How long after the IRS processes my return will I get my direct deposit refund?

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  • Has anyone gotten their refund yet
  • I filed 1/19/2013 still nothing!!!
  • doesn't matter when you filed, they weren't processing anything until january 30th so it may take another 19-21 days after that date if you did an e-file
  • I'll have mine deposited on monday :), they accept  mine last jan 26.
  • so when did your say that it will be deposited
  • Just today. Yesterday it was proccessing my refund..
  • I have mine pending to my act for a tomorrow dep in my act. I filed on 19th got accepted on the 24th and Yes the did process some before the Jan 30th but only those in the test batch.
  • I check the where is my refund on the IRS website earlier today and it just say accepted but check it a few min ago and it said it do not have my refund. What should I do they accepted my refund on Jan 30 @ 6:49 pm and I can get a date
  • I got my refund today! I'm excited
  • Try to check it 24 to 48 hours after they accept yours.. u can check it only ones a day. They update their system at midnightso you can check it later
  • mine say sent/direct deposited. what is that mean?
  • when did they accept you?
  • I filed Jan 17, and got my refund today!
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  • Its on your bank already. Maybe youll have it tommorrow. Some refunds are scheduled tommorow. I was accepted jan 26. They are really fast!
  • i was checking on my phone with the irs app. tho it say send/direct deposited, it did not give any ref#
  • They usually dont check your bank early tom. You should have it. It is deposited the nxt day :), just like payroll dd :)
  • thank u!
  • how about when turbo tax website only say accepted?
  • They dont really update their sysyem. Just call the irs to know if they already process your refund.
  • now it says mine information isn't correct on the IRS page too but i filed the 15th and was accepted the 24th
  • i'm getting two diff answer here. irs phone app say sent/direct deposited and online irs saying processing. so confuse
  • How long after it says deposited will you get your return onto your card?
  • I dont know. all i know is that i didnt get it yet
  • mine goes to the bank in the morning
  • do you have aDD? are u using the irs app?
  • Mine says it will b deposited tomorrow but I was wondering if I will get my money tomorrow or the next day?
  • I filed 1/17 and got my email from TT 1/24:   I talked to the IRS today and he pulled up my account and they don't have it yet meaning it is in line waiting to be processed with the thousands of others......the TT email, as I spoke with tt also, said that the acceptance email means that the IRS received the return but then it went in line to be processed.....once the IRS accepts it in their system that is when you get the real acceptance and it shows up on the WMR.....The IRS rep confirmed that even though they were receiving the returns (which is the acceptance email we all received from TT) they really weren't processing them until 1/30 and the people who have gotten their funds already or dd are the ones that fell first in line.....but this is a good thing for those of us waiting because that just goes to show you how quick the new system for refunds really seems to be a matter of hours for processing and dd........Hope this helps as I believe the TT email is what confused and angered so many people because the email made us think that our returns were in process when in fact they were just received by the IRS
  • Just for those of us who got the TT email and have nothing to report as far as dd.........hope it helps calm some nerves
  • Thanks for the post Kebellz!
  • why only once a day
  • i was accepeted same day as u when u gettin urs
  • when was u accepted again?
  • i was accepted on the 26th anyone heard a date
  • mine was on the 28th and no date
  • No problem fire :-) I know when I was searching for some real answers to my concerns no one had one LOL so I got one straight from the horses mouth...........hoping we get our happy dance soon
  • IRS makes deposits on Wed and Fridays. Very few are deposited on Wed, the vast majority gets deposited on Fridays. I hope this helps.
  • i filed mine on 1/27 and checked the website and it will be deposited to my acct on monday. good luck
  • as with every year we all get very anxious about receiving our returns.  Just please bear in mind that the irs has def. updated their systems and thus taxs this year are def. being processed much quicker then ever before.  The outside window that the irs gives you of 21 days is strictly for the individual tax payers that additional information must be checked in order to assure quality.  Most people will find that they will received their refunds within 10 days if they used TT.  As for the irs updating their system only once daily is def. also understood.  Please remember that the irs is updating their from many points not just the place where your individual taxes where efiled to so therefore they shut the system off to the tax periord for a short time each nite around 12 mdnite to that their system can update.  This is why IRS and TT tell you to check back daily.  If you check in the morning and you see the results, thats what it is for that day.  It will not change during the day.  Just keep checking, even if they find a problem with your taxes they will note that on that site also.  It summary its a big waiting game, and we all just have to be patient and wait, for you know its coming right around the corner,......
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  • Went threw turbo tax my refund got accepted on the 27 i checked my turbo card still no money i checked the irs website and there tracker still says processing ugh i hate this track thing i wish it was like last year to give me a date
  • Went threw turbo tax my refund got accepted on the 27 i checked my turbo card still no money i checked the irs website and there tracker still says processing ugh i hate this track thing i wish it was like last year to give me a date
  • Went threw turbo tax my refund got accepted on the 27 i checked my turbo card still no money i checked the irs website and there tracker still says processing ugh i hate this track thing i wish it was like last year to give me a date
  • Check back again midnight or past 12am thats the time they update their system. After they process they will schedule a direct deposit
  • did mine on the 10 accepted on the 24 and got it 2/1  just before mdinght
  • when did u file ur taxes
  • Mines got accepted on the 29th when should i get mines
  • I got accepted on the 30 the and I checked today and it still say refund receive
  • they r giving returns in the order ppl files.... as of Feb 1 @ 6:55am they r done with ppl that filed Jan1-11...... if u filed after the 11th they r still working on urs, thats what i was told.
  • I got accepted on jan 26 but still juss saying recieved not even processing yet!! How long before i get a dd date!
  • i file on the 01/10/2013  acc on the 24th still have not got a dd
  • How did you get your's so fast?
  • it dont matter when turbotax told u ur acc only when the IRS told u... no one really got acc b4 the 30th thats what i was told
  • just got my federal return today on my account and was accepted on th 28th wonder when will i get state
  • Thanks Krystal!  I filed on 1/17 and it still just says processing not even accepted on the new tool bar but that would make sense.....I am trying to be patient LOL
  • you have to wait 72 hrs from acceptance from IRS
  • if it doesn't have a date & reference number then it has not been sent to direct deposit. when you see those two things on the IRS2GO app then that is when it was sent to dd and your ref# of the transaction
  • Mines had said the same thing before just call or check gain they had accepted it
  • @stanley-who are you talking to?  me?  god I hope LOL.....I feel like I am going to be processing for ever
  • Refund Status Results
    Your tax return is still being processed.

