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I e-filed on Jan. 23rd, I am still showing pending, is this normal?

  • I efiled in mid Jan and have already received my Federal refund. The State refund is still showing Pending? What is this about?
  • not sure on the state because both my federal and state show pending, sorry :(
  • Minnesota!
  • You already got your refund?
  • How can you already have a Federal refund? They did not start processing them until the 30th...
  • It is possible because there were certain tax situations the IRS was waiting to address on the 30th and beyond they actually responded to my returns on the 28th but there were corrections I needed to make. I filed on Jan 21st.
  • I was very surprised to see it in my acct. today!
  • Yes ... Today!
  • Did u have education credits?
  • Did you get an email that stated it was in your account and is it still stating pending in Turbo Tax although you have recieved the refund?
  • My federal  refund was deposited today , Feb  1, also...still waiting for State to be accepted....no education credit taken.
  • that's why because education credits are not to be processed until mid Feb if Im not mistaken....
  • my boyfriend TT file was accepted on the 26th of Jan and is scheduled to be deposited on the 4th of Feb. I am really starting to think the IRS started processing earlier that they led us to believe. I hope mine gets accepted before mid feb since I have a 8863 for education credits. What the IRS is saying is not matching the process that is happening.
  • There are people who filed after I did and claimed the education credits just like I did and theirs have been accepted while mine is still pending. This is all sorts of screwed up.
  • im in Mn too and mine is still pending and I filed on the 27th as well? MN just slow. I should get my federal friday.
  • I am in North Carolina and my fed was accepted bite state is still pending :(
  • Yes!
  • I got my federal today but state is still pending
  • If anyone with education credits gets their money early please post. My taxes were accepted on the 24th by the irs but still showing processing. Even though they say they won't be processing ones with ec till mid February, Im really hoping they process earlier because they have been processing others sooner I see. This really sucks that we must wait. :(
  • some of the states will not exapedthe taxes till the 30 th and will send it back rejected  so all you have to dois resend it and your good
  • what day did you file?
  • I agree.  So we would be 'happily surprised' although I think they are also 'lagging' in the tax forms because there is no money available to pay us back all at once....
  • Im in jersey city and everything is still pending...smh
  • I filed on 1/28 unaware at the time that the IRS wasn't planning on starting the processing until 1/30...  However, I found out on 1/31 about the delay due to the education credit.  What a joke this has all been.  I'm hearing of others with the Education credit who are "processing" while mine still shows as "pending"...  My state shows as accepted, which is good, but the federal is the one where I'm showing the delay...  This completely sucks.
  • I'm in florida...filed mid jan with child tax credit.  and I am still pending...!!!  My mother filed after me (thru turbo tax as well) and has already recieved her refund back already.   What is going on?!
  • I got my MN back right away, I'm just waiting on my federal
i know several people who have already received their refunds also
  • Did they all e-file?
  • and did they claim education credit?
  • OK, so my federal was accepted around the 24th, within the normal window after submitting taxes. The NY state is STILL pending and I am confused, as it went through a lot faster last year and it says on the TT website that within 48 hours after Jan 30., it should change from pending IF accepted. I don't think there are any issues with my return, as it was very straight forward, but getting worried, as NY refund is still pending...hoping to get Federal refund ASAP, but worried about NY state being accepted!
  • I filed the 25th was accepted by federal on the 27th it shoes I should have dd on Monday. TT bank shows the funds deposited today but may take 1-2 days, but my state is still pending. When I called the state Utah to see if they got it they said the IRS is behind and that is why it hasn't been processed. which doesn't make sense
  • none of it makes sense. Plenty of people including my boyfriend already got their refunds - which is great but doesnt match up with the info (from IRS and turbo tax)we were told. Everyone I know has NO state refund. And education credits and more will hold up any other refund. Like I said - it just seems like we are not getting the real story regardless.
  • I e-filed on the 17th, and while my federal refund was accepted and is currently being processed, my NY refund is still pending and not trackable. I filed a while ago and am not sure why it is still pending....am assuming it's nothing to worry over, considering it wasn't ever rejected. But it's now OVER 48 hours and it's still pending...any advice???
  • dont worry everything gono be allright
    keep hope alive
  • maryland state accepted while federal is still pendind cus educational credit was claimed, i filled on jan. 28th
  • Your federal return is lined up for processing.
    It will be automatically sent to the IRS as soon as they're set up to process it.

    Your Indiana return is pending.
    Filed on January 23
  • I had education credits and depreciation from me being a daycare owner. I will be shutting my business down!!!!
  • oh and as of yesterday both showed pending, I think the government needs to get their crap together before it's filing time for everyone, went through this sort of thing last year, they wait til the last frigging minute to add this and that and when it comes to taking your money, they want it right away with penalties if you owe and don't pay on time!!
  • ha ha looked a while ago it has went from lined up for processing back to pending, Guess we will get it when we get it, crooks, that's what the g'ment is!!!
  • Thank you for the information, but it's just weird that some people I know e-filed after me and they got an approved already, mine just says, pending still. Never had to wait this long before and been using TT for years.
  • Mine is still pending as well. Federal went through right away.
  • Mine is still pending to. Several of my friends have already been accepted. Guess it is a waiting game.
  • Mine too,my sister filed the same day but later in the evening and hers was accepted yesterday and mine sstill says pending, trying to figure out why and if it is lost or what.  However Turbo tax has already been paid their fee and wondering if they have been paid but we don't get an answer in 48 hours like it says then how do we find out what is going on.
  • Technically, the IRS will start accepting tax returns as of Jan. 30th. So if you filed prior to that, that could be why its still in a pending status. So withing 48 hours of Jan 30th.
  • A quick update on your federal tax return
    Although you submitted your return earlier this month, you may have heard that the IRS is not ready to accept tax returns that have certain deductions or credits in them - like yours.

