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Received my federal refund this morning. 1/31/13

So most people won't come back on here and let others know what is going on with their refund once they received it. With that said, I received my federal return today. I filed my return on January 10th and was accepted on Jan 25th. I received the date of the 1st through WMR (wheres my refund) on the 30th. I was scheduled to received my refund tom, but my bank always deposits a day early so I got it today. I hope this puts some peoples mind at ease. 
  • You received your refund after filing with turbotax?  That would be impossible.  The IRS is not accepting taxes for processing until the 31st of January.  Any money that you received must have been a LOAN from another agency that you filed with. IRS has not reviewed a single tax form before the 30th.....  You could not have received a refund.  I think what you are referring to is a LOAN on your expected refund, but turbotax does not offer loans on expected refunds so you must have filed with another company such as HR Block or Liberty or similar....
  • You may wanna check your facts cupcake... you are very clearly missinformed.
  • wrong laura.
  • no [Removed Derogatory Slang] , its been all over the news.       This year the IRS delayed processing until the 30th...and if Turbotax gives LOANS based on your expected refunds im on it.  But go to the IRS website or any other source, like newspapers, legal magazines ect and you will see that the IRS delayed processing until yesterday the 30th and I can assure you they did not pick your refund out of billions and give it to  you in less than 24 hours.
  • You've obviously have  had your head in the clouds.  People were accepted early. Mine was accepted on 25th, with direct deposit of my refund tomorrow.
  • Awesome! Mine is supposed to be dd tomo
  • You could still file if you didn't have certain deductions.  Like if it is an easy form.
  • i file january 17th and my federal was ALSO accepted on Jaunuary 25- my refund was deposited today into my acct,, a day earlier then wmr said.
  • Don't listen to Laura
  • U r totally wrong,the irs did accept returns early,and issue refunds early,u need to do ur research b4 u tell someone they are lying!
  • Lol "[Removed Derogatory Slang] "? You are a tool. The IRS didnt start processing REFUNDS until the 30th, they have been accepting returns for WEEKS! Get your fact straight[Removed Derogatory Slang] ..ppl like you, with no common sense have no business on the forums
  • This was no loan, my direct from the treasury.
  • Thank you all for your defense, she obviously has no idea what is going on with traxes.
  • Also u can never get a loan from tt,r no other online tax company!most of us were accepted early so we should know!
  • IRS did not accept if until the 30th but they did say you will be deposited in by when they were filed. So you could get deposited on the 1st or 4th. and TurboTax even sent out an email.
  • Lucky you, I also filed mine on Jan 10th, and state and federal both got accepted Jan 25th, but I still have no refund yet. I checked "wheres my refund" and its says its processing....?
  • Did any of you that received yours have children or earned income credit..just checking because mine was also accepted the 25th and it says still processing on wmr.
  • The irs DID accept some returns before JAN 30th!
  • I was accepted on the 27th with child credit and still have zero info, some others that were also accepted on the 27th have DD date of tomorrow...Im not sure if it makes a difference but I sure would like to know too!
  • People did get their Federal returns accepted early on a  selected "test" batch I filed 21rst with an accepted by the IRS on the 26th. Some people have a deposit day of 2/1 however depending on your bank you CAN get that deposit distributed early for instance Netspend I get my direct deposits 2 days earlier but my husband gets his normal direct deposits only 1 day early it just depends on your financial institution. I am still pending a REFUND Sent status. Mine is still saying Processing, however people accepted on the 28th are getting Direct deposit dates of 2/2, 2/4, and 2/9 it just depends on how they are processing them which at this point no one no knows if its by filing status, socials, credits, or what order they are going in. So you can get your direct deposit already, it is possible.
  • I filed head of household with 2 children, but no earned income credit.
  • Regardless of whether she is right or wrong, there is no need to call other people names on a tax forum, ffs!! You will get your return when you get your return. I am a full-time student, and I just fled my taxes yesterday the 30th. I was shown that I wouldn't expect mine until March, but I know it will be way before then. I am sure that I will get mine in a few days. They will accept me or reject me by tomorrow at the latest, of which I had no errors.
  • Mmmhmmmm...its ok for a tool to call somebody a [Removed Derogatory Slang] simply because they called her out but not ok to fire back? LOL. FFS indeed!
  • I filed with 2 kids and EIC. My dd is tom(2/1)
  • I filed on Jan. 10th Head of Household, two children, earned income, 1 w-2, no education credits, no child support, pretty basic tax return. Was accepted early on the 25th still showing processing with no DD set.
  • When did you get accepted?
  • I filed on the 11th head of household 2 children, EIC, w2. DD tomorrow.
  • Sweetie the started fileing yesterday.
  • Congrats on getting your refund. I filed mine on 1-10 also, but mine is still sitting in pending and I am not waiting on any of the delayed credits....wish they would hurry up and accept mine already.
  • I filed Head of Household 3 kids EIC and child tax credit. SBBT has my refund and it is to be dd in my account tomorrow the 1st.
  • Accepted Jan 24th
  • I filed on Jan. 10th and was accepted on the 24th
  • I really wish I was one of the lucky ones. DASCO your tax return is basic just like mine, same scenario except its still being processed. SBBT has not rcvd my refund yet, so I know mine won't be deposited tomorrow
  • I reiceved my accpet on the 26th so when do you think i should get mine? im going through NETSPEND!!
  • Well I filed 1 stepchild w-2 earned income credit and was accepted on the 25th but it still says processing my return.
  • I got mine today also it is not a loan.
  • actually thats not true. the turbotax clearly states that irs will begin processing refunds on the 30th of Jan. I even received an e-mail saying the same thing.
  • Like I said.... these are loans you are receiving (and you didn't file with turbotax, because turbotax doesnt issue loans based on expected refunds).  I worked for the IRS and I can tell you they just started processing yesterday and they do not issue refunds in 24 hours... so you did not receive your refund, you received a loan from a bank based on your expected refund.  but why would you be on turbotax site telling turbotax customers you received your loan?...its misleading.  If you file with Liberty tax, you walk out the door with $50.00 but that isn't your refund, if you file with HR Block, you can borrow up to $500.00 based on your expected refund, and walk out the door with a debit/credit card with the $500.00 on it, but its not your refund.  No refunds have been issued, IRS staff is dying over there trying to process them with the FEDERAL DELAY that prevented them from processing ANYTHING before January 30th....NOONE GOT THEIR REFUNDS YET, THEY GOT A LOAN from another company other than TURBOTAX
  • what state u from
  • what company did you file with? it wasnt turbotax because they aren't issuing loans and check the federal sites and the IRS site, there was a delay (a federal delay, doesn't change for any state) nothing was even looked at until yesterday and IRS doesn't direct deposit in 24 hours, banks do... but not turbotax, there not a bank
  • dont listen to crap!  you get your refund from turbotax, today, let me know...ill match your deposit...
  • No Natasha, hence I never pointed fingers directly at "one" person. I said there is no need to call other people names, meaning anyone. This is a freaking tax forum, not Jerry Springer. For the ones that want to know when you will get your refund, after you've been "accepted", go to "where's my refund" and check it for yourselves. That will be the easiest way for you to find out about your refund.
  • I am a tax official, and YES! Mr Trash mouth the IRS did accept qualifying returns early (Do you really think they just let them sit and pile up?) However, they did not begin processing the REFUNDS until 1/30. There is no need for people with negative attitudes to reply to post just to harp, especially when they are lacking the knowledge to be helpful.
  • not through turbotax, why are all these people that filed with a different company on this website telling people that they are gonnna get their deposit today....Turbotax does not issue loans, and even if you opted for direct deposit, the IRS does not have "rapid refunds" those are LOANS from a bank.  turbotax is not a bank.  if you filed from a previous year, maybe but not 2012
  • no they didnt the IRS does not lie, they just started processing yesterday because the federal laws passed would not allow them to process before the 30th of January...
  • how would you know if the sbbt has your return
  • My refund has a dd day for 2-1. Sbbt has already received my refund and transmitted it to my bank.
  • the irs did not start processing weeks ago, the banks started giving rapid refunds weeks ago.. the IRS are not the banks...your lost
  • you didnt file with turbotax so why are people on turbotax saying turbotax is giving rapid refunds...? noone got 2012 refund in less than 24 hours from the IRS... noone.  doesnt happen, never did. never will.  what company did you file with?
  • Check your sources the irs pulled  some early for test runs on new meg sustem
  • Laura, hate to burst your bubble as a know it all but you are wrong. The IRS started accepting refunds 1/22. These are test runs!! Which means that once the 30th hit these returns were already approved by the IRS. They dispersed funds for those people already
  • I'm sorry meg system.
  • Laura is wrong. I got my dd of 8576 dollars today through turbotax. No loan. You will get it when you get it. I love how people think they know it all. This is after all the US government we are talking about. No rhyme or reason to anything that they do.
  • MEF... Small buttons on this phone.
  • Ga. and it will be DD 2/3/2013, however that is a sun.
  • I filed 25th,accepted 27th,wmr says dd on the 4th,but it will probably be 2morro,I always get it earlier than what wmr says
  • I filled with turbo tax my money is in my account today I filled on jan 10 accepted on jan 24 my money is in the bank today pending deposit for tomorrow !!!
  • Beginning in 2013 the IRS stopped using the old system and went to using the new system full time, the new system can process refunds in days not weeks.    Also keep in mind, if you claimed 8863 form... you are now delayed as I am.  I filed on the 10th was accepted on the 25th, but then last night get an email from TT indicating that on the 28th they were informed by the IRS of delays with returns having form 8863.   But thats ok.. you will all have yours spend about the time we get ours ;0~
  • Your Personal
    Tax Data
    Social Security Number

