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My refund is held, with a reference code of 1091? Any ideas?

On WMR it says it has been applied to a past due tax obligation. Reference 1091? any ideas?
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Just got the same response and it is B.S. Govt wants to take money from hard working tax paying citizens who OWE NOTHING and have paid taxes. 
    It is a code for a full or a partial offset.  It mean you owned money to the IRS or another Gov agency.  
    • I have never been notified by the IRS that I have owed anything, got a refund last year thru turbo tax and haven't changed anything with my job or status. And now I have to wait for THEM to contact me when Turbo tax counld not catch it? Can Turbo Tax spell class action law suit?
    • this is b.s., I have free lawyers available for me thru my company and I will take Turbo Tax to task on Monday.
    • Turbo tax has nothing to do with an offset.  It is done by the Treasury Dept or the IRS.  You can call the Treasury Offset number and enter your SOC # and it can give you details about the offset.
    • These are some of the reasons you can be offset
      Topic 203 - Refund Offsets: For Unpaid Child Support, and Certain Federal, State and Unemployment Compensation Debts
      The Department of Treasury's Financial Management Service (FMS), which issues IRS tax refunds, has been authorized by Congress to conduct the Treasury Offset Program. Through this program, your refund or overpayment may be reduced by FMS and offset to pay:

      Past-due child support;
      Federal agency non-tax debts;
      State income tax obligations; or
      Certain unemployment compensation debts owed to a state. (Generally these are debts for compensation that was paid due to fraud or for contributions due to a state fund that were not paid due to fraud).
    • And do that when? I am a HARD WORKING SINGLE MOM who works 14 hours a day M-F and have zero time to spend for hours on end waiting for them to answer the phone. Turbo Tax still shows my refund has been processed. I do know how to do screen shots of what Turbo Tax system shows. I will see Turbo Tax in court for a lawsuit, GUARANTEED.
    • Turbo tax doesn't know when you owe back taxes or if you owe some other government agency. Its not their fault. You have to wait for a letter telling you what agency took the refund. That letter will come from the irs. Don't try to call the irs because they won't tell you anything.
    • You just contracticed what was posted "Turbo tax has nothing to do with an offset.  It is done by the Treasury Dept or the IRS.  You can call the Treasury Offset number and enter your SOC # and it can give you details about the offset.". And again, I OWE NOTHING and never have, and have all paperwork to back it up. And to wait on the  US Govt to "mail me" something.........yeah, right. The US COURT system is faster then the govt.
    • looked up 1091 and it refers to a loss of wash sales with stock, is this correct?
    • loss of wash sales with stock, stock in what? And are you are CPA?
    • Misty is correct.. turbo tax is just the tax company.  They wouldn't know if you owed a debt.  Actually, I had a offset a couple of years ago. for maybe a couple hundred $$ I was over paid in unemployment.  The the FMS just took what I owed and the IRS dd the rest.  I know your upset tlcflorida but if you go to a lawyer about this they are going to laugh. Now if you don't really owe anything it's the IRS or the Treasury Dept you need to worry about suing.
    • I do not own or have never own or paid into stocks.
    • @fcurd, thanks for the number. I actually owe a portion of my refund but couldn't think of what it would possibly be and the irs wouldn't tell me anything, not even the amount taken. I was able to call and get the info. Thanks again!
    • :)
    • You're welcome Misty.
    • I just called that number above and it told me for me that no debts were what
    • whats this phone number your all are calling? I received a letter from the IRS regarding CP2000 and have no idea what that means. They are saying I owe 600.00 back to them. Not sure why though. Can you guys provide that phone number that gives you info? Thanks!!
    • It is a number to the Treasury Department- If you received a letter from the IRS that is a debt that is probably owed to them.
    • Topic 652 - Notice of Underreported Income – CP-2000
      The IRS compares the information reported by employers, banks, businesses and other payers on forms W-2, 1098, 1099, etc., with income and deductions reported on your income tax return. If you failed to report any income, payments, and/or credits (or if you overstated certain deductions) on an income tax return, you may receive a Notice CP-2000.-