    Your return is currently being held because it contains these deductions and/or credits: Form 4562 - Depreciation.

    If your federal return is being held, your state return may also be delayed.  Some state tax authorities require that the federal return is accepted before they can start processing.

    This is a nationwide delay for all returns like yours - no matter who prepares them. Don't worry, you won't lose your place in line. We've got your return ready to go as soon as the IRS is ready to process it. ...........................This is an email I got from TT. So glad I quit my daycare business and won't have to worry about this next year!!! Good Luck to the rest of you waiting!
  • yeah my federal was accepted right away and my state is still pending and i filled on the 26th.....
  • I filed on the 24th, federal was accepted but state is still pending.  My sister did hers on the 30th and both federal and state were accepted.
  • Same here. State still pending
  • I filed on 1/25 and mine still showing "pending" as well. Hope  they get it together soon. I knew it would be a hassle when they postponed till 1/30. Surprised their servers didn't CRASH.
  • Same here Federal was accepted last monday, State is still pending in North Carolina
  • I am having the sam problem. Federal was accepted before the 30th and State in NY still pending though we are coming up on that 48 hours they say is normal being over...
  • I too am having that same issue, federal went through right away but state still pending, I filed on Jan. 20th...
  • Mee too! State is still pending, Federal went through. I filed on the 28th? Do we know what the delay may be?
  • I filed on the 16th and Im still being processed.
  • same here, my federal was accepted right away, my state was pending until 01/31/13 when it was rejected. it was correct after I reviewed it and I efiled again. maybe a server crash?
  • same here...my federal was accepted right away, but the state is still pending(was sent on Jan 30)......
  • slickiewoo- Well, I did my on the 23rd, and both of mine is still pending.  So, I went back into it, and it said because of the education credit, they are not even processing returns with Education, Business, Depreciation, Fuel Taxes, and a whole lot of other ones until Mid-February, 2013.  Something else in Turbo Tax popped up and said "congratulations!"  You can expect to have your refund by the firsr week in March, 2013.  UN [removed] REAL!!!  Can you believe that?  March, when I did them on January 24, 2013.  On top of that, I did my daughter's on January 24, 2013 and heres was accepted right away.  Then on January 30, 2013; they send me an e-mail stating that on January 28, 2013, the IRS decided that they were not processing Education credits, Depreciation and other credits until Mid- February, 2013; no matter who did your taxes.  They also said that you can not delete them.  You have to just wait like sending them in the mail.  This is what the e0mail stated.  UN-REAL!!!!  WAY TO GO IRS!  YOU REALLY SCREWED EVERYONE THIS YEAR.  YOU ALREADY KNEW THAT PEOPLE WAS BANKING ON THAT MONEY FOR BILLS, ESPECIALLY AFTER THE ECONOMY ---KED US UP!  Now we really are going to lose our houses, cars, trucks, dogs, cats, and jobs.  BAHUMBA! BLAH!BLAH! BLAH!
  • I am sorry for you guys that are really counting on your returns to catch up on bills, I had a SUV that was free and clear and due to economy I had to sell mine, didn't want to but got to do what you got to do, luckily it was our 2nd vehicle and wasn't used much but least it was paid for. Was really counting on my refund to buy another but guess I will just sit and wait like the rest of you. God Bless!
  • Filed
     my Fed and State on Jan 25th, Fed accepted mine on the 30th and refund was deposited 2-1!!!! Unfortunately the State still says pending......no education credit taken!!!......Still waiting!!
  • Yeah. I had an education credit too! Bummer huh? Guess those that put their lives on hold & go to school have to wait. It's not fair. I really need the funds to help pay for daycare. Nursing school is expensive & I have a lot to pay for real soon. The students are supposed to have $700 saved up by March. I'm really cutting it close. o_O  :|
  • I filed 1/24/2013 in OK
  • So....there is no way that the IRS started processing on the 30th and depositing refunds on the 1st. I know a few people including the ones here that got a refund right away - so my point is that we are not being given accurate info either way. Happy for those that got their refunds already!!! I have education credits - filed on the 26th still pending - my boyfriend filed on the 23rd - accepted on the 26th (before the 30th) and scheduled to deposit on the 4th. None of it makes sense
  • Seeleybeach, Same thing for me. My boyfriend filed and the same day and got accepted on the same day and he is supposed to get his the 4th. My education credits are going to make it take soooo long. Does anyone know how long it will be till they start giving us our refunds?
Sorry I too filed 1/24 and sill pending, wish you best of luck they say if you file and there was a education credit it will not be until mid-feb. 
    i also have gotten my fed refund but my state isstill pending should we be worried
      I got mine federal today.  Huge surprise but Indiana state still pending.
      • I have the education credit. I live in Indiana. My federal is lined up for processing and my state is pending. This is ridiculous. There is no consistency.
      I just received and E-mail this morning saying my state has been accepted
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