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Has anyone seen the deposit dates for the refunds yet.

  • has anyone been excepted an then the refund was onn delay because of form 8863 for the "american opportunity tax credit ?.. it says that the irs will process it in mid-feb.. how long or what day is that ?
  • yes we filed jan 18th accepted 25th expected deposit feb1st thru 6th
  • yes, we have....don't worry, it just means they, irs is not ready...
  • so when read will it be before or afta the 15th of feb
  • i mean when will
  • i e filed on Jan 29th, Jan 30th adv it accepted my taxes, but i cant find anywhere online to tell me when i will receive my deposit . Can anyone help with this ??
  • Generally, an IRS Rep will review your submission and will update the system within a week or so. Then you will see when your refund is expected to return to you.
  • I have found that in the past my refund would be in the bank and the WMR (Where's My Refund) will still be saying processing or that the refund will be deposited a week or 2 after its actual deposit.
  • same here that happened last year.
  • not true no rep reviews your return its all done though the computer... I cant view where my refund yet try waiting 24 hours after the 30th and you should be able to see it... Though out the year the irs goes though and double checks them and does AUDITS!!!! hope this helps... Should take about 4-5 working days to get your refund
  • Got DD today
  •'s-My-Refund-It's-Quick,-Easy,-and-Secure.    this is the link to wheres my refund, if u were accepted early it should give u a dd, make sure u put info in accurately, no commas periods make sure household status is correct (single, head of household etc) i was able to get my dd of jan 1 this morning at 9 am. as long as your return has been accepted it should have info for u, some say with pending status their info still shows
  • What's dd
  • This was just a few minutes ago and its my info
  • Direct deposit
  • this link don't even work..
  • When did they accept your return
  • Dreamgirl
  • It worked for me.
  • im the 24th.. stilling processing mode but as for the link u posted it don't work for me.. it sends me to page that has another link which takes u to the IRS home page
  • has anyone been excepted an then the refund was onn delay because of form 8863 for the "american opportunity tax credit ?.. it says that the irs will process it in mid-feb.. how long or what day is that ?
  • It should have shown up when u enter in to turbo tax. Mine date is feb 19., they all were accept jan 30.  For those who itemized. But there is an exception to this : u claimed adoption fees, certain tuition , and  energy tax
  • I guess dd means Date due?
  • Yes education credits ' for plumbing an HVAC.. Says some bout the higher education credits..
  • Yes I have they said feb1 no later then the 6
  • Other people say Feb 1... Mines say the 9th - 19th.. Maybe because of the education credits.. Idk.
  • just looked on irs website   dd feb 4th
  • Direct deposit
  • I filed the 17th was accepted on the 25th and its still telling me they cant find my return... what does that mean???
  • I also was accepted on the 25th and no did. FRUSTRATING!
  • Dd
  • DD = Direct Deposit! Has anyone got their return yet? Mine was accepted on the 25th, but when I do the Where Is My Return thing it just says "Return Received" and that is the only bubble that is filled in orange :( Anyone know of a way to speed this up? I need that $6327.13 LOL
  • Another thing I forgot! When I logged in to Turbo Tax yesterday it had this 0% out of 100% status bar that said the percentage of people who had received their returns, but today I can't see it anymore.. Any Ideas on how to see this again?
  • Hey rachel mine is the same I got accepted on 26, mine still say received and some ppl have all ready gotten theirs or atleast got a direct deposit date
  • Dd means direct deposit
  • It seems that if you log in too many times it will disappear and give you errors.
  • feb. 4th here
  • When did you file? And when was it accepted?
  • Mine was showing accepted on the 24th of January and then where is my refund said DD of Feb 1st and this morning...its all gone.... what is the deal... so I call and they said they don't know when the deposit will be...its in processing...
  • mine was accepted on the 24th when I checked wheres my refund it said should be in bank tommorow
  • Thats what mine was showing ...actually the first of Feb.  now its all gone ands says processing.... so yesterday I had a DD and today I have nothing....
  • It seems when you check it too many times it does that ..Say you may have entered wrong info.But if you got a DD of Feb 1 thats when it will be there.
  • I was accepted on the 24 had a DD of 2/1 just checked my SBBT account and my deposit had already been made a whole day early way to go I.R.S. keep up the good work. And good luck to the rest of you.
  • I soooo hope you are right!    I even called....but that was pointless...... I am a little OCD about checking..... Fingers are crossed...
  • Mine too... then maybe its because I checked to much... I will pray its there tom
  • can you post the link to sbbt
  • I was excpeted on the 26, but was now told that I will have to wait cuz the education credit. When will I hear about that.
  • hey can you post the link to sbbt
  • nevermind.. bizzyb0 check this bank turbo tax is using.. if the IRS sent your refund sbbt bank will know b4 u will.. here's the link
  • It often says cant find it but if you call it says they have it. Late yesterday night I saw it online and this morning told me it can't find it
  • I got a DD date this morning for feb 4th. I was accepted on the 27th.
  • Michele72....that was pure luck. My date is 2/4 & I was accepted on 1/26. Congrats!
  • How do you find out direct deposit date?
  • go to where's my refund
  • Thanks!
  • i filed the same time you  did and just checked and am being told it will be in my acct by the 4th
  • Ok but it would only who received? That means I don't have a refund date...? If it says approved then I get a refund date?
  • irs will tell you  when to expect it check their site
  • i filed on 1/16 and was accepted  and still no date of deposit.  but someones I filed for them after mine...on 1/24..accepted and they are getting their refund 2/4..darn..
  • It appears that people who were accepted on the 24th are now receiving there refunds. (This information I have found by reading other posts on this site) If you have not yet received your refund keep an eye on your bank account over the next day or 2. Remember refunds are now deposited daily and not twice a week.
  • I received my accepted letter on the 24th but it is still saying processing, still no date i was hoping i would get mine early too guess some of us just have to be patient,congrats to those getting theirs
  • I was accepted on 1/25, and was given dd date of 2/1. My son was accepted on 1/25 too, and he still has not been given a dd date still in return accepted stage on wmr. Hang in there, it will be soon. Iwas also able to go to the sbtpg website, and view my refund info. it is luck
  • Yup, accepted on the 26th and DD date on the 4th:)
  • Did they send you that messege?
  • check the website for refund banking status.
  • my direct deposit due date given by the irs at "wheres my refund" was 2-1-2013,  but when i checked the bank that turbo tax use at website ( it shows that they received mt refund from the irs today & has scheduled to directly deposit the funds into my bank account by tomorrow
  • I was accepted on the 25th, received deposit date of 2/1 yesterday and now Where's My Refund is showing nothing.
  • That info was given to me via IRS website.....
  • Chrishopkins27, if you check to many times is may not show any info. Some people with a 2/1 are receiving their money today. Try calling the 800#
  • My refund is already on Sbbt! Supposed to be deposit into my account tomo :)
  • thanks for that link it helps alot to check the banks status
  • Try
  • @chrishopkins27..the same has happen to was showing rec..approved..DDate and not today nothing..I guess I will have to wait to see what's going on???
  • I have an accepted date from the irs on 1/26 and DD 2/4. Wish it was sooner for the Super Bowl lol

