My return was accepted on January 26. I just checked the IRS "Where's my refund" site and it still shows no information?

When you filed your taxes it clearly stated that the IRS won't even look at them until Jan 30th, today. So waiting a little longer is certainly the right answer.
  • Could it possibly be the people with the DD date had their prep fees taken out of their refund and those who paid upfront are getting the 21 day msg?
  • No. I HAD mine taken out. Accepted on the 24. And still nothing.
  • Call the 1800 number BC mine was not found on WMR
  • I got accepted on 25
  • Having your TurboTax fees deducted from your refund has nothing to do with getting a DD date from the IRS.  Sometimes having the fees deducted delays the DD from getting to your bank by a day or two.  The date you get from the IRS Where's My Refund is when the IRS will send your refund DD to SBBT.  It is up to SBBT to then deduct the TT fees and their fee of $29.99 and then send you the balance by DD.  It doesn't always happen the same day.
  • Wmr is back on and now showing they have received my return
  • when you get accepted
  • i dunno about that because i was accepted on the 24th going through sbtpg and still nothing
Mine was. Accepted this morning. And the where's my refund is showing there processing them. Now keep in mind according to the IRS website they only update where's my refund every night. So I would say it will more then likely change in the morning for you guys.
  • do you think that the refund will take longer than 1 week by E-
  • Yes...takes up to 21 days.
  • If you were early accepted by the IRS you could get it the 1st through the 4th. Try calling the number and actually speaking to a rep!!
The IRS just started opening refunds in Ma today. I would wait like another week or so and check again. I'm sure everyone is waiting to see the status also including myself. Hope this helps.
  • I checked mine and it states that my funds will be in my bank account on 02/01/2013.
  • when was it filed and accepted tho?
  • My money was deposit today it was accepted 1/25
  • what did it say in the check my refund?
  • I check mines today it just says refund received.  I was accepted on the 25th, and I'm also one who filed the 8863 form. It also state I should receive refund within 21 days from acceptance date.
  • mine will also be DD on the 1st thats what the irs website gave me..i sure hope so!
  • how did anyone know they could file earlier then the 30th like the irs said?
  • I just started my return and it let me efile. Then the next day (28th) it was accepted.
  • It was accepted on the 24th.
  • If you e-filed via Turbo Tax and received the 'accepted' before 1/30/13, it means that Turbo Tax accepted your return. Turbo Tax then releases everyone's returns on, or within 48-72 hours, to the IRS. There is no IRS accepting my return and me getting paid on the 1st jazz. IRS didn't even open for returns until Wednesday the 30th. Settle down,'ll get your returns when you get them!

    Never might be the next one audited.
  • i just filed and then they accepted it
  • how fast was it accepted ive been accepted since the 24th and still no date
  • yes the irs did accept a few 100 returns everyday before the 30th to test there new system. if you receive accepted before the 30th it was accepted by irs not turbotax!!! you were able to file your return but irs would not process any refunds till the 30th. for those of us that was accepted early by luck of draw are seeing dd dates of feb1-4.i filed my return on 1/19/13, got accepted on 1/25 and my dd says feb1
  • not true, mine was excepted by turbotax on the 28th, recieved an email the 29th saying the irs excepted.
  • I filed around the 18th i think and then on the 24th i was accepted. I'm sure yours will be accepted soon - i am sitting here with an 8863 and WMR is telling me that i will have my refund within 21 days but everyone says it will be held so i am not sure what to think
  • on irs website as of yesterday, After taxpayers file a return, they can track the status of the refund with the “Where’s My Refund?” tool available on the website. New this year, instead of an estimated date, “Where’s My Refund?” will give people an actual personalized refund date after the IRS processes the tax return and approves the refund
  • i was also accepted on the 24th and its giving me your same message and no dd date :(
  • Mine says it'll be sent to my bank on the 4 th, 5039$ I hope everyone else has luck as well.and mine was excepted on 26 thanks and good luck
  • How long do it take the to process
  • I filed on the 24th, and was accepted on the 26th. I have child tax credit, earned income credit, and 3 dependants. All the same as last year. And TT is saying I will have my refund by no later than the 19th of Feb. WMR says it has been received and is being processed. But, it has been saying that. So, I am gonna be patient and wait to see what happens and when. Good luck to everyone for getting your refunds quickly, and enjoy it when you do. I know lots of people are saying that we are pathetic for being in such a rush, or continually asking about our refunds. But, I think it is the last year has hit alot of people hard. And, we need that money to get back on an even plain. I personally am a bit worried about this new/old system doing the work without messing up.
  • Also, I did the free TT tax prep, so there was no fees. And I am having it dd into my bank, not to a card.
Mines was accepted on the 24th of January and i checked the where's my refund tool and i'm showing a deposit date for FEB.1  I hope it is correct. Because it was funny to me being that today is the first day of processing. Fingers Crossed
  • you should post if it comes in so we can have an idea if everything is accurate
  • Will do
  • plz do!!
  • i filed today and it says refund date on the 20th it hasnt taken that long in years
  • jthanke did you have the 8863 form?
  • i was accepted on the 24th and still no dd date either
  • Mines was accepted on the 24th and turbo tax said before Feb 20th
  • mine says the same exact thing and its a simple return
  • Rite
Ok i was accepted the 26th i couldnt get info on the website or hotline so i called i have a dd sat up for the 4th i filed hoh 2 dependants
  • I hope when I check tomorrow morning my changes to this... I really really hope.
  • It will ;)
  • @ayala. What # did you call?
  • 8008290582 i used the 3 digit ext of 362
  • Not sure what that does but thats how my friend connected.with someone evrytime last year cause she had defaults
  • I just called1800-829-4477 automated and i wasaccepted the 24th and mine states recieced refund its being processed
  • mine too
  • mine says the same thing hotelcat and we were both accepted on same day
If I'm not mistaken, federal efunds are usually issued for Friday. State refunds or in South Carolina, they issue on Wednesdays. 
  • This year federal is being deposited everyday except Sunday
  • how you know
  • IRS is using the new MEF system for all refunds this year. This system does direct Deposits every day of the week except for Sundays!
ok was just notified======

