Has anyone received their netspend card yet?

I chose to have my refund deposited to a Netspend card this year.  (By the way, they're doing away with the Turbo Tax Cards-As of Feb. 13, 2013, all TT cards will become non-usable, and any remaining balance will be sent to the cardholder on a paper check)  Anyhoo...I called Netspend this morning because I'm starting to get very concerned about my Netspend card arriving by the time my refund is issued.  I was told that they sent it out on the 22nd, which was 6 days ago. SEEMS like it would've been here by now (the 28th) but hoping to GOD that its just the mail being slow, rather than it being lost, stolen or something equally as horrifying.  So I was just wondering...has anyone else received their card yet? And if so, bout how long did it take to get it from the day you filed?  Thanks! :)
  • I filed my taxes on the twenty third of jan. I got accepted on the twenty six. My netspend card came in the mail on the twenty ninth.
  • When I looked up my refund date it has by feb 19 an estimated twenty one days. I doubt that it will take that long.
  • Will the money be automatically deposited? How will the know the account information if we don't have the card? I'm lost please help.
  • I filed on the 22nd was accepted on the 26th and got my card on the 28th..Now waiting on my refund to be deposited...
  • I set my card up to get a text to my phone and a email when my refund is deposited..
  • How is it deposited if the card is coming from netspend, does turbotax already have the card information?
  • When you apply for the card through TT and it gets approved. Once it is approved Netspend gives you an account and a routing number then netspend sends them to TT.
  • NetSpend is keeping your refund and sending you out an I.O.U form so they can pay you back at 3 cents a year, but you have to file taxes on the 3 cents. REMEMBER THAT!!
  • that is so not funny you must get happy off other peoples hardship and worrys in life that so sad i will pray for you
  • My card said it was mailed out 01/30 an today is 2/06.. an I still haven't gotten my card an yet I get an email sayin my refund was already deposited onto my card.  What do I do? My card should of been here already an now that my money is on that card I'm even more mad..... wtf!?
  • Did you file on the 30th or was it mailed on the 30th.. My card was mailed on the 30th and got it yesterday.
  • I filed on the 26st an got am email sayin my card was mailed out on the 30th. Am still didn't get it today either.. am I doing somethin wrong or did I miss somethin?
  • Hey everyone. I filled my taxes on the 25th they were accepted on the 27th.  I choose to have my money deposited on a netspend prepaid card, and was notified by the irs that it was already available on the 31st.  Which was the same day I received a email from netspend saying that the card had been shipped out.  I received it on the 4th.  Dont worry it's coming guys.  Netspend is not a fraud, i was working for the city for over 5 yrs and had my money direct deposited onto one of their cards and never had a problem at all.  You guys can always call them and they will let you know when you will be receiving the card.
  • it says my refund was sent feb 6th to the "bank account" but theres nothing on there and its the 7th im worried.
  • someone please give me an answer im sooo super worried.
  • Sometimes it takes 3 additional days to deposit
  • I filled my taxes on the 25th of Jan and I have yet to receive my Netspeed card. My money was already deposit on the 6th of Feb. When I called Turbo Tax and asked about the card, they gave me the name of a bank called Bancorpsouth Bank. I then called the bank and  they told me Turbo Tax was no longer using the pre-paid cards and now my money will be sent to me in the form of a paper check. Anytime between now and the 28th of Fed. I WILL NEVER EVER USE TURBO TAX AGAIN. I work hard for my money and I need my money. Had I known about this about this from the begining that they will no longer be using the cards I would NOT HAVE USED THEM FROM THE START!!!!
  • wait WAIT??? are they going to inform us??? I WILL NEVER USE TURBOTAX AGAIN!
  • If you look through your account on TT and look through your tax "papers" read through and find the paper that says it was excepted at the bottom it will say how you chose to receive your refund it has the account number and routing number
  • Turbo Tax sent me a letter in the mail in Dec. or Jan. and said the cards would not be used anymore. The card they offered is pretty much the same as the Netspend offer. It doesn't have to do with TT. But I was not happy either about having my refund but no card, leaving me unable to access my money. But I answered below about what I did to get it, it's Netspend's fault though, not TT.
  • @whitney.pinney,did you get your money yet, I am checking on all senarios from people who got the money late, to  the ones who got it early
  • Shuana did u get yur card?
  • I have always had netspend,they are really good, never had a problem, but I see people posting, a link, is that link for everyone to check to see where there money is, or is it for people with the Santa Barbara bank account
  • My netspend card never arrived, when I called to ask where it was I was told it was shipped, activated, and the funds were already spent.  It's been a nightmare ever since.  At this point I think my tax refund is just gone. Netspend sucks ass.   I've had to send a total of five notarized affidavits and they've done nothing but drag their feet and lie to me about when I'll see my money.   At first my provisional credit was to be issued after 10 business days which is what Regulation E and the EFTA delegate in cases of unauthorized banking transfers, but then at the 10th day they pull out another clause because its a new account (created when I did my tax return via TT) and so that got extended to 20 business days before they'll give me a 'status update', lmfao.  I have spent 21 hours on the damn phone with them, most of those on hold, the rest being told in so many words to sit down and be thankful we're even trying to help you get your money back (though they lost it before it got to me).  Turbotax said that its all on Netspend.  I say to hell with Turbotax for hanging vouching for these people and violating my trust - don't be a lazy jack ass like me, look for your checkbook and enter your bank account number, don't use sleazy prepaid cards.  They're not convenient when their security sucks so bad that you're money's gone before you even have a chance to access it.  BS. BS. BS.