    A refund date will be provided when available.
    Please read the following information related to your tax situation:
    Tax Topic 152, Refund Information
    Please Note:
    For refund information, please continue to check here, or use our free mobile app, IRS2Go. Updates to refund status are made no more than once a day.
    IRS Privacy Policy

    This is what mine says on the wheres my refund site.................
  • quick ?i see some people got accepted on the 28th and geting there refund on the 5th of that possible
  • If mine says the irs accepted it does it mean that I'm getting it
  • The website only updates ONCE a night...during the overnight hours. The phone number updates continuously...that is why one says one thing and the other says something else.
  • Mine was accepted on the 29th and got a notice that I will recieve mine befor the 2oth
  • Mine says the same thing... I think that its just a message almost everyone recieves when it is in the processing state still
  • should have done h&R rapid refund again I guess
  • I dont under stand why i dont have a dd yet
  • I was able to check my status earlier, now it won't let me log in at all. Is anyone having this problem?
  • yes in this is bs that ill have to wait a month for my hard earn money they said it was fast in easy  also bs .
  • I filled on the 28th and my DD date is the 5th
  • Yea mine was accepted the 26th and still dont have a dd
  • If you log onto the WMR site too much you get locked out.
  • not true i efiled and got mine back today, feb. 1st...
  • weird did it say it on the websit bcuz mine was accepted before the 30th like the 19th but with irs having these delays i just dont know what to think..did u call ur bank and they showed it pending or the website?...thanks
  • I went to the WMR site and it told me my DD date. I also have the app.
  • did you check your account itself?
  • It's going to SBBT first to have the fees deducted so I see the info there it will arrive in my bank around the 7th or sooner
  • yah turbo sucks.....
  • you check too
  • thats what happens for haveing a white goverment.....
  • i e-filed on the 10th and got accepted on the 24th and it still says processing do you think ill have my return on the 5th?
  • the irs was not accepting tax returns till jan. 31. So it will take up to 20 days from then to get it back. U might want to try and look up where is my refund at irs,gov Sunday or Monday and it will show u when u should get it back.
  • Eric if you are getting earned income credit and other returns then it isn't necessarily "hard earned" money. You are waiting just like the rest of us and we have worked just as hard. Everyone, who has any idea what is going on in the country they live in knows that the IRS wasn't processing anything until the 30th. They did accept some prior to that but weren't processing them..other than the few they ran through the system to check to make sure the system was working properly. It is only 48 hours since they started processing and there are millions of people in the United States. I am not sure why everyone seems to think that we should know something in 48 hours....Give it is a computer system and can only go so fast.
  • is that even on weekends or is that monday through friday?
  • it did say that my return was excepted early .  my co-worker who also used TT checked the irs website and they gave him a date of Feb 5th yesterday.....just sayin
  • Yes some are starting to get dates attached to them....the website, however, only updates overnight. It may very well be that we all have an expected date and the site just haven't updated since last night. It just takes a little time and patience
  • The people who recieved your refund already did you have your school credit on there? Because i was told all those are being put on hold
  • Did you have a school credit on yours?
  • well, i had some school credits and mine was accepted on the 28th. it has not been processed yet but if they were on hold i don't think that they would have accepted mine. call the irs and find out for sure
  • yes friend got his refund deposited yesterday!!!
  • That its in your account
  • filed 1/28, accepted 1/29, approved 2/1, dd 2/6
  • Just want to let yall know I had just been processing for the last few days I filed 1/17 got accepted 1/24 and just this am have a dd of 2/6!  There is hope and I do believe it is true that if you can order your transcripts than your dd is soon because I was able to get mine last night :)  Good Luck all!
