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how do i delete my account?

i want to delete my account, how do i do that?
  • how do I get a refund on a debit transaction taken before I submitted my form which was denied by IRS?
  • I don't want to delete my files, I want to delete my whole ACCOUNT so that I don't have multiple accounts and confuse myself every year.  I called the 45 minute wait helpline and there is apparently no way to delete an account.  This seems to me to be a BIG issue.  Why can't we delete accounts?
  • I'm trying to delete mine too cause they said it was free to file my faxes but it's not.
  • I was thinking the same thing!
  • Not only is it not free they are charging filing fees that they state will be refunded and won't refund them. I have had all the Lies I will accept and if they don't kill my account or let me close it. I will then broadcast by all means that I can find Just HOW DISHONEST they are. And I have Been a customer of thiers for over 20 Years!!!!!!!!!!
  • If Turbo tax tought they were going to tax me at the end of this process, they got me mixed up. ill go to h+r block for a 100. im done with tease fools
  • Totally agree with you.  The first year I used their on-line Services I was REFUNDED the $49.90¢ I paid, the second year it was refunded, starting with the 3rd year, I HAVE NEVER GOTTEN IT BACK SINCE and then told I "don't qualify" [edited for profanity]  I am on SSD and can't afford these blatant fees being charged too me. That and the fact I went to another service and got EVERYTHING done at NO CHARGE, completely FREE for the same services that Turbo Tax is charging me almost $60.00 for!   [profanity]   And accounts should be deleted and closed when so requested too!
  • Oh my god! Me too! I've been with these guys over ten years now and I noticed last two years my fees kept getting more and more. Also I tried to do my daughters taxes for her on the free side and no matter how I type in the darn codes they give me they come back wrong! Oh they will gladly upgrade for 19.99 and then the 29.99 for the bank. So free went to almost 50 bucks on a 300 dollar refund!
  • Removed Advertisement] is who I always use & it is so much easier than this website & federal tax is filed free! State costs, but there are other free sites you can use for state!!
  • filed for taxes on trbo but is not free why is this anyways it was cancelled by me so it better have not gone thru because I did not authorize it DELETED it.
  • Please cancel anything from me  Have no use for your services
  • You show the code & in the 7 box my 1099-R only has a G in that box your holding up my money and have been for too long. I'll go elsewhere cancel my account and credit my checking acount please.
  • I will NEVER understand that $29.90¢ for the bank of Direct Deposit.   You put YOUR account number on the form that the IRS gets, so why can't the IRS cicumvent these scam artists and place YOUR REFUND, which is YOUR MONEY directly into your account and bypass this foolishness of having to pay for your refund to be Direct Deposited.

    To this day I have never understood why I am paying almost $30 to have my money DD'd when it's MY ACCOUNT info on the IRS Form they are processing.

    How the hell is and has Turbo Tax been getting away with this year after year now?

    Maybe it is time to bring a claas action lawsuit into play here, everyone that has been using DD from Turbo Tax and HAS NOT BEEN REFUNDED that fee should get every cent spent over however many years they've been paying a fee that SHOULD NEVER have been invoked or charged in the first dang place!!!
  • BTW: Also add REFUNDED those ridiculous other fees too for "tax preperation", when they really don't prepare squat.  You enter the info and all they do is put it on the form in a nice formatted type.    I don't see where that is worth $29.90¢