Not sure if anyone is interested but I found these websites to be informative.

This site talks about the IRS and different topics (WMR etc)

And this is a FB page about refunds



Saw this on Y! answers thought it looked legit. I think I may be able to shed some light on this matter for everyone. This only applies to the few filers that have already been acknowledged as "Accepted" from the IRS. A friend of mine actually works for the developer of the new Efile system, and has been working with the IRS as an independent contractor for each of the past 4 tax seasons as they h...ave increased the usage of the MeF system. Every year, they have pulled a few hundred tax returns earlier than the initial processing start date to test the system. This gives them a chance to ensure that the system works correctly and can correct any software issues prior to the mass influx of returns on the real processing date. The reason they do this is because the system can become overloaded and crash, similar to a website server crash, and it did in fact crash last year the first day the IRS officially opened processing- delaying some returns by a week. The fixed the system within a day, and everything went smoothly from then on for the most part. So there's a brief history of what they do and why. Now, this year, like previous, they have pulled a couple hundred returns a day beginning this week (a week early) to get a run through, because the MeF will be used exclusively for the first time.

According to my friend, if you've been accepted you have an 80% chance of the return being processed and refund being issued by the system within 3-5 days. The other 20% that don't have typically been flagged by the system and the return needs to be manually gone over to check for fraud or typical errors. Those people can expect a 1 to 3 week delay in their processing. This is why the IRS has not released a refund cycle chart this year, and why they delayed the mass processing until Jan. 30, it gives them a buffer. Previously, people took the cycle chart as the be all, end all when the IRS clearly stated it was not a guarantee of deposit or check dates.

Anyway, with that said, If you've been accepted this week, there is a strong possibility that you will have your refund by next week, before the IRS has even officially opened tax season. I can tell you as well, that most of the returns that were accepted the first day of testing have already been processed and refunds were issued beginning today. Anyone who was accepted by today (Friday, 1/25), could expect to start seeing their refund issued by Wednesday (1/30) even earlier in some cases. Once again, this only applies to the few filers that have already been acknowledged as "Accepted" from the IRS. So, like the IRS I can't guarantee when you'll get your money, but I can tell you that you should feel pretty optimistic (about 80% optimistic) that you'll be seeing your refund quite earlier than you thought if you've already been accepted. The other thing to keep in mind to is that once the IRS has direct deposited your refund to your bank, it's up to your bank when they make that money available. For example, my bank no matter what, makes every direct deposit to my account paycheck, refund or otherwise available at 8 AM the next business day. They could have received the deposit at 8:01 AM on a Friday and it won't be available to me until 8:01 AM on Monday. so just make sure to check with your bank on their policies, which they don't always abide by. My bank claims to release the funds as soon as they receive them; which is a load of crap as I pointed out to you how they make the money available to me.

