i checked wheres my refund from irs site it said direct deposit date feb 1st to bank

  • when did you file it? I filed on the 25 or so also. No status yet.
  • I got that too! That was quick!
  • Wow! I hope I get mine as quickly!
  • i did mine on the 28th and still no answer
  • Sorry, posted this in the wrong thread at first...Early this morning it wasn't working for me, but around 11 a.m it did. I read some posts here about people's status changing, and checked again a few minutes ago. It still shows my refund to be deposited on 2/1 ( was accepted 1/24 ).  Note I'm not questioning anyone about their status changing, just saying how mine is going so far. Also, I did not claim the education credit which seems to be a major hold up for many who did.
  • @Arkintosh42 I seen the same thing on the website, turbotax and the hotline. I checked again online an it could not be found. So I decided to call IRS and they told me that they just start accepting them today an it takes up to 3weeks to process it Direct deposit. No I am pissed off because they have a sucky system. It will be a blessing that it do show in the account Friday. What do you think about this situation? Oh, an they also told me they were not able to see anything yet.. LIARS I believe.
  • @Arkintosh42 I seen the same thing on the website, turbotax and the hotline. I checked again online an it could not be found. So I decided to call IRS and they told me that they just start accepting them today an it takes up to 3weeks to process it Direct deposit. No I am pissed off because they have a sucky system. It will be a blessing that it do show in the account Friday. What do you think about this situation? Oh, an they also told me they were not able to see anything yet.. LIARS I believe.
  • i agree with u
  • I filed mid January, and I am getting the same information. I have also confirmed with my CU and they were able to verify that their records say that as well, it isn't official yet, but in the past once my CU tells me it's on the way it shows up when it is supposed to.
  • My deposit has been sent out but my bank has not posted it yet is anyone going through the same.thing
  • @marnold1 How did you find out its been sent out?
  • call the IRS hotline number you will see it is most accurate and my funds were actually deposited a day earlier and was ready to be accessed at 12:17 am this morning....Good luck everyone! Oh btw I will always use Direct deposit from now on because it went very very quick I got my refund so fast thank you Jesus....and my sisters is still giving the same info when calling the automated hotline
  • I am in the same situation. I went back to the wmr and the system now only shows that my refund was received and is "being processed."  I contacted my bank and nothing has been deposited :(  This is beyond a glitch.  Two agents said they saw my refund and my dd was correct.  Called yesterday evening because the system didn't show that the money was sent.  Then the agent said that they did not show a refund for me.  I checked the wmr this morning and it showed that it was completely processed/sent to my bank.  I am beyond concerned, frustrated, and upset!
  • I got stuck with the education credit delay!!  Really irritates me.
  • Same thing with me what was ur outcome? Mine was sent on march 4 and it's not in my bank yet...then wmr goes between that and processing ...??? Ugh I'm pissed
  • To this date still processing!!!!@
  • I filed on the 3rd of March, for several days it said "processing" today it says that it cannot find my information. I try under my wife's SS# and it says that there is a delay? What gives?!?
  • DOLPHINJAYSON--same situation with me!
  • Yea I am so did you get it the next day?
  • Says the same thing for me. Has said it for a week now. I called an they asked if i had education credit and that thata probably the reason..its bs
the wmr sited does not have any info on me called 8008291954 and was told that it would be dd on the 1st as well
  • When did you file because the IRS did not accept any returns till jan 30 th this year. I just did mine on the 29 th the IRS accepted it on the 30 so turbo tax told me to wait 72 hours to find out when my dd will hit.
  • I filed it on the 25 or 26th, but I understand they didn't begin processing until today! So we wait. As long as it's on the way, I can deal with it. Thanks for responding.
  • i filed on the 18th and was accepted on the 25 called wmr hotline and was told that my refund will be dd on the 1st
  • I filled on the 18th and was accepted on the 25th as well...but when I call wmr hotline or wmr irs site...I get it is still pending....
  • did you file with the school credit form 8863 those are being delayed until the middle of feb...my sister's husband's was filed on the 17th and his was accepted on the 23rd and his is saying being processed he did not use the higher education credit for 8863
  • Mine shows it's still being processed on the IRS site as well, was accepted a few days ago.. hopefully it won't be too much longer (I didn't to the 8863 credit)
  • I filed on the 23rd, and was accepted early on the 26th,its telling me 21 days..  Is anyone else getting that message? Also, I am getting DD...
  • what is wmr hotline
  • what is wmr?
  • i'm assuming it's Where's My Refund
  • the number is 800-829-1954
  • pj, Mine also was accepted early (a couple of days ago) but still does't say it'd done being processed on where's my refund, and it says 9-21 days after it's processed
  • and how do i get a live person
  • I filed on the 15th... turbo tax stated it had been accepted on the 24th... went to the irs.gov website to check my refund and first it stated it was being processed.... i looked again about 4 hours later online and it couldn't find it... so I called the automative line and it stated it was being processed and should recieve within 21 days of the day they recieved it....  I am from Texas and its a beautiful day outside ... sure hope I get a resonse soon :)
  • filed on the 11th.  got accepted on the 24th.  recieved email at noon central time today saying i can track refund.  went to "where's my refund" site and submitted info to irs.  it told me to wait 24 hours after recieving email to track or call the hot line number.  called the number and it said a direct deposit is scheduled for feb 1 at my bank.  if i don't recieve by feb 6 to call the bank.
  • wmr+where's my Refund
  • Call 800 829 0582 ext. 362
  • I filed mine on 1.11. it was accepted on 1.24. It shows on the website that mine cant be found and when i call it says that i have to wait 21days. My friend did hers on 1.24 and she is getting dd on 2.1 i dont know what is going on. i didnt file school at all.
  • i filed mine on the 15th and was accepted on the 24th and says the same 21 day message for me
  • that was lightning speed was your refund under 5000?
  • it will be too :)
  • No mine wasnt. Neither was my friends. She is gettting hers on 2.1. . I dont know when mine is coming
