What days does the IRS direct deposit

I've heard this year the IRS is doing direct deposit every day this year vs. once a week.  What have you heard?

i filed on 1-27-14 and it was accepted on 1-28-2014. IRS states and says my refund will be direct deposited before 02-06-2014! w shall see!

  • Mine says the same
  • Mine too did u get urs
  • Mine too wonder what time they do deposits
  • Still haven't gotten mine. But the irs website doesn't say it's been sent yet. So they must gonna wait till the actually date. I hope I get it the same day!!
  • Yes mines says the 6th.  Its weird became last year I got it a couple days before
  • Well it's 8:10 and I still haven't received mine. So I guess it will be tomorrow. We shall see
  • I got mine early last year and it says the same this year that I will get it by the 6th. I hope it hits tonight after irs updates. Was really hoping it would have been here by now.
  • Does anyone know when the irs updates?
  • Nightly. I always check around 1am. I have noticed between 10:30 pm & 12:30am cst the system is updating so I just wait until 1 to check
  • Good to know
  • I got the same date i pray it comes for all of us!
  • Me too! I hope!
  • Anything yet?
  • I got mine it's 2:29 eastern time
  • Just got it
  • Still nothing
  • Nothing yet
  • Sjhancock86 and Alexis.hawkins28 what did the IRS web site say after you got your refund ... Did anyone else get theirs
  • Didn't get mine yet and the toll free number and website aren't working I'm in Texas @ 3:10am
  • Waiting on mine still
  • Mine says my refund will be deposited by the 6th also but so far nothing... 3:30am pacific time
  • 6:40am est no federal yet supposed to deposit today but my state came in at 5:30am
  • Hey, to the people who received there dd today, did "where's my refund" say sent? Or is it still at approved
  • Mine says the 6th and its 7am and nothing yet
  • My dd is today and I haven't gotten my refund yet either wonder what's going on
  • It still says approved
  • Mine said a dd of 2-6-14 nothing yet. Do they deposit all day or just in the morning?
  • @jlackey1986 supposedly everyday but my ddd was 2/6 too but nothing and I called my bank n they said wait to 8 am
  • I haven't got mines either.
  • @jennifersoto850 oh ok thanks
  • Im still calling irs cause thats my money
  • anybody get good news yet?
  • Today is my day too and nothing!  Glad I'm not alone
  • It says the 6th but not to call bank until the 11th if still not received, so I am assuming it is still the same as every other year deposits made on fridays and mondays??
  • Still waiting in Texas
  • Still no dd here either and wmr is still in the accepted mark. Hopeing it comes through today.
  • They make deposits daily. 2 ppl commented earlier they received theirs.
  • Irs said they deposit every hour of da day just keep checking bank account
  • 830 est still have not got mine
  • I'm in pa. Filed a while ago. I think the 23/24 I'm scheduled today for dd and haven't got mine either guys
  • i was just about to ask lol , mine was schd for today as well was hoping i wasn't the only one
  • i did not get anything , and it was schd for today but i know alot of people that got theres  and we filed on the same day
  • My mom used to work for the irs. she said they make deposits on friday and mondays, We should get tomorrow
  • nothing for me either DDD says 02-06-2014 it is now 8:07 am CST 02-06-2014. i will just check bank later.
  • Looks like a lot of us were dd for today and have not got it . Do they deposit more than once a day?
  • lol i am not sure but , according to post it could be tomorrow
  • last year my DDD was correct and on time. this year i didnt do anything different, and was given a DDD of 02-06-2014, and nothing yet. i will just keep checking my bank account and i am sure it will show up today sometime we are in michigan and on CST. so who know's! i was kinda hopeing it would have been in the bank already, howerver my account updates at 9am CST. will keep you all posted either way.
  • I think its eidiculous that so many people got the same msg that their returns would be dd by 2/6/14 and very few people that have posted on here have actually gotten their money