    or IRS Individual Taxpayer
    Identification Number:
    Filing Status:
    Head of Household
    Tax Period Ending:
    December 31, 2012
    Your Refund Amount:
    Deposit Date:
    February 1, 2013
    Refund Status Results
     Return ReceivedRefund ApprovedRefund Sent

    Your tax refund is scheduled to be sent to your bank on February 1, 2013.
    If your refund is not credited to your account by February 6, 2013, check with your bank to see if it has been received.

    Please Note:
    For refund information, please continue to check here, or use our free mobile app, IRS2Go. Updates to refund status are made no more than once a day.
  • wow are u really that clueless. The Irs started accepting returns early. They started processing yesterday and yea people are getting money from the IRS!!! not loans hello
  • Where do ya'll live? The IRS won't even give me a date and I filed the 12th and it was accepted the 25th but they won't give me a date. Did you pay to get your taxes done or did you do the free one?
  • That was just to show Laura that people are getting refunds...that was copied and pasted from IRS website.  Shall i also copy and paste the email I received on the 25th stating my return was accepted?
  • No you are wrong- read the website. The IRS opened fro submission of taxes on 1/30/2013...the earlier you file the sooner you get it back. Within 24-48 hrs from the day you file- you can go to the irs website and check the status...
  • The Irs did accept returns early they didn't start processing them until the 30th, the original processing date was the 22nd, so I wouldn't have been surprised if people got their money early it was probably just a way for the IRS to slow down all the returns they get at once. Either way people ARE getting their refunds early. The earlier you file the earlier you get your return . Everyone knows that.
  • Hey Laura, they are right, My friend filed with turbo tax, and got her refund. My one employee works for HRBLock (which is why i didnt file with them) and she said that they did do some early to test the system to make sure it was ready for the 30th splurge.
  • sounds like someone is just mad she doesnt have hers yet... no one evr said it was a loan but you!  Wow Laura knows everything! seriously lol
  • Who freaking cares when you receive your confirmation and when the IRS accepts your taxes. Everybody is different. If you get it, you do, if not, you don't. Simple as that!!!! People are just trying to let you know about there tax stuff, no need for getting mad and who's right and wrong,
  • Laura if he said he got then he got it. You don't have to be so bitter about it
  • My mom just got 8 gran back u got that in cash laura
  • It was not a loan. Turbo tax and taxact were chosen to have 80,000 returns filed and accepted early to do a test run in the system to make sure everything was running correct. The did not officially start until the 30 of jan but they did accept some returns early and they sent out refunds early as well.
  • very few test so why would you tell people that they would be one of these very small majorities?  99 percent of american people had to wait until January glad you were one of the lucky ones. but unfortunately for the other 98.99 percent, the IRS did not start processing until the 30th....(from the federal website WASHINGTON -- The Internal Revenue Service says late changes to federal tax laws should mean only a short delay for most taxpayers to file their 2012 returns.)

