I need to change the bank account my refund will be deposited into.

Please instruct me on how to change the account my refund will be posted into. My return has been accepted by the IRS.
  • I too need to change the bank account my refund will be deposited into, I wrote down the wrong account number when I was filing. My refunds have been accepted by the IRS..
  • change direct deposit on ammended return
  • I spoke to an IRS representative directly by calling 1-800-829-1040.  I was told that you can not change your direct deposit information via TurboTax, phone, or any other method.  The IRS will make 3 attempts to pay you electronically.  If the payment is not accepted by the bank, they will issue/mail a paper check to the address listed on your tax documents.  You will receive the check 3 - 4 weeks after the date you would have received it electronically.  To find out when you will receive the refund electronically, visit http://www.irs.gov/Refunds.

    Btw, I don't suggest filing an ammended return just to change your e-file information if you want your refund sooner than later.  Refunds for amended returns are sometimes processed closer to the end of the year.

Call Tax Product Group (Live Taxpayer Support:1-877-908-7228) they will be able to help with changing the refund method or corrections. TurboTax is pathetic they do not provide any support and their automated sucks... I just got my refund corrected by calling TPG.https://cisc.sbtpg.com/contact.aspx

    Need to change the number bank  account on the Louisiana tax return the number is wrong

      Yes, you can actually do it online (only online, I tried to call the # mrizwan65 provided (thank you!) and they can't do it there either). But you must catch it before it is dispersed by the third party company. 

      Go to www.sbtpg.com and you can change your account information there - I just did it!

        i need to change the bank account my state refund will be deposited in.
        • You can only change your bank account on sbtpg.com if you had your fees deducted from your refund.
        • i have
        • need to go to the bank account on the form to change the number
        My tax refund was sent back to the IRS I need to contact them to straighten out where the refund can be sent. Do you have the phone number where I can call?  The bank sent the return back because It was to go into my Mother's account. as Iwas informed my account was not at the bank but closed.
        • 800-829-1954 this is one of the numbers to the IRS. From my understanding all they will do is mail you a check. It will take around 3 weeks to process once they acknowledge getting it back from the bank. I know they don't let you change bank information over the phone. Of course you could call and ask if you can fa something in, but I believe it's standard to only allow the bank information you filed with.
        What will happen once the money tries to hit hte closed account? When will I recieve my refund?
        • They will send you a paper check. This could take some time though. So be patient;)
        • Surely their is a way to do change your direct deposit stuff...
        • go in and talk to your bank and see if they can redo your account
        • you can go to the Santa Barbara Tax Products Group site and change your account info i believe. sbtpg.com
        • if it does hit a closed account but then reopens will it retry to deposit everyday after?
        • You can only change your bank account on sbtpg if you had your fees deducted from your refund. The IRS will not allow you to change your bank whether its pending or accepted. Once it's submitted, its gone. If it is not accepted by the bank it will be send back to the IRS, usually after 5 days, and they claim they will mail a check at about 3 weeks from having it sent back to them. If it hits the bank and they reopen the account it should be deposited the first time as that's what would trigger the reopening. You would really need to call your bank to see if they will accept the incoming deposit even if the account is closed. If you owe them money, they will accept it, if not their policy may depend on how long the account has been closed, etc.
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