My Return was accepted January 25th, 2013. People accepted after me have DD Dates, but I am still processing! I'm scared!

I really hate that people that were accepted after me are getting DD dates because it makes me worry there is something wrong. I did NOT file any education stuff. I filed a simple 1040 for one W-2! It has been processing all week! UGH! Anyone else accepted 1/25 still processing?
  • Same as me..But I'm noticing that SEVERAL people who filed through TT are having delays while SEVERAL other people I know and work with that filed through legitimate tax services already have DD. I'm not saying TT is not good, but I think next year I will use H & R Block, I'm seeing alot of people in the forum who called the IRS and they told them there were errors that were'nt their fault.
  • I agree i will not use TT tax anymore after this year.
  • This is not a Turbo Tax caused problem. Trust me on this there are other people who used H&R and Jackson who are in the same boat as us. It appears the IRS is doing things in a rather bizarre fashion this year. For example the WMR for myself states my refund is in processing yet I have been able to order a transcript for 2012. This proves that my return has actually been processed.  

    Remember the IRS is a very large very busy and very serious organization.  But even the IRS can from time to time screw up. Be patient and your returns will eventually be processed.
  • Lynette...I filed my taxes on 1/16 with TT and irs ack on 1/24...Mine still says in process.  I filed  2 of my friends on TT on 1/20 and it was ack on 1/26 .. and both of theirs are getting their DD on Monday 2/4..Im still it doesn't really matter who you filed with...I think they forgot about all of us that filed prior to 1/20.  Thats what Ive noticed lately...I have a feeling ours are in "limbo" if ya know what I mean...:(
  • UPDATE AS OF 2/2/2013 @ 2:30MDT, Where's my Refund has updated and my refund has approved and funds are expected on 2/6/13! I'm stoked! Finally an answer!
  • That is awesome Nick!! I just got a dd date of 02/06 as well. :-)
  • @ Cindy and sabre, you were right!! I just checked WRM and it shows mine should be in my account on 2/6..@Nick, and umccaw..looks like we were in the second batch of refunds!! Cool beans..I need to get MAJOR work on my car!! SO HAPPY!
  • You are welcome :)

    I just checked the WMR and it is now showing that my return has been completed and a deposit date of the 6th .... I am officially happy :)
  • mine to woop woop!!
  • Me too!  I got a date of 2/6...I think they held mine cuz I was paying a state tax debt from last year on payments and still owed Wisconsin $115 and they told me they will deduct the state tax I owe but send me the rest.  Did this also happen to anyone that was waiting for their deposits?  cuz I know mine was accepted 1/24 before others that I did their taxes but this is why it was held...Just fyi
  • Im Happy..I really needed the money...thats fine that they deducted the $115 I owe for state tax...I was gonna pay it off anyway! :) Thank you GOD!!
  • Great to read Lynette,Cyndi, & Sabre!!!.... I won't feel completely assured though until I see it in my account!!! For now though I'm comforted and can enjoy the SuperBowl tomorrow even though my beloved Eagles are not in it.
  • Hey Umccaw..enjoy superbowl!  Me too...My BEARS aren't in it either...but Im gonna enjoy the day with family and friends...Woo Hoo...Thank you GOD!! :)
  • I can SOOOO relate!! @ Cindy, I second the motion "Thank you God"!! I'll enjoy the commercials tomorrow, not the game, my Saints are sitting on the couch with all of your teams as well :(
  • My fiance filed his taxes electronically and was accepted on 1/26.  He has no information on the WMR tool or the 800#.  He filed it through TT.  I on the other hand filed electronically and was accepted on 2/1, filed through HR Block and I am able to get information from WMR and the 800#.  What gives?
  • Same here, this is ridiculous.
Me too. I was accepted the 25th. And still says processing. I see people on here who were accepted on the 28th with dd dates. I do not understand. I was also able to order a transcript. I hope that is true that if you can order a transcript you are processed. Some one on a thread from last year said that is not true. But I see a few comments of people who say they called and were told if you are able to order a transcript that does mean i has been processed. That if not it would say no info for that tax year. So fingers crossed. My disconnect notice on my lights/heat is for for Feb 11th. So I just pray i have something before then.
  • i have the same pro got accepted on the 24th syill in porocessing and i know people who filed after my an got there money
  • The website kept saying I was entering the wrong address for my transcript so I called the 800# but it is experiencing technical difficulties :(
  • I was getting that message as well, then after I called about 2hrs later I could order online. * shrugs*   Who knows.
  • I called back about 30 minutes later and it let me order my transcript
I'm in the exact same boat.  Easy return, one W-2, no EIC.  Early file, early acceptance, still waiting for a dd date.  /sigh
  • me too, i did mine and my sons and they were accepted on the 24th and still in processing and when i try and look them up on wheres my refund it says the personal information i entered may be incorrect but i am coping it off the turbo tax webssite... ugr!!!
  • I am having the same exact issue! It's so stressful that the IRS website says they don't have any of my tax info- but yet TT says they were accepted. How is that possible???
  • Same issue here. Filed on the 20th accepted on the 25th @ 10:30 a.m still processing but I did lock my self out of wmr. My state has been processed as of today and my refund ( MI)  has been issued
  • Please remember the WMR site will only let you access it 4 - 5 times in a 24 hour period. After that you will not be able to access it for the rest of the day.
  • Well I was accepted on the 24th and still don't know I'm just processing ....I heard u had to file a state with fed this year in order to get it in timely manner I'm stressed
  • When I tried the WMR the second time it gave me that error, same with my husband, tried his the first time it worked (processing) and second time the error and we file joint. Guess we can only check once a day each. From what im hearing they only update it once a day anyway.
  • The WMR updates (usually) once every 24 hours between 3am  - 6am. You can access it  approx 4 times in a 24 hour period before it will lock you out for the day.
  • Accepted 01/25, wmr dd date shows 2/06, sbbt shows received todyfrom IRS and sent eft to my credit union not showing in my account yet. Seems my dd date is exact.
  • My friend received her refund today. She filed a little while after i did and was accepted after me...the irs made a big mistake on her refund....she received today 17,000...three times the amount she was entitled to. When i seen this i was blown away!!! Super shocked! She called the irs to let them know what happened! Craziness for sure!   