  • Thanks for the update kell
  • @ lesandrawilliams .. You responded that the IRS only makes deposits on Wed and Friday. That isn't true. I received my deposit on a Saturday.
  • I e-filed on the 31...when can I expect my dd?
  • Girl I filed on the 10th of this month n the irs accepted mines on the 28th of this month n I get mi taxes on the 18th of this month
  • if ur trieing to log into turbo tax remember username and password r case sensative.
  • My return was accepted on Jan 31 i check the IRS a few days ago it says received. today i tried to check it says they have no information. just wondering if anyone was accepted on the 31st and has a  dd  refund date??
  • same thing happened to me, on the 31 of Jan the IRS accepted my return, and now it says no information available to check my information
  • My friend and I both filed on Jan 18th.. She got her's on Feb 1st.. I still have not gotten anything besides they have received it.. WTF?
  • i filed on jan 10th thru tt and it was accepted on the 24th then the irs said it was approved and gave me a dd date of the 6th...i checked it today and now the irs  says there is no information???  anyone else??
  • I can now get onto the irs refund tracker. But my refund hasn't been aproved yet. Is anyones refunding still not approved from jan 31? Or revieved there refund allready
  • having the same problem
  • is the irs wmr down or something cause it still says there is no information. it just keeps telling me to re-enter my information
  • I  would  check it  today,  I  just checked  mine  and  it was  fine,  don't   know  how  true   it   is   but  I   read   on    her e   that   you    can   only  check   your    status   on   the   irs  page  once   a   day.
  • Mine said the same thing.  But if I check the irs regular site it says can not find refund wait 24 hrs.... did you get your refund yet?
  • Mine said the same thing
  • I work at a bank and If you got your refund on Saturday, then that was the bank and not  the IRS. For the past 10 years that I have worked there, we have only always got deposits on Monday and Friday. Your bank received it on Friday but did not process it into your account until Saturday.
  • Mine was approved on the 30th and still nothing! Keeps telling me in process and will be refunded within 21 days! This is BS!
  • mines was accepted on the 28th and i haven't received anything yet...Some people are getting their taxes
  • mine was sent and accepted on 01/30/2013, and still no deposit date, and i am very upset.  has anyone received theirs that filed on the same day
  • I filed n was accepted 1/31 still says processing. But did my bfs on 2/1 but a simple return he has a ddd of 2/11. Did any of you guys have dependents? I filed hoh one dependent hopeing thats the hold up
  • according to the IRS it can take up  to 21 days before you get it ....
  • what does it mean?
  • i have the app irs2go and my said  processing but down my amount it said null what does that mean?
  • I also filed on 2/1 filed hoh w/ 1 dependent and it was accepted the same day, the IRS still has it in processing status and TT keeps giving me that stupid window between 2/12 and 2/22 WTF
  • I did mines the 16 excepted the 24 of jan an still no money an i check wheres my refund it says recieved for over 8 days help me
  • I filed n was accepted 1/31 hoh 1 dependent. My refund was just approved a few days ago given a DDD of 2/13 I believe the hold up may be because of dependents and credits.
  • I FINALLY got a dd date of 2/13. I got accepted on 1/31....hopefully it will come sooner
  • i filed on the 31st i got a email from turbo that it was accepted. I havent received my refund yet but it stated tht I would have my federal on the 13th im not sure when I will have my state
  • Our taxes got accepted on Jan. 29th. You have to wait 72hrs. after the irs accepts your return, then you can check at and go to "Where's my refund tool, from there it will tell u when your return will be deposited. Our return was dd on Feb. 6th. I thought that was really fast.  The same with our state refund, it got accepted on Feb.4th, but I'm not getting any date for when it will be deposited.
  • I filed my efile on 2/2.  It was accepted on 2/10. I do not have a DD date yet?  Any idea when I can expect my refund and Monday 2/18 is a holiday; so, will there be a delay?