    The agency said Tuesday that more than 120 million taxpayers – about 80 percent of all filers – should be able to start filing their federal returns on Jan. 30. Others will have to wait until late February or March to file because the agency needs time to update and test its systems.
  • I filed my taxes on the 25th . They were accepted on the 27th . But when i go onto the IRS website , it says they have no information on it . Why is that ?
  • that be nice, but if you weren't informed that you were part of the test run...guesse what......coujld take up to 3 weeks
  • Why does it matter if this individual got their return or not goodness gracious, just worry about your tax return. You're doing a lot for nothing.
  • @ Laura...  your information is outdated... you need to look again.
  • Sorry, Laura, but you're wrong. The IRS ran test batches last week. Many peopled who filed early received notices that their Federal returns were accepted--I received a text and an email on Friday January 25. I checked "Where's My Refund" yesterday, where it is stated that my refund is due to be deposited on February 1. I checked SBT today (I had the fees taken out of my return) and the deposit is already there--one day early. My money will be transferred from SBT today and will be in my account by tomorrow. This is not a RAL--I have never had a RAL because I think they are a ripoff. (having the fees taken out of the return is a bit of a ripoff too, but I am an adjunct college professor running a bit low on funds while in-between semesters.) I filed through TT. I have always filed through TT. If I had paid the fees up front, the fund transfer would have gone directly to my bank TODAY, but c'est la vie; tomorrow is fine with me.