  • They changed it this year they make deposits daily now. Some people got theirs yest and today.
  • Didnt get mine either and have ddd of today.Called bank and she checked and said theres no deposits today or tomorrow and that i should get it next week.So why does the irs say i will get it by feb 6th and i still havent gotten it.I have to buy some lobster and wine.I have a hot date tonight and was hoping for that money because im broke.Come on irs.
  • I haven't gotten my money either and I also called my bank and they have no deposits showing. Why tell us we'll have the money by the 6th if you arent gonna send it by the 6th? Makes no sense
  • How can your bank tell you what will be deposited? They cant I can go make a deposit to your account at 3pm. They cant predict when!
  • Nothing here neither supposed to get mine today too
  • I was gonna call the irs and see what they said but I cant find a number where I talk to an actual person
  • What number can I call to talk a live irs agent.
  • There won't b a deposit when u go through turbo tax it goes through their bank then it is transferred to ur account so u nor the bank will c it til it comes in
  • The question is when the heck are they gonna transfer the money into our accounts?
  • goggle santa babara tax products.It will tell you if the bank has received your refund.
  • @jay.santiago73 I cant find a number to speak to an actual person only number I found is automated
  • @rick2310 how can they tell if the bank received my refund?
  • are you sure?
  • DUPREESABRINA---- you said they do daily deposit? MY deposit date is today and i have nothing so do they just do it once a day or every couple hours or how does it work. THANKS
  • If its deposited to Turbotax then transferred some ppl still got theirs today.
  • https://cisc.sbtpg.com/index.aspx?site=full this the website everyone needs
  • I was scheduled forntoday and mine still said approved
  • It won't be on IRS website go to link I posted
  • I thought I was the only one going threw this , why are our fund in our accounts yet ? I took today off work to get things done and now this b.s .
  • @jseuell I went to that website and they have no information
  • This is ridiculos. I had things I had to do today with that money and its 10:30 and I still havent received anything
  • Anyone get theirs??
  • Thanks to that website turbo tax bank has mine says it should b comun today or tomorrow it says next business day so maybe tomorrow thank u again
  • well mine was also scheduled for dd today and nothing but I did go check on the link that was posted on here and it says they have paid all the fees and it is scheduled to be dd in my account the next business day.  Which Im assuming will be tomorrow provided everything goes as planned.
  • Yeah I just went to santa barbara tax products and it says the bank has mine but deposit wont go out til next business day
  • @jseuell that website was a big help... Thank you. Now I know my money has arrived there to get the fees taken out
     and what process its in
  • you can go to this site cisc.sbtpg.com/index.aspx. it showes your refund that the bank gets if you use turbo tax as i did. it also shows the amount of the refund and what fees you pay to use this service. in my case my refund was sent to this bank already and my fees have been deducted and my DDD still says 02-06-2014. so it will be there if not today it will post to my account at midnight or first thing in the am. i hope this helps. but this is what i did and have done for the last 8 years. we use turbo tax, and have the fees deducted from our refund. i will keep you all posted either way when it hits my account!
  • mine tooo
  • I dont understand why it says the deposit wont be made until next business day when irs said the money would be in my account by today
  • Hopefully our banks release the dd in our accounts tomorrow and don't hold it over the weekend.  Some banks tend to hold it for 2-3 days.
  • @jseuell----- the web site says that the bank received my refund from the irs. it has all the bank deductions and my new amount. date disbursed is 02/06/2014 but it also says that ACH direct deposit to go out next business day so will i get it tommorrow? thanks for your help   skillz865
    This is what I got from SBBT