  • Good morning everyone, I did not use turbo tax I used H&R Block but when googling to find out what was wrong with the IRS.Gov wmr web link....your forum appeared. The web link for WMR is linked to the national IRS.gov WMR link no matter who or what facility or company was used when filing your refund.....therefore if there is a glitch in the IRS.gov WMR link....there is going to be a definite downpour of misinformation poring out among all tax preparation websites and where is my refund links.......According to H&R Block today was the first day 1-30-13 that the IRS would start accepting or even recognizing a tax return....and the National IRS.Gov WMR link would open at 11 am EST.......I filed my taxes on 1-23-13 and was told that no matter what that there would be a standard 21 day waiting period after the first date of 1-30-13 when the IRS actually started looking at returns.......thus making my husband and I not even really think to check and see what was happening with our return until around the 15th of February...........THEN as luck would have it......I was in Wal Mart on the 28th and a female was purchasing thousands of dollars in merchandise [electronics] and using her Emerald MasterCard from H&R Block...........asked the female how she was able to do so....and she informed me that she received a telephone alert that her funds had been loaded on her card.....24 DAYS EARLIER THAN WE WERE TOLD that the first round of refunds would be disbursed.......hmmmm......so when I got home I went through hundreds of sites and learned that today 1/30/13 at 11 am EST  WMR would start informing taxpayers of disbursement dates........today at 11:22 am EST I checked my refund and was shocked to see the orange status bar was almost full and I was given a disbursement date of 2/1/2013 and if after 2/6/13 if I hadn't seen the deposit to contact my bank..................checked again around 9pm to show a few family members.......and the system stated that I needed to wait until I received my official IRS email confirming receipt of my taxes............In utter shock and disbelief I started googling yet again.........and learned that with this being the first date of WMR official opening for the 12-13 tax season........there will be several updates.......throughout the day......checked the website again at 11:44 pm, 1-30-13.....and FINALLY am able to see that it was correct earlier in the day and I will receive my refund on 2-1-13.............years ago I worked as a tax professional at H&R Block and the thing I always noticed is that the more difficult the taxes for an individual is the more lengthy wait period.......simple things like an additional birth or marriage during the tax year might add a couple of days so that the IRS can in fact verify the validity of such things.......claiming your education credits and using your 1098T will also add an additional few days.......One thing for sure is that no matter who we've used we are all suffering through the computer glitches for 2013......but for those whom haven't received a disbursement date.......please download IRS2GO on your smart phone and set your alert from the IRS to notify you directly about disbursement dates......I did this earlier today and as soon as their system was updated I received an alert stating yet again that my date was 2-1-13........I also read where someone said 3:30 am was the update time.....it's actually at midnight and then again at 3:30 so your info may change from accepted to refund disbursement date within those hours.......and will then be disbursed at the following midnight to 3:30-6 am on the set date of disbursement.............my sister filed on the 26th was given a 2-21 disbursement date and it was changed to 2-10 about 45 minutes ago on the IRS.GOV website
  • @Soccermom24740 How do you set alerts from the IRS2GO app? I didn't see that option but would love to have it! Thanks
  • google play on android the app store just type in IRS2GO and btw I got my refund at 8:46 pm yesterday and was able to remove funds immediately after midnight last night
  • Good info....thanks..I efiled on 2/7 and was told that I would get dd by 2/20 then I i went back on wmr site and status changed back to processing, smh
  • So if my refund say it will be deposited on the 3-13-2013 when should i recieve it
The good thing now is that it flips over everynight at 3:30am
    Mine was suppose to be dd today 2/1. It is not in my account yet.
    • Mine too. Now when I check wmr it says we have received your return and it's processing
    • Mine too!!!  I can't find any information and the IRS agent yesterday didn't seem to appreciative of her employment.  I asked her is there anything wrong with processing.  Didn't get a straight answer!!!  She said that everything and everyone who said my dd date was 2/1 was incorrect.  I said everything and everyone is incorrect but you.  She said yes.  I wonder if she could hear my sarcastic tone :/
    • Who told you Feb 1st tieraspears?
    • WMR hotline and wmr website both said the 1st..I didn't receive it on the first and then when I checked wmr on 02-02-13 it just said processing..it didn't even give me the 21 day spiel
    • Well We got the 6th and someone on here got the 6th sooo. Hopefully then. BE PATIENT :)
    • I'm definitely ok about not having a date yet I'm just confused about what exactly is going on..I went from having a dd date to just processing overnight..just strange
    Hey guys, maybe my answer will give you guys some peace of mind. I filed on Jan. 28th, I had the education credit, so I was held for 2 weeks and accepted on Feb. 14th. After about 18 days the WMR changed from Refund Processing, to just a message that said "Your refund is still processing, a direct deposit date will be provided when available. " on Mar. 8th (22nd day after it was accepted) I called the IRS. I spoke to a woman who SEEMED very knowledgable. She told me there was something wrong with my return, and a letter had been sent out to me. She said more than likely they needed a copy of my 1098-T for the education credit. But she couldn't see the letter. So I decided to just wait for the letter. During the next week I was stressed to the max. My status on the WMR would randomly change to "not able to find your information" causing me to panic. And no letter was received. Somewhere in there I received a letter from H&R Block stating that many who filed the Education Tax Credit would see delays of 4-6 weeks, and may be asked to provide more information to the IRS. At this point I was in tears, as I am due to receive a very large refund, am behind on rent and bills, and have NEVER experienced a delay in the 10 years I've been filing my taxes. So finally on Saturday March 16th I woke up and sleepily checked the IRS2GO App, which had become a morning ritual, expecting nothing to have changed.  And there it was, a DD date of Mar. 20th, which is tomorrow. I never received a letter from the IRS, but looks like everything is ok now. It took 34 days from the time it was accepted to the DD date, a little longer than usual, but definitely not worth the stress caused by uninformed IRS phone agents. Hope this helps someone!!
    • Did you get your money today??
    • Mine was suppose to be deposited today but it didn't happen
    • @katrinabrandt did you get yours today??
    • I had the EXACT thing happen to me and no I still haven't received mine in my account yet however the WMR has changed to refund sent on March 20th, 2013 as of about 3 1/2 hours ago
    • Update: I received my refund just after midnight, making it the morning of 3/21. Hallelujah!! Time to shop. :) good luck all!
    i filed on the 28th looked on the irs site n it said feb 4th money would be in my bank account
    • mines came in the bank today ready on the 1st
    • This is what the Santa Barbara ( where you have the fee deducted if you use them ) bank shows for me now "Bank has forwarded all or part of your income tax refund from the IRS to your financial institution on 01/31/2013, per the IRS refund delivery date.