    The IRS was very careful to cover their bases this year, never fully acknowledging that there might be early acceptance and early deposits so as not to be inundated with more frantic phone calls than they already receive.   Those who were claiming to have received their refunds last week were probably embellishing the truth. Those posting this week that they received their money today are not.
  • i called the irs today and they told me that if you are "already" receiving a refund deposited it IS from the agency you used to file with! the rep told me the companies are doing this IF you are accepted and everything on your return is correct! the refund is NOT coming from the irs but from whom you did your taxes threw…when the lady told me that i was kinda puzzled but that info came from the IRS…
  • TT does not do RAL's  and even HandR requires you to "apply" for the credit to get a RAL... so I doubt that all these people are getting RAL's   I would rather to say, that the IRS issued refunds but has not stopped as of today.. due to multiple issues in the system.
  • why the heck would they give loans instead of your actual refund??? it doesnt make sense! In that case just make us wait until our actual refund comes in! and he didnt say that he only received part or some of his refund he got the whole entire amount back. and other people are saying they received theirs also. i guess EVERYONE is just all getting back loans and not their actual refunds.....psssh yea whatever. and I JUST said the irs send me a message saying they will start processing the 30th.
  • I Love it
  • I dont know about all the other gibber jabber.. but all I know is.. the IRS should just reject those returns they cant process now (education credits) so we can file without them and amend them later.  Some of us need, not want... the refund, to keep warm and dry in our homes.
  • Laura you are not correct... my boyfriend received his tax refund today as well.  He didn't get a loan his taxes were done through turbo tax
  • i filed my taxes early and was accepted on the 24th of Jan.
  • My federal taxes filed through turbo tax was accepted on January 24th, 2013, which surprised me as well, but it was accepted early, according to turbo tax filing updates. Although my estimated deposit of refund is Feb. 9th
  • Must a been a huge test batch. Seems like every person in this test batch is on these forums updating they are getting refunds tomorrow.
  • The IRS did start processing on the 1/30, You people should get your facts right!!!!
  • Mine was accepted on the 28th of January.  It still says accepted, but not approved, so I am not sure what that means as far as a deposit goes.
  • Laura- check here straight from IRS, they started testing their system in advance meaning earlier than Jan 30th (so yes some people tax returns were processed before the 30th), this is not a loan but straight from IRS.
  • You are absolutely incorrect i did my taxes wit TT and got accepted on the 26th and have received my Federal Refund this morning straight from the IRS to my Bank Account.
  • hahahahahaha WOW!! Nothing like a million people telling you that you're wrong.. well here is a million and one - My DD from TT is hitting the bank at midnight!! YAY!! No loans - filed 1/18 - accepted early 1/25 w/ DD 2/1
  • Lol!!!!!
  • I had EIC on mine I was accepted the 27th and on wmr my refund date is set for the 4th.
  • I guess laura have the HUSH-MOUTH now!! Thanks for the update
  • all I can say is watching the feedback on this is a riot, funnier than anything
  • You're all [edited by social moderator]
  • why did you say that?
  • I want to go shopping today also.
  • actually my mother had her refund in her acct yesterday so they obviously did start before then, hopefully mine will be soon i was accepted the 24th right after her
  • Laura Johnson 39 seems to be one of those people who just has to be right even if she is not!!! My mom works for IRS and MANY MANY returns were accepted early and MANY are already getting their actual refunds.  Not all will be so lucky as the government has a the whole USA, but there are refunds already out there.  Laura quit being so defensive...your wrong...accept it!
  • I looked up where's my refund and it said I was getting mine Feb. 1st I filed January  14
  • I filed my taxes through TT on 1/21,  I was accepted on 1/26, and my DD is set to hit my bank on 2/4.  Hopefully sooner....and BTW @Laura....did you say you work for the IRS??? If you do, they need to retrain you..sorry, but you are wrong and before you start telling people they are wrong, you need to know what you are talking about first before you put your foot in your mouth.
  • Mine was accepted on January 25th 2013, and I am scheduled for direct deposit February 1st 2013 via "where's my refund"....We are all aware of what news says and I am pretty sure we know if ours was accepted before the 30th and I am most positive when money is direct deposited into out Laura before telling anyone they are lying and don't have facts better get your! Just saying!!
  • Wish I had money to put where my mouth is.
  • Many people already received refunds from the irs. Some who were set to have a dd date of 2/1 reveived it a day early. The rest will receive it tommorow. Thats facts of real returns, not loans.
  • If I see anybody on here next week with 2/1 crap I will flip. But enjoy your refund anywho ;) GL everyone.
  • You are right Laura they started on the 30th
  • Poor Laura I think its bullying after the first 50 your wrong comments
  • really Laura?   hopefully you were on vacation or drunk all last week...  otherwise your  just clueless.
  • I filed mine at 6:30pm TODAY 1/31/13 and tho it said 24-48 hrs before I'm informed if the IRS accepts or 8:00pm TODAY 1/31/13 it was accepted! That's the fastest response I've EVER had from them!  Can't wait to pay off a bill and buy stuff we need :)
  • Laura is such a idiot sorry to call people names but  I was accepted on the 26th and I get mine return on the 4th a lot  of people are already receiving there  refunds tomorrow who are you to tell anyone they are not telling the truth why would someone lie about when they are getting there return...
  • I agree with Laura sadly.
  • Nvm i got a text uptiitty. Refund approved expect  tits in hours. Hope it's right.
  • To everyone who was part of the tester batch congrats on getting ur refund tomorrow.. My friend and I filed on the 12th and were were part of the testers accepted on the 24th.. She'll have her refund in a couple hours and I'll have mine in a couple weeks because I filled with the 8863 education credit added.. I'm jealous but at least my state was accepted and is not affected by this delay.. Jus wishing the IRS hurries up and fix the bugs and kinxs in their system.. I am told once their system is fixed it will only take 24-48hrs to receive my refund since it was already accepted and currently processing with no issues or errors :)
  • LMFAO@destnee1103 gL with that.
  • thanxs.. gotta keep tellin myself its gonna go smooth and be patient.. getting mad at cursing ppl out in a chat forum like others isn't going to help me get my DD any faster.. but i did curse out my friend lol.. lucky B
  • Stop making me feel bad. I hope everyone gets it ASAP. Just annoyed.
  • oops... it'll come it'll come.. no worries.. unless u filed that darn school credit.. i knew there was a reason ppl drop out LMAO jk
  • No one is getting loans through turbotax! Geeez Some people, like I got early accepted and are now getting are refunds early. I think your just jealous cause YOU haven't. Stop telling us we are lying. Get over it! Idiot
  • Durp, funnyness. I included that in my taxes.
  • I get my Refund Tomorrow in my acct...I filled on the 10th as well....
  • Should I refile? And not claim that credit? Whats your advice?
  • Haha ^jealous much?
  • yep i have both and get my money tomorrow
  • [Removed Derogatory Slang] you liar. [Removed Derogatory Slang]
  • Laura you are wrong they started accepting on the 25th. You sound like an idiot telling everyone they don't know what they're talking about. We filed ours on the 15th and it was accepted on the 25th but the IRS didn't start processing until the 30th. So glad that you think you know what your talking about. It's NOT a loan. Lol so clueless
  • Why did you file on the 15th if returns wern't being processed til 1/30.
  • HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. Desperate much?
  • And also Luara hasn't been on nor commented for hours. Why are you still talking to her? Dumbness?
  • That's a little unnecessary.......
  • I know
  • Laura, Just wanted to give you a heads up... walk into any H&R block, Liberty, or Jackson Hewitt and ask if they will supply you with a rapid refund. If you look on there websites you will also notice that they have removed the option from there list of servies. Because of the rate at which these banks were charging their clients for the rapid refund service the goverment has shut them all down. As of last year they stopped offering the service because it is no longer allowed. These people are not getting LOANS from a BANK as rapid refunds.
  • Laura, they where excepting returns, but none of them where processed until the 30th.
    Mine was accepted on the 26th and I got a DD date of 2/4. I have used Turbo tax for 4 years and have done it the same way every year. No loan.
  • Laura you can not be correct about the loan part. The reason is because in the US if you apply for or are receiving a loan. Homeland Security says that a live person must verify and physicaly see my  photo id. Unless tt is coming through my computer I would have to say you are so incorrect. Also it has been national news that the IRS is testing a new system and it is going very well. Last- if you were a former IRS agent maybe you should keep up to date with progress.
  • 134 comments later same crap. You can file for free and go to your states website for Free.  Do the same thing you do on turbo tax. Everyone paying $96 pisses me off. ITS FREE. $96 is a phone bill or school clothes for the kids.
  • Hey
  • Someone is bitter!
  • The IRS announced January 28, 2013, that it won't accept returns for processing that include Form 8863, Education Credits, until mid-February, or two weeks after the 2013 tax filing season begins. The IRS also won't accept returns that include thirty other tax forms used to claim credits or deductions until sometime in February or March because they all needed revisions.
    Preeminent among them is Form 4562, Depreciation and Amortization.
    IRS Forms Being Updated/Not Yet Available

    Thirty-one IRS forms that 1040 filers cannot begin filing until late February or March 2013 until they become available:

        Form 3800, General Business Credit
        Form 4136, Credit for Federal Tax Paid on Fuels
        Form 4562, Depreciation and Amortization (Including Information on Listed Property)
        Form 5074, Allocation of Individual Income Tax to Guam or the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands
        Form 5471, Information Return of U.S. Persons with Respect to Certain Foreign Corporations
        Form 5695, Residential Energy Credits
        Form 5735, American Samoa Economic Development Credit
        Form 5884, Work Opportunity Credit
        Form 6478, Credit for Alcohol Used as Fuel
        Form 6765, Credit for Increasing Research Activities
        Form 8396, Mortgage Interest Credit
        Form 8582, Passive Activity Loss Limitations
        Form 8820, Orphan Drug Credit
        Form 8834, Qualified Plug-in Electric and Electric Vehicle Credit
        Form 8839, Qualified Adoption Expenses
        Form 8844, Empowerment Zone and Renewal Community Employment Credit
        Form 8845, Indian Employment Credit
        Form 8859, District of Columbia First-Time Homebuyer Credit
        Form 8863, Education Credits (American Opportunity and Lifetime Learning Credits)
        Form 8864, Biodiesel and Renewable Diesel Fuels Credit
        Form 8874, New Markets Credits
        Form 8900, Qualified Railroad Track Maintenance Credit
        Form 8903, Domestic Production Activities Deduction
        Form 8908, Energy Efficient Home Credit
        Form 8909, Energy Efficient Appliance Credit
        Form 8910, Alternative Motor Vehicle Credit
        Form 8911, Alternative Fuel Vehicle Refueling Property Credit
        Form 8912, Credit to Holders of Tax Credit Bonds
        Form 8923, Mine Rescue Team Training Credit
        Form 8932, Credit for Employer Differential Wage Payments
        Form 8936, Qualified Plug-in Electric Drive Motor Vehicle Credit


    The delay is a result of Congress not having approved tax law changes under the American Taxpayer Relief Act until January 2. That caused the IRS to push back the opening of tax filing system to January 30 and required changes to certain subsidiary tax forms along with its return-processing system.
  • That explains it. I must not be a dumbass. Thanks for the info jamie!
  • I rcvd my refund today and filed thru turbo tax
  • I recd my tax refund today and I filed thru turbo tax
  • Seriously people!!! Are we or aren't we all adults here??? Enough of the name calling....THIS ISN'T FRECKIN JR HIGH OR HIGH SCHOOL....some people speak before knowing their facts so get over it!! GREAT to those who filed early & received their returns already & for those that haven't yet...."different strokes for different folks"
  • you clearly have no clue Laura reminds me of the Gieco comercial!! BTW I filed through turbo as I do every year and yes I got my refund as well... This post is highly amusing...
  • I filed mine on the 10th as well, it was accepted early by the irs( i rcvd an email AND a text on the night of the 25th, btw), that it wld be PROCESSED on the 30th and now it's scheduled for DD today(2/1)..actually, seeing "gremlin1" post made me feel better. i had a negative "know it all" in MY ear too, saying im wasting my time by filing early and that the news said so and so..i figured it cldnt hurt anything for it to just sit around in the queue while waiting for the 30th so i filed anyways..that person feels like a @$$ now because now she's got to wait 3 weeks and ill have my money this morning..i say dont try to convince a know it all...they ALREADY know let them get their return when AAAALLLL the other know it alls get their' the meantime, all of the smart one's that filed early can reap the benefits of being smarter than these people...
  • btw @ gremlin1, thank you for starting this thread bcuz i was a little worried about it actually being deposited on i feel pretty good:)
  • i filed on 27th Jan and recvd email stating that my taxes was recvd by IRS but is still pending because of deduction (1098-education) No expected dated of return. I pissed because i should have filed without it and once I recvd my taxes did an amendment for the 1098 education deductions
  • Same thing happened to me, they failed the return once, I resubmitted it, THAN it accepted it. Now, for 4 days all it will say is either, YOU must have entered information wrong or it hasn't been submitted yet, OR , your return is accepted but is being processed. Very aggravating because they told us to be all excited because we were being used to test an early release for our refund.