    Taxpayers please be aware that there has been a slight delay in IRS funding!


    If the IRS website indicates that your refund will be available February 6th, funds will not be available until February 7th due to the IRS releasing funds one day later than expected. Taxpayers expecting their refund on the 6th by direct deposit will now likely receive their refund on the 7th. Please be assured that Tax Products Group will disburse funds immediately as they are received from the IRS.
  • @jseuell Thank you that was very helpful it says I should get mine tomorrow it was sent to my bank today.
  • So I wont actually get my money until tomorrow? Thats freaking great
  • Hmmm.. Mine never came up like that.  Mine said they were disbursing to the banks today and it is there but wont be received by my bank until the next business day.
  • Where are u guys getting that from? I am getting mine back on the card from turbotax and it still just says expected DD today
  • sorry, I just got that very same message.  Wonder what their excuse will be tomorrow
  • yay!
  • Sbbt says they sent my money to my account but it hasnt posted at my bank yet
  • I heard hourly not sure how true that is
  • What is sbbt?
  • That's  what I asked hollyrenfroe! What do all these abbreviations mean? I get dd but what is sbbt?
  • How many people who were scheduled today got money??? 2/6/14
  • They r saying it's a day behind if you are supposed to get today it will be the 7th instead
  • Sbbt is santa barbara bank & trust....the bank the refunds come from
  • We have just talked to our bank even though they see the money has been released to the bank that takes out the fees it can be up to 5 business days til we see the money
  • I really hope it doesnt take 5 business days
  • Thanks guys I read thru all the other comments. I tried the website that's posted for that bank I'm getting an error an won't let me log in there. This blows the irs does this shit every year. They even waited longer to start accepting them why can't any of our government get their heads out of each other's ass's and do their damn jobs! That's what we pay them for!
  • Thanks sjhancock86 for the help! Mine says today but still waiting.
  • Thanks all!
  • Anyone have luck yet and get theirs?
  • nothing yet...
  • It will be available tomorrow 6/7
  • no luck with mine either but I half expect it will be there in the morning when I awake. At least I sure hope so.
  • Say that the funds were released by the link  jsuelle gave us but still nothing and my bank has no pending did this is truly frustrating
  • I will never use turbo tax again
  • when i checked the bank that the IRS sends the deposit to the first time it showed DD 02-06-2014. and all the fees where taken out. Now i just checked again and it is all different meaning that it still shows the DDD 02-06-2014 and all deductions were made and this time the only different thing it added was my direct deposit: checking acct and the routing numbers and account numbers and states this has been deposited to my account. so i am sure at mid night tonight it will be there or in the am. i no its hard to wait for money we all have comming, and its not our fault nor our banks fault. it is the government! see how they get us all worked up! and its our money to begin with! hope that eases some minds i am not a person of patience either but in this case ya can only wait... Good things come to those who wait! lol like we are all waiting to pay bills or buy something but think about it you wait ONE year to get the money back from the government who borrowed it from us in the first place! they get ya comming and going... but as of 2:45 pm CST today no refund for me yet. thanks all!
  • I haven't received mine either and its suppose to be today. Hopefully tomorrow
  • I hope its tomorrow leaving for vacation on Saturday this extra money would've been nice.
  • If you call 1-800-717-7228 that is the number for the bank turbo tax uses, they sent returnsbto TurboTax they take their fee and send remaining balance to you. I was scheduled to get my refund today and it said should get it within 1-2 business days from TurboTax.
  • did you get yours yet ?
  • Mine was scheduled for today. I just got it at 5:50 eastern time! There is hope guys!
  • good to hear @ ugod02010...I'm still waiting :(
  • U are absolutely right they cant tell if its direct deposit only checks...that's what they told me
  • Mine came in just now!!
  • Im still waiting this sucks!
  • Got it!
  • Yay!!!
  • Chase bank - got mine at 2:20am EST. On the 7th.  SO excited!
  • Got mine!!:)
  • Good News at 7 am CST i checked my bank and mine was deposited! yippy skippy!!!! now its time to pay off some debt! hope all goes well for the rest of you folks! have a great weekend! and dont spend it all in one place! lol
  • i also have never gotten a refund on a thursday... but anyway we have been useing Turbo Tax since 2004-2005 and have Never had a problem with it. i just wanted to get that comment in there. thank s all! have a great day
  • Been using turbo tax since 08 or 09. I will probably continue. I usually am one of the first people to get mine, if there is a delay it's usually the irs' fault
That is correct. They will begin the Direct Deposit's on Friday, February 1st, 2013.
  • thank you so much, you answered the biggest question ive had.
  • I beleive it is every weekday, as some folks have already received DD dates that are not on Fridays.
  • @SweetieJean That is correct.
  • If I filed with tt on Jan 12.  I received email from the IRS it was accepted early on Jan 28. I filed for dd when should I expect to receive my refund ?
  • @Mshad1978; What does your Where's my Refund say?
  • Mine was supposed to be sent tomorrow but the irs sent it today so mine will be on my card tomorrow at 12 am
  • That is correct.
  • Mine was dd to sbbt also  now just waiting on it to go on my walmart money card
  • @Patricia_Perry26; It will be available for your use at midnight! Enjoy!
  • Last night on the irs site my status changed to refund approved and gave a dd date of feb 5 .... Dies that mean it will show in my account on that date even if its pending
  • @mshad1978; Yes, that means you will receive the deposit and it will post to your account on February 5, 2013.
  • taxmaster we got accepted on the 23rd  but says still processing
  • mine was just accepted, how long is it taking?
  • my status on here still says accepted but on irs.gov it says processed. DD on the 5th I choose to have it come to turbo tax then deposit in my checking account, When should I get my refund in my account?@taxmaster
  • the 5th or 6th
  • I filed with Turbotax on the 30th. It was accepted the same day and was approved last night. I have a direct deposit date for 02-07-13 but I wouldn't be surprised if I receive it tomorrow.
  • Have a question my dd states 5/29 but i still havent recvd deposit the irs says to wait till 6/3 has any one had this problem..
if you check the website more than 3 times a day after the 4th try it will how you no info available because you have viewed the maximum number of times for the day and they only update once per day
refunds are going daily so just hold on
I work at  instant tax as a preparer
  • How did you know if you owe money , I don't owe the IRS but im using sbbt And it only has my payment of 147 coming out if I owed money would it say more
  • 1-800-304-3107 is the Treasury Dept. They have an option to let you know if you refund is going to be offset due to any debts.
  • I'm not even sure that the first 'sentence' qualifies as an actual 'sentence', in this reply, as it makes no sense what-so-ever. Also the statement that you can only enter your information a total of X amount of times per day is inaccurate, and was not even asked in the original question in the first place. As I had NEVER heard this so-called 'advice' that was thrown out there in my life, I checked with my grandmother (Who, guess what? WORKS for the IRS), not an employee of a FORMER tax service that was told by a Federal Court judge in November of 2013 that they are no longer allowed to do returns because they were charging fees to file that were way beyond the scope of acceptable tax fees, filing returns without telling people, forgery, extortion, and, in general being slime balls - and teaching their employees how to gouge customers for as much as they could possibly gouge them for. Yet their website still advertises that they will be doing tax prep this year.

