how can i track My netspend card

If you are asking how you can track the status of receiving your NetSpend Card in the mail, this is not available.  However, you should receive your NetSpend Card in the mail within 7-10 business days of ordering it. Please note that you could receive your NetSpend Card in the mail prior to the refund being deposited to it.  You can check the status of your refund on TurboTax once the IRS begins processing returns on January 30th. 
  • What if it's been more than 10 days? I submitted my taxes 11 days ago.
  • Really though turbo tax if we opt to get the card the leaast u can do is let us track it or a toll free # with employees that speak fluent english oh and 24hrs125-140=$15 since some of us work weekend.. done with TT. 2 things u dont play wit my wife n my money-
  • If you set up an online account with netspend it will tell you if your card has been sent, they usually arrive rather quickly. I received 2 about 4 days after I ordered.. also, if you receive your refund before you get the card.. you can use netspends option for a "virtual account" on their website to do things like pay bills, or shop online.. can also transfer money to other accounts. I've used netspend before using it for TT, and they have a few options if you don't have your.card but need to use it to pay for things.
  • I totally agree with jacksonsweets32.
  • You can't setup an account without the card number
  • yep, and then use your funds to pay bills and stuff online without the card.
  • can't setup an account with no card number what the hell . and yeah agreed jaksonsweets
  • It prompted me to set up an account after I signed up for it.. I guess it's not the same for everyone.
  • YOU CANNOT CREATE AN ACCOUNT WITHOUT A CARD, and you cannot access your money any other way it seems, (profanity removed)! If i knew it was going to be this much trouble, I wouldve opted for direct deposit
  • Why does everyone have such poor manners on here?  People are just trying to help eachother out and answer questions, what is the need for all the cursing?
  • The reason people have such poor manners on here,ie me, is because I have been on hold for 45 mins with the same company that handled my taxes last year, Turbotax. I have been given the runaround by both companies now and am about ready to scream at the next available representative oh wait, I cannot do that because I have to wait for 37 more minutes!
  • I'm sorry.  After reading all the information about the netspend card, I am starting to get very nervous myself about it.  WMR says the IRS has approved my refund, but I havent got my card. And alot of people say that netspend will require to send a copy of my ss card, id and such before they activate it.  Why all this trouble?
  • I dont know either. Last year it was so easy, got my card and everything was alright, now I am getting screwed over. I called both companies and asked about transferring my money over to my existing account and I am STILL on hold. If I have to wait even longer because Netspend wants verification of who I am, why did they even send a card to me?
  • I'm really concerned now after reading all of this... I filed on Jan. 19th, got a text 4 days later saying the IRS accepted me, it is now the 9th of Feb. and still no card in the mail?????? How do I find out why I haven't gotten my card yet? Last year I had the card in the mail in 5 days!!! Single mom here and really need my money!!
  • Really concerned now after reading this!! i filed on Jan. 19th, got confirmation that my taxes were accepted by the IRS, it is now Feb 9th and I still haven't gotten my card in the mail. Last year it was here in 5 days.... single mom here that really needs my money!!
  • I was charged all of these fees for the damn card and NO CARD!!!!
  • The IRS didn't start processing any claims until Jan. 30th this year even Jackson Hewitt and H & R Block returns weren't processed until then either
  • If you look at your tax return you will see your account number-then be able to register :)
  • If u go to turbotax refund card and click on da one dat says prepaid reloaded then click on refund status u can track yo card
I recieved an email stating that it was mailed in the 3rd however I just recieved an email stating my refund was on my card and I still haven't recieved a card......
  • I've had the same thing happen to me. My refund was deposited today but I dont have my card yet. I called netspend and they said if I dont have it by the 12th to call them back.
  • Same this with me. What kind of crap is that?! I usually get my money directly into my account without a hassle. Never doing it through netspend again. Then they cannot give you information through the phone. Only for people who received their cards already. That is definitely not fair.
  • same here!
  • Same here
This is a headache......My State taxes was deposited on Feb 5 & pending cuz they needed further info (social old addresses etc. 2 make sure it was me)  and because I didn't have a card 2 activate my netspend account they sent my money back 2 issuer on Feb 9........I've been calling everyday and everyday I been getting different info about account....NEVER AGAIN WILL I USE TURBO TAX OR NETSPEND.......I RATHER USE H&R BLOCK AND BE CHARGED A ARM AND LEG ATLEAST I KNOW I'LL RECEIVE A CARD ONSITE SMMFH

    just thought I should let everyone know that with the recent target breach some companies are having a mass order of cards being sent out and because of that some cards are being delayed. I work for a bank and typically our cards take about 7-10 business days to receive, but some people are seeing them arrive as late at 14-18 days at the latest. I know its frustrating but there is about 300,000 cards being sent out daily because of this.   

      Now Im worried that my card wont come. Just like last yr. Why cant I track my card?! I need ma money mayne!

      This is my first time filling for my taxes I had my taxes sent on a netspend card and its been 14 days and still no card but its saying my money is on the card where do I go  about to find out if the card was even sent out or how long its going to be. this is making me very nervous !! someone please help me..

      It's been 9 days my brother received his we live together and filed the same day, why haven't I received my card
      • Relax. We usually get our cards within 7-10 business days. Just because your brother got his early doesn't mean anything. They could have been shipped at different times.
      • Yea it's been 16 days ago and the card still hasn't come luckily I'm not stupid and got I touch with the bank that's depositing my money after they take their cut from turbotax, so I changed my direct deposit info....that's to much money for me to not have the card and the money be stuck on there...but thanks anyway!
      • And me and my brother got and email the same day saying our cards have been shipped
      • How did you find out which bank is depositing the money?
      • Because turbo tax charges you for their services and if you chose to pay with your refund all of our money goes from the irs to their and then they deposit it to wherever you choose to have your money deposited to when you are filing online...the bank is
      • Okay ladies & gents... I might have some helpful information to help you find your refund.  If you ordered a Netspend prepaid card for your refund, press one. Haha just kidding.

        Filed 2/1/2014 Accepted 2/1/2014      State: Accepted 2/7/2014
        -Refunded on card: 2/7/2014

        Okay. Considering I hadn't received my card yet, I called SBBT (the bank that deposits the money from the IRS) to see if it had even been refunded yet. (877) 908.7228 - To my surprise it had.

        Then I had to call Netspend (855) 646.8848 to see if my card, or when, had shipped because my refund was already on it. So, yes... there is a way to track it all down, I just did so myself :)
      • same happen to me, my deposit was made 2/5 per an email I received from Netspend themselves alerting me of a transaction. yet no card. I emailed Netspend, they emailed me back I have to wait two weeks If I don't receive it then, I can call them back or email. Ugh!!!!!!!!! never again will I do this pre paid card. NEVER!
      • Same thing with me, my money has been put on my card but no card yet!!! Praying that it comes today!!!!
      Well I called and they said it should be here today my brother got his in 5 days tho and we live together..I'm getting scared this is the first time I'm using a prepaid card

        I ordered my netspend card on 2/5/14 and got it today 2/14/14.  However there are no funds on it.  Do they deposit automatically?


          My card was supposed to be sent out on Monday and I still haven't received it. I'm expecting my refund on 2/10. Not having my card is making me nervous. I've tried everything to get an answer. Last year I received it right away.

            billie j wetzel
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