  • I accepted on Jan 28 th and we are now the 13 th of Feb and I still don't even have a deposit date at all any one else got theirs yet?
  • I filed on the 19th of February and I still have no answer it just reads have your tax return and it is being processed. A friend filed in January and received her refund a week later. I don't get it
  • I filed on the 14th of February, it was accepted on the 15th and I have been checking about 2 x's a week. I called IRS and the girl I spoke to told me they actually didn't get it accepted until the 26th?? I called Turbo Tax and they acted as if they didn't know what I saying. Next year my advice to anyone who wants to take it is file for free on Again for Free where Turbo Tax charges to b/s a lot of us for some reason this year...
  • I too am having the issue with tt.  I filed on feb 10 th and had a deposit date of feb 27 th but I owe tt for doing my taxes and it was going to the bank they use...I checked that bank and they have no record of my idea where it is.  I will never elect to have the charges taken out of my refund again
The IRS usually says 21 days, but it usually doesn't take that long.  Sometimes returns are pulled for review.  72 hours after the 30th you should be able to check the "Where's My Refund" and you should get a date on when to expect your direct deposit. 
  • Yea, I'm hoping
  • I know they pulled mine last year for review. All was good but it took almost 30 days to get refund. Hopefully they won't do it again to me this year.
  • @wml1, mine too was selected for review and now this yr....and I'm one of the first ones to be selected for early what a complete turn around
  • I filed my return on Jan 22, 2013 9:01 am. My state (CA) accepted it Jan 22, 1013 at 12:32pm. Then got a message saying your federal return was accepted early on Jan 26, 2013 at 8:36am. I received my state refund (direct deposit) into my account this morning (Jan 29). I cant wait for my fed return...let's see what happens.
  • No way u got both returns
  • Andrewhamilton8
  • Or any cuz they haven't refunded anyone else
  • Yea I heard that some ppl received their 2day
  • i dont believe folks have gotten their returns!!! THATS A CROCK!!!!
  • I know, because 2morrow is the refunds processing day
  • I said I received my state not my federal read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Yep...I just want it b4 the superbowl, ya know
  • awwwready!!!
  • Lol....
  • mass is already been issuing refunds and i called the irs hotline 2 min ago and they said dd feb 1st in my bank account
  • i live in MA and i got my state back today i filed my taxes last friday so i think it just depends on when you file them still no federal though
  • masonmom..... is this tara????
  • state usually always come before federal
  • @Geegi, mine was approved on 1/30 and when I check the WMR it doesn't give any information other then its been received and its currently being processd. No DD , nothing...
  • Mine were accepted on the 25th of January. WMR currently says we have have received them and are processing. I have no DD date. So nobody can tell me that they are faster this year because this right now is getting frustrating as hell.
  • Accepted 1/28/13 got state refund 2/8/13 used tax act fed accepted 2/14 check today 2/22/12 ordered transcript said still processing on 2/23 at 3:35am got dd of 2/27
  • I did have the educational credit on my return
I checked first thing this morning at 6 AM and at 12PM it stated it was processing.  Just checked now and the irs websited has no record.  Has this happened to anybody else????
  • yes I have been trying for an hour and it keeps telling me I put the wrong info in or they have no record.  I am sure it is just slammed.  I won't panic yet but I have been checking it every hour to see if my status changes..... silly I know but I need that cash LOL!
  • It's not silly cause I have been checking too every hour as many people probably are.  Just checked TT it says I should expect before Feb 19.  Called the IRS automated it says they received and are processing it now.  Not sure what going on I guess we will keep checking until we get DD.
  • On the TT app,  'track my refund" they have calneders of Jan and Feb.  They black out the dates of the 9th thru the 19th of Feb- It's 27 days from JaN 24TH to Feb 19th.........What gives? It says that 9 out of 10 get it within 2 days but have given me a window of 27 with the 9thru the 19 th of Feb blocked out WHO KNOWS?