If you're getting a direct deposit from a 3rd party because you opted to take out the fee to have your returns done by a tax software or professional (i.e. using Turbo Tax and opting to pay via your refund) add another day or 2 to your wait because the irs will deposit the refund to SBTPG (the bank TT uses) and then SBTPG will deposit the refund minus their fees to your bank. And typically banks hold this money longer because it is not coming from a government agency.


Software Developer, Independent Contractor for IRS MeF systems

  • thanks yea i was wondering what was going on
  • Thanks Xtina, that was very helpful and in depth info.
  • Thank you, very informative.
  • Thanks for the information it was well put
  • crystal clear thanks
  • I agree, except with the part about the bank deciding when to make the deposit. The banks can only post funds based on the date submitted in the file received from the ferderal reserve. They receive two batches a day, around 7:30 and 4:30. If they didn't receive the funds in that batch they can't post it. Just a little FYI. It's federal regulation.
  • Estimated refund schedule
There is no schedule this year.  Rather, the IRS said they expect to issue 9 of 10 refunds within 21 days of acceptance.
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  • Taxes make some go crazy LOL
  • ok people! we have gotten off the subject altogether now. I think I spelled all my words right and crossed my T's (lol - lmfao)   We just wanted some dates, so a person can pay their bills
  • good saying.....of course people will go mad they depend on this refund to pay bills and that is something the IRS don't understand.
  • People are going crazy but my comment was for the original comment to what Sweetiejean said so all the additional crap was really unneccesary. I am definitely unfollowing this thread as it is just to negative. Truly some crazies walking this earth smh....
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  • I filed 1/17 accp on 1/24 the wmr says mine shod be dd on 2/1
  • Really how when they just started  processing today?
  • i thought that too, but i got a text said they accepted mine sunday the 27th.  so i dontk now whats up.  no dd date though...just says accepted but still processing.
  • filed 1/18 - accepted early on 1/25, DD 2/1 - I was surprised too!
  • My did mine on jan.13 and got accepted on the 24 and my dd is on feb1!
  • well mine says return received- refund approved now all im waiting for is refund sent on the wmr
  • oh the dd is by the 1st
  • people need to stop being pretentious! :)
  • I filed mine on the 1/25. Then IRS accepted the return on the 26th.. Mine is also still processing. They were ( IRS) accepting returns Before the 30th, But they were not able to begin processing them till the 30th.  But I imagine they will be available for DD within this next week.. Looks like the new system their using is running allot smoother then last years! Remember its the Government, They take forever on anything in general, Not including when their busy!
  • mine has been pending since the 26th or before?
  • mine says dd on 2/1 earlyer now its saying nothing ????? anyone did the same
  • I was on wmr earlier and it showed it was recieved but no yet approved.  now i went back on the site and i has nothing, it says i have my information wrong.  is the site messing up?
  • yes. well, kinda sorta....this morning when i checked, it said Return Accepted....when i checked a little while ago, it said "The IRS does not have any information about your tax return....
  • I think their site is malfunctioning again! ugh.
  • Probably. Updating
  • Here's the link to the bank that Turbo Tax uses for our refunds. If you type in your info, it will show you whether or not the IRS has sent them your money.
  • thank you, and temah 1979 that is exactly what happened to me.
  • You can also check at SBBT tax refund an it offers some info...  just Google it. An enter the same info as u would on wmr..  an it gives u a deposit an fees info
  • I got a deposite date of 2/1 also this a.m., then later it has nothing! Im confused like most- i guess ill wait and check back on friday
  • Estimated refund schedule
  • Earlier about 12 it had the status bar and said accepted and I looked just a while ago about 3 and now t telling me to re enter my info and when i did it says i has no info is available. Has anyone had that trouble
  • Right last year when it would'nt display information it meant the money was in its way.
  • ok thank you i guess i will check tomorrrow because it says to reenter my info and asks me for the day that i efiled and how i filed and i add that and it says no info or status at this time to check back in 24 hours
  • im just starting to get really annoyed because it keeps saying different stuff, I have never used turbo tax before and with all this hassle im not sure if i will again
  • Im having the same problem. But when I call the 1 800 number , it says they are processing it.
  • this is what i just recieved from the wheres my refund link .....Your tax refund is scheduled to be sent to your bank on February 1, 2013.
    If your refund is not credited to your account by February 6, 2013, check with your bank.
  • try some decaf people...and to the ones who said they got a reply saying 2/1,...keep your pantyhose on and check on the 1st...i mean what happens when you get on the 1st...more redundant comments like," hey got mine but postman was grouchy,who do i see about th... geeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  • Did mine on 1/11, accepted on 1/25, the email I got says I will have on or before feb 19...
  • i also got a due date of feb 1, i think i was accepted on the 25th. for those of you that have pending status of 4 or more days now, i would try to call the irs. for those saying they were accepted but cant get the info, make sure u are entering everything correctly, for example when i first checked mine i accidentally left it as single instead of head of household and thats what made the difference. it has to be exact. enter your refund amount BEFORE fees with no commas no periods because that will mess it up also. for the person saying the social security number doesnt match that seems strange, maybe u should call the irs if this continues, but make sure u are entering your info precisely and maybe try the 1800 number for wheres my refund, dont know the number but u can find it on the wheres my refund site. the number will walk u through the steps and that might make the difference. looking forward to the 1st. i will definately let everyone know when i get it so u know about what to expect-but this is definately less than 21 days, i have a very simple refund though. good luck everyone!!! geljs i would go to wheres my refund u may get it as early as the 1st
  • Ok. Firstly if you have been on pending status for a a few (or more) days don't panic. Remember that the IRS did not officially start processing returns until today (30th January 2013). Some of us had our returns accepted early due to the IRS testing there new system. Those early accepted returns were not processed they were only accepted (Quickly checked for errors and accepted by the IRS). In the next couple of days the WMR (Where's My Refund Site) will update and show you the information you are all waiting for. Remember the WMR only updates late at night and usually only once in a 24 hour period. So your return may have been processed and approved for Direct Deposit but the WMR has not been updated with that info. Also please remember the WMR is under extreme pressure from millions of people all hitting the site all day long... It can screw up,,, So please all relax..