    Instead, were going to end up taking just as long, or longer than the people that filed ON the 30th. Very frustrated, really need my money in a bad way and their taking care of some and letting the rest rot.
  • alot of people have gotten their returns that were accepted early! thats a fact, mine should be in the bank today, my friend filed yesterday and was already accepted today. turbotax doesnt give loans. i claimed earned income credit, the irs disbursed mine to sbbt this morning so anyone saying it couldnt happen that fast doesnt have a clue. this person was nice enough to share his process with u laura even though most dont care once they get their money- i know when mine hits the bank in the morning im not gonna report just to have rude people talk smack! i have important shopping to do and life is too short to argue with nutballs who are jealous things didnt go as well for them and your negativity is probably why it didnt. its called kharma lol
  • [Removed Derogatory Slang],  what you need it for? Ur man been [Removed Derogatory Slang] someone for a log time. Now what you need it for? You been dry plz. Get off the tax forums cause I'm sick of you  and your friends.
  • Holli85...your just being annoying now.
  • Really......This is supposed to be to share info so we are all on the same page????? or maybe we just like chit really doesn't matter...but if I recall correctly there are 16 year old kids on here that do their own taxes...soooooo maybe we can all just get along
  • Funniest thread ever!
  • laura_johnson39, please get your facts correct. Honey I work for the IRS NOW and payments have been sent out, we started accepting early, people have received their returns today, NOT LOANS if they e-filed with any company and got accepted early...... Have a good day everyone good luck with your taxes........
  • I received my refund this morning! Yay
  • I'm LMBO right now at this thread. Laura is a troll who's only objective was to rile y'all up. Seems to have worked. Carry on :)
  • @Laura you can match my refund I filed with turbotax and it was intercepted they don't take loans sweetie check your info cuz you don't know what your talking bout smdh!!!!
  • Ppl u don't have to be nasty with Laura. She isn't a terrorist. She was only chiming in what she had obviously seen in her research. Is that cause to be nasty to her? To get a break in life u have to be just as courteous to others...
  • I got my refund today I checked the irs website and it verfied that I should recieve my direct deposit today,my bank account reflected the deposit!!!! I filed right through turbo tax as I do every year.
  • Lol.... Laura still here? Poor Laura. Hope lots of people got good news today. I'm waiting until Monday....
I think its awesome that YOU did! Youre right...most ppl just get thiers and disappear! Thanks. When were you accepted?
  • So sorry lol...obviously I cant read ;)
  • The 25th
  • Thanks for letting us know and congrats! :)
  • How did you receive your refund today when the IRS just started accepting them today...Im really confused
  • I got accepted 26th and nothings changed?
  • did you have 8863? or whatever
  • @gremlin1 Did you have the fees taken out of your refund? I filed 1/18, was accepted early on 1/25 so I also have a DD date of 2/1 and was wondering if having the fees taken out of the refund will delay it. Thanks! :)
  • No fees taken out. And I did recieve my money.
  • Yes I had them take it out of my refund for filing fees and no 8863
  • I'm not eben givin a date either
  • Not sure exactly how...but I was accepted on the 25, and received it today.
  • Huh well that's good tho!!
  • thanks for letting us know
  • thanks @gremlin1 :)
  • Hubby filed hoh, 3kids, and child tax credit. DD date tomorrow also, hope its accurate!!! Had short paycheck today!
  • my tt tracker says ill have my money between no and the 19 and one else got that
  • I got that too
  • I got acceped on the 26th but they are saying I want get mines til the 8th or 9th
  • what do that mean i filed on the 26 accepted 28 so i wont get my money until the 19
  • I also was accepted on Jan. 25th, and it says my estimated date is Feb. 20... Everyone else is getting dates already.. My state refund still says pending however.  I don't understand
  • So, is there a way to check other than the TT tracker and WMR? funkytextgirl??
  • I got the same message
  • I was accepted 1/25 had fees witheld and my dd date was 2/1 my bank shows its been deposited tonite already 1/31. To answer your question, Fees wont affect your dd date.
  • The tt tracker is just an estimate. It says what the IRS estimates that a refund will be within 7-14 days after acceptance. Mine has been 5-9 days after acceptance for the past 7 years.
  • the iRS has been accepting returns all last week but only for those who were privy to this info...
I know when my return was accepted, you all know when your returns were accepted. Anyone who begs to differ can suck my big toe. Please don't share personal information in attempts to prove your case, I have a feeling that Laura and the likes of her may be phishing.
  • My son filed turbotax and I went to the IRS site to check. Guess what it says his will be direct deposited into his bank account on February 1, 2013. His was also accepted on January 25, 2013. I have the email and re-read it to make sure. Go to and you can check on yours!
  • Man, that would be sweet! We filed on the 15th, it was accepted on the 25th, but haven't gotten any notification on when to expect it. It said we should have it BY the 19th, but it could come anytime before then too
IRS announced delay in processing Tax refunds including itemized deductions nationwide.
  • Filed on 1/9 was accepted on 1/25.  WRM still saying bing procesed.  Did claim EIC and have fees held out.  Does anyone know when the website is updated?
  • The wmr recording says info is updated just once daily so checking more than once a day will not result in a change of status.
  • Mine was accepted early and I filed the long form, with work deductions, not education deductions though, and my refund is scheduled for direct deposit tomorrow
  • @Laura honey calm down. I filed with TurboTax on 1/10/13. I was accepted by the IRS on 1/24. I have not received my refund or even a DD date yet, but the message was that they were not processing REFUNDS until 1/30. I guess there was a test batch and we all were apart of it, thus our returns were accepted early. I am not lying and am really jealous of the ones who got DD dates! LOL jk
  • @Laura and others that may be questioning things on here I did some research and this is what I have found:

    The IRS began accepting and processing most individual tax returns today after updating forms and completing programming and TESTING of its processing systems to reflect the American Taxpayer Relief Act (ATRA) that Congress enacted on Jan. 2.