    What The Modernized e-File System Means For Tax Preparers (technical jargon kept to a minimum)
    The 1040 Legacy e-file system has officially been retired.  It is still technically available for one more year, but will be revived only if the new system experiences a significant failure.  This is a huge milestone for the IRS, and for Drake; we have been methodically implementing the massive behind-the-scenes changes and carefully navigating the transition for a number of years now, with the primary goal being to make sure that our challenges didn't become your challenges.  Now that we are here, let's take a look at what this ultimately means for tax preparers.

    First, I'll digress for a brief history lesson.  The Legacy e-file system was utilized for 26 years, from 1986 until 2012.  Drake Software, along with four other companies, worked with the IRS to launch the system back in the mid-80s, and it proved to be an efficient and reliable system.  I won't dive too deeply into technical details, but basically, each form sent via the Legacy e-file system became a record in the electronic file, and each piece of data in the record was assigned to a numeric field ID, sequentially sorted from the top of a tax form to the bottom.  It was simple, easy to maintain, and effective.

    As technology - Web-based technology, in particular - has evolved, new methods for transporting and storing data have emerged.  One example is Extended Markup Language (XML).  This language has become popular because it is easily read by both humans and machines.  The IRS chose to use XML for the new system - what we now call "Modernized e-File," or "MeF."  While the Legacy system uses the numeric IDs, XML assigns meaningful names, or tags, to data.  For example, adjusted gross income is stored:
    in Legacy as:  Sequence [0600]: 36000
    in XML as: AdjustedGrossIncomeAmt: 36000
    Believe it or not, XML was first utilized by the IRS for e-filing corporation tax returns almost 10 years ago, when the MeF era began.   Since corporation tax returns were not a part of the original Legacy implementation, it made sense to utilize XML for the initial launch of corporation tax e-file - a way for the IRS to get its feet wet with the new technology and bring more returns into the e-file system.

    Okay, enough of the history lesson. Let's take a closer look at what you need to know about the new system.

    New terms replace "Reject codes"
    The term "reject code" will slowly start to fade from our vocabulary and be replaced by the following terms that basically mean the same thing, but are more specific to the manner in which returns are validated in the "MeF World:"
    Business rule violation: Business rules, which are defined by the IRS and state tax agencies, provide one layer of data validation.  Most business rules supersede the Legacy "reject codes," and while the wording might be different, the purpose is the same: to improve accuracy before processing the return.  As an example, take a look at Business rule F1040-017: "If Form 1040, Line 8a `TaxableInterestAmt' is greater than 1500, then it must be equal to Schedule B (Form 1040), Line 4 `CalculatedTotalTaxableIntAmt.'"
    Schema validation:  An XML schema, in a nutshell, helps define parameters for the overall electronic file structure and for each piece of data; therefore, the schema itself serves as an additional layer of data validation.  For example, "SSNType" can be applied to all fields that capture a SSN.  This simply means that any data put in this type of field must meet specific formatting rules related to parameters, such as field length and characters allowed.
    Parse error:  The data in an XML file is read into a useable format by an XML parser.  If a piece of transmitted data does not meet the defined schema parameters, it will fail to "parse," thus resulting in a parse error.  A parse error is similar to a reject, in that if a return fails to parse for any reason, the return is "rejected" and must be modified and retransmitted.  The most common parse errors occur due to missing data or invalid characters, and we have been working aggressively to prevent these errors from occurring.  The bottom line is that MeF is much more strict than Legacy.
     In some cases, XML does create a more meaningful feedback loop: business rules and parse errors can be more specific when identifying the piece of data in question. For non-techies, though, they can still be somewhat difficult to understand.

    Quicker acknowledgements
    The other main difference that you will notice is the fact that the new MeF system is transaction-based instead of batch-based.  In Legacy, returns were batched up with other returns and transmitted to IRS.   The batches were then downloaded by the IRS at specific drain times throughout the day; in recent years, it was three times a day.  With MeF, each return is a transaction, and each transaction can occur immediately.  While it might seem less efficient to process one return at a time, the systems are set up to handle thousands of transactions simultaneously, and acknowledgements can be processed in seconds instead of hours.  However, if the system hiccups for any reason and creates a backlog, it can take some time to recover.  

    Quicker refunds
    Once the MeF system processes the returns, they are now uploaded to the Customer Account Data Engine (CADE), the new e-file database for tax return data.  Most of you know that CADE has been in the works for about a decade, and was first mentioned in 2000 as a part of the IRS Modernization Plan.  CADE replaces the antiquated processing system that was first used in 1969.  CADE is more flexible and secure than its predecessor, it can interface better with other government systems, and it is much more interactive for use internally at the IRS by customer account representatives, compliance officers, and data analysts.  Most importantly to taxpayers, it will increase the speed of refund processing.  While the IRS is hesitant to publish anticipated processing times, it is feasible that CADE could allow refunds to be direct deposited within 2-3 days after the return is accepted.

