where can I deduct unemployment benefits I repaid lasy year

I am in the process of repaying unemployment benefits that were over paid to me . This should be deductible but I do not see where to take the deduction
  • Is social security repayment the same as unemployeement?
  • @TeresaCole56,
    No Teresa, Social Security repayment is Not the same as Unemployment.
  • I repaid 6900 in overpayment of unemployment compensation - is that dectable in 2012
  • sandiandjim,
    See the answer below, I have updated the attachment and where to enter your 2012 unemployment repayment.
  • An adjustment was made to my 2011 Unemployment benefits that gave me an additional $1596, but then required a repayment of $2,076.  I repaid $480 that was actually received last year, and paid federal income tax on.  Where on this year's (2012) tax return do I enter this, and how do I enter it?
I repaid 6900 in unemployment compensation received in 2011 and repaid in 2012.  I paid tax on this amount in 11 and repaid all of it in 2012.  How do I report the repayment?  Is it deductable?

J McBride
    Yes you Can, follow the instructions on how to enter them see attachment where 2 different entries are underlined.

    - Clink on the (Federal Taxes)
    - Click on (Wages & Income)
    - Click on (Explore on My Own) if it’s showing
    - Look for Unemployment (Government benefits on Form 1099-G)
    - Click on Update or Start
    - You’ll see (Unemployment and Paid Family Leave (1099-G)
    - Read the information (Check the button “Yes, we received unemployment or paid family leave”) then Click Continue
    - Then continue through the interview entering your information just as it appears on your 1099-G form.

    On the Screen with the heading (Your Unemployment or Paid Family Leave Information) right below where you enter State or Locality there is a Field Box to enter the amount you received. If you fill in the amount there, the form will not be deleted. That Box is to your Right, and very easily overlooked.  Plus, Repay any of your 2012 Unemployment. See the attachment with red arrows and underlines showing those locations.

    NOW: If by chance you had Federal and/or State taxes withheld then: When you get to the Screen (Page) (Your Unemployment or Paid Family Leave Information) there is a little square box next to (Federal or State Income Tax was withheld on the this payment) Check that square button, then just below that there are 2 buttons (Did you Repay any of your 2012 Unemployment …) answer Yes or No and enter that amount. The next Screen will have a place to enter (Federal or State income tax withheld) enter your amount.

    • I repaid in 2012 my benefit to social security. Where do I deduct that credit?
    • My 1099-G shows 0 unemployment received in 2012, but an amount in Box 12 as an amount repaid for prior years.  When you enter the form there is no place to enter Box 12.  When I enter it during the step-by-step when TurboTax asks for the amount repaid for a prior year the information does not transfer to the 1040.
    • OK, I found the answer.  "If  you are repaying an amount for unemployment compensation reported in an EARLIER year, DO NOT enter the amount on this Form 1099-G.  If the amount being repaid is $3000 or less, you may deduct this amount as miscellaneous expenses, subject to the 2% limitation, on your Schedule A itemized deductions.  However, if the amount you are repaying is more than $3000, see Repayments in IRS Publication 525 for details on how to report the repayment."
    • I think that answer is incorrect: see publication 17

      Deduct the repayment in the later year as an adjustment to gross income on Form 1040. (You cannot use Form 1040A or Form 1040EZ.) Include the repayment on Form 1040, line 36, and enter “Sub-Pay TRA” and the amount on the dotted line next to line 36. If the amount you repay in a later year is more than $3,000, you may be able to take a credit against your tax for the later year instead of deducting the amount repaid. For more information on this, see Repayments, earlier.

      I can't figure how to get this to work with turbotax...may have to go old school
    • mhavill55's comment is for supplemental unemployment benefits (i.e. the wrong part of Pub 17 was quoted).  Most unemployment benefits are not in that category.  The previous answers were correct.
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