    Yup, I be very peeved folks.
  • Did you receive your check yet? I'm just worried because I filed then they sent it back to the irs And still nothing it's been more than 2 months already
  • I filed in jan. went for the prepaid card option. taxes were excepted in feb. got email stating they were stopping prepaid and my refund would be sent via paper check. IRS says my refund was deposited beginning of april, I STILL HAVE NOT RECIEVED MY REFUND AND ITS MAY 25TH!!! WTF!!!! WHERE IS MY REFUND??????
(following joey33m's lead above)
this is what I personally did.  I drove to dollar general, BOUGHT a netspend card for $4.95, put $20.00 on the card at Dollar General, went home, activated the card per instructions on front of card, called netspend and told them to transfer my refund to the card ( will only transfer $1000.00 so if it's more, the remainder will be on the waiting on the mail card) and had my money (or most of it) in 5 minutes.  It costs $4.95 to transfer the money to new card also, btw.  So I spent $10.00 for card and transfer, but I got my Gouda and that's all I wanted.  Hope this helps.

(the stores that carry the card are listed on their site, under where to refill, I believe, DG is just the one I chose from list cuz it's closest to me)

  • So I can call n have them tranfer my refund on a netapend card I buy?
  • Yup you sure can!
  • so if i say got my state return, but no card, this still works. Like i could go buy another one and be like hey transfer that please.
  • They are no longer doing this which leads me to believe they are intentionally ripping people off. Their responce to me yesterday was that my account was to new to do a transfer because it's less than 30 days old...
  • Same here this no longer works on 2014 so DONT GO BUY A CARD!!! I actually had a netspend card already which was over 30 days old, had routing number and account nu,ber to BOTH accounts the new one and the one I am waiting in the mail for and they said I must have used the card regularly for 30 days before they could do this I even offered to pre pay 2 months service on both accounts and they would rather be dicks then make money, wtf?
I filed on the 30th of Jan. and it was accepted that night. Received my card yesterday. (Feb.4th) 

    I got my refund deposited to my new Netspend account 6 days after being accepted (which took 1 night) and did not have my netspend card. The email Natspend sent me saying they mailed the card came the day after it said my refund was posted to my account. When I called they said it would take another week. So I went and bought a netspend card at a grocery store and activated that account and then transfered the money from my refund account to the new card.. ** But it costs 4.95 to do this, unless it's online, and you can not get online access without your card that they are mailing. I did end up getting the card a couple days later, but I think it's rediculous that I recieved my refund and was unable to access it due to NetSpend.
    • thank you for this comment, I am in the exact situation (refund accepted, card issued next day, email saying refund has been deposited but no card, 10 days later) and I had wondered about just buying a danged card myself. So that'll work?  The original card "being sent" isn't tied to your money or going to hold it up?
    • How do you transfer the money from one card to another
    • Anyone looking to do this same transfer this year will be disappointed to find that they will not allow it. your account has to be more than 30 days old...

