I am wondering why the state tax form will not download when it is supposed to be included on my deluxe turbo tax package I purchased. It makes you pay 39.99 but shouldn't according to this packet I bought.

  • I downloaded Deluxe online for $59.99; it should include a free state, according to the website: http://turbotax.intuit.com/personal-taxes/?view=desktop.  But it asks me to pay $39.99!
  • I had to do the same thing and to top it off, after I bought the State for 39.99, it wont download it.
  • I have the Turbo Tax Advantage which automatically sends me the new version each year.  I have always gotten a free state tax.  Now it wants me to pay and I went through the process of paying but it is in a loop.  It just keeps trying to download and then asking me to pay again.  Help!!!!
  • Hello my name is Joe I purschased Home and Business Turbo Tax. After completeing my federal moved forward to state charged me 39.99 to download state of Maryland. It downloaded state but wont let me start my state filing it keeps repeating to pay again. Paid 89.99 for this can you please advise me soon. I waited for 38 calls ahead of me and when it was my turn only got dam music for 2 hours. Fondly Joe
After I sqaved my file I restarted my computer and everything else worked as it should have. Its obviously a bug but at least it worked!
  • Closing out and restarting TTax (not my whole computer) worked.  Thanks!
  • Same here. Worked correctly after leaving the program and logging on again.
    Make sure you purchased the version that includes a free state download. For example, some versions of Deluxe do NOT include free state (like some versions offered on Amazon.com). If your version includes free state, it will download without you having to pay.
    • I am looking at it and it says Federal and state returns plus federal e-file.  Where would it say that it does NOT include state then?
    • Where did you purchase TurboTax and how much did you pay?
    • I am having the same issue. I bought mine at Target.
    • I paid $49.99, it was on sale last week, $10.00 off the orginal price.
    • Kellyt... drop me an email at "turbotax_advocate" + "@intuit.com" with your email and the state you need. Same for jloehr.
    • Same issues as the others.  Wants me to pay for state download when it is supposed to be with the original purchase price.  I understand that there is a fee with state efile but not the state download.
    • I am having the same issue as well. I paid for the Deluxe version as I do every year which includes the Federal AND State Returns. The state download is supposed to be free. I would like to finish my taxes today so I would like to resolve this issue as soon as possible. Thank you.
    • Although we are not aware of any systemic problem, I will contact each of you individually to get this issue resolved for you. One note... it is possible that a few of the retail packages were bundled with the wrong version of Deluxe.
    • I'm having the same problem and the back of my package for the Deluxe version says "1 State product via download (Print fo free or e-file for $19.99 per return)."  I printed and mailed hard copy last year with no problem but can't get this years to come up on the screen even after I do the download.
    • Nancy... Seems like you're able to download without a problem so your issue is unrelated to this chain. Can you get to the State tab and then click on the state (it will be presented at the top left of the screen)?
    • Sadly, Same issue here...  It downloaded Minnesota for me and when I go and click start it brings up a screen stating that Its "Getting your state" and then says that my software is up to date and to click OK. I click OK and it brings it back to the main screen where I have to click START again, just goes over and over.

      Please contact me as well.
    • I have the same issue as andreaprow (and others)...I paid the 39.99 even though my version is the same as "nancyhollenkamp".  I will email you...thanks!
    • Same issue as others.  Bought Turbo Tax Deluxe, supposed to include one state free.  It will not download the state tax. I have a very busy schedule like most of us on here and its bothering that this product is not performing as should.  It will let me download a state if I pay for it.  $39.99, but the box says it is supposed to be FREE!
    • I also have this same issue.  I bought the deluxe version at Target for $49.99 with 1 free state and I had to pay $39.99 anyway to get the state and it still won't download.
    • I am having the same problem. I bought mine at Costco. Should I take it back? Please send me California State to dparks@starpr.net. Thank you.
    • I saved my taxes and restarted my computer,  even though I had done all the updates. Restarting somehow fixed it for me. I was able to do my NY return for free.
    • I have the same problem. I have deluxe federal and state, got mine at best buy for 59.95 and they want 39.99 for the state forms
    • i am having the same problem i paid 84.00 for mine suppose to include a free state cant figure it out it wont load and i go back it wants to charge me 39.95 and additional state according to my box are only 19.95 any way HELP
    • Good afternoon, I too am having the same issue Sate issue. I purchased the Deluxe Federal and State Turbo Tax at Target for $59.99 with $10.00 off for a total of $49.99, and it is asking me to pay another $39.00 for it download. Please help... I ahve used Turbo Tax for the last several years and never had a problem! Thank you!!!  :)
    • Same with me
    • SAME issue.  I paid 59.99 for deluxe with free state.  Can't get it...it loops to pay $39.99. Which I will NOT do.  Please figure this out and get us what we paid for!
    • I am unable to do my state taxes. A box on Turbo Tax told me I get a free state but it would not download the state. It just runs in cirlces not allowing me to do my state tax. So I paid 39.99 thinking maybe we weren't a free state and it still is doing the same thing. So now I am out an extra 39.99 and still cant do my state taxes. I look forward to your response Bob.
    • I have the same problem.  Purchased directly from Intuit with the free state download and it's worked for years. This year it wouldn't and I even paid for the state download and that won't download either.  How do I get the state I need (Michigan)?
    • I purchased Deluxe with Federal & state Returns plus federal e-file.  It keeps answering for 39.99.  Bought at Amazon.com with prime membership for 39.95
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