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I filed my taxes and it has already been accepted. A few days after I filed, I received a 1099-R that I forgot that I would be receiving. Do I have to amend my taxes that have already been filed and accepted??

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  • Same question, butt  I received a W-2 that I forgot about.
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  • What if my amended return will result in a lower refund amount?  Should I still just wait for the initial refund?  And if so, then will I need to mail the fed and state checks for the difference?
  • Correct.
Once you e-file it is the same as if you had dropped a letter in a postal mailbox
--once it is sent you CANNOT simply get it back.

At this time, there is NOTHING you can do until the IRS processes your return.

IF it is accepted you will have to file an amended return.  An amended return MUST be PRINTED

IF it is rejected you will have to make any corrections related to the rejections; AND at the
same time you can make the changes your refer to in your question.  After these
changes/corrections are made you can re- e-file.

IN NO CASE should you do anything at this time --especially if you used the on-line version of TTax.  
If you have already made any changes to your on-line return you MUST undo them and restore
your return to EXACTLY what it was when you initially e-filed.

CAUTION:  Making any changes before acceptance could result in major
corruption of your data.

If you have received an acceptance, it would be best to wait until you actually receive your refund.  Then you can
prepare PRINT and MAIL an amended return.  The amended return usually takes 3-6 months for the IRS to process.
  • Thank you! I guess I was too excited and just should have waited....
Yes, you should send an amended tax return. 

UPDATE: You will be able to amend your 2012 return around February 7. Although Form 1040X has been finalized in TurboTax, the in-product amendment experience is not yet complete. Be sure to come back to this article on or after February 7 for 2012 amending instructions. 
  • Thank you!
  • Thank you!  The combination of "the IRS is still working on the 1040X form" and that "We expect this form to be ready for you on 01/24/2013" was confusing here on 01/31/2013.  I subscribed to the 1040X form to know when it was available and got my e-mail notice from Turbo Tax Today,  but the same amendment experience online.  Adding Feb 7th to my calendar now.  :)

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