      Im sitting here wondering where my card is because the money was deposited yesterday...
    • Filed me a complaint with the BBB.This company is a joke!
    It Will Only Allow $375 A Day At The ATM .. And I Don't Have A Checkings Account .. (Thats Why I Got The Card!! )So They Wont Pull All Money Off For Me .. This Is STUPID!! Costumer Service Said Try Going Through Walmart Registers A Bunch Of Times.. And Get Cash Back What A Joke!!!! Never Agian!!!
    • That wouldn't be netspend putting a limit on your withdrawal. It's the bank that they visa logo goes through. What can do is go into a federal bank such as a federal credit union or teachers federal credit bank and do a withdraw inside. It will cost little to no fee. I work at a hotel and we run into the limit thing alot weather it's purchases or withdraws so I deal a lot with visa and MasterCard
    • netspend DOES have a limit on use, all of which is spelled out on their website. www.netspend.com
    • Exactly how much cash do you need to carry around with you? Jeez
    • If you call them they will take the limit off. I was able to withdraw 3000.00 at a citi bank atm
    • I was able to withdraw over $1000 last year in one day with my netspend card. The ATM had a $300 limit so I had to use it 4 times but I got all my money the same day.
    • Who walks around with over $375 cash on them?
    • That's not the point. A pre paid debit is the quickest way to get money back for someone without a bank account. It doesnt mean they all plan on keeping their money on their card. Some like to get it off the card asap and put it somewhere it's actually safe from these thieves like in a box under their mattress because these days trust me it's safer there. I hear far more about electronic theft than I do of breaking and entering.
    I filed on 1/24 with TT for the netspend card, I got an email stating it was mailed on 1/29 so when should I receive it?
    i did mine jan 21st, Accepted jan 25th still have not yet got my card. but i was told we wont get them untel the 30th of jan, or-feb 4th. but not sure..i hope we get it soon.since afew people have already got there refund. G0d Bless:)
    • Thank you for your quick reply ammiepoo! :)   May I ask WHO gave you this information about when we would be receiving the card? Was it a Netspend or TT employee?
    • Also, it puzzles me that you said some ppl have gotten their refund already? Because I didn't think the IRS would begin processing any refunds until the 30th. (Not saying you're wrong or anything, just curious:)
    • question you guys...are you able to withdraw cash with this netspend card?....I'm about to click YES for the card but you guys are scaring me...
    • Yes, you can withdraw cash, but it's subject to the two or three dollar ATM fees.
    • Forgot to tell you though...some stores allow you to get cash back, and you can avoid the ATM fees that way.  (Unless the store charges for cash back too)
    • when you file with TT and ask to get the card it say's 10-14 days. however, it only took me 8days to get mine. BUT iam having truble with the card being "BLOCKED" and can not activate it untel i bring proff of MY ID,SSN,A BILL WITH MY NAME AND ADDRESS ON IT.and there is more then afew ppl i know that is also having this problem with the card being BLOCKED. netspend is saying its to make sure WE ARE WHO WE SAY WE ARE. also i did a little google search and ALOT of ppl are saying netspend is a fruad:( ive never had a netspend card so iam not sure. hope it all works out. but i guess we cant also believe everything on GOOGLE.. :/
    • hi, just got my card, not hard to register...but people are already getting their refunds??? they said my refund would be on my card from feb1-6.  Hope it comes in today or tomorrow, don't know.  If i already have it and activated it, then all they have to do is send funds to my account, don't think that should take a week, should only take a few hours.
    • btw, if you decided to get money through the card..you HAVE to activate it first before you get the refund, may sound obvious to some, but just saying.  oh and they charge you $5 a month every month
    • I have had a Netspend card for about 8 months.  I love it and never have any problems with it and I get my paychecks a day early because they don't hold my money like banks do
    • Hi Everyone..a few clarifications on the discussion above.  The IRS will not start processing returns until January 30th, and it could take up to 21 days, on average, to get your refund.  Some states are already processing returns and refunds.  Your refund can be applied to your NetSpend Card even if it is not activated. However, in order to access those funds, you must activate the card.  The card should be received in approximately 7-10 business days.
    • Thanks TurboTaxLindsey! I have been searching for your answer all day!  Question how does turbotax have the card information although it is coming from netspend?
    • When you elect to receive your Federal refund on a NetSpend Prepaid Visa card, TurboTax works with NetSpend to ensure that the proper account information is sent to the IRS (and/or the State) to ensure your refund will be applied to it. When the IRS approves your refund, the money is then able to be transmitted to your card.
    • TurboTaxLindsey, maybe you can ansewer this for me then.  I have already recieved the email from NetSpend saying that my deposit has been loaded (my refund)....but still haven't gotten the card!  What's up with that?  I'm getting nervous about that one.
    • is it true that they are a furad and will steal the money from me ............please lord protect me from this
    • does anyone know of any limits for tax refunds onto the netspend card
    • it says my refund was sent feb 6th to the "bank account" but theres nothing on there and its the 7th im worried.
    • Turbotax lindsey, since I haven't revived my card yet, but the funds have already been deposited, is it possible for instance, if it gets put in the wrong box, for someone else to have access to my money? Or will they ask for specific info that only I know, when i activate?
    • So wen the cards are sent off is the money already on it or we have to wait for them to deposit it on there
    • My txes were accepted and deposited on my card but i haven't received my card yet??