    I guess I better start charging a higher fee when I may type up someones paperwork for them, because a 1040 is uaually 2 pages and most rates are $1.00-$1.50, possibly maybe $3.00 per page, that would only be $6.00 for typing up a 2 page tax form at the highest rate, TT is charging close to $15.00/per type page!   Seems a bit exhorbitant to me.    What say you?
  • me to they said it wus free until you get to a certain point then you cant go on until you pick a price .  dont like that goi
    ng to another different site
  • I agree it's become as abad as the others, liars and cheats.
  • I tried talking to the agents about this because I also want to cancel my account. Apparently 'by law they can not cancel these accounts' I plan on researching this more to figure this out...
  • it s so stupid to charge me at the end!!!
  • I am cancelling your services I have gone somewhere else. You all need to DELETE my info.
  • my tax return got rejected twice by IRS and i would like to cancel my account and have a tax preparer help me. HOW do i cancel this account? and will i be charged anything? because it's not like i got my refund or anything. it's so hard to find someone to help you over the phone, so i give up. PLEASE HELP ME DELETE THIS ACCOUNT.
  • I want to cancel this.
  • delete my aa ccount. you have this set up so i have to tatke the next higher rform that cost money. that sucks and so does turbo tax !!!!
  • I do want to delete state tax but want the free federal tax.
  • If you can not take care of this then just  delete everything & I well go to somewhere that is free.
  • This Turbo system is a joke.  They want to charge my Daughter 24.99 to file a 1040Ez return.  I am going to HR block From now on.  You Guys should do the same
  • Me too, I waNT OUT,   hOW DO i DO IT?
  • i want to delete my account
  • I want to delete my account too.
  • What is wrong with Turbo Tax this year?   They charged my son the Premier price of $49.99 to do the 1040EZ FREE form!!!  
    I checked their figures against H R Block to be sure we had chosen the proper form and category to file in.  If I had know that TT was going to scam us, I would have told my son to continue to file with HRB.    If I do not get any satisfaction, I am going to file a complaint with Better Business Burea and the Attorney General office.
  • Does anybody know an option called "return manager" under tools because I can't find it.  Apparently one can go and delete the account from there?
  • .
I just talked to a Rep with this website & she said there is NO WAY to delete your account!! She said it will delete after 7 years of no activity!! That's BS! WILL NEVER USE THIS WEBSITE AGAIN!! GOOD LUCK! 

FREETAXUSA.COM will always be my tax website, Now I realize that!! 

  • I used TaxAct after my return was put into pending with no forewarning of any kind, no site infoon TT telling me anything about any of it up front.   TaxAct took me less than 30 minutes to do my Federal return {no state tax in Florida} whereas I probably spent, uhm, make that WASTED 3 hours doing it with Turdbo Tax.  I definitely will never come back and use TT, not with their BLOATED/DOUBLE CHARGES, Underhanded practice of pushing you into the pay for use, because your return may have something in it they feel should only be handled by their "deluxe" version.  I was in the FREE one and next thing I knew I was paying fees from my refund check to cover what I thought was FREE to file, and even then, if you managed to file for Free with TT, you still get hit with a $29.99¢ fee for having your money deposited directly to your account,  

    I am now telling everyone I know, walk, NO RUN, RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN and STAY AWAY from Turbo Tax unless you want to be SCREWED OVER and TAKEN TO THE CLEANERS with their BLOATED, and QUITE UNNECESSARY FEE practices.
  • (profanity deleted) Turbo Tax
  • Turbo Tax is a RIP OFF
    It is lousy
  • People please listen. The free version of turbo tax is not available from the turbo tax website. Do a search for free tax e-filing in the state that you live in. I live in South carolina- not only do we have a free option with turbo tax- but whith several other companies. They will efile your federal AND state for free.
I urge EVERYONE to go to (better business bureau) and file a complaint there. 

Maybe then they'll let us delete our stupid accounts, or have better customer service (i.e. not 30 minute wait time), etc....
  • I not only have complained to the BBB about NOT being able to delete my account, but also have an investigation into fraud because they claim "free", but if your return has certain criteria in it, you get forced into the "deluxe" upgrade, then find out at the end you have to pay the fees because you can't revert backward to the "FREE" service you had been, or thought, you were using.   Sounds like all the UNHAPPY and DISSATISFIED USERS/CUSTOMERS here need to possibly look into filing a class action lawsuit against Turbo Tax for these practices.   Sounds downright underhanded and illegal to me.   I hope they get what they deserve for these underhanded practices!
There is no way to possibly delete your account. Which is both inconvenient and wrong. I could see it even being possibly illegal as well considering it contains very detailed personal information (such as your SSN). 
  • I tend to agree, since the account contains sensitive information and you want it deleted, you should by all means be permitted to have the account deleted,    So I also tend to believe this not permitting one to remove and permanently close theirn account should be illegal and may actually be illegal because of not allowing this.
  • Delete all the forms you have created so the account at least is blank with none of your info.  Seems like nobody is able to answer how to delete the whole account:(
  • ya thats what i did but its still confusing the IRS . I think they filed it before getting confirmation from me.
Turbo Tax is crap and I want to delete
  • me too. maybe help me howard can help. I used his services before and I won
I agree.   I came here for free filing only to find out that i cannot file for free. 
i cannot delete my account.
i removed my forms and stuff but i'm still stuck with the account.
i don't want it lying around here. 
gads what a lead on..  it is bad enough they try to upsell ever other page but to enter a bunch of stuff and then find out you have to upgrade to finish.. .    NOT USING THIS EVER AGAIN.
Fed-Up in Florida,