    As for Turbo Tax giving out refund dates. Simply put take any date that anyone other than the IRS gives you with a pinch of salt. Turbo Tax is trying to guess-st-imate the refund range dates as a service to its customers.

    So once again sit back and be patient, your refunds will be with you soon. :)
  • Ok I just received an email from turbo tax that although my return had been accorded by the IRS and is processing bc I have an education credit it will be mid February before it even finished processif, I am so upset this happened to me last year. Has anyone else received this info
  • I've been having the same trouble, but earlier it states my DD is 2/1.
  • when did your refund get accepted?
  • trisha that's exactly what happened to me...
  • and what state is this?
  • Yes. I had that happen to me last year. Sometimes my info would be there and sometimes not. Typical. :)
  • temah1979: Thanks for the link to the bank!!! I see I have an account setup with them already for this year!!! Hopefully I will get my refund on 2/1 like everyone else!!!
  • It's not turbo tax it's the IRS...they started accepting on jan 30 th.....listen to the news or read the IRS website......but don t blame it on turbo tax they just help fill in the returns and exile your return and keep a copy for u...
  • yep! accepted on the 26th and DD on Feb 4th! Yippie!
  • Wow really? I am not trying to be nosey but did you ave any dependents to claim? I ask because I filed on Jan14, accepted on 01/24 and they keep telling me no info avail
  • i claimed 2 dependants, filed HOH, accepted 1/26, and got approved today with a direct deposit date of 2.4. :))))))))
  • PPl its not turbotax its the irs ..been using Turbotax for the last 7 yrs and never  had a problem ..Irs with the new system  is what is making everything seem really difficult.
  • I agree with bigpolk69. People need to realize that TurboTax is not causing the delay. The IRS has a new a system that did not go in to effect until the 30th Jan. I have used Turbo Tax for several years and have never had any problem with my efile.
  • Technically there really isn't a delay. The Irs didn't start start processing til yesterday. I was one of the few that was accepted early (24 Jan) but my status is still pending. Can I use the money now...yes but I know it will take some time. Some people are stating they got accepted after I did and receiving refunds. I just figure their tax situation is different from mine.  It would be nice to get it sooner but if I don't oh well...I'll start freaking out after the
  • No they not
  • I filed a simple 1040EZ nothing more than married deduction. I was accepted on the 25th Jan and I am still in processing status according to the WMR.

    Last year the WMR claimed my refund would be in the bank by around the 14th it actually arrived on the 5th. The year before that my refund was in the bank for a 2 full weeks while the WMR was stating it was still being processed. Basically what I am saying is don't pay to much attention to the over stressed WMR it has been wrong in the past and could be wrong in the future.
Everyone who was accepted early should be able  to check on the status of their e-filed return tomorrow.  The Where's My Refund is supposed to be available on January 30th.  If any of the early accepted returns were already processed, then there should be info available on the WMR site.

This posting is starting to look like the other one.  Why do people have to start cursing when they don't hear what they want.  We all need our refunds.  We all want them fast.  We all want them now!  But the IRS is the only one that has the answers.

I can't even e-file yet because I don't get my W-2 until the 31st.  I have to wait until Thursday.  At least a lot of people can say their returns were accepted.  You are one step closer to your refund.  You are one of the lucky ones to get accepted early.

What about the millions of people that still say pending?  They are the ones that should be mad.  Some people that were accepted e-filed on the 25th and accepted the 26th, bbut there are people who e-filed earlier than that that are still pending.  Chill out and relax.  Tomorrow is the 30th.  Maybe a lot of people will have good news to post.
  • Hopefully so taxhater!  I hope a lot of people will have happy news to report tm! Lol I hope I'm one of them but not counting on it honestly. I'll be glad whenever it posts to my account!
  • i have to agree with this due to positive reinforcement... s.k. indiana
Some people are posting that they have received.  It could possibly that they received their state refund and are saying or thinking that it is their federal.  According to the IRS even if a tax return was accepted during the test run that they were doing, no tax refund will be processed until January 30th.