    • I had an issue where I needed to provide some info to verify who I was cause my refund exceeded 10,000 had it been just 10,000 or less I wouldn't have needed to do so. You can load upto 50,000 onto the card with verification. It's to protect you and make sure that the card hasn't been taken over by identy thieves or terrorists.   When they asked me to give more proof all I had to do was fax a copy of my tax papers and the agreement where I chose to use a netspend card. Customer service for netspend was very patient and very good at guiding me through what I needed to get my refund.
    • Me too my refund was deposited 10 days ago netspend says card mailed on 4th still no card and Norway to get money today is 16th
    • netspend is not a fraud I have used them for several years. Also it is the quickest way to get your refund. If you file your taxes on a thursday your money will be on your card the next Wednesday. 6 days is all it took. It is because it dont have to go to your bank and wait on them to credit you it goes directly on your card....Yes, in 6 days had mine.
    • So u did yur taxes February and got yur refund on netspend in 6 days?  I did min February 15 n its the 24 th I got n email saying my refund is on my card but I still don't have my card. Do u think ill even get the card?
    • And Turbo Tax Lindsey opted to stop replying to questions as soon as it got to the question where is my card. Turbo tax is just as guilty as netspend
    I already had a netspend card so I had mine DD to it, but when you fill out the DD info on their website they make you order a new card. I got my new one within a week. I also got accepted Jan. 25th and have seen on several threads that several people got thei returns pulled already as a tiral run for the IRS' new system. And several have already recieved their refunds. But I have not yet gotten mine.
    • caigesmommy I didn't have to order a new Netspend card
    • Ive been having a netspend card since July 2012, and you can only have it directly deposited to that card if you have the routing and account  # and you have that information on your taxes when you filed.I filed Jan 10th and got accepted Jan 25th and checked the irs web site today and shows refund date of Feb 1st
    I filed on Jan.18,Netspend said they sent the card out on the 22nd.Got an email yesterday stating my refund was deposited and still haven't recieved my card!!!!
    • NetSpend is keeping your refund and sending you out an I.O.U form so they can pay you back at 3 cents a year, but you have to file taxes on the 3 cents. REMEMBER THAT!!
    just my two cents here, accepted on feb 12 card "sent out" on feb 13 with a will arrive shortly" email, followed by "your refund has been deposited on feb 18" email HOWEVER I TOO have NOT received a card. I just called netspend customer service which, be prepared, is difficult to communicate.  Their answer was this: SEVEN TO TEN BUSINESS DAYS.  BUSINESS days.  That mean a total of  FIFTEEN DAYS for myself (the 27 is the dd).  I myself am VERY unsastified, as now my money is sitting out there and I am unable to obtain it, for another EIGHT DAYS.  Screw that. If you wan your money fast, just do direct deposit.
    • It could be worse- read my problems below lol it's been over a month and still no card- waiting for my third card to be sent out. The supervisor said " ok Havalah, I personally requested a fourth card be sent to you" well THAT pissed me off- I was like, a fourth card???? Are you kidding me? No- I am not waiting for a fourth card that still won't come if the first regular mail card didn't come and the second expedited card didn't come and the third expedited card didn't come. My good lord this is insane!
    • reading all these comments and as I too haven't received my card even though i have a netspend card in my name in my hand they cant transfer my money even though I have my account info ect. Every day the mail comes empty I am having a mini panic attack I will def research more next year before I decide to go with a company with so many problems.
    Netspend is a dam fraud!! On Feb 28, 2013 I recieved an email that my federal income tax had been deposited on to my netspend card, and my card was ready to use asap. The next evenining March 1, 2013 I tried using my card at Khols department store and my card was declined. I called the customer service line where I waited on hold for over an hour. The person on the other end explained that a hold had been placed on my card and I needed to send in some verification documents (CA Drivers License, SSN, and Utility Bill.) then the hold would be lifted from my account. On March 4, 2013 I faxed the appropriate documents. On March the 6th I recieved another email stating the hold had been lifted from my account and my card was ready to be used ASAP. A couple hours later I tried using my card at a fast food resturant my card was AGAIN declined. I immediatly got on the phone to customer service. The person at the other end of the line told me my account had been closed due to fraudulent sespicion, a check with my funds would be issued and mailed out to me and I should receive it within 20 business days. After 20 business days I called Netspend again where they informed me that my money was going to be returned to the IRS. Needless  to say no one knows where my entire federal return is.
    • I'm having the same problem did you receive anything yet!?
    • I've had mine for 4 years and I've never had a problem. I love netspend.
    • Consider yourself lucky then because comments like yours seem pretty rare here. Maybe 2% of the comments I've seen are positive ones while the rest are from people wondering where their money is. I was fine last year using netspend but it's seems this year they chose to rip me off. No card yet my money has been deposited.   It's crazy that this much money has gone missing and no one is doing anything about it and turbo tax is still dealing with them.
    • Well waiting ony card that has not arrived. During this time of waiting got a message stating that my card had a security lock on it and to call. 907-341-3678 to update info and remove the lock on my card said it was NetSpend security department. Its not its a Fishing sceme. The number was shut down the next day. Hope no one updated their info with them. I am still waiting for my card and getting the run around every time I call. Will never use Netspend EVER!!!!!!!
    • I waited 10 business days to get my card, never arrived...i was also given the run around. Now they are saying that a new one will arrive in 2 to 3 business days. I will be getting a lawyer if this is not resolved by then.
    • Still no card. They said they mailed a replacement card. Hope its in the mail today. Well anything over 250.00 is a felony to steal from a person so. Hope they don't Steal my taxes cause I will fill charges.