i filed my return on 1/24
got accepted on 1/26
i did not file a education form

WMR just told me refund approved and DD will be 2/4
    Hello the IRS did not start to process the refunds until January 30, 2013 That is why when you checked it there was not record yet. So dont worry you will get an email when the refund is sent out. Good luck.
    • They actually started processing a few hundred a day before the 30th.
    • They took in early returns from 1/23- 1/29 to test the MeF system. I sent in my return on 1/25, accepted 1/27 and DD will be sent 2/4.
    Earlier today it said my refunds was being processed. now on wmr it says no information is availble what the heck happened
    • Brown if you check it to many times that will happen wait a few hours and then it more then likely will have your information again.
    • mine too!!
    • If you check more than a certain amount of times in a certain time period, they no longer give the status for about 24 hours.
    • Same boat. Guess it does not pay to have OCD lol.
    • me too!! i was wondering what heck was goin on!!
    • Why are you checking your information more than once a day? You don't honestly think there is a hamster waiting next to a button 24/7 to tell you the changes in your status, do you?
    • Dont worry everyone we will get them soon
    • Commenting on everyone's post negatively is like a hamster running around and around on a wheel with nothing better to do.
    • I was in processing too. It updates overnight. This morning it says my deposit will be sent 2/4.  I filed on 1/25 & accepted on 1/27.
    • tell me about it i check mine 10007 times a day
    • You are probably asking for education credits. Right?
    • me too, every 10 minutes it seems like
    • After taxpayers file a return, they can track the status of the refund with the “Where’s My Refund?” tool available on the website. New this year, instead of an estimated date, “Where’s My Refund?” will give people an actual personalized refund date after the IRS processes the tax return and approves the refund
    • we all know to check wheres my refund. :)
    • Yes I understand that I posted that because now this year its not an estimated date its a concrete date once its approved.
    • Ive heard the IRS2go is faster and more accurate. Don't know how true that is.
    • I dont think so its just more convenient when ur not near a computer because i have it as well.
    • The app and website say two different things on mine. The website says my return is processing. The app says my refund is processing
    • Dont worry they mean the same when u know it done is when it gives u a DD date they do not estimate anymore its actual date now so if you go to WMR and its at the second step it will give u a DD date.
    • if you check it too many times youll be booted out
    You get the "no info" message when the system is down.  Also, if you check too often, it will lock you out.
    • I thought Turbo Tax can have your money into your account in about 8 business days
    • Turbo tax has no controll over what the IRS decides to do with your refund!
    check again mine said will be in the bank by feb 1st
    • Im accepted the 28th and I have no DD date. :( sad.
    • Did you file form 8863?
    • If you didn't check tomorrow and see if you have DD.  The first bar on WMR is received (what Turbotax called accepted), then it has to be processed, second bar and finally refund (third bar.
    • I did not have a 8863 form.
    • I was accepted on the 28th & WMR only says state was accepted on the 29th & gave me a refund date of today:) I hope the deposit goes thru tonight or tomm...
    • I filed on HR Block this morning at 3 a.m. and just checked to see that I have been accepted.  I re-filed through them after filing with TT and took out the education credit.  It made all the difference in the world.
    • i was accepted the 28th and No DD date yet!!