  • My returned has been accepted by the IRS but like you say they will  start processing  returns Jan. 30th
  • Thank you for your input and information.  I just arrived in from class and wanted to check what was going on.  Actually just reading and praying for all who are waiting for their funds.  Please don't take things so seriously.  God will make sure we receive our refunds in a timely fashion.  Have a nice night everyone.
  • the same here i got accepted but they said it won't be filed until the 30th. which is today i hoping soon to receive my refund! hooray
  • Here's the link to the bank that Turbo Tax uses for our refunds. If you type in your info, it will show you whether or not the IRS has sent them your money.
  • Every time I go to that website, I get a security warning. I'm not about to put my social in a non-trusted website
  • it's a secure site.....
  • Thank you for your prayers
yes i have....  and i want to let everyone know about what we are using here...

What The Modernized e-File System Means For Tax Preparers (technical jargon kept to a minimum)
The 1040 Legacy e-file system has officially been retired.  It is still technically available for one more year, but will be revived only if the new system experiences a significant failure.  This is a huge milestone for the IRS, and for Drake; we have been methodically implementing the massive behind-the-scenes changes and carefully navigating the transition for a number of years now, with the primary goal being to make sure that our challenges didn't become your challenges.  Now that we are here, let's take a look at what this ultimately means for tax preparers.

First, I'll digress for a brief history lesson.  The Legacy e-file system was utilized for 26 years, from 1986 until 2012.  Drake Software, along with four other companies, worked with the IRS to launch the system back in the mid-80s, and it proved to be an efficient and reliable system.  I won't dive too deeply into technical details, but basically, each form sent via the Legacy e-file system became a record in the electronic file, and each piece of data in the record was assigned to a numeric field ID, sequentially sorted from the top of a tax form to the bottom.  It was simple, easy to maintain, and effective.

As technology - Web-based technology, in particular - has evolved, new methods for transporting and storing data have emerged.  One example is Extended Markup Language (XML).  This language has become popular because it is easily read by both humans and machines.  The IRS chose to use XML for the new system - what we now call "Modernized e-File," or "MeF."  While the Legacy system uses the numeric IDs, XML assigns meaningful names, or tags, to data.  For example, adjusted gross income is stored:
  • in Legacy as:  Sequence [0600]: 36000
  • in XML as: AdjustedGrossIncomeAmt: 36000
Believe it or not, XML was first utilized by the IRS for e-filing corporation tax returns almost 10 years ago, when the MeF era began.   Since corporation tax returns were not a part of the original Legacy implementation, it made sense to utilize XML for the initial launch of corporation tax e-file - a way for the IRS to get its feet wet with the new technology and bring more returns into the e-file system.

Okay, enough of the history lesson. Let's take a closer look at what you need to know about the new system.

New terms replace "Reject codes"
The term "reject code" will slowly start to fade from our vocabulary and be replaced by the following terms that basically mean the same thing, but are more specific to the manner in which returns are validated in the "MeF World:"
  • Business rule violation: Business rules, which are defined by the IRS and state tax agencies, provide one layer of data validation.  Most business rules supersede the Legacy "reject codes," and while the wording might be different, the purpose is the same: to improve accuracy before processing the return.  As an example, take a look at Business rule F1040-017: "If Form 1040, Line 8a `TaxableInterestAmt' is greater than 1500, then it must be equal to Schedule B (Form 1040), Line 4 `CalculatedTotalTaxableIntAmt.'"
  • Schema validation:  An XML schema, in a nutshell, helps define parameters for the overall electronic file structure and for each piece of data; therefore, the schema itself serves as an additional layer of data validation.  For example, "SSNType" can be applied to all fields that capture a SSN.  This simply means that any data put in this type of field must meet specific formatting rules related to parameters, such as field length and characters allowed.
  • Parse error:  The data in an XML file is read into a useable format by an XML parser.  If a piece of transmitted data does not meet the defined schema parameters, it will fail to "parse," thus resulting in a parse error.  A parse error is similar to a reject, in that if a return fails to parse for any reason, the return is "rejected" and must be modified and retransmitted.  The most common parse errors occur due to missing data or invalid characters, and we have been working aggressively to prevent these errors from occurring.  The bottom line is that MeF is much more strict than Legacy.
 In some cases, XML does create a more meaningful feedback loop: business rules and parse errors can be more specific when identifying the piece of data in question. For non-techies, though, they can still be somewhat difficult to understand.

Quicker acknowledgements
The other main difference that you will notice is the fact that the new MeF system is transaction-based instead of batch-based.  In Legacy, returns were batched up with other returns and transmitted to IRS.   The batches were then downloaded by the IRS at specific drain times throughout the day; in recent years, it was three times a day.  With MeF, each return is a transaction, and each transaction can occur immediately.  While it might seem less efficient to process one return at a time, the systems are set up to handle thousands of transactions simultaneously, and acknowledgements can be processed in seconds instead of hours.  However, if the system hiccups for any reason and creates a backlog, it can take some time to recover.  