    Wish i had a DD. i filed on the 17th and accepted on the 25th (TT) but im still processing with the irs...i called he irs a few days ago..rep was very nice just wish he was more helpful...he couldn't answer my questions and he told me what i already knew...however, sbbt site has my information and the amount that will be taken from my federal taxes for using why no sign of anything from the irs???
I was accepted Jan.25 @ 0830 and I am also still waiting on a dd date. Hopefully it will update tomorrow. (-_-)
  • That makes me feel better! I was starting to feel after reading all the forums I was the only one with no DD date lol!
  • Nope, I still haven't gotten mine either...done the 10th, accepted the progress on WMR, automated lines, IRS app, TT, or reps can't help me either.
  • Same here! I feel your pain. Filed on 1/25 yet still pending. My turbotax said my return should come in Friday 2/1 by DD, but the IRS Where's My Refund is saying 21 days from when I filed.
  • I never got a DD date and I was accepted the 1/20/13,  I woke up today to my return in my bank account
  • That happened to me in 2010 & 2011. I know for a fact my refund has been processed as I have ordered a transcript but the WMR is still saying processing. :(
  • how do you order a transript anyone i was accepted on the 25 n still says processing 21 days blah blah blah please help
  • the link is on the right side of the page under tools. Make sure you order the return transcript NOT the account transcript.
  • The website kept saying I was entering the wrong address for my transcript so I called the 800# but it is experiencing technical difficulties :(
Mine was accepted on 1/24 and I dont have a DD date either..but 2 people that I did taxes for that were received after me on 1/26 have their dd dates as 2/4..Im nervous too cuz I really need my money...You're not alone...makes me nervous as well .  I just don't want it lost in limbo somewhere..
  • not to worry. if your return was accepted by the IRS, nothing is wrong with it.  its just in line to be processed...
  • How are you sure that there is nothing wrong lacherea? Not that I am doubting you I just wanted to know how you are confident?
  • There is no way for anyone outside of the IRS to know what is happening with all of our returns. However we can all go by past experiences with the IRS. Past experience points to us all needing to be patient. The IRS is a massive beast of an organization and is not known for its speed.  Remember the IRS is dealing with thousands of returns a day. They may not be fast but they will eventually get your return done. :)
I am in the same boat I was accepted on 1/25 early and am still being processed so don't worry it will come.
  • Me to accepted the 25th still no dd date.
  • I have a DD date of 2/6 now excited!!!!
  • I also was accepted on the 25th and I just noticed that the WMR has updated to a DD on the 6th. I am officially excited;)
So I checked today and well........THE WAIT CONTINUES..... (-_-).....
Hopefully and I really just want to see progress that tomorrow I will have a dd date. I don't have any offsets or education credits so that's not the hold up. I also called the IRS and got general answers about they didnt start processing until the 30th and the man I spoke with was new (he told me) so really no new information.
  • I am in the same boat. I filed on the 19th an was accepted on the 25th. I actually know my return has been processed as I was able to order a transcript from the IRS for 2012. Yet for some reason the WMR is still saying processing! :(
  • I filed the 19th as well, so yea we are literally in the same boat
  • it seems if you did the netspend card you are gettingthe money back faster i ws accepted the 25 still no dd hopefully soon
mine was accpeted early on the 25 too but still says processing on the WMR and IRS2GO and MYTAXREFUND app. Not sure what the hold up is, mine was actually easier this year with no education credits and forms.
  • just ordered a transcript so hoping that means everything is processed.
  • Finally, the WMR updates to show my refund on 2/6 :)
Well im in limbo. I filed with Jackson Hewitt I filed 1/17/2013. Got accepted the 25th. All wmr says is processing. According to 1 lady it is processing. Then I called irs again and 3 diffrent people told me something about a further review. But yet it is still to early. They couldn't even tell me why. So he said I should get a letter but one hasn't been sent out yet. So I'm guessing they have a hold on my refund. Idk what to believe and why doesn't WMR indicate that or Jackson Hewitt
  • Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but If you are being told your return is up for review then that usually means it has been flagged for a desk jockey to take a look at it. The reason for the review could be anything from an unusually high refund amount to you owning taxes. Your return might take an extra week or 2 :(
  • I claim self employment with eic I only made alittle more. Jackson Hewitt is saying nothing has Ben flagged idk. I've been told so much :-(
  • I don't owe any taxes
Hello, Everyone