    Embrace "change"
    For those of us who have been around this business for a while, it is bittersweet to see the Legacy filing system retired.  It wasn't perfect, but it was reliable, predictable, and familiar.  And so it begs the question, "Why is the IRS replacing something that wasn't broken?"  Well, because at some point, it becomes necessary to "modernize" and take advantage of more efficient and more capable technology.  It is time to embrace a new system.  Some of you, I'm sure, are contemplating how you might adjust your office procedures, especially if you complete returns during the taxpayers' appointments.  If acknowledgements can be processed in a matter of minutes, or seconds, it might make sense to keep the taxpayer in your office until you know the return is accepted.  It might save you some time in the long run if you are able to correct a minor reject, I mean "business rule violation," with the taxpayer still in the office, rather than having to follow up later.  It might also give the taxpayer peace of mind if he or she can walk out the door knowing the transaction is essentially complete.  Of course, the big unknown is whether or not the IRS can process acknowledgements in a few minutes or less during the peak filing season.  We will certainly learn more about its capabilities during the next couple months.

    What is next?
    The IRS has accomplished much of its modernization strategy introduced 13 years ago.  But the new processing system is considered just the foundation for a broader vision: a real-time tax system.  A real-time system would be designed to validate third-party information on W-2s and 1099s before the return is processed.  Rather than dealing with inaccurate reporting after the fact, the issues would be addressed on the front end, leading to a higher percentage of accurately filed returns, less backend auditing, and, it is hoped, less fraud.  At this time, there is no timetable established for implementing this vision.

    Fact: Last year, Drake transmitted more than 98% of all 1040 federal returns through the MeF system, using the Legacy system only in rare cases.
    Posted by J Stork at 5:39 AM
  • Please don't listen to TurboTax. These are the same people who  said that people would not get there refunds and they did.This link up above tell you what you need to know about the mef system.
  • WMR site is not working at the moment it keeps crash I got me dd date both on line and off site before it went down again, now it tells me samething everyone else is getting, but hotline is still working fine.
  • And the TT is just a timeline based off last years returns.
  • thats what im saying...
  • Yes so do not listen to TT taxes other then to get around about time frame. You will likely have your  money in your Act before they send you a text "your refund is on its way" lol. WMR site is up to date on your personal info. The DD you get is when your refund will be in, however allow a few days for some banks to put it in. If you have not gotten anything from WMR. ether online or over the hotline your refund has not yet been approved but it should start showing up soon=) And thanks Serell for that info!!
  • just got a text and email that the irs accepted my im just waiting til tomorrow to check the status... crossing my fingers all goes well. but tt is showing i should receive it before feb20th
  • charge em intrest.....
Typically, if you return is accepted (not just successfully filed) by 11am on Thursday, it will be a week from that Friday, but if you didn't quite make the deadline, it will be the following Friday. 8-15 calendar days is what the IRS usually says, as long as there are no problems with your return. (They are cracking down on returns with EIC more and more) With the IRS, no guarantees, just a probable date. After 72 hours, start checking for your status. SOME people can get it as fast as 3 days, but they were probably randomly selected into a special test program IRS has been using to test how fast they can get returns processed and refunds, and typically they are single with no dependents or EIC. But, as I advise my clients, never count on the funds until they are actually in your account! :)
  • I do not know how true that is, because I was in the test batch my Refund is pending to my Act to be Dep. tomorrow, and I have EIC and dependents and filed married joint. So not always the case and there have been many in the test batch that are the same not just single.
  • I filed with TT on 1/28/13 early in the afternoon and was accepted early hours later on 1/28/13, same day. When i just signed in, this is the refund status that i received

    Your Personal
    Tax Data
    Social Security Number
    Refund Status Results
     Return ReceivedRefund ApprovedRefund Sent
    or IRS Individual Taxpayer
    Identification Number:
    Filing Status:
    Head of Household
    Tax Period Ending:
    December 31, 2012
    Your Refund Amount:
    Deposit Date:
    February 5, 2013
    Refund Status Results
     Return ReceivedRefund ApprovedRefund Sent

    Your tax refund is scheduled to be sent to your bank on February 5, 2013.
    If your refund is not credited to your account by February 10, 2013, check with your bank to see if it has been received.

    Please Note:
    For refund information, please continue to check here, or use our free mobile app, IRS2Go. Updates to refund status are made no more than once a day.
  • Tanya - quick question.  Did the "bar" on WMR refund ever move for your from "received" to "approved" and then onto "sent" or did it just jump from "received" and then bham approved/sent?  If I am making sense!


