any problems with the net spend card for 2013

  • prendng depiosis?
  • My NetSpend arrived same day as my fed Refund was deposited. I activated successfully and allowed to spend less then $200. next purchase was declined. Now Netspend is holding my money HOSTAGE. Telling me i have to FAX Drivers License,Social Security Card, W-2, pay stub and Utility Bill to see if approved by their Fraud Dept..I called University Bank that gets the money direct from IRS then they take out fees then goes to NetSpend Premier. I was advised by them that something not right and hold off sending all those documents. Instead try calling NetSpend at 1-866-387-7363 and Bank Corp (actual bank for Netspend Premier Card). That was late on 2-20-2013. didn't get to try them yet. SHAME on TurboTax for hooking us up with a bunch of shisters!
  • sorry, forgot to include the Bank Corp phone # 1-800-545-0289
If your deposit is over $7000 you will have to fax a copy of your social, state Id, and a utility bill in your name. Then it takes them 48 hrs to clear it. Unfortunately even once you do that and wait the 48 hrs, if your Id isn't legible enough you still cannot access your money. So even though they are suppose to be faster than direct deposit, because of all this it will take at least a week longer than direct deposit to have access to your money. Also their customer service is horrendous. Every person you talk to tells you something different and anytime you ask to speak to a supervisor, you will be on hold for at least 20 min. I always hung up before a supervisor ever answered. I will not be using this service next year!!!
  • I agree. Awful service. You can't understand them and the agent I spoke to said they don't have any supervisors! She also wouldn't tell me her name or an email/physical address for me to write someone. Another post said that they start collecting interest the day the money is deposited so the longer they play these games, the more money they make.
  • i made sure i had a supervisor call me back. Iwill never use them again i will just buy a walmart card next time or just have a check mailed to me. I have told evrybody i no not to use it because they are a joke. I was told by 2 people that my card was mailed out on the first and then today iwas told it just got mailed out what the heck. I was told by them i can go to any bank and go inside and take all my money off of the card as long as it is no more that 5,000 in 24 hrs. So i am going to do that and be done with there services
It Will Only Allow $375 A Day At The ATM .. And I Don't Have A Checkings Account .. (Thats Why I Got The Card!! )So They Wont Pull All Money Off For Me .. This Is STUPID!! Costumer Service Said Try Going Through Walmart Registers A Bunch Of Times.. What A Joke!!!! Never Agian!!!
    Has anyone filed a complaint with Turbo Tax? I haveĀ been trying to do that without any luck. I got my refund over two weeks ago and I have still not received a card. Everytime I call they say they sent a new card out and I never get......thanks for using such a great company TurboTax. Used the card last year with no problems but it was a different card company.
    • calling BANCORP @ 1-866-271-1623 now to see if they can tell me when my card was mailed...on help....all they said was it showed when my direct deposit was posted...then they transferred me to net spend.
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