I just checked WMR now and got a DD 2/6 my return was accepted on 1/28..
So 02/06 dd folks myself included has your status changed on WMR to "sent" or you see a pending transaction with your bank or on SBBT if you had fees taken out of return? As soon as I do I will post.
  • Mine still says refund approved..and has a DD date of 2/6.  Someone I know had a DD date of today 2/4 but he got his in  his bank on Saturday 2/2.  That would be nice if ours was early :)
  • My DD is 2/6 too.... Chase is extra slow tho :(
  • Mine is still DD of 2/6, nothing in SBBT yet :( Hopefully in the AM!

Just  checked the SBBT site and they have it. WMR is still on the "approved" tab. Good luck! :)


Bank has received all or part of your income tax refund.

RT Disbursement Information

Bank has forwarded all or part of your income tax refund from the IRS to your financial institution on 02/05/2013, per the IRS refund delivery date.

As with all direct deposits, please allow at least 1-2 business days for your financial institution to post your refund in your account.


  • My money is in my account!!  Yay!  Hope you all have your money deposited in your accounts too by 2/6!  :)   Im happy :)
  • luckey mines not and I had a DD date of today
Did anyone else not get theirs today but had a DD date of 2/6 i checked the WMR it says it wasn't even sent yet and its not pending at my bank yet either?
  • Mine doesnt' even say that it was sent but I got it late last nite in my account.  Maybe call your bank and see if they can see the deposit there ... I know it sucks waiting for it when they said it should be there on 2/6..hope it comes soon
  • Make sure you put down the right banking information on your w2...doesn't hurt to check again
  • Read this for all early filers that havent got a DD.
  • gaahh..didn't want to hear that now but at least i filed on the 28th and accepted the same day(guess i'm not affected but still). It just sucks that we desperately need that money because of financial situation most of us are in because of the economy. Irs should have known better than create all these problems
  • That article is from last year. But here's hoping similar doesn't happen this year! Accepted on the 26th & processing. No DD yet.
  • Thank you for posting an article from ONE YEAR AGO! This does not apply this year!
  • I would ask that you please delete the article link to avoid confusion and undue panic.
  • #
  • Don't get mad because you made a mistake. I get that you were trying to help, but it's the wrong information. There's already enough misinformation being spread on these forums already.
  • I filed 1/22 accepted 1/26 got the net spend card after 4 days. I checked the WMR site last night . said it was processing and  I should get my refund within 21 days. I checked this morning the site gave me a deposit date of 2/4. net spend sent me a text saying it was deposited early this a.m;. When I checked the net spend site, my money was one the card. I think the dates are just to assure everyone they are working on this. Even with all the last minute laws, this is the fastest I have ever gotten a refund. Good luck everyone!
  • That news article was from last year
  • That was last years article.. Ignore it!
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