acknowledge that they received it. I changed all my w4 settings so I will hopefully never be in a position to need a refund from these clowns again.
                • I was told that if you are receiving a refund there are no penalties if you are late.
                • Still on the 60 days -- been that way for 50 days. I've called twice. Both times told that there is no notice of any audit or correspondence being sent. They basically told me that when the 60 days are up, to call again and they will put a flag in the file to 'push it through.'  This is pretty outrageous, I have to say. There is zero movement on a simple return and then it's up to me to get NYS in gear. Sounds like the process is just a disaster this year.
                • I am in the exact same position. Still at 60 days. my  days are up in less then 2 weeks. Im tired and fed up
                • I have the same 60 days message, today is the first day I checked because I was getting concern about the delay on my state refund. its 571$ and I filed it on 2/5. I think is way too long for it to still be saying the 60 days stuff.
                  Those who got audited how long did it take to switch to audit and how much was your refund?
                  do you think is a good idea to just amend the return and take out the itemize deductions and just make it standard deduction?
                • Did anyone get there refund before the deposit date
                • @wmedster:  I was in the final stage of processing for a little over 2 weeks when it changed to the dreadful message that I was being audited.  They are outrageous with what they are requiring for the audit.  Looks to me like they are trying to weasel out of giving people their refunds.  As far as the amount of the refund I don't think that plays in.
                • i still have the 60 day message as well, since 2/8 acceptance, so it's been almost 2 months. i've called twice, and they just read the message back to me, said nothing was being sent, etc. i'm so frustrated >_<
                • @ Renee.. I hear you. You itemized or had the standard. Any dependents?
                • we just had standard deductions with 4 dependents.... its been the same for 8 years now !! =(
                • @Rene... So we are exactly on the same boat. Standard and the same 2 dependents for the past 4 years... Let me know if u here anything. I'll do the same
                • I've decided that if my tax status still says they have no information on  my return by April 1 i'm going to try and  e-file a second return and they can sort it out.
                • im going to call them on april 4th. that is my 60 days.. and demand to speak to someone.  on my status it states up to 60 days.. wellll guess what NYS my 60 days are about up
                • @gina... Did you dependents and/or itemized?
                • i had dependents  but its been the same every year
                • this is super frustrating.... @gina and @wmedtser, please post if you guys get any change! or if you speak to NYS and they tell you any news. i will do the same, but at this point i'm not hopeful for much... ive spoken to these fools twice already to just have them read the same message i see on the screen.... i asked them about paying me interest on my return and they said that doesn't apply until 60 days after april 15th... so will they try to hold our money the longest they can without penalty??? my refund is less than $800, i don't know what the big deal is. they should have bigger fish to fry other than the working poor.
                • Finally got my state refund. I had a dd date for  4/1 but recieved it today
                • When did you send your return in, did you mail it or e-file it?
                • I efiled my return on 1/28 but it never got accepted until 2/14
                • I got accepted on 4/5 and it still says 60 days. i called and it says now 90 DAYS. wtf. why did it change from 60 days online to 90 days!!! what is going on here...what # can i talk to someone because all il keep getting is machine
                • whats the # to call to get a live person
                • 518-457-5181
                • so i called them and they said it changed to 90 days because the 60 day mark has passed. they are received alot of returns thats why mine got delayed. but i am getting this message because mine tax return was pulled for further review. this REALLY REALLY sux. I HOPE I DONT GET AUDITED BECAUSE I HEAR WHAT THEY ASK FOR IN AN AUDIT IS PURPOSLY DONE SO THEY MAKE IT HARD FOR ME TO PROVIDE THE DOCS....WHEN IRS WANTS THEIR MONEY THEY COME AFTER U BUT WHEN THEY OWN U MONEY THEY CAN DO WHATEVER THEY WANT!! this sux big time!!!!
                • My return was accepted on 2/8/13 and for quite some time it stayed at 60 days. Today I checked and it has been bumped out to 90 days. We live in such a great state! I guess they really don't want people to go out and boost the economy with their refunds, what a ridiculous thought that is!
                • Filed my NY IT-203 via paper mail on 3/5/13.  Checking online and by phone says they have no record.  I know they received it on 3/7/13 via the Certified Mail tracking number.  System doesn't even say they've received it yet or anything -- nothing about 60 days, 90 days, etc.  Anyone in/has gone through the same situation?  Should I be worried?  I know some folks have been waiting for refund even longer, but seems the online tool at least acknowledges that they've received it, no?
                • I experienced the same thing. Paper mailed return on 2/9 via certified mail. They received it 2/12. After 7 weeks there was still nothing in the system of them receiving it. Decided to go ahead and e-file on 4/7 and it was accepted on 4/9. Two days later received the 90 day status. Hope that helps
                • Same thing here; mailed IT-203 on Mar/13; no information after 7 weeks
                • all right, i decided to go ahead and order another copy of HR Block At Home ($20) and once i get it i'll do an e-file (i can still do that now, since it's for a refund, right???)... got tired of checking everyday and seeing the 'no information about your return' message...
                • Not only haven't I received my check after 3 months but have wrote them twice and they won't even reply. I have one more year till retirement and I can't get out of this state fast enought !!!
                • Finally after almost 90 days my status changed to final stages
                • I E-filed on 2/16, said state accepted it 2/17. checked after about 3 weeks of not receiving my refund and got the 90 day message. It still has the same message... no changes yet.
                • well ladies and gentleman FINALLY after the return being accepted on 2/1 my status has changed to final processing, 2-4 more weeks. thank you & good night. good luck everyone!
                • Mine still shows 90 days and was accepted on 2/8, still hope for me I guess.
                • Mine went from the 90 day status to final stages yesterday
                Here is info. on tax returns from New York States own web site:

                 When will I receive my refund?

                 The processing time for an income tax refund is, in general, four to six weeks, but you can expect to receive your refund sooner if you file electronically. It's even faster when you have your refund deposited directly into your savings or checking account. Check the status of your refund on-line or by phone.

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