Schedule B form 1040. State ID exempt-int div

I am trying to file my taxes ( 2012 )  TurboTax on final review tells me I have 2 errors to fix.  !. I need to enter State ID exempt -interest dividends.
2. I need to enter the total dividends. ( $ Amount )

Where do I find this information. I imported my information from  Merrill Lynch   Bank of America Corporation. ???

    THE FIX:
    "Schedule B: State ID exempt-int div-2 must be entered" or similar. .during the Error Check.
    This is a propogating 1099-DIV&Schedule B ERROR (being investigated to get the bugs out) .
    Below is a LOOOONG running post with the solution with bits and pieces of the solution somewhere in it .
    . .
    But I'll summarize: (long painful it ALL) .
    1) DO NOT try to correct it in the Error check screen. that is fruitless.
    2) Go to the 1099-DIV section and remove any 0.00 entries from box 10. Leave the box blank.
    3) IF there is a real $$ amount in box 10, you usually enter "More than one state", unless the bond fund that generated the $$ was a single-state fund......[[[breaking out your own state $$ from that is another story though and a diversion to be discussed another time.]]]
    4) then get out and try the error check again. IF it still comes up, the problem is bigger...
    IF failure at #4 still...more work to do because with all that stuff in error check you have phantom Schedule B entries.
    5 ) FOR ONLINE TTX users.Jump to your Home screen, and find the "Delete a Form" link ( blue text) down towards the bottom and click on it.
    (For Desktop software users...find the Schedule B in Forms Mode.)
    6) Find the Schedule B and delete it. This will remove ALL your 1099-INT, 1099-DIV, and 1099-OID forms too! Along with the Phantom entries on the Schedule B that WERE there.
    7) Go back to the 1099-INT, -DIV (and -OID...if you have any) entry area on the "Wages & Income" page and re-enter each VALID form you have m.a.n.u.a.l.l.y. DO not put 0.00 in any box, even if they show as such on the forms you have...just leave the fields blank where there is a 0.00. DO NOT re-download the forms from the Financial Institution, the 0.00 values in their data download are a big problem.
    Do your error check again....should be fixed now
    REMEMBER...If you delete the Schedule B.. you have to go back in and re-enter each valid 1099-INT, 1099-DIV or 1099-OID that you have.
    (Seller-Financed Morgage Interest INCOME too, but this is a bit rare)


    • I too uplaoded from Merrill Lynch and had the Exempt-Int Divid problem PLUS the name for MLPFS Inc was too long for the worksheet!! So the #2 option worked for me. I went back to the income section and deleted the original Sch B form(s) and re-entered MANUALLY for both of my financial institutions. That appears to have solved the issue as the e-file then went through. What a PAIN, better fix it before the mobs fit and get ugly.
    Sorry you're having this problem. Please see this link for the solution:
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