While I understand your frustration I do not understand how so many of you can be so ignorant.  In the world of marketing the details are always in the tiny barley visible print at the bottom or in the case of the internet, attached to some tiny link somewhere on the site.  This might be a shock to the individuals reading this, but nothing is ever "FREE".  Parts of it may be free but than your fellow citizen that is a struggling private business owner for example is paying your share of those fees.  You can mail it into the irs (postage fees) there is always a cost.  Regarding those that may agree with you about a lawsuite I have an insight for you.  The only people that financial burdens are your fellow citizens.  We have to foot that bill for what the company does when it goes bankrupt and all the people involved just opt to run from their financial obligations.  When it comes to the direct deposit charges that you occur it probably said somewhere in the terms and conditions that it changed and no one bothered to look.  The company can change them and the only thing they need to cover their skin is a little check box that says you agree to the terms and conditions that shows they offered the updated version to you.  Most people stupidly check the box each year without rereading the policies to see if they have changed.  In most cases individuals don't read the terms the first time.  As far as going after the company for back charges that should have been returned the person preparing the form was you and you knownly re-filed even after the charge was not returned the first time.  I don't know about anyone else complaining on this form but I wouldn't continue doing business with a company that I felt was fraudulantly taking money from me and it would only take "ONCE".  I am a very forgiving individual but when it comes to my money there are no second chances.  I'm no lawyer and I don't know what they are allowed to do but I know that each time I file my taxes regardless of which company I use I go over every inch of the documents electronic or otherwise and if I'm not sure I go to the IRS and research it.  If I am in doubt about what is in the software I double check it with the IRS.  As a United States citizen I am not upset with these companies who fully disclose their intent (somewhere on the site or in the facility)  I am upset with my fellow citizens who waste everyones time with absolutely pointless posts to forms like this.  If I was dissatisfied with a company the way all of you claim to be I would not post anything on their fruadulant website I would file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and the IRS.  If it seems like to much work to e-file your return than don't.  Take it to a hub where someone that has even less knowledge than you can input your information for you.  In some locations there are tax professionals that hold charitiable days where they will help with back taxes and such with out a charge to you. But please before you start complaining about those tiny fees you have to pay online or not, that someone involved in any part of charity or free things is eating the cost that you are not getting.  For those free hubs that file for you someone has to pay for the equipment that person uses to file your stuff, someone has to pay for the lights and the building you sit in while you talk to that person.  That individual may be offering their time at no cost but someone is footing the bill for you.  Nothing is ever FREE!!!
  • Maybe you should learn to spell and/or how to make complete sentences before you call someone else ignorant you idiot.

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  • Cheryl,

    I'm not sure I understand your logic.  Even if you were able to delete your account there would still be a digital carbon of the account.  The action of deleting the account would be equal to erasing something off a sheet of paper.  There would still be traces that it was there.  I just don't understand the point in getting so upset about something that has very little effect on you directly.  Oh, and if it is your personal information that has got you so concerned this site is the least of your problems.  I once knew a cashier that could memories a 16 digit card number with expiration date, crv number and the name on the front in under 40 seconds.  As citizens of this country we give out the last four digits of our social at least twice a month.  We usually provide our full names and addresses to those same individuals for varification purposes.  Who knows what those individuals are capible of committing to memory or writing down.  Anymore a person that is really interested in your information can pay $29.95 to get your information and they haven't done anything illegal at that point.  Things that we normally assume belong to us, such as our Social Security Numbers, do not.  The number and document belongs to the Social Security administration and they have assigned your name and birth date to it so they can keep records on you.  If you don't believe that go get your Social Security Card and read the back of it or the paper that it was attached to when it came to you.  It says exactly whos property it is.  As far as bad service and being upset with this company, either file a complaint with the BBB and take on a Lawsuite or get over it.

