"forms are not yet available" message

My tax returns are complete on turbotax, but when I try to file, I keep getting this message:  "The forms you need to complete your return(s) are not available yet. You'll be able to file as soon as the forms are ready. Please check back later.Go to the Review section to find out more details."       When I go to the review section, it shows everything as complete. I tried several times yesterday and today with the same results. Thoughts?

  • I have the same problem. I think the Child Tax Credit form is not yet available? The Review section says something like "Ready Soon" for that form. I tried subscribing for a notification but that form is not listed in their notification list.   Do you have any idea? thanks!
  • I have requested to notify me when these forms are ready. I got three e-mails "We just wanted to let you know your tax forms are ready. Below we have listed all the forms you asked us to e-mail you about -- forms you may have worked on since then won't be listed. You can return to TurboTax Online to finish your taxes anytime.

    These forms are now ready.

    Schedule 8812"

    But when I log into my account it still says "We can't file your return just yet because the government is still working on finishing up certain tax forms that are in your 2012 tax return."

    totally contradictory !
  • when will forms be available or software problem causing this message be fixed?
  • PLEASE add this D-2441 Form IMMEDIATELY!!! We have been waiting for this form for a month and I contacted the DC Tax service and they said the forms have BEEN available for some time.....GET IT TOGETHER!!!
  • What is turbo tax doing to fix this problem?
  • Pretty sad that they solicit through emails and then it doesn't even work....  does anybody provide a good service anymore?
Nevermind, I figured it out.
  • How did you figure this out?
  • I took a closer look in the review section and found this explanation:

    We can't file your return just yet because the government is still working on finishing up certain tax forms that are in your 2012 tax return.

    What do I do now?
    We'll send you an email when the forms you need are ready for you. Otherwise, we can keep working on other
    parts of your return. Just remember, we can't file your return until these forms are ready.
    Email me when my forms are ready.
    Form Available to File

    Federal Forms

    K-1 Partner 02/07/2013
  • but they have already sent me an email saying the forms are ready and now I still cant file
  • hmmm, I'm not sure then. I know the date on mine said they wouldn't be ready until feb 7
  • I completed my return 2 weeks ago. At that time it said the forms would be ready 1/24 to file it. Now it's saying 2/7. I called the IRS to confirm that the forms are in fact available. I also called customer service at turbotax and they said there is nothing they can do. Totally unacceptable. I'm not waiting any longer. I will take my business somewhere else.
  • The forms are all available, used H&R Block and had no problem with any of the forms TT says is not available, I also was tired of waiting for TT to fix THERE OWN SOFTWARE problem.
  • i recieved the same message and signed up for an email notification when the forms were ready.  Got the email (the same night) went to finish up and file and TT says the forms are still not available?????
  • joanneinfl - the same thing happened to me! Frustrating!
  • I have now received two emails saying my forms are ready.  However, after logging in, I keep getting the excuse that it's the governments fault.  BS.  Going to use H&R Block....
  • Mine is giving me the same message. I do know that E-Trade won't be submitting my 1099 to the government until 2/15/2013 and I thought that was what they were talking about.
  • Based on the other comments, TT said 1/24, now 2/7, and if the forms aren't ready until 2/15 how will I be able to file 2/7?  Direct, clear communication would be nicer than the runaround, and a consistent system to boot (IE not emailing me every other day that my forms are ready when they are not)
  • I am beginning to sour on TT.  Last year they software screwed up an amendment causing me to pay a small fine.  This year they are screwed up with these forms not being available but sending us emails saying they are.  They need to fix their software or they will lose a lot of customers.  I will give them another day or two.
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