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I was accepted on the 27th, I am accepted no Deposit Date, anyone have a deposit date accepted on 27th?

    No!!!! I was accepted on the 25th still processing no DD date yet...so frustrating
    • I was accepted on the 25th also and no date yet!
    • Did you have the 8863 form?
    • I was accepted some days ago too no DD date yet.....can anyone please tell me what is going on???
    • no i did not have the 8863 form...i spoke with someone at the irs they said that the people that have the dd date for the 1st are few...and the WMR site has been down so they are working to get everything back in order
    • Hang in there. I hope something happens soon. Have you tried to order a transcript for 2012? If you can order on then it means your return is done. At least that's what I've heard. I tried while I was still in processing and I was able to. The next day I got the deposit date. Good luck
    • I was accepted on the 25th and on WMR and when I called 1-800-829-1954 it said my refund is due to be direct depostied on 2/1.  I'll be checking in the morning. :)
    I filed 1/24 and got accepted 1/27 at 8:30pm I just checked wmr and irs2go and both gave me dd on 2/4
    • I was also accepted on 1/27 WMR tells me no info BUT IT was there last Night. Hopefully irs system is updating..and i get MONEY on the 4th TOOO.THANKs for the info
    • I think it's telling everyone the 4th might get tomorrow
    I was accepted the 27th as well no d.d date yet im hoping it change toma or fri.... Im in MS
    • I was accepted on 1/27. This morning WMR stated it was processing. It gave the 21 days statement. This afternoon i got an email from TurboTax saying my refund "was on the way"'. Just checked WMR again and it says i entered the wrong info and i should call. Im going to wait until it updates and check back n the morning.
    • my friends mom got hers accepted and didnt put anything for school on there and got hers today.  My friend does taxes and said that if you got accepted on or before that day you should get it by the first... :)
    • I filed my mother's taxes on 1/27/2013 and she has a dd of 2/4/2013. I filed mine on the 28th and I'm still waiting. Hopefully I'll know tomorrow :)
    • Per my friend who works at IRS the first deposiit date will happen Feb 8 no deposits will be made earlier than that date, now I am unsure the depth of this but she has been working there 12 years. Unsure how Misty82875 getting a deposit on a Monday, only checks are mailed on Mondays and all deposits were handled on Fridays unless you bank with a credit union it would take place that Wednesdat after 5pm or Thursday.
    • Thanks for that info..@misty82875
    • @19eleven81..no SHE is rIGHT..yo FRIEND IZ wrong..alot OF taxpayers GOT They MONEY BACK in THE LAST week.....THANKs a million misty82875
    • Last week???? If that's the case then it isn't an e-file, simply because IRS just started accepting them Jan 30...
    • Accepted on the 27th. DD date on 2/4/13
    • PER WMR
    • They did NOT just start accepting them on the 30th...they just started processing returns on the 30th! VERY big difference.
    • right...now some people got their federal back on01/30...in Cali.  In Texas it's still the waoting game. (we don't file federal)
    • Hmm this is wild then I just filed a plain ol form same exact info as last year but different AGI of course. I filed on Jan 27 accepted by federal on Jan 28, still nothing else but junk email from them telling me to track it but NO dd as of today.... I did just call and advised they ARE depositing DAILY, she said all agents are being updated and they are NOT going by a refund cycle this year as they did in previous years, so that explain alot..... Of course I can call back and get a TOTALLY different story. #CallCenters
    • Indeed wrong wording but YES "processing" so how one got a refund LAST WEEK??? LOL
    • Exactly! There is no fraught answers! I'm just happy for those that have some info,..sadly I don't! Lol
    • Right, sorry, stupid auto correct lol
    • @sharonfields2701 and they filed on Jan 27 also or prior?
    • Accepted 26th get mine tomorrow
    • natashav2003 LOL... I GIVE UP I will IMPATIENTLY just wait for my credit union to alert me... Good Luck ALL!!! LOL!!!
    • Our return was accepted by the IRS on 01/27, yesterday(01/30) the WMR site stated they were processing our return. Today(01/31) WMR states our refund was approved and to expect DD on 02/04. So it seems as if they are processing pretty quickly this year. Hope you get yours soon!
    • I efiled on the 24th, didn't get accepted til the 27th, wmr site doesnt tell me [removed] except that its still processing && it's been like that yesterday and today.  not to also mention that i also efiled my state on the 24th and paid the fees and what not, but for some ODD reason, my state never efiled so I had to redo it yesterday, thanks alot TT.
    • msjlor90, did you get any info yet? Mine still says processing!! Im beyond pissed at this point, others accepted the 27th dave dd for tomorrow!!!
    • I did mine on the 28th accepted the 28th and got a dd of 2/5
    • I submitted mine on yesterday and the WMR site said they have accepted it, but it is not giving me a turn around date. I know in prior years they have provided a date that the refund would be deposited.
    • Ive been processing for 9 damn days now...still no DD date!
    • From what I understand the IRS started accepting earlier than the 30th as a "test" to their system.  I filed on Jan 3rd and was accepted on Jan 25th.  My DD date is Feb 6th (tomorrow).  Faster than last year.
    I also was accepted on the 27th and it says my refund is processing, hopefully tomorrow we will get a dd.. But that's wishful thinking
    • If u can order  a 2012  tax transcript on the IRS website your return is done processing and u should be getting a refund any day now
    • Click on this link . Dwnload sample tax transcript PDF . Near the middle to bottom of page it says refund amount. So everyone who can.order a transcript should be good by end of this week forsure next week . Heres the link  http://www.accuverify.com/samples.html
    • Nicole, did you get a dd date yet?
    I was accepted on the 27th. I was in processing mode until this morning. I have a DD date Feb 4th!  
    • where are yall getting these dd dates from.  I went to the IRS website and they said I have to wait until accepted.  But I was accepted on the 27th
    • I got mine from the Where's My Refund site at IRS.gov. I also checked IRS2GO app.
    • They had a "glitch" last year that gave messages that didn't make sense. I'm married filed jointly. My ss# gives a different message than my husband's ss#.
    • I actually had to call the IRS 800 number to get my DD information. The where's me refund site is telling me they have not received my taxes. the 800 number tells me my DD date is Feb. 4th. The irs2go app is set up for 2011 tax refunds.. anyone having the same issues with these?
    • Is there a # that you can speak with a live person?  I called the 800 829-1954  but that automated and doesn't give you an option to speak with anyone.  I get the same think and also on irs2go.  It shows information for year 2011.  It doesn't pay to check more than once because the system updates at night.  If you do, it just locks you out
    • Mine was accepted on the 25th and wmr says mine will be dd tomorrow 2/1/13!!!
    • Ya me WMR says no information on ur refund at this time... should i call irs?
    I am wondering if those of us whom have eic or dependants are being held up checking for fraudulant returns ??? any of you that got your dd date are you getting eic ?
    • I think you might be on to something there...I was wondering the same.
    • How so? Isn't the checking of duplicate social security numbers done in the initial acceptance. I was accepted and I rightfully claimed my kids. But I know their dad will try and claim them illegally. Since I've already been accepted I shouldn't have to worry right
    • Probably.. Right
    • Yeah. I got accepted on the 25th with the EIC and WMR tells me to call the 800 number because they haven't received it yet.
    • I claim my kids but ive also claimed them both for the pass 6 years!
    • No, I  claimed the EIC (2 dependents) and both the WMR site and the IRS 1-800 # say my refund is due to be direct depostied on 2/1.
    • Thanks tinadurant gives me a little hope lol... I've claimed mine the past several years also so there shouldn't be any problems. I was accepted on the 27th just odd that some have been given dates and some not but on the other hand we are dealing with the irs and their system. In their defense I am sure they are swamped but it would be nice if there were some consistency in the process!
    • Yea very sad =\ still in processing
    • @ Beyer as long as u claim them before he does yur good ta go
    • It seems like everyone except me who filed on the 24th have d.d dates
    • Not true. I was accepted on the 24th, but have not been processed yet. I did file a Schedule A though with medical deductions. I am sure there process is not as simple as first come first serve.
    • Our return was accepted by the IRS on 01/27, yesterday(01/30) the WMR site stated they were processing our return. Today(01/31) WMR states our refund was approved and to expect DD on 02/04.