    • After taxpayers file a return, they can track the status of the refund with the “Where’s My Refund?” tool available on the website. New this year, instead of an estimated date, “Where’s My Refund?” will give people an actual personalized refund date after the IRS processes the tax return and approves the refund
    • @vicki so u have 2 returns being processed? What happened to the one from TT?
    • Vicky...ur h&r block will prob get rejected if IRS is processing your one thru turbo tax...
    Mine was accepted today so lets hope it goes good
      Try the 800# ... the site is getting over loaded
        the 8863 form. I never filled it out about my school information. So what the hell is it talking about... I cleared it off because I would of had to wait until late feb to get my T-1089 or 98 whatever its called. So I don't know how my name fell in place with that. cause that's a lie. I'm pissed. This is my first time filing taxes and now something wrong.
          Me too
            mine was accepted on the 25th and the wmr site keeps saying they're processing my status hasn't changed for 2 days now, I wonder why everyone else that was accepted on the 25h already has a designated dd date and mine is still processing? 
            • That's how I feel this is ridiculous people who filed after me already have a DD date....smh
            • I'm in the same boat ....simple return and nothing.
            • I'm in the same boat as well.  Filed on the 21st, accepted on the 25th....and no info as of yet. :(  Mine is also a simple return, but the automated system on the 800 number says my return is still being processed, along with IRS2Go app as well as WMR.  GRRRR... >: /
            • Same here, simple return filed on Jan 11 accepted on Jan 25, early morning yesterday automated system said return was being processed, then changed to "check back in 24 hours" on wmr site now on both it says my" return has been rec'd and is being processed will receive in 21 days...."ughhhhhh!
            • Me too! I filed on the 19th, I was accepted by the IRS on the 25th and I keep getting "Being Processed" for the past two days with no change. Whats up??
            • Me too and what about your state
            • My state still says "pending"
            • My state say look back after the 31 online and when i called it said my info didn't match
            Just saw on that people who had DD date for 2/4 already got their DD......
            • Got my refund this morning YEAH!!!!
            • well that's nice, but do you have more info for the rest of us???
            • I'm in the same boat....accepted on the 25th and the 800 number and wmr still says processing... I'm getting pi$$ed.....
            • What is the 800 number
            • 1-800-829-1954
            wmr updated my info this morning to reflect a dd of 2/4. When I checked again a bit ago my progress bar was gone and it went back to stating that I have to wait to receive a confirmation email stating that my return has been accepted. 
            • If you check the WMR website too many times it will lock you out.
            • Im so heated still processing smh! I want my dam $$$
            • I want mine also!!!
            • If it locks you out, when will it let you access it again? The WMR asked for additional info, the date I filed and filing status. When I enter that info it just basically says check back in 24 hrs. And something about refunds within 21 days.
              I would just like to know my status,as a single parent and an ex husband who doesn't want to pay his child support, I am in dire need of this money!!!
            • Mine is saying the same thing and my husband filed after me and his dd is 2/4
            • I called the 800 number to make sure it still reflected the same and it does. I guess checking it more then once on WMR will lock you out.  So silly. At least the auto service says the same dd day.
            • I see a lot of people saying their DD is scheduled for a certain date. Where do you get this information from?
            • wheres my refund site.