      I copied and pasted this right from the IRS webiste.
    • here is the link
    • and that has what info on My refund is held, with a reference code of 1091? Any ideas? none. This chat room is being answered by people who are NOT CPA's...........get a tax attorney.
    • above, I'm replying to Amanda not you.  She asked about the letter she got in the mail.
    • and no I'm not a CPA but I'v been well versed in Gov Business taxes for a while.  and no I don't know it all but I know a lot.  When I don't know a 100% I say so.  This is just a forum.. It's just people sharing information. Some of it will be wrong and some will be right.  I do have friends that are CPA's and go to them for a lot of answers that I don't know.  What I answered for Amanda, came straight from the IRS website.  Not disputing what they put up on their page.
    none of those reasons apply to me, I RECEIVE child support, owe zero taxes, live in TX so zero state taxes and has zero unemployment. And you association is?  Do you work for Turbo Tax or are you a CPA?
    • I work for a Gov contractor.  I do taxes for my office.  Did you callt he offset number?
    • Toll Free: (800) 304-3107- here is the offset number
    • and they are open today, Saturday?
    • and they are open today, Saturday?
    • Called no debts on me or my wife
    • I just called that number above and it told me for me that no debts were what?
    • I just called that number above and it told me for me that no debts were what
    • will the offset number tell you if you owe back taxes?
    • OK, 24.. That was just the number to the FMS a part of the Treasury Department.. I would next wonder if the hold is from the IRS.. They have their own system for debts and it doesn't go through the Treasury Dept.  I'm 99% sure 1% not.  I would call the IRS first thing Monday and tell them you checked the FMS offset and their was no information.  And ask them are they offsetting your return.
    • And I work on Monday, so I cannot call. So I will quit my job after 20 years and go on welfare and get paid more doing that and work under the table lilke people who pulls up in their SUV's at offices do to collect welfare, why pay into a system......NEVER OWE, and get screwed as a single mom.
    • The IRS takes calls until pretty late during the work week. They start taking call early and stop fairly late.  Can you not call during a break or lunch or after work?  I understand its frustrating, but I think you're freaking out!  Your getting yourself worked up.  Guess, what there may be a small chance that the info that WMR is sending out is wrong. Just try and take it easy until Monday.
    • I am freaking out? I am a SINGLE MOM with kids and I DEPEND on this money....and no, I cannot call during my 30 minute lunch, we are not allowed to use work phones for personal use at work and Ihave TWO jobs. And now I have to wait for a stupid letter from the IRS but Turbo Tax shows it still accepted by the IRS. I am worth more dead than alive to  my kids. Period. The govt takes my money at an alarming rate, I am a VETERAN of the United States Air Force and now this..........nice. Get screwed every time you turn around in this country. And you get screwed by company who want do "do your taxes" and you pay them to do that, now I am out money also......I don't think so. I will tie up the courts for years to come, claim PERMANENT disability and sit on my butt like all of the people do who are ABLE BODIED and they get their taxes back with no problem.
      Wait until Monday? I will be at my lawyers office about this during my 30 minute lunch, preparing to sue Turbo Tax and have him start up a class action law suit against Turbo Tax and the IRS for not posting more definitive information. They sure take your money fast enough, but take their sweet time in getting it back to AMERICANS.
    And everyone is answering the males who ask questions in this forum but not the females. Wonderful.
    • I've answered you several times.  I'm not sure what you're talking about?
    • and I called the number and there is nothing owed, you posted that as an answer to someone else.
    • turbotax is like HR block, they are preparers. They have no idea if you have debt with the IRS and you have to take it up with the IRS. TT has nothing to do with the handling of your refund.
    • but I paid for them to guarantee proper prepeation of it so it is actionable. this is a chat room, great, you get what you pay for...
    • OK, tlcflorida.. We are not sure how else to say it.. If you entered all of your information in right, etc. Turbo Tax prepares it based on what you tell it and sends it for you etc.  They have nothing to do with any debts you may or may not owe to the US Gov.  It Gov does not share that information up front with tax prepares.  Imagine if they did?  People that owed debts would never file.  Once again it has nothing to do with your preparer.  This would have happened no matter who you went to.
    • and tax prepareres are liable if there is fault in their software or THEIR handling and there is according to the chat I am on now with ACTUAL turbo tax want to be CPA's.
    • So go talk to your lawyer and stop stressing everyone out.u ask for answers then go ballistic because u can't remember owing back taxes or fees to someone? You're crazy.
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    • I'm s single parent Starzz, but I'm not crazy!!! My taxes are delayed because I'm getting my undergraduate and file Form 8863.. You don't see me flipping my lid.  I guess that what happens when you give people accurate information that they can't deal with.
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    • Does anyone know what what does delayed federal tax refund Reference number 1541 mean?  My daughter got this message and she did not file a state return last year or this year yet.  maybe that is why the error is coming?  Called number she does not owe to a state agency
    • I get frustrated with the delays in getting my money back but what can you do?  The IRS had the delay because of the new tax laws that were being voted on.  We can thank the Government for that one.   Motto of the story never depend on money from Government they lag.
    • I work for the Gov so I get it.. They don't get in a hurry that's for sure. I did try to research the code you listed for someone else and couldn't find anything.
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