  • When i call mine says processing but on the siite it still juss says recieved
  • When i checked my status it was on processing once it was finished processing.. It moved to approved my dd is the 5th of feb.
  • Kee Kee - do you mean the "bar" on the WMR site moved?  I ask, as I have been wondering, does it ever go to "refund approved" straight over to  "deposit"

  • how do u find out when ur deposit is?
  • what date do u file
Filed on Jan 28. It was accepted and processed. Said dd was Feb 4th. Mondey deposited into account at 12:01 a.m. on Feb 2nd! Fastest I have ever seen
  • best answer on here thanks for being so dd date says 2/25 but I thought they did deposits only on Friday. Hoping to see my DD tomorrow or Sat.
I dont get it.. if its being reviewed that means its in the process of getting accepted?
  • Kinda- did you do something 'shady'? Cuz they is on the lookout with the new computer system. You got 72 hours from when you sent it to hear from them
  • My return was received on Jan.30th and was accepted on Jan. 31st. It also gavel a deposit date of Feb.4th. Has anyone gotten their refunds quicker than the date the IRS gave them?
  • Yes,my boyfriends was accepted 01/26,got a dd date for 02/04 but was on his card today!:-) no sign of mines though...:-(
  • How do you get a date??
  • shut  up sukka !
  • is this year we are talking about 2012
I checked and found that February 6th is the first date the govt. pays out refunds.  So if your tax return was accepted then i would expect payment on February 6th.
  • wrong.... i swear people make things up on this site. feb 1st is the first dd date, if its not there by the 6th then u need to call ur bank and ask if it was sent to them.
  • Actually I do taxes for people and one of my clients (who gets direct deposit) just called me and said she got her refund last night and can pay me today. Ive never had anyone get it that quick but she just did. They're on top of it this year.
  • yay
  • On the TT app,  'track my refund" they have calneders of Jan and Feb.  They black out the dates of the 9th thru the 19th of Feb- It's 27 days from JaN 24TH to Feb 19th.........What gives? It says that 9 out of 10 get it within 2 days but have given me a window of 27 with the 9thru the 19 th of Feb blocked out WHO KNOWS?
  • On the TT app,  'track my refund" they have calneders of Jan and Feb.  They black out the dates of the 9th thru the 19th of Feb- It's 27 days from JaN 24TH to Feb 19th.........What gives? It says that 9 out of 10 get it within 2 days but have given me a window of 27 with the 9thru the 19 th of Feb blocked out WHO KNOWS?
  • tt app just gives a round about time frame based on the year before that is what rep told me. WMR hotline is working if you filed early and got accepted on 24 or 25th your dd will be given. Mine is the 1st of Feb so this friday. I got accepted on the 25th.
  • is that app issued bye the IRS?  I use the IRS2go app in the app store for the android phone.. and that one was issued buy the IRS. and it says mine will dd on the 4th. -9th ... Just curious. :)
  • No the Irs only uses WMR TT is just around about time frame from last years refunds. Just your WMR or call the hotline for it it will tell your personal DD. Mine said 1st and I have it already sent today. So if it tells you 4th or whatever it has a good chance to be there!
  • irs2go is issued by the irs. it says so on their website. thats how i knew to download it.
  • lie   lie  lie lie  [edited by social moderator]
  • i was accepted on the 25th and i have no dd date
  • i have a direct deposit day of tomorrow, but it shows my money was already sent but the bank has none of that on file yet. how long should it take? my mom had a deposit date for today and got her money
  • i got mine on 2/1
I got mine this AM, I did them on 1/11 they were accepted on 1/25.
  • When did u get a dd date cause mine were accepted the 26th and still no dd
I filed mine on the 23rd it was excepted on the 26th, I filed my moms on the 27th hers got excepted on the 31st and she got her refund today, me, still nothing, do you think it could be because I had dependents and my refund was a lot more then hers?
    when will i recieve my return.
    • I just told with SBT and they was so helpful
    • I guess everyone wants to know that same answer !and yes sbbt is not helpful nor is the irs at this point ao I guess we'll all have to wait and see if tomorrow brings about a change!
    • Well SBT told me that mines was processed just waiting on the irs to release the funds and plus I owe for my student loan...
    • how did you get ahold of SBT?
    • Do u have fees taken out ur refund
    • Because you could go on it website to get the number
    • It was make mistake they had to add everything up themselves
    • If your curious , How or IF your being reviewed (@pjwisem) You can do several things . You can call this number.1-800-829-1954, if you had the option to have the fees taken out of your taxes to have them filed you can go here to check an see if any thing has been processed   or you can log on to IRS.Gov and look for the Wheres my Refund  and enter your info their. I also believe there is a couple other places you can look at also.  But I will have to Look up some links for you, if you like. :) .... Patients kemo-saubbie .. its the government, their slightly motivational constipated ... heehee ! :) Hope this helps .
    • A few key things for people wondering if their being reviewed,
      - If when you log in to and it asks you to put in the date you filed. month/day/year there reviewing it more then likely. then it takes till the next day to see your deposit date.
      - If you got a email saying it was received, it was received!
      - If your not sure check your e-file status . there should be a thing on here to check it.  Just type it into the search bar.( E-file Status)
      - okay so after it says its been processed an their are no errors, it should only take ( for e-filers) between 3-9 days. It says 21 days in case there system has an oops or they get a overload of files, they want to allow them self enough time to get it out to you.