    I didn't file my taxes until today so I am not even looking for my return anytime soon.  But oddly enough it was accepted in less than an hour which is a little strange .
  • Everyone of y'all need to understand that not everyone files before the published processing date.  I came on to see what forms i could print out.  So not every one stays on this site .  As far as loans, Netspend  my be doi g so, since the refunds have been DD so fast, how TT n Netspend are affiliated i do not know, but the are a loan company also.   So stop the name calling and act as adults.  Our media provides us with info and we all go by it.
  • Netspend does not hold funds... they show the minute they are transmitted... I know, I used to have one..
  • No Netspend does not hold funds, we used this card for our daughter in college, but according to others they are receiving their refunds very fast, so it leads to one thinking it may be a loan.
  • Laura- Just thought you should know my dad works for the IRS and yes they accepted some early, in fact my boyfriend filed the 10th through TURBO TAX and received his money in his acct TODAY. Don't get your panties in a bunch but please get your facts straight!
  • If it is a loan they why does the IRS where is my return site say it is being DD on the 1st ? I have a DD date and SBBT has my refund and is sending it to my bank tomorrow
  • Everyone, this Laura person is just pissed off because she has to wait longer than others. I got my refund today too, in my bank, NOT A LOAN, I did file with Turbo tax and have for a decade now, and I have been spending my money for over two hours now. It's ok Laura, you will get yours soon, just quit coming on here talking like an idiot. YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT!!!
  • Laura-please stop telling us that we are getting loans, we are grown adults and I think we know the difference between a loan and a actual return..Don't worry, sweetie, you will get yours too.
  • laura you must not have a life how old are you lol my kids act better than you i got my dd yesterday from netspend
  • she is probally more embarrassed than pissed...
  • does she not realize we are the lone survivors from the week from hell and we have no patience left...
  • I filed mine on the 30 state and federal was accepted but I don't have a DD yet maybe I will get a date tomorrow
  • I believe once a week
I just went to Where's my refund and it states it is set to be posted to my back account February 1, 2013.
  • When wrre accepted
  • Were u*
  • was this your first time checking today or did u check earlier?
  • I would like to no as well :) thanks.
  • i still havent gotten my W2 from my employer. they are making sure we cant file till the last minute we possibly can.
  • Does anyone know is the SBBT bank process stuff on the weekends or will I have to wait until next week??
I was accepted on 1/25, WMR stated a DD date of 2/1. I just checked SBBT and they have recieved my refund from the IRS.
  • how do you check that?
  • Here is the website to check:
  • I think TT is slow at updating for some reason, because TT still shows me pending, however WMR shows it has been accepted and DD for 2/4/13.  Man that is fast this year.  Not complaining, I think that is the least they can do after all the delays and system issues over the last week.  Good Luck everyone!
  • mine says its been accepted by the SBBT and its been transferred to my bank, but I haven't gotten in my account yet
  • does anyone have updates on the education credits? accepted the 24th WMR says processing will mines be delayed? the IRS reps don't seem to know anything...:(
  • someone else posted on another feed that it won't be until the 15 of Feb
  • Nothing is in my bank account as of yet, but its a good sign that SBBT has already recieved it. I expect it should it my bank account sometime tomorrow.
  • Some people need to get a life,it does not concern ur tax situation u should not come on here, obviously we r all n the same situation and trying to find out what is going on with our money!so please dont comment if ur not b n helpful!
  • I filed 1/22 and it says it will be deposited the 4th (Monday) but I'm hoping for tomorrow.
  • @chwagner check this web
  • My returns were accepted on 1/28 - has not moved to the processing stage on the site
  • All I know the WMR said 2/1, sbbt said they've received all my refund and it will be ach direct deposited tomorrow on 2/1.  I filed on the 17th, accepted 25th and WRM site on the IRS says 2/1 direct deposit date.
  • And I have one child and got EIC and the child tax credit.
  • it has not moved because the bank aint get it yet
  • I read on some website the education credits have been resolved? has any1 heard this or at updates? or do we still have to wait this is so upsetting
  • I wonder if its the amount that the IRS is looking at...I filed on the 22nd as well and I was accepted on the 26th but no estimated dd date as of yet. Hmmmm
  • according to the irs website the education credits won't be processed until mid feb
  • well that sucks
  • Nothing fixed far as I know.  If you read something, please link it.
@laura_johnson39, smh??????? No words
  • laura are u 39 or 3 plus 9 lol
  • LOL! I read all that with Laura. Obviously she is very clueless. She "USED" to work for the IRS! Things have changed since then! I can't believe her!
I filed on the 17th, accepted on the 23rd, was told by WMR to expect DD 2/1/13.   Funds have been sent to sbbt and charges have been removed from refund.  Now it's just a matter of a couple of hours before it shows up on in my account.   As far as my state that's another story it still shows as pending. LOL
    All I know Ladies and Gents is that I filed on Tues. IRS accepted it Weds. and mine says I should receive it before Feb. 19th.
    • did you have an education credit?
    • mine was accepted the 28 and mines say the same
    • and no edu credits
    • Update here.... Account Status
      Bank has received all or part of your income tax refund.
      RT Disbursement Information
      Bank has forwarded all or part of your income tax refund from the IRS to your financial institution on 01/31/2013, per the IRS refund delivery date.
      As with all direct deposits, please allow at least 1-2 business days for your financial institution to post your refund in your account.
    • THis is from SBBT
    • that is the same message I got when I went to and put in my info
    • I filed with Turbo tax on the 28th and was accepted by the IRS on the 29th....  They are accepting them, just weren't doing refunds until the 30th....
    • I have a question my wmr status all of a sudden has no information before it showed as if it was received and it was processing why? Is there something wrong? I filed yesterday and as early as an hour it showed in the IRS web page as received Checked this morning it was still there after noon it was no longer there and got a message to check after 72 hours any idea of what is going on?
    • Checking too often will lock you out of the system and give you that message.
    I also had dd got my refund today
      @Laura and others that may be questioning things on here I did some research and this is what I have found:

      The IRS began accepting and processing most individual tax returns today after updating forms and completing programming and TESTING of its processing systems to reflect the American Taxpayer Relief Act (ATRA) that Congress enacted on Jan. 2.

      I didn't file my taxes until today so I am not even looking for my return anytime soon.  But oddly enough it was accepted in less than an hour which is a little strange .
        I got my refund today, I had a netspend card and every dd I get is 1 day early. So yeah its true people are getting refunds.
          Congrats on getting your refund. I filed mine on 1-10 also, but mine is still sitting in pending and I am not waiting on any of the delayed credits....wish they would hurry up and accept mine already.
          • Mine is saying the same thing. What state are you inI dont get how some people are receiving theirs already.
          I filed on the 10th  and received word about my taxes on the 28th. From what my understanding is if you filed a simple form you were processed early but because of my credits/deductions it was going to take longer. I finally heard back and the date is anywhere from now until the 19th of February. I know of someone else that was accepted early and he will be getting his money tomorrow. So it looks like a different situation for everyone. Hope this helped.
          • So the "other person" had education credits too ?
          • i was accepted the same day as you and with no credits or deductions and mine say the same
          • This is just some more information that I believe to be accurate just passing it along.......Amanda

            As you know, the IRS did announce that they would not accept returns claiming education credits until mid February. You also know from your own experience that your return claiming an education credit was accepted. However, since the IRS is not ready to process it yet, it will sit until they are ready to process. If you filed earlier and accepted by IRS they may accept the return now, but it cannot be processed!

            The things that online tax preparation DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW is how to solve this problem. You don't have to wait until FEB-15. Just select another company to re-e-file your tax return without 8863 credit and amen this later. This will only work if your status has been pending for over 48 hours from the time the IRS starting processing 1/30/13.