    Here it is a yr later and I still havn't received last yrs taxes. WTF!!!! nobody ever has any answers either! WHERE IS MY MONEY!!!!

    • You have waited a year to get to the bottom of this? Have you tried contacting the IRS?!?
    • This SAME thing happeded to me! I still havent recieved my 2012 income tax. The irs just keeps saying theyre looking into it...
    • wow
    • im nervous now. this is the first time im using netspend.please lord don't let this happen to me...
    • WTF, making me kind of nervous to. My money was deposited but there's no card yet. It should have been here. I have never had this issue before. I called Netspend and they are expediting a new card I should see in 2-4 days. Sitting here reading comments I am realizing that there doesn't appear to be a damn thing anyone can do if they don't receive their money. I had a feeling I should have had it deposited to a card I already have but I like having a separate card for my taxes that I can just leave home so I don't spend it to quickly.
    I want to know  if my is mailed and the money had already been posted to my account, but someone else gets my card can they access my money? Our will my card be useless to them because they don't know my information?
      I am now waiting for a THIRD CARD TO BE SENT TO ME!!!! I filled with turbo tax on the 20th of JANUARY and every time it's "lost" in the mail. I'm now in hold this minute for senior management because I asked them if I can have it deposited to a bank account, a bank card, a credit card, a pre paid card, check or anything and they say no- I have to wait for my card. So I think I now need to go through the hassle of small claims court. Can anyone help????? Or know of a different way?????
        Okay so i filed my return. just received the card today and activated it only to find a dollar on it.. soooo when will my return be on the ca?
        • i have the same problem and have been waiting for my refund for exactly 21 days now.
          I'm starting to get upset with netspend and turbotax

        Today is 02/07/2014, I received an email that my Netspend card was shipped on 01/21/2014. I never received the card, so I called to have another reissued. The issue with TT customers not receiving their card should be looked into. I already have my deposit with no access to my money. 

