How to transfer 2011 tax data files to 2012 T-T return?

T-T needs to warn customers who used the 2011 CD/Download tax software from them or a store cannot transfer tax file data (ex. depre- ciation) from 2011 to new 2012 return.  You had to use the T-T Online version that saves data on their servers foe retrieval next year.  This oversight has cost me endless extra time re-entering data manually for 2 years until I learned this was the problem.  Shame on TurboTax!
  • why is this if it was stored as a tax data file and not a pdf file?
  • how can you transfer in 2011 Windows Turbo Tax data into start my 2012 Mac Turbo Tax
  • You need the .tax2011 file from the Windows Computer.  It is usually in My Documents in the TurboTax folder or search the hard drive for all files ending in .tax or .tax2011.  Copy it to a flash drive or burn to a cd or dvd, etc. and then copy it to the Mac.
  • I believe I used the download version in 2011.  Why do not the 2011 figures show?
  • Thanks VolvoGirl for the simple solution to transfer my 2011 data to start my 2012 filing.  Saves me a lot of time retyping.  I don't know why Turbo Tax does not make it more easily discoverable or an auto prompt when you start (I wasted about an hour of my reading the TT help section and waiting for phone assistance before I ran across your straight forward solution).
  • my problem is i must have skipped the step to add the previouse years tax info and now im at the end of this year with no way to enter the info unless I start this years over?
  • Right.  You can only transfer from the prior year at the very beginning before you enter anything.
  • where can I find the year I started using home office deduction and dated purchased? Long story, married several yrs after hubby bought house. had business long before....
  • search for files ending in .tax9999 where the 9's are the the tax year. then look at schedule C of your 1040 or else form 8829 which has your home office expenses
They seem to do their best to hide what should be a basic first step:
If you've opened he online 2012 version, go back to the home page, select the tiny little option to clear and start over.
Now almost in the same area of the screen you will see a tiny box to select uploading 2011.  And it works.
Why they made it so hard, I don't know.

  • This only works if you are using the online 2012 version and not purchasing the TT software on a cd apparently.    Very upsetting.  I have entered the data twice already....and I need my depreciation schedules for farm and rentals.    Not too pleased with TT right now.   At this point it appears that I will have to download TT 2012 from online.  I am pretty sure Costco will not take the opened software version of TT 2012 back as a return~~so now I am out those $$$.   NOT cool Turbo Tax.
  • I talked to customer service and they helped me download a 2011 TT program that then allowed me to access the depreciation schedules (and all other forms) I needed from 2011. Didn't have to but any 2012 programs.
You can transfer 2011 to 2012 whichever version you used last year and whichever version you are using this year.  If you used the Desktop program last year you should have the .tax2011 file on your computer.  You need that to transfer into 2012 Desktop or even 2012 Online.

How to Transfer from the prior year…

  • Thanks.  I cannot retrieve the .tax2011 file, and just bought a McAfee "REGSERVO" program to clear pathways for file retrieval.  No luck.  T-T's listed FAQ's state you cannot transfer tax data files if you used the CD/Download software last year as it does not save those files to your device or their servers.  You
    had to have used their Online version to accomplish this by retrieving your tax data from their online servers.  Believe me, I have tried for two hours to find the .tax2011 data file to get at my old depreciation schedules without success.  They do not warn you to use only the online version if you expect to transfer data onto next year's return.  Signed, Frustrated (but appreciate your suggestions)
  • That just means if you used the Desktop program you data file is not uploaded or kept online on Turbo Tax servers.  You should be saving your tax return yourself.  The program does save it on your computer and it asks you to save every time you exit the program.  So it should be there unless you deleted it.  If you use the Desktop program then the only copy is on your computer.  

    I transferred my 2011 Windows Desktop return with depreciation to my 2012 program.
  • it says on their support page that the Home page has a tab to click to upload from your computer but I don't see it anywhere!!  This is fustrating!  It says that you can but I am not finding this place on their Home page to upload my priior year's return information and I also do not want to input all of that again!
  • I just spent an hour online with TT helpdesk and still no answer.  The Tech was high or drunk - didnt understand what I was asking and kept mumbling.   Thanks TT for nothing.
  • Thanks, Volvo Girl.  Will try again per your instructions - appreciate it.  --  jeswen23
If you are using online don't you see this screen at the beginning?  The fist line at the bottom says Transfer from 2011 to 2012.  You can only transfer at the very beginning before you start so if you entered anything maybe that's why you don't see it.
  • I've learned that this will only work if one has the "online" version.  Nothing is saved at T-T if one used
    the store-bought CD version, last year or this year.  What a disappointment!  What a lot of extra work!
I have used desktop Turbo tax for Mac for many years including 2011
It was run on a Mac running Mac OS 10.5.8.
When I downloaded this years vears version it let me download it, charged me, but then told me it would not work with this old Mac OS. 
Luckily ? , I have another Mac running the latest OS.
Question is can I just copy the 2011 file from the old to the new Mac and import the data as in previous years.

  • Yes.  You just need the .tax2011 file.  And you don't import it - you transfer it.
  • Volvogirl. Thanks for feedback. Will be giving it a try this weekend. Will let you know how it goes.
  • Just copied my 2011 tax data across and transeferred the data to my 2012 return. so far so good.
Just so everyone knows, the instructions only work if you havent already paid for your 2012 online version. 
I skipped over the initial step of transferring in my 2011 CD return because I was traveling and did not have access to the file.  I also had a discount on the 2012 online version - so I went ahead and paid for the 2012 program.
Long story short - I cannot even clear the return I have started for 2012.  It is not an option; and there is not way to backtrack and import/transfer my last years info into TT.

    If you are logging in through your financial institution - you will not be able to access your 2011 CD/Download files.  :-(
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