            If you e-file twice, first one will be accepted, the second will be rejected . There is no penalty for e-file twice ever. Your return wont be flagged for fraud, the only way is if you or your tax vendor alerts the IRS that you were NOT the original filer!

            Any return with a form 8863 that was accepted will STAY on the IRS computers. When they get the code fixed, they will process them. If the IRS has "rejected" the tax return and this is the only reason, they have told the venders to resubmit the forms for you.

            The IRS does make certain information available to the tax professional community before it's released to the general public. If you don't care to believe it, that's your problem. When the programming and testing are completed, the returns will be released from the queue for processing. I am almost positive that the 8863'ers that have already been accepted will get their refund immediately when the form is available for filing.

            As for 8863'ers that have a pending status as of 2/1/2013 will have to wait to be accepted by the IRS and the waiting begins again. Thats as much solid information I was able to verify to be accurate, please feel free to pass this along...

          How long is a return usualy in pending status before it is acceptecor rejected
          Just checked my bank act & my refund is processing right now :)
            Lmaoooo this shit is comedy! Ima come read this everyday hahahaha
              I filed on 1/25, state and fed accepted. On 1/30 I checked my status and it said it would take up to 21 days for DD, but today I checked my status and it gave me a DD date of 2/4.
              Filed 10. Approved on 25. Education. Credit eic talked to ty today and they said DD tomorrow'
              • My DD day was stated as 2/1. I just logged in to my bank account, and the deposit has been credited. The is normal as any DD scheduled for the following day at my bank usually goes in between 7-9 p.m. Hope the rest of you waiting have similar luck.
              • Out of curiosity, I went to WMR  after viewing my bank account online. WMR says it has let to acknowledge it being sent so I assume as others have stated, it must not update until at least midnight.
              • the WMR only updates once a day
              • what bank arkin
              • Shrout u had the 8863 and getting deposit tomorrow
              • ?
              • Community First Bank....a local bank in NW Arkansas. Also I meant to say it goes in between 7-9p.m the night before it is scheduled to be deposited. This has always been the case with my DD paychecks as well. I know some though who work where I do don't see their DD deposited until after midnight, or the next morning, so I guess it depends on one's bank.
              • Has anyone found out about the thirty first I filed today the thirty first accepted I hour later any clue when my date my be
              • just keep checking the WMR page once a day
              • Wish I could tell you Mary. I do know in previous years you would only receive it on one day of the week ( for example on a Friday ). If you didn't get it that day, it would be at least another week. Several here however have stated this year that has changed, and it could come on any day of the week. ( Monday- Friday ).
              • I filed on the 18th was accepted the 25th, was told by WMR my DD would go in on the 1st, but I received it by 4pm today.  So hopefully everyone will get their money soon!!
              • filed the 21st got accepted the 26th wheres my refund say i have an expected dd date of feb 4th
              • I finally have heard back from Turbo tax since Jan. 14 and it was not what I wanted to hear...................Important Information About Your Tax Return A quick update on your federal tax return
                Although you submitted your return earlier this month, you may have heard that the IRS is not ready to accept tax returns that have certain deductions or credits in them - like yours.

                Your return is currently being held because it contains these deductions and/or credits: Education Credits.

                If your federal return is being held, your state return may also be delayed.  Some state tax authorities require that the federal return is accepted before they can start processing.

                This is a nationwide delay for all returns like yours - no matter who prepares them. Don't worry, you won't lose your place in line. We've got your return ready to go as soon as the IRS is ready to process it.

                Next step: keep watching your email.

                We'll send you another message when there is an update on the status of your return.

                More information from the TurboTax Support site

                More information from the IRS
              • So if you have those "certain" deductions you can still file right? But you have to wait longer for the return?
              • You can file but AWESOME PEOPLE [EDITED BY MODERATOR] will get accepted first .Love the government.
              • Lol. As long as I can file it now that's fine, I don't want to deal with this crap in two months....luckily we don't rely on the meager scrapings that we get back from the government.
              • So you had an education credit
              • Seriously Holli85?  "Lowlife's" will get accepted first?  I know married ppl...where both ppl work full time-some with children as well, along with single ppl, who also work full time-some with children and some with no children who have received their refunds....are they "lowlife's"?  Smh....
              • Could be partially my fault goddss04.

                I was simply trying to make a joke when this person posted in a thread about "paying my travel expenses so she could smack me" because I got my refund tonight. I replied saying " If you are female, and where you smack me I might accept". I took the post ( maybe wrongfully so ) as a joke and was simply kidding with my response. There was no serious sexual innuendo on my part. Also,  I was in  NO way taking light of anyone who is waiting and needs their refund. I'm a single father of two children, and making ends meat is difficult at best. I would never poke fun at any one needing their money.
              • I filed on Jan 24 got accepted on Jan 26 and now got a DD date of 2/4 so good luck to everybody on getting your deposits. And I guess I'm one of the lowlifes that are getting their deposits first cause I don't have any education credits to claim
              • Wow Holli85 you must be one of Laura's friends! what on earth is that even suppose to mean? Thanks for the laugh wow.....
              • Guys, the OP is about HAVING the 8863 credits... so do all of you that have DD dates and/or received your refunds, also filed with the 8863?
              ugh!  Laura is still at it!?!  There was a large test batch.  Some of us were looked at early.  Some of us got a DD of 2/1, but got our $ today.  GO POUND SAND!

                This is the answer I got today.
                    ummmmmm I got mine this morning too! I must be one of the billion lucky ones!

                    • I guess, we got accepted the 28th but it has just been sitting there, sometimes it acts like they never even got our return and than it goes back to ''your return is accepted'' but not approved.
                    • So you had form 8863?
                    got mine in the back accepted 1/25 dd 2/1 turbotax free edition
                    • simple return?   Or did you have credits such as form 8863?