      As with all direct deposits, please allow at least 1-2 business days for your financial institution to post your refund in your account.

      A disbursement in the amount of $850.02 was sent to you"

      My bank process all direct deposits automatically from 7-9 p.m at night. So I should either get mine by 9 p.m tonight or by that time tomorrow night.
    • And to marnold.... I can't explain why some are getting basically "back and forth" messages regarding the status of their refund. Mine is progressing, so far anyway, as expected.

      As for others who are saying direct deposits would be coming on different days, that is new to me. I'm not trying to discount anyone's word who is saying that could be the case, but in my experience the past several years that hasn't been true. They only did it on a certain day of the week. In other words, if you didn't get it on say a Friday, you wouldn't  get it until at least the Friday of the next week.
    • This year is different and refunds will be DD everyday except for weekends and Holidays...Some people have a DD date of 2/4 which is Monday.
    • @arkintosh42
      We are blessed to be getting ours so fast. I believe that if you file around the same time and with the same program every year it helps out irs to scoop out the fraudulent happenings. last year I got my taxes back the next week after I files. this time its 3 days
    • What if my fees are taken out from sbbt, but I don't have a tracking #
    • My federal return was accepted on 1/26/13 and dd date is schedule for 2/4/13... state still pending..
    Did through Turbotax 27th, As of yesterday (feb 2 2013) IRS website has a expect your refund date of Feb 6th in our account, which a friend said was the first date of refunds. Direct deposit to our bank.  Woohoo! Hope that helped :)
    • did mine on the 29th accepted on the 30th checked mine today expected day is the 7th  yay
    • That's good!!!!!!!!!!! At least u got a date :)
    I did on 01/17 and it was accepted awhile ago and when I called the hotline it says 21 days. This is not fair how they decide to give some people theres early. Lets hope tomorrow I have a date
    • well did you get 1?
    • I do now... It says 02/06... It makes no sense I filed on 01/17 got accepted 01/24 and it just today gave me a date
    • All that complaining for nothing. It ALWAYS will say 21 days, you know WHY? If they say feb 2nd and have a computer glitch, oany problems PEOPLE get IMPATIENT and whine/complain. Must have patience. Everybody and their MOMMA can't be all refunded on the same day :)
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