              it will give you your detailed information on your DD. have your filing information available to log in. There is also a number you can call to check the status too.
            • Oh yeah mine just says received. Not approved & Sent yet. Thanks!
            Got accepted Jan 27th DD shows 4th Feb.
            • Did you get that info on wmr or the 800 number?  I was accepted on the 27th and was told it is still processing.
            • On the wheres my refund Irs site.
            • After taxpayers file a return, they can track the status of the refund with the “Where’s My Refund?” tool available on the website. New this year, instead of an estimated date, “Where’s My Refund?” will give people an actual personalized refund date after the IRS processes the tax return and approves the refund
            Filed 1/24 accepted 1/26 DD date of 2/4 just updated on WMR this morning!!!
            • After taxpayers file a return, they can track the status of the refund with the “Where’s My Refund?” tool available on the website. New this year, instead of an estimated date, “Where’s My Refund?” will give people an actual personalized refund date after the IRS processes the tax return and approves the refund
            • accepted and approved are 2 sep
            I am in the same boat :(
            • I was accepted the 26th called irs got dd of the 4th
            • Nice!!
            • what is the number your calling? 8008294477 accepted the 24th and no date
            • That's strange when they said there not accepting any refunds til the 30th
            • I e-filed my return on Saturday the 26 TT sayed it was accepted and now the IRS site is just telling me its in Process, I guess I dont understand why I havent got a dd?
            • Now they said the 15th of feb..
            • Irs is not accepting it until the 30 if u filed with certain deduction. Other than that ur taxes with get process when u file
            • for some reason; The IRS2Go app for smartphones is more accurate; on WMR it says my return is being processed but on the app it says my refund is being processed
            • how did some people file when the irs said they wasnt excepting until the 30th why would they say that
            • I think Irs just said the 30th to keep everyone from doing it all at once lol
            • No, they accepted them early but supposedly no processing till 1/30...
            • The IRS was accepting returns, but was not processing returns with high deductions until the 30th.. that's why some people were processed already and some weren't... just stay calm.. we all just spent a year without this money, so what's a few more weeks... At least it's not as bad as it was in California in 2010 when they gave all state returns I.O.U.s and residents didn't get their refund until 2011!!!!
            • ok was just notified======

              i filed my return on 1/24
              got accepted on 1/26
              i did not file a education form

              WMR just told me refund approved and DD will be 2/4
            • What time frame did it update for u
            • Sanny that's awesome. I filed the 24th w education credits and they haven't even accepted mine :-(
            • I was accepted on 01/27 just checked wmr got a DD date of 02/04/2013. My birthday week. Woohoo I get to get a new deep freezer.
            • I checked the site and they couldn't find the info I put, which all is correct but when I called the 800 number they gave me a date February 1st. So try calling their system instead if u haven't got a date on their website
            • @kristyOB I believe since you have education credits yours will take a bit longer than everyone else :-/
            • Poop! I don't understand the reasoning if they say the credits aren't actually changing or what's always something isn't it....
            • the IRS accepted my refund on Jan 27th and i should have mine deposited by Feb 4th...Thank you Jesus... i am paying off Credit cards, and putting the rest in savings...
            • I just got a DD date for Feb 4th. I was accepted on the 27th.
            • IRS was doing a test run and accepted some returns from the 23rd on -- they did not start processing (approving) returns until the 30th
            • me too i was accepted on the 24th and no date
            • Mine either still says pending
            • This is on irs website as of yesterday, After taxpayers file a return, they can track the status of the refund with the “Where’s My Refund?” tool available on the website. New this year, instead of an estimated date, “Where’s My Refund?” will give people an actual personalized refund date after the IRS processes the tax return and approves the refund
            • what day were you accepted?
            • I was Accepted on Jan 27th and my DD is on feb 4th.
            • I filed 1/22 accepted 1/26 and still no refund date :/ when I login to WMR just shows that it has been received and being processed.
            • I was approved on 1/27 wmr says ita being processed no dd?
            • I was accepted on the 25th and NO DD yet. Still is processing.
            • i was accepted on the 24th. DD on the 1st
            • I was accepted on the 25th no DD date yet....ughhh
            • I was also accepted on the 25th with no DD. I just called the IRS and the rep told me that TT is not being honest about when my return was really accepted. He said he doesnt even see my return in their system although the automated sysytem says its being processed.
            • I was accepted on the 25th and it's still being processed with no dd yet...darn!!!
            • Oh wow!!!
            • Did you all get notifications from the IRS that your returns were accepted or just notifications from Turbo Tax that they were accepted? Turbo tax said mine was accepted on the 24th but when I go to WMR they have no information.
            • Filed 1/22, accepted 1/26. Got a DD date of 2/4
            • I also filed on the 22 and was accepted on the 26 but no dd date...
              I also got my netspend card on the 28..
            • Turbo tax accepted mine and i did mine on the 17th and and husband did his at h&r block on the 21st and the irs said he get his refund feb4th
            • only the one;s with certin deductions have to wait till the 30th
            • no they said no processing until jan 30. they started accepting on the 15th of jan
            • Turbo tax told me feb.20th
            • How long did it take for ur net spend card to come in the mail.. I got a email from the net spend place sayin that they sent my card out on 1/28 I just didn't know how long it takes for me to get it!! Then I checked the IRS website thing and I have a dd date of 2/4 bt if I haven't got my card by then it's not gonna do any good
            • I did my taxes on the 17th anf my card came on the 26th
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