Quicker refunds
Once the MeF system processes the returns, they are now uploaded to the Customer Account Data Engine (CADE), the new e-file database for tax return data.  Most of you know that CADE has been in the works for about a decade, and was first mentioned in 2000 as a part of the IRS Modernization Plan.  CADE replaces the antiquated processing system that was first used in 1969.  CADE is more flexible and secure than its predecessor, it can interface better with other government systems, and it is much more interactive for use internally at the IRS by customer account representatives, compliance officers, and data analysts.  Most importantly to taxpayers, it will increase the speed of refund processing.  While the IRS is hesitant to publish anticipated processing times, it is feasible that CADE could allow refunds to be direct deposited within 2-3 days after the return is accepted. 

Embrace "change"
For those of us who have been around this business for a while, it is bittersweet to see the Legacy filing system retired.  It wasn't perfect, but it was reliable, predictable, and familiar.  And so it begs the question, "Why is the IRS replacing something that wasn't broken?"  Well, because at some point, it becomes necessary to "modernize" and take advantage of more efficient and more capable technology.  It is time to embrace a new system.  Some of you, I'm sure, are contemplating how you might adjust your office procedures, especially if you complete returns during the taxpayers' appointments.  If acknowledgements can be processed in a matter of minutes, or seconds, it might make sense to keep the taxpayer in your office until you know the return is accepted.  It might save you some time in the long run if you are able to correct a minor reject, I mean "business rule violation," with the taxpayer still in the office, rather than having to follow up later.  It might also give the taxpayer peace of mind if he or she can walk out the door knowing the transaction is essentially complete.  Of course, the big unknown is whether or not the IRS can process acknowledgements in a few minutes or less during the peak filing season.  We will certainly learn more about its capabilities during the next couple months.

What is next?
The IRS has accomplished much of its modernization strategy introduced 13 years ago.  But the new processing system is considered just the foundation for a broader vision: a real-time tax system.  A real-time system would be designed to validate third-party information on W-2s and 1099s before the return is processed.  Rather than dealing with inaccurate reporting after the fact, the issues would be addressed on the front end, leading to a higher percentage of accurately filed returns, less backend auditing, and, it is hoped, less fraud.  At this time, there is no timetable established for implementing this vision.

FactLast year, Drake transmitted more than 98% of all 1040 federal returns through the MeF system, using the Legacy system only in rare cases.
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  • That is interesting, helpful and makes sense!
My Federal return is scheduled for 2/1/13 i got accepted on 1/24/13 so some good news everyone.
  • me too. yay
  • mine was accepted on jan 24th but I still am getting the message processing still no dd date.
  • I was accepted on the 25th and I still have a processing message on the WRM. Going from past experience I have actually received my refund while the WRM was still saying processing. Last year according to the WRM my refund date was around the 14th and I received my refund on the 5th

     I have learnt not to pay to much attention to the over stressed WRM.
I actual received an email from irs alerts that my taxes will be deposited on February 1, 2013. I was actually shocked when I went to Where's my refund website to confirm and it said my taxes were complete. It gave me the deposit date of 02/01/13. They have a mobile app called irs2go.
 Status Results

Your tax refund is scheduled to be sent to your bank on February 4, 2013.

If your refund is not credited to your account by February 9, 2013, check with your bank to see if it has been received.

Please Note:

For refund information, please continue to check here, or use our free mobile app, IRS2Go. Updates to refund status are made no more than once a day. i filed on the 22 got accepted on the 26