    Why am I mentioning this a full year after the question was asked? Because if you had your taxes prepared by these people chances are, you could be able to claim some of the money that could be one in any one of the several class action lawsuits filed against the company. Also, with the predatory actions that the company was taking to get people's tax money from them, if you walk into a different tax company to file your taxes and see good 'ol _____ from Instant Tax, RUN, as the employees of the company willfully and knowingly committed fraud as part of their employment, something they KNEW was wrong.

    You can enter your information as many times as you want to on wheresmyrefund.gov - don't let anyone tell you any differently. It just does you no good to enter it more than once a day after the information is updated
  • No you can check as many times as you want I was checking it yesterday and the last time I went to check it the site told me that I had exceeded the amount of times you can check it. So you are full of shit with your know all ass.
  • That is correct...you only have a certain amount of times per day...do your research before bashing someone.
  • Mine says they sent it to my bank checking will see what they have to say
  • I'm still waiting and nothing yet...
  • Mine is there. Check your accounts:)

I filed on 01/21/2014 and was accepted early on 01/27/2014.  It says mine has been accepted, and I should receive it before 02/20/2014.  Hopefully I do!!

  • Make sure to get the IRS where's my refund. I filed 1.27.14 accepted on 1.29.14 and have an expected deposit date of 2.6.14, according to the IRS app. We shall see if it appears. Ps TurboTax app says 2.20.14 deposit date.
  • I was hoping it would be deposited a day early lol. Mine also says dd date of 2/6
  • I was hoping for the same but nothing yet. Last year I got my refund dd into my account about 4:30 pm a day early. Hopefully it gets here soon. What banks are you'll using for DD?
  • That would be wonderful lol. I'm using Bank of America
  • I still havent received mine and it 6:13 central time. I'm in Texas and I also have Bank of America. This is crazy.
  • I filed on January 18 got accepted Jan 27. Got a DD date of Feb 6 and am pleased to say My refund was added to my Netspend card at 11:05 pm last night.
  • My bank says wait till 8 am
  • I bank with wells fargo
  • Anthony have readydebit
  • Anybody
  • I keep checking my account. & still nothing today. Says it should be here today. Hope it is. Just bought a new house with my boyfriend not to long ago & we've been using his parents old couches & I'm ready to buy some new ones! Lol
  • Well its after 9 and still nothing I give up. I thought I would have my money by now. I paid bills with checks that I don't want to be returned. Come on IRS. If we owed money by the 6th it would have to be there!!!! lol
  • Has anyone received their dd yet for the 6?
  • I have called the IRS to find out if there is a delay but the people are nasty and don't give you an answer and then hang up on you.
  • The IRS said there were some complications and we wont receive them until tomorrow .
  • Thanks for all the help guys
  • https://cisc.sbtpg.com/index.aspx?site=full is the web site that you can go to see if your refund has been sent out. I hope this help I got this information from someone else on here and it was very helpful
  • supposed to be DD today,
  • I have BOA and still haven't received mine either. Its a day behind I heard. Should be there tomorrow in our accounts
  • i bank with chase and nothing yet
ifiled my tax on 1-14-2013 when will i get my refund
  • When were you accepted?
  • I was accepted on the 26. On the irs2go sight says that my status is sent/ direct deposited, but it doesn't give a dd?? WMR states that that it was accepted but I have up to 21 days to get my return
  • Hello. The IRS2GO Application is not updated for the 2012 tax season (it is only providing information from your 2011 return. You should receive your refund sometime next week.
  • Now it says my my return info is unavailable and I have to wait 24hrs.
  • @Bryanmillerbar You're most likely locked out from the online system; this is normal. Please call (800) 829-1954 for the status of your refund by phone.
  • Taxmaster do u think that I will get a dd tomorrow if I got accepted on the 26
