NJ State Refund Anyone Accepted Yet?

anyone have their New Jersey accepted yet? they opened today and mine is still pending.
    I received notice today tues 2/5 that nj state accepted return.  Filed on 1/30
    • Mine too were filed with my Federal and Federal was accepted right away.  3 days now and nothing from New Jersey.  This year, you can go to the NJ Division of Taxation and check on line directly without having to call...Just easier here at work to go search the web than making the call...
    • so there is still hope?? I filed last week, think it was Friday, my federal was accepted within a couple hours, but my state still pending....
    • thanks everyone i filed on 1/26 too, both federal and state accepted on 1/30 and got my federal but not my nj state yet, its saying i'm not even in the system yet when i check online on new jerseys website even though turbo tax said it was accepted.   still nothing.
    I dunno..last year after I got accepted, it was deposited a week later. I got accepted 1/30 so just waiting and the 1800 number doesn't say anything about 2012 return just 2011 refund..joisey sux
      I don't know what is going on this year, but I filed my federal on the 23 and still have not been accepted.... I filed my state on February 1st and received an email yesterday saying that my state was accepted.
      • Ohhhhh thats about when I filed both returns, weird, I got my federal back in like 8 days!!!   But my state, turbo tax is saying it was accepted but absolutely no record of it, nothing, no email, I guess I'll wait a while longer maybe they're backed up because of the fiscal cliff issue?
      I filed end of Jan with TURBO, both accepted -  same as past 7 years.  I received my Fed within 2 weeks.  I JUST received a letter this past weekend asking for copies of my SS card, last pay stub from 2012, W2 and letter I received to mail to state.  Letter says once received they have 90 days to review. I mailed certified today - SUCH BS.
        Last year it took NJ about 5 days to accept/reject.
        • my NJ state was accepted last week but when i call the 1-800 number they have no info yet. is this normal?
        • i filed last Thursday, my Federal was accepted within a few hours, which means nothing because it is still being "reviewed", and my NJ State has been pending, most states are backlogged due to the IRS last minute change of some things that may or may not affect your State, idk,..
        • UPDATE - My federal refund is finally being deposited this Wed. I filed both fed and state on 1/31, and my State (NJ) is STILL pending.....it does say on their website they are backlogged due to the IRS stopping the acceptance of returns on 1/24 and making some type of change, not sure what, but it also put a hold on the State returns... they will be accepted, just need to be patient
        • thanks for the information, couldn't find it on the NJ web site.   I filed 10 days ago and have already already have my federal and NY State refunds, though NJ is still "pending".
        • Thanks for the information - I filed on January 27 and my State refund is also still pending as of this morning.
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