  • JOEJOE: did you have a 8863 form in your return?
  • No 8863
There are many people in which filed early and were accepted early. Many, but not all, of these people have already received thier federal returns. I have heard or seen no one receive thier state yet. I have fisically seen federal returns already added to the NetSpend cards. The multiple occurances have been within eight days of acceptance.
  • I think you have that backwards. State refunds have definitely been received. Federal refunds have not been issued yet at all, to anyone. The earliest acceptance date for Federal returns was 1/23.
  • So will people that were accepted early start getting refunds on Jan. 30th?
  • I can verify that Connecticut has paid state refunds. I filed mine on 1/22 and it was processed 1/25.The money was deposited 1/28.
  • The State of PA is not accepting any returns until January 30th.  Their website says that it can take anywhere from 8-10 weeks to receive your state refund.  Sooo, not holding my breath.
  • Nackota Every year it says 8-10 weeks, but its usually around 3 weeks.
  • :)
  • my return was accepted by federal on the 18th, earlier than 1/23 and my state (AZ) says it wont be processed until IRS processes the returns on the 30th. It has not been accepted by state as of today. expecting it to be accepted on the 30th
  • I just called the state of pa and they told me that turbo tax didn't submit anything for me.  The state of PA says they have been processing for weeks.  So now I am on perpetual hold with turbo tax to find out what's going on.  I knew I should have just done my state taxes through the state itself, but hey, live and learn.
  • I always do PA through the state site. It's free.
  • My returns were accepted early because I filed early. They go by the order in which was placed first. I have not received my return yet however my federal returns were accepted early as a matter of fact it got accepted on Jan.28th. Thats right ACCEPTED!! I actually submitted my returns on Jan 1st.
  • I filed on the 23rd and was rejected on the 25th for an incorrect D.O.B. I resubmitted on the 25th and was accepted on the 28th. I live in California and according to their website, they received my return on the 25th.
  • Yes, Juicy, I will NEVER use turbo tax for my state refunds again.  The guy I talked to at the state suggested just going directly through their site, too.  Turbo Tax just resubmitted my state again, after being on the phone for 45 minutes.  I guess we all live and learn.  As for my federal, it was accepted on the 25th and I filed on 1/2/13.
  • Wonder what happened. I was reading on a troubleshooting site that some states, when they were submitted along w/Federal, they were being rejected or wouldn't go through and the resolution, last I saw, was to submit them separately. I thought it would have a solid fix by now. Hopefully it went through properly now and I am glad your Fed went through already at least.
  • Thanks for your support.  Hope everything worked well for you, also.  I think the only thing about this that I found disconcerting was the fact that when you call turbo tax, they connect you to someone in India.  While I don't like outsourcing, but it is a way of life for us now, I don't appreciate the fact that they are outsourcing tax assistance to a foreign country.  The only bright spot is that when asked to speak to someone in the states, they readily connected you without any hassle.
  • I hate outsourcing as well. Nothing against the people personally, but it is A LOT of jobs that could be here. You can barely even find services anymore that have US call centers. It's sad. It is good to know they did transfer you though and that it is an option.
  • It's going beyond customer service. I work as a financial analyst, was just told today that my position was being severed from the company effective in April as the jobs were being sent overseas. When asked why I was told that my one position was being eliminated to hire 8 people there, and would still have a cost savings over 30k a year to the company. You have to love it.
  • Sorry to hear that. That really sucks!
  • Sorry to hear that Black Llama. It is really sickening and they wonder why we can't pull out of the rut we are in. And you know, it would be better (kinda sorta) if they just laid off the people they have to here, and that's that - don't outsource, just do without them if that's what you have to do. If they NEED more employees for whatever reason, well then rework the pay at the top which is hindering the ability to pay the people at the bottom, but don't send the damn jobs away. I think companies that do that should be penalized tremendously. I know it is their right to do what they want with their business, but damn.
  • QueenoftheSecretAgents I don't think they go by order of filing date because I filed way after you and I was excepted before you. I don't think either has to do with who will get their refund when.
  • Wow, sorry to hear that, black llama. There are sure to be better things on the horizon for you.
  • i was accepted for my federal return on the 25th, my state is still pending
  • I am in PA and my state return was accepted on 1/ DD refund as of yet, though
  • I was accepted 1/24 w a filing date of 1/17 and I have just processing a direct deposit date will be sent once it is available........
Mine is scheduled to be in my account feb 1
    Feb 1
    Just checked SBTP and this is what it shows for me:

    IRS deposit 01/31/2013
    Total Amounts Received:$799.00


    Paid ToAmountPaid
    Bank Refund Processing Fee:$29.99$  29.99    TurboTax Fee(s):$29.99 


    Amounts Disbursed

     TaxpayerACH direct deposit to go out the next business day     01/31/2013 $739.02 

    Should have my refund tomorrow YAY!!!!
    • jtquadcities, can you check the WMR and see if it states a refund date or is it still in processing?
    • Yes my wmr states that my refund will be deposited on Feb. 1st
    • Hmmm seems the WMR site is actually being accurate this year.
    Mine was accepted by the irs on 2/25. And scheduled direct deposit a week later on fed 1.
      My state refund was deposited in my account today. My fed. return was accepted on Jan 25th but that is all I have heard from that. I have tried the where' s my refund tool on the irs website but it doesnt work yet.
      • sooner can I ask what state did you file with, I filed MD and it's still pending???
      • Oklahoma. It still says pending on my turbo tax account. I called about the fed. and didn't get a date for mine yet.
      I have a DD of 2/1/13 but i always heard its possible it could come tomorrow...i will see..anyone else heard anything about it possible come sooner?
      • How do you know your DD date? Is it up on where my refund?
      • yes on the IRS WMR tool...people been having problem with it lately but I checked mine today in the morning and yes it showed a dd date.
      • mine just says accepted but processing yet.  so no date.some people filed after me and have a dd date already.  think the irs system jusrt goes by what ever ones it process when it does, no rhyme or reason.  knowing our government, that shouldnt suprise any of
      • i got no info from the WMR website, but the IRS hotline says DD of 2-1. i was accepted an the 24th
      • what date did the irs accept your return NY mine was accepted on the 25th and wmr is telling me the same as you
      • i can't get anything to pull up on "where's my refund" it tells me to check my information. But i recieved and email and text alert saying both my federal and state have been approved. I would just like to find out a date estimation. Anyone have any ideas?
      • the number is 1-800-829-4477
      • Ok. Firstly if you have been on pending status for a a few (or more) days don't panic. Remember that the IRS did not officially start processing returns until today (30th January 2013). Some of us had our returns accepted early due to the IRS testing there new system. Those early accepted returns were not processed they were only accepted (Quickly checked for errors and accepted by the IRS). In the next couple of days the WMR (Where's My Refund Site) will update and show you the information you are all waiting for. Remember the WMR only updates late at night and usually only once in a 24 hour period. So your return may have been processed and approved for Direct Deposit but the WMR has not been updated with that info. Also please remember the WMR is under extreme pressure from millions of people all hitting the site all day long... It can screw up,,, So please all relax..

