has anyone's north Carolina taxes been accepted yet

  • any updates? still pending over 48 hours
  • Me too. :(
  • I'm in NC too. Filed on 1/10. Accepted by IRS for federal on 1/25, but I'm in the 8863 delayed club. State return still pending.
  • hey dusty rose, just wanted to update you even though we are waiting for the 8863 school credit I received the update today that I will have my refund before the 19th; that's including the tax credit for school !
  • Wow! That's encouraging! Did you get an email?
  • i recieved a text and e-mail file on 25th and it has been accepted and should recieve by the 19th
  • I filed on the 29th, it accepted and approved and should be here next week
  • Where did you get your information SHANRHOBBS?  Website or did you call?
No, Turbo Tax has it as still pending. When I go to the NC Dept. of Rev. website, I get an obscure message stating that my return has not been processed but they are slightly ahead of last year's schedule. I filed very early both years. Last year, I already had my state return by this time, and this year it is still listed as pending.
  • I keep getting that same darn message. I am going to call them now to see if I can get any additional information. I will keep you posted.
  • I am in the same boat with you, by this time last year, I already had my refund in hand!  They have not accepted mine yet either and I filed my taxes on the 18th??? This is getting rediculous!
I just got off of the telephone with the state and they said that they just started to accept tax returns yesterday 1/30 and that they are moving slowly. I told her that I filed on 1/14 and have been pending ever since. She said that they are accepting and beginning to process tax returns as of yesterday and to check the "where's my refund" tool on their site daily for updates.
  • has anyone recieved their arizonia taxes back yet or still pending
  • Filed 1/27  fed accepted, nc pending
  • stilll pending here also
  • Update: mine was finally accepted
  • State accepted federal still pending
  • Still pending on Turbotax and getting the "has not been processed" on the NC DOR website.... This really sucks
  • same here... filed on 1/29 fed accepted within hours state still pending.. Last years the state was the fastest
  • This is my first time filing in NC. How long does it usually take them to process tax returns?
  • It normally doesn't take long, less than thirty days. But this year seems strange. I filed on the 18th and i just got notice it was accepted today.
  • Oh wow...ok. Thanks. I too was an early filer but have yet to even be accepted. Oh well. I guess I will continue to play the waiting game.
  • Just got an email from TT that my NC state was just accepted!!! Just when I had given up hope. Hopefully I will get a DD date soon. :-)
  • That's great, i know i am not getting back federal anytime soon, so state would be nice!
  • 10:55 pm EST - NC state taxes accepted; federal still pending
  • I received a status update online that said to call them regarding the refund amount. I called today and they said that they are finally processing my refund and so far their are no issues with the amount. Must be some type of technical error. She also said that since mines is processing now, I should receive my refund sooner rather than later (whatever that means).
  • hey have you received your state yet? any dd on federal?
  • Not yet. I talked to NC state last night and she told me that it was not done processing but confirmed my refund amount and told me that I should have it by next week (but didn't make any promises). She said that the worst case scenario is 30 days from the day received (with dd of course). I haven't recevied my Federal DD yet because I am one of the unfortunate filers with the 8863 form (education credit).
  • i know me too.. still waiting. i haven't heard anything everything just says processing :(
I filed yesterday on 2/1 and both my NC state return and Federal return have been accepted within 24 hrs.
  • Thats weird.. I see alot of people that filed before the 1/30 and theirs are still pending.
  • Although I filed early there was a message on TT website that state NC wouldn't begin accepting returns until 1/30. They finally accepted them on I wanna say the 2nd and the NC website is still saying it hasn't been processed. There has been times in the past that i received my NC refund before my federal refund so I think they may be a little behind.
Email at 10:55 pm EST that my state (NC) taxes have been accepted!! Finally some progress!!!
  • my state was just accepted also
my state were just accepted about an hour ago
    Mine was accepted today!  Now, I wonder how long to receive it!!  :-)
    • My return was accepted on the 2nd of feb as well. Have you received your refund yet?
    • no not yet  no dd
    my nc state was accepted today on turbotax and i got an email confirmation but when u go to nc state to check refund it says processing my fed was accepted on the 30th ans i still dont have a dd date yet 
    • Mines was the same way Jess81nc. I got the email but the nc dor website says processing. My federal is still pending.. I don't know....
    • im getting fustrated because people that have filed after me have been accepted and refunded today and now wmr says they cannot provide any info that i must have entered info wrong and I know its right grrrrrrrrrr
    yes it took about 2 days after my fed 
      yes 02/06/2013
      Filed turbotax feb 1. Fed processing and tonight state check has been written should take 2 weeks but its always less
      • Did you get that update from the nc website?
      • what time did u check nc state
      I filed on 29 federal is pending still but got my state dd today. I am in NC

      • How long was your NC processing? Did the status change on the WMR NC website? I have been waiting since 1/30.
      • I got my NC refund today too. My status changed on the website on Friday. Federal still pending...
      • Congrats! Hopefully I will get mine soon. It would help while I am waiting for my federal due to that darn 8863 form.
      • Thanks ijblakey! I hope you get yours soon!
      • You are honestly the first person I have seen to get their state refund!  That means at least they are moving!  Did it say on your status that it was sent on the refund website or did it just show up in your bank account?  Thank you!
      • My status changed on nc website today says should have money in two weeks hoping since its dd it will be sooner
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