  • how do i start from the beginning with my information. The system would not let me go back, i erased all my info thinking i could start over. now it wants to re charge me.
  • Delete the account... not the filing! I too am never using a force fed, free offering, bait and switch company again. I would rather pay a company that comes right out and says "You are going to pay this much to file your taxes" vs a company that tries to force you into a "deluxe" version without coming right out and stating its not the free version.... TV commercials should be changed to reflect this!
  • Totally agree with you Meandmealone.  I want to delete my TT account too and every file associated with it right down to this years return due to when I logged in, I was forced into the upgrade and I feel we are OVERPAYING and paying double because no other tax service I have looked at that IS REALLY FREE {TaxAct for one} doesn't charge for my filling in a form, nor do they charge for DIRECT DEPOSIT of my Refund into my account.  

    This year TT's pricing went up from $19.99 to $29.99 for the "Deluxe" version that I DID NOT want or need to use, then the cost of my Direct Deposit is another $29.99 costing me $59.90 out of my refund to pay for MY OWN MONEY into MY OWN BANK.  

     I feel this is UNNECESSARY and is DOUBLE CHARGING as far as I am concerned.   And I agree, the TV commercials hinge right on FRAUD because they claim free, but even if you use FREE and want your refund sent as a Direct Deposit, you still pay $29.99 for that service.  RIDICULOUS.  

     So I have actually refiled my tax forms through TAXACT and hope they get sent in BEFORE TT sends the one I have here, WHICH IS ALSO INCORRECT since I got some additional tax forms I was unaware of that came in after I had completed, or thought I had completed my tax return with everything but hadn't, and can't amend it until March?!?  WTH is that?   So I redid my return on another site WITH EVERYTHING I have received, so I hope if TT does send my PENDING return it gets rejected since NOT everything is on it.    However, I think anything in PENDING staus SHOULD BE ABLE TO BE REMOVED AND DELETED from the QUE.   having worked in IT and I know that when something is in a que for PENDING status. it CAN be DELETED/CANCELLED.  But TT IS NOT offering anyone that option, however that option SHOULD BE AVAILABLE and ANY PENDING RETURN CANCELLED at the filers request, let alone CLOSING their TT account totally and completely.
  • I agree with you!!!
  • I can get rid of almost all my info but can't permanently delete my account. It's definitely ridiculous they claim it being free and its not.  I went to another company and only paid a small state charge.  Wont be going back to TurboTax unless things change. Plus the other company's forms were even easier to fill out. Sorry TurboTax, you were my top choice for a while there.
  • Yep, that is what I did too, went to another tax site and everything was 100% FREE for me.  We have no state tax in Florida, so I didn't need that option.  And filing everything else was 100% free, Direct Deposit of my FULL REFUND was 100% FREE.  So I hope that site gets my forms in before TT submits the one here which does not contain all my information that is in pending status.   I hope it gets rejected because I do not want to use TT's service now or ever again.  Mainly because of the asanine fees I'm being charged when I wanted to use the FREE version, but was forcefully upgraded to the Deluxe version that I DID NOT NEED to use, the other tax site ASKED me to upgrade and I kept saying "No Thanks", and it never forced me into a paying for anything.  So from now on I'll be using their tax services and will stay as far away from Turdbo Tax as I can.
  • this would make a great class action lawsuit ...go to I'll join you all in filing a claim
  • you guys r all right  NO MORE TURBO TAX FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!   they r truly false advertisement.   its  supposed to b free . then they wont let you delete nothing.
  • I thoroughly agree.,  I started to do my taxes and then all of the sudden I'm being charged for State which I didn't want.
  • I believe their ought to be an option to delete an online Turbo Tax account.  This is a potential security issue that could lead to fraud.  C'mon Intuit!  Even on your Mint site, you have the option to delete your account!
I think this is really funny, my TT staus is still pending, which it can stay in that status to Hell freezes over for all I care.  I used another service and my return is already in the IRS's hands awaiting acceptance.   So I'm going to hope that if, and when TT takes that incorrect return out of pending that I could NOT DELETE that the IRS will reject it and that'll be the end of it.    The other service cost me absolutely ZERO, nothing, was completely free to file and no fee for putting MY OWN MONEY into MY BANK ACCOUNT!     So TT is just gonna have to eat their blatant over-zealous over-priced fees for pushing me into the NON FREE version.   I couldn't be happier my return WAS sent BEFORE TT got the one in pending in!   Looks like I will finally GET the last laugh this time. Hahahahahaha
  • turbo tax definately sucks. i am sooo mad i can not delete my account. ive been using turbo tax for 5 years and always has been free until now. and now they say free and when you are all done its a $100. no freakin way!!!!! false advertisement. cant wait until someone sues them for false advertisement! taxslayer is free!!!
Update - never mind, I just saw that others have already found this info, guess I'm dumb and now I can't figure out how to delete my answer/comment...I give up. peace! :)

According to the FAQs you cannot delete your account - which is dumb. See below for the company answer and link to the page I am quoting.