  • @Bryanmillerbar; You will most likely get a Direct Deposit of Monday, the Fourth of February.
  • Thanks a lot Taxmaster
  • @Bryanmillerbar; You're welcome!
  • @Jackieneil122; The IRS will send out the 02/04 batch tomorrow, and they will post on 02/04 as expected.
  • I filled the 10th and got approved the 25th but wmr site says that my refund is still processing and no DD yet.  All I am getting is the same 21 days stuff.  Same if I call the toll free number.   Also standard deduction just children and eic.
  • I filed on Jan. 18th, approved on the 25th.  Still processing.  No DD yet.  :(
  • If yu r getting yurs on the 1st the irs sent them in today
  • I filed and was approved on the 29th.  Based on what I'm seeing I guess I'll get DD on 2/6? No?
  • I would say that is a well estimated guess.
  • I filled on 1/23 and got accepted on 1/24. I still have no DD date yet. :(
  • @Cowsgomooooalot; I apologize. You should receive a Direct Deposit date sometime this afternoon or Monday morning. Keep use updated.
  • I sure hope so! Thanks!
  • I filed on the 16th, got accepted on the 24th and says it's still processing. No DD date here... any ideas?
  • ugh, filed/accepted the 29th, still no DD date.  I saw the website says its updated only 1x per day, is that true?  if I call an agent later in the day, would they know something different?
  • at taxmaster why those that were accepted after the 24th paid and the ones accepted on the 23rd we have not recieved even a date yet
  • Was accepted on the 27th and still showing processing.. Any ideas @taxmaster
  • taxmaster i filed on 1/30 and got my federal approval on 1/31 but i havent received a dd date yet.when can i expect to see my money in the bank?
  • I just loved on to where's my refund f2f said it was accepted on 1/30 but irs is still saying it is received not approved yet. Estimate dd 21 days? Really this will take that long.
  • I was accepted on the 24th and I haven't received anything...on the 30th-31st my status saidd processing on the WMF...NOW as of right now when I go check WMF, it say they have no info about my refund.... smfh :(
  • *WMR :)
  • @taxmaster I filed an was accepted on the 31st. I am still in the processing state. Any idea when I will get a dd date
  • @taxmaster my dd is 2/6 when will sbbt receive my refund And deposit it
  • I have the same question @sweetlilricky.
  • I have been looking on here to try to.find it out And I haven't got any answers :( I never had a dd before a Friday before so this is new
  • @Taxmaster I e-filed on april 2  and both was accepted. I got my state on april 11th but my federal is still processing and i have no dates at all I didn't get an email or anything when my state was deposited. What do I do now, I am worried.
  • @taxmaster I received my state refund already, normally I always receive my federal first. It has been 7 days over the 21 day span. Since I did receive my state refund does this mean my federal is shortly following? Or does it at least mean that my federal was accepted?? Or can it still be denied?? I haven't received any paperwork stating I was denied?! I just don't know what to do.
  • "Accepted" means accepted for processing.  The IRS can still adjust items on your return.
  • Even if I received my state refund already? Can they send me my state refund if my federal is denied?? I'm just worried I'm only gonna receive my state and I won't be notified of my federal being denied??
  • Federal and State are processed completely separately by different tax agencies..
i just went to a link that sd all dd are a day late all funds will be available on 2/7
If u were scheduled for 2/6
  • what link did you went and see the info @ sharunajefferson
  • Not all of them I was scheduled for a DD on the 6 and I got mine at 11:03 last night.
  • 6/7 did you mean 2/7 ?
  • what link did you go to sharunajefferson?

    what do you mean by 6/7?
  • Check your accounts mine is there! Yay:)
  • I got a dd date for 2/12..so hopefully it will be deposited by that night as well!
I filed 1/25/14 it was accepted the next day and mine only says that it's been received. Nothing else???? What gives???
  • Mine was accepted on the 24th and just today Feb 8 its saying scheduled to be deposited on the 12th.
  • Yeah I too am scheduled for 2/12. Last year it was a few days early.  With any luck it will be early again.
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