My federal is accepted but state still pending. Does anyone know how long it will take to process and refund. First timer..

State of North Carolina
  • @ Deshlms..... Well I filed mines online with TT on Feb 2nd and it was accepted on Feb 2..... And Just today Feb 9 mines was processed and my refund was approved.... my DD is set to be sent out on Wed, Feb 13, 2013.. so about 11 all depends on if you did everything right. Hopes this Helps you! Good luck
States can be very slow. My own took a full week last year to update.
  • if it helps anyone in nc i filed and on the 30th i was accepted the same day for federal and just now on 2/2 i just received an email stating i was accepted for state.i know it is hard but everyone needs to be patient.i am still waiting for my dd though for anyone in nc the are going through them and your time will be i said i just got my accepted email today.i think for state that is pretty fast.hang in there everyone and hope all goes well for you.
Just waited a half hour to get live chat support from TurboTax. Still have no answers. They told me my return is "in agency" and they have received it- yet when I go to the state, they have no record of receiving anything.

In addition to that, no matter how many times I told the customer service rep that I was only asking about STATE returns, she kept answering me with responses about the IRS and when they process. IRS handles FEDERAL returns only, which I had her confirm, yet she kept referring to them.

Apparently TurboTax can't even use competent customer service reps to answer our questions when an issue like this comes up. You can bet I will NOT be using them next year and am WAY beyond frustrated.

If I don't get my return next week I am going to pursue other options. This is ridiculous.
  • What other options do we have?  This is my first and last time using turbo tax for iPad and possibly turbotax altogether.
my state took 8 days longer than federal to be accepted.
    I'm getting concern also. I filed with TurboTax and my Federal tax return got accepted the next day. it's been well 48 hours (timeline they give you) and still no rejected or accepted from my state of california. I'm asking the same question myself and still no answers.
      mine took about 16 hours
        My federal was processed and accepted on 01/31. I now have a dd date of 02/08 for that. My state was accepted on Saturday (02/02) night late and the NC WMR says processing still as of today. Hope this helps :)
        • Federal was accepted in 10mins, NC state accepted in 19 hours.
        • I have got my fed but my nc state was acceted on 2/2 and is still pending who do I talk to at turbo tax to find out why this is last year I got state back before fed
        • Fed accepted same day (today 4/15)  and VA (state pending)
        My NJ hasn't been accepted and it has been 4 days now...
        • Same for me in NJ.....submitted last Friday and...a week later STILL pending!
        • My state  was finally accepted last night! They must have figured out the glitch...
        • I submitted on 1/23 an fed was accepted within a day- already received DD. state (NJ) is STILL pending. Does anyone have any answers on what is going on? It's pending for 2 weeks now!
        • I'm in NJ as well. Filed on 1/30 and it still says "pending" for Federal... even though they say up to 48's been 9 days and no updated. I'm getting really nervous. The State one hasn't been accepted either.
        • Same here.....NJ pending for over a week fed was accepted right away and I alrfeady got the DD for that yesterday!  NJ state site says they still have not even received my form???   Turbo Tax need to speak up on this!
        • I'm in new jersey n I have the same problem as moralsage,mits been 8days of pending
        I checked tonight, my NC check is written (which still means direct deposited) give 2 weeks.
          well I was accepted on the 4th, my state was deposited in the 9th of feb.

            You can generally expect the IRS to issue your refund in less than 21 calendar days after we receive your tax return. Some 2013 tax forms cannot be filed until mid-February or early March because they require more extensive programming.

            Taxpayers should remember that while most tax refunds are issued within 21 days, some tax returns need additional time to be reviewed. As part of that effort, the IRS has put in place stronger security filters this filing season to protect against refund fraud and identity theft.

            The IRS began accepting and processing most individual tax returns on 01/30/2013 after updating forms and completing programming and testing of its processing systems to reflect the American Taxpayer Relief Act (ATRA) that Congress enacted on Jan. 2. The vast majority of taxpayers can file now, but the IRS is continuing to update its systems for some tax filers. The IRS will begin accepting tax returns from people claiming education credits in mid-February while taxpayers claiming depreciation deductions, energy credits and many business credits will be able to file in late February or early March. A full list of the affected forms is available on

            • But why are the states still pending since IRS is now processing?  I am in Maryland, and it is still pending... concerned.
            • I've been using Turbo Tax for years and never had a problem but yesturday I called about this same problem to Turbo Tax and they sort of blew it off. I live in NC and mine has been pending for 6 days. My federal has done been processed with a direct deposit day of   Feb 6th. I know others who filed with Turbo Tax and their state is still pending. Also know others who filed with other companies and their state has been acknowledged. Giving a few more days to ack here and will file the state somewhere else and if it gets ack there will ask for refund here for state portion.
            • My state is still pending as well on Turbo tax this is the first time I have ever had this issue
            • My state is still pending to and I am in nc
            • In pa i filed day one and mine was pending for 1 day then said rejected and i just had to resent it and now everything gray
            • NJ, NY, PA, DE, and MD have a phone number for checking status. Mine still says pending and they have no records of it yet. Whats going on TurboTax?
            • I am in NC and mine finally went from pending to precessing, now as of today when I check the status it tells me to call a 1-800 number for assistance.?!!??
            • I'm in NY- I filed this past Saturday, the 2nd, Fed was accepted within 24 hours, state is still pending..  I wonder why.
            • In Nebraska the department of revenue said that there was a glitch in the state returns and it could be as late as this friday. My federal arrived today. They are saying that its turbo tax fault.... go figure. I still think we need refunds
            • Pendinggggggggg!!!!!!!
            • State has been accepted but Federal NOT! pending since a WEEK!!! something is differrent this year.
            • Did you ever get your state of NE refund deposited? Ours was finally accepted and processing but now it shows our refund was less then 2.00 which is way off then what turbo tax figured and then when you call the state refund hot line it says tech difficulties! UGH!
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