        • Same problem here. Called them and they said 10-14 days to reissue me a card but they cant do that til February 17, 2014. Or said that I could call back after Friday and for a "fee" they could  expedite me a new one in 4 business days. Asked what happens if I dont get the new one, "call us back and for a fee we will  expedite another one". So I filed a complaint with the BBB. Seems to be ripping off alot of people. Wish I would have waited on a paper check.......
        • That's a bunch of lies. The lady never mentioned a fee to me and said she would expedite me a new card. 2-4 business days. Still Havnt seen my original card or my replacement.
        • Not saying that you are lying but netspend is. They seems to be telling everyone different things. Never again will I allow my money to enter a foreign bank.
        • Watch the balance on your card, if you ever get it. Because my card wont have money deposited until Wednesday, they could not expedite me another card til there were funds on the card so that they could take their fee off it for expedited service, so like a dummy, I gave them $29.95 from my other debit card in order to get another card.
        • I just received my expedited card, activated it and checked my funds. No charge for the card nor was one ever mentioned to me. You should not have been charged.
        • It concerns me that I needed nothing to prove who I am to activate my card. All of my personal information was already there. I only needed the card number, 3 digit number on the back, create a pin, username and password then it logged me in.
        • If you havent received your card and Netspend is giving you a "run around" call the BBB or go online and file a complaint with BBB. I did. I even called my congress man. And guess what? I received my card and they even over nighted  my card to me! Even after telling me they do not over night, they expedite.

        Today is February 7th, 2014. I filed my taxes on January 20th. I got an email today the 7th and was told my funds were deposited. I never received my card. So there is 4k floating around that anyone can activate. I called customer service. After an hour and a half on hold, I was told a new card will be issued but the old card cant be cancelled...So, potentially by the time I receive this new card, my money could be gone. At least that is what it sounded like from the person on the other end who cannot speak english. Hopefully I see my money. Never again, will I go this route.

        • They are liars. The lady I spoke with told me that the original card could be locked if i wanted it to be. The more i read through year old comments and start seeing ones posted minutes ago with the same issue the more angry I become.

          The worst part is that they are an international bank making it extremely difficult to take legal action.
        • I had the same issue. I spoke to several different people, and all they could tell me was the original card supposedly sent on the 21st was "undeliverable"...I have no clue what that means. They need your address to even attempt to give out information, so it made no sense to me how the card could not be delivered, I also expressed concerns of fraud, The customer service rep cut me off and explained the delivery being between 7-10 business days. Personally I find it disturbing that TurboTax isn't addressing this issue. I will personally be putting up a blog to deter future customers from using TT because of their negligence concerning Netspend, I'm praying the replacement card gets to my address safely. My refund has already been deposited.
        • Have you received your card yet??? I'm concerned as well... mine was shipped on the 4th and its the 8th I know it hasn't been 10 days yet but, I'm reading all these horror stories and I'm really worried! :/
        • Mine said shipped on the 3rd and I haven't gotten it yet. Don't panick you will get it , I didn't have any issues in the past
        • I hope so
        • mine was shipped on 2/3 and got it on 2/7but I lost it the same day and had to reorder it so now im playing the waiting game again
        • I just received my expedited card. Activated it and checked my funds. All is well. It concerns me that no verification information was required to activate my card. Anyone could have activated my old one.
        I filed jan 21.  Says 7-10 business days to get card in the mail.  Called after 10 business days to see why I haven't received it.  Was told I would be having a card expidited to me, never received that card.  Called again on feb 6th was told I had another card sent to me.  Called again on feb 11th and the card was never sent.  Don't go this route, nothing but trouble and fraustration.
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