anyone get accepted early with education credits?

I just am not sure how much of this to beleive I heard they already fixed the system
    I filed on the 10th accepted on the 25th but nothing yet on dd and I filed for education credit
    • I filed 1/23 with education credit form 8863 and mine is still pending.  I received that lovely email from Turbo Tax today that mine would be delayed.  Sarcasm to follow....I just thought it was awesome that they waited 3 days after the Irs posted the delay before they let anyone know.
    • I filed on the 10th accepted on the 24th. Talked to the IRS twice... Neither person knew what was going on. The one I talked to today acted like she didnt even know about the delay and just kept saying 21 days. I've talked to a few others who have said they've gotten tentative dates from IRS reps of 2/11. Basically that was their goal, but not official. One other person said 2/8. Otherwise "officially" it is vaguely mid-February. The only thing I can confirm is that its been received.
    • i filed on the 10th and was accepted on the 25th and i have the education credit form 8863 and i have no wmr status but refund received and thats it...
    • I filed 1/22 and was accepted 1/25. I did have the 8863 form included on my return. The WMR says processing with one orange bar. I called today and was told that since I filed on or before 1/25 that I was in the early acceptance and the delay would not affect me. They said since mine said processing that I was fine, if it said pending then it would be delayed. However I do not have a date for deposit. Very frustrating. So many people seem to be getting different answers, not sure really what to believe. I have friends who have the form 8863 and recently filed and theirs says pending. Someone on another forum said the system was fixed but not sure where that information came from.
    • I believe they are doing additional testing. The IRS website still says mid-February.
    • @visaliajasso we are in the same boat i see
    • Supposedly there was a bug that caused the 8863 to not be processed by their system. I don't see how they could process the accepted ones if it is not able to process. I can understand holding off on accepting new ones until a fix is confirmed. I assumed they'd use those that have already been accepted to test the updates before they start accepting the pending ones. Since it wasn't a scheduled delay I'm sure that they're trying to fix it soon. Hopefully mid-February is worst case scenario. Of course no one really knows what's going on and it makes it even more frustrating.
    • so frustrating I filed on 1/22 and I could really use some of this money.  my husband was just laid off grrrrrrr........
    • I filed Jan 15, go accepted Jan 45 with education credits, IRS told me when I call that they wont start processing returns with those credits until Feb 15. then it should be 5-9 days to get refund if filed electronically.
    • My state was just accepted with the education credit
    • What state
    • My GA state was accepted with education credits a week ago, they gave me a deposit date of Feb 7 for that.
    • my state was accepted also ( Ohio) I have no dd date yet though, called the state tax department they said it could take an extra day or two because my refund amount was larger
    • My State was accepted and deposited on Monday
    • what state and when were you accepted?
    • My state was accepted also, but I was talk that it may 3 to 4 weeks to get
    • as stated previously, my state (nc)was accepted....but i still do not have a dd date
    • I already got my state refund with education credits (Oregon)
    • Anyone get an acceptance date with a 8863 yet.
    • I was accepted early with 8863 on Jan 25th, still in processing.
    • I was accepted on January 15 with education credit, and have heard nothing sense. My expected dates from turbo tax were 2/9 thru 2/19, does that change since they changed the processing date to 2/14 or will it be later? LA
    • It seems everyone is having the same problem and getting different answers.  I filed the early part of January and it showed accepted.  On 14 Feb it changed to processing.  I've called the IRS as well on different occassions and I get different answers.  IRS is real quick to take money when its owed to them, but can't give a straight answer when they owe us.  Its a real shame...
    • Nice to know that i'm not the only one! And you are correct about the irs being quick to take money. I have a friend who owes and they have already been sending reminder/letters for her to pay, but I had to find out through research and everyone else that  was a delay for returns with certain credits.
    • Thanks! I have a little hope now.
    • Everyone has an opinion or a statement and no one knows the truth
    • @DeePR, I filed in January, accepted 2/14 and this morning woke up to a dd for Monday so that information is not accurate. I have an 8863 form.
    • @r7champion, I did not comment to start a debate whether the information given was accurate or not. I merely am passing on what I was told by IRS. If you have received a date. Then great for you.
    • I was accepted on 1/24 with form 8863 and was told today I have a DDD of 2/26.
    • I was accepted on 2/14, the first day that they accepted (I filed 1/24) and I have a ddd of 2/25 so I find it hard to believe that the statement about further delays is true.
    • I was accepted on the 14 th of jan and still nothing....
    • Sorry 24th
    • I like to share  my Tax REFUND  roller coaster episodes here  to everybody who is still waiting for their REFUND. Even though it caused my numerous sleepless nights,  in the end it was all good.

      Here is my Tax Refund Timeline :

      I filed on 01/23 and got accepted on 01/26. No CHANGES of my WMR status from 01/26 until yesterday (02/20) when I had "Topic 152" add on subject  at the bottom of my WMR status.
      And believe it or not ladies and gentlemen , WITHOUT any Direct Deposit Date at my WMR status,  the direct deposit money WAS deposited and AVAILABLE  in my account today at 9 pm.

       I really hope by sharing here, it would lift up the spirit for anybody who had waiting for their REFUND despite our emotional episodes in the past few weeks .  I hope you all  will get your REFUND  pretty soon too. Good LUCK !!!
    • IRS quick alerts updated tonight at 11:00pm stating that the MEF was back operational! Whew!
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