Dealing with multiple TurboTax accounts

To find out if you have more than one TurboTax account, click here, select I forgot my user ID, and follow the on-screen instructions.

If you have more than one TurboTax account, you'll need to sign in to each account separately to figure out which user ID contains the information you're looking for.

Because we are unable to merge or delete accounts, you should choose one TurboTax account and continue to stick with it year after year.

    I want it canceld now!!  Do not submit it to the IRS.  You've already and immediately cashed my credit card.  I've waited a month and find it's never been submitted to the IRS.  So, cancle it immediately.  I'll go elsewhere.  A.M. Lundin  
      is there a real person to talk too
        If can't downgrade I will go to another provider
          I got a court order and then reported them to the FTC. It was pretty simple. A court order compels them to remove my account because they don't have a compelling, legal reason to maintain the data UNLESS you have actually filed a tax return.  Since I did not file a return with them, they had no compelling reason to maintain any type of acct. without my consent. It is not stated in their Privacy Agreement that they won't delete the data - Section 6 specifically, so they had no recourse but to comply.

          You could also go to LegalZoom and get a standard template for a cease and desist letter. Check the Intuit website for the legal department address. You can also send it to the CEO. And be sure to rip them a new a** on Twitter and Facebook.  Sometimes the squeaky wheel does get the grease as it were. And don't let up either. They may not take note right now, during tax season, but bombard them with letters, emails, phone calls, etc. until you get what you want. (Remember Andy Dufrain from Shawshank Redemption? He kept writing those letters and eventually they gave him money for a library! Patience and persistence pays off in the end.)

          I don't like companies not complying with basic requests. It's simple. If I want to close my account in its entirety, you must do so unless you have legal standing. Intuit doesn't have that standing, thus they had to comply.

          And why would anyone defend a practice such as this? How pathetic is that?

          And for the record I started on the separate, free website I didn't start where I imagine most people started their journey with TurboTax.  And why make it so hard for file for free?  Either be straight forward or don't offer the free service. The bait and switch just pisses people off. (See many of the above comments.) Call it marketing, but it's a pathetic attempt to get money from people without being upfront or being a typical American as I call it! LOL! Always trying to screw someone over to get a buck. Pathetic....

          I didn't want to file with HR Block because of some issues they were having, but my taxes were done in 15 minutes with them and it really was free. I didn't have to go to "special website" and they didn't keep asking me if I wanted to upgrade like TurboTax does.  TurboTax seems kind of desperate with this tactic.

          I would NEVER recommend TurboTax to anyone regardless of their ability to pay. The software is cumbersome and the constant ads during filing are just uncalled for. Trying to up-sell has its limits. Apparently someone in the marketing department at Intuit didn't take basic economics and learn about diminishing returns. [INSERT MASSIVE EYE ROLL HERE]  Well I guess that's what happens when you graduate with a pathetic major in "marketing."

          Good luck everyone! And be sure to write anyone you can think of to tell them about Intuit's practices. They need to be pressured to change their policy.
            I want to delete my 2012 return
              You can clear your tax return info IF you have not yet filed it:
                Why is there no answer to this simple question from TurboTax. 

                I just want to delete this stupid account!  There is just no way to do so.. and the phon wait time is over half an hour.  Ridiculous......
                • Because TT WANTS OUR MONEY and will do whatever they can to keep it.   I filed my updated return on another site that is 100% correct, the one TT has is WRONG, and even though in PENDING should be able to be DELETED and REMOVED.  There should by all rights be an option under user settings or tools to DELETE YOUR ENTIRE ACCOUNT and ANY/.ALL FILES associated with it.  But there is not, it would appear we are held hostage by TT and the phone times are ludicrous and I will not waste my time or cell phone minutes holding for some damn retard to tell me after wasting minutes and my personal time that "We're sorry, but accounts in Turbo Tax can not be deleted or removed!"  Which is a total load of bullsh*t, plain and simple!
                Why cant I delet my account
                • because they want us to fall victim to identity theft
                • I agree .... I can't stand turbo tax and I want to go somewhere else ... Well it go against me if I go somewhere else ....????