      Check  your email. Check the IRS page Check the e-file status, or call the 1800 number or the link above.  if they all say the same thing.. then its probably that way, an you'll need to wait.
    • I filed on Jan. 10th and TT sent an email confirming they were Transmitted successfully then on the 28th I received another Email from TT stating that both Fed and State were accepted but on all the "where's my refunds" it says they received them on the 28th so I gather TT held mine and did not even send them to the IRS on the date I filed..has anyone else had this done to them by TT??
    • The IRS wasnt accepting them that early. i filed on the 17th, TT held it than i was accepted on the 28th. Still processing though. Have you received a DD date yet?
    • Jammie....I tried the IRS web site I could not find the place to input the data you said...give more information.............
    • Because when you enter your info on the irs website, they'll ask u to call
    i called the automated number and i couldnt figure out how to get a direct deposit date can anyone help 
    It should not take that long. I was approved on the 25th and got a dd of tomorrow my irs has already sent my funds, I used TT so it went to the Sbtpg first and my dep now shows up there they are set to sent it to my bank tomorrow and my funds will be there. They do not hold it because it is a DD. So from the time I got my dd to when my money came is about three days. Hope this helps.
    • The IRS not my IRS.. LOL
    • How long after u were accepted did u get a dd date i was accepted on jan 26 and still nothing
    • How are you guys getting on to the TT bank site?
    • send me sum cash when u get it,......
    Filed 1-23-13..... I was accepted on the 28th of jan.... My dd is sch. For 2-5-13...
    • How lond after u filed and got accepted dd it take to get a dd date
    • Cause mine was accepted on the 26 but still no dd date
    • i was accreted on the 28th and i still have no word of a date
    • I was accepted on the 28th and approved on 2-1-13....
    • filed on the 17th...accepted on the 24th....and says still processing.....PROCESSING WHAT???
    I just checked mine after midnight it says mine will be deposited on feb 6 th
    • I got my money today. Irs says its will be deposited on monday. I got it early as today. So so happy. My tax was accepted on the 26th :)
    • Hey richardtess what was your dd...
    • Yay richard :)  I have a dd of 2/6 so hoping I get mine early in the day also :)
    We filed my daughters on the was accepted by the IRS the SAME day and she got her money in the bank SATURDAY and totally freaked her out, as she was expecting it to be later due to all the mess.
      get mine tomorrow sbbt has it and sent it go to sbbt wmr still says approved google sbbt and go to the tax  link
      • Mine too i dnt understand that :-(
      • Sorry wrong comment lol
      • anyone with a DD of 2/6 not get their money yet?
      • we didnt and im trying to find out why and the bank for TT claims to not have it, yet the IRS says it was sent
      the IRS says they sent mine to my bank yesterday but then the bank SBBT tell me they havent received my refund, does anyone know how long that takes?
      • Accepted on the 26th, app says sent/deposited but no ref# and says processing but no tracker or date.. what's going on?
      • Absolutely nethin goin on!  That just means its still processin which is the 1st stage of the process. If it was ready u wud have a ref# &date!  Ive seen it go from processin to a dd date in a day, but u wont kno unless it happens. Theyre all screwed up this yr. they say its better but i think not!! I have never waited more then 2 wks to get cash in hand, now im over 2 wks with n end in site! Good luck to us all!!!!
      • I did mine on the 23 and its still processing i Hope i get mine before the 16 bc my daughters birthday is the day before and she is going be four and we plan on taking her to cabagepatch land!! it says its still processing i just cant wait for it to change i check it daily crossing my figure's lol!!
      • awe i pray you get it in daughters going to be 2 soon and i plan on taking her somewhere special as soon as i get my refund
      • I pray I do too and you!! Mine will be 4 and she is getting sassy now!! lol, i checked mine this morning to see if my return was approved yet bc all it has showed is that it was processing and they had received it and now it says something totally different!!

        We cannot provide any information about your refund. You must wait at least 24 hours after you get the acknowledgement e-mail that your tax return was received by the IRS
        Please read the following information related to your tax situation:
        Tax Topic 152, Refund Information

        Im not sure why they would change it to that...
      • @Paperskirt24 that just means you have looked up your account more that 3 to 4 times in a 24 hour period. They will reset your tomorrow :-(
      • Well i know i did it a couple times last night on the app but i couldnt get it to go thro, so maybe it did and thats why well i guess i have to wait.. I am not a  patience woman lol!! I think that the stupidest thing, they could at least make it no more than once a hour so it dont over load the system. Hmmm I also liked how they did it last year better... :-{
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