      Accepted just means they checked it for name and ss# matches then it goes to processing for further more detailed checks. I heard this year they are using a more advanced system to prevent earned income credit fraud so returns with new dependents or new addresses are likely to be in processing longer. But also as we all know it's the IRS and they have their own rules sometimes things just don't make sense
    • Mine says the same thing. I was accepted on the 27th according to TT but WMR still says "recieved" not processed and no DD date! So annoying but what can we do? Nothing lol
    • I was accepted on Jan 28th an it still says processing. No DD :(
    • same here, accepted the 28th and no date yet !
    I was also accepted the 27th and WMR still says processing! I'm confused on why its still processing some people that got accepted that day were approved and have a dd date!! ETH is going on
    • I wish I could answer that for ya! Lol Mine is EXACTLY the same situation!
    • i've read other post where ppl got there accpet's letter after the 26th an they have DD.. i wonder why..
    • My only guess would be that its our government...nuff said! Lol
    • i know right it's crazii... just like this kspaulding person .. this suckss. i wish we could get ours :(
    • I was accepted on the 25th and I'm accepted but no dd date yet.
    • I filed on 1/9 and was accepted on 1/25 but no dd date yet either.  Says being processed.  Waiting...
    • I don't really understand what accepted means! I was accepted the 27 and I filed the 25th. I'm really confused does accepted means the accepted the 1040A with no errors and I'll get that amount back if the calculations add up or what
    • Our return was accepted by the IRS on 01/27, yesterday(01/30) the WMR site stated they were processing our return. Today(01/31) WMR states our refund was approved and to expect DD on 02/04. Accepted just means they checked it for name and ss# matches then it goes to processing for further more detailed checks. I heard this year they are using a more advanced system to prevent earned income credit fraud so returns with new dependents or new addresses are likely to be in processing longer. But also as we all know it's the IRS and they have their own rules sometimes things just don't make sense.
    I was accepted the 24th and I was given a direct deposit date of February 1st.
      I don't believe that for a second since people have already got refunds...I honestly don't think the CS reps at the IRS really know what's going on. No offense, they are just told what to say by their supervisors :/
      • WELL my sistah sure IZ in a new car n gave me five hundred..bestest believe SHE GOT Her refund BACK..today..im HELLA envy of her,BUT MORETHAN THAT im HAPPY MY sistah and Alót OF folks GOT They MONEY BACK..yaahh..HOPEFULLY i GET a dd date soon cause i GOT ACCEPTED 1/27
      I was accepted on the 24th and the website still says waiting to be approved so I called my debt card to see if I had a DD coming in an it said tomorrow at 8am central time
        Finally got DD yesterday for the 6th.  State in the bank, Kansas
          Money in the bank this am.  Good luck everyone.  thanks


            • I was accepted on the 19th and still no date.  I just became aware that the systems are down and that also affected the "where's my refund tool." I'm just wondering if the deposit will still come on the anticipated schedule date?
            • I hope so and from the schedule it says the 5th but who knows the irs will delay refunds for some reason or the other
            • Probably so, but until they release funds, we need to continue to hit the clock like we did all of 2015 to continue to make ends meet
            • Very true...
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