        As for Turbo Tax giving out refund dates. Simply put take any date that anyone other than the IRS gives you with a pinch of salt. Turbo Tax is trying to guess-st-imate the refund range dates as a service to its customers.

        So once again sit back and be patient, your refunds will be with you soon. :)
      • allip make sure u are entering everything correct, i know it sounds silly but i entered household status at first as single when its actually head of household i should have said. that fixed it. oh ya i also put a comma in the refund amount at first which messed it up no commas or periods and make sure u are entering refund before fees from turbotax if applicable, and yes call the number if the website doesnt show your info, because early this morning the website didnt have my info so i called the number and it did. sherelleash1 posted the number above
      • Mines in early every year
        Good luck. :-)
      • has anyone been excepted an then the refund was onn delay because of form 8863 for the "american opportunity tax credit ?.. it says that the irs will process it in mid-feb.. how long or what day is that ?
      I would just like to say that my federal taxes was accepted monday 1-28-13 at 3:25pm. i didnt even know til i was checking my email tuesday morning and saw an email from turbo telling me that my taxes was accepted. just wanted to say that. i have no other information. hopefully what i read above is true and i get it by next week
        My federal was accepted on the 26th. The IRS is still showing that it is being processed.
          I heard they have two release dates so far feb6 and 13
          I got my acceptance on Jan 24th I believe and today I went to wheres my refund and it said my refund would be deposited into the bank on Feb 1, :)

          • @mh_snowbaby. You wouldn't have had any education credit by chance?
          • education credit wont be available for a few months sry :(
          • No Tabitha, I did not, sorry
          • Mh_snowbaby the deposit that u r suppose to get on feb 1 is it fed or state........
          • Fed.
          I've look on the web site IRS and I'm schedule for my deposit on February 1.  I should received my refund in two days
          • When did u get accepted? I was accepted on 26
          • I was accepted on the 26th and it states that I should receive my refund by no later than Feb. 19th.
          Yes some do. But; its seems as people on the 26th and with the 8863 do not. I'm being patient and observing... laughing at some of you people on here.  This is true comedy. (  she laughs again.)
          • i just got the same...  been excepted an then the refund was onn delay because of form 8863 for the "american opportunity tax credit ?.. it says that the irs will process it in mid-feb.. how long or what day is that ?
          i filed i-20-2013 when should i get a refund.
          • It could be anywhere in a 7 - 21 day range for your refund,(depending on how complex your filing is and also depending on any things you listed in you eFile.
          i am proud to say that ii checked wmr early today and have a dd of feb 1St just in time 2days before my birthday!

          Did.u see a 3part status bar logged on to the irs website if so what section were you seen your dd
          • I was in the 2nd section when I seen mine. I also called the automated line to verify. I was accepted 1-25 DD 2-1
          • Im only in.the first i.was.accepted 1/26... if i have already been accepted why doesnt this show in the second section
          • Im not sure, maybe it is still updating.
          • People with form 8863, who got accepted early, does any of your WMR show anything beyond "received"? Mine was accepted on 01/25, and my WMR still says received only. I hear that a lot of people with an acceptance date of 1/25 have already gotten a DD date. :(
          • I got the same thing about the 8863 form.. An it say it won't be process till mid-feb.. OK wonder how long that's going to take
          • has anyone been excepted an then the refund was onn delay because of form 8863 for the "american opportunity tax credit ?.. it says that the irs will process it in mid-feb.. how long or what day is that ?
          • Did the WMR say anything about the 8863 delay? Or is it just stuck at the "received" state? Mine is, and it just says that you'll receive the refund within 21 days of your acceptance date!
          go to the irs website and click on where is my refund & it will give you your deposit dates
            Mine was "accepted early" (on 1/25/13) according to TurboTax. WMR still says my refund is "Pending" - so it may not occur until next week; however, last year, I got my refund before WMR ever showed it was refunded.
            • xtraordinarymach, that has happened to me a few times over the years.
            • I spoke to an IRS worker who stated she was a die hard TT user also. She said that if TT said you were accepted early, not to worry. TT is accurate. So, good luck! I am waiting as well. I looked on the track my refund for TT and it says I should receive mine by no later than the 19th.